Azealia Banks On Lil Kim: “Everyone Knows You Don’t Write Your Own Lyrics”

Published: Sunday 6th May 2012 by David

Azealia Banks is barking back.

After coming under fire from Lil Kim‘s team for allegedly manufacturing their ‘feud’, Banks has responded via Twitter.

Peep her side of the story below…

Read her tweets from the bottom up:



@LilKim you DO know that YOUR management where the ones who said u needed us to write a reference verse in the first place .. Right?


@LilKim all the time it took u to get ur team to issue a press release bout this YOU COULDA WROTE THE VERSE!!!

There is no beef. At all.

All this extra shit is stupid. Keep closing your own doors ma. @lilkim

Who cares about what you use to do…. WILL YOU DO THE TRACK??!

So….. My question was and is still… IS SHE DOING THE TRACK?

She then had her assistant write me some long ass offensive email about how Lil Kim writes her own raps and doesn’t need anyone’s help.

Everyone knows Lil Kim doesn’t write her own raps and I saw this as a faster more efficient way of getting the track done.

Okay so true tea is that Lil Kim got mad that I wrote a verse for her on a record I wanted her on.




Azealia’s statement echoes claims by Jones’ former friend ‘The Realest Dutch‘, who claims he was not paid for the ‘ghostwriting’ services he provided the Rapper back in 2010.

Your thoughts?

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  1. hi May 6, 2012

    well, it’s true.

  2. Darshelle Jones May 6, 2012

    If you are an IPhone user won’t you join me in the gaming center on iTunes!!! My email is I would be glad to game.

  3. KAT DELUNA FAN May 6, 2012

    stfu Azebeen
    how childish

  4. _eriicc May 6, 2012

    “My n**** gone now, so who writin’ my rhymes? No disrespect, ya’ll b****** on them publishing checks” – Lil’ Kim ‘Single Black Female’.

    Lil’ Kim does write her own rhymes! She’s been in this game for 15+ years, I think she deserves some credibility in authenticity.

    This chick is just using Lil’ Kim’s name trying to get her s*** to sell. Child, pleasssssssse. If it wasn’t for Kim, this Azealia wouldn’t be here. And who says she is even here yet? Azealia hasn’t had any success entering the U.S. Charts. Goodbye!

  5. nikoyuki May 6, 2012

    She is to mess for me. Her mom needs to slap the s*** out of her, I know she was always in fights as a kid. To much mouth, Iggy, Nicki, Kim, and Freddy. I thought once her team changed she wouldn’t be on twitter thuginn it. But she’s still a hood rat.

  6. MaZ May 6, 2012

    Azealia Banks on Nicky Minaj:

    “I think she’s talented enough to sustain a very fruitful career without the ugly wigs and ugly costumes.”

  7. nikoyuki May 6, 2012

    Forgot about T.I. ,this girl is a f****** mess. Deleting this ho off my itunes. She too much.

  8. BLACK MADONNA May 6, 2012


  9. Nahjee May 6, 2012

    I may be a nicki Minaj supporter but don’t ever do that azealia banks you a f****** fool you been bitter ever since you step in the f****** game. I may not like lil Kim but she gets my respect Cus of what she did for female rap/hiphop

    Banks your career is OVER! You d*** ass b****

  10. Mike May 6, 2012

    I don’t really listen to lil Kim music really but I damn sure had mad respect for her in the 90’s you don’t have to like Kim but you will respect her this goes to all female rappers..

    Azealia banks you disgust me I use to f*** with you now your dead to me with your one-hit-wonder 212 flop song b**** you a f****** nobody to me now. It’s just some things you don’t do and disrespecting lil Kim is one of them.

  11. OpD2 May 6, 2012

    that b**** kim is no saint she got what she deserved she an’t no saint,on the other hand this beef sh!t is getting old.

  12. ChartAlert May 6, 2012

    This b**** better hope Kim don’t come back at her ass w/ a Shook Hands and do her like she did Remy..cause one thing Kim don’t take kindly is people disrespecting her *files nails*

  13. MISHKA May 6, 2012

    Note to Azealia: NOBODY CARES. If you want to be a music critic, send your resume to The Source, okay? The stage is not for you!

    This girl is gonna die young I swear, why is she beefing with everybody? You’re still a NOBODY so chill out!

    I know Milli Vanilli never sang their songs but still, those will always be Milli Vanilli songs. General audience doesn’t give a dam* about that.

    Lil’Kim made a joke of herself now even nobodies are direspecting her SMH

  14. skintightjeans May 6, 2012

    Why does she look so regular and pedestrian though?

