New Video: Ne-Yo – ‘Burnin’ Up’

R&B’s favorite gentlemen is back!

Kicking off the ‘Cracks in Mr. Perfect’ era, Ne-Yo brings his fans the music video for the project’s first single, ‘Burnin’ Up’.

Check out the hot Chris Robinson directed visual after the jump and sound-off below.

Your thoughts?


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  1. James227 April 9, 2012

    No Ne-Yo I don’t like the song nor the video

  2. s April 9, 2012

    This video is about a gold digger who would never pay no mind to his gay frog self … and then suddenly she adores him because he’s famous …. how creative.

  3. Nik Nak April 9, 2012

    No ne-yo just stopp. have more talent than this. his just asking to flop again.

  4. wrong info.. April 9, 2012

    this looks like a cologne/perfume ad…alright song tho but I wish he would be a little more creative this time around.

  5. TeamBreezy April 9, 2012

    I was in this video! lol

    the shoot was cool, ..the song may have to grow

  6. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) April 9, 2012

    HOT song! Great comeback after the horrible lead single of the previous album. I really hope he can make a comeback, because I feel like ‘Libra Scale’ damaged his career a lot.

    And please, don’t start moaning about him not releasing an r’ n’b song as the lead single. He’s just trying to capitalize on the smash that was ‘Give Me Everything’ in 2011. I don’t blame him and I think the track is urban pop at its finest 🙂

  7. wel April 9, 2012

    Ne-Yo lost his touch. This video/song wack as hell. This is what he gets for talking bad against other artists.

  8. Dg2989 April 9, 2012

    oh no….ne-yo this is bad not you too! you have so much power now as the Vp of A&R at motown USE IT!…i enjoy dance music but this was mediocre at best. Sorry ne-yo.

  9. mobwife April 9, 2012

    Why does he sounds a like Usher and Trey Songz at times 0_O?

    Wait what –> Cracks in Mr. Perfect’ so the man who had the nerve to try and capitalize off of my boy’s back a few years ago talking slick with his big lips, is now admitting he’s an impure vessel? LOL ,will wonders never cease? 🙂

    Anywho…cute but typical Neyo song and video! Oh and way too much product placement Britney Spears LOL 🙂

  10. BB HOuston April 9, 2012


  11. BCinKS April 9, 2012

    Um. I had no idea he was even still doing music after Libra Scale. As far as the song, it’s about as generic as it gets. Could be anybody singing it. I always thought his ballads and midtempos were bigger hits than his party jams. Just me.

  12. heavyrotation April 9, 2012

    ok, I was on Ne-Yo through IN MY OWN WORDS, BECAUSE OF YOU, and YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN. Ne-Yo LOST me on LIBRA SCALE…and going to keep it that way if this is indication of the how the album is going to be…GARBAGE!

  13. D.Strock April 9, 2012

    This isn’t a single off his upcoming album. It’s a song and video he did for a commercial for Malibu Red.

  14. DTG April 9, 2012

    That’s a damn shame. What the hell is this? Does he KNOW who his audience is?

  15. dee April 9, 2012

    The song is pure garbage!

  16. Boopi April 9, 2012

    @D.Strock I soooooo hope you are right because usually the way it works is the artist makes a song for their album and the company promoting something will pick up a song for the commercial. Artists don’t usually write 3 minute jingles.

    I love Ne-Yo and I am a big supporter. I still listen to Genuine Only and One in a Million from Libra Scale. However, I am so sick of this dance music trend. Hasn’t the moment passed already? Don’t these artists know that people want r&b, but good r&b??? It is dying!! The quality of music as a whole is going down!!!

  17. MONTE April 10, 2012


  18. Remey April 10, 2012

    Ne-Yo?! What is going on?

    You are confusing me with this sound of yours. It’s like you’re stuck on trying to find a sound when one already worked for you. Damn. YOU ARE R&B! Not pop. I swear, imagine if Pop artists tried to crossover to R&B and HIP/HOP. What would people say if Britney, Ke$ha, or Katy tried to sing Ray or R&B. People would laugh in their faces. This is no different than when R&B/Hip Hop artists try to go Pop.

    Britney is probably at home laughing hysterically at people attempting to get into the genre she, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper created.

  19. Jessica April 10, 2012

    As a huge Ne-Yo fan, I DON’T LIKE THIS EURO-POP B*******!!!!! I’m sorry if I was him he should’ve done a video for Regardless or The Best Thing Is You as the first single!!! Those 2 songs very R&B!!! Very disappointed!!!! I’m sorry not feeling the song!!! Libra Scale had some good R&B tracks on that album, but this EURO-POP FOOLISHNESS HAS TO STOP- IT’S GARBAGE!!! LEAVE THAT S*** TO THE WHITE PEOPLE DEM!!! UGH!!!

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