Kelly Rowland Talks New LP With MTV, Reboots Tour With Chris Brown

Published: Wednesday 11th Apr 2012 by Rashad

‘Down 4 Whatever’ diva Kelly Rowland is getting ready to head down under with Chris Brown, T-Pain, Trey Songz, and many more hip-hop hitmakers slated to head Syndey’s “SupaFest” R&B Festival! The slew of acts enlisted for the trek will assist Brown in his Australian takeover, hitting many venues along the way.

As if that’s not enough, Rowland is also readying the follow-up to her acclaimed third solo project ‘Here I Am’.  Caught up with by MTV News on the set of R&B heartthrob Trey Songz’ ‘Heart Attack’ video, Rowland teased her 4th solo project.

The ‘conceptual’ album, which Kelly bids is ‘building beautifully’, will see the singer ‘return to her R&B roots’.  Find out what else fans can expect after the jump:

*Some viewers outside of the U.S. may not be able to view the video*

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MTV with Kelly Rowland (transcript):
“With this album, I made sure that I locked in on a concept. IT’s just incredible so far. I won’t name too many names because we are at the very beginning of the project, but so far it has been quite the journey. Very incredible.

“Everyone’s that’s come in to work on this album, we’ve all built around it and it’s just building up so beautifully. I’m so proud. So, I can’t wait until all of my fans hear it.”

“Right now, I’m actually gearing up for an Australian tour that actually Trey’s gonna be a part of. It’s myself, Chris Brown, T-Pain, the list goes on and on. It’s going to be incredible!”

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  1. Me April 11, 2012

    “Reboots tour with chris brown” Yall made it seem like they was doing another joint tour together, it’s the SupaFest australia with a big lineup

  2. therealhonesttruth April 11, 2012

    How are you already on a new album. Come on Kelly i can’t feel sorry for you. Motivation and Lay it on me were hits. You could have pushed this further than just a few months.

  3. ILOVEKELLY April 11, 2012

    i love Kelly so much i cant wait to here new tunes off her fourth album because r&b as been killed by pop now its time to bring it back..

  4. myareal April 11, 2012

    I loved Here I am ,Kelly def had many more hits from that album.
    as much as I wasnt ready for that era to end I am looking forward to whats
    to follow. Im excited about the concept and Im exciting that she is
    focussing on r&b. I said to just keep making as many albums and videos
    as possible to. in this day and age coming out back to back is the only
    way you’ll stay relevant.

    I love her and Im excited for everything she geering up for

  5. Paulo April 11, 2012

    acclaimed? LOL! I stop playing favorite with K-Ro a minute, boo… when I read “conceptual” I was ready to be blown away but she said zilch of actual stuff on the interview. but eeeh I guess you gotta hype your project either way… I wouldn’t mind another single from HIA before moving on to the next, though.

  6. Teyah April 11, 2012

    She better return to R&B. Dance music was not working for her because none of her dance singles became hits, except for When Love Takes Over with David Guetta. And why is the heading “Reboots Tour With Chris Brown”? LOL. It’s not her tour, its a music festival in Australia!

  7. chocolatebox777 April 11, 2012

    Glad Kelly has finally found herself & left Beyonce’s shadow….

  8. rocafella April 11, 2012

    She had some great dance songs dont get it twisted. abnd commander was a hit record! the thing is just like her r&b records she never pushed forever and a day.
    and down for whatever wasnt really all that hot but what a feeling and forever and a day>>> she needs to start pushing her music and stop leaving it up to her lazy as fans. that way the the actual buying supportive public will be realize and that she has good music and start throwing her some coins.

  9. rocafella April 11, 2012

    oh lets be clear motivation as hot as it was was never her best r&b sog and her last album wasnt never her best album. she’s had great meterial it’s just never been shown mativation is not her best song but it is her best single. get what Im saying. I hope things are different next time I hope she put out the right singles and promote next time her career and name depends on it Its a shame people are blaming her music when that is not her problem it clearly promotion and single choices

  10. Edward Ponton April 11, 2012

    @Rocafella I agree with you. Kelly needs to push her s*** and don’t rely on her “lazy ass fans” I also agree that motivation isn’t by far her best song and Here I am isn’t her best album. The Ms. Kelly album is a fie ass collection with great quality songs (especially Better without you) But I’m excited for Kelly. Each album go round it feels fresh so I wan’t to see what she learned from releasing her last album and how will she capitalize off of her mistakes. She’s the s*** no doubt

  11. HERE I FLOP April 11, 2012


    that what happen when you become a judge in u.k….i dont blame her…she made more money by being a judge then what she made from her flop album…

  12. Girrrl April 11, 2012

    Acclaimed album?! Lmao y’all know that album was bogus. Kelly needs to give it up. Has that album hit 300k in the US yet? Bwahaha TTT outsold it already

  13. angela wesley April 11, 2012

    I like I said before on another Kelly post. Kelly needs to hav a mixture of
    songs, some ballads, a couple of dance songas well a few pop songs.
    Don’t get wrong I like Here I am but most of the was about s**
    and that turn a lot of people off.

