New Song: Azealia Banks – ‘F**k Up The Fun (Iggy Azalea Diss)’

Published: Sunday 25th Mar 2012 by David

If you thought Azealia Banks would be here today and gone tomorrow, think again.

For, in further bid to showcase her skills, she releases ‘F*ck Up The Fun‘, a cut  aimed at Rap upstart Iggy Azalea.

The pair, with eerily similar names, have been feuding since Azealia criticized XXL Mag for featuring Azalea on their 2012 Freshman list, after spewing an allegedly racist line in 2011’s ‘D.R.U.G.S’.

Listen below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. G March 25, 2012

    For someone who doesn’t like someone making references to slavery, she sure uses the N word enough. I am a Black male, and I would much rather listen to a White female rapper make references to slavery in an ironic / creative way, than watch a Black female sprout racial slurs in almost every verse. Banks has the better flow, but Iggy is much more likeable in my opinion. And people will be bumping ‘Murder Bizness’ before they bump this.

  2. Remey March 25, 2012

    This is just a collection of mess. It’s like she was trying to channel Nicki Minaj or something. This is just sad… like Iggy said: I can’t what’s yours and you can’t take what’s mine.

    I don’t understand her beef. She hasn’t even made it big yet. Sit down. No one will bump this. If Keri is bumping Iggy already, then we all will be soon. Banks needs to just do her thing and keep working hard so she can POSSIBLY get into the business.

  3. nikoyuki March 25, 2012

    I love it. Azealia is very talent, her flow is sick her lyrics are always on point. And her beats are to die for. Love Bank$.

  4. nikoyuki March 25, 2012

    Keri or kanye west, I think I will go with kanye, so. Azealia Bank$ 2012

  5. Those That Cannot Do, Stan March 25, 2012

    All this over one line from an old mixtape that’s already been explained. Bitter. If she keeps worrying abot Iggyshes gonna f*** up her career before it ever takes off. For her sake I hope Iggy keeps her eyes on the prize and focuses on her music because while I am giving banks a chance, Iggy’s already impressed me with her style and music.

    As for the ‘racism’…ironic Iggy got into hot water quoting another person’s rap but Banks never picked up on that and then to hit back she fills her rap with the N word. Yep, that is truly an enlightened black woman. Eye rolllll.

  6. AMAZINJALEN March 25, 2012

    Hatin’ ass b****. I don’t even understand. WTF is she saying? Oh wait I think I heard her say “I’m jealous cause Iggy was the ONLY freshman FEMALE on the XXL cover!?” Certified WACK! #Azaleans runnin s***! It’s IGGY YEAR!

  7. AMAZINJALEN March 25, 2012

    “Strategically if she really cares about a freshmen cover maybe she could hope that she’ll suck enough to get shelved and then next year when the freshmen cover comes back around, maybe she’ll still be a freshman. If you spend half of your day getting money and the other half of your day counting money, you ain’t got no time in your day to worry about nobody else.” T.I. on Azealia Banks

  8. Justathought (Azealia Banks is here…) March 25, 2012

    She murdered this beat…Smh girl is stupid talented

  9. Uuuuuhm March 25, 2012

    She is so pathetic And is Ugly Can someone say Tranny

  10. The Real B(randy) March 25, 2012

    Yall q***** talk soooo much. Hip Hop was based on beef? What year were you born? It has ALWAYS been some rapper vs some rapper. Hip Hop is not R&B. Just get into the technique and get over, “just focus on you”…LIKE shut the f*** up. You clowns would rather roll with the “slave-master” than the chick who is leading the revolt. Such dummies. Yeah, I hate the word n**** too, but she is merely a product of America. Wasn’t s*** creative or “artsy” about that. It was blatant. F*** the song she flipped it from. Let anyone feed you anything and you’ll end up poisoned.

    When Nas and Jay-Z beefed, it was all good, but when the chicks do it, they’re jealous? Makes not one bit of sense. It’s the industry. Then were prolly like 12 when that happened. Never mind.

