Watch: Rihanna Attempts ‘We Found Love’ In Japan

Despite her latest LP having no shortage of single worthy material ( see ‘Do Ya Thing’ and ‘Roc Me Out’) Rihanna is still pushing its first release ‘We Found Love’.

Peep her performing the song (again) on Japan’s Music Station earlier this week, below…

One of her better showings, it’d be nice if Riri was this rehearsed every time she took to the stage.

From the staging, choreography and general vibe this set- and that of the 2012 Grammys- prove that Fenty can put on a good show- when she wants to.

But what do you think?

Did she do a good job?

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  1. Onyx April 6, 2012

    That was pretty good and she looks beautiful, i love that hair.

  2. WaitUrTurn88 April 6, 2012


  3. KingBey April 6, 2012

    I’m a Bey Stan but the amount of shade this site throws at Rihanna is f***** up. She’s talented sometimes. “Watch Rihanna attempt” I can catch shade from a mile away. I’m surprised the Navy even leaves comments. Poor Riri. I want Rihanna to do well in her career because she’s managed by Roc Nation, it’s owned by Jay-Z, he’s married to Bey, that’s more money in their bank account.

  4. NATALIE April 6, 2012

    Sam I knew you were a undercover RiRi stan. Didn’t you say it’s her music is like “fast food” but yet you care she is still performing WFL just stop the act and join the Navy.

    Anyway, that performance was flawless, her look was flawless and the hair was flawless. This gives me 2008 teas.

  5. socialstudy1 April 6, 2012

    What happened with her “Where Have You Been” video? Did I miss it?

  6. commanderofthedancefloor April 6, 2012

    yes riri was amazing she looked s*** she sounded good and the choreography was on point! the crowd loved her and the part were she starts to crowd surf was cute!

    wait did sam just say he liked her grammy performance?? didnt he try and shade rihanna because of that performance? so now he changed his mind? hunny get it tohether!! we know you secretly love riri its ok just let your navy flag fly and just accept it!

    i cant wait for where have you been it should of been the third single all along! she needs to hurry up and release it, i hope she gets a dance routine in it atleast for the live performances of it like how she does for we found love!

  7. Jay Scorpio April 6, 2012

    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN does not get release to radio officially till next month so why would she drop the video before then hmmm…. POC and TC need to get sum mileage first…

  8. Songscribe April 6, 2012

    Tgj is the most gimmicky site to ever debute in the internet world.
    One would ask; what happened to the Nicki love u always pretended to have? Now that the Navy ain’t bothered by yo supposedly hatred towards rihanna u starting some sh*t against the barbs. We are watching you(side eyeing Sam).
    Good Luck!

  9. wesley April 6, 2012

    That was ok but I can’t wait to see Rihanna on stage with Chris. I know one thing this blog throws alot of shade toward Rihanna SMH

  10. TheFame April 6, 2012

    Wow she actually did well go Rih!

  11. Girrrl April 6, 2012

    Rihanna did a good job!

  12. grammy dammy sammy April 6, 2012


    u know u cant mention rihanna on our date right? i forbid it!

  13. GG April 6, 2012

    Rhianna sucks. She puts out a new album and or single ever few months and doesn’t WRITE any of her own s***. She can’t sing live either. GO AWAY you OVER EXPOSED, talentless hack fame w****.

  14. GG April 6, 2012

    Beyonce sucks too. She can’t sing, she shrieks and screams. She steals all her music and pays the REAL writers off to let her put her name on the writing credits.

  15. tyra April 6, 2012


  16. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    the same 4 you 0 Beyonce and we will be ok the whole night.

  17. grammy dammy sammy April 6, 2012


    WHAT? how can u have a romantic night without Beyonce? is that even legal? fine! i’ll just mention my love for the number 4, show up at 4, sit at the 4th table, order the 4the item on the menu, have 4 glasses of drink et cetera et cetera … absolutely 0 Beyonce πŸ˜€

  18. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @ONYX & @grammy :

    what about a Triple-date.
    i love R and B !!!

