Hot Topic: What’s Left For Lil Kim?

Published: Saturday 7th Apr 2012 by David

Lil Kim– regardless of what you think of her- is iconic.

Yes, while the above should be obvious to any in tune with her career, recent years have made her legacy all too easy to forget.

Indeed, while many of her contemporaries have gone onto become world figures and moguls in their respective fields, Kim- rather unfortunately- has evaded such success.

Plagued by ‘shady’ contracts, petty feuds, misplaced loyalty and poorly handled business dealings, she has missed out on the respect afforded to Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, Jay Z, Nas and the like- despite her contributions to Hip Hop’s crossover period in the early noughties.

And now, at almost forty years old, she’s been reduced to a ‘stage in the backyard’ act, performing in questionable locations just to make ends meet.

A shame.

So, now that her career has hit the pits, we ask:

If you were her manager, how would you take her  back to the top?

Let us know below!

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  1. Aya April 7, 2012

    Well obviously not much of her face….Lil kim needs to get it together. I believe that she can make it happen if she stops focusing on that tart Nicki, and focus on making good music IJS

  2. Lilkimisdone April 7, 2012

    Lil kim is a thing of the past she needs to realize it. She is done!! She looks old and her music sounds dated. She says she knows how to reinvent but sounds stupid when she tries to sing and her music is just boring as her looks !

  3. Jorge April 7, 2012

    I LOVE LIL KIM!!!!!!!

  4. OLB April 7, 2012

    Your always one hit away from being.#1 again. Lil’ Kim is still hot and in demand after 16 yrs in the game. What she needs is a strong,but.small loyal team behind her. She has made poor decisions in the past thats come to haunt her now. The beauty of this is, is that you get to see her fight her way back to the top. Doing these little club venues for the meantime is keeping $$$ in her pockets so dont shade her for trying to eat. The public obviosly wants to see Lil’ Kim win. Her Behind the Music is gonna be epic. When ask about any female rapper today their is only two names that are mentioned and thats Nicki & Kim….nuff said.

  5. Siberian Prince April 7, 2012

    That grape juice…..every other day you have somethin negative about lil kim and yet you post blogs just about every day praising nicki. Im starting to think u are just a lil kim hater.

  6. Bey Fan… April 7, 2012

    I dont see it for Lil Kim…..I mean she could always come out with a HOT track and get some buzz again…but honestly, she should venture into something else. Maybe writing, producing, acting, starting her own label, another reality show….something

    It be nice to see Nicki, Kim, Iggy, Azelia, and Brianna all doing their thangs and taking over the rap game. Kinda like female domination…..even if its just for the summer. That would be cool….

    Good luck to kim….I just want one more GOOD album. And then she can adjust her crown and go sit down….

  7. ImMadAsHell April 7, 2012

    Why are you worried about what’s next for Kim. When you really don’t care.

  8. aishaaguilerakeys April 7, 2012

    You’re evil. Everything you wrote in this article is shade, and you’re wrong for that. Even if I agree w/ you, I wouldn’t put it like that. But true, all the others became legends while she’s bickering w/ the young ones at her age. Hell, even Nas w/ all his financial issues wouldn’t go as low as Kim. She needs to stop w/ the bleaching cream, she can be as white as flour, she won’t beat NM’s record sales, not w/ the way she’s handling her career. Keep NM’s name outta yr mouth and do u, she moved on, so can u. And I’m not even a fan of urs (although I regularly listen to Notorious KIM), I don’t support ur attempted comeback because you’re doing it the wrong way, but I guess I hope u’ll stop embarassing yourself.

  9. Timmy Briz April 7, 2012

    I would give her big outrageous outfits like gangsta,barbie,s*** ones. Give her to make songs with relevant stars and keep doing it till she get the good feedback than start making her own songs. And for her to appear on TV a lot of the popular shows. Be on comedy. Go on Award shows most years. Make a lot of music videos and songs. Cut down on the make up. Let her make big fast beats. Do Hip hop and Pop beats. Make some Bubble gum raps and Hardcore raps. Tell her to make singing songs.And that’s what I’ll do to get her on the top again.Anyway TEAM Kim love ya!

  10. IMME April 7, 2012

    I think she should get a new hairstylist, get a label to back her, stop coming at nicki minaj, write a tell all book and focus on making a great album.

