Drama: Rihanna Cuts Short Interview On Australia’s ‘Sunrise’

Published: Thursday 12th Apr 2012 by Sam

For an act with so little talent, Rihanna sure is feisty.

During an interview with Australia’s biggest AM show Sunrise  this morning, the ‘Battleship’ actress abruptly axed the Q&A after questions veered into territory which “irritated” her.

Watch the stinging footage after the jump…

This, friends, is what happens when one begins to believe the smoke blown up her own behind. Is this not the same non-talent whose career thrives off her tabloid column inches? The same non-talent whose name remains relevant because of the various  male “inches” she’s linked with? I mean really, Rih…

Why be shocked at such line of questioning, when her antics often pour peroxide on the flames?

If it’s privacy she desires, she should find some talent for folk to actually focus on. Because, truth be oh so told, you won’t catch interviewers “going there” with the Beyonce‘s and Lady GaGa‘s of the world.

Your thoughts?


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  1. Sleazy April 12, 2012

    And This Why her fans like her? When rihanna is Rude They all Like Hahah this is why we Like her mmmmmm Seems like both sides are nut jobs to me! She calls her OWN fans c**** lmaooooooooooooo *drops dead* Like seriously They say they like her cus she is Being a W**** and B****! Not cus she can sing and she is an great artist cus clearly she non of that! This b**** only got attitude after she got b eaten So Fake! She CAN’T sing her concerts have proven it soooo many times but some how the navy can’t see it Delusional Much? *trina giggles*

  2. rob75 April 12, 2012

    rihanna needs to get over herself, all celebrities know they are going to be asked about their relationships, she should’ve just kept it cute. look at all them times they asked beyonce about jay-z and about having kids, she always just politely dodged the question and kept it moving, not sitting there pushing up her lips with a stank face!

  3. REAL TALENT April 12, 2012

    I agree with everything SAM just said Rihanna career lives on “Drama” and her p**** that all she got honestly what else is ri good at? Singing No Dancing No Performing No Writing No P**** Popping Yes … That should prove something the navy should really sit and think

  4. grapepooop April 12, 2012

    I give up! Use to like this site, now its just a hating site man! Stop promonting hate n start promoting music!

  5. REAL TALENT April 12, 2012

    And the navy Is gonna bring in her sales Rihanna Has Moderate success ALBUM wise and Great success single Wise and that’s it DEAL

  6. JoJo (istan4rihanna) April 12, 2012

    no she was wrong for even asking this question when she is promoting a movie . I mean she diddnt even ask who she played

  7. Amy April 12, 2012

    Why all the hate towards Rihanna!ok she aint got the best voice but she’s stil at the top of her gsme,and as for beyonce everyonce is up her ass its unreal and gags don’t even get me started on that thing

  8. Ofiicial Music Junkie April 12, 2012

    Rihanna has built a career off of drama/ controversy and the Navy (rightly or wrongly) love it.

    She was not cast in this movie for her acting talent, but for promotional value, that’s why they have her running here, there and everywhere for this film even though she has the smallest role, because producers know that she will pull in her worldwide fan base, to see a film that is clearly rubbish.

    It must be shameful for her though that every other actor/ actress in the movie can be asked about their roles, but Rihanna is constantly asked about her “not so private” life. It shows that she is not taken as seriously as she would like to believe.


  9. likane April 12, 2012

    here is where we will talk yesterday
    for what do you think people respect her even if she does not respect, throughout her career she has to spend his time in his life before the private power created a buzz word
    First it was what jay’z slept with in his master bedroom when he was allowed to become famous she used her story with chris to sell her album she wanted to be the spokesperson for young women beaten but when its not work because the album is a flop it give a rebellious attitude of double his misspelled tattoo on his neck in French flower rebel after she used the same saying what chris hate to do a duet brief the journalist did not no finished with it and it gives them even a bad picture of a girl and arrogant san talent

    she is so false it is listening idiot fans who love to see it behave like an idiot in public and well as its continuing my little you will come to you broken any single

  10. RihannaSlays April 12, 2012


    BOX-OFFICE FRANCE: vers un flop pour Battleship ?: Leader aux premières séances parisiennes, Battleship n’a pour… http://bit.ly/ICiSti


