Watch: Justin Bieber Channels Michael Jackson In ‘Boyfriend’ Video (3rd Teaser)

Published: Monday 9th Apr 2012 by Sam

Pop pin-up Justin Bieber gives a nod to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in the cinematic clip for new single ‘Boyfriend’.

Set to premiere in full “soon”, the video saw a 3rd teaser surface moments ago. Check it out below..

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  1. FYi April 9, 2012

    Lol @ JB trying to imitate MJ…. EPIC FAIL!!!

    Why are they doing this retarded teasers anyway? Just release the damn thing already, the same goes with Nicki Minaj – starships *sigh* I hate when record labels do that!

  2. KAT DELUNA FAN April 9, 2012

    Usher make that money boo,I see you

  3. MISHKA April 9, 2012

    There we go…

    I’m gonna sip on some hot chocolate until Rolling Stone names Bieber “The New King of Pop” and Chris throws his 1,456,235 rant about it.

    Usher vs Justin Timberlake – Reloaded.

  4. haterzstaypressed April 9, 2012

    Michael Jackson has turned into a genre of music. These kids need to have several seats and a bucket of chicken!

    Michael is in heaven sittin’ on a nice, white fluffy cloud laughing his heavenly ass off over this fuckery. 😆

  5. therealhonesttruth April 9, 2012

    Now if Beyonce is to do this. Everybody would have dragged her and called her a copycat

  6. badgirl April 9, 2012

    Now why you have to even mention Beyonce. Bey has channeled her inner MJ, bootylicious anyone lol But she did it out of respect like a tribute. Plus the girl admitted that she cried and ran off the stage when he came to one of their shows, she’s a true fan.

    This lil guy on the other hand is just a straight up copy cat. Really, come on man!! Total difference between copying and paying homage, CB he pays homage.

    PPL shouldn’t get upset though because in order to imitate mike you first have to know how to dance.

  7. HEEEEEY April 9, 2012


  8. mobwife April 9, 2012

    OH HELL NO! I’m gonna need “Babble to have several seats! What’s with these damn sneak peek video clips anyway? It’s a damn music video not “GONE WITH THE WIND”! *angry face* LOL

  9. OhSoBleak April 9, 2012

    More like Justin Bieberberlake tbhq

  10. mobwife April 9, 2012



    Nobody gives a rats a$$ what RACIST Rolling Stone Magazine has to say about a BLACK ARTIST today, tomorrow, or next week! I’m sure they have already declared Justin ‘Babble’ the next Michael Jackson! God knows they can’t allow MJ to keep his title! I find it funny that at no point has anyone ever been declared the NEW “KING OF ROCK N’ ROLL”! Oh no, old filthy drug addict ELVIS PRESLEY gets to retain his title indefinitely!…WHATEVER

    #Fortune in stores May 7 (UK) & May 8 (US)…. damn a hater!

  11. RihannaNavy April 9, 2012

    this kid is not original
    but only a money maker and a copy cat.

  12. bill April 9, 2012

    Rip king MJ

  13. Kayla April 9, 2012

    sometime i can’t take justin bieber seriously…yeah he is mega mega cute but i feel that he just hops on whatever boat is popular at the time being…if it’s snapback’s, he wears ’em. if it’s rapping, he raps, if it’s man thongs, he’d probally do that too…he just need to be his own sometimes, it’ll make it all the better for him…and i hope this video is good and MATCHES the song…i don’t see what posing in the moon, then standing by fire, then “creeping” on a girl has to bo with being a BOYFRIEND, or at least wanting to be..good luck boy

  14. Da Realest April 9, 2012

    I’m so sick of this fake no talented ass wannabe. F*** this MJ copycat

  15. minajesty April 10, 2012

    i find it hilarious how they are trying to keep his career alive. this song is the worst song of the decade so far.

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