  14. angela wesley April 11, 2012

    I meant t say the album was mostly about s**.

  15. Chanel April 12, 2012

    Didnt get here i am cd, motivation wasnt my song. Im sorry kelly but to be honest i am more of a Beyonce fan than yours. You are a good singer and all but Bey… no question … i do have ms. kelly its good but then you went down a spiral path. Anyway good luck.

  16. MIami April 12, 2012

    Haterz will Hate. but as these same fools will be checking for the for singles and the albums she should never give up. all she has to do is get it right. try harder do better. because she has more talent than alot of bishes who sale records now adayz. she flopped because she was to busy with X FACTOR to promote her album. I think she’s learned her leason this time.

  17. MIami April 12, 2012

    EDIT:Haterz will Hate. but as these same fools will be checking for the singles and the album she should never give up. all she has to do is get it right. try harder and do better. because she has more talent than alot of bishes who sale records now adayz. she flopped because she was to busy with X FACTOR to promote her album. I think she’s learned her leason this time.

  18. GLYNNJE April 12, 2012



  19. cray April 12, 2012

    Kelly…We are waiting! Hope you promote it better this go around

  20. YOOSONDALOOSE April 12, 2012

    I want Kelly’s new album

  21. mobwife April 12, 2012

    I will say this again: THE F.A.M.E. TOUR ft. Kelly Rowland was one of the BEST CONCERTS I have every seen, including concerts by MJ, Prince, Madonna, Janet Jackson & George Michael! I was not expecting to enjoy myself quite that much & I talked about it for weeks after the fact! 🙂 Breezy gave 110% and made me a forever fan as Michael Jackson did after the 1st time I saw him perform live!

    **fingers cross for a second Chris Brown tour ft Kelly Rowland!

  22. X,Y,”and Z” April 12, 2012

    *”Spring-time air” is not only “heavy” with pollen and bacteria, but delusion and denial ALSO too ‘sets high’ in noon-time spring skies*

    @GLYNNJE re: April 12, 2012 at 3:36 am —


    2002 – “Simply Deep” 2-Million World Wide.
    2007 – “Ms. Kelly” 1-Million World Wide.
    2011 – “Here I am” less-than 350-K World Wide.

    “Better and Better”..?! !!HA..!!

    @MIAMI re: April 12, 2012 at 12:51 am —

    “Haterz will Hate.”

    At times – this one time: “hate” is ‘the truth’ told in an unsentimental, abrupt, and stern tone.

    “but as these same fools will be checking for the singles and the album she should never give up.”

    “Checking for”..?! “Motivation” was forced-down our collective throats, and it took OVER 4-months for it to go platinum. And, no matter the chart, that’s an eternity! And with less-than 350-K WW for “Here I am”, safe to say, no one was “checking for” that either.

    “all she has to do is get it right. try harder and do better.”

    The almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland has NOW been ‘in the game’ for WELL-over 20-years, and a solo artist for now OVER 10-years. Tell us, just how much longer are we to wait for her to blossom into “all that she can be”…????

    “because she has more talent than alot of bishes who sale records now adayz.”

    You’re joking, right? I mean, can’t be serious! The almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland, even now after DECADES in this industry, can neither sing, dance, write, produce, nor has the slightest inkling of how to take command of a stage!

    “she flopped because she was to busy with X FACTOR to promote her album.”

    HA..!!! Kelly Rowland used ‘X-Factor U.K.’ as her private one-woman advertising/brand-marketing vehicle to promote “Here I am”. She then had weekly-access to 12-Million U.K./European willing-and-able discretionary-spending consumers – yet she ONLY still moved less-than 150-K “Here I am” units. She’s an absolute FAILURE..!! She’s a LOSER..!!

