Lil Kim Hits Out At BET’s Rocsi (Updated With Video)

Published: Friday 9th Mar 2012 by David


BET should have thought twice before opening up their doors to Lil Kim again.

For, after turning a blind eye to a jab she poked at them last summer, today saw the network invite the Queen Bee on their ‘106&Park,‘ to promote her new single and discuss the 15th anniversary of Biggie Smalls‘ death.

However, in what has dampened in what should have been a ‘picture perfect’ promo stint, Kim has hit out at the show’s host, Rocsi Diaz– labeling her ‘disrespectful’.

Details below…


Much like her surgical work, Kim really did overdo it.

While we understand her need to shut down the topic of Minaj before it was brought up, we can’t understand why she took to Twitter to bash Rocsi, who- by all standards- showed her nothing but respect.

What a shame- it’s almost as though she enjoys burning bridges.

Your thoughts?

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  1. AalexisR March 9, 2012

    Inappropriate? I thought she was a writer.

  2. realLIST March 9, 2012

    u guys are pathetic, you cant take Kim, you take anything you can and run with it…sit down somewhere!!!

  3. NITTI EBONY March 9, 2012


  4. Adrian March 9, 2012

    I’m sure it was about a relationship. Rocsi really needs to stop trying to act hood and stay in her place as a professional. There should never be beef between show hosts and celebs. You never saw this kinda stuff with AJ/Free. Rocsi is very disrespectful. Glad Kim stayed mature and professional. Wish she wouldn’t have even mentioned it on Twitter tho…..

  5. OhWell March 9, 2012

    Well Kim probably don’t like Rocsi being that Rocsi slept w/ Kim’s bestfriend’s husband.. #OhWell

  6. ShutUp March 9, 2012

    Rocsi can’t really talk if the question was about Kim being a mistress cause Rocsi f***** Lisa Raye’s husband soo it would be like the pot calling the kettle black.. I do think BIG loved Kim just not enough to wife her.




  8. Nats March 9, 2012

    Kim is too bloody disrespectful, plus she can’t even put a proper sentence together.

  9. Sydney Symone March 9, 2012

    You dumbass writers. The question that caused Lil Kim to tweet that is “Do you miss your 1995 face?” How would you react if someone asked you that? And you guys are suppose to be informers but people have to let you know what the situation is about. Smh. Delete your website, it’s just a waste of space.


  10. ImMadAsHell March 9, 2012

    Damn Sam that Nicki d**** must be real good. Nicki got how many disses on Kimbefore Kim responded. You need to check back to 2003 up until Kim released Black Friday.

  11. Melo March 9, 2012

    I think he asked Kim about her face..which I find f***** up why would you bring that up she has been through so much.. I hope Queen Pen busts her ass again lmao cause that s*** was funny..

  12. JUSMONEY March 9, 2012


  13. nikoyuki March 9, 2012

    Rocsi knows she’s a big ho, she tucked with lisaraye husband and got called out for it. So many rappers have said they got some of rocsi pussycat. From jeezy to the game, so she is a ho. Kim in biggie were in love but he was obsessed with light skinned woman. But Kim and biggie were in love.

  14. nikoyuki March 9, 2012

    So she asked about Kim’s face. Plz rocsi is still a ho and lads of Ppl already don’t like her b/c she slept with lisaraye’s husband

  15. ILuvTreySongz March 9, 2012

    WTF do Nicki Minaj gotta do with this? SMH! Anyway I honest dont like Lil Kim but I feel terrible what Roc said bout her. It was funny but at end of the day Kim has feelings like everybody else & I think Roc was a lil outta line.

    Kim aint hot but Roc aint all that Hot her damn self. Others may think she fine just cus she a Redbone but if u take time to look at Roc …Shes Not Pretty At All.

  16. Malibu Barbie : Operation Kill The Carbon Copy March 9, 2012

    Kim… its hard to stan for you sometimes.. regardless of what rocsi said its 106 and PARK you are probably going to have to go on there again to promote your album and video ?? why ruin it by HIGHLIGHTING what rocsi said.. just brush it off and dismiss it… now that you have brought attention to it that will overshadow you.
    and grape juice Nicki will fade in 2 years.. she is garbage no matter how much no’1 s she garners she is a talentless copycat. and that will remain a FACT.