  11. REAL TALENT April 12, 2012

    @musicJunkie *gives you standing ovation* True tea

  12. Brb April 12, 2012

    I don’t usually comment on these sites but I have to say this sam person is a a hateful vile little man..its okay to have an opinion on what you perceive as a lack of talent but to everyday spew such hateful comments about a young lady that you dont know personally is sad.and pathetic..you should be ashamed of yourself and all.you idiots who buy into it are just as vile as he/she is…

  13. GetYaLife April 12, 2012

    Every celeb is always asked about their love life! Beyoncé use to be harassesed by interviewers about her love life even before her & Jay-Z were official yet when asked she was never rude. You are not Mariah Carey, her diva attitude can’t be balanced out with her talent. The girl has none. She won’t be the first or last person to be asked about her love life! The Queen of Pop even gets asked, & she’s dating a 22 year old!

  14. likane April 12, 2012

    madonna has precisely the same right to be kind of question on his toy boy and she answered without being rude if she did not want to answer it does not saying I do not want to talk about his
    you will see that Beyonce will also ask about the rumor of her pregnancy because its been all last year while on the blog, then it is surprising what is it that drives this whole controversy is what the then assumes it is not possible as false

  15. Annie April 12, 2012

    Sam, that’s it? That whole diatribe was about her one line about being frustrated? After your rant insulting her character I thought she yelled at the reporter. And then I watched the video……

    She wasn’t rude at all. I’m not even a big fan of hers but even I can see you are full of it. If she was a guy and said she didn’t want to talk about her personal life then that guy would get respect. But since she is a girl, she’s “rude”

    Puh lease! She’s a tough girl who doesn’t take crap. That wasn’t rude. You know what rude is. It’s almost everything you write about her and anyone not named Kelly Rowland.

    You write about RIhanna like she stole your boyfriend or as if she has committed mass murder. Chill out.

    Let go of your hate. She makes pop music. She’s not your childhood bully.

  16. xoxo April 12, 2012

    she needs to get over herself.

  17. chase April 12, 2012

    LOOL leave her alone, is boring know dissing her is nothing new, these interviewers be all up in your bussiness, she was there to promote a film not her personal life and if u dont get that then you are just STUPID, and ps sam if i see u hahhaha joking

  18. Lax April 12, 2012

    @GRAPE Sooooooooo this is supposed to do what to her
    Career that seems to be eating you alive and it shows, sweety!
    Forget what Rihanna is doing for a moment and explain why her name isn’t on your
    FRESH PICK BLOG ROLL????????She is full dam grown and she can do what she want to do it don’t matter. Just remember shes not trying to please any of yo hating asses, as a matter of fact your little thing between your legs get hard at the though of some one kicking her in the ass or turning things around to make it seem like she need to humble herself.
    She is humbling her self when she speak right up for what she believes in and screw what she don’t believe in. She make it a point to try and not please her haters, and keep yapppppppping and trying to make her look like a second class citizen, folks, the more you yaps the better it is for me at work and at home to keep my pay check rolling it. The a/h will have a great day s*** talking her image and her life style today, now want you, bytches.!!! Haven’t you noticed that its always a problem with “Grape” first and then the haters second each and every time a post is on her, the dam post is always negative and that is why many have left and will never return again “Sam”, why do you all do that???There or countless others and you never go to this extent i cand see her fukkkkkin up and you stating the obvious but to go to the extent you go why is all of that??? Its puzzling to say the least. I mean as much as “sr” hat Rihanna she still mix and match and she still gets the hits. And she despies rihanna with a passion but Rihanna bought her site over 500 hits just the other day. I love your site but dammmmm…

  19. rebel flower April 12, 2012

    Fake cassie is a talentless ass clown

  20. Renee Lynn April 12, 2012

    Yeah, I think all Rihanna wants is to be taken seriously as an actress. She knows she’s not really taken seriously as a singer…let her have something. I live in Korea and the only cable I have is AFN which is a military based network that plays shows from the US and they did a feature about Rihanna on the Pentagon Channel when she visited Japan. I thought that was pretty dope – the military recognizing her for her role as a Navel Officer in a movie rather than her relationships with Ashton and Chris. You’ll never see Beyonce talking about her marriage if she has an album coming out…

