Chris Brown: Will Drake Drama Affect ‘Fortune’ Sales?

Published: Tuesday 19th Jun 2012 by David

July 2nd marks the release of ‘Fortune‘, the fifth studio album by ‘Fame‘ mastermind Chris Brown.

Launching the UK #1 single ‘Turn Up The Music‘, the project’s campaign had been a roaring success, unfazed by a number of minor controversies aimed the singer’s way.

Unfortunately for Brown, last week saw a nightclub ‘brawl‘ with ‘Take Care’ MC Drake land him in the press for all the wrong reasons- once again linked to a violent altercation.

More below…

While some might say ‘all publicity is good publicity’, many fans worry the negative coverage Brown faces threatens to tar his otherwise perfect campaign.

This, discouraging sales from the general public in turn and making the star’s chances of enjoying a commercially potent album all the more unlikely.

So, now we ask:

Is Chris’ campaign strong enough to guarantee impressive sales, or will the negative press destroy the tireless efforts made by his team to get him back on top?

Pre-order ‘Fortune’ here.

Weigh in below…

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  1. NAHILA June 19, 2012

    We all know he did this for publicity. However his album is still going to FLOP !

    • Christopher Stallings June 19, 2012

      I Agree With An Who Care Cause That Album Is Going To Leak Week Before The Album Come Out And People Is Going To Download The Album For Free

      • Yea i said it June 19, 2012

        yea countdown day for the LEAKS!

    • plain & Simple June 19, 2012

      B**** that’s what was said about his carrer. Remember you people saying Chris career was over. Remember that?

      • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

        THANK YOU!

        These haters are just EVIL, WEAK & PETTY!

      • Candy June 19, 2012

        Well thanks to twitter, he’ll always have “faithful” fans but his past two album struggling to go past Gold pretty much says alot about his “career”

    • ALONZO June 19, 2012

      Let me guess this a white girl hating

      • JoJo (istan4rihanna) June 19, 2012

        let me guess your are ugly

    • DrakesFingerWag June 20, 2012

      id like to point out that Drake sold more in one week with take care than chris did in an entire year with fame.

      You can now commence with the dragging.

      • TT June 20, 2012

        I’d like to point out that F.A.M.E won a Grammy. Also that the album Take Care was horrible.

  2. the real xoxo June 19, 2012

    it will probably increase the sales.
    why make a post like this? TGJ care more about the sales of an album rather than the quality of the music itself.

    • Christopher Stallings June 19, 2012

      I Agree With An Who Care Cause That Album Is Going To Leak Week Before The Album Come Out And People Is Going To Download The Album For Free FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FOP FLOP

    • ALONZO June 19, 2012

      @QueenOfTheNavy don’t get mad cause rihanna never made it to #1 and now at the bottom of the charts

  3. JJFan1814 June 19, 2012

    What does a person’s personal conduct has to do with their professional life? Sure we’ve seen musicians suffer from bad fortune (no pun intended), Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, i.e. No I don’t think it will affect sales.

    He’s had a decent amount of buzz and promo. Can’t wait to buy this album myself.

    And if a person’s conduct affected their sales, I guess Kanye would flop with each album….& he has yet to do so.

    • Christopher Stallings June 19, 2012

      I Agree With An Who Care Cause That Album Is Going To Leak Week Before The Album Come Out And People Is Going To Download The Album For Free FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP

    • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

      B**** are you retarded?

      • QueenOfTheNavy June 19, 2012

        Team Floozy aren’t big enough to carry an album by themselves. they need the average buyers support too but because chris has scared everyone and their mama away with his faux ‘trap boy’ b******* the album will go to number one and then flop all the way down the charts.

      • plain & Simple June 19, 2012

        I think somebody is upset.



  4. Christopher Stallings June 19, 2012

    I Agree With An Who Care Cause That Album Is Going To Leak Week Before The Album Come Out And People Is Going To Download The Album For Free FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP

    • plain & Simple June 19, 2012

      You know Rita Ora did an interview and she stated that she likes Chris and he very talanted. This coming from Jay-Z’s girl

  5. Nana Applehead LovesSwift June 19, 2012

    I love Chris but I think the album will Flop massively!!!!

    • plain & Simple June 19, 2012

      This is the same S*** you people said about Chris career



      • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

        It has flopped. That last album only went fold… i mean gold.

      • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012


        FAME did not go flop are you kidding me? It's platinum worldwide! How is that flop? You ppl are sick in the damn head! Seek medical attention fast!!

      • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

        800,000k aint platinum.. you must be that Big Ange ho… You mutant face b****. Have a seat… jumping from screen name to screen name attempting to shade. You could never come for me.

  6. speaks truth June 19, 2012

    No….this club stunt hasnt given anybody ‘more’ fans especially fans that would spend $9.99 ect on an album……seriously! Im not gonna spend my money buying chris’s album in hopes that it will some how make aubrey feel bad. These stunts are just free promo…how many more stories have u posted about chris because of this club disaster? When instead he should be promoting his new album not his ’bout that life’ image we already know who he is

    • wendell June 19, 2012

      I’ll tell you all one thing Chris album will sell more than Usher’s 120-140k. I bet you that

      • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

        Is that all Usher sold with all of the PRMOTION & MEDIA LOVE he’s received? DAMN….. 🙁

        Has he not proformed on every daytime, mid day and evening an dlate night program? He was just over in England performing at one of the major festivals! Geez

  7. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. June 19, 2012

    It was going to FLOP before the drake incident

    FISTopher is just a flopping c***

  8. ZANIA June 19, 2012

    Actually I can care less about CB drama, I am going to support my guy, and buy like 5 CD’s like last time. I think I bought like 10 for people. In the end I might end up buying the same amount of cds. Love CB will always support him.