  15. OpD2 May 6, 2012

    you f-cking nicki haters/kim stans,was co-signing the sh!t out of banks when she was throwing pebbles at nicki,hoping it became something bigger and all of yall sh!t got so wet when banks said a track is in the making with her and kim yall was hoping it was a dictrack towards nicki,taking about this team is going to destroy nicki,you all now that banks and nicki have no beef and banks have no reason to dis nicki,but knowing you f-cks anytime a new chick comes on the spot.

    you all try to pit them against nicki trying to form an Alliance with kim to attack nicki just
    like keys my be banks pict up that,s it,s b-llsh!t and that kim wanted to use her as a stepping stone and turned against yall @sses,keep Co-Signing her you Bias hypocrite,now you all be talking about she is disrespectful and her career isn’t going to reach far now she isn’t the second coming no more,just because she is dissing the sh1t out of kim,but like what i said before when she was throwing pebbles at nicki she was all that,you f-ckers got what you all deserved stop using people to do yall dirty work,respect is something you earn.

  16. Nats May 6, 2012

    Ahahah this s*** is so funny. When Azealia wa sbashing the hell out of Nicki, Kim fans were all on her d***, now that she is bashing and trashing the hll out of Kim ya mad? Why U Mad tho? All in all, I may not like Kim’s ass but Azealia needs to sit the f*** down, cause I doubt she will ever do what Kim has done, she is burning too many bridges. I believe she thinks she already made it, can’t wait for this trick to crash and burn. Fast!! #TeamMinaj

  17. Kayla May 6, 2012

    it’s true..but don’t get mad now because you were rejected..remember, ya’ll was BFF4L….when she reject you, now you got s*** to say about her..i bet you don’t have many friends in your life AND you a set hopper…you jump from #TeamKim because you rejected and jump onto #TeamMinaj even tho you were dissin’ her…nuh uh bew bewsky…#TeamMinaj don’t do that, you either with us from the jump, join us or not with us…we don’t do that back and forth s***..idk about #TeamKim, they need all the assistance they can get…so you besta work it out with Kim cause she’s probally just what you need…you got NO friends OR no fans on THIS site backin’ you up…as a matter of fact, do you have fans…cause i have NEVER see nobody say #TeamBanks unless they talkin’ bout just got people that tolerate you but not REAL fans…okay, i need to shut the f*** up, blabbin’ my mouth about s***..i was bored when i was replying to this so yeah..bye! 🙂

  18. Siberian Prince May 6, 2012

    Who is Azelia Banks???

  19. the real xoxo May 6, 2012

    atleast she is telling it like it is. kim has been sued a couple of times for ghostwriting. anyway, Lauryn Hill is better than all of these boring ass h***.

  20. JAL May 6, 2012

    So, honestly the girl does have a good flow, you can hear it on the Blue Jeans Remix my lana del rey ft Azealia Banks, but this is a little childish, I mean seriously, you have the nerve to publicly go after someone who paved the way for you, Seriously this is stupid and immature. Nicki and Kimmie are the realest b****** in the game and I say they come together and roast this b****. I want a Watch the Throne type thing with Nicki and Kim.

  21. Piinkii3 May 6, 2012

    it sad how she needs attention LiL Kim g0es hard but to start ishhhHHH yu cnt back up
    Azealia if the white rapper iggy black rapps beat ur techno white rapps h** sit down don’t have a nervous breakdown like nicki cuz Kim is comin for that ass t00 i tell ya brandnew goes out quick but the old always comes bacK #POW

  22. nickiminaj May 6, 2012

    everybody know about both of these washed up h***

  23. Alex May 6, 2012

    “Females get in the game, they feel like they gotta diss me to come up.” — Lil’ Kim

  24. Those That Cannot Do, Stan May 6, 2012

    When Azelia was beefing with Iggy folks were nodding their heads up and down like dummies just cosigning and grinning.

    When Azelia was reckless with Nicki folks were rolling all over the floor just tucking it up like she gave them life.

    When Azelia slammed Kim now her songs a flop, she has no future in music, she’s trash and a hood rat.

    B****** please, f****** phony all of y’all. Kim hopped on Banks because she thought she hated Nicki, point blank period. Now the shits hit the wall all the folks crawling up banks c****** have to look elsewhere because Kimmie and Az ain’t friends no mooooore.

    Ps. Told y’all Azealia would be letting it all hang out, homegirl has a big mouth. See how long it took her to hop off Iggy? She’ll be spilling tea on Kim for months.

  25. MichaelAngelo May 6, 2012

    Azealia who?? She is a nobody

  26. ChartAlert May 6, 2012

    Now she begging Kim on twitter to still do the track w/ her lmaoo

  27. Gees May 6, 2012

    At first I thought this chick better watch her mouth being a newcomer & all .. But then again that just might help her breakthrough …but still honey child must have some pookies & em for all that slick talk

  28. ImMadAsHell May 6, 2012

    This b**** wasn’t even born when Kim was writing.

