Lil Kim Readies New Single & Tour With Missy Elliott, Eve?

Published: Wednesday 30th May 2012 by Rashad

Looks like somebody is a busy busy bee.

Already making her way across the nation and earning much buzz for her ‘Return of the Queen’ tour, seems Lil’ Kim is also planning a return to charts.  Despite the no start singles ‘If You Love Me’ and the Young Jeezy-assisted ‘Keys To the City’, Kim took to the Windy City of Chicago to visit Power 92 and give them the lowdown on her new single.

Also dishing on her new book, Kim gave inklings that she may be joining two other femcees on the road soon –‘Hot Boys’ hitmakers Missy Elliott and Eve.  Fans know all three rap divas’ returns are reportedly in the works, but will it take the power of 3 to put female rap back on the map?

Hear this and more below:


Looks like ‘Looks Like Money’ will be Kim’s new joint.  The Rockwilder produced cut was previewed with the producer himself here (at the 1:42 mark).

Your thoughts?

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  1. RIHLUV May 30, 2012


  2. BLACK MADONNA May 30, 2012


    • truth May 31, 2012

      #throws knive in yo back…shut up h**

  3. Speechless May 30, 2012

    I would love to see those 3 together on tour!

  4. BlancoRISE May 30, 2012

    Team Lil Kim needs to gather up some coins & actually buy the single this time so it can at least chart at number 100. We need to knock that clone Nicki off the Billboard charts with that Starships s*** that has stayed there since for 4 months now & hasn’t fallen out of top 10, we need real music!

    • bLaine kelley May 31, 2012

      i Love that your comment basically acknowledged Nicki’s current madd success while pointing out kim’s struggles…

      …was this done inadvertently or were you being sarcastic? LoL

      • Circus May 31, 2012

        Pretty sure it’s a Kim hater mocking her

    • OpD2 May 31, 2012

      even a baby can see the sarcasm in your comment lol.

      • BLANCORISE May 31, 2012

        These b****** that thumbs up my comment can’t detect shade, lmao I confess. Is it my fault one wasn’t granted the gift of shade catching? *Kanye shrug*

    • truth May 31, 2012

      b**** please

  5. Lea May 30, 2012

    I can’t wait for Kim’s return.

  6. Lil Kim is the King of hip hop May 30, 2012

    Kim’s about to own 2012.

  7. Kira May 30, 2012

    Real hip hop.

  8. Lil Kim 20 million sold. May 30, 2012

    She’s about to kill the game.

  9. SB May 30, 2012

    She just need to let it go. Its over.

    • truth May 31, 2012

      yo mammy over

  10. skintightjeans May 31, 2012

    Damn she ugly

    • truth May 31, 2012

      yo momma

  11. the Zolonski Trap May 31, 2012

    latoya jackson?? oh that says lil kim..*laughs* my bad. what she gonna do, give her fans “Ladies Night” and claim it new? like she did w/”Keys to the City” which was recorded years ago…this b**** is dead && of course she would need help to get her back in the limelight, which probally STILL wont do s***..this b**** is dead..jst enjoy look’n at “Starships”, “Right By My Side” && “Beez in da Trap” on billboard. and you better pray that “Marilyn Monroe” aint the next single because its already stirring up a shitload of votes on her next single poll at

    • QueenBee May 31, 2012

      Instead of commenting on a Kim’s post you need to go to the store and purchase multiple albums of RomanReloaded so it can go Gold.

      • aisysha May 31, 2012

        buahahahaha!! tell dat goat 2 go buy his nicki flop Album

  12. Foxxy May 31, 2012

    Nicki tourIng overseas. Didn’t Kim giveaway mad tickets on 106? Couldn’t sell out in her hometown? Even Azealia’s NYC show sold out in 2 minutes and her $25 dollar tickets (same price as this “legend” lol) are being scalped online at over $125+.

    • ImMadAsHell May 31, 2012

      Nicki touring overseas but Kim is getting printed about her tour overseas.

      Besides that I heard the Aussies was bored out of their minds of Nicki tour.

      • -____- May 31, 2012

        That’s not what I heard, sell out shows overseas & ranking in really good reviews, stop reaching.

    • truth May 31, 2012

      b**** they are too bored with that copying h**..h**

  13. Atlpimpc4000 May 31, 2012

    Clearly she wanted to f** ole boy…. but I really wish her well…. I enjoyed her earlier work… not really into this new material..

    • truth May 31, 2012


  14. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) May 31, 2012

    So excited for their returns. Whether they join forces or not, I can’t wait for all of them to come back and show the new generation how it’s really done. I hope Kim brings it with her new singles. And Missy had better rush a little too, because everybody is checking for her 😉

  15. OpD2 May 31, 2012

    i heard on the grapevine that Missy and nicki was supposed to do a track….but from the look of things in my opinion kim is over there so i doubt a miss and nicki collab is possible,but isn’t missy all about female unity….so if because of kim missy don’t work with nicki isn’t that contradicting and the other day o heard this track with missy talking about crush that bug something like that it sound like a dis track and i was like missy don’t don’t dis people w/f is she doing.

    • hi hater blah May 31, 2012

      f*** that nicki been clowned every chick that came before here she call them all washed up and section 8 recepients and low income houseing living h*** ..lines like these show she dont respect any fem rapper and Miss is the one she dont want it with for real she will kill her directly or inderctly when it comes to a diss

      • OpD2 May 31, 2012

        w tf are you talking about,i should have known that one of you would want to twist my sh!t on here,nicki never dis missy and missy isn’t known for dissing anyone are a battle rapper,so stop talking about off your @ss talking about nicki don’t want it with missy,you making out missy in to something sh1t is not,i don’t know who you talking to,you think i am some ignorant who you can tell some bllsh!t and i just run with it,pff just fall back…like i said hope this joining force is for female unity like what missy always bin preaching instead of an alliance that kim bin trying to form for a min now.

  16. hi hater blah May 31, 2012

    either u dont really listen to nicki music or u dumb as hell..first off miss never had beef thats true but if u was a fan of hers u would know she has talked about in her raps how she will battle anybody and i can hear subliminals in her newer music because that new chick has been disrespectful to everyone “i hear the slick s*** b**** u wash all u h*** crying christopher bosh” -nicki m roman reloaded..thats a shot at all the femcees and i can quote many more but i wont..and Kim and Miss been friends since the 90s so i m not saying she join’n an alliance but if had to choose sides she gonna roll with her homie duh..and i could say when was nm considered a battle rapper coming at Kim dont qualify u as a battle rapper…damn bum

  17. hi hater blah May 31, 2012

    my last comment was @ OpD2

  18. ex May 31, 2012

    who the hell is nicki minaj. i’ve never seen or heard of this tramp. is she ANOTHER LILKIM CLONE CLOWN?

    • truth May 31, 2012

      lmfao!!!!! she the b**** whose last cd only went ‘wood’!! BLAAAAHAHAHAHALOLOLOL!!!!

  19. Black Barbie Doll May 31, 2012

    While You Do That.. Go Help Sicki Garbaj REACH GOLD STATUS offa dat R***** Reloaded CD ! MMKAI.
    Dont Worry Bout The Queen.. She put her 15 years in she can do what the F*** she wants now !!
    Kim is all about FEMALE UNITY. Kim will put female back on the map ! its her duty as a QUEEN

  20. lol at this chick June 2, 2012

    LOL i see ya nicki fans are shitting in their pants cuz i mean if u swear nicki i the s*** why come on kims post about her tour? grape juice has on or to post of the busted b**** lmaooo

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