    • plain & Simple June 19, 2012


      Same here. I’m going to support Chris to the max and so will Teambreezy



      • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

        I downloaded off limewire… i stole that song and im booty clapping to it now.

      • QueenOfTheNavy June 19, 2012

        Better buy 100 copies each ladies or else he will SURELY FAIL! HAHAHAHHA MUAHA MUAHAHAHA MUAUHAHAHA

      • plain & Simple June 19, 2012



    • plain & Simple June 19, 2012


      • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

        Girl booo… aint no one scared… Is that you Chris… or is your beard that Koochie b****… whatever her name is… either way… TAKE A SEAT!

      • plain & Simple June 19, 2012

        Ha! Such a liar that’s why you are not scared. Who are you fooling. Now you have the stadium full of seats!!

      • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

        Nawll i stole that s***. I stole all his albums and they all are garbage.

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

      The same ppl who were going to purchase Chris Brown’s CD – #TEAMBREEZY – are going to buy it regardless! Considering that Chris Brown did NOTHING WRONG & WAS ACTUALLY HELPING PPL WHO WERE VICTIMS OF THE HORRIBLE NIGHT I don’t see what the problem is?

      Well the media use the Drake bottle throwing punk move against Chris Brown? MOST DEFINITELY BUT WHAT’S NEW? LOL 🙂

  9. number1k9 June 19, 2012

    NO ONE but maybe his female stans were goign to purchase this album to begin with.

    ALL of the songs released so far have been mediocre, boring, forgetful, and/or annoying! Most are all of those words.

    So I expected this album to get further delayed, shelved, or even reworked and postponded.

    CB just is not who he used to be: Pre “Forever” era. Sad but true. He has done all his bad to himself.

    • plain & Simple June 19, 2012

      So f***** what. We are fans and we will buy FORTUNE



      NOW #15 ON ITUNES R&B


      • rosie June 19, 2012

        So plain and simple are you agreeing that Breezy is not what he used to be .
        I actually happen to agree he has become a THUG. Why is it that violence is following him from the Rihanna incidence to the iphone case to the bar fight . Get it together

  10. plain & Simple June 19, 2012


    • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

      It will flop …her career is done. Sorry miss bisexual violent drug addict is done!

    • X,Y,”and Z” June 19, 2012

      @Plain & Simple re: 1:53 —

      I have a plan!! If you could get word to Breezy’s staff: I’m GUARANTEEING 1’st-week Platinum!! All we need to get things rolling: me in that Lambo-Lambo, for only 24-little-hrs.


      Pulling-up to the club.
      Pulling-up to Starbucks.
      Easing into a 5-Star Restaurant.
      Model-looking chick in passenger seat.

      Everyone else:

      “Drake/Meek Mill” type of envy.
      Talking through they teets.
      Trying to know me.
      Not getting to know me.
      Never forgetting “that dude in the Lambo”.
      “What happened to the big girls always tryin’ to always with him?”
      “He think his s*** don’t stink!”


      Like I said, get at me, REAL TALK – I have a plan:

      X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

      • f*** off June 19, 2012

        X Y Z you are sooooo GAY anyone ever told you that? Do you like to take it up the A**? You sure act like it! Lmao!

      • X,Y,”and Z” June 19, 2012

        @F*** Off re: 3:54 pm —

        Wanna hear a “real” story? You do?! LOVELY!

        K, I met Robin Roberts. I told her I didn’t appreciate the way she tried to set-up Chris during that GMA appearance: VERY bias/unprofessional! You know what she then said?! Coincidentally enough, she said the very same things you said: “you are sooooo GAY anyone ever told you that? Do you like to take it up the A**? You sure act like it!”

        But being the humanitarian that I am, I then said to her, “Ms. Roberts, you’re a lesbian, and not only does God hate you for that, but Hate is no-good for cancer remission.”

        And now?! “POOF”, wouldn’t you know it? Robin Roberts’ cancer is BACK, and with a vengeance! Poor, poor Robin Roberts. She’s going to hell for being homosexual, and God is sending her an “cancer-express ticket” to eternal damnation!

        But to answer your question, you know, oddly enough, after I’ve told homosexuals that their ‘eternal souls’ are in jeopardy, should they refuse to renounce their evil, ungodly, unnatural, homosexual ways, they’ve told me the very same, exact things you’re now saying to me/asking me! BTW, when’s the last time you read the Old Testament?! I mean, I after reading your comment, my anti-v**** software is going absolutely nuts!

        X,Y,”and Z” — “Putting the FEAR OF GOD in homosexuals, one blog at a time!”

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

      Hey Plain & Simple,

      Shout out right back! 🙂


      July 3rd is going to be a great day! I’ve been waiting since March 22 then May 8 to get my hands on the CD! I heard him say that the actual enscription on the cover is a code! I cannot wait to decipher it!

