Breaking: Nicki Minaj Pulls Out Of SummerJam 2012

Published: Sunday 3rd Jun 2012 by David

It was set to be her biggest US appearance this summer.

However,following remarks made by Hip Hop annoyance Peter Rosenberg, Nicki Minaj has refused to perform at SummerJam 2012, hours before she was due to hit the stage.

Details below…

At the beginning of the event, Rosenberg- who recently labelled the Rapper a ‘sell out’ for releasing dance music, took to the Summerjam stage to rile the crowd up against Minaj.

Hurling a barrage of unprovoked insults at both she and her #1 album ‘Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded‘, the DJ was allowed to continue on with his attack despite the fact Nicki was the show’s headlining act and was-according to her- set to make ‘Rap history’.

This, prompting her A&R coordinator Saffaree Samuels to tweet:


Then minutes ago, Minaj revealed:

Wow. U niggaz just fucked up history. But the President has spoken.#YMCMB

Had a HELL of a fucking lineup. But we won’t b disrespected.

RT @ByronLuvMinaj: RT @DaRealKhefner @NICKIMINAJ I’m not mad at you! I’m here and I see the DISRESPECT. You don’t have to PERFORM IM LEAVING

RT @shaysoautomatic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RT @J0rdan0re0 She’s on a world tour but took time to do your festival and you disrespect her?

Not blak but on blak radio dissin blak women > RT @JAE_MILLZ Radio personality with NO personality… fuck nigga!!! & u ain’t even black…

I go above and beyond for my fans. But won’t ever go against wayne’s word. What he says, goes.

The last tweet confirming that Young Money boss Lil Wayne made the final call on whether Nicki would perform or not. As of now, it is unclear as to whether Hot 97 will reimburse fans who had paid to see her perform.


In what might explain Minaj’s real reason for pulling out, we can confirm that her former mentor Fendi, who many believe has developed an obsession with her since their split, was backstage at the event on behalf of his client/Minaj’s nemesis Lil Kim.


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  1. The Real B(randy) June 3, 2012

    She’s a wimp/coward.

    • B Nilla June 3, 2012

      how?? You gon do a show for somebdy that’s callin you names?? gtfoh

      • Fat Bottom Girl June 3, 2012

        Because your an entertainer! Its your job, your there for your fans, not for promoters and DJ’s to kiss your ass.

      • Jaymalls June 3, 2012

        It wasn’t for him… she was doing it for her fans… THATS A BIG DIFFERENCE PUNANI! Rosenberg is just a DJ, not an owner, president, ceo, promoter, etc. Young Money is straight p**** and this just proved it!

        P.S. I wasn’t looking forward to her set anyway! Ohh and 90% of you guys here never been to summer jam or listened to hot97 more than twice!

      • Timtim June 3, 2012

        Calling you names?!?!?! Lmao sit yo ass ALL the way down, nicki is a GROWN WOMAN 30 yrs old. And she mad cuz the DJ was callin her names……..(crickets)!

      • Actual Celebrity June 4, 2012

        The real fans would not have stayed anyway. I am an entertainer and I agree….you/me/anyone should do a booking and deal with disrespect….the only thing that would have happened is Nick would have fired back on the mic, along with Weezy, Drake and before you know it, SB woulda jumped on the n**** followed by the whole young money as security tried to hold the fans back and the show woulda been a wrap any way (lol but real talk) so I agree with Wayne’s BUSINESS decision…keyword. SN: Fans are number 1 but this is a business afterall…and besides true fans would not want the artist to deal with any disrespect

    • Viciousss June 3, 2012

      If you perform somewhere after the DJ insults you to put money in HIS pocket you’re a huge idiot. Come on…what kind of p**** would that make you?

    • MOBWIFE June 3, 2012

      This sound like complete bullsh**! She has been poppin off about Lil K all this time now she wants us to believe she concerned about her safety & thus refuses to do a show in NY? Come on Nic what’s really going on dear?

      Peter Rosenberg <– how could this one be a real hip hop head come now 'poser"!

  2. Blanco June 3, 2012

    Thats what that whack b**** gets, tryna bring the deaf b**** outta retirement and that off brand new whack b**** to try to come at Foxy and Azalea can get back on the train and go home.

    • -____- June 3, 2012

      Lmao you don’t get it do you? Nicki was NEVER gonna bring them out!

      • E2 June 3, 2012


      • bkbrom June 4, 2012

        You dumb Barb Nicki ADMITTED shea was bringing them out.. But they wnet on without her.. all but Musty Hound Foxy brown

  3. BOOGIE BEEESH June 3, 2012

    You don’t do something for someone who disrespects you. Why bring them $$$ or attention. Walk away!!

    They would never say anything about preg rumors if Beyonce was headlining. So why shouldn’t she command respect.

