Watch: Rita Ora Soars For Wired 96.5 (Acoustic Performance)

Published: Wednesday 18th Apr 2012 by Sam

Jay-Z‘s new protégée Rita Ora continues to justify her buzz.

The 22 year old Londoner took front, stage, centre at an intimate showcase for Wired 96.5 radio in Philadelphia this week; and proved just why her buzz and fanbase are growing at such a rapid rate.

Watch her rousing renditions of current singles ‘R.I.P’ and ‘How We Do (Party & Bullsh*t)’ below…

And that, folks, is why Rita is poised to blow all the way up. Great tone, great control, and great confidence.

The seeming suddenness of her cause sees many overlook the fact that she has actually been signed for almost 3 years – a period which has clearly seen her honed and moulded into an act that can serve up performances such as those above.

Yes, her career is still in early infancy and there is still work to be done; however it’s fair to say, there are many a “seasoned” act who still struggle to deliver live vocals as clear and as confident as Rita’s. A fact which makes us excited for her potential in the months and years ahead.

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  1. iSTANaLONE April 18, 2012

    Rita is coming b******!!!!! yesssss

  2. xedos April 18, 2012

    you’ve beet writing blogs but you have know concept of the industry. having a great voice doesn’t make you a star. you can walk out of your house on your block and find ’10 singers but you will be very lucky if one is a star. when she don’t make it don’t come bitching about why good artist not making it. the problem with rita she started out too hyped up. their is not much room to grow. no journey to go on with her fans.
    even her fashion. new artist suppose to be coming from humble beginnings in designer clothers and not even have an album out. compare her to Rihanna evolution. rihanna’s was a journey that she took with her fans. so they fells like they are a part of something. they see her as little sister growing up. beyonce was the same thing we all feel like we were on the journey with beyonce in her life changes over the years. you see the growth with beyonce and rihanna from little girls to woman. with rita, she ‘s acting like she’s made it already and she’s a superstar. so where does she goes from here . what journey can she take her fans on. not only that ,she’s trying to walk in someone else’s lane, but that lane was built with fans who was their from the start. from high school or middle school. i bet each of rihanna or beyonce songs is like a time stamp for the fans.
    Jay z need to go back to the drawing board.

  3. JJFan1814 April 18, 2012

    At least you’re posting about a no one (Rita) instead of your obssession (Rihanna)…

    If having a great voice made you successful, Monica, Beyonce’s “4”, Melanie Fiona, etc…Wouldn’t have flopped…#OOPS

    Being signed to Jay-Z doesn’t guarantee success.

  4. Mathew April 18, 2012

    YES! loving rita right now, she is so refreshing and got a natural swagger.

  5. kimberly April 18, 2012

    @jjfan girl is better to have one album not performing commercially in your career, further example MJ mariah career, whitney and lots others, than to have FOUR (4) albums that did not perform out of less that that figure doubled. In other words 4 albums under performed out of less than 8 albums. don’t go there.4/6
    Popularity and being a star doesn’t mean you will be iconic even if you in the biz for 50 years. don’t fool yourself, and let rita prove herself
    xedos read what you just wrote, a bunch of nonesense, rita doesn’t even have an album out girl and you already talking about superstar, rita deserves promo like every other artist, girl rihanna has peaked and she is not even pulling numbers and quality performances like she suppose to. like you make it seem. she ain’t s***. rihnna journey, taking off her clothes and acting a b**** on twitter?

    leave rita alone pleasee you scared h*** on this blog,

  6. chulo April 18, 2012

    Obsessed, finally a new artist to be excited abt

  7. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 18, 2012

    Love her.

    *waits for the illuminati b****** to show up and show us their ignorance about other cultures and talking ignorantly about that blue eye*

  8. Sammi April 18, 2012

    I’m from philly and its actually 96.5, not 95.6. Sry Sam, that was bugging me lol. Anywho, I really like her, she can sing, she’s gorgeous, and I wish much success for her.

  9. KAT DELUNA FAN April 18, 2012

    Great performances

    *promo push and hype on point*
    *Now wait for goatssie to tease a picture or walk around naked to outshine rita and try to take the attention away from her* 😆 😆

  10. Ulises April 18, 2012

    For someone this talented, it’s sad to see that she hasn’t found her own image. It seems like she’s trying to be shoved down our throats for acceptance. Though I can’t deny she is talented, I don’t find her “look” anything less of unoriginal. Her two songs aren’t anything stellar either. I’m sorry, but I’m not on board on this Rita bandwagon. She is lovely, and can sing, but I don’t buy into it at all. Too manufactured. Just my two cents.

