Kelly Rowland: “My New Single Is Coming In A Few Weeks”

Published: Monday 18th Jun 2012 by Sam

Last year saw Kelly Rowland break-out in a major way with the mega-smash that was ‘Motivation’. And in keeping her buzz a’buzzin’, the Destiny’s Child graduate is gearing up to unleash the first single from her 4th studio album…much sooner than you may think.

Details after the jump…

Speaking at Hot 107’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta last week (where she performed ‘Motivation’ with Lil Wayne for the first time), the 31 year old revealed that the single is coming “in a few weeks”. Peep the interview and her performance below…

Needless to say, we’re all sorts of excited. Kelly has logged in studio time with the likes of Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, Sean Garrett, Rico Love, Da Internz, and more. Alas, on the strength of those names alone, she seems poised to serve up gems a plenty. And with the X Factor no longer a time-hoover, it’ll be ultra interesting to see how the project’s promotional push is handled. We can only hope it mirrors her handling “in between projects”, as she’s seemingly everywhere right now.

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  1. williNalli June 18, 2012

    FIRST! 😛

  2. Teyah June 18, 2012

    If this new album flops like Ms. Kelly and Here I Am, she will be coming out with another album next year lol!

    Anyways looking forward to hearing the new single

  3. Chris Is Stuck and Needs Growth June 18, 2012

    Interviewer is waaaaay to close./lol Kelly is leaning up against the wall like whoa…lol

  4. Truth tela June 18, 2012

    OMG! This is good news Kelly girl. I can’t wait. Make sure it’s a strong single and promote your work like crazy. We want a tour Kelly, your. Own tour for songs from your albums!

  5. williNalli June 18, 2012


    URGH…I’m IN LOVE with you…Yeah I said it 🙂
    It’s no secret anymore.

  6. muni June 18, 2012

    OMG OMG OMG, my heart just jumped!!

  7. Vuyolwethu Sanele Gqwaru June 18, 2012

    For the first time I’m actually excited about a Kelly Rowland project, even though here I am flopped but she did show a lot of growth as a solo artist. Now let’s hope she goes platinum with the next album, I’m also rooting for my favourite Michelle Williams

  8. Peter Griffin June 18, 2012

    She needs to slow down and make sure she releases a guaranteed hit lead single. I like her and some of her songs, but she’s becoming more and more of a joke when it comes to the Hot 100! Kelly needs to slay, like I know she can. Anyway I’m excited about this new single 🙂

  9. Uhoh June 18, 2012

    One more stake in the coffin then no more trash songs from this never gonna be.

  10. why you mad? June 18, 2012

    Can’t wait

  11. TinaMinaj June 18, 2012

    CAN’T WAIT!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hope it does well! God knows she deserves it..

  12. Kell June 18, 2012

    yes “here i am” flopped but the album was amazing & Kelly has so much potential. excited for her new single. i do think it’s a bit rushed but i’m excited

  13. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) June 18, 2012

    I can’t wait for Ms Kelly new music ..

    Go Go goooo

  14. virtuoso intellect June 18, 2012

    her brand has been looking real good so far this year. the awards, mag covers, endorsements and s*** association with Trey i think has postively influenced the way people view Kelly. image and perception has alot to do with commercial success in the industry. its loking good for Kelly thus far. she just has to be consistent and be on point with the music. do not release material that could have been a hit in 2002 in 2012

    SN: She and Wayne have ZERO chemistry ch …

  15. DIGGER BEY June 18, 2012

    YESSS! This is what Ive been waiting to hear! Im gonna b all kinds of craziness when that single drops. Kelly is on The Comeup! Shes getting ready for that long hauled! #Shock & Awe Almost Here

  16. MusicBoy June 18, 2012

    Really excited and rooting for Kelly!!!

    I don’t think it seems rushed. She started work on another album right after ‘Here I Am’ was released. I think she’s taking the right route by being consistent while her brand is at an all time high.
    It’s been proven over and over again how taking long breaks between projects can do major damage to an artist’s career. So I say more power to you Kelly! Can’t wait!

  17. Timo June 18, 2012

    Kelly said she’s making R&B music for this album. So I don’t think she’ll be getting any number ones or top tens on the Hot 100. Forever underrated!

    Come on, you stans need to stop being delusional!