    ..Almost 40-year-old-something Kelly Rowland is a F****** BUM..!!! If YOU love her, you’d end this..fiasco!! Kelly Rowland, in pursuing that ‘mirage solo career’ has now ONLY made a fool of herself and, in the process, tarnished the memory and achievements of DC!

    “I think she’s learned her leason this time.”

    WHAAAT…?! “This time”..?! Colombia records learned their “lesson” only too late: investing heavily in her 2002 “Simply Deep” and then losing badly on a ROI basis. They, they AGAIN, “threw caution to the winds” and AGAIN bankrolled “Ms Kelly”, and it returned even LESS than “Simply Deep”. Would a record label drop an artist after one “bad” album: NO! Especially not one with the name recognition of a “Kelly Rowland”. Would a record label drop an artist after TWO “B-A-D” albums? ABSOLUTELY: Kelly Rowland was without a label circa late 2007/early 2008..!!

    Long-story short: 2002’s “Simply Deep” was, as too was 2007’s “Ms. Kelly”, a FAILURE..!! What more “lessons this time” are there to learn? How much more money is there to lose? How much more times can one “fail upwards”..??


    X,Y,”and Z”: “Sit, Rowdogs, sit..!!”

  23. Who? April 12, 2012

    Harpo… Who dis white woman on the cd cover up there? Am i thee only one to notice this?

  24. HitsMan April 12, 2012

    Kelly is gonna KILL IT!!!!

    One of the GREATEST ARTISTS of our time!!!!!

    Keep on Kels!!!

  25. X,Y,”and Z” April 12, 2012

    THIS is the latest word on “Kelly Rowland returning to 2012 X-Factor U.K.” after being weekly-seen, by 12-Million U.K./European discretionary-spending consumers, as a “X-Factor U.K. judge/mentor of up-and-coming talent”, and then, only moving a pathetic 150-K “Here I am” units: <–NOTHING! ..ZERO..!!

    On the aforementioned OFFICIAL X-FACTOR U.K. site, there is ONLY the mention of 'Olly Murs' returning to '2012 X-Factor U.K.' – NO MENTION OF THE ALMOST-40-SOMETHING-YEAR-OLD KELLY ROWLAND RETURNING..!!

    Question: After soiling the X-Factor Brand, by then being seen on X-Factor as a sitting judge/mentor of up-and-coming talent, and only then moving less-than 150-K "Here I am" units, if YOU were Simon Cowell, would YOU want to be associated with a failure of the likes of the almost-40-year-old-something Kelly Rowland…?!?!?!!


    X-Factor U.K. was badly losing market share to BBC's "Strictly Come Dancing". Simon Cowell had predicted a weekly 'X-Factor U.K.' viewership of 20-Million U.K./European viewers. But, given the weak cast, it did a horrid 12-Million. Kelly Rowland was T-H-E only reason for X-Factor's failure..!! Kelly Rowland was the biggest/well-known name of that cast – PERIOD! There is NO conceivable reason that could explain being given said weekly-access to 12-Million willing-and-able U.K./European discretionary-spending consumers, and THEN only moving less-than 150-K "Here I am" units..!!

    Kelly Rowland: FAILURE..! Lingering FAILURE..!! Upwards-falling FAILURE..!!! Excused FAILURE..!!!! Bemused FAILURE…!!!!!!!

    X,Y,"and Z" – "Truth oasis in liar-desert murder mile"

  26. X,Y,”and Z” April 12, 2012

    @WHO? re: April 12, 2012 at 9:48 am —

    “Harpo… Who dis white woman on the cd cover up there? Am i thee only one to notice this?”

    EXACTLY..!! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed! Kelly Rowland will do or say anything to ‘keep on lifesupport’ that forever flopping-failure career of hers – skin bleaching withstanding..!!

    ..But should we REALLY be surprised? Didn’t the almost-40-year-old Kelly Rowland flash not one, but BOTH of her b****** during a August 2011 onstage performance..?! YUP..!!

    *Meh..* I just don’t understand how someone can fail, fail and yet fail again, but then be given chance after chance. She’s been in the game now for OVER 20-years. She’s been a solo artist now for OVER 10-years. Just how much longer will she take to “get it right”..?! How does she manage, with such a poor and failing record, to worm her way into the better graces of others to THEN find financing for her/her projects?

    FACT: Kelly Rowland had weekly-access, as a ‘2011 X-Factor U.K.’ judge/mentor of up-and-coming talent, to 12-Million U.K./European discretionary spending consumers. How then can she ONLY move 150-K “Here I am” units..?! I find this one fact, sobering..!!