      #TeamBreezy Get ready for it Chris came to WIN!!

      • plain & Simple June 19, 2012

        That code has something to do with Teambreezy. He talked about it on another site.

  11. robyn June 19, 2012

    His sales will be just fine. I think it will increase with time. I purchased F.A.M.E. and don’t have any regrets. Good Luck

    • QueenOfTheNavy June 19, 2012


      • plain & Simple June 19, 2012

        Don’t need you to tell us how many copies to buy. Worry about your fave’s drug habbit

      • robyn June 19, 2012

        I don’t purchase multiple copies of an album so that an artist can go gold/plat or whater. I purchase one copy only because I support their music. BTW: I also purchased all of your fav’s albums as well. so what exactly is your point?

      • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

        It’s PLATINUM WW so I’m good with that! Chris Brown has nothing to prove. We all know he isn’t a MEDIA DARLING like Justin Bieber or Gaga or Taylor Swift. No one cares either way. He will out sell any other R&B artist out so he’s good whethr you want to believe it or not!

        #TeamBreezy July 3rd! Get ready for it, Chris came to win!! 🙂

    • QueenOfTheNavy June 19, 2012

      Mobwife you stupid b****, theres no such thing as platinum worldwide.
      Back of the class now!

      • rosie June 19, 2012

        What DRUG HABIT are they talking about . Does Breezy have a DRUG HABIT . Like Seriously ??????

    • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

      Fame aint platinum… I wanna see the receipts !

      • ZANIA June 19, 2012

        It doesn’t matter if Fame went Platinum, the music industry is really hurting. Do you see the sales of some of the great entertainers. Who are actually selling, other than Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Rihanna- All pop stars. Only four R & B artist sold over 800,000 last two years- Beyonce and Usher only platinum, CB in third sold 880,000 and Trey songz sold 846,000., now that is sad for the music industry. I will support CB new album like I always do and buy multi copies. We need to save R & B.

      • Stephen June 19, 2012

        Zania, excpet that CB isn’t r&b, or hasnen since 2009

  12. Speechless June 19, 2012

    if usher flopped that badly then chris doesnt have a prayer

  13. imusicjunkie June 19, 2012

    Its going to help his sales. All publicity is good publicity.

    • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

      girl boom

      • sam June 19, 2012

        Your name must really discribe what you look like. Black as tar and UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY People need car lights to see your ass

      • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

        And people need to a microscope to find your lil h***** infected d***… Life goes on…

        Chris is that you again? You do realize you are black… SORRY… How your asshole feel. You still letting them n***** slang they d**** in you? Its all good girl; you besta bite that pillow.

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

      Especially when you did NOTHING WRONG!

  14. Ajm265 June 19, 2012

    No tea no shade (had to take it back on y’all for a sec). I don’t see him pulling massive numbers look at usher he had a few hits and a lot of promo and he is set to do 120k. Ppl are not buying music unless your name is Adele. He better hope for consistency in sales.

  15. TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

    Chris Brown should stick to getting his ass hole stomped in (filthy bottom) and snorting coke. It’s a wrap. ITS OVER FOR YOU MISS BROWN!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHHAHA

    -The Ghost of Michael Jackson

    • stony June 19, 2012


      • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

        i cant help it… im a dirty gurl.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012

      the ghost of michael jackson ?! 😯

      just when i thought i saw it all when it comes to stupidity , this is a new level for me to witness. 🙄

      • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

        F** Have a seat; right the hell now.
        Cause b**** im not the 1
        nor the 2
        nor the 3… i will read you into s******…

    • CBE June 19, 2012

      I wish you were at that club so somebody would throw a bottle at your ass, split your head with c** juice dripping out everywhere considering you like chocking on d**** punk b****!

      • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

        Girl boom, i wish you was in the car with Chris Brown so he could have bitten you in the shoulder. Dumb ass B****!

      • ALONZO June 19, 2012

        B**** kill your self now i am not the one to play with you damn stupid ass b**** suck my d***

  16. Auntie_Jackie June 19, 2012

    This time around the music has been underwhelming and the drama has reached new heights. He’ll do okay, but he’s not going to smash like I want him to. He’ll outsell Usher in the first week, because Usher’s album was pure S***–as much as I love Usher.

    • wendell June 19, 2012

      Funny you should say that I did not want to say it, I also bought Usher’s album I wish I would have listened to my mans cd first. I don’t like it at all. He has a few nice songs but it’s not worth my $13.00 dollars. Well it will sit by all his other cd’s on my shelve. Don’t know how well Chris will do thoough. I hope he does well

    • wendell June 19, 2012

      I guess having those #1 songs did not help his sales.

      • sam June 19, 2012

        What!! with all that promo he was doing. Usher was all over the place. Many people in Usher’s age bracket is not feeling him this time around. So they are not buying. Damn his sales is like Nicki.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012

        i Really LOATHE when People who stan for different MALE artists fight. Leave it for the stans of female artists.

        so U can’t afford to buy Both “Fortune” and ‘looking for myself” ? U can’t enjoy them both ?

        BOTH artists are great and entertain their fans. so stop acting childishly. and you are fans , you only enjoy Music , why you care about sales that much ?

        F.A.M.E was a Good album and it’s sales say otherwise , so sales mean s*** , especially considering factors such as : leaks , illegal downloading and bootlegging !!!