  18. KATRINA June 18, 2012

    EXACTLY It’s not rushed this is what she needs. is to put herself out there and strike while the iron is hot. and ofcourse she needs to take time and make sure that her music is on point. But Kelly cant afford to sit around and not be out there with new fresh music. Im excited I think everyone is with the fact that she did the unthinkable by having a hit r&b record. Now everyone is more curious as to if she can do it again. and she very well could’ve had she released and promoted some of the songs off Here I am.. but lets hope this new single cleans up that mess.

  19. AWESOME June 18, 2012

    I think I get how she’s handling this project.

    First single will run for July, August, September

    Second single will come out in October

    And the album will be released in November

    This could explain why she’s not doing another season of X Factor

  20. pat June 18, 2012

    she actually could’ve done much better with here i am… least much bigger numbers her first week had she released right after the bet awards, but i think bey comin out at the same time spooked her into waiting too long….anyway….when it comes to r and b ..she really has the playing field to herself right now so it’ll be intersting to see how she does..

  21. Twhist June 18, 2012

    Who’s letting this B**** waste money and record?! Have a whole arena of seats

    • chillin June 18, 2012

      I think you already filled the arena with the seats that your sitting in..sit small and keep those seats warm..thanks

      • Jendy Jamie Gordon June 20, 2012

        hahaha..good one it!

  22. Ugh June 18, 2012

    Stop trying to make fetch happen.

  23. ILOVEKELLY June 18, 2012

    Yessss!!! i will be buying her new album. i think she now finds what works for her like Motivation. i know she going to slay because here i am was a great album but it was the foundation. I really hope this time she goes gold or platinum she deserves it because she brought real music last year

  24. sweetdiva June 18, 2012

    OMG Im so excited!!! Yaaayy!!! Can’t wait to hear the single and I hope her video has a dancing performance in it.

  25. curtis June 18, 2012

    How did hee i am flop when it was #3 on the charts….

    • Teyah June 19, 2012

      Check sales. It was a BIG flop! In America its not about the chart positions.

  26. Zam Zhinga June 18, 2012

    Going GOLD and garnering the most played Urban single in 2011 and a PLATINUM PLAQUE for the single is a FLOP? Hmmm, interesting.

    • ILOVEKELLY June 18, 2012

      here i am went gold? im so happy if it did..i kno motivation went platinum

    • Teyah June 19, 2012

      LOL at the delusion! Here I Am has not gone gold. Its only sold over 200k. To be certified gold is has to pass 500k.

    • Chester Allen June 19, 2012

      I love Kelly Rowland & All But Here I Am didn’t sell over 500k? It was last updated at 286k

  27. ENOUGH ONIKA June 18, 2012

    She better jump on that single while she relevant again.

  28. MATHILDA June 18, 2012








  29. irene46 June 18, 2012

    it’s unbelievable how so many female artist that are a mere waste of time blow up or manage to stay relevant when true talents like kelly rowland and even ciara can’t get half the shine.

    they’re both dancing maniacs. kelly is a way decent singer and can put on a show every bit as hot a beyonce.

    hope she finally gets the rating she deserves…same for ciara.

  30. 80s Baby June 18, 2012

    I am sooo looking forward to hearing her new material! Here I Am is a great album, that I can listen to all the way through without skipping a song…well except Commander. Btw, I love her outfit in this clip!!

  31. GREG June 18, 2012

    “Here I Am” flopped because there was hardcore dance and R&B fused into one CD and the two just didnt flow together …..either do a dance CD or a R&B but not the two together.

    • Teyah June 19, 2012

      Dance and R&B worked well for Rihanna’s Loud and Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. albums.

      Its just America prefer Kelly’s urban records not her dance records.

  32. Ziggy Stardust June 18, 2012

    I will always be in Kelly’s corner. That’s my girl! I’m looking forward to the next project. She did say that she was going to add a little more R&B on this album. That would be cool, considering that R&B is not much in current music the way it used to be. That’s when music was poppin’! I hope Kelly as well as some other artists can bring back a little R&B.

  33. Steph June 18, 2012

    Yaay!!!!! Go Kelly!!!!!! can’t wait…

  34. The real deal June 19, 2012

    i love the fact that Kelly releases albums because its what she loves to do and not freak out about sells!….We know who she is , she’s a huge star and she is the QUEEN overseas (where the real money at). LOVE YOU KELLY!

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