    *Meh..* Talk about coddling your abject failures..

    X,Y,”and Z”

  27. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) April 12, 2012


    No Matter what she does ppl gonna hate, she is a celebrity and that comes with that status .. If no1 hating thats when she aint relevant … LMAO!!!


  28. Lax April 12, 2012

    XYZ,,,What in the fukkk is your problem with this young Talented, Beautifil
    Black woman??? You act like Kelly Killed your whole family and all the pats, why is that? Don’t you know that we can curse, clown and act a dam fool til the cows come home and this artist is still paid? I can see you dislike her and not supporting her but dam you or one of the most miserable people i have ever skipped over on the Net, Ever.

    I have a big problem with english and spelling but this Blatnt Bull s*** that you carry on and the level of hate for her and Rihanna is out of sight. This is thr kind of s*** that will keep making your small Jewels stay just like they or Small and Useless like they or.

    Ps Carry on You Little D**k Slayer of Kelly and Riahanna. And yo ass is
    ‘TeamBreezy” Man i just don’t get it wellllll perhaps it’s not for me to understand.
    But i know this much You will some how learn to go to yo Mom with your bitterness, because After all shes the one who dropped YO ASS SO MANY TIMES ON THAT BIG EMPTY HEAD OF YOURS NOT KELLY OR RIHANNA

  29. Lax April 12, 2012


  30. Lax April 12, 2012

    KELLY CAN BLEACH OR Do what ever she think she want
    to do and shes still richer than XYZ,,,,If they type till the day
    they goes to their grave,,,,keep them paws up XYZ,,CAUSE
    Kelly is a millionaire and just think shes friend with beyonce whos
    worth almost a half billion alone, i know that pisses you off…XYZ….
    OHHHHH And Rihanna is Beyonce friend also, maye not her
    friend, friend but they or in the same circle of influences….and both
    Kelly and Rihanna look up to Beyonce all of these women or as rich
    as rich,,,,and i know that make and keep you salty now don’t it XYZ……

  31. BCinKS April 12, 2012

    She ruined any chance of “superstardom” with Simply Deep. Yes, she’s still mildly popular. Yes, she does sell some records. Whatever. Simply Deep was so “different” that she lost a lot of the DC fans that Beyonce held on to with Dangerously in Love. No shade or anything. I’m just saying. (Come on…Stole?)

    That said, she needs to mix it up like somebody said. Even hardcore R&B fans like to mix it up. Nothing wrong with a few pop tracks and a dance track or two. But she’s doing WAY too much flip flopping. Her fans can’t keep up and can’t figure out exactly who she is because she has no musical identity. Oh well.

  32. X,Y,”and Z” April 12, 2012

    @LAX re: April 12, 2012 at 11:44 am —

    “,,,,and i know that make and keep you salty now don’t it XYZ……”

    “Salty”..?! No. I wouldn’t say “salty”. I’d say…(wait for it..)..”MOTIVATED”..!! ; – 9 (wink)

    And ‘LAX’, moving only ‘less-than 150-K “Here I am” units after being given weekly-access to 12-Million U.K./European ready-to-spend consumers speaks volumes: Kelly Rowland is a failure; it was KELLY ROWLAND ALONE who doomed X-FACTOR U.K. to failure..!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  33. Myrl22 April 12, 2012


  34. MISHKA April 12, 2012

    I hope she plans a duet with Trey Songz. Together, they are fire.

  35. X,Y,”and Z” April 12, 2012

    @Mishka re: April 12, 2:31 pm —

    “I hope she plans a duet with Trey Songz. Together, they are fire”

    “Fire together”..?! No, Mishka! ..No, they’re not! You see, it’s just as obvious as you can see when the almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland is onstage, or is seen in a video with her BLACK male back-up dancers: NO CHEMISTRY WHATSOEVER..!!

    You see, it’s not so difficult to understand if you place it all into “proper” context – Kelly Rowland: “Orlando Bloom, and men who look like him, are T-H-E most beautiful of ALL men!!”

    Safe to say, Trey Songz looks NOTHING like Orlando Bloom.