  29. Jasmine May 6, 2012

    This is stupid. It’s not new news. And I’m sure if this girl had an album out a quick cross check on would list she did not solely write her own material too. Nicki has not written any songs by herself, she is simply co-writer. So since Kim is older this girl is trying to pick on her when all these new rap girls are copying off Kim. Stupid!

    • EDwin May 20, 2013

      You have proof hat Nicki doesn’t write her own s***? you just mad because AzBanks told the truth about Kim, Nicki writes all her bars unlike the dusty ass b**** Kim.

  30. LMFAO May 6, 2012

    What is this b**** trying to be.The new 50 Cent starting beefs with people and s***.damn atleast 50 cent had some hit songs on the billboard charts while he was beefing with people.Trust me this girl won’t make it far her mouth is too BIG!!!!

  31. nATURALBEAUTY May 6, 2012

    Lmao hahhahaha! I told you Lil Kim stans this b**** was bad news! Yall were praising her & cosigning all her b*******! When she came for Nicki s*** was wonderful, now that she came for your girl she’s “wack” lmao some damn flops. Where’s Nicki? Oh yeah somewhere shooting her music videos perfecting her up & coming clothing line & perfume & waiting for her Pepsi campaign to go viral. She doesn’t have time for these basic h***! The shadddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Told you b******, you didn’t listen, hahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *eats popcorn & wait’s for Kim to respond to the accusations”

  32. KickiYaFace May 6, 2012

    @JASMINE I understand this basic came for Kim by accusing her of not writing her own lyrics but don’t imply that Nicki doesn’t either. This is about Kim & the basic not Nicki. Don’t make accusations & assumptions without receipts to back them up.

  33. FLOHNO May 6, 2012

    I love Azealia Banks, and thought she was in the right in all of the lil beefs she’s been in, but she doing too much now. It’s one thing to go after lil rap chicks like Iggy Azalea & Dominique Young Unique, but TI and Kim? Too far! Even if she has a right to be mad, you can’t be on twitter airing people out all day. I’m still gonna support her, but she’s looking real stupid with all of this.

  34. Seriously May 6, 2012

    Why does everyone care so much about whether Lil’ Kim writes her lyrics or not? Also, Azealia Banks is a f****** idiot I never did like her. She’s a newcomer and she’s already trying to start s***. She won’t get far in her career, especially since she’s dissing T.I. and Lil’ Kim. I think it’s funny how she’s trying to side with Nicki Minaj now because Team Minaj doesn’t like her pathetic ass anyways lmao.

  35. kingphoenix May 6, 2012

    YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Azealia read kim for filth! I detect no lies…….She is the realest rap girl in the game right now. Kim better not try Azealia because she will eat her up. Azealia is snatch wigs left and right. Girl stunt on them heauxs!

  36. TheTruthHurts May 6, 2012

    I love how TGJ leaves details out. From the last post to this one. She wanted to do a track with Kim and wanted Kim to do a rap that SHE (A. Banks) wrote, instead of Kim writing her own verse. Kim’s team pretty much told her No Thanks and said that Kim writes all of her own music. Instead of Azealia saying “Ok, that’s cool. She can write her own verse” and getting the ball rolling, she dropped the ball altogether and threw a tantrum like a 4 year old.

    Let’s see…..Beef with Iggy, T.I., Nicki Minaj, and now Lil Kim…..
    I guess when all else fails (see: her non-existent discography), the next best thing is being a public nuisance and “beefing” with any and everyone.

  37. kingphoenix May 6, 2012


    Wrong. Azealia did want Kim to get the “ball rolling” but Kim obviously didn’t which is why Azealia was saying that in all the time it took to create the press release Kim could have been writing her “own” verse….Reading is fundamental, and a rare ability this day and age.

    And Azealia doesn’t have beef with Nicki she just mad a simple statement on the girl and thats it…and trust the discography is coming, it will be epic, and you will deal!

  38. KayeV May 6, 2012

    i like A.Banks , im a fan but she needs to get laid and stop yap yapping ..

  39. TheTruthHurts May 6, 2012


    Wrong. She wanted Kim to do her own verse only AFTER she went off ranting and raving about it. If she had some sort of professionalism, she wouldn’t even have an issue. Because, someone not wanting to rap someone elses lyrics is all business as usual in the Hip Hop industry. Press release or not, she had already burned her bridge so that collab was already a no-go. And now she’s begging her to still do the song. And trust, the only thing I will “deal” with is facts.
    Fact is: A. Banks is doing more beefing than rapping and hasn’t even got all 10 toes all the way into the door yet. If she keeps on with this pattern of stepping on the toes of ESTABLISHED people in the industry that could actually help her, that “epic” discography might not see the light of day.