    • Layla June 3, 2012

      Cause her fans payed.It’s about the fans.

    • Xandy June 4, 2012

      With fans like you I see why Nicki is such a b****. Your making her rich while she’s ripping you kids off

    • mel June 4, 2012

      what? Dj’s made fun of beyonce, rihanna, ciara the list goes on. It’s business. The mayor of New Jersey didn’t want beyonce to headline at Revel, did you see her cry and not show up? No that b**** slayed and shut everyone up!!!! He stilled showed up to her concert including, president wife/kids, Gayle king, etc showed up!!!

      • mobwife June 4, 2012

        “The mayor of New Jersey didn’t want beyonce to headline at Revel”


  4. Ugh June 3, 2012

    YMCMB = p******

  5. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 3, 2012

    I have nothing against Nicki (I actually love ‘Monster’/ ‘Roman’s Revenge’ Nicki btw), but this was not a very good move. She’s obviously a force to be reckoned with, but she’s not powerful enough to pull out of concerts like that. Her new urban singles are not getting the airplay she was getting in 2010 and this concert could help her re-establish her profile on urban radio. Now, maybe her decision to pull out will make them playlist her more, which means she fulfilled the purpose, or maybe urban radio programmers will just snub her from now on. Oh well…

    • OpD2 June 3, 2012

      it is what it is it,s not all about money all the time,that was disrespectful,even though she isn’t as big as a jay-z kayne west eminem and so on,she is a female rapper and i give her props for not letting that peter and them DJs disrespect her…and pull out this isn’t about being a coward are anything it,s about respect.

      • Justathought (Azealia Banks is here.) June 3, 2012

        She didn’t decide to walk…her boss told her to. She was gonna perform whether she was disrespected or not.

      • Kay June 4, 2012

        Respect?? If the b**** song whack its whack why she mad!!!????!???!!!!???

    • Elaina June 3, 2012

      She didn’t pull out of the concert. Her boss told her she is not performing and she listens to what he says.

  6. Bey Fan June 3, 2012

    How do we even know if Foxy was there? How do we know that they were gonna diss Lil Kim?

    Why are people having a strong reaction to something hadn’t even happened…

    And why wouldn’t Lil Kim wait until after the concert before going on a twitter rant…


    • Blanco June 3, 2012

      This site is who reported that they were alleged to come out on her set…..among other chatters…additionally Azalea was twitter happy and co-signing Nicki saying that tonight was going to be epic and a great night etc etc. A blind man can see what was gonna happen, or in Foxy’s case a deaf one can hear the b*******

    • Kay June 4, 2012

      ur s*** as hell f*** nicki how u lol

  7. Viciousss June 3, 2012

    Well they f***** up.

    Smh. LOL someone gonna be on that dumb n***** tonight just READING his ass.

    Hope dumbass can sing and dance while he spins a record cause he just cost someone a lot of f****** money.

    Now who’s gonna do the summer jam. Hope it ain’t Azealia, she’s too good to pick up anyone else’s scraps with some dumb ass DJ.

    Get Bieber for his ass.

    • mel June 4, 2012

      Trust me, you’re not missing out on much….

  8. Monsterhive June 3, 2012

    WTF? Why did you delete my comment? I said the truth!! I clocked the tea first! Smh, lmao so Lil Kim responded to something that had NOTHING to do with her. Kim why did you respond to a rumor! Nicki wasn’t gonna bring them up!

    • bkbrom June 3, 2012

      How the F*** do you know?

      • MonsterHive June 3, 2012

        Go look at the first Lil’ Kim post where I clocked the tea way before this site.

      • bkbrom June 4, 2012

        And you the DUMB ass cuz Niki said herself she was bringing them out.. Now go Drink THAT tea

      • Monsterhive June 4, 2012

        Never said she wasn’t the main source, but no one caught up to it on this site dear. I’m the dumbass, a b**** can’t even spell “cause” or “Nicki” h** bye!

      • bkbrom June 4, 2012

        You said she was NEVER going to bring them out. READ YOUR OWN S*** DUMBASS! So the tea you spill is SOUR! Don’t you think Kim has people in the industry that KNOW whats going down in the industry? It wasn’t a rumor she responded to it was FACT! She was ALSO going to bring out an effigy of Kim in a casket DEAD! Yet the Weak B**** want to cry foul for being Disrespected! How disrespectful is bringing out a DEAD Fake Kim in a casket when Kim is alive!. Nicki NIKKI SHITTY is a Fraud and a weak Disrespectful fraud at that who can’t take when her s*** is exposed! PERIOD.

  9. Jay June 3, 2012

    She was SOOOOO LAME FOR THAT!!! I’D BE MAD IF I SPENT MY MONEY, BUT THEN AGAIN I wouldn’t have wasted my money on the FRAUD!!! Then she tries to BITE KIM YET AGAIN!!!!! WHEN DOES IT END!!!!???