  11. AMAZINJALEN March 25, 2012

    Like I said, she’s mad. Iggy winning & Azealia’s losing! The End! This girl is making it OBVIOUS that she jealous over homegirl!

  12. SMH March 25, 2012

    Too Be Honest, In My Opinion She’s Tryna Sound Like Nicki Minaj, Its Very evident At The End When She Goes On Her Little Rant….

    & I cant Believe This Chick Is Letting Iggy Get Under Her Skin Like That…

  13. nikoyuki March 25, 2012

    @the real b(randy) think you. Real mac’s aren’t afraid to freestyle or battle another mc, because they are good at their s***. Only young kids think beef is stupid in hip hop, if there was no beefing or cyphers there would be no hip hop, or rap. Loads if hip hop fans are waiting for anyother nas vs jay ir biggie vs pac. Young kids learn your hip hop fact before you call someone bitter.

  14. COOKIE – DIVAS – TONI B. RIHANNA March 25, 2012

    Both are WHACKKKK……pointless!

  15. haterzstaypressed March 25, 2012

    The only thing I heard was the word “n****” and “b****”…. This song has a banging beat but other than N**** and B**** I don’t understand what the f*** she’s saying. This is hardly a diss track. How can this be a diss track when you can’t understand the f*****’ dis?? GTFOH with that nonsense.

  16. KreayshawnStan March 25, 2012

    Iggy>>>>Azeila. Ive never supported artist beefing, male or female. Its only done when one is jealous of the other or when they need something to stay relvant (see 50 Cent vs Kanye West). This diss track is wack, the beat is over produced and messy. Her other songs are way better, this is just noise.

  17. Tyler March 25, 2012

    Sorry im black but I gotta roll with my girl iggy. # murda bizness

  18. B_STANNING March 25, 2012

    she look like a basic b**** and her tongue look like a….

  19. AMAZINJALEN March 25, 2012


  20. G March 25, 2012

    @haterzstaypressed agreed.

    @nikoyuki // The Real B(randy)

    My cousin is a pretty well established battle rapper in NYC with mixtapes out and I’ve got family friends in the industry, I know about beef. The point being made (by me anyway) isn’t that beef is stupid, its that starting beef over something stupid and then trying to escalate it after the other party apologized for their slip up and kept it moving is stupid. Flat out, stupid.

    Second, Banks has more flow and talent lyrically, but at the end of the day Iggy is going to be on top because 1) she has a more likable personality and b) her s*** knocks. Summer’s coming up, and I know for a fact that when I hit up the boat parties, beach parties, and house parties people will be getting live to “Muder Bizness” and “P****”, and sitting down to “F*** Up the Fun”. That’s a fact.

  21. Those That Cannot Do, Stan March 25, 2012

    That’s a damn shame folks think hip hop is only about beef. Wow. I guess this is where we end up when the history and culture behind music gets buried under the money and gang signs. And to think you’ve got the nerve to say ‘oh it’s cool if Azealia say n**** she’s a product of America’ and then claim hip hop is nothing but beef and fighting. Wow…and then you call someone young, you must be 10 with that mentality.

    Shucks…black children are so messed up these days. I don’t even care who you rep or like if that’s all you think the music that came from musical growth of black suffering. Justifying people when they think the music is nothing but crap.

  22. $$$$$$ (Dollar$ign$kills) March 25, 2012

    I love Azeila Banks, she breathes fresh air into female rap, but this is The beat could have been sick if they toned it down some and I cant understand what the hell shes trying to say. Like Foxy Brown’s Black Christmas diss to Lil Kim lol.