  40. kingphoenix May 6, 2012


    No Ma’am no way, only reason Azealia is bitching about it is because she ratchet and Kim was giving her the run around…you neeed to re-read the tweets bae. I know you love kim and all but her days are over…was this not apparent to you when she lied and said she was the Queen of Paypal…um no. And Azealia has her foot in the industry. She had an AMAZING Coachella set, she has been given props by Kanye and Karl Lagerfeld, she has great management, and she has been in countless upscale magazines like GQ and Elle…Kim only has on epic album and that was Hardcore…so you have no room to talk about discography. Bet Azealia shines when her material, and where will Kim be..oh yeah on hour “tour” around the New York projects.

  41. PrettigurlrockD May 6, 2012

    She made herself look PRESSED.COM. I am far from a kim fan but hunny if someone don’t wanna work with you let it go. Don’t throw temper tantrums. B****, u barking up the wrong tree.

  42. TheTruthHurts May 6, 2012


    The only reason she complained is because she is ratchet? And that’s you’re winning justification for her actions? Had she simply DM’d Kim or sent an e-mail to hash things out instead of acting b***-hurt over something that happens everyday in the industry, the collab would probably still be on. She messed that up on her own. I’m aware of her doing Coachella and that one other event. Good for her. The thing is, if she want’s to have a career as successful and as long as Kim or Missy (people SHE begged to work with) and continue performing at events and being featured in mags, she needs to learn how to be professional and business-minded. In order for her to learn, she has to SHUT UP and LISTEN.

    Now as for everything else you brought up: Irrelevant
    I’m not here for teenage STANdom, dear. Miss me with it.

  43. Candy May 6, 2012

    KINGPHOENIX You a f***** who’s heads stays up in Beyonce p*ssy.You don’t know what they F*ck you talking about.

  44. kingphoenix May 6, 2012


    Yes you better call me a pile of sticks, i see you be watching me huh?

  45. Kim is Queen May 6, 2012

    @THETRUTHHURTS You can say nothing to #KingPhoenix.That boys is as dumb as they come.

  46. NaTURALBEAUTY May 6, 2012

    @KINGPHOENIX Got the girls pressed! Lmao yes you better provide receipts for the weak minded & delusional.

  47. kingphoenix May 6, 2012


    You know that really hurts from sombody how is a fan of the Queen of Paypal….I am more distressed than Lil Kims original face.

  48. kingphoenix May 6, 2012


    I dont know why when i am just giving facts but i guess…but may i ask what the hell is that thing in you gravatar? Ain’t nothing natural about that!

  49. NaTURALBEAUTY May 6, 2012

    @KINGPHOENIX It’s supposed to be a contradiction to those who think Lil Kim is actually “beautiful” I know it’s a mess though.

  50. TheTruthHurts May 6, 2012

    I saw the “AND” my dear. The only way i’m seeing that Kim gave her the runaround is by telling her she won’t be rapping A. Bank’s pre-written verse for her. Which was the main point of this whole post and discussion……yeah. Nice try though.

    There’s no playing cute or oblivious to Fact vs. Fiction on my end. You’ve already got that role down pat. So yes, it really would greatly benefit her to let her music and “talent” speak for itself because your doing a p***-poor job at speaking for her.

  51. POP ROYALTY ( TRRJWLI) May 6, 2012

    this is the type of b****** i like 🙂

    U go B**** 🙂

  52. kingphoenix May 6, 2012

    Lmfao @Natural Beauty!

    I know b/c ur so

  53. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    This c*** is straight ratchet!! Shes a f****** nobody and shes trying to come for Kim? B**** please. Kreayshawn fans hate her. Nicki fans hate her. Iggy Azalea fans hate her. T.I fans dont like her. And now she got Team Kim on her ass. Her career is about as good as dead. Too many enemies too quick. Someone give Gorilla Banks a muzzle

  54. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    I aint even #TeamKim but I want to see Kim erase this b**** and come after her like she did Nicki

  55. OpD2 May 6, 2012

    SOME B**** you are obviously a delusional c-nt,what did kim do to nicki,i see everything is flip in your little fantasy land,get da f-ck out of her you nut.

  56. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    May 6, 2012 at 3:23 pm
    I love how TGJ leaves details out. From the last post to this one. She wanted to do a track with Kim and wanted Kim to do a rap that SHE (A. Banks) wrote, instead of Kim writing her own verse. Kim’s team pretty much told her No Thanks and said that Kim writes all of her own music. Instead of Azealia saying “Ok, that’s cool. She can write her own verse” and getting the ball rolling, she dropped the ball altogether and threw a tantrum like a 4 year old.

