New Song: Madonna – ‘Superstar’ (Snippet)

Published: Tuesday 13th Mar 2012 by Sam

The countdown to Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ has begun!

Material Madge has linked up with Perez Hilton to premiere material from the hotly anticipated set each week in the run-up the album’s March 26th store date.

The next up?

‘Superstar’. Take a listen after the jump!

Is it us or are these snippets getting worse? As in bad kindergarden chants. I simply can’t.

That said, being the fair and unbias site we are, we’ll hold full judgement until hearing the album in its entirety.

Your thoughts?


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  1. enough said March 13, 2012

    MADONNA IS THE QUEEN OF POP…the rest can sit down.

  2. HBF82 March 13, 2012

    LUV IT !

  3. MDNA #1 in 50 countries Itunes Pre-order March 13, 2012

    Gaga who…? 🙂

  4. sillyjeans March 13, 2012

    not its not they are getting worse eery time you post something. the lyrics are so lame and seems like things she shouldn’t even be talking about. she always had depth. where did that go?

  5. Miao March 13, 2012

    Don’t know.. I liked only Gang Bang snippet, the rest is average! But, i’m still waiting to hear the whole album!

  6. Nazeem March 13, 2012

    This song is so bad.i don’t know why but all of her song from MDNA is not so good.hopefully there will be tracks that shining in the album

  7. White girl mob March 13, 2012

    Who cares about old crusty ass hairy p**** madonna… It’s all about kreayshawn debut album going double platinum when it drops soon.

    “something bout kreayshawn” 435,000 copies first week coming soon

    Haters are stay pressed

  8. Truth March 13, 2012

    Gaga has nothing to worry about. I STRONGLY believe this album will flop. Based on these horrible 70s Hippie Pop singles. I didnt think it would get this bad. Like NO edge or soul in any of these tracks.

  9. NewF*YorkBabe. March 13, 2012

    lame. boring. uninspired … After all her Gaga hating, you’d think she would have at least tried to bring the heat. But I agree, I thought ‘Gimme All Ur Luvin’ would be the worst … sadly (tragically) it might be as good as it gets.

  10. Lolo March 13, 2012

    Sounds like teenager fluff. I wasn’t planning on buying the album because I’m not a fan, but even a fan would have to admit these snippets aren’t impressive.

  11. Onyx March 13, 2012

    Ooh la la, You’re my superstar. Ooh la la, That’s what you are. I’m your biggest fan
    i love it hahahaha, Lola sings in the song too.

  12. AliensAreOurMasters March 13, 2012

    I love Madonna but come on I only heard 3 good songs, Gang Bang, and 2 others before Gang Bang these songs are awful. We need to have a confessions on the dance floor 2 era.

  13. LAX March 13, 2012

    Look Like She falling off

  14. There is enough place for every artist – Stans stop hating others March 13, 2012

    Album filler song, but the other songs are all HOT.

    MADONNA was always one step before her time. I remember when Confessions on a Dancefloor came out, the majority said that it is boring, uninspired and the same stuff the say right now about MDNA while they want COAD back. Why the f***in hell?? It is Madonna! She never does the same…

    Btw for me “American Life” is her all time best album, and as far as i remember well it was one of her biggest commercial flop. So if the public don’t get what is good that doesn’t mean that it is not good… 😛

  15. Onyx March 13, 2012

    @there is enough place for every artist – Stans stop hating others
    you read my mind.

  16. Mike March 13, 2012

    Americans labeled Confessions too dance in 2005 when hip-pop was in style….no guess what Everyone including R&B artists like Usher, Chris Brown and Rihanna have adopted that sound as well as every pop artist out there. This isn’t a single and for album filler pretty good.

  17. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 14, 2012

    i dont feel this one madge. i just dislike it.

    maybe it is better if in HQ ! 🙄

  18. alejandro March 15, 2012

    sounds retarded and a Kylie Minogue rejected track

  19. T-Bizzle March 15, 2012

    Dis is my issue
    I think da bat goes hard w/ the thumpin percussion. And when its supposed 2 b a buildup durin da chorus, its way 2 weak.
    U can’t start a song off so srongly, and then water it down. Its like, where da the rhythmic percussion go?

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