    Everyone here is saying hip-hop was built on beef, well thats true but its 2012, not 2003. Beefing does nothing but create attention to yourself, and as we see with Drake vs Common and Nicki vs Lil Kim is mainly negative attention. Beef isnt boosting their careers, its hurting them. Azeila and Iggy arent known enough to be beefing so no one really cares. They should just both focus on their careers. Azeila doesnt need to diss Kreayshawn on Twitter and shade Nicki for attention. She needs to let her god given talent bring in fans

  23. KreayshawnStan March 25, 2012

    As for the N word thing, we cant praise black rappers for using it and be ok with it and then condem a white/hispanic rapper for saying it. Thats just ignorant and dumb. Either we all can, or we all cant.

  24. G March 25, 2012

    @ Those That Cannot Do, Stan

    AGREED. I grew up in California, and I probably used the N word once because I thought it would sound cool, and I felt bad afterwards. I feel like for someone to sit around and use the n word when you have a history of the word, understand the connotations it carries then you must be trying to brand yourself as a hoodrat. That’s not a “reclaimable” word. The day latinos call each other spics and Asians call themselves chinks I might reconsider my stance.

    And you have white rappers like Kreayshawn and Iggy who understand the word and won’t use it (for either fear of backlash or out of respect), and then you have a Black girl come along and use it all throughout her diss track against someone she perceives as racist o__O f outta here.

  25. AMAZINJALEN March 25, 2012

    She is a a hypocrite! @ G

  26. KreayshawnStan March 25, 2012

    $$$$$$ (Dollar$ign$kills)
    March 25, 2012 at 4:18 pm
    I love Azeila Banks, she breathes fresh air into female rap, but this is The beat could have been sick if they toned it down some and I cant understand what the hell shes trying to say. Like Foxy Brown’s Black Christmas diss to Lil Kim lol.

    Everyone here is saying hip-hop was built on beef, well thats true but its 2012, not 2003. Beefing does nothing but create attention to yourself, and as we see with Drake vs Common and Nicki vs Lil Kim is mainly negative attention. Beef isnt boosting their careers, its hurting them. Azeila and Iggy arent known enough to be beefing so no one really cares. They should just both focus on their careers. Azeila doesnt need to diss Kreayshawn on Twitter and shade Nicki for attention. She needs to let her god given talent bring in fans
    I agree 100%, especially that last part

  27. TheFame March 25, 2012

    OMG WHAT THE HOLLY HE HE HELL was that??? A diss to what herself??? Not to Iggy??? I’m afraid not! Like iggy doesn’t even want beef with her iggy us focused on trying to become so one and this chick is focusing her energy in all the wrong places sad.

  28. nikoyuki March 25, 2012

    So Sam are you going to put Azealia Banks diss next to Iggy’s song when it comes, or what. So Iggy can put out a song saying she’s murdering girls but Banks cant okay. Get your life b******

  29. Black Madonna March 25, 2012


  30. nikoyuki March 25, 2012

    That’s why hip hop is tucked up now because of Ppl who don’t want to see to good rappers go at it. Smh. It builds up their lyrics and flow.

  31. kingphoenix9 March 25, 2012

    How does she flow like That!…@Sam stay reaching, all these made up story lines will bite you in the ass you hear!

  32. gaaglooo! March 25, 2012

    Iggy murder this bitter b**** only with her “legendary flip hair” lllol

  33. Young Firestarta March 25, 2012

    Damn hot mess. Shame tho. She could have been somebody in the game if she didn’t let her jealousy get the better of her. Pity.

  34. Angel987 (BEYONCÉ STAN) March 25, 2012





    (no shade intended)

  35. JAKE March 25, 2012









  37. op March 25, 2012

    nicki minaj can get a breath of fresh air now,these crows finally found someone else to hate on,anyways i like this chick a little but i am,curious about this song i need to get the lyrics for this song though the beat is tight, but she ride so fast on the beat i didn’t pic up some of the things she is saying,just like back in the day with jay i had to read the lyrics off the little booklet that came in the disc case.