    • OpD2 June 3, 2012

      go run under a boot you roach.

    • Kissy_Minaj June 3, 2012

      So u would be ok with Kim performing at a show after the staff disrespected her? I would hope she would refuse to perform, but then again Kim needs the money!

  10. Kourtney June 3, 2012

    I heard YMCMB got scared cause they heard Kim’s crew was there…and ironically Kim’s boyfriend is there right now and so is Big Fendi. *shrug*

  11. StadiumsBitches June 3, 2012

    Why would Hot97 have to pay back fans when she’s the one who pulled out? Sounds to me like Nicki is about to be slammed with a lawsuit. Anyways nicki is a sellout who’s fading quik. I need real rap b****** to represent!! not some swagger jackin h**!

    • IKnow June 3, 2012

      Says the Gaga stan, *cough cough MADONNA B****!*

      • CrazyShit June 3, 2012

        OH MY Lordy! Throw that SHADE!!!

    • OpD2 June 3, 2012

      b**** f-ck you.

  12. Benron June 3, 2012

    Wonder what XYZ thinks about this, he seems to think she is the new it girl.

    Or at least trying to make it appear so, from insulting Beyonce (see him callign her baby rent-a-womb) To fasely quoting a “police report” about Rihanna’s assualt saying she attack Chris brown” (See the real report ) Where it proves she never did such a thinG.

    SIGH, YOUR ALL P******!

    • MOBWIFE June 3, 2012

      I don’t know where XYZ is hovever there is nothing false about the reports that Rihanna attacked Chris Brown 1st back in 2009!

      Nic is simply okay in my book, above Rihanna nd beneath Lil Kim! 🙂

  13. flawda June 3, 2012

    Who cares, Sellout Minaj hasn’t been hiphop in years anyway. She needs to take her wack ass home and try to figure out what else she can steal from Lady Gaga.

  14. YASSSSS June 3, 2012

    f*** if id perform on a stage where the host is talking s*** about me… im sure she isnt that broke…

    i would have left too…

  15. Kourtney June 3, 2012

    It wasn’t that serious though…she should have ignored Peter..

  16. The Real B(randy) June 3, 2012


  17. popeye’s chicken, biscuits and gravy June 3, 2012

    boo hoo b****!!! If u can’t take the heat get outta da kitchen.


    • Xandy June 4, 2012


  18. Boopi June 3, 2012

    This seems like the wackest Summer Jam line up of all time. I went to Summer Jam 10. Now that was a f***** line up!!! Everybody was there! There was even a dam downpour of rain but for some reason it made the concert more fun!!

  19. haterzstaypressed June 3, 2012

    Nicki had every right to pull out, especially if a DJ was inciting a crowd against her. It could have been a dangerous situation. Lil’ Wayne made the call and she pulled out.

    And let me say this… YMCMB n***** are PIRU… if one hair is touched on Nicki’s wigged head, Lil’ Kim would be murked. Her b**** ass n**** crew IRS suck d*** so spare me with that YMCMB scared s***. The streets would see RED. Trust that.

    Anyway, depending on the contract signed, YES HOT 97 would have to reimburse the fans.. the headliner pulled out because of THEIR employee harassing and inciting.

    • Black Barbie’s Cousin June 3, 2012

      Nicki cudda still performed but didnt cuz of WAYNE and is sensetive ass

    • BadRomance June 3, 2012

      Ch…please Young Money ain’t do s*** when 40 Glocc blocked off they’re trucks and ain’t do s*** in retaliation to the guys who shot at Tyga and Honey Cocaine so best believe they would do NOTHING.

      • Blak Jigga June 3, 2012

        Hey B for real. You and I know who makes the money for Young Money. Just stop.

      • credits June 3, 2012

        @badromance, young money isn’t a gang, they are a roster of artists.

    • June 4, 2012

      b**** please.. yeah i can see wayne pulling her tiny pistol from her skinny leopard jeans.. LMFAO! b**** LIL KIM would personally MURKED that dumb bimbo hoebag garbages and that f***** wayne.

  20. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! June 3, 2012

    YMCMB need to understand that not everybody like them.

  21. Black Barbie’s Cousin June 3, 2012

    Karma Did It’s JOB !
    You are a TALENTLESS FRAUD. and a disgrace to HIP-HOP !!! you got what you deserved today and i hope MORE is coming your way
    KIM for the WIN.

    • OpD2 June 3, 2012

      sad when that,s the only way you can,when someone is shading nicki lol every time nicki get dis team kim is winning right,what a sad set teamkim is sigh.