  17. roman June 19, 2012

    After all 5000 promo pics and 500 promo videos, it will FLOP. Ppl are tired of his sound now. Alothough, the only song I will buy is “Don’t Wake Me Up”…

  18. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012

    the queen of pop once said :

    a publicity us a publicity , whether it is good or bad.

    but it pretty much depend on his #teambreezy and the casual fans who are fans of “TUTM” ……….

    i don’t think it will hurt him that much , he has a strong fanbase for a male artist , so .. , and this situation Will only Hurt Drake’s manhood if that ” hiding in the bathroom LIKE A P**** ” moment is TRUE. 😆
    the only one i felt sorry for is that girl whose head got smashed ….

    anyway , moving ON …

    don’t countdown the dude , let him live and be himself and grow and evolve as an artist and a human being , he is talented after all whether u gonna like it or not , stop hating on him , move the f*** on from what happened in 2009 , live your life , GET PAID.
    this is what everyone should start to do with their lives. 😀

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012


      • robyn June 19, 2012

        I co-sign everything you stated, except that I felt so bad for his bodyguard and anyone else who was hurt.

    • wendell June 19, 2012

      @Pop Royalty

      That was nicely written. I just want to address one thing you said GET PAID. These hatin ass kids don’t have a job nor any education. Just read how they write.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012

        exactly. it is Childish to hate on someone who work hard to entertain his fans , we can criticize him on a professional scale ” his artistry ” , but why i will get personal , he is a human being , right ?

    • rosie June 20, 2012

      I agree with whatever you have said . But if Breezy wants to SMASH all the record books with his latest release – he does need to get the help of other people than the Team Breezy base.
      That Navi is looking pretty big with 21 mill perhaps a few more Chrianna rumors could help to push up Breezy’s sales (i’m just saying) . 🙂

  19. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 19, 2012

    The club fiasco won’t affect his sales. The bad single choices will. ‘TUTM’ had front-loaded sales and then it dropped like a stone. He needed a HUGE urban single to follow it up and ‘Sweet Love’ was subpar and lukewarm. ‘Till I Die’ was released and it just disappeared afterwards. And now ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ has barely any buzz and it needs more time, but it only has 2 more weeks. Therefore, he’s releasing an album with no current hit to back the campaign up.

    I actually really want him to succeed, but his previous album was the business and I don’t get the same vibe for the new album. I hope he does well (at least 200k first week) so that he can release a banger during the summer and get this new album to gold or platinum status.

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

      No Don’t Wake Me Up is an AMZING SONG & he just released an incredible video for it a WEEK AGO! PPl are expecting too much too soon! The song is already gold in a few conturies after a week of being released. Ppl need to stop being so negative all the time and let the music flow!

      I wouldn’t want to be an artist in the music industry to save my life! One day when they are ready to replace the current media darlings they will be pushed out and replaced with the next, new, great thing! I just happy that Chris Brown will remain regardless of the media favor he doesn’t receive!

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012

      Don’t wake me Up is Fortune’s “Beautiful People” !!!

  20. X,Y,”and Z” June 19, 2012

    @Sam/TGJ Staff —

    re: bar/nigh club incident with Drake/Meek Mill?! Listen, for once in a looong time, Chris is looking like the victim/good guy.

    And speaking of which, here’s yet ANOTHER victim, #4, who has now come forward to finger Drake, and Meek Mill:

    “Drake is solely to blame for inflaming the violent mob that severely injured several innocent people … so says a 4th woman who was injured in the melee and is now threatening to sue the rapper.”

    “TMZ has learned … Innocent Victim #4, Vladimira Brace, has lawyered up — claiming she suffered a spinal injury when she was trampled in the melee that ensued inside W.i.P. nightclub in NYC on June 13.”

    “Brace’s attorney has already fired off a letter to Drake’s reps … saying point blank, “Your client instigated a brawl with Mr. Chris Brown” … and adds, “[Drake’s] actions were reckless and negligent in inflaming a violent mob.””

    I’ve long ago said this (check this blog’s archives if you don’t believe me): “Drake is little-more-than a fraud and gimmick, who MUST be removed from the game.”

    This incident is a blessing in disguise. For now, much sooner-than-later, Drake(and Meek Mill) will be convicted of multiple counts of Felony Battery and Assault, and he WILL be sentenced to imprisonment! This’ll take one-less obstacle out of Chris’ way, in his ascension to MJ’s throne!

    When this case comes to court, Drake will be seen as an idiot who Meek Mill amped-up, and then used to do HIS dirty work. Drake is a fool: See a fool? Use a fool! Drake had already saw “CBreezy 2.0” on-the-rise. He KNOWS Chris is coming for him. He was ALREADY jealous, bitter, and angry. Drake KNOWS he’s no “rapper”. He KNOWS he doesn’t have 1/8th the talent Chris has. Meek Mill tapped into this “hate-of-chris”, and used Drake to do his dirty work – “Heckle and Jeckle” fed-off each other, amped themselves up, and the outcome was witnessed by bloodied patrons of that NYC bar/nightclub.