  11. Timmy Briz April 7, 2012

    I would give her big outrageous outfits like gangster ,barbie,and s*** ones. Give her to make songs with relevant stars and keep doing it till she get the good feedback than start making her own songs. And for her to appear on TV a lot of the popular shows. Be on comedy. Go on Award shows most years. Make a lot of music videos and songs. Cut down on the make up. Let her make big fast beats. Do Hip hop and Pop beats. Make some Bubble gum raps and Hardcore raps. Tell her to make singing songs.And that’s what I’ll do to get her on the top again. Anyway TEAM Kim love ya!

  12. Remey April 7, 2012

    Here is plan “Kimmie Komback” that will take about 2 years.

    1. Shut this Nicki s*** up. It’s making you look like a fool.
    2. Get her working with hot sure fire producers. Leak a few buzz singles that are practically singles.
    3. Clean up her terrible look. Make her look somewhat s*** and decent.
    4. Get on a big artist’s track that will be released as a single. (Someone like DJ Khaled, T.I., Big Sean, Trey Songz, etc.)
    5. Get her on a platform to introduce the reinvented Kim (like she did on Dancing with the Stars)
    6. Secure multiple interviews and talk shows
    7. Gear an album for a summer release followed with a massive PR campaign that is strictly for urban play. Forget trying to be Nicki and worry about getting back in the good graces of Hip/Hop. Forget cross over appeal at this point.

  13. GetChoLife April 7, 2012

    No shade but nobody is checking for Lil Kim. The woman is a rap icon! She should have gone out with a bang! Her last album despite having horrible sales was highly rated. She should have bowed down with a bang, not a new album that won’t even chart at #200. Even though Nicki & her have a stupid feud that they’re BOTH responsible for, Nicki said Kim was a rap icon. Kim even said she would do a song with Nicki. I think the only way to save her career that is currently on life support is by doing a song with Nicki. That would bury the hatchet and she can at least gain some new fans. It’s the truth cause we all know if she releases an album it will FLOP so horribly!

  14. Jojo April 7, 2012

    U guys need to give it a rest…the Kim shade is getting old. Everytime u post something its negative or trying to be funny….even when you give her props it comes with shady commentary.

  15. Lisa April 7, 2012

    Why do y’all keeping posting on Kim if y’all don’t like her?

  16. Raven April 7, 2012

    @GETCHOLIFE Nicki new album is trash.I don’t care how much it sells.Kim releases a classic every-time.You little @ss kids are so focus on sales and not the quality of music.

  17. Candy April 7, 2012

    @AISHAAGUILERAKEYS Nicki moved on,but she release 4 diss tracks to Kim before her album came out.Girl sit down.

  18. Joarmy April 7, 2012

    Ya’ll acting like lil kim always initiate speaking about nicki minaj when nicki is clearly the culprit and if it was any of you……you wouldnt sit and let someone diss you.

  19. REAL TALK! April 7, 2012

    other than worrying about lil kim can do..worry about yall broke asses and how yall gonna get money… she does clubs juss like every other artist..and i think she was there with trina one time.. so stfu..this is sooo stupid! kim is f***** grown and will do what she wants! MIND YA DAMN BUSINESS!

  20. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) April 7, 2012

    There is no formula about what Kim in particular should do. She should do what all artists do : make some good music that combines radio and club appeal with catchy punchlines and promote it adequately. It’s not always easy to achieve, but it is quite simple.

    When it comes to her Nicki beef, I actually feel like Kim has handled it well lately, much better than Nicki has anyway. Nicki’s first single was obviously a diss and not even a clever one. The entire first segment of her album is about sly digs and bragging, but those tracks could be interpreted as general attacks to her competition. ‘Stupid H**’, not so much. It’s obviously about ONE woman and we all know who that is. And that song killed some of her buzz imo. Kim has been low key for the past few months conerning the Nicki beef, though.

  21. JustMe April 7, 2012

    Say what you want about Kim but she’s still here 17 years later good or bad people are still talking about her! And to those who say she should just give it up why should she give up something she loves because you’re not feeling it!!! Nobody has had a perfect career & Everybody makes mistakes even legends! Im mean come on people 17 years!!!! she doing something right.

  22. GetChoLife April 7, 2012

    @RAVEN That is irrelevant to what I said. I don’t care how wack Nicki’s album is. The question is, what would save Kim’s career. & the truth is her career is dead! & the only way for her to shock the world & make a comeback is if her & Nicki do a song together. Again your argument is invalid. You’re calling me a child yet you can’t even stick to the topic at hand. The irony!