      • Black Barbie’s Cousin June 3, 2012

        Stay mad,pressed and bitter.
        KIM for the WIN.
        b**** BYE.,

    • Blak Jigga June 3, 2012

      Lil Kim for the win? Nick’s flop ass album is doing more than Kim Eva did. Poor broke ass Kim, she try so hard but she stay failing. Her and her twitter Beefing.

      • Yeezy June 3, 2012

        @balck jigga.. H** behave ur a*** having a**

      • Black Barbie’s Cousin June 3, 2012

        Nicki and her album fulla Kim disses. sit ur ass down.
        TEAM LIL KIM

      • TARBABY RANGER June 4, 2012

        Have a Seat with them LIES. Kims second album was platinum plus a month after release. This RomanRetarded has been out almost three months and still not gold. AND THIS IS THE DIGITAL AGE. It’s a wrap 4 her.

  22. Bey Fan June 3, 2012

    How are yall calling Nicki weak for basically cancelling her performances, when lil kim has been wining for the past 2 yrs about someone not paying homage and s***…

    Wayne told her not to do it….and so she wont have to go back to selling mixtape or trying to sell an EP on paypal, she listened….

  23. Blak Jigga June 3, 2012

    There will be a DJ without a job 2 morrow. It ain’t wise to pies off Birdman.

    • Black Barbie’s Cousin June 3, 2012

      ymcmb AINT PAYING YOU TO STAN FOR THEM!!! sit the f*** downe.

  24. BadRomance June 3, 2012

    Nicki is WEAK period…just cause someone dissed your music? Oh wow Gaga has been threatened and stayed strong but Nicki gets her pop song dissed and she don’t wanna do the concert? lmaooo w/e

    • Ain’t Playing Witchu June 3, 2012

      Lol, you Gaga fans are a trip. Why don’t you go talk to the region that won’t be seeing her because she recently cancelled since the govt. told her to calm down.

      Smh. Little Monsters have no stake in this. Your chick is getting herself dissed by Madonna with her own damn song.

      • Black Barbie’s Cousin June 3, 2012

        Nicki stole GAGA’S style.
        Gaga = WINNING.
        Nicki = SAD H**

  25. Welp.. June 3, 2012

    People have been bashed about much more serious things and still took the stage… Nicki sitting here upset over one damn person shading her song? She needs to grow some balls or leave the industry. If you can’t handle the heat….get out of the kitchen that simple.

    • OpD2 June 3, 2012

      you are missing the put,what if someone invited you to there house and when you showed up they desrespected you and say they don’t want you there no more,this isn’t about one person shading her people do that everyday,she was the end line for this show and then out of the blue they turn around and dis her,honestly if it was you in here shoes would you still go,come on man money isn’t all you got to have some type of pride too.

      • TARBABY RANGER June 4, 2012

        The b**** wasn’t invited. She was PAYED. Lets not get it twisted.

    • yogi June 3, 2012

      cant some of you illiterates read or are u slow.

      Lil wayne made the call.

      Performing for a person that disrespects u, is stupid. It’s dumb and you know u wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t either.

      Hot 97 always doing the most. i swear.

      • Welp.. June 3, 2012

        Point.Blank.Period she was weak!! He shaded…like he always has..and the show was for the fans she couldn’t have grown up and did it for the fans? Oh ok. #CaseClosed

  26. I Judge Flops June 3, 2012

    I see NO LIES in what the man said tho.

    Nicki sold out.

    Nicki went pop.

    Nicki flopped.

    The end.

    • Xandy June 4, 2012

      Basically.. but you know Nicki will do anything to play victim, as usual.

  27. WILD DEBUTANTE June 3, 2012

    Now Nicki smhhhh

    I love Nicki Minaj, she’s in my top bad b****** circle by association (Britney, Madonna, Rihanna) so Ive grown to like and respect her.


    She should NOT pull out of a show over something as silly as that! Yes, she shouldnt be disrespected when shes the fukin headliner for gods sake BUT if my favs were to pull out of shows and ish over stuff like that, you know how many shows and historic moments WOULDNT have happened?? Nicki Minaj couldve just made history and shut it down anyway, period.

    My thoughts on the guy is, he needs to STFU and realize Nicki Minaj is a hip hop artist. She has crossover appeal and definitely makes pop records but that doesnt dis-credit her hip hop/rap s***. Who says you have to be put in one genre??

  28. Welp.. June 3, 2012

    For real though…yall asses ain’t getting it lmaooo.
    Gaga was actually at risk of being put in jail and was threatened and she still stepped her crazy ass on that stage…but Nicki throws a tantrum over someone who shaded her song…Does anyone see the problem here?

    • Ain’t Playing Witchu June 3, 2012

      Gaga cancelled her entire concert series in an area after the govt. told her to tone her down.

      Is that the problem you’re referring to?