    Let’s see…..Beef with Iggy, T.I., Nicki Minaj, and now Lil Kim…..
    I guess when all else fails (see: her non-existent discography), the next best thing is being a public nuisance and “beefing” with any and everyone

    Hardcore is Kim’s only epic album? The Naked Truth is a classic, it got the 5 mic rating by The Source magazine. Only 11 albums have recieved that rating and she’s the only female MC to achieve it. Plus Vibe gave a 5 star rating. Give Kim her props, even if you dont like her.

  57. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    I meant the way she released Black Friday, which was a hot ass diss track you f****** dumb c***. Hop out of Nicki’s plastic v*****

  58. LTM (Tonight Im Dressin Up For You) May 6, 2012

    So her beef with Iggy and T.I was getting her enough attention? How sad. No one is checking for her music so she has to run her mouth to get noticed. Kim>Azealia, but everyone already knows that. I predict she will diss Foxy, Eve, and Missy by the end of the year. Possibly Trina.

  59. NaTURALBEAUTY May 6, 2012

    @SOME B**** B**** say what? “Come at her like she did to Nicki” where did that leave Lil Kim after that? Some YouTube views & a Paypal mixtape. Nicki won, clearly! So Lil Kim better not even think about responding, it’ll be another irrelevant accomplishment.

  60. kingphoenix May 6, 2012

    @Some B****

    I will never take anybody serious with an Iggy Azealia gravatar talking about giving some body props for an album that didnt deservve listens no less five mics from to magazines that nobody even reads….is the Source even in circulation anymore? S***, is vibe? Oh yeah, whateer happened to Iggy? I thought murder bizness was supposed to slay not slump?

  61. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    1. I cant with your Gravatar
    2. Kim’s beef with Nicki made her relevant again
    3. Black Friday was a hot diss track, Kim went hard at Nicki. The problem was that Nicki was too big to be erased. I dont like the plastic b****, but Im not delusional. She aint going anywhere anytime soon unless her fickle 8 year old fans abandon her.
    4. Azealia Banks is still getting her name out their. If Kim goes after Azealia like she did Nicki should could actually erase her from the game.

  62. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    The Source is still considered a major hip-hop magazine, and it sure as hell was back in 2005. Get @ me when Basic Banks gets that kinda attention. And I know your ass is keeping tabs on Iggy so lets not boo. Murda Bizness has only been released to iTunes so far. What has Basic Banks done sofar besides getting everyone to hate her? What music has she put out?

  63. LTM (Tonight Im Dressing Up For You) May 6, 2012

    @King Phoenix
    Dont worry about Iggy sweetheart, worry about your soon to be 1 hit wonder fave 😉

  64. kingphoenix May 6, 2012

    @Some B****
    Basic Banks has in the top 20 on the UK singles chart…what chart has Iggy charted?, Basic Banks has performed at Coachella where has Iggy performed at other than an atlanta strip club? Basic Banks was also in Elle, GQ, NHM and other up scale magazines…where has iggy, oh yeah on the cover of XXL.lmfao. Try again girlfriend. And when that mixtape come out you will see light heaux, mark my words.


    Im concerned about Iggy yet your in an Azealia Banks post…get at me when Iggy actually gets a hit. kthanksbye

  65. LTM (Tonight Im Dressing Up For You) May 6, 2012

    Get at me when Azealia has a hit herself. Have you seen the people who top the U.K chart? Its not really an accomplishment.

  66. kingphoenix May 6, 2012


    Oh girl really you wanna try that….you know if Iggy had a hit on a f****** chart in Timbuktu your ass would be p**** popping! You mad because Azealia is gettting recognition from Karl Largefeld (fashion icon) and Kanye West a relevant rapper with like 18 grammies…she also has the same management as Lady Gaga and is in the Studio with Missy F****** Elliot…why are you so pressed hun? Maybe T.I. will convience the omg girlz to let Iggy can open up for them…i doubt it but, hey they might. *kanyeshrug*

  67. kingphoenix May 6, 2012

    @ LTM

    And then i just remembered your the one that called her a one-hit wonder in the first place…lmfao you really are a joke promoting wack ass artist and contradicting your self to put down real chicks with real talent

  68. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    Lmao, why are you making it about Iggy? Cause you know Kim shits on Basic Banks. Iggy covered XXL Magazine, making hip-hop history. Iggy was in Complex Magazine too. She’s getting promo from MTV. Basic Bank’s set at Coachella was horrible. Iggy’s not on stage because she’s actually making music to satisfy her fans instead of giving them new haters to deal with.

    BTW, The New Classic will be a masterpeice, you may even find yourself picking up a copy.

