Hot Shot: Kelly Rowland Beams On Set Of Trey Songz’s ‘Heart Attack’ Video

Published: Monday 9th Apr 2012 by Sam

R&B diva Kelly Rowland was snapped posing it up on the set of Trey Songz‘s ‘Heart Attack’ video over the weekend.

It’s currently unknown if the ‘Motivation’ singer actually features in the clip (or was merely visiting).

In any case, it’s great to see Ms. Rowland keeping her face in fray as she records her eagerly awaited 4th studio album.

Randomness: Does anyone remember the hotness that was this…

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  1. zoeboi954 April 9, 2012


  2. therealhonesttruth April 9, 2012

    Is she f****** him

  3. JeeJee April 9, 2012

    Kelly girl I don’t blame you!

  4. MISHKA April 9, 2012

    They should be dating.

  5. Charles April 9, 2012

    Grown Ass Woman!



  6. muni April 9, 2012

    My two babies, I here for them!!

  7. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 9, 2012

    R&B is dead and it will be a FLOP.

    kelly , go to the dance route you dumb b**** 😡 , everyone , even nicki , is doing it and is becoming a ww STAR and u still enjoying being a ….. well …. a flop.

    i like u , but you are so stupid.

    and more power to that trey for staying doing R&B without doing pop to sell-out as other d**** do. but R&B is a flop man ……. 🙄

  8. Planet Magnet April 9, 2012

    Pop Royality, just SHUT UP, the only person who is a flop is your hating old ass, go and get yourself a proper job, at least the people you diss have flipping careers and enough money to live a lavish lifestyle, while you stay pressed and called them flops, you fool, fool.

  9. mobwife April 9, 2012

    Acually, Trey Songz and Kelly Rowland would make a cute little couple IMO! Don’t stone me ppl! LOL 🙂

  10. mobwife April 9, 2012

    LOL these fools on this site are DELUSIONAL! 🙂 R&B IS ALIVE AND KICKING! R&B IS THE BEST! Pop is generic bullsh** for the most part and everyone knows it!

  11. CH April 9, 2012

    Kelly actually said Trey was too young for her, however she might of changed her tune when you got people like JLo dating men more than half their age.

    And Grown Ass Woman could of been an R&B #1 for Kelly with no promo it was rising nicely up the charts but the b**** made the mistake of trying to push ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ instead. Another stupid mistake by Ms.Kelly right after not releasing ‘Gotsta Go’ as a US single.

  12. Hot! April 9, 2012

    Just hope she comes out with thought provoking music and beleives in herself that she can do it because she wasted a lot of singles last go round that had much potential to help push the album. I have to look at the label becasue they seem like the ones who keep stopping Kelly frm really succeding the industry seems like it only want songs and images out there that suit there needs and not what the artist is going for.

  13. SidneyAubreyBeyince April 9, 2012

    First of all @CH when did she say trey was too young for her she is only three years younger thats not a big age difference I never heard her say that and jlo and casper is a huge difference then a 31 and 28 year old going to together really smh

  14. george April 10, 2012

    they look nice

  15. george April 10, 2012
  16. Josh TV April 10, 2012

    “Grown Ass Woman” should’ve been on the album and followed “Motivation” on urban radio. An anthem if I ever heard any.

    Fingers crossed she’s on Trey’s song and remix, repaying the favour 😉 Get that promo Kelly.

  17. Tee April 10, 2012

    Wow so many industry insiders come out to comment on a single pic! That said Kelly and Trey llook great!

  18. X,Y,”and Z” April 10, 2012

    Sam, the almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland couldn’t have been in this video, or ANY for that matter which features, or is thus “black-love” themed. After all SHE did say: “Orlando Bloom, and men who look like him, are THE most attractive..!!”

    ..Safe to say, Trey does NOT resemble – not in the slightest – Orlando Bloom!

    Oh, Sam, here’s the latest on the vexing question on whether, the aforementioned almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland will return to X-Factor U.K. – — NOTHING! Which translates into: NO-SHE-IS-NOT!

    ..You see, Sam, there seems to be some confusion, or misinformation being employed by “Rowdogs”. It was said here, , that said “almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland” was indeed set to return to X-Factor U.K.

    Long-story short:

    1.) Kelly Rowland’s “Here I am” was an unmitigated disaster! She had weekly-exposure to 12-Million willing-‘n-able very…(it never gets old – wait for it..) MOTIVATED U.K./European consumers, as then a weekly-seen sitting judge/mentor of up-and-coming talent: SHE ONLY MOVED LESS-THAN 150-K UNITS…!!!!

    2.) Kelly Rowland was FIRED from her job as afforementioned judge/mentor of up-and-coming talent BECAUSE she had weekly access to 12-Million said willing-‘n-able U.K./European consumers, and only then could only move less-than 150-K “Here I am” units.

    Sam, just ONE honest question: If you were Simon Cowell, and you saw that Kelly Rowland was, by means of YOUR show, given weekly-access to 12-Million U.K./European “discretionary-spending consumers” and SHE then only moved less-than 150-K U.K./European “Here I am” units, wouldn’t you then consider her a liability to the “X-Factor brand”..?? Wouldn’t YOU then, standing in Simon Cowell’s shoes, then put as much distance between her, yourself/ “X-Factor Brand” as you could?

    !!I know I would….!!!!

    Kelly Rowland’s failure: given weekly-access to 12-Million U.K./European consumers, and only then moving less-than 150-K Units is the second-worse failure to be suffered upon the Pop-culture Landscape. The first was Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’. And should you need reminding: OVER 8-Million watched her 20/20 interview and she then badly failed too at U.S. retail sales counters; an interview that came only weeks before the release of “Rated R”, and which then before then, since Feb 8th, 2009, saw her silent and unwilling to sit for an interview.

    Sam, I feel it is time to unearth the fraud that is the almost-40-something Kelly Rowland..!! Sam, I will thus bring all my energies and focus to bear upon the almost-40-something-year Kelly Rowland.. God has charged me with this task. Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven.

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  19. lol April 10, 2012

    the b**** is boring i’m waiting on keri hilsons new 3rd album

  20. Sidney April 10, 2012

    @XYZ do you know how stupid you sound smh she is not in the video because of it having a black love theme did you see “Keep it between us” with Lance Gross and Her did you see “Rose Colored Glasses” with her and the video model did you see “Favor” with her in the video model “did you see her destiny’s child videos did you see you see “lay it on me” “motivation” because obivously you haven’t since you bringing up stuff that was sayed a long time ago its 2012 get over it and God didn’t tell you to this your ass decided to thats a b******* accused I’m trying to help Kelly bold face lie thats what that was but its whatever keep talking s*** thats old news and your definantly old news thats dump saying she is not in the video because it has a black love theme that some dumb s*** I feel sorry for your family raising someone so Ignorant and hateful she is in “think like a man” for God sakes black romantic movie seriously get over yourself and I don’t wish anybody to die but I wish your online would die and you happen to I proably wouldn’t care the least bit you piece of s*** – Sidney Out

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