      Gaga cancelled because someone told her to put on more clothes and Nicki cancelled after she was personally insulted?

      • Saetana June 4, 2012

        Gaga cancelled the Indonesia show because of concerns about her safety and that of her fans as the extremists supposedly had tickets for the concert and were going to cause violence. She had far more s*** than Nicki in Korea and the Phillipines and still performed – only serious safety concerns made her cancel the Indonesian show and at the time of cancellation they hadn’t even granted her a permit to perform in any event and it looked like they may not do. Don’t compare Nicki’s silly situation to what Gaga has put up with to take her music into some countries in the Far East.

  29. Viciousss June 3, 2012

    All I can say is if you’re about to take the stage and someone insults your ass and you decide to put MORE money in their pocket you’re a moron. Period.

    Folks so busy hating Nicki you don’t even make f****** sense.

    If Kim went on the stage the next day she’d be a PUNK. if Azealia went on stage for the rest of the concert she’s a PUNK.

    F*** if you make someone rich after they insult your ass. What kind of puzzles does that make you?

    They should have kept their DJ in line, if they can’t control him to offer respect to the peopl doing a show for them they deserve to be left high and dry. Oh well…

    • I Judge Flops June 3, 2012


  30. WOLVERINES June 3, 2012

    Nicki minaj make rap histort? yeah History for garbage like Rihanna’s fleas in my Bap, or whatever that so called song was
    That’s what you get for Doing Demonic stuff hours after Whitney Houston died at the Grammy awards

  31. WOLVERINES June 3, 2012

    If you can’t take the Heat, Get your Rihanna fleas out of the bee trap, and she did
    That’s lame, this barbie girl woman needa grow up!

  32. justsomekid June 3, 2012

    Regardless of who disrespects you or what anybody tells you to do or not to do, your fans should come first. They paid their hard-earned money to come see you and you pulled out last minute like the unprofessional, talent-less, ungrateful, fraud coward that you are! Who does this chick think she is?! She’s been around for a minute and she thinks she’s a rap goddess…someone get her a seat – in fact, get several. When will you realize Nicki – YOU ARE NO ONE. #14minutesandcounting

  33. Hot! June 3, 2012

    thIS rosenburg guy seems like he is a trouble maker from what i seen of him, he seems like one of those white dudes who wants to be black so bad that he’ll give off a fake imitation of what he thinks a hip-hop head is suppose to be like he seems fake and doesnt come off as authentic he be forcin it

  34. VFB June 3, 2012

    Nicki M is a hot mess….she is not HipHop! I wish girlfriend will create her own swagggggggg…..and stop copying off of everyone else and create her image. She cannot turn 30 years old still acting and dressing like a clown.

  35. the real xoxo June 3, 2012

    he didnt DISRESPECT nicki, he just stated a fact that starships isnt real hip hop. did he lie?
    or is “lets go to the beach, beach” real hip hop?

    • Quetta June 3, 2012

      D E A D

  36. QueenSize June 3, 2012

    People will be talking about this forever. Rosenberg is an employee he is NOT Hot97. As much as this b**** talks s***…she could of of got on stage told that son of b**** off and dropped Shitted on Em right after. Regardless of what The Jew Dude says Starships still went Platinum right?Nicki is phony. She ain’t bout this life and neither is her punk ass boyfriend. Wayne is being used as the scapegoat. I think it’s all because Fendi and Team Kim was in the building. There was no need for Wayne to make an Executive decision if the b**** wasn’t physically threatened. Poor poor Nicki. Hang it up. Flatscreen.

    • The Truth June 3, 2012


      He is a DJ one of the lowest positions on the payscale for a journalist.

      Who cares if Team Lil Kim is in the building? They can’t attend Summer Jam?

      PLUS there are legal contractual obligations that were broken here.

      Lil Wayne has stated in interviews he lets Nicki make her own decisions in her career. Wonder what happen here?

      An artist should NEVER pull out of a scheduled performance at the last minute unless they have to.

      She could have let that DJ have it on that stage in front of everybody and showed him who she was!

    • prettigurlrockD June 4, 2012

      Queensize, I totally agree with you. realest comment on this blog. Nicki shoulda got on that stage and dissed the hell out of dude if she is really as hard as she says she is.

    • follow me June 4, 2012

      I actually agree with you. I felt that little punk white boy and flex was out of line. Nicki couldve taken the stage and threw some serious embarassing punches at him.

      My thing is why invite her, if you aint feeling the music or feels she is not “hip hop” enough. To headline at that. What sense does that make.

      and flex is a backstabber. He was all on nickis tits at one time now he turend on her. Lol. I cant stand that flabby women hating b******.

    • TARBABY RANGER June 4, 2012

      The Jew Dude? Coons love saying racist s***, let someone come for your nappy ass hair you would have a fit. Take a seat.