  19. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    A Romantic what without WHO? let’s Talk That Talk, this coversation is Rated R.

  20. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    Pop let’s no, you know i can’t deal with both of you and your love for Ms Carter.

  21. grammy dammy sammy April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP ROYALTY

    why not make it FOUR …now that’s perfection

    have i ever told u that i love that alias is a 4 letter word? just a random observation *sips cocktail*

  22. RATEDxxx(team rihanna, who’s mad?) April 6, 2012

    where’ s my LAX?

    damn where was I, I didn’t know my riri change her hair color to black..

    I loved the blond on her..not the rated r blond, the long hair blond

    riri, sounded good, her voice has improved alot live since she started…people that says otherwise, just plain bitter for no reasons..

    her stage presence wow, I remeber when she used to have zero stage presence..over the years the bish has been working on mastering on her craft….

    I’m loving her live more and more….

  23. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    Mamma Mia! i can’t with this but i love “Rather Die Young” is a romantic song—————– You My James Dean ohhhhhhhhh.

  24. grammy dammy sammy April 6, 2012


    u should hear “bodyrock” playing in the background …. sets the mood even better

  25. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @Grammy :

    Bro , did you check out the new version of or you just a basic beyonce fan ?! πŸ˜›

    the new pics are flawless. #MAJAH #BeyonceisabadBitch

    @ONYX :

    Rihanna was KINDA tributing the queen’s music video for ” doesn’t really matter” and Frozen ” Live” and all i get from you is ” a b**** in the silent mode”. b**** open your eyes , the whole era is screaming “MADONNA” !! i see IT πŸ˜€

    but it is basic. she’s YET to top her grammy’s performance of this song. something is telling me Rihanna can’t perform her dance song properly all the time.

  26. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    Hell no! listen to “Cold Case Love”.

  27. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    Hahahaah i love me some Rihanna.

  28. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @ONYX :

    mmmmm , but i really Love Beyonce , it’s kinda a taboo to admit it when you are a rihanna stan. but i love her.

    Ignore the beyonce part , IMMA MAKE U MA B**** πŸ˜› πŸ˜†

    @Grammy :

    no , dance for you is the PERFECT song for “setting the mood” if we talk Beyonce.

    her saying ” i’m high on you” >>>>

    mmm , BOY , u got me stanning 4 Juju ….. oh F*** !!! 😑

  29. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    Let’s please forget the woman, we are in a sacred place.

  30. grammy dammy sammy April 6, 2012


    smh u even gotta ask? yday was national Beyonce day, every media round the world know it cus that where she be

    Beyonce w/o make-up >>>>>> . my fav was the pic of her and Solange on the boat, so tender


    smh …. if that comes …. im gone

  31. NATALIE April 6, 2012

    Hey @Pop

    You better have not forgotten me *rolleyes

  32. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @Onyx :

    honestly , i don’t hate any female artist , i like them all but with different Percentages.

    and Yes , I LOVE me some rihanna Too , like waking up to “man down” and “cheers” is so refreshing πŸ˜† , but my fav song of her is “Rude boy” :).

    @Rated X :

    since when you are team Rihanna ?! 😯

    if you are team rihanna , then i’m team #justin bieber or even #teamLGBT

    b**** please ……… πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    hope @lax show up cuz it looks like u want someone to talk to πŸ˜‰ , i want @lax to get here ASAP too πŸ™‚

  33. Jey April 6, 2012

    The only time I’ll see Kara and Rihanna together. Hell, even just Kara on TGJ haha.

  34. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    Well we can talk about out Homoerotic conversations, is more fun than talk about our fav.

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    I don’t hate ay female singer either well only Justin Bieber oh! yes he’s a kid.
    Rated R loves RiRi i’m concerned about this.