  17. Nicole Phenix March 9, 2012

    “No matter how hard she tries, Kim will never be able to avoid the influence Minaj now has on her career, and Female Rap as a whole.”

    Have you listened to Nicki Minaj’s music lately? You cant possibly think she mas more influence on hip hop and rap with songs like Starships, Turn Me On, Super Bass,etc.. Her songs arent really charting right now ..And her style is not innovative or unique. Listen to the old Missy and other female rappers.

  18. :l March 9, 2012

    seems rocsi is public enemy #2 now she dis kim are something,if what
    SYDNEY SYMONE said is true why didn’t kim dealt with it right there and then,don’t be running on twitter crying that an’t gangsta,address it right there and then you don’t have to cost a seen just say i don’t like what you just said that wasn’t appropriate,but from what i have heard kim and rocsi an’t cool like that from the get go,but like i said if rocsi said what i heard [in rumors] she said that is b-llsh-t,even though i am no kim fan i can see the wrong in what rocsi said.

  19. SuckMyCockiness March 9, 2012

    That was wrong what Rocsi said i’m pretty sure Kim has to deal w/ that everyday she looks in the mirror and for Rocsi to bring it up on camera was so unprofessional Free would have never been like that.

  20. wrong info.. March 9, 2012

    she has a personality disorder or something because all throughout the interview she never seemed upset about anything. anyway none of the questions were disrespectful… shrug

  21. :l March 9, 2012

    NICOLE PHENIX nicki songs isn’t charting you said,i could of sworn too of her songs is in the top five,you must have bin living under a f-cking rock for the last couple of can try to tear down nicki like the some others,but to be running on here fabricating sh-t to try and get you point across is so sad sigh.

  22. LickMyPer.. March 9, 2012

    That was unprofessional and and just rude.. but i’m not suprised Rocsi has never been professional from sleeping w/ many rappers to mixing business w/ pleasure.

  23. haterzstaypressed March 9, 2012

    I’m no fan of lil kim (I do love her music pre 207 tho) however if that ho Rosci said something about Kim’s face than Kim got every right to jump bad on Rosci’s ass. Hell no Rosci need to have a f*****’ seat if she said that s***. That’s hella disrespectful and if you Kim fans knew any better, you would be all over B.E.T’s ass demanding an apology. That shot was uncalled for. maybe #teamlilkim need to handle that.

  24. Kayla March 9, 2012

    She tried to bring up Nicki but Kim had shut her down and made Rocsi look kinda salty.

  25. haterzstaypressed March 9, 2012


  26. thard March 9, 2012

    cant beleive you drop this 2 year rapper into everything , does 2 year make a career please you are so lame assuming !!!..well she is your pet project just be official and say yor are Minaj PR firm…Lil Ki is free to be upset if she felt disrespected, you talking up a storm about BET allowing her to be on the show, must be the most ratings they get since free and AJ left!!!
    Working hard to be just like mediatakeout with your fake ass headlines

  27. :l March 9, 2012

    i swear i hate going on a kim post,every time i come by and say something nice there go,s some dog sh-t bashing nicki and making up sh-t and what if i wanted to be a kim fan you think i would still pursue that lane ofter seeing this bull sh-t,why kim post is always full of so much hate…and you MALIBU BARBIE you think that relentless campaign you are on of hating and bashing nicki and putting her down is going to put kim up you are really a sad sad individual…i thought you was done with that beef sh-t but i guess not you are going to use sam as the lee way to say whatever…the beef is played out on both saides and it,s corny now sam don’t care about this sh-t he just say whatever to get views you think he is loosing sleep over this sh-t.

  28. :l March 9, 2012

    HATERZSTAYPRESSED Co-Sign pull a Adele let the network apologize..but i guess they are too busy bashing nicki minaj..and over looking the real problem.

  29. nikoyuki March 9, 2012

    @:L Sam was the one who put nicki’s name in it. Just like he does in Nicki post with Kim name too. He likes the stan wars. The whole thing is between rocsi and Kim but Sam found a way, as always to throw something Nicki related in the mix. Shame on you samantha

  30. nikoyuki March 9, 2012

    How do you know if teamkim has or are already doing that. Not all of Kim’s fan come to this site. Do better.

