Watch: Kelly Rowland Performs ‘Greatest Love Of All’ (Better Quality)

As earlier reported, R&B diva Kelly Rowland took front-stage centre at Muhammad Ali’s 70th Birthday festivities in Las Vegas last month. There, the Destiny’s Child alum performed a rousing rendtition of Whitney Houston‘s ‘Greatest Love Of All’.

We gave you a sample of how well the 31 year old fared, however a markedly clearer version of the video has since emerged.

Peep Ms. Kelly soar below…

As Kelly’s performances such as this highlight, she’s stepped it all the way up as a performer. But perhaps most impressive, though, is the confidence so clearly present in her vocals.

We hear she’s been in the studio with Da Internz (‘Birthday Cake’) and Lonny Bereal recently. Here’s hoping the vocals in the showings such as the one above make a prominent appearance.

Your thoughts?


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  1. BAA March 4, 2012

    Yes Ms. Kelly!! You betta sang! Show these people u are The Next Great Diva!!

  2. Sarah March 4, 2012

    I’m sure there is several empty seats in that auditorium…. i suggest….

  3. Millhouse March 4, 2012

    she needs to take more vocal coaching…. It dont make no sense that Beyonce always sounds perfect but Kelly always sounds like she just finished smoking a newport.. Maybe she has pallaps on her vocal chords or something, cuz this ish makes no sense… She used to sound better in Destiny’s Child… smh….. in the other video sounded better… thats weird

  4. BAA March 4, 2012

    @Sarah….Why must u hate? Kelly is sitting on millions and have a Career that Keeps Getting Better(N My Christina Voice). While ur Slutty Broke ass, cant feel that stripper bar up with mens. Dont get mad because nobody want to see u. Lmao……@Millhouse…That maybe true but Kelly is on The Come Up with everything! She getting to Reign rite behind King B!

  5. BAA March 4, 2012

    @Sarah….Why must u hate? Kelly is sitting on millions and have a Career that Keeps Getting Better(N My Christina Voice). While ur Slutty Broke ass, cant fill that stripper bar up with mens. Dont get mad because nobody want to see u. Lmao……@Millhouse…That maybe true but Kelly is on The Come Up with everything! She getting to Reign rite behind King B!

  6. Realtalk March 4, 2012

    Not even close. I love my Kellz but this isn’t even a good karaoke version. The only way to do a Whitney movie is to lip sync and I still say if not Paula Patton a beautiful unknown. Kellz is beautiful but Whitney was stunningly beautiful.

  7. mhud March 4, 2012

    i love this beauty queen.

  8. Dunk March 4, 2012

    she sounds amazing Kelly has an incredible voice and range, the only thing i would say is that sometimes less is more, when your trying to riff you have to be 100% confident about hitting those riffs, if your even the slightest bit, wary of hitting the roof it will come out slightly hit and miss which sometimes happens with Kelly, other than that i’ve always thought she was a great singer, when some of you b****** have had to sing and dance at the same time you will know how it takes time to build the staminar to do it and thats why in the past she has been shaky at times but she is a marvellous vocalist with a beautiful tone, i love her

  9. queen post March 4, 2012

    wow.. she does get better everytime she performs… i love it.. and look at that body…

  10. Joan March 4, 2012

    Good Morning:
    If you had a watch the show you would have seen Kelly put the song down. She did her thing. it not that everyone can sang one of Whitney song. but Kelly did it . I believe that kelly would be the perfect person to do Whitney .

  11. Joan March 4, 2012

    Can I say why does people always put Kelly down all the time. Kelly is not Beyonce. ok they are two diffrerence people. they both can sing. Let it go

  12. aishaaguilerakeys March 4, 2012

    I thought that was pretty good.

  13. Sarah March 4, 2012

    @BAA my dear darling,
    I hope you don’t look as stupid as you sound? We can clearly see a video of Ms Rowland but you can not see or know nothing about me. Now, unless your assumption that all the people that access this site are unsuccessful i suggest you STHU. Just so you know, i’m doing well for myself… better than you’ll ever know.

