Poll: What Should SWV’s Next Single Be?

Don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years! Tamara (Taj) Johnson, Cheryl (Coko) Clemons and Leanne (Lelee) Lyons are SWV. They’re back and better than ever with their eyes set on reigniting R&B diminished spark.

Modern day R&B icons for their lush harmonies, slow-jam classics, and Coko‘s infamous nails, this Grammy Award-winning trio holds the title as one of the world’s best-selling girl groups of all time. With 90’s standards like ‘Weak’, ‘I’m So Into You’, and ‘Downtown’, it’s no wonder why they’ve been able to survive the test of time, as true talent never dies.

After a fifteen year break-up, SWV is ready to press on with a follow up to ‘I Missed Us’‘s first single ‘Co-Sign’–while label politics always plays a role, fan input is nevertheless just as important. Lets review the prospects after the jump and sound-off below.

On April 17, 2012 SWV released their first album since their disbandment in 1997 finally satisfying the rabid appetites of R&B’s most devout loyalists. ‘I Missed Us’ debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Chart and also reigned in at No. 1 as iTunes’ top R&B seller. While ‘Co-Sign’ was a respectable first single to usher in a new era, it’s now time hit hard with a worthy follow-up to cement their presence in 2012’s musical tapestry.

The prospects are…

‘Show Off’

‘Show Off’ is a bossy uptempo that finds the ladies telling their potential lover that they’re [finally] ready for love. The track features a choir of crashing harmonies backed by a dark, downbeat groove and a guest verse from A/X.

‘All About You’

‘All About You’ is a mid-tempo song detailing the motions of falling in love. “All I can do is smile, cause you holding me down, I wanna tell you the truth, because it’s all about you,” the ladies harmonize using classic 90′s samples like ‘I Like The Way (Kissing Game)’ and nostalgic instrumentation.

‘Everything I Love’

‘Everything I Love’ finds each “Sister” singing lead in one of the album’s rawest and most impressive vocal performances. Goosebumps are inevitable.

‘Time To Go’

‘Time To Go’ features alternating leads as the other two create an airy vocal backdrop for the lead to glide over–it’s a radio-friendly, melodic track about the universal theme of heartbreak everyone can relate to.

‘Use Me’

The vocal synergy displayed by SWV on ‘Use Me’ is what separates a decent vocal group, from an outstanding vocal group, as its utterly breathtaking. With Coko in the driver’s seat, Taj’s contralto creates a highly textured chorus, which allows Lelee to fill-in the harmonies. If released, ‘Use Me’ has the potential to become a huge hit on urban/rhythmic radio formats.

Download SWV’s fourth studio album ‘I Missed Us’ from iTunes HERE.

What Do You Think SWV’s Next Single Should Be?

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  1. Sweet Brown May 10, 2012

    “Better Than I” or “I Missed Us” should be the next single..

  2. Bey Fan May 10, 2012

    O_o …..What was the first single?

  3. -Hoars May 10, 2012

    “Show off” should def be the next single its so fresh and radio friendly

  4. Darshelle Jones May 10, 2012

    If my opinion is valued then time to go should be SWV’s next single that they release. It’s catchy.

  5. Twhist May 10, 2012

    Really!? They havent released a second single yet?! Guess they havent missed us all that much…

  6. MaZ May 10, 2012

    “Show off” (Feat. A.X.) would be a good single choice for summer! I like 90’s vibe in it! “All about you” is also a very solid single choice.

  7. LoveMe May 10, 2012

    I loved this post! And I’d pick time to go. This the only blog showing them love

  8. The Truth May 10, 2012

    Their 2nd single should be an uptempo going into the summer.

    My choices are not mentioned above BUT

    FIRST Choice: “Do Ya”
    SECOND Choice: “Show Off”

    Their 3rd single should be “Love Unconditionally” for the fall/winter nice mid-tempo slow jam.

    3rd Single Choices

    1. “Love Unconditionally”
    2. “If Only You Knew”
    3. “Everything I Love”
    4. “Time To Go”

  9. Shioniedoo May 10, 2012

    It should be Love, Unconditionally. Its the song that charted the highest on itunes and just a great song all together. They should also think about putting out Keeping Your Home or the Missy track Do Ya. But they wil probably put out Show Off and Everything I Love

  10. Kyle May 10, 2012

    I think “Everything I Love” would be a great choice. I think urban radio would eat that up. I bought my copy at Target and it came with a few extra deluxe tracks which I think are a great bonus to the album. There’s a song called “There’ll Never Be” which I think might be my favorite song off the album. Their vocals blend so perfectly on it. Great album by a great group!

  11. Gr3g May 10, 2012

    My vote is for Show Off. It mght need a bigger guest spot but it’s definitely one of the standout songs off the album.

  12. Missterray May 10, 2012

    It’s about to be summer and they need to go with SHOW OFF (but a remix version with Rick Ross would KILL radio)

  13. glum May 10, 2012

    The only one that sounds iike a potential single is “All About You”. “Use Me” sounds like it could gain moderate success on 106 & Park countdown but they mostly sound like album-tracks.

  14. L-Boz May 10, 2012

    Show Off, Do Ya or I Missed Us should be the next single

  15. Kc May 10, 2012

    1st choice; Do Ya ( I love that song ! That Rufus and Chaka Khan sample Do You Love what You feel gets me going everytime I hear it)

    2nd choice: show off ( Another strong song.)

    3rd choice: All About You ( Another strong single)

    I love this album . It gets major listens on my ipod. I am glad these ladies are back.