  69. LTM (Tonight Im Dressing Up For You) May 6, 2012

    Iggy got love from Nas(hip-hop legend), Keri Hilson(master shade thrower), and Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope Records who signed her himself. They played basketball together. Having the same management team as Lady GaGa irrelevant. Azealia is in the studio with Missy while Iggy is in the studio with T.I, Be Mejor, B.O.B, and Dev, who comes with the Cataracs who know how to make a hit.
    212 is as much of a “hit” as Gucci Gucci lol.
    How is Azealia real when she was up Kims ass two week ago and now she’s putting her down on Twitter? A real chick wouldnt take shots at Nicki one month then suck her ass the next week. Azealia is as fake as they come. And what talent does she have exactly?
    And how am I pressed when your coming at Iggy with the Iggy stan when she was talking about Kim? Lol Im not made sweetheart, Azealia is not relevant enough for me to get mad.

    BTW, dont count your chickens before they hatch. Azealia might run her mouth off at Missy next and burn that bridge too.

  70. LTM (Tonight Im Dressing Up For You) May 6, 2012

    *blasts My World followed by The Last Song*

  71. kingphoenix May 6, 2012

    @Some B****

    Oh Kim could not s*** on anybody because she dont write her own s***, and even Kim’s ghostwriter couldn’t touch Azealia. And girl nobody is checking for XXL or Complex, ragedy as publications….Azealia’s Coachella set was horrible? Okay b**** now i know you are delusional. You must got her mixed up with that horrible set iggy did in somebody strip club basement in the A.

    The New Classic? What is that? Girl i dont got time to be going to the local Piggly Wiggly to help support your fave career aspiration…But the best of luck to you band wagon of becky’s and bekcy lovers.

  72. LTM (Tonight Im Dressing Up For You) May 6, 2012

    “And girl nobody is checking for XXL or Complex, ragedy as publications”
    Your pressed girl clearly was lmao!! Did you forget your girl was b*** hurt over the fact that she didnt make the cover?

  73. LTM (Tonight Im Dressing Up For You) May 6, 2012

    #ImDone lol

  74. kingphoenix May 6, 2012


    I never heard of any of those people you spoke of other than Lady Gaga, Kim, Nicki, Missy, T.i. (but i know him more by his alias Kermit the Frog), and of course Azealia Banks…so you can miss me with that other s***.

    Yeah she was a fan of Kim just like Nicki was, and the both had to call her out on her insecurities. Never trust a black person that bleaches their self. If you can’t love your self how in the hell you going to love somebody else.

    And you brought up iggy, how else was i supposed to know you were a stan. And i brought up Iggy to that other b**** because the reason why she is throwing shade to Azealia is b/c she stans for that no talent fake in her gravatar.

    And sweetheart i know you couldnt be “made” stanning for Iggy and Katy Perry…your a basic b**** spewing your rage because you know that your faves’ are gimmicks praying to maintain and for Iggy to gain relevancy for as long as possible.

    I dont know why you are bringing up that bridge you live under troll, but trust Azealia is about to blaze, shipping iggy ass back to Austrialia so she can be that white slave master she “raps” about in her songz.

  75. kingphoenix May 6, 2012


    She was mad because a black publication was gloryifying a white girl who made clearly racist remarks in a song, as welll Iggy is a horrible rapper and it was obvious to Azealia that the people behind XXL have a slave mentality perpetuating this ideal of the Massah”s White Women that is accessible to negros.

    Azealia was making a revelation, if anything she should be thanked. But it this white supremists heterosexist society that we live in black women are otrasized not only by whites, but people of their own race and gender because so many people have this f***** up pathology….


  76. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    Lmao, still making it about Iggy even though it started about Kim. Where are your reciepts for those ghostwriter claims. Every b**** has tried that card but end up coming short in the proof department. And since when was XXL a black publication? Its a hip-hop magazine, hip-hop doesnt equal black. And you, like so many other ignorant b******, are quick to scream racist without doing your research. That song was orginaly a Childish Gambino song and a BLACK rapper named Kendrick Lamar added his own twist to it. Iggy sampled it and parts of Kendricks verse’s, including the runaway slave master part. So get the f*** outta here with the race b*******.

    Azealia is a dumbass cause, like Iggy said, XXL magazine didnt put her on the cover, her fans did. Its not her fault Basic Banks has no fans.

  77. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    LTM (Tonight Im Dressing Up For You)
    May 6, 2012 at 9:14 pm
    “And girl nobody is checking for XXL or Complex, ragedy as publications”
    Your pressed girl clearly was lmao!! Did you forget your girl was b*** hurt over the fact that she didnt make the cover?

  78. kingphoenix May 6, 2012

    @Some B****

    How does Hip-Hop not equal black, when it was created by black people due to black peoples oppression because of white men? Please explain this to me?

    And what does the sampling of the song have to do anything with her saying she was a RUNAWAY SLAVE MASTER, neither Kendrick or Childish Gambino said that…Iggy did and your a dumb f*** for defending her. Really are you that f****** retarted? Either your a racist white person, or a dumb as black person who is far brainwashed by white supremecy that you cant see that the b**** is that you support is the same b**** that hates you because of your race?