  37. RDK June 3, 2012

    people talking about put fans first nicki always puts her fans first,she even cancelled a show to a later date in japan,to headline this show for her new yard fans,anyone using scapegoat tactics is the haters using the fans talking about put the fans first and so on…and you QUEENSIZE shot da f-ck up who da f-ck scared of them people,i know it it was that other other other one kim you would be the first on here going in on peter,f-cking Bias haters like you always be talking sh-t.

    • QueenSize June 3, 2012

      Hello RDK. So you say Nicki puts her fans first? Like when she deleted 11 million twitter followers and said ” good F***** Bye”. Bahahawhawha!!!! I really f*** up your day with my good old common sense. I spit facts and you dingaling ride. How many times was Lil’ Kim dissed by Chalemaine on Power 105 and she still did his show where he tried to disrespect her. She handled the situation like a trooper against 3 radio host. Give credit where it is due. Nicki got dissed by one white dude and cancelled her performance. Fans that can’t afford her shows that won tickets were there for her. She let them down. Nicki claims she’s that b**** that no one can f*** with. She played herself and you are playing yourself b****.

  38. Quetta June 3, 2012

    So much for a “Boss B****” I don’t care if Wayne is the boss or not. She should have just walked on that stage and handled her s***. Put on a show for her damn fans the one who PAID to see her . But it’s not like the DJ was lying..and @Bey Fan why are you so pressed about lil Kim? And 2yrs? After lil Kim made black Friday she was done with nicki but nicki was the one that kept throwing shots at Kim in her new album…anywho still thinking should I go to nicki Minaj’s concert in July.

  39. Yeezy June 3, 2012

    like I said!!! Nicki would of got stoned at summer Jam!!! shes not Hip Hop!!! Summer Jam is HIP HOP!! … Team kim all day! BLONCO! Brooklyn Stand Up!

    • ATYOURFACE June 3, 2012

      You do realize most of the people there were Nicki stans, that’s why a lot of them booed Rosenberg for his comments.

      • Yeezy June 3, 2012

        Atyourface… gurl have several F*ckin seats… where did u make that up??? sam is that u????/ lol cut it out!

  40. Crazy June 3, 2012

    So you pull out of a show because 1 person says something about u vs the 1,000 of fans that showed up for you!! In your own words Nicki you a stupid h**!! Do not let DJ’s affect your money!! You better than that ma!! Its what you signed up for as an artist!! You gotta take the good with the bad!!

    • Ain’t Playing Witchu June 3, 2012

      She would have made more money not doing the show at all, this was a favor and some d***** decided to pop off at the mouth.

      Sad fact is he’s gonna have people hunting his head after this s***

  41. MOBWIFE June 3, 2012

    So I guess it’s okay for WAYNE’S WORLD to pop-off on twitter when they are DISRESPECTED. Of course however, Chris Brown is the devil who needs to just sit and take the disrespect becuase as a TEENAGER HE HAD 1 FIGHT WITH RIHANNA! LOL I wonder if this stunt is going to backfire on YMCMB? 0_O

    I don’t know who to believe is this mess!

  42. The Zolonski Trap June 3, 2012

    YOU F***’n dummies! The drop out had NUTHIN to do with her safety. It was the fact that this dude was on stage hyping people up to call her a sell out! For one, she PAUSES her tour to come and do yo show and you talk s***? #WhereDeyDoDatAt Two, a MAJORITY if the fans were Barbz, Boyz, KenBarbz, there was nothing to fear. Now the reason she left was because Wayne was informed and told Nicki to ffuck it, the n**** wanna disrespect, now he ain’t got no f****** headliner! Drop out da s***! And Nicki doesn’t go against Wayne, although we would have preferred her to perform and she left! And Nicki’s setlist WAS killer, with possible appearances by Foxy Brown, Azelia Banks and others. But it’s all gravy, it’s not like we bout to sit at home and wait Til 9 o’clock for our CLUB concert, we about to head BACK to Europe, and bout to continue on our WORLD tour…we wish luck to the other lineups in the Summer Jam but Rooseburg, fall and f****** break ya neck. You missed out on something good! On and since Nicki won’t be performing, refunds please! * 600x holds out hands*

    • Yeezy June 3, 2012

      Gurl please… Nicki punk a** got scared since she had a apiphany that shes NOT hip hop!!!

  43. Jer June 3, 2012

    I dont know how i feel. She should have gone onstage anyway but i understand why she didnt. They gon have a riot with that many niggros mad in one place

    • Shioniedoo June 3, 2012

      Seems like to me the show is and will be going on without them. Heard that the place is still pack and that Nas brought out all the artist Nicki was going to bring out

  44. MOBWIFE June 3, 2012

    In her defense, I will say these damn NOTHING DJs/radio station, Blogs, Music Mags, TV programs, etc make me sick dissing artists! I tune in to enjoy my favorite acts, I don’t give a damn if you like them or not! Play their songs, video and what have you! That’s the problem with the media now, they report ever little thing and embellish 99% of what fans read, hear and see!