  31. :l March 9, 2012

    NIKOYUKI like i said that is what he always do to get them votes up,he don;t care about the beef as long as he gets a stan war going to bump them views up it,s all good in is sight,like i said if what that b-tch rocsi said is true it,s bu-llsh-t and they should let the network apologize to kim…because if that b-tch rocsi ever slip and pull some shady sh-t like that on nicki we would be going in on that b-tch right about now,they have this saying that stick and stones hurts but words don’t,well i say that is cr-p they both hurts,and we would have mess her up verbally.

  32. MichaelAngelo March 9, 2012

    More TGJ shade. Bad journalism at it’s finest!

  33. :l March 9, 2012

    NIKOYUKI if you were talking to i,ll answer,i was just suggesting a opinion like what others do sometimes,not everything that is written is facts.

  34. And Nicki Wins March 9, 2012

    Why everybody bangin on rocsi?? Whateva the question was, I’m sure it was what everybody was thinking or wanted 2 know…that’s the kind of questions she asks, like she gettin paid 4….yeah, she wanna b ghetto, wanna b hard, wanna b funny but sometimes the chick ain’t got time for silly games….

    And if it’s about nicki, y’all always say Kim speak her mind…speak it h**….she just don’t wanna admit to nicki being the reason she back now…cause the last thing we heard from Kim before nicki emerged was that song with missy and keyshia…now she making singles and “possiblly” a new CD…..b****, get real
    “it’s it me or did I put these rap b****** on the map again”-Nicki Minaj-Roman Reloaded

  35. wrong info.. March 9, 2012

    look up the interview! why assume something that you can easily find out. she didn’t even say anything about her face or anything personal!

  36. Girrrl March 9, 2012

    Today s the anniversary of Notorious B.I.G.’s death. Why is there more news about this garbage beef rather than that man’s life?

  37. commanderofthedancefloor March 9, 2012

    rocsi makes riri look like a saint!! rocsi is just straight nasty!! the question was uncalled for although i was thinking the same thing i wouldnt say it to her out of respect especially on tv!!!

    ps i miss the old kim





  39. nikoyuki March 9, 2012

    Disciple is a basic b****, f****** up homes and s***. She though she was slick, Kim shut her down because the beef is died and rosci knows that. When webbie said what he did about her I was lol’ing fir days. Because shea a ho who has sleep with some many rappers its not funny.

  40. ThatLATEJuice March 9, 2012

    1. SAMantha, stop half-ass reporting news. Kim been doing her promo rounds lately and no matter what, you always find a way to bring shade……even when its none available.
    The fact that you don’t even know, exactly, what your reporting about SCREAMS my point.

    2. Whatever the question was, im sure Kim let it be known before-hand what she was and wasn’t going to discuss…as MOST celebs do, so if Rocsi felt like she was gonna be slick and slide one in there, then quite honestly, that IS disrespectful.
    Either way, it’s not like Kim went off the deep end and made it more than what it was (like TGJ and Nicki stans are currently trying to do).

    Poor girls.
    oh and LOL @
    “No matter how hard she tries, Kim will never be able to avoid the influence Minaj now has on her career, and Female Rap as a whole.”

    Switch the names around and this statement sounds like something a Kim stan would’ve said in 2010. *giggles*. Let it marinate.

  41. nikoyuki March 9, 2012


  42. :l March 9, 2012

    …..i am lost,if rocsi got shut down before she ask the question,you can see that in the video up top there, then were did the face question came from,sigh i am done with this.

  43. haterzstaypressed March 9, 2012

    OK so Kim didn’t say s*** about Nicki nor anything else. It seems like Rosci was alluding to maybe the Biggie movie? Regardless, I think Kim handled that well.

    Nothing to see here. Keep it movin’!!!

  44. Speechless March 9, 2012

    I really cant believe Sam said that Rocsi was being respectful Like are you serious? I just cant with this site. I’m done.

  45. :l March 9, 2012

    i just saw over the other other sight,that rocsi wanted to ask kim about the beef with her and nicki aka the elephant in the room,something the networks always let there spokes person asks both parties in interviews…sh-t i thought rocsi dis her rocsi the messenger just got shot…i am done.