  35. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @Grammy :

    judging by how many times @onyx gave me a side-eye to NOT to run my mouth and stan for beyonce , then i’m gonna stop. looks like he knows the navy Rules and knows when i’m breaking them.

    but to just put it all in this comment , i know 2day was #beyonce national day , and that it trended in twitter , TBH , i spent yesterday in to download the whole photos gallery , and what u don’t know is that 1/2 of her pics in the “I AM” part were in Egypt. BOOM BOOF.

    but yes , she’s beautiful and look so much younger than her face With Make-up on. like mad gorgeous. i attended her concert in egypt and she looks more beautiful in person ” well , i didn’t met her personally , but my friend , who’s a crazy beyonce stan met her backstage and photo’d with her say she’s a real S*** b****. and super nice” ! so bad i didn’t go with him and thought about waiting for him outside πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ , i didn’t expect she will let him in , BUT I WAS WRONG !! πŸ˜₯

    BOY lemme stop and hush , you know i can go on and on , but it’s getting OOC in a rihanna post.

    it is ILLEGAL. 😑

    @NATALIE :


    SO XD you were here.

    GOD TAKE ME NOW πŸ™‚ !!

    how are you Gurl πŸ˜‰ ?!!

    @ONYX :

    so what your fav “setting the mood” song by madonna ?
    well , i will just play the “erotica CD” πŸ˜† πŸ˜† , easy , huh ?!

  36. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    Justify My Love

  37. grammy dammy sammy April 6, 2012


    yah ..well the mood is killed lol , ttyl b πŸ™‚

  38. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    It is you that doesn’t want me anymore.

  39. NATALIE April 6, 2012


    Hey boo, I am good. Happy Easter by the way. Preparing for my final exams of the year. πŸ™ and getting ready for my family to come over for Easter. What about you?

  40. LOL April 6, 2012

    “if you are team rihanna , then i’m team #justin bieber or even #teamLGBT”

    @Pop how are you convincing yourself that you are anything but a complete flaming homosexual? LOL. #BitchesInDenial

  41. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @ONYX :

    well , who give a f*** , as long as we are having fun , f*** anybody who think it is “not CUTE”. but i think talking about our favs ‘ with no useless comparisons” is a lot of fun.

    and yes , XDETAR “LMFAo” wanna join the Rihanna Bandwagon cuz, according to HA, it’s the only possible way to p*** the ” EVIH” OFF !!


  42. grammy dammy sammy April 6, 2012


    lol f*** a Rihanna though, if she dont play by the rules why should yall?


    It’s not that babes, it’s just …. well i like apples … you like oranges, how can that be reconciled

  43. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @LOL :

    NAH , sorry to crash your dreams , but i’m just so STRAIGHT.

    better TOO S*** to be GAY. i am all for the p**** πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    but why you care though ?! are you my STAN ” stalker+fan” ?!!! cuz you just proved the “STALKER” part.

  44. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    Exactly we can’t always talk about them without hurt anyone.

  45. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    That’s Ok babe, i love you anyway even if you want to kill me sometimes , EASY.

    Hey! Man whatever floats the boat.

  46. LOL April 6, 2012

    I browse this site at times. LOL @ “I’m all for p****”. Sweetness you’re gayer than Richard Simmons’ sweaty thong. LOL

  47. grammy dammy sammy April 6, 2012


    sweet dreams boo πŸ™‚

  48. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    Sweet Dreams what , what time it is where you live.

  49. NATALIE April 6, 2012


    There is no need to be mean. Pop Royalty is not gay trust me he is not.

  50. Onyx April 6, 2012

    Love Your Gr.

  51. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @natalie :

    well , i’m 2 months away to get graduated and have my bachelor in pharmacy. πŸ™‚

    so far my CGPA is great ” 3.73/4″ it is like So f*****’ great for someone who’s not so much into studying , right ?! but when i want something , imma be getting it. that’s my motto. πŸ™‚

    gonna be happy and sad at the same time cuz i will miss those good days πŸ˜₯ , and i will miss my friends too. cuz i plan to complete the road in US or even UK , yet to decide. but i’m XD πŸ™‚

    and i’m currently supposed to study for the mid-term exams but looks like i’m too relaxed to think about it.
    and my family is always there with me and i’m having fun

    Hope you the best of the best. really missed u πŸ™‚ !!