  14. Sleazy March 4, 2012

    Honestly I don’t really understand how you can hate on this? People are sad

  15. Tr March 4, 2012

    @Millhouse…Ummm…’Beyonce always sounds perfect’?!! Well maybe because she stays in her lane, and wouldn’t even attempt a song like this, let alone in public because she doesn’t have a voice to sing it!! I give Kelly props because although she was off in certain spots, in general I gratly appreciate her effort, and her the potential in her voice!! She’s pushing herslef, and stopping outside of her comfort zoen..unlike some *Cough

  16. Olly Murrs March 4, 2012

    I want her to be great so I’ll refrain from watching the video.

    The clue to the quality of her performance was the fact that E News covered the ceremony and seemed to leave out the fact that Kelly appear at all let alone a Whitney tribute.

  17. KELLY!!! March 4, 2012

    @Realtalk Paula Patton is by no means stunningly beautiful nor is she a good actress.

    Kelly (before this past year) was exquisite like a classical beauties with a supermodel body, I think should she drop the excess muscle and get her thin girl with less ghetto booty back you’d see that Whitney thing in her again.

    She needs to stay away from live performances until her coaching is even more improved and she is so confident it her abilities that she’ll be able to do anything.

  18. Edwardponton March 4, 2012

    That was really good. Really good

  19. Songscribe March 4, 2012

    I love kelly,,, but these performances??? Its kinda clear she is campaigning for a role in the whitney’s biopic. Good luck gal,, lets hope u dont put off the producers,,,,,,jus sayin

  20. Shocked March 4, 2012

    I want her to stop performing Whitney songs because people will start to thinks she is auditioning for the role (as demonstrated above). I think Brandy was dignified in her factory dedication to Whit, she sang on of her own songs that was very appropriate to her relationship to Whit and Brandy or more-so Monica have exuded such as grace, selfless and conciousness lately and I’m loving it. Kelly take note.

  21. K ANDB4EVER March 4, 2012

    Kelly sounds so good… her voice was always good but it seems to have got better from her last few shows.. i still think Kelly would be good to play Whitney… Lets not hate on this girl for doing her thing….keep up the good work Kelly,,,

  22. rocflop March 4, 2012

    Sam stop riding Kellys you know what -sams in luuuuuuuuve with keeelly

  23. Girrrl March 4, 2012

    Aww I feel so bad for Stevie Wonder. He has been to so many of his musical friends’ funerals. Kelly actually sounded decent. She has a nice tone but has to work on her breathing and her enunciation.

  24. Millhouse March 4, 2012

    @TR – If BEyonce is stayong in her lane then so does Kelly… and lets be real, if Beyonce wanted to tackle this song she could…. Its actually one of Whitney’s easier songs to sing… My thing is, how do you come from the same group and have the same vocal coaching buut yet your voice still is not as good as Beyonce’s… Im just being honest. Kelly has potential to be GREAT but something funny is going on with her voice. There is no reason why your voice should sound shaky while you’re just standing there and not even dancing. i never heard Beyonce sing a ballad and sound shaky like this. I can name plenty of singer who can stay on pitch and hit the riffs and runs… Kelly has been improving vocally but i mean cmon son… The video with Brandy performing, her voice aint sound all shaky and please dont use the excuse that Kelly was singing a hard song and thats why she sounded off. If you’re a true singer, then you can sing anything.

  25. Millhouse March 4, 2012

    Kelly has had over 15 years to get her voice right…. if it aint right by now, then I dont know what to say. The only excuse that I can give for her voice is that she might have pallaps on her vocal chords…. the same thing that Fantasia had surgery for, and also Adele…. and even Whitney had it towards the end of her career. That happens when you strain your vocal chords too much, or sing to hard. over the years these things will develop and ruin your voice if they are not removed

  26. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) March 4, 2012

    Decent??? Yes
    But these Destiny´s Child type of girls are so average compared to true greats. Accept these last decade has not seen anybody new who could come close to the last true greats Whitney, Mariah, Celine

  27. EdwardPonton March 4, 2012

    @Millhouse the greatest love of all actually is not a easy song to sing, the notes may not all be power house notes but it’s different aspects of the song what makes it a challenge for most to pull off greatly. Kelly did great in my opinion

    @Johnvidal All the people you just named are great but Beyonce is no where near average and at the age of 70 she will still be able to blow. I can’t say the same for those greats you just named.