  38. Justathought (Azealia Banks is here…) March 25, 2012

    … Iggy just released a teaser talking about her murderin b******, but when Banks does it it’s a problem. Lol whatever. S*** goes hard.!!!

  39. M.I.A is a Badass March 25, 2012

    I cant understand her but the beat is sick. Iggy shits on her though

  40. TresChic March 25, 2012

    @G “you would prefer to listen to a white woman make references to slavery in an ironic way…”

    is that something you sit around and talk about for fun? her being a ‘slave master’ is an intellectual statement you can debate about…? Damn it’s like black people can never bend over fast enough for white people when it comes to respect, or glorifying s***. If any of my white friends made ironic jibes about having any position over me or my ancestors I’d say it’s time to rethink that friendship.

    And yes, constant use of the n word is redundant, but please let’s not pretend that only A Banks is using the phrase

  41. An0thrDream March 25, 2012

    Wow… the next lil kim ( not classic kim, kim of the past 2 years)

    This wack chick is creating beef b.c. iggy is sky rocketing and banks is still on the ground not goin nowhere. She’s has no appeal to the masses, is NOT attractive and is just plain lame. Ugly girls who create beef go NOWHERE. I feel bad for this girl.


    IGGY AZAELIA ‘s song MURDER BIZNESS drops tommorow!!! wh00p wh00p! cant wait for that!

  42. bank$ March 25, 2012


    b**** this girl is WINNING! SHE HAVE ALL THE MAJOR ARTIST ON HER SIDE. i wont be surprise if she collab with Kanye or JayZ

    iggy the white slave master is with C class wankster. T.I who? he was only hot because of he teamed up with rihanna.. then poof be gone b****.

  43. I.D. March 25, 2012

    I LOVE Azealia, but really and seriously, if there’s gonna be beef, at least ONE of the artists has to be a major player in the game.

    If there are two major ballers in school that are gonna fight, EVERYBODY would crowd around them and cheer on whoever they’re supporting for. But if they are two ‘nobodies’ having a scrap, people will pass by without batting an eyelid.

    As much as I love Azealia and don’t care for Iggy’s flow, both of them need to focus on their careers and building their fanbase before doing anything done.


  44. G March 25, 2012


    Yes, I would. Considering the context of the song and the fact the institution of slavery isn’t monopolized by African American history. I have experienced white racism first hand, on both blatant and subtle levels – and in my opinion that remark was not racist at all. Black rappers make ethnic jibes in their songs all the time (ex. referring to marijuana eyes as “chinky”, Tyga saying “got a China b**** straight from Beijing, p**** so tight all she do is scream” as Asian women proceed to pop it in the video) and you don’t see Asian Americans up in arms.

    I never said A Banks was the only one using the phrase, and I’m not condemning her for using the phrase – what I am condemning her for is being outraged (not just upset, OUTRAGED) at one line in which a white woman made a reference to slavery, and proceeds to rebuttal with self degradation. I don’t use the N word and I don’t care if other people choose to use it, but the moment you want to speak out against the injustices of a white person making a one line reference to slavery and then go on about “n**** n**** n****” you look insincere and hypocritical. And trust no one’s bending over (wtf), I originally preferred Banks when I heard L8R – but her image isn’t very well put together, her attitude sucks, and after seeing the way she hit out at Kreayshawn I’m starting to believe she’s a racist. Yes, Black people can be racist too – especially towards one another.

  45. TresChic March 25, 2012

    @G, yeh we all have been on the receiving end of racism, so you saying that you don’t take offence is really only your opinion rather than an actual exploration of what Iggy was trying to achieve with that line. It wasn’t an intelligent line, let’s say that. There is nothing positive or even right associated with the slave trade. I’m Black British, and I wouldn’t say that the slave trade monopolises African American history, or black history as a whole (I assume thats what you meant), but I’d say it’s still not something that can be pushed under the carpet just because you want to be ‘nice’ to a new artist who is mocking a race’s history. If you can make an exception for Iggy, why not make an exception for A Banks for her use of the N word.