  21. Lax April 12, 2012

    To tell the truth about it for those people whos talking to her and
    for what she have gone through i think i would do the same thing.
    Other artist pick and choose what they say about themselves and if she want to start doing it now, then who’s going to check her, boo, boos? Many say she used the Incident to get this far wellllll if i had the incident i would use it too, wouldn’t you do the same if people was saying on the “Grape” that you didn’;t have any talents and your net worth of 60 million is waaaaaaay to much for your black ass to have and then still make 29 million to add to that and it’s a new year and the count isn’t out right now and they all know that for sure your no tallented black asd raked, drugged in 90 million in 6 months. Dam i see why the claws and paws or always killing the key boards, Loves.
    …It don’t make me mad what pisse=s me off is the fact that if she is laying GOLD NUGGETS on stage and have got all of your monkey asses lined up to get one your asses can still find some negativity to spread on Rihanna whiche tell the navy and others that Rihanna Has Fast beocme a “MOVEMENT AND ITS KILLING
    YOU SLOWLY, AND ITS CLEAR, POOOOOOOOR THINGS,,,,,SHE TAKES A LICKING AND KEEPS RIGHT ON TICKING, AND EVEN WITH THE BROWN SAGA SHE STILL JOURNEYS ON ,,,,SOME DAY MANY WHO HABORS HATE TOWARD HER AND CHRIS FOR WHAT HAPPENED IN THEIR YOUNG LIVES WILL COME TO UNDERSTAND THAT,,,,,ITS HAPPENED BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM, BOTH HOT HEADS AND HAD WAAAAAAAY TRUCK LOADS OF PASSSSSSSION FOR EACH OTHER AND IT GOT TO A BOILING POING=T AND TOGAY IN APRIL OF 2012 THEY WANT TO PUT IT TO REST. And who is using it to get ahead is their business and why or you pissy if they either one of them is using it to get ahead whats it to your broke d*** asses anyways. And since you all or always saying that Rihanna is talentless then it would seem like she need everything she can to keep her in that lime light , right.???? Chris on the other hand is very talented can sing and dance therefore he don’t need a boost hes doing just find as he is , right< Rihanna haters? Okay what ever float yo boats and we will still see what the numbers or at the end of the year.

  22. Lax April 12, 2012

    Just like you say she need to get more training and learn how to sing, perform and
    dance perhaps she have decidedx to take that advice and there is proof that she have ,,, then perhaps there or things she don’t want to address from now on , also have you ever though about that before kicking her in the ass like you all do on a daily????

  23. Lax April 12, 2012

    You haters say that Battleships is going to bomb, you say that she used the incident to boost her sales and make her music chart, and make her sign on to endorsements, you say she uses the incident to stay ahead and that if the incident had not happened then she would not be this far welllllllll if that be the case than she really do need Chris on that stage with her this weeek end then don’t she to make her money for the first 6 months of this year’s Haul, Right.
    With Rihanna its dam if she do and dam if she don’t therefor less keep the very spiritedd Rihanna parties at an all time high and since she can’t be loved on this site and some of the others i sat keep GIVING IT YO BEST SHOT IN THE “KEEP KICKING RIHANNA IN HER ASS, STORYLINE, YOU ASS WIPES LOVE THIS, RIGHT?

  24. JORDAN IS THE BEST April 12, 2012



  25. Chrisp April 12, 2012

    This chick is hilarious I look at Rihanna likes she a joke!! Real Talk

  26. Lax April 12, 2012

    Some one need to let “Sam” know that you can catch more flys
    with honey than you can with salt. I mean what’s that word oh yeah its “Bias”
    which is kind of like fishing, bait the hook and let the Rihanna haters and navy dissect it, just saying i still Love Samanta even though i kind of know and see how she thinks, Smiles and goes to make coffee. Because the “Grape” already know that as long as i can i will defend her no matter what, bad english, bad sentences, bad spelling and getting kicked in the process I still cast my Votes On “The Caribbean” and i am missing the red & blond hair for some reason. But then again the getto rats
    say that the blond and those colors or perserved for certain folk and Rihanna’s name was not on the list, Amazing to say the least….

