Watch: Ray J Breaks Silence On Whitney Houston Via Press Conference

‘Formal Invite’ singer Ray J invited many-a-major media outlet to be the first to hear his broken silence over the mourning of Whitney Houston.  As fans know, the ‘I Will Always Love You’ hitmaker and Ray were long rumored to be in on-and-off again relationship.  And, as a close friend to the Norwood family, Ray and sister Brandy were undoubtedly shaken by the loss, which came on the latter’s birthday.

Now, taking to Inside Edition, Extra, and more, Ray has finally come forth at Headquarters of the Los Angeles Sentinel to express his grief over Houston’s passing.  On hand to lend his support to the local Brotherhood Crusade and Mothers in Action group, the singer struggled to find the words to even address the many microphones facing him.

See it all unfold below:

Some still say the most heartbreaking part of Whitney’s televised homegoing was seeing an inconsolable Ray reach out for the casket as it exited the church.  The world is still mourning the loss of ‘The Voice’.  As ever, we are praying for all those directly and indirectly effected.

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  1. IMGUNNACHECKUBOO March 9, 2012

    o_0…….I Cannot……

  2. KID March 9, 2012

    I feel for everyone impacted by the death of Whitney…but WTF was he talking about? God is talking to me?????? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT?? Someone please explain.

  3. Sha March 9, 2012

    everyone downing Bobby Brown……..he wasn’t the one who had Whitney Bar hopping things that make you go Hmmmmm??????

  4. MaZ March 9, 2012

    B**** please! Let her rest in peace and live your damn life!

  5. Matthew Charlery-Smith March 9, 2012

    I’m glad Ray-J spoke about the issue. I’m also glad he could admit that GOD IS SPEAKING to him. I honestly used to wonder about why he was so bragging about s** and stuff especially when confronted about what happened with Kim Kardashian. But it often takes a tragedy for us to listen to what God is saying. I hope he hears and follows through this time because I don’t think his immediate circle are any strong examples.

  6. whyohwhy2 March 9, 2012

    I had to stop it, I could just not get through it without wanting to hit the screen.

  7. naïra March 9, 2012

    Silence speaks louder than words…I really thought he was grieving since last we saw him break down at her funeral, until this video…guess he’s competing with the daughter’s sit down with Oprah on sunday. But everyone who Whitney need to know this…We don’t blame you for her death, but we blame the fact that u couldn’t stand up to her when she was alive to stop abusing wut she was abusing so now the only person we want to see talk about Whit, is Bobbi Chris…the rest of ya’ll should just shut it

  8. Black Madonna March 9, 2012


  9. Sammi March 9, 2012

    Y the hell did he call a press conference? Like this seems like a publicity stunt to me. For what? I hate him. I always have. Such a lame.

  10. IMGUNNACHECKUBOO March 9, 2012

    @SHA, U right, Bobby ain’t have her bar hopping. He just turned her ass out on CRACK! Cause that’s not worse or anything.

  11. MJane27 March 9, 2012

    Ray J did not hold a ‘press conference’ about the issue. He was doing a charity event for kids involved in the Brotherhood Crusade and Mothers in Action . He’s been involved with the Brotherhood Crusade and Mothers in Action since he was 16.
    He was asked to address his feelings/Whitney at the press conference for this charitable event and did so accordingly. I’m usually quick to judge, but in this case, I do not believe it was a publicity stunt.

  12. Millhouse March 9, 2012

    Is that Gladys Knight behind Ray J? It looks like Whitney’s death really took a toll on her* SMH -_-

  13. GREG March 10, 2012

    LOL@Millhouse, you aint right……lol

  14. Millhouse March 10, 2012


  15. Twanna Ray Live March 10, 2012

    Loosing sum1 u care abt and luv effects diff ppl in diff ways. I’m praying for every1 who was effected by this surprise of life. It as a shock and still unbelievable…….My daughter is 20…I couldn’t imagine if I died what she would be feeling…..or my mother. I’ve also buried a child, my youngest daughter, So I know what if feels like to have to go through some of what Mother Houston is dealing with.

    Sometimes we don’t always give the ppl we love the best and we do what they want us to do instead of saying NO or giving alternatives because we want to please them…and I hope that ppl will begin to see that this isn’t the best way to love sum1 at all.

    I just hope and pray that if Ray J and others can draw ANYTHING out of this situation and will truly listen to the voice of GOD…this makes a change in lives across the world…as well as to and for the ppl that loved this woman.

  16. YouAlreadyKno March 10, 2012

    He might be telling you not to record another album (finger’s cross)

    He might be telling you to shut yo’ ass up and be quiet. Go into hiding like most people who mourn.

    Your suffering is no greater than her daugther’s and her mother’s! You should have been there to help her make better decisions, to be a friend. Not taking her out for publicity sake.

  17. DaHotNig March 10, 2012

    I ALSO think that Ray J is milking this for EVERYTHING it’s worth. How you go from this wannabe hardcore thug to this whining B****! The money team need to get their member and tell him to SIT!

  18. Steph March 10, 2012

    @Twanna Ray Live, thank you! You’ve said it all. RIP Whitney. Thanks TGJ.

  19. RedDead March 10, 2012

    This is what happens when you surround yourself with people who don’t really care about you. That’s fine to mourn her loss but do so in private. Any person who feels the need to share their emotions over a death with the public is looking for attention case closed. Whitney’s daughter and sister are no different and they should equally be ashamed. As far as Whitney’s daughter getting a job at OWN I feel that she doesn’t deserve it for the simple fact that the only thing that girl has proven is that she can be a junkie and a loser.

  20. DestinyBoston March 10, 2012

    Really ?

  21. For Real March 10, 2012

    He needs to shut up about Whitney for real sometimes silence is golden …R jay was not whitney’s husband , are the father of her child soooo …stfu …..and have a seat … stop trying to get attention all the wrong way ….And if god is truly talking to you ….get saved..and change your life . No more s** tapes …and no more foolishnes ….But love Brandy’s voice..and all the best for her .

  22. Trisha March 10, 2012

    So funny y’all see how FAKE Ray-J is but don’t see that his sister is the SAME damn way. Brandy hoped in EVERY photo opportunity during that funeral an repass. AND I saw through those staged photos of them heading to the funeral. Come on. Their the black Kardashians in a sense .shes not to be trusted anymore than him. She has faked many things. But her fans / stand forget quick. She’s an amazing singer but as a person alot to be questioned. She’s definetly like Ray J…. U notice Cissy paid them both NO attention. I notice things like that

  23. Chase March 10, 2012

    What a useless/worthless media w**** he is. He’s more bummed that he won’t be getting any more attention for “dating” Whitney. I’ve seen kids half his age that sounded more intelligent than he does. Waste of space…

  24. Ralphy J. March 10, 2012

    Trisha…you make a lot of sense


  25. Imari March 11, 2012

    Whitney looks like Eve in that photo…Ray J, like Makael(from YouTube’s skorpionshow) would say “Have several _/_/_/_/!!!”

  26. Always Love you, Whitney (RIP) March 12, 2012

    @Reddead you sound like an idiot. SHUT THE F*** UP.

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