  23. young firestarta April 7, 2012

    Look I have problems with Kim. She lied to her fans about being black listed. But I think she can comeback. Not as the queen B …besides, that title belongs to Beyonce. And that’s the point Beyonce should be an example to Kim. Bey works hard to please her fans. She dont lie to them or use them in pointless beef. The beehive would slay for Bey. Why? Beyonce gives 100% to her fans. You wouldn’t see Bey in some backwater dive slapping the a** of some big booty ho! Beyonce has self respect and that is what Kim is lacking. That’s why she ain’t considered on the level of other rap pioneers. That’s why it was so easy for Nick to take her out and make her look like a bitter has been. But she can comeback. I guess.

  24. Kayla April 7, 2012

    I’ll tell you what’s left for a her, a whole bunch of NOTHING! this b**** is dead and it kills me how people say she still spits fire! PLEASE! the b**** ain’t spit fire in over a decade. As a matter of fact, she ain’t never spit fire because none of her raps ARE HERS! i mean at least other people WRTIE they own. she always using somebody in some kind of way, whether it’s a ghost writer to write her raps, or Nicki Minaj to put her back in the limelight. She was never queen. There was only very few queen. Missy Elliot, Eve, Queen Latifah, MC Lite and Left Eye. As for Kim, Foxy, Remy Ma and the rest of them, they NEVER accomplished what Nicki is doing for the game. She breaking records, selling out s***, touring places, got all these brands and s***. She is gonna be qualified as the queen when it comes to. And Nicki already said she’s not gonna be doing music forever. She gonna move on to acting, or modeling or something else. Because WHO DOES want to see a 40 year old rapptress trying to claim they spot as queen. I mean if your a popstar or R&B singer that’s ohkay! But anyways, Lil Kim has got nothing left to her because she’s not trying to do nothing. Her mad focus right now is reclaim a throne that she never sat in. Nicki has beat her Hardcore sells and much more to that. So what throne do YOU have sweety? Oh don’t worry, I’ll wait. Kim should go on to acting, or fashion design or something. Because clearly ya fans don’t care enough about yo ass to put ya last 4 “singles” (they singles until they start failing) on the charts. They way back at the numbers people don’t even look at. So once again, Kim ain’t got S*** because people nowdays is all about buisness and they fans and all she really about is trying to make people think she’s the original, she’s gonna come back but she still hasn’t come back as of date. So, in the words of Nicki Minaj, “step ya cookies up” girl and MAYBE, just maybe, you’ll be a little more appreciated and accepted around here. Or you’ll just be remembered as a easily jealous c** hustling w****.


    first of all the nicki stans needs to SHUT THE F*** UP….especially since nicki stole lil kim whole swag, black barbie, KIM CAME UP WITH IT FIRST..

    the crazy hairstyles, kim came up with it first..lil wayne/bird man was trying to make another lil kim when he created nicki, FACT.nicki was created,

    second, how can kim be the one whos jealous, when NICKI CAME FOR HER ASS FIRST.nicki kept going on and on, finally kim responded, and shes the one whos jealous?

    after kim responded, the puck bish that nick is, she hid her hands, acted like a victim…than 6 months later she had the courage to start talking s*** again
    after the whole thing was over.

  26. young firestarta April 7, 2012

    @Kayla You are so hardcore. But you speak the truth. A lot of Kim’s issues revolve around the fact the her career was GIVEN to her by Biggie. She truly never had to hustle. That’s why she ain’t business minded—-it was all done for her by this man or that.


    nicki is the one whos always taking the most s***, how many songs did she make recently dissing lil kim…?

    kim hasnt paid nick any mind and yet nicki stays on her d*** .i dont have anything against nicki making her paper, but shes the one who stay using talking s*** about kim..lets keep it real…

    and to the idiot that said queen b belongs to beyonce..umm kim had that title way before beyonce, another thing the bish stole..

  28. D.Strock April 7, 2012

    Absolutely nothing. I’d have her retire, and I’m not saying that to be shady. She was an icon, and since music isn’t working for her any more, I think she’d be better suited spending her money relaxing. That way, guest verses or performances from her would also be more in-demand.


    the nicki stans stay acting like nicki is the victim in this s***….

    she started…you cannot come for the bish you stole your whole swag from

    and how is kim using nicki to stay relevant..when its nick who stay dissing kim on every damn track

    my thing is, nicki is the one who end up looking like an idiot because bish, ur the one whos making the most paper, ur the one that’s getting all the endorsements

    and yet u stay on the d*** of a chick thats suppose to be less relevant than you…

    what the hell would i look like making millions and dissin a broad who lives in the hood, PATHETIC