  46. Brittany March 9, 2012


  47. TheOuyonB March 9, 2012

    Rocsi and Terrence read from teleprompters, you dumb idiots. She was doing her job, and i watched the episode, as it was on t.v. and she didn’t ask Kim anything about missing her 1995 face. The question was gonna be about her and Nicki Minaj. Kim didn’t wanna talk about it… NOW, oh well. Ya’ll are all misinformed.

  48. Jessica March 9, 2012

    That whole interview was classless and tasteless!!! A real interviewer would asked real questions : 1. When is your album coming out? 2. Are you in a record label or independent? 3. Is there a new video from your latest single coming out? 4. Who’s producing it and is there any guest stars? How dd you enjoy Rip The Runway? Do you have anything else to say? Then the Biggie questions. THAT’S HOW YOU DO AN TV INTERVIEW!!! Rocci shouldn’t talk because her foolishness is out there- SLEPT WITH A MARRIED MAN!!! She wouldn’t like that if I interviewed her asking those types of questions. SMH!! Kim had a right to be pissed off, you would too if someone is egging it on!!! Rocci you owe Kim an apology.

  49. Me March 9, 2012

    *SIGHS* 1st of all, why the hell would she ask some s*** bout a 1995 face, you can tell a hater made that up, secondly, TGJ was right, after the freestyle battle, Rocsi wanted to bring up her beef but Kim shut it down before it started,…dumbasses

  50. Me March 9, 2012

    And yALL CAN CLEARLY hear her sayin “we gave yall a movie”, how do hell do that relate to a face, she was referring to the show her and Nicki gave, thats why she said if she have to give another they will

  51. Anne March 9, 2012

    It sounds like the question was gonna be about Nicki, that’s why Kim said “we” already gave you all that movie and today it was supposed to be all about Kim, not Nicki. Why would she say she wanted to keep the focus on herself to avoid a question about herself? The whole “movie” label obviously refers to the drama with Nicki.

  52. Anne March 9, 2012

    I think Kim handled this well because she doesn’t have to talk about Nicki in every interview and she changed the subject in a cool way. Rocsi was doing her job by bringing it up but Kim had every right to mildly shut it down so Rocsi went too far when she suggested she would have a problem if she saw Kim discussing the beef elsewhere. It’s Kim’s choice as to when and where she chooses to address or avoid the issue. As a professional interviewer, Rocsi should have accepted that without warning.

  53. Tbozfan10 March 9, 2012

    Kim did not overreact and handled it well on the clip posted. And yes it was a nicki minaj question. That’s why she said “we’ve played that movie before and if it comes up again we’ll play the next part.” and you dumbasses think it was gonna be a question about her face?! Lmfao

  54. Tbozfan10 March 9, 2012

    And nice new fake nicki minaj booty you got there Kim.

  55. Those That Cannot Do, Stan March 9, 2012

    Y’all can’t tell me that wasn’t about to be a Nicki question when you can clearly hear Rocsi say, “The elephant in the room” and Kim brush it off with “it’s a KIM DAY, we here now, we doing this!”

    Anyway my only concern is she should have handled her issue in a better way. She might have been offended but the reality is this:
    1. Kim is trying to get back on the center of attention.
    2. BET caters to her main audience
    3. As far as I know she doesn’t have a VEVO.
    4. She NEEDS THEM for promo.

    So having words for one of the folks interviewing you…she should have handled her business ring then and there. It’s not like she had to cut a b**** but calmly privately speak to Rocsi, get the point across and never let the public know you’re irking.

    This now…messy.

  56. Keepwinning March 9, 2012

    Idk. If rosci ask bout her face but I thought she was going ask a nicki ? cuz kim always got sumthing 2 say bout her n ever other interview she tlk about her. I think when kim said sumthing on twitter it made it knw that she was bothered by it. I knew it was 2 good 2 be true when she bush it off . Kim really know how 2 fck up a good thing. Oh & wats with her hair?? I don’t hate it just don’t understand it!

  57. I’mMe March 9, 2012

    Rocsi was disrespectful!, Kim should have smacked the s*** out that bish!