    ..But “Wheelchair Jimmy” was only postponing the inevitable. When he swung that bottle, he was swinging a bottle at EVERYTHING HIS IS NOT: talented, loved, and respected. Drake saw the one-man, standing before him, who is now responsible for turning him into a gimmick, and an “also ran” – so he reached for that bottle, stood behind several wannabes, swung it, and then ran to the shelter of that toilet.

    In summation: Will this incident have an effect on ‘Fortune’ sales?

    Since ‘F.A.M.E’ Chris has gotten a Grammy, his first. And he’s set audience performance record-after-record. Remarkably, this incident has made him a “victim”. I’d have much preferred for it to have already happened, and for Drake to now be sitting behind bars. And after all the facts were read, it’d have then shown to have all transpired out of envy, jealousy, and Drake/Meek Mill’s desperation. Essentially, Breezy is now bigger, than just after ‘F.A.M.E’, and is now, for the moment,”sympathetic”; that said, if trends hold – ‘Fortune’ will, at the very least, outsell ‘F.A.M.E’! ‘

    X,Y,”and Z”

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

      DAMN ANOTHER??? 0_o

      “When this case comes to court, Drake will be seen as an idiot who Meek Mill amped-up, and then used to do HIS dirty work. Drake is a fool: See a fool? Use a fool! ”

      THIS I totally agree with! Meek Mill keeps flapping off at the mouth but the Club Owner/Manager already fingered him as either 1 of the main bottle “throwers” or the lead instigator!

    • donna June 20, 2012

      Meek said he saw women throwing bottles – another website mentioned Karrueche ?.

      Did the midget also throw bottles ?. Then maybe she should also go to jail.

      Oh and also the women model Ingrid whatever who spoke through her lawyer and said Breezy is a gentlemen seems is being sued for prostitution and drug use. (not my words just check Fox news)

      • X,Y,”and Z” June 20, 2012

        @Donna re: June 20th, 12:20 am —

        So Karrueche hit herself in the head and caused her own concussion, is that it?

        So that club’s promoter, Jessica Rosenblum, did she also lie? Is she too a “w****”? Immediately after the incident she fingered Drake’s good buddy, Meek Mill. This is what she said on twitter:

        “Really?? FU Meek Mills – u know how many f****** years we worked to have fly hip hop s*** in downtown NYC? GTFO if u don’t know how 2 hang”

        So Tony Parker has some sort of hidden agenda against Drake/Meek Mill?

        And since we’re going into folks’ past, Meek Mill isn’t exactly the picture of credibility himself – he’s a career criminal who was just recently on probation/parole, yes?

        I’m curious, how do you “sue” someone for prostitution and drug use?

        It’s no conspiracy – everyone can’t be lying – why should they? Drake/Meek Mill are the aggressors and instigators for any-n-all violence that transpired in that club. Meek Mill had an ax to grind with Chris, and Meek Mill USED ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ for the “puppet-on-a-string” that HE is to do HIS dirty work.

        ..There’s just TOO much evidence; TOO many witnesses; and TOO much public outrage for this NOT to land Drake/Meek Mill in jail and bankrupt. Meek Mill has now dragged Drake down in the cesspool of poverty and irrelevance that HE now inhabits. The biggest FOOL in this sad fiasco is Drake!

        X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  21. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 19, 2012

    I cant wait for this album to come out so it can FLOP harder than Alexandra Burke’s Heartbreak on Flop.

    • X,Y,”and Z” June 19, 2012

      @Beyonce’s Weave re: June 19th, 3:08 pm —

      The facts, and circumstances aren’t your friends, and will defeat you and your ill-will.

      1.) Chris Brown is now FAR-bigger than he was AFTER ‘Feb 8th, 2009 Chrianna’. Did you see him walk across that stage to accept his Grammy? Robin Roberts saw, that’s what brought back her cancer!

      2.) This incident has made him, unbelievably, the “victim” of jealousy and envy, of those lesser talented.

      At the very least – V-E-R-Y LEAST – “Fortune” will outsell “F.A.M.E” (F*** All My Enemies)!

      X,Y,”and Z”

      • BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 19, 2012

        Drake did more sales in the first week that Chris Brown ever did in 3 months of sales. Drake has a stronger fanbase than Chris the woman beater Brown. Fortune will FLOP. So far ALL the singles released from Fortune have underwhelmed and it’ll FLOP.

      • X,Y,”and Z” June 19, 2012

        @Beyonce’s Weave re: 3:48 pm —

        “Drake did more sales”

        That was THEN, this is NOW. ‘F.A.M.E’ was, for all intents and purposes, Chris’ RE-INTRODUCTION to the public: “CBreezy 2.0″.

        Had ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ drew 19-Million to watch his DWTS performance (a still standing record)? NO!
        Had ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ drew record audience draws for his NBC Summer Concert/BET Award show performances? NO!
        Has ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ a #1-Movie, not only as its Executive Producer, but also the star with the longest, most exciting scene, to his credit? NO!

        And if you didn’t know, Young Money, not unlike Def Jam, buys their artists records.

        Drake, and Meek Mill, are now fingered as the instigators, aggressors, and perpetrators who caused the now permanent GRUESOME injuries of several women, and patrons. Drake’s”Mr Good-Guy” Rapper image is now irreparable! After ALL the minutia of/for all the reasons for his actions become fully public, it’ll show ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ as a less-than-talented, envious, jealous gimmick.