  30. BEEZ IN DA TRAP April 7, 2012

    TGJ is not hating on Lil’Kim he’s just stating facts. I’ve noticed myself that Kim is only thought about because of her negative press, plastic surgery and her beef with Nicki Minaj. The only thing that keeps Kim’s name on our tounges is Nicki these days. *show of hands* How many of you were talking or thinking about kim before her beef with Nicki?… No one! …In fact most of the world did’nt even know what Kim looked like anymore until she did dancing with the stars. And at first sight people thought she was Latoya Jackson. And after that she was talked about for her plastic surgery…and THAT my friends is the first thing we thought of when we heard the name Lil’Kim until Nicki came along. Let’s not forget that Kim’s career was based around Biggie, raunchy lyrics, & soft p*** which makes her easier to forget since Biggies gone and the fact that she was never fully accepted by the masses anyway. people were saying, eeww she’s a disgrace, wait, she got 8oz of s**** pumped out her stomach? OMG! she slept with all those guy’s? Well, Biggie wrote her lyrics anyway, Damn! what happened to her face? …And there you have it folks, those are the things that started to over shadow Kim’s Iconic Legacy. Then came the big KA-BOOM that put the nail in Kim’s career caufin. That POINTLESS BEEF with the new younger more vibrant less raunchy more s*** and weird but prettier and interesting NICKI MINAJ…And as much as yall hate to admit it Kim’s career was in shambles after her last album. and i’m not talking about flop friday. Nicki only hammered the last nail in Kim’s career caufin. Kim is ruining her own Iconic Legacy not Nicki. Nicki only killed what was left of her career. Now Kim has to perform at back yard BBQ’s to survive….THE END

  31. young firestarta April 7, 2012


    Bey earned that title. Yeah she took it. What kimmie gonna do about it? Nothing. That’s the point of this post. Nick took her swag. True. What is “Greselda Blanco” gonna do? Nothing. That Kimmie clone clown shut down TIME SQUARE last night.
    What is Kim gonna do? Tell me Jazmine what is Kim gonna do? I think she can do something but what? This rap business ain’t fair. Oh well. So tell me what can she do? Tick Tock…..the clock is running.

  32. nikoyuki April 7, 2012

    I come back here from time to time to see if Sam is being the true queen that he is throwing shade at Kim and Rihanna and he never fails. Its sad when you dig up old videos of Kim just to shade her, when she has give up 30mins of her time to give you B****** an interview, which ncki would never do and you know it. So you take you take it out on Kim. Sad but true, Kim is building her career back up and not worried about shits like tgj.

  33. BINKY THE SKY April 7, 2012

    first, of all lil kim got to get back in the streets and reach out to her fans so she got to do what she got to do to come back on top and know she ain’t doing them show for free second, why you didn’t say nothing about trina she was in the back and third, this video old ass hell.

  34. GetChoLife April 7, 2012

    @YOUNG FIRESTARTA Lmfao! You’re taking all the insults Kim stans throw at Nicki & making a very honest & valid point! It’s not about who’s better, it’s about the numbers! The music industry is about money. In terms of money & success Nicki is at the very top! Beyonce snatched that title & the MUSIC INDUSTRY dubbed her “Queen Bey” cause she deserves it. I dare a Kim stan to try to tell me about how Lil Kim is better than Beyonce. Trust, some are delusional enough to try it.

  35. Tbozfan10 April 7, 2012

    The only thing kimmie has at this point is the possibility that VH1 will one day decide to cast her in a reality TV series. That’s the only comeback she will be making because her star has barely any shine left to it.

  36. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 7, 2012

    let’s be real , it is the end for the black music ” R&B , HIP-HOP” , everyone is doing pop and it sell. that’s why 3/4 of NM’s new album is POP.

    LK need to start doing performances. cuz even if her material was good , the consumers said “RIP” TO RAP already.

    only ” missy eliott” can revive it.

  37. BEEZ IN DA TRAP April 7, 2012

    As for the Lil’Kim fans who keep saying (kim is still relevant cus yall still talking about her)…Well yes, we’re talking about her but not in a good way. we’re talking about how she’s too old to still be trying to rap and starting a beef with Nicki but then can’t back it up, how she used you guy’s to talk s*** about Nicki everyday but in the mean time she’s in some hole in the wall club holding a glass and not in the studio trying to quench yall’s thirst for new quality music, how she lied about giving yall a holiday EP and then just abandoned yall asses on twitter. we’re also talking about her plastic surgery, and those hidious low quality singles she put out for you dummies to buy. And last but not least we’re talking about how Nicki is winning and she (Kim) is losing. So if yall think that makes her relevant then so be it.


    how can you say she earned that title queen b, than say she took that title in the same sentence..?….thats what happens when u try to be a smart ass, u end up looking like a moron..