    And in reference to my comment about bending over, I was wondering why as a people we can always rush to a white person’s defence, and be abundant with excuses for them “i dont think she was being racist, it was the way she said it, it was out of context” but come to our own we come down like a pile of bricks for justice. And as far as you saying about black people being racist, yes that’s true, but as we are a minority I don’t think it holds the same sway. Not to be politically incorrect, but a black rapper mouthing off about an Asian woman won’t affect Asian American people. A white rapper calling herself a slave master and having black kids singing along to it? Surely there’s a bad joke in there somewhere. You can’t compare 300 years of slavery, followed by 200 years of civil injustice, with prejudice and ignorance to other nations.

  46. G March 25, 2012

    I agree, it wasn’t an intelligent line and it WAS insensitive – she admitted to that. I’m giving her a pass due to the context of the song – it’s lyrical nonsense appropriately titled D.R.U.G.S. She also has a line in there that goes “666 gotta three car garage driveway be the omen”. Now me as a Christian don’t find the Antichrist funny in any way shape or form, but I’m not getting upset over that line because I felt that it was a jab at Christians and my spiritual beliefs – that would be insane.

    As far as “a white rapper calling herself a slave master and having black kids singing along to it”, I think that misses the mark entirely. When I’m walking down the street on my way to class, or in the mall, or at the park and I head kids singing about how there’s “s** in the air” and they like the smell of it (melody and words down pat) – the idea of Black kids hearing an isolated reference to slavery within a nonsensical song about God knows what and somehow that line having a negative effect on their development, self worth, or world views is crazy. I understand what you’re saying, and I do agree that society in general is biased towards the whiter / lighter population, I do not think Iggy is in the wrong at all. She threw an off the wall line in there, got called on it, and apologized. Azealia Banks went on a race baiting witch hunt and in the process turned an incident that had the potential to be an amazing discussion on race and its function in society into an ignorant, one sided beef with ZERO room for discussion.

    I wasn’t born in the US, I just lived there for a lengthy period of time and now I live in London. One thing that I can say is that many social issues that people give a certain amount of importance of acknowledgement to is cultural, and culture is usually confined to geographic locations. So although the majority of the world’s population knows of the European enslavement of Blacks, it doesn’t carry the same weight in other parts of the world (such as Australia) as it does in the States and former colonial countries (England, Spain, France, etc). Another example – Israel’s occupation of Palestine pisses off and enrages millions of Arabs around the world because it’s history does not just stretch back a few centuries, but millenniums – but does the African American community (or the Black English speaking population in general) ascribe much importance to it? No, because it’s relative to culture and individual experiences – no matter how important it may seem.

    And as for the reponse to the Tyga lyrics, they play that song *unedited* at high school and probably middle school dances across the United States; schools which probably have a large Asian population (or at least female Asian students) – and to hear a line like that while your dancing on somebody is, in my opinion, much more damaging than Iggy’s line – which is why I used it as an example.

  47. G March 25, 2012

    * hear kids

  48. TresChic March 25, 2012

    @G Fair arguments. Nice that we are mostly in agreement. However you not getting upset over her lines about antichrist/ being a slave master does not mean that someone else taking offence is unjustified. Therefore, whilst I respect your decision to think that Iggy is alright, I can’t agree with it. Also, as you have chosen to defend Iggy in your argument I will choose to defend A Banks 😉 she did not conduct her argument as well as she could have, which is why some people are stating that she is jealous/turning it into a race war. But words, are words said, and if you study more of Iggy’s music, there are other lines that are highly questionable, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s all seen as harmless fun, until celebrities (and the things they say) are taken seriously.

