Watch: Wynter Gordon Performs Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’

Published: Saturday 7th Apr 2012 by Sam

Rihanna‘s ‘We Found Love’ seems to be song of choice for a line of singers with actual talent to inadvertedly show the model up.

The latest songbird to bless the track? Dance diva Wynter Gordon.

Gordon, who recently performed on That Grape Juice’s Splash, once again took centre-stage – this time at the First Fleet showcase in Iowa this week, where she served up a uniquely fresh Fenty’s global smash.

Watch Ms. Gordon school the vocal deviant after the jump…

Great performance; one which saw the criminally underrated star garnish the track with a layer of “raw” and “emotion” missing from the original.

Your thoughts?


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  1. vladica07 April 7, 2012

    I hope she gets the attention she deserves because she’s really a breath of fresh air in the music business.She’s unique,has her own style and one hell of a voice!Just check out her EP and you’ll know what Im talking about.

  2. whyohwhy2 April 7, 2012

    It’s so nice to see these young ladies coming out who actually know how to sing a song live. Jessie J, this one, Rita and Melanie Fiona. It’s sad when others sing your song better and with the ability to do it in different ways. All Rihanna songs that get sang by others only prove how talentless she really is. Ladies continue to put her to shame and show the world what acutal real talent is all about. Image cant win all the time, talent must shine…

  3. RNB Fan April 7, 2012

    WYNTER GORDON >>> RIHANNA , in every single way.
    Looks, voice, talent, dancing… everything. Music >>>>

  4. YOOSONDALOOSE April 7, 2012

    Love Wynter, but she needs to forget her first album/EP thing and make some universal, original music.

    She has the talent.

  5. Lax April 7, 2012

    She’s beautiful and she sounds great, she might can do the song and poor p*** out
    of a booth better than Rih can but what did i expect, it’s Rihanna, Bytches.

  6. ginger April 7, 2012

    Much as I love Rihanna this chick sang Rihanna’s song better that the original. U rock Wynter

  7. Lax April 7, 2012

    Why many of the ass wipes think that the dirt under a pair dirty shoes
    can do all things , better than Rihanna can and i love for them to keep
    that mind set. The more they try their hand at bashing and beating the
    hound dog hell out of those Keyboard to try and SPITE RIHANNA the
    harder and longer rih will keep doing what she know to do. Rihanna
    will not ever try pleasing her haters all that she does is for those who
    and support her efforts no matter how the lames say Otherwise. With
    the Lames we know that Empty Train, Empty Brains.

    And the reason we in the navy and Rihanna’s 15 Million strong and counting
    as i beat the hound dog hell out of this key board to say that Heeeey haters yo
    Mofo Hating Asses don’t mean shyt rihanna is still going to do it to she get enough,,,, therefore in the mean time for all that her haters tries to level aganist
    her many Accomplishments try telling that to her 50.3 million Facebook and her over a Billion Youtube Viewers. And since Social Networking isn’t shyt i am waiting to see how it plays into the equation since Beyonce is trying to show her many
    fans that she’s a real live human being and not a robot that many have though she was for many , many years. Hmmmmmm i wonder how many people did

  8. Lax April 7, 2012

    We don’t give a care about who and how many can do it better than Rih can.
    some one doing her song better than her is neither here nor ther. If you like
    her’s better than keep that one close to your heart and others will do the same.
    Another Artist singing, dancing, and popping their a*** better than rihanna is just great. Those who can dance better, sing better is not going to get paid more than Rihanna for the same Song and Dance. The music books or not going to tell us who dropped it the hardest and sanded the hardest when the record their many different accomplishments in the history books, Deery’s.

    I Know it makes your Small D***k Look bigger than life and the size it really is when you can try and kick Rihanna in her a*** through your key board, AMMMMMAZZZZZING…..

  9. Teacher April 7, 2012

    Definitely NOT better than the original…but whatever….She’s a fan of Rih and has been watchn her performances, it was cute seeing her imitate the QUEEN see @3:25

    If this had been her would NOT have been the GLOBAL SMASH that Rih made it become…neway…..

    ‘When people don’t like you they will ride for anybody or anything that’s against you.’ …I’m sure the haters no where I got this quote from since they STAY checkin for Queen Rih!

  10. NYLA April 7, 2012

    That was not good as the original. And this young lady lacks stage presence.

  11. Jazmine Sullivan FAN April 7, 2012

    Buy and Listen to:

    Dirty Talk
    In The Morning
    Back To You

    Instead of talking about other artists, help Wynter soars into the charts!

  12. Ugh April 7, 2012

    Why does everyone that covers Rihanna’s songs do a much better job than her????????????? WHY??????????????????????

  13. Kyle April 7, 2012

    I like Wynter! She has a great voice and I love her dance songs.

  14. Sleazy April 7, 2012

    @teacher You need to sit! She slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed yes wynie

  15. Teacher April 7, 2012

    @ Sleazy YOU need to suck a d***! LOOOOOOL Bum Ass B****! 😀

  16. xedos April 7, 2012

    the problem is had she done the original no one would care. singing is only 50% of the business. the rest most singers don’t have . ppl have to feel a connection with the artist. these artist may be able to sing but they don’t have start power. Madonna is not the best singer ,but she has star power. if i was a record exec. i would sign star power not singers. You can find 10 out 10 singers on any block,but you would be lucky if you find 1 star.

  17. Lady Gaga: The Quintessential Pop Star of This Generation April 7, 2012

    Been such a huge fan of hers since Believer. She is soo underrated. America always pisses me off. We b**** and b**** that we have no talented artists but wee refuse to give people like her a chance.

    Her song Don’t Stop Me is really really good.

    Love you Wynter, keep goin’ girl. 🙂

  18. Ash12 April 8, 2012

    Wynter covered the song at a show. She likes Rihanna .. Who cares . Singers do it all the time Rihanna is great so is wynter .. I love both of them

  19. LAX April 8, 2012




  20. Saetana April 8, 2012

    I think TGJ are deaf, this performance is pitchy as f*** and nowhere near as good as the original. As for emotion, its a dance song not a f****** ballad! TGJ are really pushing the envelope trying to find stuff to slag Rihanna off now, its so sad as its putting people off the blog. By the way TGJ, if you are going to post performances could you make sure the sound quality is at least reasonable, this was painful to listen to for more than one reason ;o)

  21. DatDude April 8, 2012

    She performed waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy much better than that goat b*tch Rihanna only reason Rihanna a star is because she under Jay Z not to mentioned gives up the p#$$y to every Guy she meets in the industry and ofcourse she has great fashion choice of styles other than that she wack af… Point Blank!!

  22. B_STANNING April 8, 2012

    wynter did good. Aside from that I dont even stan for rihanna (there is alot i like bout her) some of you people are extremely JEALOUS of her. It makes me wonder have rihanna arrived in some way.

  23. Julian April 9, 2012

    Ear confection.. imagine though, the fate of such a song originally delivered by Wynter

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