    @ONYX :

    JML is FIRE. i live for IT. πŸ™‚ , the whole album is timeless and do it’s job perfectly πŸ™‚
    and i HATE “with a passion” comparing artists , cuz someone will be unappreciated in the whole process. that’s the thing i hate.

    but my iTunes library is big . so i love a lot of artists . but i don’t like comparing them to each other , cuz whether it is gonna be kinda biased at some point. right ? πŸ˜‰
    plus i’m too cool to get involved in comparisons , i leave it to when i’m studying. works perfectly for “pharmacology” and “pharmaceutics”.
    don’t work for artists , cuz music is all about personal tastes. not facts. πŸ™‚

    @Grammy :

    Boy , i do not want any trouble with the navy , they are like accepting me with the side-eye. they still remember what i did earlier this year.
    “clearly i talk about the navy OUTSIDE tgj” πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ !!
    the ones in here are kinda a disgrace to the real navy , ” with the exception of ppl like @commander for example” who’s a good Representation of how the navy member should be like” .

  52. NATALIE April 6, 2012


    Thanks. But I’m gonna change soon as I’m obsessed with J Cole at the moment. Love him so much. *Crushing on him*

    Do you have MDNA?

  53. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @LOL :

    got nothing to do with your life and now you are judging me ?!

    well , i said ” i’m all for the p****”. so bad you don’t have one.

    you wish you had one , right ?!! #classiccase

    and why you are obsessed with wanting ppl to be gay Like U , will it make your choice to be gay less painful ?!!

    #sad , i’m sorry for you son. 😑

    now go and jerk off to that man you speak of , looks like he is your crush πŸ™„

    Good Luck , keep it tight for the next D*** πŸ˜‰ #Tip


  54. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)

    Oh yeah! i have my Drug sorry my album, that’s ok i have a crush on Jonathan Pierce the lead singer of a band call The Drums.

  55. NATALIE April 6, 2012


    That’s really good. I’m in my fourth year now. I still have two more to get my masters in Medicine.

    Also I missed you too, I haven’t been visiting this site as much I should as all my other friends have moved over to ATRL so I been hanging out there. I have missed so much in here.

  56. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @ONYX :

    it is Too late in here Too , but I’m FREE to do whatever i like. i’m a night version 😈

  57. Onyx April 6, 2012

    Get out of the closet, there’s nothing wrong in sucking a big c*** and take it like a man.

    Hey, ey, ey, ey
    Like a GAY gone wild
    A good GAY gone wild
    I’m like, hey, ey, ey, ey
    Like a GAY gone wild
    A good GAY gone wild

  58. LOL April 6, 2012

    I’m not trying to be mean I’m saying tho. I visit this site and see this dude claiming he straight or with some snide remark towards the “gays” yet he on the site fitting all the stereotypes of a flaming homosexual. From all the “YAS”, “Gurl” and the “Honey” lingo to the stanning for all these popstars with huge gay fanbases. Just sounds like someone’s in pure denial to me. LOL

  59. NATALIE April 6, 2012


    MDNA impressed so much. I was going off Madge with the Hard Candy fiasco they only song I liked was Give It 2 Me on it but this album is flawless. It has a lot of gems on it like ‘Gang Bang’ which my fave on the album and becoming one of my all time Madge favourites and she released the wrong songs as singles. Turn Up The Radio and I Don’t Give A should have been singles.

  60. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    Oh damn! you 2 will be Doctors, what a bad b****** you two are.

  61. Onyx April 6, 2012

    MDNA is the Queen at her best.