  11. Lax April 18, 2012

    Rite is beautiful and talented and that is a good thing, she deserves to
    achieve and excel just like the next person does. All of the artist and entertainer was blessed at different level and that is the way it is. There or many who was born with
    it and there was others who has been helped along the way. When many says that people or mad/upset over Rita that is furthest from the truth. I guess the comparing her to Rih is what all the hoopla is over. But i do wish Rita the best. At the end of the day we all need to think on things like how complex life is, life can be chicken salad or chicken%&** it’s left up to each person and all of us think different.
    I Just wonder what would thing had been like if there had not been those who came before the artist that or out right now. Music is one thing that all human beings can identify with. None of us all like the same kind of music or the same
    sound. Many people have many different artist that they follow and support. What would it had been like if the artist who came say twenty years ago had tried to hold all of the artist that came ten years ago back and tried to beat their wheels off and not try and support them or at least try and be nice to them? We all do have a lot in common some have grown up with the likes of so many artist old and young. We love some more just like in your families you have many brothers and sisters cousins ect and you love them all and even though you might love something more about one than you do the other you still love them in a very special way right on. I remember when beyonce song ,,,dang i forget the name but she sings : you make me crazy right now and shes dancing in the street and the fan is blowing her hair and she have got it whinned all the way up and she liks her finger and rubs it on her cat and my cousins and i loved the hell out of that. We was talking on the phone one time and the video was playing and my cousin reminded me ohhh dam this is where she rubs her cat get ready, that is just how real this thing is folks. And just like

  12. Lax April 18, 2012

    @KAT,,,,,Nope the goat has been named on the Time 100 List and shes walking around trying her new digggggs out and trying to decide on what shes going to wear on stage and walk the red carpet in, deery.
    Why don’t you consider trying to, stop stirring in s%*% to try and make it stink, thanks
    ahead of time…

  13. KAT DELUNA FAN April 18, 2012

    B**** please,she is about to perform for them real soon they gave her a spot on the list.

    Just like all the mtfs who performed at the pre-grammy party got their “album of the year” nod.
    All those recogintion she gets for f****** the right person aint fooling nobody
    Do you think we are stupid 😆 😆

    She hasnt found her own “IMAGE” ??? The joke.B**** been lookin like this since Jay “SAW HER”….Those Goats 🙄

    Blasting King of hearts* you nevah stole my swag,you just a copygoat..looking like me,you can just forget it…forget it*

  14. flawda April 18, 2012

    Her career is in it’s early infancy stage, anyone saying she isn’t going to be a star is being a hater period. Wait a minute, she has already a number one single, SHE IS ALREADY A STAR HATERS.

    Let the young lady be great, and stop being so petty and insecure.

    If “4”‘ flopped then what did Rihanna’s album do considering they sold the same amount despite Beyonce’s album leaking 2 months early or the fact that she didn’t tour to push her album like Rihanna.

    I’m what world is selling 3.5 million albums a flop. Some of ya’ll need to think before you type nonsense. Stop trying to push your agenda and grow the hell up and i’m sure Jay-z know more about the business than your housewife ass.

  15. JJFan1814 April 18, 2012


    B**** who are you playing???? Rihanna’s albums sells millions!!!!! Check yourself.

  16. JJFan1814 April 18, 2012


    A #1 single in the UK?? You’re not a STAR until you break the U.S.

    The U.S. is the biggest and hardest market in the world. If you’re not relevant here, then no one cares.

    and as far as I’m concern, I have yet to hear Rita on my radio unless my ipod is plugged in and I’m listening to ‘How We Do’ on my own terms.

  17. Lax April 18, 2012

    @KAT,,,,I think Rihanna is also listed on the list, oh read the open letter she received on “RD” and why or you always got a corn cob wegged in your A*% all the time
    you and KIMBERLY??????

  18. Lax April 18, 2012

    @kat and flawda we all want to be great, you simpletons!!!

  19. KAT DELUNA FAN April 18, 2012

    What ???

    Yeah we are great but you came here with this “Time list” thing no one asked you on a rita post.Is Rita the New Beyonce for the Goats?


  20. Lax April 18, 2012

    @Rihanna haters its okay tp dislike Rihanna and try and pit Rita aganist her but keep cursinf Rihanna’s anme and sending negative vibes Rihanna’s way to try and build Rita up. Doing this will cause those who digs Rita to not support her because of the screws y r always trying to drive into Rihanna’s x\career. See you have so much f*%**% hate for Rihanna that you or over shadowing Rita and or TURNING MANY PEOPLE OFF!!!!!cARRY ON I TRIED TO DO A TROOST EARLIER BUT I SEE THAT THE HATERS OR DUG INTO HATE ON RIHANNA, REGARDLESS AND THIS KAT CLOWN AND KIMBERLY BEATS ALL,,,,HOOKED ON STUPID,,,AND GOING NO PLACE….SOME PEOPLE CAN GIVE A DOG ON THE SIDE OF THE STREET A BREAK

  21. KAT DELUNA FAN April 18, 2012

    I remember the Bey stans posting a list of her acheveiments and saying:

    ‘the day rihanna can accomplish all THIS..then we can talk”.