  39. B**** April 7, 2012

    Flops and more flops

  40. punch April 7, 2012

    Rated x B**** stfu you think you no every damn thing stfu and who is that in your avi a flop?. Now lil kim is a flop


    if its about the money, hits and all that, why the f*** is nicki still on kim’s d***

    answer this nicki stans..nicki is not a delusional kim fan..but instead of focusing on her money, and hits..her ass is still trying to keep a dumb ass beef alive..a beef that she started..


    when was the last time kim has said anything about nicki, last year..this year nicki already has 2 song dissing kim….now whos more pressed

  42. punch April 7, 2012

    Lil kim is a flop rated x stfu

  43. JustMe April 7, 2012

    Aretha Franklin is the real queen b she don’t give a f*** with none on them h***!!!


    rolls eyes..

    bring up jazmine is suppose to do what? hurt my feelings….?

    ahahahahahhaahhha….instead of worrying about the bish in my gravi whos making more money than ur ass will ever see in a life time, worry about ur
    on broke ass.

    i swear u can always tell who the dumbass broke b****** are….

  45. BEEZ IN DA TRAP April 7, 2012

    And for the record Lil’Kim was never labeled the queen of rap by the industry, that’s just a street title given to her by Biggie R.I.P. just like Kim claimed barbie but was never claimed by mattel…NOW, on the other hand Rolling Stone and everyone else in the industry has titled Nicki Minaj the Queen of rap and Mattel oficially labeled her a barbie. Again Queen Bee is just a nick name from Biggie. Kim should retire, get married, have children, and live a little until it’s time to sit on her throne–>(rocking chair)

  46. iloveXtina April 7, 2012

    take a sledgehammer to her autotune machine.

  47. TheTruthHurts April 7, 2012


    We know what Nicki is doing. This isn’t about her. But, lets touch on it briefly. Nicki is indeed winning, by way of numbers. But whats more important in the argument of longevity? I can only speak for me, but i’m here for QUALITY music that can carry on years from now. Kim, as of lately, is VERY hit and miss, and I can admit that. Thats as far as I agree with you. Nicki, on the other hand, is lacking in the quality department, and it shows. She has the ability to str8 up MURDER a track and deliver some vicious lines that will make you rewind a couple times (see: Monster), but thats just not what she’s about these days, plain and simple
    That applies to Kim as well.
    B.I.G. presented Kim with an opportunity and she took it. As did Nicki with Wayne. B.I.G. died within the first year of her career and she was left to learn on her own…regardless of the cost (prison, legal drama, finances, criticisim, disloyality from others) of the lesson. If she was relying on MEN to manage her career, wouldn’t her star still be shining bright…like Nicki’s currently is?
    Don’t rant boo, because this isn’t about you’re fave. It’s about the person you’re fave tributes everytime she plays dress up. It isn’t about Kim’s knifed-up swag or the hips she got off layaway with her Black Friday coins.

    What do I think will help Kim?
    A new stylist, ditch the auto-tune, rehire some of her old team so they can start booking/securing some high-profile appearances (red carpets, tv appearances/cameos, BETTER interviews), and just get back into her groove. Everything else will fall in place.

  48. punch April 7, 2012

    Rated x never broke b**** never and you said she make more then i will ever? B**** she not even rich she a flop just like kim

  49. KAT DELUNA FAN April 7, 2012

    I want the next topic to be about:


    Christina milian

    I mean the big voices,the singing girls even if christina doesnt have a big of a voice
    (Of course not Jno since she is done and not shakira because she cant sing for s***)

    Now the UK girls (or the one who with UK style) run the world.We need a change !!


  50. Kayla April 7, 2012

    @THETRUTHHURTS…I KNOW IT AIN’T ABOUT MY FAV, BUT BE REAL, MY FAV IS THE ONLY REASON KIM IS EVEN BACK OUT!! i was talking straight up about Kim but her present day presence is because of Nicki Minaj. Move it along!