    Theres nothing wrong with loving who you are

  62. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @Natalie :

    2 years to get your Masters in medicine ?! More power to you Girl , that’s Fantastic πŸ™‚ , keep going hard πŸ˜‰

    something is telling me i will go straight to get my phD maybe in US cuz it takes so long to get it in here and i don’t wanna waste so much time , i want it all to be over by 3 years cuz i have lots of dreams to achieve πŸ™‚ ,

    and trust me i miss the old calm TGJ commenters who were here too , like @madonnaLover for example , since they left , it is s***** in here. and ATRL is so mean girl , i went there and i got banned the next day for saying that Lady gaga’s poster for ” Born this way ball tour” was UGLY. the reporting option is a major Turn off for me. that’s why i will never be happy in ATRL.

    i missed them too πŸ˜₯

  63. LOL April 6, 2012

    @Onyx you’re talking to the wrong person LOL

  64. NATALIE April 6, 2012


    Yay I know it’s freakin’ exciting. But it’s so long and tiring with essays, coursework and exams. But I’m loving this year of my degree as we are doing practicals this year. What are you planning to be?

  65. Onyx April 6, 2012

    Luv bro, love your broS no hate them , Peace.

    Journalism, i already finished.

  66. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @LOL :

    wow , Stereotypes ?!!

    well , Trust me if i was gay i would have admitted it ages ago , but sadly i’m not. and if “Yas” and “Gurl” is what’s confusing to you then you can ignore my comments entirely when you surf the site , if they are that confusing to you. cuz i won’t change the way i express my thoughts just because some random person said so.

    you asked if i was gay and i said no , i’m straight and i like s*** women and I CAN NOT be gay . and pop artists , just in case you don’t know , have straight fans too.

    stereotypes are not cool. you should have known better.

    being Gay is a choice and i chose to be straight , didn’t choose to be gay Like U.

    hope you are satisfied and happy with your choice(s) in Life.

  67. NATALIE April 6, 2012


    Thanks. Do the PHD! DO IT! I plan to do the same too. To get the highest possible job in my profession.

    Also ATRL is so funny, I love the people the boys are freakin’ camp it is hilarious and the girls are awesome too. KD and TB, Yea Bey and ISTAN4GAGA are on there too. Are you still banned from ATRL?

    OMG! That’s excellent. Are you working in a newspaper or mag cooperation?

  68. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @ONYX :

    No u did NOT , but u gotta admit this version u used of ” GGW” make a lot of sense. especially considering the Video for it. πŸ˜†

    you a mess.

    and you know i’m bad. πŸ˜‰ , you are bad too. πŸ™‚

    @Natalie :

    well , some of practical exams weren’t so funny , stuffs like “titration” for example aren’t so cool , not to mention pharmacology labs weren’t great either.

    but i’m getting my A’s regardless , but yes , it is tiring and you have to Love what to do to give your best in it πŸ˜‰

    essays are fun though , ooh i remember the good days of organic chemistry when i was getting asked about ” mechanism of action , reduction , oxidation ” and such basic stuffs.

    my favs are when i’m doing presentations and when i’m in oral exams πŸ™‚ , i love the face-to face type of conversation and i’m all for the eye contact πŸ™‚

  69. Onyx April 6, 2012

    I’m planning to released a Magazine, hope God help me, it’s no easy but it seems that i’m almost there, i’m working as a Model right now that help me to get more money coz i don’t want my parents on this.

  70. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    In my head the song goes exactly like that.

  71. RATEDxxx(team rihanna, who’s mad?) April 6, 2012

    @POP Royalty

    I failed to comprehend the joke you were trying to make….

    because you’re the last person on here who should be coming on here talking s*** about who team who’s on..

    since ur ass stay talking s*** about rihanna and beyonce on the sly… day u like rihanna the next day ur talking s*** about her..ive noticed ur flip flop ass

    frankly I dont give two s*** about u or who stan base ass u chose to lick for that day…

    and u think coming at me is suppose to prove what?ahahahahhaha

    take a seat with ur fake ass..