  58. JazThatBoi March 10, 2012

    So Kim is pretty dumb…so obvious. From what i gathered, Rosci was trying to address some topic (whatever it may be). Rosci was trying to give Kim the floor to clear anything up officially. Kim could have simply said, “No comment” and kept it pushing. I do like the fact that Rosci was lowkey trying to say that they bet not here her talking about it anywhere else tho…lol. But its true tho ya’ll . Lil Kim be talking mad stuff on radio but when it comes to a national tv show she’s all quiet. Thats weird imo. Also in televised shows the artist can approve questions before hand so if there was something she reallllly didnt want to talk about she should have said so earlier….just saying

  59. OK March 10, 2012

    That Grape Juice loves to hate on Kim.

    Kim did right in this situation. She brushed off the question and Rocsi kept coming for her.

    The bloggers must be Nicki fans. But whateva….just state the facts.

  60. MichaelAngelo March 10, 2012

    nicole Phoenix you sound really young and dumb. Do your research. Nicki isn’t doing anything new at allll!. This thread isn’t even about Nicki Threesome. Why you have to bring that stank up?

  61. MISHKA March 10, 2012

    Sorry but Rocsi defintely tried it.

    Lil’Kim responded the first time, Rocsi! There was no need to go Robin Roberts on her.

    I hope she didn’t adress the ‘ face’ thing. If she did, she needs to get fired.

  62. MISHKA March 10, 2012

    Rocsi definitely tried it.

    Lil’Kim responded the first time, Rocsi! There was no need to go Robin Roberts on her.

    I hope Rocsi didn’t adress the ‘ face’ thing. If she did, she needs to get fired.

  63. xoxo March 10, 2012

    it was about Nicki, which is why kim said “we gave yall a movie” referring to the documentary she posted on youtube. but yeah rosci was trying to get info. who cares, really?

  64. Black Madonna March 10, 2012


  65. number1k9 March 10, 2012

    Rocsi fake ass trying to act all ghetto since Kim is around! So awkward to how Terrance says NOTHING till like the end!

    But, that WAS disrespectful of Rocsi. When celebs go on shows there are questions they agree to speak on/answer and ones they don’t. Even if this question wasn’t exactly turned away/down by Lil Kim,

    It was extremely disrespectful for Rocsi to say “We don’t wanna here you sepaking on it somewhere else” or whatever she said in that variation. If I was Kim, I’d be thinking in my head, “B**** you ain’t Barbara Walters. B**** you ain’t Diane Sawyer. B**** you ain’t Oprah. LIST GOES ON”

    S***, if Kim doesn’t wanna speak on anything while on 106 & Park, thats her deal. Rocsi just mad bc she couldn’t get anything outta Kim on it, but even Bravo’s Andy Cohen could, L M F A O ! ! !

  66. YOOSONDALOOSE March 10, 2012

    Kim is a idiot, she NEEDS BET!
    Who else will promote her? My gosh Kim, you are going no where fast and you had a chance to catch up and killed it now.
    Kim Kim Kim

  67. nigelahmad March 10, 2012

    Actually its pretty much known that Rocsi is disrespectful. She throws little shade bits at her guest. I remember how rude she was to Erykah Badu when she was on there. Kim is the first celebrity to call her disrespectful but a lot of people can’t stand her…she’s a horrible interviewer. Idk why bet let go of Free and AJ

  68. mobwife March 10, 2012


    Rocsi can’t really talk if the question was about Kim being a mistress cause Rocsi f***** Lisa Raye’s husband soo it would be like the pot calling the kettle black.. I do think BIG loved Kim just not enough to wife her. <—-I AGREE!! 🙂



  69. mobwife March 10, 2012

    March 9, 2012 at 9:31 pm
    Rocsi and Terrence read from teleprompters, you dumb idiots. She was doing her job

    Yes a great portion of the show is scripted however, Rocsi was going to ask an irrelevant question to Lil Kim, the featured guest. Once she said “we are not going to go there” the latina wanna be Barbra” WaWa” Walters should have left it a that! These fake media props are forever trying to pop slick with their guests. We tune in for the guests and videos. They could train a monkey to do Rocsi’s BS job!