  27. Lax April 12, 2012

    Hmmmmm cutting off your nose to spite yo Face…

  28. Kevin April 12, 2012

    I can see why chris hit her. Shark in sheep skin. Her true colours are coming out Team Rita Ora Slay this b**** LOL

  29. Lax April 12, 2012

    Yeah Rih since they say you or a non-talent, its all goo because the
    slime and hate you get from “Grape” you already know that Heckle
    and Jeckle get more love but keep breaking it off in the “Grape Trolls asses”
    Do i need to tell them that Regardless to how they feel about you and your
    much sort after talent you or not fazed by their small minds and small tools and loose holes one little bit. Let them go and build them a new spread up Rita Ora’s Ass and get the fukkk off your post trying to s*** talk what in the hell you or doing. We know for A FACT THAT WE WOULD HAVE STILL HAD A GREAT DAY WITH OR WITHOUT ANY POST ON YOU!!! i mean their objective after all is to kep clawing and pawing with all of their mite to try and MUDDY THE WATER for you and they have been doing that for a minute right now.

    And since you or REVELANT BECAUSE OF THE MALE INCHES PERHAPS THEY NEED TO KNOW THAT THE MALE INCHES WILL SEE YOU THROUGH TO THE MUSIC GLORY LAND ….I MEAN AFTER ALL MANY HAVE USED THE MALE INCHES TO GET To where they or just aks, the kaaaaang, kelly, rita, and ‘KK” with kayne now and him saying that shes his beyonce it seem that you or on to something big Rihanna use it to the fullest because who’s going to check you, baby girl?
    Keeo acting with as little of talent as it will take to keep you right where you or.
    Like your inches have gotten you up to 54,214,535 million/fb and 16.6 million
    on your twitter account keep that up and make the haters bleed, baby girl……
    Ohhhh and over 2 Billion on Youtube keep “THERE BLOOD PRESSURE UP”….

  30. tyra April 12, 2012

    she lets all he buisness out there ans when she asked about it she dnt like b**** get a grip and lay of the bleach cse ur hands are looking a little to white

  31. Lax April 12, 2012

    Assets of evil and the hand that rock the cradle
    The girl can’t help it she was born to please!!!!!
    If Rita is yo cup of tea then drink it i don’t car…..
    Do any if you think that “KK” Give a squat about
    people calling her names? than the same applys to Rih!!

  32. Oh Baby(B****** Will Deal) April 12, 2012

    she’s such a b****! and her fans praise that? SMH! They’re just as bitter as their fav

  33. Lax April 12, 2012

    She didn’t let her business out it leaked out and since its
    out she can do what ever in the hell she want to do, she
    can cut any of them low when they ask her about her personal life
    from now on if she wants to, whos going to check her and if they refuse to
    have her on their shows then so be it. I mean that is why her Team get paid
    the big bucks not your hating everything she does asses. Theres a thousand ways to get to the caribbeans but the only way that count is the way you travels to get there.
    Ans=d since many of you gutter rats or always looking for the things that can make her look bad that is what you believe and paddle day in and day out. But at the end of the day what you say don’t mean jacj s*** it’s all about Her bottom line and we all know that she have one, Right bytches…. sooner or later these news people will just have to fall the f*** back up off her personal live unless she say something different. Keep cutting them down to size Rihanna!!!!!

  34. Ray April 12, 2012

    wow!!!!!!!!!! this website is so against RHI!!! Everyday they say something negative. Thats black folks for ya. Hell the white websites arent this nasty. Its always your own kind that bring you down.

  35. YOOSONDALOOSE April 12, 2012

    The interviewer did nothing wrong, losing so much love for Rihanna, already had no respect for her.

    Her singles are flopping and now Roc Nation’s main priority is Rita Ora.

    So bye Rih.

  36. Shawnee April 12, 2012

    First off Rihanna does have talent. Secondly I don’t know why people think that these artists aren’t going to get tired of being disrespected and pushed around at some point. Look at what the world did to Chris Brown. Nobody who is on here talking trash could handle it if I were them in that position. When they get tired and act out or start asserting themselves now it’s they think too much of themselves. No they finally think enough of themselves to demand some respect.

  37. Lisa April 12, 2012

    White crackheads can be rude sometimes.

  38. Martyn April 12, 2012

    It’s funny that Rihanna spends all her time whipping up tabloids to stay relevant (due to her complete lack of talent), yet the minute she’s questioned about a tabloid story, she refuses to talk about it. I look forward to her imminent career decline.

  39. xoxo April 12, 2012


    It’s funny that Rihanna spends all her time whipping up tabloids to stay relevant (due to her complete lack of talent), yet the minute she’s questioned about a tabloid story, she refuses to talk about it. I look forward to her imminent career decline.


    THIS 😀

  40. Lax April 12, 2012

    Complete lack of talent = Top Digital Seller in the US, ever!!!!