    to everybody that’s saying Nicki started this..exactly how do you guys know that nicki started this. What is kim saying BEHIND the cameras. i mean, she did just say that she’s in a budget and she is forbidden to make music until it’s payed off. So sorry that Nicki lives and the studio and responds to Kim through her music. And Nicki always gave props to Kim. But kim is the jealous type (you’d know that if you’ve seen Notorious)…so until you know what’s exactly being said behind cameras, shut it up r imma SHUT IT DOWN!!! and like nicki said on “Press Conference” off of PF:RR, if she P*** one way she gonna be copying somebody…saying somebody is copying somebody else is peoples way of showing who’s higher in pouplatirty. If you say Nicki copies Kim, your basically saying Kim is better. If you said Gaga copied Madonna, your saying madonna is better. Kim wasn’t the first nor will she be the last to wear colred wigs. So if your really b*** hurt about Nicki’s game, i’m sorry. Nothing we can do. You gotta use what you got to get what you want (Not Roxi and Trixie style either unless your Kim)and if Kim was truly the queen, she would be, like i said before, ACTING and looking at Nicki Minaj like “whatever” and releasing movie after movie, clothes lines, makeup products..i mean SOMETHING! but if she started that now, then she’d really be the copycat. And latley she’s been trying to fight fire with fire but it’s not doing nothing but making a bigger flame!

  51. LIZ April 7, 2012


  52. punch April 7, 2012

    Because they flops

  53. Kenneth Williams April 7, 2012

    THE FACT THAT THIS VIDEO WAS TAKEN MONTHS AGO AT AN EVENT WITH TRINA AT A NIGHT CLUB IN MIAMI DOES NOT PROVE THAT KIM IS OVER. SHE DID this to be close to her fans and make money at the same time. Nicki is making money her way, Let Kim do hers.

  54. Skye April 7, 2012

    i think,Kim needs to sign with either Maybach Music Group or GOOD Music.and Quit the auto tune and go back to her HARDCORE AND NOTORIOUS KIM stage.and dye her hair back to Black. She would sound great on a Ross/wale/meek mill track. she fits with the “hood” sound that MMG is making popular again. if she does that,she can be on top again.

  55. TheTruthHurts April 7, 2012

    @ Kayla

    You know its not about your fave, but you went right back into “Nicki vs. Kim”?

    And you’re rant proved what to ME, since you addressed me directly? I said i’m not here for popularity contests, stunts and numbers. I’m here for QUALITY. The fact that you can’t even form a rebuttal without saying something that 5 other people on this post already said speaks volumes your ears couldn’t begin to pick up on.

    The fact that you sit here trying to tell me something based on NOTORIOUS (movie) is just…comical and quite sad at the same time. Don’t sit up and rant boo, educate yourself. You act as if I told you a bold face lie. Please point it out. Nicki and Kim are both lacking in quality these days. Did I lie? Nicki and Kim both have the ability to s*** on a track. Did I lie? They both had an opportunity given to them by a male mentor. Did I LIE? What Kim is doing has nothing to do with Nicki. What Nicki is doing is everything besides doing HER. And when I say doing HER, I mean making some GOOD, QUALITY MUSIC. So, you ranted on to say what? Musically, they both in the same boat. I could care less about what her current popularity is benefiting her for now, because Kim had the same going on back in the day, and you see whats going on now right?

  56. Tbozfan10 April 7, 2012

    Better yet, she truly needs to invest all this money she claims to have and buy herself a time machine. That would be the best way for her to be on top again.

  57. QueenSize April 7, 2012

    This article was about Lil’ kim but you highly pressed Stan’s always got to throw that Maraj chick in the mix. Nicki Minaj is as fake as he real last name. This b**** was lucky on her first go around. This time not only do her critics see threw her b******* but even her fans are opening their eyes. She was the first female chick of the new digital YouTube twitter Facebook age. Good for her. But without Kim this chick had no muse. I didn’t look at nicki and see salt n pepa, or mc lyte, or queen latifah…I heard foxy brown and I saw Lil’ Kim. Nicki didn’t know who she was then and she still doesn’t. If you think I’m lying explain the cover of her latest album. 22 f****** tracks of garbage, she don’t know how to be rapper or a pop star. She sold out mighty fast. B**** don’t even talk the same. Taylor swift and Gaga looked at that b**** like she was crazy at the Grammys. There is footage on YouTube of nicki saying she is the perfect person to fill Lil’ Kim’s shoes. Nicki still can’t handle the fact that people didn’t fall for her b******* and she got caught in a list of lies starting with her age. And with all the fast success and achievements this b**** called a legendary director Hype Williams to make costly And highly visual music video about the b**** she was dying to “(Queen) Bee.