  72. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @natalie :

    thanks for the support πŸ™‚ , yes , i want to complete the road till the end. phD and then doing what i want , making the world a better place. i have so much dreams to achieve and i’m not Giving up , no matter what happens , i will go strong !
    thinking about making my phD about “drug formulations” and i will go for the “industrial pharmacy” part of the cake that is “pharmacy”. cuz this is where my fav things are getting mixed : innovation , $$$$$ , and making the world a better place πŸ™‚

    i wasn’t born to be just a retail pharmacist and that’s it with all due respect , i have dreams to be achieved πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    and i’m banned for three months in ATRL ” looks like the monsters are so sensitive there” , and my fav in those ppl was ISTAN4GAGA , that man was the nicest and the classiest ever.
    @ONYX :

    well , you can Be the Boom.COM too , journalism is Fun if you Love it.

    tell us more , i’m interested to know more about you . πŸ™‚

  73. RATEDxxx(team rihanna, who’s mad?) April 6, 2012

    @POP Royalty

    I’m guessing the beyonce stan base is the ass ur licking today…GOOD soon as u start talking s*** about their queen, guess where ur ass is going to be?

    all the real rihanna fans/stans knows how fake ur ass is..and ur worrying about who team i’m on child booo….

    I keep telling ur fake ass to stay in ur place…

    and go choke on that d*** u love so much

    ur dissmissed

  74. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    Ask just ask me and i will respond 2 you, what you want 2 know.

  75. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @Onyx :

    don’t give up your dreams , i know it will be hard if you want to be a better person , just don’t give up. even if you failed at times , embrace them and use those Flops to charge you to go to further heights.

    being a model is cool too. i have always told i should have been a model and give it a rest , but being a model in here is not as the case in US or UK.



    @rated X :

    look at all the f**** i give already πŸ™„


  76. NATALIE April 6, 2012


    Yer I have a presentation coming when go back to uni in a week and a bit on Pediatrics. In my last exam I got a 93 which is my highest ever! So I’m hoping do better in my next ones.


    Good luck. I hope you will be successful. What type of mag will it be?

  77. RATEDxxx(team rihanna, who’s mad?) April 6, 2012

    unlike u I keep 100%…I dont need to kiss anybody’s asses on here

    people already know i cant stand beyonce, I dont flip flop when it comes to her..I give the bish her props when needed and keep it moving

    and Ive said many times I used to talk s*** about rihanna, now I like the chick, she grew on me,

    i dont go and call rihanna a c*** b**** because she hurted my feelings, than try to act like i like the chick, then call her a w**** or a b****..

    like i said..FLIP FLOP ASS..

  78. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @onyx :
    so where Do U live in Us ?!

    if my memory is still as good as it is always the case , you live in NYC , right ?! πŸ˜‰

  79. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    Thanks! hahahaha i know you will be a good Model, but i do this things for Money anyway some tell me they choose me just because i’m skinny and i have a pretty face coz i’m short, i’m only 5.8 (1.71) OMG i feel like a narcissist saying this things.

  80. Onyx April 6, 2012

    Variety. about almost everything, Politic, World news, Music, Movies ect.

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    Yes! i live in NY but i’m planning to move to Los Angeles.

  81. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @Natalie :

    you will do great , Pediatrics are kinda Fun though. maybe compared to what i’m dealing with πŸ˜‰ , like you don’t want to deal with stuffs like ” pharmaceutical chemistry , phytochemistry , biotechnology , etc ….”.

    and 93/100 is great , i LOVE As and A-s are Good , but i can’t stand B+s and other b******. i get mad for real , but i think that’s the case when you are hoping to do great in anything , right ?! you do great and you are thinking about the next step right away 😳

    great to see someone like you who’s determined to be Good.

    Good Luck πŸ™‚

  82. RATEDxxx(team rihanna, who’s mad?) April 6, 2012


    now u dont give a f***…of course

    u came for me, and i shut ur ass down..Ive told ur ass stay in ur lane many times

    thats what happens when ur fake ass trying to impress a flop stan group..and act an ass

    next time..STAY IN UR F****** LANE


  83. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @ONYX :

    well , i’m (171) cm too. and this is not short in here , actually this is the average height here , and i’m loving every cell of my body for that matter.