    **I still remember her Breezy interview the dumb b**ch…..screw her….

  70. Tbozfan10 March 10, 2012

    Lol at Jessica. They didn’t ask her those questions because no one cares about her new single or being signed to an independent label or whatev. Lol

  71. RP March 10, 2012

    This is so lame. C’mon now! It just shows Kim’s maturity level… or lack thereof. Nicki is doin her thing and Kim’s bitter, but she needs to grow up, and squash the beef ‘cuz this is ridiculous man! They are both talented artists that are obviously the biggest competitors in their small-but-growing market of female rappers, but how ’bout competing on the charts ladies and keep it civil elsewhere! I bet they could be real tight if they’d swallow their egos a little… but I still think it’s more on Kim. Still, it doesn’t help when Nicki fires back with songs like “Roman’s Revenge”.

  72. Keepwinning March 10, 2012

    Idk y everybody mad @ rosci. Yes she maybe a h** but it is.her.job 2 ask the ?s fans want hear. Lets face it kim always cracking @ nicki & its entertaining. Before artist r sum entertainers c** on tv if there ?s that they don’t.want 2 answer they tell the host & producers of the show. Pple want ask nicki bout kim as well but she simply declines 2. When ur doing promo 4 ep its stupid.2 tlk bout ur nemesis 4 30 mins instead of ur new project u would be wasting time. I guess kim learned that 2 years later. But its hard 2 be upset wit rosci cuz I can’t remember when kim had interview that wasn’t tlkin bout nicki on. So rosci probably naturally thought it would be ok 2 ask base on kim not being shy bout discussing nicki previously. Y so upset of a ? ur always so happy 2 answer any other day? Makes no sense 2 me!!!??

  73. Remey March 10, 2012

    I agree with Kim for once. Rocsi is a host….not a investigative reporter. She is not a Barbara Walters, Oprah, or even Diane Sawyers. With that said, I think it was disrespectful to bring that up. The day was about honoring Biggie.

    If someone brought up the fact that Rocsi had been sleeping around with other people’s men, Rocsi would be upset too.

  74. Real S*** March 10, 2012

    I love’s take on this story

    Unlike this whack ass site they know how to keep it real. Kim was completely justified. Had she responded to the question, people including the you GJ haters would be saying she is using the beef to stay relevant, she keeps talking about it, blah blah blah. Yet she tries to avoid the topic and Rocsi continued to try to push it after Kim clearly said she didnt want to discuss her,. Rocsi was okay for asking but really like pushing for a response like that?? i have seen how Rocsi acts when Nicki is on the show and she is clearly a fan of Nicki over Kim, and her actions were very unprofessional. They let Nicki come on that show and bash Kim several times….I’m glad Kim didn’t waste her time talking about Nicki

  75. savonn March 10, 2012

    LIL’ KIM Knows ‘Unappropriate’ Is Not A Word! Rocsi Used That Word In An Interview A While Back & That’s Why Kim Used It. It’s Called #SHADE. The Reason @LilKim Tweeted ‘Unappropriate’ Was Because Of This. -> Duh!! #TeamLilKim In The Building!!

  76. The Naked Truth March 10, 2012

    Well Saiad @REAL S*** Damn if she do…damned if she dont SMFH!!!

    #TeamLilKim for life!

  77. _eriicc March 10, 2012

    I’m actually so fed up with this website! Everything Lil’ Kim does, you guys seem to always shade it in such a negative approach! You “Journalists” should be praising the fact that Kim repelled to talk about Nicki Minaj, and focus on herself, and her music, yet the host, Rosci, still insisted to bring it up, and this website is doing nothing but tarnishing Lil’ Kim’s image. You guys make me sick! Get a real job. Psssht!!

  78. ChocoBrown March 11, 2012

    Kimmie squashed Nicki talk nicely and Rosci just accept the no next time.

    Nicki on another lane from Lil’ Kim, because Kim never been on that style of rapping. Kim is hiphop & her Minaj rival is hippop.

    Kim stop being defencive tho and just deal with that Nicki doing her thing. In a way Kim did let go by not addressing it so that’s a positive

  79. LAX March 11, 2012

    Finally she looks good for once………

  80. ToBClear April 2, 2012

    Rumor is: A pic of lil Kim from 1995 was put up on the screen & Rosci asked Kim” if She missed her 1995 face?”. It was said that this part had been edited out of the interview; thats why no one saw it on the show.

    If this is true, Rosci was extremely disrespectful!

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