Watch: Alexandra Burke Opens Up About Testing Times

Published: Thursday 17th May 2012 by Sam

At just 23, Alexandra Burke has had quite the journey.

A tale of up’s, down’s, and inbetween’s, the Pop force opened up about her experiences in the industry and beyond in revealing new interview.

Peep the intriguing feature after the jump…

Via Amaru TV:

Burke’s aptly titled sophomore set ‘Heartbreak On Hold’ hits stores on June 4th. Its latest single ‘Let It Go’ arrives a week earlier on May 27th.

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  1. skintightjeans May 17, 2012

    Alex, You need to to hook up with my beautician Cinda in London in New Cross who can hook your weave up because your weave always looks a hot afro mess. Oh and I forgot, you’re boring as f***.

  2. skintightjeans May 17, 2012

    And h*** can “DISLIKE” my comment if you like. I like red!


    • I’m not throwing shade, but…. May 17, 2012

      Gurl take a seat! Some of us are here for the music and not friendship.

      • skintightjeans May 17, 2012

        I don’t give a f*** why YOU’RE here but I’m here to say and do what th f*** I want. How you like them apples. You probably need your hair hooked up too. You take several seats.

      • I’m not throwing shade, but… May 18, 2012

        Okay skinstight jeans, clearly you have issues. I dont need to take several seats, i can fit neatly in one, heffa’s like you need several seats for bad attitude and fat ass! The seats are waiting but dont sit down if you cant get back up. Peace out. Mwah

    • TIMMI May 17, 2012

      Lmaoo @ skintightjeans gworl you’re too much. What I want to know is… Are you as bold in real life? And if so, how many times have you been clapped upside your head?

      • skintightjeans May 17, 2012

        Yes I’m just as bold! lol

  3. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) May 17, 2012

    I like her a lot! She’s ambitious, she’s talented, she’s HERSELF, plus her album snippets sound really promising, so I’m checking for her. She did a good job with this album and she would get the recognition she deserves if UK radio stopped sabotaging her for their own reasons, but I think she’s going to make it anyway 🙂

  4. KAT DELUNA FAN May 17, 2012

    great 🙂

  5. g.dee May 17, 2012

    that joke about skintightjeans is funny.

    alex works had. not very many people under simone mamge to stay that long. so far its only her and leona. lets wait and see what the new ones will do like one direction.

  6. Ciara Stan 21 May 17, 2012

    such a great person.

  7. Carl May 18, 2012

    Stay strong Alex, God will see you through. The haters are insecure and bitter

  8. asiablu May 18, 2012

    I actually liked what she said really inspirational

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