  16. Coco Bea May 10, 2012

    “Do Ya” Should definitely be the second single.
    “Show off” Third single…

  17. SimpleGuy May 10, 2012

    All About You or Do Ya

  18. Stanled May 10, 2012

    All About YOU should definitely be the next single they release; it was an immediate favorite of mine! I can see this track being played at every black backyard BBQ. It’s the perfect track to lead into the summer!!!

  19. TheMan4U May 10, 2012

    show off seems the best choice for radio but my favorite song is i missed us

  20. George May 10, 2012

    I think
    1. Love Unconditionally
    2. The Best Years
    3. Show Off

  21. Brian May 10, 2012

    I think it should be Show Off, Do Ya, or Keep you Home…my fav is Love Unconditionally though…It’s a shame this is the only site showing these talented ladies love.

  22. Sha May 10, 2012

    it should be show off that would give them a number 1 single dat song is hot i like everything i love to but show off is a single material i know because i do music and if they can get some good publicity that song could be VERY BIG

  23. Dunk May 10, 2012

    The Whole album is singles after singles a brilliant album, but the next single needs to be Show Off, its a radio smash!!!

  24. Sean Stone May 10, 2012

    Show Off

  25. Thiago Ozaias May 10, 2012

    Use-me *__*

  26. K-POFF May 10, 2012


  27. Bryanna May 10, 2012

    1. All About You
    2. Time To Go
    3. Better Than I

  28. Theman May 10, 2012

    1. Show Off
    2. Do Ya
    3. Uncondionally
    4. If Only You Knew

  29. blanco May 10, 2012

    I Missed Us
    Better Than I
    Time To Go
    Love Unconditionally

    any of these five are certified hits!

  30. ..::NICHOLE::.. May 10, 2012

    definitely Show Off – that was my jam from the day I first played the CD.

  31. rick May 10, 2012

    Next single should be either All About You….as much as i LOVE Show Off im not sure if the music buying masses of today (who have ruined music and have no taste in music at all!! Because of them we have to listen to music with crappy lyrics and crappy dance beats with NO SOUL) will buy it, my next choice would be “Use Me” that is an anthem….also that bonus track “Free Me” is a JAM!!!! Love you SWV..Ricky x

  32. KNUCK May 10, 2012

    SHOW OFF!!!!!


    SO TIRED OF INDUSTRY PLITICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. KNUCK May 10, 2012


  34. GTHANG May 10, 2012


  35. Adrian May 11, 2012

    I think they need to release “Show Off” (Radio Version with Rick Ross or Ludacris) and “Do Ya” (a special radio version with Missy Elliott) at the same time for summer…like next week! lol. and “Everything I Love” is the obvious single choice as the ballad from the album. I cannot play the album without playing that song! That song is what urban radio is missing. After Everything I Love smashes, that could possibly be it for this album because I see that song staying on the charts for a LOOONNNNNGGG time.

    A really nice idea would be for Chris Brown to cameo on either “Show Off” or “All About You” because his rapping style would very well match their classic throwback style and it would be nice to see them work together again after last year’s collabo on the “She Ain’t You Remix.”

  36. Adrian May 11, 2012

    “Better Than I” could actually be a huge hit as well! Let’s face it guys! SWV is from the old school where the entire album is amazing and choosing a single is hard because all the songs are badass! Not like these wack artists who pascially release “albums” which are just a collection of random singles that they already know are being released. There should be some songs that are strictly for the album like “Time To Go.”

  37. Tran May 11, 2012

    I love swv but i don’t think it matters what they put out next. Cosign was the best song on the album and it was just “alright” it wasn’t a hit song, and the rest of the album is much more lack-luster than the lead single. Coco’s lead vocals are completely missing from most of the album, and let’s face it.. She is swv. I had to pass on this album. I don’t know who put the songs and tracks together… Big FAIL

    • Steph July 5, 2012

      Clearly you must be a t*** of today’s music. So you have no true concept of what REAL R&B sounds like. That being said I’m going to dismiss your ignorance to what true music sounds like. I will say your comment was a bigger FAIL.

    • ashley July 5, 2012

      I kinda agree…I am a big fan of SWVs earlier music so i expected something quite evolved an epic but i was a little let down to be honest. RnB is fine to an extent but it wasnt fun, free you is one of the best tracks an there were a few other songs that were okay but overly it couldve been better, these ladies have potential to be epic like they were back in the days, they could bring that back an that being said, not to sound mean or anything but pure rnb doesnt really sell these days, i want these girls to sell cause they have a potential to sell big. I feel like their new album was mainly catered for middle aged listeners, im only 22 an i felt awkward hearing it, it needed to be fresh, not something that just jumped straight the nineties, its 2012 now! honestly it couldve been better

  38. Missterray May 11, 2012

    I still think SWV needs to attack summer with All About You, Show Off and Better Than I

  39. Casual May 12, 2012

    Use Me is the clear winner here – perfect SWV ballad for spring/summer. Kinda takes me back to the summer of ’92 when SWV ruled the airwaves with Weak.

    All About You is another possibility for adult urban radio.

  40. Malaysia Gipson May 22, 2012

    better than i followed by time to go

  41. Nate-Baby, May 23, 2012


  42. ashley July 2, 2012

    They should release ‘free you’ as their next single!!!!! its sound rnb with an up tempo beat an its catchy!! ‘Better than I’ would be great for a third single!! ‘do ya’ for a fourth :D!! an finish with ‘Show off’. Seriously consider these for the album singles ladies!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 The pure rnb songs should be saved for album fillers as theyre more deep and meaningful 😉

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