  28. To X,Y,and Z March 4, 2012


    Great vocals this run

  29. Ass March 4, 2012

    She did a really good job. Some of y’all bitchy queens can’t just give props when due. Really sad…

  30. lostonez March 4, 2012

    kelly sounded NIce here it wasnt outstanding but she held her own… for all the people who keep saying that kelly is singing whitney songs cuz she want the role dats b*******..for ur info..whitney houston sing this song at ALI bday bash 20 years ago so kelly just paying a tribute 2 her idol

  31. Songscribe March 4, 2012

    She been paying tribute to whitney since the day she passed.
    Can’t she let up and give us new music. This key she tryna ride with is risky and ain’t gonna fly wit ya-we talkin bou whitney baby. Good luck

  32. OZ March 4, 2012

    God Rest her Soul but Whitney would have died a happier woman if she had Kellys vocals at the time of her passing.

    The fact is they wouldnt ask her to sing that song today because not even Whitney can perform like she did 20 years ago.

    Kelly did justice to the song that had whitney been alive today she wouldnt be able to do : FACT

  33. …………………………………… March 4, 2012

    Get it Kelly!!!

  34. jazthatboi March 4, 2012

    @Songscribe. Whitney has only been dead 3 weeks. U acting like Kelly has be tributing Whitney for years. Calm down…lol

  35. angela wesley March 4, 2012

    The fi first video was not as clear as this one but she still did a good job
    with the song.Kelly did stay in her lane with song. she did not go
    over the top Beyonce always does which is annoyin at time.

  36. RYCARDO March 4, 2012


  37. TM March 4, 2012

    Well I think she did great, even beyonce couldn’t hit whitney’s high notes! So it really no argument who could do better! Even Jennifer Hudson couldn’t Whitney high note and Jennifer has a stronger voice then beyonce and kelly! So you tell who could hit them notes! I will tell u what I think! So het off of Kelly! She has great career! Like Kelly said in her song,”keep on talk cause I love the attention, … And if you want to see me go high in the sky b/c this chick is so fly! I’m that chick!”

  38. TheMan4U March 4, 2012

    didnt matter if whitney could have sang the some right before her death she set the standard, THAT’S what really matters

  39. WHTV March 5, 2012

    The runs are all over the place. But this was a great performance. No one will ever come close to Whitney.

  40. BeyonceQueen March 5, 2012

    She should stick to singing her own songs. This was a mess. Only Beyonce would do justice to this song.

  41. Ass March 5, 2012

    See. The problem with staning is evident with the two comments before me.

    1st Kelly’s runs are way more subdued than beyonce’s, even when bey is in the shower. Bey stay doing the most with runs that throw off songs/performances, so whatever.

    2nd saying s*** like “only beyonce would do this song justice” shows why obsession will block you of objectivity.
    As evidenced by the large majority of comments, and the applause by the audience there, Kelly did a great job. Get over yourself, and stop talking s***.

  42. Steph March 5, 2012

    Dress ON POINT! Make up ON POINT! Vocals ON POINT!!! How can anyone hate on this! Kelly great job! More grease to your elbows!

  43. Steph March 5, 2012

    This brought tears to my eyes more than anything. Whitney Houston Gone too soon! love you & miss you.

  44. Toya2012 March 5, 2012

    Underwhelming vocal performance. Kelly just doesn’t the sheer vocal power for Whitney’s vocally challenging songs. As always, the pressed Kelly stans can’t keep Beyonce’s name out of their mouth. Kelly is NOT on Beyonce’s vocal level and never will. Beyonce has tackled & covered far more versatile & vocally challenging songs than Kelly. 1 thing for certain, if Beyonce was to tackle this song, she would actually put the time & practice to get it right unlike Kelly’s vocally lazy ass.

  45. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) March 5, 2012

    That´s just an assumption, you never know. But I agree, how couldn´t she maintain her voice or dancing in good shape if it´s average??? Those other true greats have such special and unique instruments that are fragile at the same time. I see it happening to Adele too, she has a special voice and it seems fragile (not saying she is in the vocal trinity status, just saying). Generic voices doesn´t deteriorate (and yes sorry Beyonce is, she just has great technique). Beyonce doesn´t sing that much live like those women did in their prime, she lipsyncs way more than people (some people)

  46. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) March 5, 2012

    * than people think

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