    I truly believe that Rihanna beleieved those s***.You know the h** spend her time on “Tumblr,pornhub,blogs and s***”,so it’s not hard to think that.
    She was probably thinking :” Oh Bey is on break,lemme do everything she has done to “PASS” her”

    Lmao B**** is so freakin stupid.

    Look at jno doing american idol,Britney X-factor,MJB promoting chicken and Janet’s Nustrisystem commercial.Girl………..poor you !!!

  22. Lax April 18, 2012

    @KAT,,,,I REPLYED To yo busted scum bag a*^ at 8:07 that was all and i see you or slobbing at the mouth and stratching that dirty, stank a** of you where you or itching for a fight all between you stank legs…and last i checked i can c=go where ever in the f*%* i want to go on this mofo board but since your head is located in your stank ass i will bow out and let you keep stratchig that itch between your legs and ohhhh
    while you or at it do me a big favor and keep yo a*% off RIHANNA post if you want to ast s***** with me and f*%* yourself while you or at it for me, deery.

  23. Lax April 18, 2012


  24. KAT DELUNA FAN April 18, 2012

    Lmao spamming again 😕

  25. seankill April 18, 2012

    Can this damn site please stop comparing Rihanna to this stupid no hits giving ass girl. Rita’s voice is not all that, her style is the busted s*** Rihanna had left in her closet, and her songs she has released so far has not even seen the light of day on one Billboard chart yet. So i highly doubt her debut album will be coming anytime soon. When this girl actually get 11 #1 hits, 5 grammys, 2 sold out tours, 6 hits albums and named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World then we’ll start comparing this stupid b**** to Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. CRAMPED April 18, 2012


    Rita did well.

    I see Rihanna goat-loving stans cant help themselves because they feel threatened by Rita. And to see this time @SAM didnt even mention Rihanna in this post. lol
    I love reading their 101 reasons why Rita will not be successful. Rita has everything needed to become a superstar and i wish her all the success in the world.

  27. sjs April 18, 2012

    I wish Rita all the luck in her career, the pressure is so high for her it seems by the comments people are constantly comparing her to Rihanna. Rihanna is not worth as much $$$$( to the recording industry as Beyonce is but yet so many people are obsessed with Rihanna, even though her latest effort still didn’t go platinum in the US. Rita Ora has been signed for years to ROC Nation, and if any of you young kids had any sense clearly Rita Ora’s style is influenced by Gwen Stefani. The blonde hair and red lips come on now. When Rihanna’s style team copied Kelis’s black cut from the I’m bossy video back in 2006 people supported Rihanna so Why shade Rita,who has been patiently waiting for her time to shine. People Keep saying

  28. sjs April 18, 2012

    People keep saying that Rita ain’t all that well was Rihanna all that when she debuted in 2005 or did her image and sound go through an entire transformation hence Good Girl Gone Bad. Rihanna had mediocre success it was not until the 3rd album she really had a worldwide hit . Rihanna is just lucky, she did not get dropped and if she was not signed to Def Jam with jayz as her manager with Beyonce’s support she would not be as popular, along with her Chris Brown collaborations as well. It’s called marketing people, if Teiarra Marie were still signed to rocafella she would be a huge success. All those artists who get signed have the quote on quote it factor whether it be genuine talent charisma or their s** appeal, its when they sign contracts and get so much $$$$$ invested into their albums is when you see hype and marketing. Rihanna had her shine now that Rita is getting a little shine people are panicking

  29. Auntie_Jackie April 18, 2012

    She’s awesome. GIVE HER TIME TO DEVELOP! People are already making snap judgements. The fact that she’s being compared to another artist is a positive thing. She’ll grow out of that and forge her own lane. Until then, leave her the hell alone.

  30. flawda April 18, 2012

    @ JJFAN

    You do realize there are artist who are big in the world that aren’t big in the U.S. right. Duran Duran is one of the biggest bands in the world right now, they don’t get any spins in the U.S. and same thing for such artist Kylie Minogue, Chase and Status, Robyn,Flogging Molly,etc.

    The world is bigger than your ”small” world, just because your small circle doesn’t listen to something doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t.

    I’ve heard Party and BS down here in Miami all the time, but like i said my area isn’t a representation of the whole world. You wouldn’t never hear me making baseless statements, you don’t know what people are listening to.

  31. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare April 18, 2012

    Yep, she can sing FOR REAL! She is not a game.

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