  58. meisha April 7, 2012

    FIRSTLY B****** LilKim is the Queen she didn’t gain that dissing legends she earned it. It was her idea to be hardcore n s*** she’s original. She needs strong guest features and promo money cause she was born for this s***. Michael Jackson Whitney Houston n Amy Winehouse plus many more were greats that made mistakes but now it’s too late. On the other hand LilKim made mistakes but the blood still warm. I don’t blame team minaj they know with the money behind LilKim it game the f*** ova for their fave. Now put that in yo grape juice #bow

  59. JoJo (istan4rihanna) April 7, 2012

    All of this is stupid Kim is just plain DUMB (thinking wise)
    she just ruined the legacy she created for herself the best thing she could of done was just keep her mouth shut , a self proclaimed legend shouldn’t even address her self to minors .but oh no lets release a whole mixtape dedicated to Nicki Minaj . what lil kim needs is a good manager that will steer her into the right track and get rid of the autone and the irs

  60. Kayla April 7, 2012

    @THETRUTHHURTS…ohkay, for one o have an education, i just rather NOT sit up here sounding like a human dictionary….secondly, i answered the question, “What’s left for kim?” I said clearly nothing because she is so stuck on gaining her spot back from Nicki Minaj. It’s not abut Nicki Minaj vs. Lil’s about offical label, nto hit singles, nobody to ghost write for her..NOBODY….and if i just so happen to bring Nicki Minaj up in the act, so be..NOW GOODBYE!!

    @MEISHA…if your little comment was directed towards me let me say….nicki minaj did come up off disses, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER RAPPER OR RAPTRESS…who do you think they reffer to with they,he,she,you…just because you supposedly know Nicki’s direct target there’s a difference??? And THAT ain’t even all true, because like Nicki said in her interview..”you guys always swear up and down I’m talking about somebody in particular when sometimes i’m talking about people you wouldn’t even suspect i’m talking about” And as for the comment about kim being made for this life, *cough cough* CLEARLY NOT! Kim always had somebody doing everything 4 her. Biggie gave her her nasty style and dress habits, ghostwriters wrote her rhymes, her manager boked her interview, performances exc….and other people took care of her buisness..why do you think she ain’t got now where..because she has NONE of that and doesn’t know how to do it herself..she may brag and swear up and down she do but KIM don’t know what the f*** she doing! She is so nieve when it comes to taking care of business….at least MY FAV runs her own s***, books her own performances, planes her own events, exc exc exc…..

  61. C.Reddz April 7, 2012

    Clearly Kim has let it ride, she shut Rocksi down & she should shut y’all down. Clearly this website is written by a nicki fan. if anyone knows the truth. They know Nicki started it & won’t shut the f*** up about it. #obsessed! She is a lesbian & loves LilKim, wants to be her & even prolly lick her p****!

  62. haterzstaypressed April 7, 2012

    All of this back and forth is for the birds. Bottom line is again, Nick is on some other level s*** and is now beyond Lil’ Kim. So moving on from that and keeping Nicki out of this topic – how does one repair and salvage Lil’ Kim’s failing career.

    1. Pay back the label, book deals and other financial obligations that she owes so she can move forward with no strings attached.

    2. Hire a top of the line image consultant and PR agency that can craft her look and message. As of right now she looks like nothing more than and old, broken down hoodrat/mistress who’s performing in the back of houses and rinky dink clubs for 22.97.

    3. Sign a LEGITIMATE record deal or distribution deal. Sign to an super indie like Koch records or E1. Take a year to do a fantastic album with a-list producers, ghostwriters and young producers that are on the come up. Not IRS or whatever.

    4. Create a reality TV show based off of her comeback – show her recording, doing mini-tours, going to fashion shows, showing her love interest, show her business dealings. Make her more appealing to a wider audience because her audience is LIMITED in resources and capabilities.

    5. Last but not least, she needs to find a surgeon to do corrective cosmetic surgery on her face. No shade, but she does not look normal. The mainstream audience knows kim for her plastic surgery and breast implants and NOT her music.

    The one thing that Kim does better than most is her interview skills. She is such a delight to watch. She projects confidence and fun when she interviews. I could see her doing her own talk show or hosting a show like the old TRL or 106 & Park. Maybe she needs her OWN Sirius radio show. She would soar at that…


  63. JustMe April 7, 2012

    While ya’ll still on here s*** talkin Nicki KIm & Beyonce are cashing checks $$$$$$ geta life people Lmfao!!! People dont get paid to hate or think that there telling the truth ask Sam!