  41. Lax April 12, 2012

    Hmmmmmm it seems the talentless, b**** has
    Cooked many a haters Goose Well Done,,,,,,,,,,
    And she still standing Tall & Is “HBIC” Don’t that
    just make your Small Weak “Tool” want to stop
    Working altogether for you, Lames<<<<<<<<<<

  42. Lax April 12, 2012

    Bonified “Bad Ass” !!!!!!!!STILL MAKING WAVES!!!!!!

  43. DIGGER BEY April 12, 2012

    Well thats how a lot of Non Talent bishes act. They try and act like Divas with Super Talent. J Lo and Rihanna are the two biggest ones trying to act like Diana and Aretha ( True Divas) when they know damn well they cant sing worth a damn LIVE! Her time and whining down and soon her ass will b doing Reality Shows just like JLo to remain relevant.

  44. DIGGER BEY April 12, 2012

    Thats how its usually is. The bishes with less talent, always acting like a Diva. B**** u aint no Diva! Her ass and JLo are the biggest two acting Divaish, when they know damn well they are STUDIO ARTISTS! Its so funny Rihanna is following n her footsteps. Being The W**** of Hollywood! Live singing sucks ass! Overexposing herself! Yep. Her time is whining down. Next shell being doing reality shows to stay relevant.

  45. yasmie26 April 12, 2012

    I don’t get why they blaming RIhanna. The interviewer said that the manage the questions at the movie studio. If you go to personal with the question’s they don’t like. It’s not Rihanna said hey i’m over this interview i don’t want to talk to you anymore. I’m the last person to want to take up for Rihanna, but she did answer the question even though she was not fond of it.

  46. mobwife April 12, 2012

    I’M NOT A RIHANNA STAN or FAN but……..

    Where exactly is the controversy? She was not rude or insulting she simply expressed a desire to stay on task. I don’t have a problem with what she said! The host of the show is just trying to use her for ratings. As the host herself said, the studio wisked her away. You saw a glimps of what the STUDIO will do & how they shut ISH down a week ago when Rihanna was quizzed about Ashton K. The moderator simply said “we are going to move on”.


  47. Kareem April 12, 2012

    People that run this site needs help.

  48. barbie April 12, 2012

    this girl here is a real a***! Bigger stars like lady gaga and beyonce manage to keep their private lives private so if she really wants privacy she can have it. Stop with the fake ish. TURNED OFF!!

  49. zania April 12, 2012

    @Barbie, Are you kidding about Beyonce, Beyonce used her pregancy for album promotion and now she started twitter account and putting out personal pictures. I know people don’t like Rihanna, but lets be real, people are more interested in the stop stars personal live than music, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Beyonce, JLo, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and so on. Its not about the music anymore, its about the drama and personal live of an artist that sells. We need to get back to the music and let an artist sell based on that no who the f*cking and drama they created.

  50. Karole April 12, 2012

    First off Rihanna talked about Chris in every interview for the past three years. Now all of a sudden she wants to stop. I have nothing against Rihanna but her team who are getting paid very well should not have let those questions be asked in the first place. Using the incident in an interview was a no no. Now they want to ask questions about Ashton & Chris and now she refuses to answer which she should have done three years ago when ask about the incident/relationship.. Greed will always cost you in the end.

    I see Battleship did not do well in France. Using her for promoting was not a great idea because people know her as an artist and probably don’t want to see her acting.

  51. zania April 12, 2012

    Maybe she wants to stop talking about CB because, she wants to move on. If she continues on talking about it, he will never get peace.

  52. barbie April 12, 2012

    @Zania, are you for real. Beyonce has always kept her private life private. She released her baby pics in advance of her making any public appearance b/c she doesn’t want her and her family mobbed by cameras in an effort to get exclusive baby pics. Nothing wrong with that. She is not using the baby for publicity. The interviewers know who they respect and who they don’t. Instead of encouraging your artist to continue behaving in a manner that lowers her self image, you should hold her to higher standards. SHe knows her fans like her classless behavior. Taylor swift is pretty private too. Kudos to them for being respectable women.

  53. barbie April 12, 2012

    also,the pictures that Beyonce have put out don’t give anymore insight to her private life than we already know!!!

