Confirmed: Britney Spears Joins X Factor USA

Published: Monday 14th May 2012 by David

The news we’ve all been waiting is finally here.

Yes, after months of speculation, Britney Spears has confirmed that she is to judge alongside Simon Cowell, LA Reid and Demi Lovato on X Factor USA, season 2.

Official release below…

Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning worldwide pop icon Britney Spears and singer, songwriter and actress Demi Lovato will join L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell as judges on THE X FACTOR, the hit singing competition series returning this fall on FOX.

Spears is one of the most successful and celebrated entertainers in pop history. Her musical career boasts nearly 100 million albums sold worldwide and countless awards and accolades, including the 2011 MTV Video Vanguard Award and Billboard’s Best-Selling Female Artist of the Decade (1998-2008). Spears first captivated audiences with her first single “…Baby One More Time,” an international hit that is currently 14x Platinum in the U.S. So far, Spears has earned a total of five No.1 debut albums and 24 Top 40 songs in her career.

Lovato is an accomplished singer and actress with a devoted and engaged young fan base. Her single, “Skyscraper,” off of her most recent album, “Unbroken,” recently went platinum, while the video for her new single, “Give Your Heart a Break,” already has garnered 10 million YouTube views. Her first album, “Don’t Forget,” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and her second album, “Here We Go Again,” debuted at No. 1. Lovato began acting at the age of 10, and starred in the cable television series, “Sonny With A Chance.” Her film credits include “Camp Rock” and “Princess Protection Program.”

“I’m absolutely delighted Britney and Demi are joining us,” said Simon Cowell. “Britney remains one of the biggest stars in the world, she’s talented, fascinating – and I believe she knows exactly how to spot THE X FACTOR. Demi’s had an amazing career in music, TV and film for someone her age. She’s young, confident, and enthusiastic. I think it’s really important that she speaks to our younger audience. The new panel will be dynamic and will work really well with the changes we are making to the show.”

Spears added, “I couldn’t be more excited to join THE X FACTOR judging panel. I’m a huge fan of the show and now I get to be a part of the action. Simon and L.A. better watch out!”

“I’m so thrilled to join this legendary group of judges on THE X FACTOR,” said Lovato. “To be able to spend each week with Simon, L.A. and Britney watching the best that America has to offer is truly a dream come true.”

Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company, noted, “Britney is an unparalleled superstar. Her success in the music industry over the last two decades makes her a perfect fit for THE X FACTOR judging panel. Demi has mass appeal and is beloved by her fans around the world. We are incredibly lucky to have them on board and we know they will bring so much excitement to the judging table for Season Two!”

“Britney Spears has done it all – she is the ultimate pop icon – and I am thrilled that she has agreed to join THE X FACTOR,” said executive producer Cecile Frot-Coutaz. “Nobody embodies THE X FACTOR more than Britney – she has shown the world what it means, how to do it and how to sustain it! Demi, like Britney, was discovered at a young age.

Her ambition and drive solidifies her as one of the most popular young artists today. Now they will each get a chance to share their experiences and skills with the acts that they will mentor on THE X FACTOR.”



Sure to benefit all involved (Trawick’s Britney’s wallet/ Simon’s ratings) here’s hoping Britney’s run on the show is a success.

Here’s also hoping the acts she mentors don’t have to deal with the brain dead mannequin spawned during the ‘Blackout’ era, but enjoy a receptive Spears, involved enough to at least appear interested in their chances of winning.

For, much like when she performed at the 2007 VMAs, Team Spears will have egg on their face if she doesn’t deliver on a personality front and proves the likes of Howard Stern and the Monsters  right.

UPDATE: Watch the announcement as it’s made

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  1. KING BEY May 14, 2012

    Yessssss Sam go in on that mental patient!!! That b**** is SO OVERRATED she could never see King Bey on the stage!!!

  2. Christian May 14, 2012

    @ KING BEY – STFU!!!!!! Why are you even mentioning Beyonce. This post is about BRITNEY!!!!!

  3. dustin May 14, 2012

    not even that big a britney fan but…

    this britney is a different beast altogether. no need to throw shade at a period of time when a chick was down and out. she was suffering from mental illness (potentially) and if that is the case mocking her hot mess time period is like kicking someone while they’re down. i appreciate that this is an opinion based blog but some tact would be appreciated.

    moving forward, talent (or lack there of) aside britney is an ideal choice for the show. shes a-list name recognition and whether or not she is still in her prime doesnt really affect her ability to rate the quality of others. she clearly has a knowledge base on the subject. by contrast demi is a fantastic addition to the show because shes new a relatively fresh (despite the fact that she may very well still be battling mental illness) and she can BLOW. girl has some pipes to be reckoned with.

    that said, this is kind of a make or break year for the show and i think (at least on paper) producers are hedging their bets in the right ways to ensure that this season will be a success.

  4. Ugh May 14, 2012

    For the best she can bring some much needed pizazz to the show, for the worse she can rival Paula in the CRAY CRAY department, time will tell.

  5. KING BEY May 14, 2012

    YES the post is about this CRAZY OVERRATED B**** and Sam went IN! I can mention the KING anytime I want B****!!!!!