  64. Meisha April 7, 2012

    Child please to anyone that thinks tha anyone that’s. a celebrity books their own events is clearly delirious . Next LilKim has the industry waiting on her next move some hoping for a comeback some hoping for failure some just curious. The girl is a legend. Ans all the legends know it. Only nicki stand deny it. You feel LilKim is not intelligent buy out of her Biggie n Package she still standing. Nicki only compares herself to Kim cause she the best why compare yourself with someone that isn’t the best. Kobey can never be Jordan although he’s hot right now get it! When the white man called them girls nappy head the world was mad but y’all support nicki saying nappy headed h*** need a permanator. Y’all want a double standard to excuses her ignorant music. She only hot without competition. Sorry but I don’t respect her.

  65. TheTruthHurts April 7, 2012

    @Kayla, you keep throwing this “ghost writter” term around.
    Can you bring some proof to the table? I’m not talking about a poorly typed, unsigned piece of foolery that Biggie’s failed SIDE mistress had an alleged producer print up, i’m talking PROOF. I’m talking find every ghost writer for every song, on all 4 albums, 2 mixtapes and numerous unreleased songs/features. Can you provide this? Because if not, your going off rumors that got buried with B.I.G and you sound quite foolish in promoting such nonsense. Walking dictionary? I said educate yourself on the subject(s) that you are speaking on….Not go to college. Is it that hard for you to comprehend? LOL @ Kim don’t know how to do anything. You know this, how? Are you a manager? PR? Label head? Advisor? Publicist?
    Lawyer? Consultant? Ever been any of those things? Ever worked in the industry? Ever worked with Kim or anyone that has? No? then why speak on it. You girls get a sneak peek into the behind the scenes and swear y’all know every in and out. Please, sit down. You’re fave does what every other celebrity does….has her PEOPLE do those things FOR her. If you knew better, you’d do better. May I ask,….how old are you? Because you sound real young and misinformed.

  66. Greg April 7, 2012

    She just needs to look at her back catalogue of studio albums & try to make something on par with those, then I’m fasho boutta go out & support the queen

    To simplify, don’t make a hot mess album aka anything bearing slight resemblance to Roman Reloaded!!

  67. Adrian April 8, 2012

    This entire article was pointless. This did not need to worded like this.

    Kim is an icon and gets plenty recognition. There’s a side to everyone that roots for the old school and 90s vets are making a comeback. Kim really has never left the public eye, because she continues to relevant enough for you to speak negatively of her every chance you get. The only advice I would give to Kim is to connect with her fans a little more and stop being secretive. I would love to see her tweet more, do more twit vids, and youtube videos. She has a great sense of humor/personality that she needs to display. She has great marketability and needs to focus on exposing herself some more a little bit. She has done ZERO feautures as a guest for other rappers and that’s normally the way ppl work themselves back into the spotlight. She needs to do more more collaborations and really put herself out there.

    If she would upload some remixes to current hits similar to what she did with Black Friday then she could really create some industry buzz.

  68. LAX April 8, 2012



  69. xxx April 8, 2012

    get some features to reintroduce yourself
    start making good music again
    write for other artists
    stop performing in small clubs
    release an urban and a pop single
    stop acting like a bitter c***!

  70. miguel April 8, 2012

    Im sorry i think shes veey talented but not iconic.

    Missy Elliot achieved the same success or more and with no gimmick (boobs, wigs, colorful dresses etc)

  71. miguel April 8, 2012

    I think shes very talented but not iconic.

    Missy Elliot got the same level of success or more without any gimmicks (boobs, wigs, colorful dresses)

  72. AYNON April 8, 2012

    Lil Kim is not Iconic…she is such a local act yeah maybe she was big in the WW once when she rapped for 5 seconds in Lady Marmalade.

    but Missy has had several WW hits… trust me noone outside America knows who Lil Kim is. the only female rappers anyone knows in the UK are Missy and Nicki.

    Lil Kim needs to retire she’s washed up…Missy is Back Nicki is here there’s no space for her.

  73. glum April 8, 2012

    It’s a shame she’s come this far down when she seems like such a nice person and is obviously talented. I think the best thing for her to do is to hook up with hot songwriters and come up with a HOT track. No settling, no rush, just heat.

  74. Nats April 8, 2012

    The onlyt reason Kim is still in people’s mouths is because Nicki blew up and Kim wanted to make a comeback so she attacked the baddest in the game. So for all those wishing Nicki’s 15 mins would be after almost 4 years, be careful what u wish for because if Nicki is gone then no one would even remember Kim. In other words kim needs Nicki.

  75. BOSS April 8, 2012

    Much like knowing how to perform on an actual stage has evaded Nicki for YEARS right Sam? LOL

  76. tbozfan10 April 15, 2012

    lol @haterzstaypressed you should seriously be Lil’ Kim’s manager. I’m serious!

  77. SAGE April 26, 2012


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