Comcast CEO Admits Rihanna's 'Battleship' Bombed

Published: Sunday 3rd Jun 2012 by TGJ

When Rihanna announced she was to star in action flick ‘Battleship‘,expectations-to say the very least-were high.

Armed with the benefit of an all star cast, ‘Hancock‘ director Peter Berg and a budget of $209 million, the release was set to be the action flick of the summer.

However,much like all six of the singer’s LPs, the movie failed at reaching the US #1 and earned the record for being the lowest grossing movie with a budget of $200 million or more.

Now,in response to its well publicized tank, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts has labelled it a ‘unfortunate large miss‘.

On behalf of Universal who released the movie,he confessed:

We’ll have a negative quarter at NBC Universal,driven partly by the two flops,which will leave first-half financials flat to slightly down but right around where the company had expected — except for the effect of the Battleship flop. 

His remarks came during a speech at the Sanford C. Bernstein 28th annual Strategic Decisions Conference in New York last week, hours after fantasy film ‘Snow White & The Huntsman” was confirmed to have generated more capital in three days than ‘Battleship’ has in three weeks,with a cool $56 million.

Here’s hoping Fenty has better luck on her next endeavor.

Peep her promoting the doomed release above…

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  1. kimberly rulz June 3, 2012

    Poor tink tink. Her face was the lead of a disaster.

  2. sleek June 3, 2012

    rihanna did not sink the movie bad timing did stop reaching TGJ well over all the move made 350 million and sure did not hurt rianna acting career she already cast in three new movies

  3. Jess June 3, 2012

    F***#t this was not HER movie . She has a very small role. You guys constantly try to tarnish her image in your post. Such unhappy f****** are running this blog. Its really making me sick. Yall are the gays people HATE. Messy. She had all of 10 minutes in the movie and yall just wanna drag her through the mud. Die slow. Shes getting MONEY b****.

  4. Romania June 3, 2012

    Batleship has only grossed 290 million world wide, and with over 100 mil in promo, and over 200 mill budget Universal will suffer a huge loss.
    I remember when she was cast, all her stans were bragging about how she’s in a 200 mil dollar movie, now they have all the excuses in the world. She was one of the main characters, so some of the blame will be placed on her. Those people were in almost every country promoting this movie, so there’s no reason for it to flop like it did even with Avengers out. Accept it, her debut movie was a huge flop world wide. Even MIB3 is killing at the box office with Avengers out, so there’s no excuse. It just meant the demand just wasn’t there.

  5. R****** Navy Fails Again!! June 3, 2012

    Bwhahahahahaha! What does the R****** Navy have to say now?! They talked ALL that s*** on twitter & blogs like this HORRIBLE movie was really gonna be some huge success & it was just a HUGE FLOP! Like TGJ pointed out, just like ALL 6 of her terrible albums, BATTLESHIT didn’t even open at No. 1! Bwhahahhahahaha! It couldn’t even beat the ‘Avenegers’ which has been out for THREE weeks! NO ONE wanted to see a movie about some damn aliens fighting with a yodeling Island girl with a huge head! Bwhahahahahaha!

    Make all the excuses in the world Rihtards but it’s clear as day that BATTLESHIT is a BIG FLOP!! Your five headed demon princess is just as bad an actress as she is a ‘singer’! Bwhahhahahaha! Don’t try to make it seem like Rihaha had nothing to do with this FLOP ass movie! The producers USED Rihaha heavy to promote this movie in the US and it still FLOPPED! People didn’t go to see this movie because they didn’t want to see R****** act as bad as she sings! Critics PANNED the film and her performance! Rihfund was a HUGE part of this movie tanking! Deal with it!!! Bwhahahahahaha!

  6. R****** Navy Fails Again!! June 4, 2012

    @Romania: Exactly!! These fivehead stans talked so much s*** for over a year about how Rihtarda was going to be in a ‘blockbuster’ and it flopped worse than Talk That S***! Bwhahahahahaha! These dumb ass Rihtards stand tried to come for Beyonce and say that Rihfund was going to be a better actress than Bey! #Lies! You can say what you want about Bey’s acting but NONE of her movies have flopped! Bey is smart enough to pics roles that suit her. Unlike Rihaha who really thought a movie about the Navy fighting some damn aliens on the ocean was a good idea for a first role! Bwhahahahahaha! With a head as big as hers you would think she’d be able to make better decisions.

    Even Chris Brown’s movie came in at No. 1 for TWO weeks up against The Hunger Games and BATTLESHIT couldn’t even come in at No. 1 once! Bwhahahahaha! Like Bey, NONE of Chris movies have EVER flopped and he picKs good roles! Maybe he could have helped Rihfund with her movie choices like he helped her get some buzz for her struggling singles with those remixes!

    Face it R****** Navy, your five headed demon princess ‘reign’ is about to let up! She’s gonna be known as the flop queen of the charts and Box Office!! Bwhahahahahaha!

  7. Marcus June 4, 2012

    I don’t know why you even bringing Beyonce into this post. I agree with what you are saying but Beyonce can’t act, and Rhiana can’t either lmao

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