    Azealia has no fans yet she is far more successful than Iggy, compare there google hits, their wikipedia pages, their bank accounts…anything! Azealia will still be more talented and more succeful. Y are you so mad at a black woman being more talented and succeful than a white one hun?

  79. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    So now its a race thing huh? LMAO!!!! Your beyond f****** crazy, I truely cant with you anymore. Hip-Hop was created by black people but, suprise b****, its 2012, and whites, hispanics, and asians rap too. I see your one of the ignorant who believed hip-hop is only for blacks. Its a f****** mainstream genre now, its open to everyone. Get the f*** over it. XXL Magazine is for hip-hop acts, race doesnt matter anymore. But your to ignornat to understand that, so there is no point in me preaching to your simple minded ass. I dont support or hate on any artist for based on their race. Get the f*** outta here with your brainwash white surpremcy b******* conspircacy.

    Do your research c***, not all the lyrics on the song came from Iggy. Im not a racist white or a dumb black, Im a person with a f****** brain and a open mind, something you clearly lack.

    If Azealia had fans they would have vote her ass on the cover, but she doesnt so shes not. Im not mad at her for being black our untalented. I dont like that b**** because shes trash. She diss others for attention, whether you want to admit it or not. She is ratchet. And I cant with you bragging that shes more successful like either of them have careers full of success yet. Your just too damn delusional and ignorant for me to reply to anymore.

  80. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    And I still havent seen your reciepts on the Lil Kim ghostwritter claims.

  81. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    If you think Iggy is racist answer
    1. Why does she idolize Tupac, a black man?
    2. Why did she want to be a rapper since age 14 when hip-hop is ran by black men?
    3. Why is A$AP Rocky, a black man, her man?
    4. Why does she have a black mans named tatted on her fingers?
    5. Why would she sign to T.I’s(a black man) label when she had other offers, made by white people Im sure?
    6. Why is her hip-hop group full of blacks?

    Yall know damn well a true racist wouldnt do any of that s***. But we are all so quick to cry racist. SMH. Its like the whole V-Nasty using the N word mess.

  82. ass May 6, 2012

    i still thinks azealia is the most talented out of the new crop of girls. That being said, she needs to start staying shut. She is talking way to much, for someone on the come up. Where is her management to whisper in her ear? I dunno she beginning to irk alot of people ala khia style.

    Just tell us in your music bae. The music should address this s***; not you on twitter. Still team banks. But she is pushing fans away …

  83. Brittany May 6, 2012

    Aziggazow Banks needs to sit her pressed ass down with her weak ass music. How she gon make up s*** about the Queen and then wanna be cool with her? Is this chiclet tooth yamp even getting airplay?

  84. kingphoenix May 6, 2012

    @Some B****

    Just because she says she idolizes a black man does men she respect him, like at all these crazy stalkers, r*****, child m******* who say s*** like that.

    Just because she f****** a black man don’t men she loves him….White men r**** black women….was this done out of love? Sounds like a fetish to me.

    She choses hip-hop because its a cash cow to her she has no discernable talent so she built this image up as a rapper because its cool and its lucrative. She is exploiting black people and you are supporting her.

    If she wasn’t racist why would she make a racist remark? Know why she did it, because she is a white woman and she knew that she could manipulate black people into believe her hype due to the internalized racist structures across the world.

    We should all cry racist because look what has been done to us for centuries. Honestly why are you supporting this obvious proliferation of white privilege. It makes no sense, unless you too are a white person, and if that is the case then i am wasting my time trying to help you any way.

  85. kingphoenix May 6, 2012

    @Some B****

    I don’t need receipts for a known fact…but just look at her hard core album compared to the rest…how could her “talent” deteriorate so fast if she was really consistenly writing her own stuff? Why did she have a relationship with the rapper Keys, trying to come for Nicki, But when Kim started getting more hype and released Black Friday, Keys made allegations that she was the writer of Black Friday and she dissappear. Kim career has been full of shade and disappointment. No need for receipts, that truth is self-evident.