  45. Monsterhive June 3, 2012

    I got more tea to spill, turns out Nicki’s “surprise” was bringing out Nas, Lauryn Hill, & Foxy to perform with her on stage. I’m depressed, that would have been epic!

    • TARBABY RANGER June 4, 2012

      Girl BoOM! Lauryn would never!

  46. ENOUGH ONIKA June 3, 2012

    HUH, well, that’s Onika for you a$$ lol!! The going gets tough and time to stand for what you “claim” your about, and that’s making paper regardless of “the haters,” nope she out.

  47. credits June 3, 2012

    This guy was only brave enough to disrespect because nicki is a female. After this, No female rapper should ever perform at summer jam…..EVER! if lil’ wayne wanted to perform some of his “rock” songs and if kanye west wanted to lip sync to one of his autotuned songs, this kind of disrespect wouldn’t even be thought of.

    This is so much bigger than lil’ kim, it is about females in hiphop. i like kim but she should be ashamed of herself, a real queen wouldn’t condone this behavior.

    it’s not teamkim, its not teamminaj, it’s teamfemalesinhiphop.

    • RDK June 3, 2012

      Co-Sign 100%>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>infinite.

    • Black Barbie’s Cousin June 3, 2012

      SIT THE F*** DOWN.
      Kim brought out MAD FEMALES on her recent tour. so f*** you talkin’ about ??? Nicki has been dissing legendary females in rap since day 1 so sit your WACK ass DOWNE

      • credits June 4, 2012

        Doesn’t matter who Nicki is dissing, if kim wants to call herself a queen, she needs to act like one. If she knows she is the queen she wouldn’t respond to pity lyrics.

        But back to my original comment, no female in hiphop, no female in the music industry, deserves to be disrespected this way at a show their headlining, i bet that coward of a dj wouldn’t treat a male performer this way.

    • follow me June 4, 2012

      youre right. Flex stays abusing women and peter seems like a wannabe tryin to capitalize. You headlined nicki to get her fans to come obviously then when they come you start talking about her music. but you used her name to sell your tickets. That was a b**** move.

  48. nickiminaj June 3, 2012

    Y’all need to understand dat nicki don’t need money like dat lil kim do so go help dat old school monkey out buy her wig then say something

    • June 4, 2012

      hey dumbfuck.. heres a FACT..


      now GO GET F***.

      • Kissy_Minaj June 4, 2012

        Is that why she couldn’t pay her taxes? FOH, the b**** is broke as hell thats why she working them strip clubs for small change and asking clubs to book her.

  49. MusicExpert June 3, 2012

    To all Nicki Minaj fans:

    This is how much Nicki cares about all you Barbs..yall spent your hard end money to see her live and she pulls out because of some b/s politics. We all have politics but we sort s*** out for the greater good. In her case she is kind of disregarding her fans simply because she dosent want to align herself with someone who has an opposed view of her..WOW

  50. Black Barbie’s Cousin June 3, 2012

    Karma did it’s job.
    ITS HIGH TIME the world Sees that BITTER ASS EVIL B**** Nicki Minaj for who she REALLY is. people are slowly starting too !
    now you’ll see the light.

    • MRB June 4, 2012

      Karma ain’t even finished the job yet! She got more s***
      coming her way! TRUST ME!!! All I can do is laugh because
      the same reason she walked off stage is what she did to
      Kim! The truth is slowly coming to light and she will

  51. Aaliyah is Queen B**** June 3, 2012

    Lil Wayne is a QUEEN! I been knew that. Very unprofessional for him to make her do that and for her to go along with that mess. You don’t see his fans pulling out of his shows although he disrespects most of them with lines like “Beautiful Black female I bet that b**** look better red.” Nicki Minaj keep up this s*** (deleting your twitter, pulling out of shows, etc) and see how long your fame lasts. Oh and ya’ll missed the tweet when she referred to him disrespecting her as an African American Woman. That s*** was funny because she wears marilyn monroe blonde hair and blue contacts. GIRL BYE!

    • follow me June 4, 2012

      she also wears blue wigs and crazy eyelashes. but shes still a black woman. wtf

      • ENOUGH ONIKA June 4, 2012

        When you bleach, narrow your nose, wear blonde wigs and claim your Marilyn Monroe, you loose your right to play the “black woman” card lol!! Nicki, please retire now and the world will let you leave with the little bit of dignity you left for yourself.