    and i really don’t give a f*** about what ppl think , most of them confuse “arrogance” with “confidence” . i simply turn on the “IDGAF” mode and keep going. this if we talk looks πŸ™‚

    and no , nothing wrong with liking who you are. and yes , modeling to get $$ is good , and FUN , just standing there for a living !! AAaaaHhhh !! πŸ˜†

    LA is great. so do u want to move there for like , permanently ?! cuz maybe i will look for a university there to have like a kind of scholarship or something and maybe i will come by πŸ˜‰

  84. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    Yes! is permanently but i will miss NY, you know is my city, dams i still remember the 11/9, i saw that from my school anyway, the average height for a Male model is between 5’11 and 6’2 so i’m very short.

  85. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 6, 2012

    @ONYX :

    11/9 was something that is Painful , i do not Support terrorism and those ppl who did that don’t represent my religion. and this is me being 100% real.

    hope it is the end for terrorism all over the world. killing innocent people is not a something anyone will be proud of.

    now back to our topic , i think being short is great. sexiness come in different heights and shapes. so ……..

  86. Onyx April 6, 2012

    @β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy)
    I agree, James Dean was 5’8 too and he is Iconic.

  87. richnblack11(just like bey) April 6, 2012

    She did good this go around

  88. ecchi April 6, 2012

    that’s some crap.

  89. richnblack11(just like bey) April 6, 2012


  90. WHUT April 6, 2012

    @Commander wait did sam just say he liked her grammy performance?? didnt he try and shade rihanna because of that performance? so now he changed his mind? hunny get it tohether!!


    I remember that night she was trying to front and throw shade when she KNEW Rihanna destroyed everyone’s performance that night.

  91. jamir21 April 6, 2012

    Hey people

  92. J April 6, 2012

    Helps when you perform it in a lower key πŸ˜‰

  93. richnblack11(just like bey) April 6, 2012

    “Love On Top” is #1 on Billboard’s Dance Chart this week, making this the 18th time BeyoncΓ© has topped this chart. Only two other artists have more #1’s on the dance charts and that’s Janet Jackson and Madonna.


  94. PrettigurlrockD April 6, 2012

    Omggg who the idiot that said beyonce can’t sing? Have several seats u waste of space. Choke on a d***! Beyonce is one of the best singers in contemporary music! As for Rihanna this was okay. Much better better than the Grammys

  95. GG April 6, 2012

    I’m assuming from your name, PrettigurlrockD, that you think Keri Hilson can sing too. That’s just more evidence that all your taste is in your mouth. You need to do some research on some GREAT singers and then you’ll realize that Beyonce isn’t one of them.

  96. realtalk April 6, 2012


    You’re a f****** laugh…

    Clearly Music Critics around the world don’t agree with you…

    Music Critics>>>>>>your pathetic ass attempt to shade Beyonce…

    There isn’t one music critic who has said Beyonce isn’t a great singer… Nor have any said she couldn’t sing… So sit your hating ass on the top of World Trade Center 1 circa Sept 11, 2001… You f****** moron…

  97. aishaaguilerakeys April 7, 2012

    The stage looked too crowded in some parts, I actually thought that was playback, Sam, I don’t see the diff between this and her other WFL performances, I don’t know why you’re praising this and bash the others. My fave WFL perf remains the one she did in Daisy Dukes.

  98. Stans Make Me LOL April 7, 2012

    Listen to her vocals without watching the video, they are very bad.

    There is no way in the world that Jay z would have signed this girl if she didn’t look so HOT, her face saves her in more ways than 1.
    Good for her though, can’t knock it.

  99. Imjustsayin April 7, 2012


    OMG you gave me everthing i needed for the entire weekend!!!!! You showed @Ratedx pressed ass not a care in the world and that made her so mad! LOL I can’t with her still writing even after you didn’t respond haha lol.

    Riri you did ok, keep working on it…..

  100. β™› POP Royalty β™› (Rude Boy) April 8, 2012

    @I’m Just sayin :

    who run this mutha ?! πŸ˜‰

    thank U πŸ™‚

  101. Inlovewithbey April 13, 2012


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