    And a little off topic, I’m sure African Americans don’t hold the same level of interest in the Palestinian situation as natives of the country do. But I ask you, are they trying to sell music and appeal to the people of Palestine? Iggy has teamed up with influential black artists from the US. She isn’t just an Australian rapper chatting about life in the Outback. If you’re going to infiltrate someone else’s culture, especially a form of expression used to escape oppression, don’t mock the memory of the oppressed by labelling yourself the oppressor- a slave master. Do some research, read a book. Apology or not, the audacity to even go there, I still find incredulous.

  49. G March 25, 2012


    We’ve seemed to have found neutral ground on this debate. I’m gonna have to agree with you on Iggy’s image and artistic direction in relation to the culture she is trying to appeal to – spot on. To be honest with you I think she looks good and makes songs that I can wild out to if I so choose, and carries herself quite well in the public eye (as opposed to Banks right now), and my sole annoyance stemmed from Banks’ choosing to fight ignorance with ignorance in a diss song of all mediums.

    I guess at the end of the day it comes down to why you listen to the artist – for an enlightening message or to shake ass (lol) – I think that Banks is leaning a bit towards the former and Iggy to the latter. Iggy has an obligation to respect the history of the people she is trying to appeal to, and Banks has an obligation to present herself in a respectable manner when attempting to defend to avenge an injustice (real or perceived) against her people.

    And on that note I have to say adios, I have a paper to finish by the morning – nice debate, I like a bit of intellectual stimulation every now and then (we know this website needs it) lol! Take care, have a great week!

  50. TresChic March 25, 2012

    True, if not for their little beef I probably wouldn’t have paid any attention to Iggy, as the niche she is aiming at really isn’t my thing anyway. Hopefully both artists will be more diplomatic in their comments/lyrics in the future. lol gd luck on your paper, and agreed in regards to this site heh heh

  51. JustMe March 25, 2012

    THIS IS NOT A DISS SONG!!!!!! she recorded this sometime last year diplo talked about this back in dec 2011.

  52. Lax March 26, 2012

    Hmmmmmmm none of you complained when jay and west
    called their song “ni**as in paris”. And they did not do this year before last
    its out there for your pleasures right now. And the rappers made their massive
    fortune out of the word and degrading women in general and theres not even a
    peep out of any of you. And some one close to her need to tell her to never, ever take a picture not even in the closed quarters of her home with her tongue stuck ou that is a career killer right there for sure.

  53. Renee Lynn March 26, 2012

    I love both artists and I’m not sure if this is directed toward Iggy…but whatevs…not my life hahaha.

  54. NickiLuv March 26, 2012

    I don’t know where this song begins or ends. Was there a hook? She kinda copied Nicki Minaj, not a good look, you don’t wanna sound like someone else. #Fail…an epic one!

  55. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) March 26, 2012

    I like her flow a lot, but she’s bitter. Iggy is obviously a threat to her and she couldn’t make it more obvious. I prefer Iggy tbh.

  56. lola March 26, 2012

    LAX I agree!

    Why the f*** haven’t any of you said this much about Jay and Kanye rapping a song about being N***** IN PARIS???? You guys are f****** lame! I never hear of people going at Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross,Wiz Khalifa, and many other black, male rappers for continuously saying N**** IN THEIR F****** SONGS, SO WHY WHEN THERE IS A FEMALE DOING IT…. Y’ALL WANT TO SAY THAT IT’S A BAD WORD? Not only that, all of the uneducated hoodrats couldn’t stop bashing people for saying that Lil Kim was wack for beefing with Nicki Minaj! You dummies loved seeing them go at it, when it was so stupid.

    Also, if anyone supports Iggy, you must be retarded. Have y’all not figured out that the b**** cannot rap and is phony. She’s from Australia and tries so hard to sound like she’s what she think is black. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I heard her talking like her proper self in an interview! When she’s around ghetto blacks, she acts ghetto, but when she’s not, she acts herself. All of that acting, just to portray an image is sad. We’re in 2012, a time when POP is all the rage, even Nicki is doing it. You don’t have to be a wigger anymore like how it was in 03 and 04. WTF is she trying to prove? I swear… I cannot stand ghetto people or people who try to act hard and ghetto. It’s classless and disgusting.