    Now, you may have recently seen a picture of the almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland with a black man walking together into a restaurant and then sitting to eat. It was posted on M** (M**: “slow-poisoned” pork that black folks love so much). And no, I don’t frequent that..infestation – a link was posted here, on TGJ. In any case, I make mention only to tell you that, that story/picture was all spin/planted and staged for dumbed-down mass fried chicken and watermellon consumption. If you want to know what and who Kelly Rowland likes, if you get a chance go to youtube and watch one of the more recent episodes of her good friend “Lala’s full court life”. There’s a brief clip of Kelly Rowland coming out of a hotel room, and walking into an elevator, then trying to hide her white man.

    Now, don’t get me wrong – I DON”T CARE. What I do “care” about is the unearthing of the subterfuge and obvious lies: almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland IS NOT INTO BLACK MEN and ergo, she should NOT enjoy the support of/from HETEROSEXUAL black men. (Gay black men are a lost cause. I leave the Old Testament to “dispatch execution of judgement”!)

    (again…) Kelly Rowland: Orlando Bloom, and men who look like him, are T-H-E most beautiful of ALL men..!!” The logic is simple: The only black men who support the almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland are (1.) Asexual (2.) Homosexual or (3.) are some twisted co-mingling of the two-aforementioned.

    X,Y,”and Z” — “..he sank beneath your wisdom, like a stone..”

  36. lyric commander lee April 12, 2012

    bring on album number 4 – keep making that money and giving us quality music – ill def be here to support so leggo! – i wouldve handled this album differenltly tho – im that chick / lay it on me / keep it between us / motivation / turn it up – but what the hell – she worked with what she was given -no real direction really exhausted the funds from her dance album turn rnb album – if i were here manager she wouldve released a uk only album right after wlto full of rnb inspired dance tracks then came bac home and hit us with a follow up to ms kelly with the same format , just a better balance of ballads and club tracks but hey thats my two cents –

    for the person who tried to play her for switching it up with simply deep…fall back – she chose to be different and i personally loved her album – if she did do rnb then it would be no real challenege right after dc3 so i applaud her for trying to set herself apart from the crowd – bring on chapter 4

  37. X,Y,”and Z” April 13, 2012

    @LYRIC COMMANDER LEE re: April 12, 2012 at 8:37 pm —

    “bring on album number 4 – keep making that money and giving us quality music – ill def be here to support so leggo!”

    (nothing like awaking someone with a ice-cold bucket of reality to the face..)

    “Here I am” moved less-than 150-K U.K./Europe, and this came as the almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland had weekly-access to 12-Million willing-‘n-able X-Factor U.K. discretionary-spending U.K./European consumers..!!

    “Motivation” took OVER FOUR-LONG MONTHS to go platinum. NO matter whatever chart, that’s an inordinately-lengthy amount of time!! To be honest, it was crammed-down our collective-throats till we just relented and gave-up that measly $1.25 for the download; “cheap relief”, if you ask me…

    Kelly Rowland will NOT be seen, come 2012 X-Factor U.K.. ..Well, not ’til it says so here: ..’Olly Murs’ is now, the only “2011 X-Factor U.K. personality” that’s – SO FAR – ‘signed’ for 2012 – NOT KELLY ROWLAND..!! (and why should she be..?!)

    (again, for the cheap seats..) almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland, with OVER 25-years ‘in the game’, and with now over 10-years as a solo artist had access, as a ‘2011 sitting X-Factor judge/mentor’ to 12-Million U.K./European consumers and she ONLY moved, less than, 150-K “Here I Am” units.

    The sun rises in the east, is highest come noon skies, and it sets in the west; yes, east is east, and west IS west, and never shall the two meet; once you draw a deep breath, clear the mind, and take an sober, unflinching look – the one thing that is absolutely certain and constant with/about Kelly Rowland…is (the market has spoken..) FAILURE..!!

    2002 – “Simply Deep” 2-Million World Wide.
    2007 – “Ms. Kelly” 1-Million World Wide.
    2011 – “Here I am” less-than 350-K World Wide.

    X,Y,”and Z” — “..if neither foes and loving friends can hurt you; if all men count with you, but none too much..”

  38. Truth tela April 13, 2012

    @ xyz, you need psychiatric help real quickly and just go back to your cage now!

  39. Taylor J April 14, 2012

    BEST SONG BY KELLY ROWLAND IS “UNITY” ! (amazing ballad)

  40. mezza April 21, 2012

    @taylor j, can u js stfu wt unity already. d song is gud bt ur beginning to sound like xyz, and he/she/it is clearly lost in transmission smwhere, and ts very annoying dt u keep changing names on sites to say unity untiy…men r u dat retarded. she refused to release it as a single and she will not. get dt thru ur head

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