  86. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    *sigh* This is truely the last time I preach to you. I have a job and its late
    1. She idolizes him, but she doesnt respect him? Did you re-read that before you clicked the post button? You cant idolize someone who you dont respect. That makes absolutely no sense at all. And then comparing her to crazy stalkers and r*****? Like forreal??
    2. White slave masters did r*** their slaves but they didnt date them and tattoe their names on their fingers. Thats young love honey, not an extreme fetish.
    3. Hip-hop is not a cash cow at all. Iggy has potential to be a model, as you can see in her video for The Last Song. Models make more money then the average rapper and its just as cool and lucrative. Shes not exploiting black people in any way shape or form
    4. She didnt think of that verse so she is not racist. Is every nonblack person who says n**** when they sing along to a rap song a racist? No. Do I think she should have said it? No, she should left that verse out. But do I hate becasue of it? Hell nah. Does it make her racist? Hell nah. If she is truely racist, name one other “racist” thing she has said or done. You cant becasue their is none because shes not racist
    5. Black people arent brainless twits with no mind of their own. You suggest that they can be easily brainwashed by a “manipulative white woman” when its not true. We dont believe anything we dont want to. We arent sheep
    6. History has proven that white people have done blacks wrong over centuries, but crying racist everytime a white person says/does something negative towards anthing/anyone black does nothing but cause the word to lose meaning and make blacks look ignorant. Using the racist card has no real affect anymore because it is used on everyone, like you appy it to Iggy. Besides, Iggy is not American. Austrailian whites arent the ones who have screwed us over.
    7. I am black, but Im not sure what difference it makes. Like I said before, I dont hate or support anyone based on their skin color. I do it because I enjoy their music or like their personality. I dont need help at all, but you seriously do if you think what you just posted was sane and reasonable. And if you do deep down inside think that your opinions are sane and reasonable there is no point in continueing to go back in forth. Im tired and work in the morning.

  87. Some B**** May 6, 2012

    I wouldnt know because I dont own any Kim albums, but according to fans who brought it and critics, The Naked Truth was just as good, if not better than Hard Core. They only see her second album as a let down. Allegations and shade people arent real evidence. I need hard proof. Like how Rick Ross admitted he ghost wrote for Trina (which is beyond creepy considering Trina’s old raps were sexual).

  88. Jasmine May 6, 2012

    KickiYaFace I dont make “assumptions” or “accusations.” I cited my source, which is, a very trusted and reliable source in the industry.

  89. KickYaFace May 7, 2012

    @JASMINE Those writing credits you’re referring to have nothing to do with the actual verses rather the chorus, bridges, & hooks of songs. For example, Super Bass was written by Ester Dean & Nicki, but Ester did not write Nicki’s verse. Are you smart enough to understand the actual logic of my point? There is a huge difference between someone writing a song for a rapper & someone writing a verse or “ghost writing” for a rapper. (BTW I personally think Lil Kim does write her own verses)

  90. kingphoenix May 7, 2012

    @Some B****

    I went to be and am just seeing this but hopefully you read this and spefically read this blog, and maybe things can become more clear to you:

  91. Deji May 7, 2012

    Listen to Afrodisiac by Teni! She’s the new Sade!

  92. YOOSONDALOOSE May 7, 2012

    Go Azealia!!!
    Show her ma!

  93. IStan4NickiMinaj May 7, 2012

    Come on b**** you cant come in the game taking shots and s***. i hate kim soooo much i wont respect her not until people respect Nicki.

    People dont see the fact that sure kim opened doors for b****** way back when but NICKI made female rap a thing again never forget that. she made it a category again.

    “Is it me or did I put these rap b****** on the map again”
    -Nicki Minaj (Roman Reloaded)

  94. MSTEEFROMDC May 7, 2012





  95. MSTEEFROMDC May 7, 2012



  96. Tbozfan10 May 7, 2012

    So is lil Kim going to come at her talking sh*t about azealia on stage, in interviews, throw a fit about her “swagger jacking” her and make a mixtape with the lead song being about her hatred of her and make the cover it be a picture of her murdering her with her blood all over the ground. Huh Kim? Will you? Nah, I doubt it.

    And here’s a quote from a TGJ poster:
    “Lil’ Kim does write her own rhymes! She’s been in this game for 15+ years, I think she deserves some credibility in authenticity.”

    I do believe that lil Kim most likely wrote the vast majority of her own lyrics, but your statement doesn’t do a whole lot to defend her since she hasn’t made an album in 7 years and during the time she was releasing albums 1995-2005 there are really long gaps between album releases. Well of course you could talk about “black Friday” but the lyrics on that mixtape are so embarrassing I would HOPE I had a ghost writer if I were Kim! “sh*ttin on em.. Diarrhea..”, “blue in the face.. Avatar!!” those were supposed to be punch lines!

  97. 2Hilarious May 9, 2012

    I really lov e Lil Kim as a singer and rapper . And no what people I’ll always love her rap style. I don’t know if she’s writing or not her lyrics byt that’s not point.
    Lot of singers and rappers don’t do either these days…

  98. Cassie July 11, 2012

    Here we go with this stupid s*** again. It was already made clear by many people including some of Kim’s enemies that Kim writes her own damn lyrics, in fact she use to ghost write for other people including P.diddy so you stop with that b******* Azealia. I really hope you don’t follow the same path as Nicki by coming in the game dissing your predecessors because then you will never get respect.

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