        Long-story short: If Drake didn’t feel Chris a “threat”, he’d have not reacted as he did. He’d have simply brushed it all off. And even you know what I’m saying is true.

        But “Wheelchair Jimmy” is a fool, and Meek Mill, who also apparently had an ax to grind with Chris, used THAT fool. And not too long from now, they’ll BOTH be behind bars bitter, broke, and the game/industry, will by then moved-on, passing and forgetting bout them. The same happened to ‘Shyne’.

        As much as HE doesn’t like to admit it, Drake isn’t anything unique. Drake has no talents to speak of. He neither writes, produces, sings, nor dances well-enough to be “NOT replaceable”. But “replaced” is JUST what he’ll soon be! ‘Baby/Lil’ Wayne’ will then run-it-down to him. It’s nothing personal – it’s only business!

        X,Y,”and Z”

      • BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 19, 2012

        X,Y,”and Z”

        Your post has all be about Drake but what you should be talking about is Fortune which will FLOP. All his other singles besides Turn up the music has FLopped, not a good sign for an album. All the singles have underwhelmed and unless you personally buy over 600K of the CD, It’ll FLOP and FLOP hard.

    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

      LOL, now who do you stan for?….child hush

    • CBE June 19, 2012

      Beyonce still need to show us some receipts for that baby, her Cambodian parents are crossing the border to get her once that 100 dollars is finished, they dont play that s***.

      • BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 19, 2012

        Beyonce is a FLOP b**** anyway. Her album “4” was horrible, underwhelmed and FLOPPED. I don’t care about her or her fake baby.

  22. Auntie_Jackie June 19, 2012

    @ X, Y & Z

    I have to say, Drake IS the looser in all of this. He’s faker than a 3$ bill–and now he looks it. But CB looses too, don’t you think? He doesn’t come off as the victim (I wish it were that way) but like he’s always in the middle of something.

    He needs more that Team Breezy, he needs casual fans too, young fans, and this type of altercations scares them off. He already scared them off once. This is by no means a comparison of the former incident, but he just can’t seem to keep his nose clean.

    That, coupled with random single choices. He’s my favorite, but I don’t see a smash album here, even though I’d like it to be. He and his music have some maturing to do.

    He’s turning people all-the-way off, especially on Twitter, a cess-pool full of ignorance and wannabes. Where the F*** is his publicist?!

    • X,Y,”and Z” June 19, 2012

      @Aunt Jackie re: June 19th —

      “this type of altercations scares them off.”

      I couldn’t disagree more! The idea of “beef” and the “throwing around $2000 Champaign Bottles” will pull the excited, and push the curious.

      “But CB looses too, don’t you think? He doesn’t come off as the victim (I wish it were that way) but like he’s always in the middle of something.”

      Listen, how do you avoid hate, especially from those, supposedly “on your level”? How do you “avoid, “cure”, and/or “prevent” another man’s ‘lack of talent’? Chris Brown now knows that some lesser talented folks in this industry, DRAKE, are DEEPLY envious of him! There’s now NO amount of “good will gestures” that Breezy can do that’ll now change that one immutable fact.

      I’d said this before, it still rings true, but more so literally than figuratively: “Chris should keep his circles tight.” His casual industry acquaintances should be at arms length, so they can’t hurt him. Only the long-time “pre FAME” friends need apply! Everyone else are fair-weather friends… Sorry, can’t use ’em!

      So now, after Drake gets removed from the game, they’ll be none else BUT CBreezy. Justin Bieber is quickly going the way of the Jonas Brothers. Trey Songz is stage-worthy, but he’s just NOT CBreezy, and Usher is now easing into middle-age.

      I’ve said this too, long ago: “There’s no one now, ‘like a Chris Brown’ upon the Pop-culture/R&B/Urban landscape!

      So should his publicist throw his/herself in front of angry words or projectiles/glass bottles aimed at Chris? I mean, what happened to “if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all”..?? Especially among celebrity peers!

      “Fortune”, at the very least, WILL do better than ‘F.A.M.E’..!!

      X,Y,”and Z”

      • Auntie_Jackie June 19, 2012

        I see, said the blind man! Fingers crossed for Fortune to outsell F.A.M.E.

  23. OpD2 June 19, 2012

    it will affect it,i don’t know if it,s a negative are a positive way but it will affect it.

  24. Oh Yeah!!! June 19, 2012

    Chris will be Fine!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Anne June 19, 2012

    I don’t think it will have a significant effect on the sales. If the album flops it won’t be because of the controversy or bad press. To even assume so just seems like an attempt to line up excuses before the numbers even come out. If the album sells well then I think it would have still done so even minus the controversy. I think most people have already made up their mind and a controversy won’t effect them one way or another. I think he’d be better off relying on traditional methods of promo like performances and making sure everyone knows the album is coming out. I didn’t see that info in any of the articles about the incident and it probably would not stand out in that type of context but would get buried under the other details. People want to know that they will get their money’s worth, bottom line. As for his fan base, they will buy it regardless.

    • Anne June 19, 2012

      To clarify I think those who know the album is coming out have already made up their minds as to whether it’s worth their money and won’t be effected by the bad press one way or another. People like what they like, period. For those who don’t know about the album, he needs to use traditional methods like ads and performances and picking the right singles because stories like the ones in the press now are not going to inspire anyone to buy his album. If it flops it will because not enough people are into the music or think it’s worth buying or even know about the release. I don’t think people will let bad press stop them from buying what they like or influence them to buy what they don’t like.