  52. Shioniedoo June 3, 2012

    Here is my two cents

    Wayne had every right to take his artist out the concert if he felt they were being disrespected. What you don’t do is diss the headliner when you ve already have book them as such even if you don’t agree with their stance. Like we say, this concert is for the fans and not the djs/bloggers etc show. Plus, if wayne and other male artist can get away with performing other genre of music so can Nicki.

    However, it would have made a bigger statement and solidified Nickis fem mc status if she would have did the show anyway and made a big f u moment about it. It is for the fans and they paid their good money to see her perform. This was one moment were Wayne could of let her stand on her two feet and let her try to kill it instead of running under his wing were its safe. Plus, as some have stated, this is what they do at this concert. They shade and pop shots at each other to see who is the best. This is hip hip. And as far Nicki hollering this black female pride mess she really needs to practice what she preachs (when its convenient for her)

    • Kissy_Minaj June 3, 2012

      I totally agree, she should have performed and gave him the dissing of his life.

    • Shioniedoo June 3, 2012

      Also, whether or not Nicki perform tonight Hot 97 was going to get paid anyway and it seems like no ones was in an uproar to demand their money back so this little riff ultimately had no real effect on anything

  53. Justathought (Azealia Banks is here) June 3, 2012

    Wow Rosenberg is still goin in on HOT 97 as we speak….”playing that real hip hop…not no starships” he’s clearly not caring what ymcmb or nickis fans think.

  54. Girrrl June 3, 2012

    Is TGJ really trying to blame Lil Kim for Nicki not showing up in that update? Go lay in a bed of nails. Nicki can’t take criticism and neither can her team. But she can take a suitcase to the chin. I’m #dead at her trying to pull the black woman card when she is trying to be white with her pop songs, blonde hair, blue contacts, etc. Roman Reloaded was a trash album. She sold out for sales and that s*** backfired because the critics are not feeling that s*** and it won’t go platinum.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA June 4, 2012

      “Go lay in a bed of nails” LOL!!!! Mercy! Anyway, Nicki is a fake and a liar. Remember how she lied about getting slapped up by her man last year? We heard the tape Nicki. And ALL OF A SUDDEN, she has an interest in female mc unity??? God’s got her career days numbered, his wrath is nothing to be played with lol.

  55. diva June 4, 2012

    Ummm u guys musta missed the part about WAYNE cancelling the show.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA June 4, 2012

      And you missed the part were she agreed.

  56. credits June 4, 2012

    To the people who thought that she should have performed regardless, you’re all failing to put yourself in Nicki’s shoes. I wouldn’t be able to give a good show under those circumstances, would you? I’d be pisssssssseeeeeeeeddddddddddd.

  57. Remey June 4, 2012

    Have you all forgotten than Wayne is her boss/mentor. Please don’t sleep on Wayne because although he is not your typical business man, he is still a mogul. I think Nicki’s move was warranted. Even if the show was for the fans. Do you think these fools would have said this s*** if it were Beyonce or Rihanna?

    NO! At some point you need to send messages to people, and this one did. It shows that NIcki and YMCMB will not put up with just anything. It’s not what they call you….it’s what you respond to.

    People get too comfortable with celebrities. That’s like the reporter who tried to kiss Will Smith. People act like they can get away with things because celebrities won’t respond in order to stay in the good light of the media. But respect is respect. It’s not like this event was a huge money maker.

    I don’t get you all… This is the same group of people that say Chris Brown is justified when aimlessly ranting on Twitter, but Nicki can’t stand up for herself when she’s being blatantly disrespected for no reason.


  58. Nigelahmad June 4, 2012

    All he said was that “Starships” is that bull s***. He said he didn’t like ONE of her songs. Knock it off.

    And Wayne is a nut. And although Kim is being catty and should hush, what she said was true. Nicki NEVER did anything with another female rapper, yet as soon as Kim brings rap chicks out on her tour, Nicki wants to do the same. Knock it off.

    That is all. Say what you want.

    • KELIS June 4, 2012

      Agree with this SFM

    • the real xoxo June 4, 2012

      although i cant stand siliconika, Nicki did bring trina out on the britney tour.

  59. MH June 4, 2012

    I truly believe that if Wayne hadn’t said anything, Nicki would’ve been on the stage and would’ve FRIED his ass. What y’all don’t seem to realize is that Lil Wayne cuts Nicki’s checks, she’s not gonna go against someone who is cutting her checks. Everyone in Young Money has loyalty toward Wayne and once your boss says you can’t do something you can’t do it.

  60. itsme June 4, 2012

    I guess YMCMB is not paying HOT 97 off anymore…maybe Baby’s check bounced…LOOOOL!

    She is wack for not performing…she stay playing her fans…she delete her twitter and then now not perform…LOL…she is DONE HERE…GO SIT!

  61. Some B**** June 4, 2012

    Lmao Azealia Banks cursed her ass

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