  54. Lax April 12, 2012

    Yessss, Yesss and Yessss always bring up the Kaaaaang and for what
    Beyonce has been under fire since day one too hell i sometime pick on her because of y-k-w but the truth of the matter is Beyonce has been in the industry over 15 years and have been guided and all of the “T’s” and “I’s” was dotted and crossed by her Business Saavy daddy where Rihanna only had to contend with the fellows who she met and who helped her along the way. If this fight had not happened between her
    and chris then they would no doubt be the King and Queen ” Of The Night’ By now.
    Beyone has bee talked about too, and even to this day through all of the different things her ass has come up aganist she still have got the strong arm of a Man who is in the know. Therefore none of them or better than others, it’s just that right now there or those who want Rihanna to ,,,,,just please STFU,,,,About Christ and that is what shed doing nothing more or nothing less and that still pissey yo asses off, so to hell with what you or saying RIHANNA ISN’T saying a dam thing about Chris and her personal life again and she seem to have put her foot down, now tell me why that is a bad thing??????
    And she wasn’t even Rude she was still very much a lady when she got out of the hot seat and when the female was back on the station with the other people did you not hear her say wellllll after all it was/is about her Movie
    Ps 4 years and Beyonce and Jay or legually married with child and she still have not bothered to show these Nosey Rosey her wedding pistures, no do that make her any less of a super star???? Hell naaah therefore Rihanna you keep c utting the Nosey folks off at the Bump in the road and to hell with what these blogs say because they or not signing any of your checks,,,,,

  55. Auntie_Jackie April 12, 2012

    The only thing people truly care about is her personal life, and she’s continued to play off of it time and time again.

    This whole “irritated” thing is just a part of the SHOW. Come on people…..

  56. Lax April 12, 2012

    @DIGGER BEY,,,,,,And after all is said and done when you or in the market this week
    in watch and see this star with the less talent and the chick who should have but didn’t until now stop talking about what happened between her and chris until now which is better than never in many people books.
    Keeping in mind your shitty comments, Rihanna is still smiling back on the cover of a hair magazine smiling and saying back at the camer i know something they don’t..
    Rihanna says the “Blogs All turn Her On”!!!!

  57. Lax April 12, 2012

    Since her personal life is what is the driving force behind her success, be warned
    that her personal life is off the chopping block, hopefully for real this time. Less see how she does with her personal life buried deep….

  58. Lax April 12, 2012

    @OHBABY,,,,,,We don’t have to praise her because she’s such a bish
    but it seem it helps to be a b itch now a day and time. There or very few
    people in the world who or picture perfect, deery!

  59. Lax April 12, 2012

    I mean i don’t see many ever giving Rihanna praises because they
    can’t stand her getting that lime light.

  60. X,Y,”and Z” April 12, 2012

    Listen Y’ALL, don’t fall for the okie dokie: She’s BACK with Matt Kemp. They spent New Years together AND was recently pictured TOGETHER in Europe. Here are some pertinent links (I have many that I’ll share with on the L.A. Dodger fan blogs when I feel the time is ripe): /www.terezowens(dotcom)/matt-kemp-back-with-rihanna-the-two-spotted-in-london/ and theybf(dotcom)/2011/10/13/picture-proof-rihannas-back-with-ex-matt-kemp

    “Why are they being on-the-quite,” you now ask? Well, look at what she did to HIS career when they went public in 2010: ABSOLUTE FAILURE! After Matt Kemp hooked-up with Rihanna his career began to fail, and fail BADLY! You don’t believe me? You need some proof? Here, read: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20397717,00.html

    Here are incontrovertible facts:

    Every black man, of ANY substance, Rihanna has publicly courted has THEN suffered serious strife, and career-threatening bad luck: Chris Brown and Matt Kemp.

    There’s just something…corrosive, if not toxic about Rihanna.

    In any case – don’t believe the hype: she’s again back with Matt Kemp. And, rest assured, as her “approximate toxicity” WILL AGAIN cause Matt Kemp to yet-again fail, circa 2010, the Dodger Fan Blogs will THIS TIME know just WHO is responsible: Rihanna! You see, yours truly WILL NOT allow them to forget..!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  61. Sinking Battleship April 12, 2012

    I Have seen more talent at an Alaskan strip joint than Rihanna has even in her wildest joint smoking hallucinations

  62. Bajan Lu April 12, 2012

    who the f*** do u think u are to call her a no-talent—-yet u publishing stuff about her so ppl will come and read ur stupid blog—ROK ON Rihanna and ignore de freaks!!!