  6. johnvidal May 14, 2012

    Britney Spears and Demi Lobato??? omg lol

  7. MONSTERHIVE May 14, 2012

    I love Britney! She’s one of the only artists in my book who gets a pass for lip syncing. She’s a pop icon & she will definitely be bringing in the ratings! Can’t wait, she’s gonna be amazing!

  8. MissImpartial May 14, 2012

    I hope it works out for Britney’s sakes. But will be watching it this time around. She is not intrested in performing anymore so this might be good for her.

    As for the Beyonce fan always first here to hate and then complain when people hate on Beyonce.

    And that pic of Brit is beautiful.

  9. 9 May 14, 2012

    Omg best day ever!

  10. Oh Baby(B****** Will Deal) May 14, 2012

    LMAOOOOO! this must be a joke! OK SIMON,It’s time to hang it up already!! DEMI LAVATO? seriously?? the girl is my age! how the f*** does she hold validity in judging talent when she’s barely talented herself? Ok maybe that was a bit harsh,but she’s basically a rookie in the game and i think it’s an insult to the other older contestants having her judge their talent. And I love Britney really I do,but damn Simon! Britney doesn’t even sing live herself! (she does however have experience in the industry i give her that) Like i don’t get what the criteria on being a judge this year was? 1) BE WHITE 2)HAVE LITTLE TO NO TALENT 3) HAVE A YOUTHFUL APPEAL?? Was that it? Nicole and Paula were 10 times better,but whatevs,make that Money brit brit and miss Demi,I ain’t mad at that!! I’ll prob check it out when it premiers,hope I don’t end up giving it the American Idol treatment……….IGNORE IT AND STOP WATCHING ALL TOGETHER! SMDH

  11. HD live May 14, 2012

    the legendary miss britney spears omg x factor rocks 2012

  12. Scars May 14, 2012

    simon & brit brit EPIC!

  13. latifa May 14, 2012

    wow i cant see what theyl bring on the talent side, seeing as demi is inexperienced and britneys out of it most of the time from those antipsychotics. but still ratings is ratings

  14. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! May 14, 2012

    Demi Lovato!!! Yessssss hope she does well on this show. she looks amazing in the Skyscraper vid

  15. dustin May 14, 2012

    @oh baby

    clearly you haven’t heard demi sing. if you had you would know that the chick can blow hard. trust, i used to talk mad s*** about demi until i actually heard her sing live (a duet with kelly clarkson on her last tour) and she matched kelly vocal blow for vocal blow. it was legit.

    oh and age has NOTHING to do with being able to spot talent. now whether or not she can foster and improve upon it is a different story. lets see how this plays out. but if we are basing your ability to judge talent being predicated on how much talent you have, saying demi lovato isnt equipped is just ignorant.

  16. Robot May 14, 2012


    Only love for my girl, can’t wait to see her in action!

  17. BLACK MADONNA May 14, 2012


  18. pete May 14, 2012

    100 MILLION ALBUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UR FAVES COULD NEVA!

  19. Michael Johnson May 14, 2012

    It’s crazy to think that Whitney probably would have been up there judging.

  20. lolax May 14, 2012

    the queen is back and better than ever 😀

  21. christinastherealtalent May 14, 2012

    “Britney remains one of the biggest stars in the world, she’s talented, fascinating – and I believe she knows exactly how to spot THE X FACTOR”

    Good God Simon you really made me throw up! I think people actually forgot what “talented” really means. Talent isn’t somebody who can sustain a hit on the charts. Talent is somebody who can dance, sing, and write their own material.

    Britney has no business being up there judging other people on their talent.

  22. hot as ICE May 14, 2012

    she looks amazing

  23. number1k9 May 14, 2012

    Ewww, this panel looks horrible as a collective. Did you see how stiff Britney and Demi stood there, obv not comfortable as a panel yet: which is expected.

    BTW who the hell is the host? ? ? ?

    Back to the topic. I like Britney for the role, btu I def do NOT love it (on her). I think she is a great choice because she has 15+ years of experience… and hse is the biggest Pop star to come out since Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, etc. So she is very much so experienced enough for the role/position!

    As for Demi Lovato. Inexperienced is def a word that comes to mind. No matter how “good” you may think her vocals are, she has been known for under 5 years I believe. And she has little to NO credibility to be in the ranks of Britney, Simon, or L.A. Reid. I do think she was added simply to get young viewers to watch. Sadly, Miley Cyrus is a better choice for the position, easily based off her additional years of experience.

    Not to mention, didn’t Demi leave Disney Channel because she wanted to get AWAY from being a TV star, and become more focused on her musical career?
    ….disconnect, I think so.

    OHHHH, and to the person who said Demi can keep up with Kelly Clarkson, try again! I will not even try to search for that video clip!

  24. LaLa May 15, 2012

    Britney still looked abit awkward during presentation. But no doubt she is the X Factor. I Just hope she can compose herself & give a great input towards the contestant.

  25. jhongerardo May 15, 2012


  26. Byner May 15, 2012

    Lately I feel that Britney Spears is trying to be way too much like her nemesis Christina by wearing these tight fitting dresses and by copying Christina’s new career move as a judge. I wonder if Christina chooses to do more movies in the future, if Britney will follow her in that too?

  27. Stay May 15, 2012


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