  26. nando June 19, 2012

    Im pretty sure it will affect his sales becuz now adays people dont buy music if its worth buying they buy music based on celebrities personal lifes…which is sad!

  27. MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

    NBA Star Point Guard for the San Antonio Spurs TONY PARKER at press conference in Paris, France said:

    “I was with MY FIREND –> CHRIS BROWN and me and my friends took some punches. They started throwing bottles at us from everywhere. I don’t know what happened.”

    Tony Parker is to play for his native country of France during the Olymicps but will miss the 1st week of the games due to an eye injury he received as he, CHRIS BROWN, 4 men and several women were violently attacked!

    Again, will the media turn thAT ridiculous evil occurence against Chris, probably buT WHAT’S NEW?

  28. Anne June 19, 2012

    If his singles were flying up the charts then you could blame the controversy or bad press on low album sales, but since they are not it will just sound like an excuse. Look at Usher, there’s no bad press but people just either didn’t know about the album’s release or didn’t care enough to want buy it. The same will apply to Chris if his sales are low.

  29. CBE June 19, 2012

    Damn Im late… geez can you take a look at all these bored b****** on here! I am quite puzzled, If a person has a problem with Chris Brown and they proceed to click on his post and hate for a good 5 minutes posting replies etc…If that doesnt look like a lonely bitter person I dont know. This navy h** is all over the place on this post like Rihanna has gone platinum in the US with TTT( bet some b**** gonna bring up WW sales), people are just stuck on stupid.

    Buying fortune f*** everyone else, feel sorry for usher though hehehehe 🙂 How you gonna flop with bieber & the whole media machine and behind you?

    • sam June 19, 2012

      Bieber is perdicted to sell 400k to 500k plus. Take a look on itunes all his songs are there already climbing the charts

      • CBE June 19, 2012

        Predicted? by who? heard nothing from HDD.

  30. Journey Israel June 19, 2012

    Our Family supports Chris Brown he put’s out Gooooooood music, and we understand how certain elements of america, use the press to Demonize Black Men, he’s very gifted and we have ordered x4 copies of Fortune.

    • X,Y,”and Z” June 19, 2012

      @LAX re June 19th, 5:22 pm —

      “Rocket to the moon/one of your faves/defend her s*** ass..”…?!

      Not happening; not in this lifetime – not in the next! Wanna know why? Here: “Kelly Rowland: Orlando Bloom, and men who look like him, are THE most beautiful of all men!”

      You see, I don’t look anything remotely like “Orlando Bloom”.

      ..That said, any black man who, after knowing HER preferences, then supports her is either asexual, homosexual, or a toxic combination of the two!

      You see, ‘LAX’, you’re NOT a black heterosexual man! But here you are, you’d deny me the right to see my own “physical representation”, now wouldn’t you? Black men are the only gender of men who are shouted-down for wanting to see their physical representation on/in the pop-culture landscape. It’s all part of the “Oprah Effect”. And it can be vividly seen in Feb 8th, 2009 Chrianna: no matter however Rihanna beats-on, and/or emasculates Chris Brown, he, being the “good” black man should fall to his knees and submit to her!

      The s***’s really deep, ‘LAX’! For 25-years, 1/4 Of A Century, Oprah Winfrey, disciple of Alice Walker (high priestess of allthings relating to emasculation of black men) brainwashed, mocked, and tormented. Oprah Winfrey created an industry of “black women: good; black men: bad; and white men saviors in shinning armor”, and on Feb 8th, 2009, Rihanna plugged into it.

      I’m sure that, even if you agreed, you’d disagree. And it’s like I said – THE S*** IS DEEP!

      But there IS goodness, justice and righteousness in the Universe:

      1.) Oprah Winfrey is finished.
      2.) Tyra Banks is also finished.
      3.) Harvey Levin, try as he had/is, is no longer omnipotent: “CBreezy 2.0” is about to lift off!
      4.) Robin Roberts’ evil is catching up with her: her cancer is back with a blood-thirsty vengeance!
      5.) Nicki Minaj is now the new “IT GIRL”.
      6.) Rita Ora is now Jay-Z’s up-and-coming protege.
      7.) Rihanna singlehandedly sank a $400/$450-Million “Battleship”.
      8.) And “Wheelchair Jimmy” is finally about to be revealed as a “Canadian-Bacon Jew Actor”, who is now playing the role of a “Rapper”. He’s about to spend an appreciable amount of time behind bars, and the rap/hip hop game and music industry will be better off for it!

      The Universe, being a finely-tuned and wondrous instrument, will once again be in-tune and harmonious.

      X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  31. Lax June 19, 2012

    @XYZ You heart beat of america, both yo “Fave’s” on the same Thread…
    Enjoy because both of yo “Faves” love the mad love you always giving each
    of them and they says Thanks in advance to one of their Hardest working Fans
    other than me and some others on “That Grape Juice” Gets Juicer each
    passing Day….Now don’t it….Oh Chris will do just Fine…

  32. Music June 19, 2012

    He’s known for that guy who beat up Rihanna, now hitting a chick in the head with a glass bottle is attached to his name….Chris Brown is talented but sorry dude, Fortune won’t even go aluminum, he can forget reaching platinum.