  63. Lax April 12, 2012

    @xyz,,,,And the verdict is in and it says that yo
    D**k won the Smallest d**k contest,,,,Son!!!!!

  64. Lax April 12, 2012

    Yeh we know whos she sleeping with sooooo!!!

  65. Lax April 12, 2012

    They or on the low so they can “Bump & Grind” In Peace
    without prying eyes, XYZ<<<<What eles hve you got, Son?
    Hmmmm i guess i should know, oh well just remember
    The phrase "Next Of Kin"….

  66. Lax April 12, 2012

    Haters act like Rihanna ate the “Fruit” It wasn’t
    Rihanna you all it was “Eve” in that Garden…..

  67. i&I(yardie) April 12, 2012

    I swear if i didnt watch that interview myself I would have thought that the chick went on a rampage based on Sam’s rant. Seriously Sam!!!

  68. Onyx April 12, 2012

    Where is the Controversy.

  69. BOREANNA April 12, 2012


  70. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 12, 2012

    U go rihanna. Love u b**** 🙂 , that was so classy and so ……. chic , just that look on her eyes when she said ” don’t matter” !!! damn !! this b**** is a goddess 🙂

    love her more and more each day. 🙂 !!

    stay pressed @sam !! her last album did than all of your favs and b**** got 11#1’s and broke madonna records , when your favs 😉 ?!

    go pick up a DC3 album or buy a time machine when those acts where the s*** , cuz now , it’s Rihanna time 🙂 !!

    and it is ironic to say Lady gaga is not famous for drama 🙄 :roll:, and you talk about her sleeping with men and you stan for b****** like nicki and kelly ?! GTFOH 😡 , they showed their tits for publicity !! 😡

  71. WHIPYPURA$$ April 12, 2012

    Okay yo! Y’all gotta remember she is person, like you and me. When we are asked about something sometimes it pisses us off. And im tired of SAM! Posting videos that make her look bad I’m pretty sure Rihanna has very good ones. Well the ones sans posts are not street people these are professional, and for professionals to be asking stupid questions like that is just noise childish valley women. Yes we wanna know more and more about what’s going on with Rihanna but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. And haters that think Rihanna was being rude, check again she tired to hide her attitude and answer in a reasonable matter.

  72. Bey Fan April 12, 2012

    I’ve said this a million times…celebs get paid too much money to have the attitudes they have. Put a smile on yo face, and decline to answer the question…. You keep offending the very ppl and media outlets that are puttin money in your pockets, you pockets are gonna end up empty….

    I didn’t really see anything wrong with the interview, but I guess the interviewer felt a certain way….

  73. Paulo April 12, 2012

    “The same non-talent whose name remains relevant because of the various male “inches” she’s linked with?”

    LMAO! I knew it, I knew it! Sam is just bitter since Rih is getting all the good d*** in this town. be more supportive, sis… green is def not your color

    seriously – if you wanna keep throwing #shade and looking #pressed it’s on you… but next time you post something this SEXIST I’m reporting you to whoever hosts your website. this is absurd.

  74. MISHKA April 12, 2012

    She’s less and less pretty. And with that attitude, she’s gonna turn really ugggly very soon.

  75. Duane April 12, 2012

    What y’all need to understand is that Rihanna always openly talked about her relationships in interviews but in this case the media is trying to link her to a legally Married man making her look like a home wrecker. I would be mad too!!

  76. jay April 12, 2012

    she exposes herself doing stuff with chris brown and talking about their friendship relation on the web then she gets mad because people question her about it ,thats stupid,she should now that when your famous and you expose yourself like that those kind of questions will come ,sad to see that these girls doesn´t have the intelligence and the humility to answer ,but that happens when your a so so talent and get to the horns of the moon in one minute

  77. commanderofthedancefloor April 12, 2012

    oh yeah i forgot the tabloids are what made rihanna!! the reason why people buy music is because they see the person in the magazines! lol the ridiculous comments on here are so dumb!

    by everybodys logic if you can manage to be in tabloids then you will have a successful music career!!

    anyways the interview was suppose to be about battleship and the interviewer asked her a question about relationships (which is off topic) and rihanna did give a response, she said she is tired of talking about it and tired of interviewers asking those types of questions!! THE interviewer asked, did she not?? so whats wrong with giving an honest answer?

    people said keep it cute? so everybody is basically saying be fake! i prefer a truthful artist!