  57. blah March 26, 2012

    This is just a post to cause trouble, where does it say it’s aimed at iggy. Either way Banks is so talented. I’d rather support my own making a valid point about a certain rappers lyric, over some hitler youth who is more interested in her outfits, and where the hell does iggys accent come from? She is from AUSTRALIA. She just seems so fake to me. You cannot call yourself a slave master then when questioned you just brush it off and talk about getting money. No iggy inquiring minds would like to know, and don’t just say its a twist on a kendrick lemar lyric. The girl is a white woman, you don’t say that ish. It’s not cool. But continue to be braindead and support someone who clearly thinks she is better than you.

  58. AMAZINJALEN March 26, 2012

    Iggy isn’t thinkin bout this girl! Her record “Murda Bizness” drops 3/26! So it’s funny this Banks girl drops her s*** the day before to make it seem like they’re going back & fourth. A. Banks is just making herself look real bitter because Iggy does interviews & does not down talk this girl at all. & for it to be a “BEEF” don’t u think the other end has to respond? This girl is making a fool of herself & coming into the music bizness dissing people, and tryna befriend Nicki Minaj is not the way to go. Nicki prolly never heard of this chick. And just because Kanye took a picture with her doesn’t mean he “cosigning” her. Go look at Iggy’s followers on Twitter, then go look at A. Banks followers. Iggy has WAY more supporters & regardless if she’s white she still better then this black girl. Who’s clearly confused of what she is rapping about. Ain’t gon lie, the beat is nice, but her lyrics sound like she’s reading the dictionary & saying “n****” & “b****” a lot. She’s irrelevant. I’d rather see Diamond on here then her. Or Khia. Or Honey Cocaine. Or someone who actually has FANS who know her music. Not just a few million hits on YouTube, where is her mixtape? Never heard of one. To sum it all up hating is a disease & I think this chick has caught it.

  59. Black Madonna March 26, 2012


  60. Tbozfan10 March 26, 2012

    She does have a sick flow though! Her lyrics kinda sucked tho. And at the end of the song it sounded like she was tryna do like Nicki does on the end of “itty bitty piggy”.

  61. Robyn April 14, 2012

    SMFH. It’s obvious who the one with talent is – Azealia Banks. She shouldn’t be getting shamed for speaking her mind about fake ass “artists” who are doing nothing but shaming the genre and having the talent to back it up. Iggy is pathetic, her s***’s weak and forgettable, and the only reason that she’s getting attention or leverage is because of her painstakingly crafted image. Just look at Kreayshawn. Like Banks said, would anyone have paid attention to that mess of a one-hit-wonder if the girl was anything but white? For commenters to be coming on with the “Oh, Azealia looks like a tranny” nonsense – YOU’RE BUGGIN. This girl is NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL – just look at her videos in comparison to Iggy’s. Azealia looks amazing without a stitch of makeup and Iggy chooses to slather her face in it. Anyone who’s actually done their research and knows a thing or two about either of these artists knows which one is realer, which one goes harder, and which one is actually worth watching in the year to come. Team f****** Azealia, the end.

  62. Someone Else April 24, 2012

    I agree, mang. She ain’t goin anywhere — love her.

  63. odszkodowanie July 2, 2012

    Thank you for such a good blog. It was what I looked for.

  64. J.T. PRoDucTz August 9, 2012

    seriously!? nah, maddddtinnnng… listen Iggy is FAKE, AND boring… Azealia new, fresh, different, if you lot cant understand her rapping then go back to rnb coz u obviously new to rap, Azealia a damn rap genius! 🙂 n btw f*** up the fun is NOT an Iggy diss!!! its just bars man jheeeez she says nuttin boutt iggy in the track! (oh n to the person who said she try’na bite nicki minaj, WTF u on about!? she completely different…) #JusSayin…

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