    • sam June 19, 2012

      Now Drake will see how it feels to be the outcast just like Chris was in 2009. . Everyone at that club is pointing the finger at Drake. People are coming out the woodworks pointing the finger at Drake. Call Chris what you want but the worst is now over and he’s back while Drake will be sued and probably they will get some of his family $$$ also being that his Jewish family have money.

      That model and an NBA player was sitting at Chris table. The model got her face slashed need plastic surgery. The NBA player got injury to his eye & both of them along with others are going to sue Drake. Read the tmz attorney’s report buddy. Chris name is not attached to nothing

  33. Benron June 19, 2012

    I don;t need to see Drakes name here, he can sell albums, F.A.M.E. or Flopping After My enemies and Flopping As My End.
    Fame stilll isnt platinum, but Ill wait…… 875,000 and going knowhwere near strong. I PREDICT 200,000 is the most!

  34. Benron June 19, 2012

    AND hold the f*** on, chriks stans, what talent does he have, he is a a street dancer dancing for change. He is the laziest singer ever.

  35. TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

    Has anyone noticed at @XYZ is a f****** f**?

    • Benron June 19, 2012

      everyone knows his head is ten miles up chris’s asshole checking on his prostate ToBeHonest!

  36. Benron June 19, 2012

    @XYZ nothing you say is ever true.
    Rih didn’t singlehandly sink battleship, no one person can sink a movie, maybe the writers, people in advertisements or people doing the budgets sank the movie, but the worst she oculd have done was bad acting which equals not having her in most of the trailer, which they already did.

    Robin roberts isn’t evil, Chris is, end of story! Oprah isn’t finished, she left for a year and still made 100+ million dollars (more than chris’ career) she is a business woman, not a immature 12, oh sorry 22 year old. Nicki Minaj is not happeneing that plastic h** can barely fill up a theatre, lol bye b****!

    Rita and RiRi will coexist, Jay needs to pay up to the real mother of blue ivy to keep her spanish-speaking mouth shut. Lol, Stop wishing your faves were as relevent as every1 elses.

    Cuz ur hating On rih and drake, when the collaborated with eachother it went straight to number 1, then the other peaked at 7!

    Nicki and chris are still flopping in the 70’s LMFAO!

  37. RihannaNavy June 20, 2012

    honeslty this wont affect his sales, he was destined to flop in the first place and no shade intennded but the whole rihanna situation ruined his career and it will haunt him forever

  38. TT June 20, 2012

    The controversy won’t affect sales, for one simple reason..he didn’t do anything wrong. The only person damaged will be Drake’s career as many witnesses sight him as the trouble causer. Fortune will be album of the year , and anyone who labels Chris Brown a flop needs to remember he won a Grammy for F.A.M.E, lmao I think alot of artists would want to be a flop if they had Chris Brown’s level of success. He is a genius!

  39. Alexis Carrington June 20, 2012

    As a 14 year super fan of Mariah Carey, I understand the depths of fandom. However, I also know that stans have to face the reality of their star. There are things Mariah does that I don’t support at all (e.g. lip-synching). As a real fan, I’ve paid my dues and have the right to voice my disappoint or outrage., which I do regularly to the disdain of the lambily.

    What I don’t understand is why the same seems not to apply to Chris Brown? Chris Brown reminds me of Whitney Houston in that one must ask if the money and fame brought the problems or did they simply expose and intensify the deviant behavior and temperament all ready there but hiding under initial squeaky-clean images?

    Let me be clear! I’m not discussing the Rihanna incident at all. I’m talking about his public behavior since. He is arrogant, petulant, irascible, and stunningly immature even for a man in his early 20s. He acts with or without thinking, gets a media spanking, and then promptly issue hollow apology statements/tweets. This cycle covers his escapades including the Robin Roberts debacle, the n*** pic/revealing green suit d*** print pics, the twitter beefs full of degrading vulgarities, and this latest incident with Drake.

    You can love Chris Brown and support him, but at what point does one say to Chris by way of twitter or his/her buying power, “This is not okay, Chris, and I will not support these actions”? I’m repeatedly stupefied at the unwavering support that so many give Chris Brown. Many of you even support his bad behavior (“he is a real n*gga”, “#teambreezy”, etc.).

    I find it telling that so many gay males support Brown’s indiscretions. However, I wonder if Chris Brown was some shades darker, or didn’t have a 6 pack, wasn’t what some may consider well-endowed, or didn’t have so much “swag” would gay males still defend him so fervently? Despite Chris’s repeated hurling of homophobic slurs, many of you seem to think he’d actually support you when he’d likely commit a hate crime against you.

    No other male artist seems to get this support. Why is that? I’ll admit that I just don’t see the “it-factor” that Chris possesses outside of being a good dancer. Artistically, he is, imo, mediocre-his songs all run together musically and thematically. Vocally, he is arguably the most limited male vocalists out there. His voice is in the same shape it was when he was 16 singing “Run It”. Someone illuminate me please.

  40. roamoah June 20, 2012

    This word FLOP is really starting to become over.. especially by people who sit at home critizing albums flopping but end up going and bootlegging songs/albums
    I don’t even see why their is such hatred towards some of these celebrities anyways. I guess I’ll never understand though.

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