  78. antertain April 12, 2012

    TGJ loves Rihanna for being a successful black girl, which is why she is featured so much but like most of us just don’t get where her star power comes from.
    Yes she is hot and beautiful looking and to be fair has a unique tone of vocal potential but I heard it live and sometimes its ok but ooooooh weeeeeee its a crotch grabbing fest.
    She feisty, rowdy and lives freely so it good she does her. I’d just like her to really work on some weaknesses and have a year off an album release.

    She does have catchy songs and the timing of her move into pop was perfect so now she is a feature because she doesn’t break away.
    There are so many people in music who dont have the the great vocals and do well so why not her?

    All I really want is for Ri is for her not to make lazy albums and have one that has a full body of work where she excels rather than just churns out any nursery rhymes types like You da One..
    There is more in her as an artist & I like the bit of rebel she has.

    Props to her in Battleship. Watch in the cinema and she fitted right in so did a real good job.
    As for the interview I think she has covered that question enough but still could’ve been a bit more patient as being asked in a different country. When Ri is sick she wants original or relevant questions lol.

  79. ChocoBrown April 12, 2012

    Rihanna like Marmite.

    Tasty or Tasteless

    She is for me tasty and tasteless
    Some song I really like and some songs she sounds annoying.

  80. gaaglooo! April 12, 2012

    “Stupid H**”

  81. Nic April 12, 2012

    SAM, u my friend are a c***! Enough said.

  82. Battleship Yamamoto April 12, 2012

    She sure talked about Chris Brown when it suited her
    even when oh, ohh-ohh it was weeps so hard

    She LOVES it! She loves the Attention

    she’s a bait and tease bait and tease

    She’s a walking Honey TRAP!!!

    Shes an exploiter! who else gets on the subway in london because Oh Oh i have no money “im Rihanna i have no money for a cab so i have to use the underground” ohh chin twembles it twembles


  83. Adrian April 12, 2012

    She looks ridiculous and unstable. That was not a normal response to the question. It really takes a mean nasty person to be that rude to someone who is smiling in your face and trying to give you publicity. I can understand being rude to an interviewer like Wendy Williams or Charlamagne, but to be rude these cookie cutter interviewers is just stupid. Rihanna sure was running left and right giving interview after interview about Chris, but now she’s so secretive. Get over yourself Rih. If you want people to respect you, try acting like a respectable person. Or do like Mariah and talk about you wanna talk about. If they ask her questions, she simply veers the topic to what SHE wants to promote. It’s called owning the interview.

  84. Jessica April 13, 2012

    The talentless crackhead is mad at a simple question- WHAT A LOSER!!! CRACKANNA knows her s*** is done, she using what ever she has left to be notice- opening her stinkness and it’s pathetic and sad. This movie is garbage!!! CRACKANNA IS ON HER LAST THREAD, LOL!!!

  85. Saetana April 13, 2012

    This is nowhere near as bad as the headline suggested, what a surprise. Rihanna could take tips from Gaga and Beyonce though on how to gracefully refuse or avoid questions about her personal life – nobody has the right to that information if she doesn’t want to share it and she should be prepared with a polite refusal. And quit whining abouit Battleship when nobody has even seen it yet.

  86. ROFL April 13, 2012

    Chris brown keeping her ass alive. If he didn’t hit her I doubt she’d be here. Every promo talks chris brown. Last week on elle mag LMAO.

  87. B4REAL02 April 13, 2012

    OMG ThatGrape Juice is so pressed get a life……

  88. lola April 14, 2012

    Adrian I agree!

    I mean… this was the same w**** ass b**** that put her business out there about the Chris Brown incident and also talked about how she loves big d**** and f******! She also talked about how much in love she was with Matt Kemp when they were together. Rihanna don’t try to act all secretive now! You are known for putting your personal business out there like that being and being a w**** onset! You’re only famous and “successful ” because of your stank c******, dirty s**, and “catchy” songs. The nerve of this b****??? Really? You’re going to get a damn attitude. That’s why I always knew she got her ass whooped because she was such a b****! Her stupid fans would never believe that, but I’m sure she hit CB first and he went off and b****, it’s clear that you and CB are together and trying to hide it! BTW, this b**** sounds and looks retarded when she talks! I hate her stupid accent and she’s so inarticulate. You can tell she’s trying to remember what her media coach told her to say.

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