Major: Rihanna Scores 22nd Top Ten Hit

Published: Wednesday 6th Jun 2012 by David

Her latest movie may have bombed at the Box Office and her lack of a US #1 album remains the butt of a many an industry joke, but there’s no stopping Rihanna when it comes to singles.

Sure to give her even more reason to pop a bottle open, she has just landed her 22nd US top ten hit with the single ‘Where Have You Been‘.

Her reaction below…

Taking to Twitter, she rejoiced:

Just got good news! My Navi is so damn RIHdiculous!!! We on our 22nd top 10 record! #WHYB is #9 on BBHot100 this week #UPandON

Her biggest chart feat since being named the 10th highest selling singles act in British history, the good news comes one year before the singer launches the follow up to her ‘Loud Tour’, believed to precede her seventh studio album.

It also arrives after a controversial interview with Esquire Magazine, which saw her confronted with her decision to collaborate with ex boyfriend Chris Brown.

Your thoughts?

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  1. RyanS June 6, 2012

    Q U E E N R I R I <3

    • Lax June 7, 2012

      Cosigns you ryan and my post was not for you
      my bad!!!!!

    • UMad? June 8, 2012


  2. JJFan1814 June 6, 2012

    Where’s the haters at up in this b****?

    Sam, you crying??? You pray to the “Music Gods” each night that Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Rita Ora, Alexandra Burke and all your other flop faves can achieve Rihanna’s success.

    Keep hating! Rihanna’s reign isn’t letting up no time soon!!!!!!!!!!

    • WHUT June 6, 2012

      Notice the muppet didn’t link the most recent pressed debacle of a video with Patricia and the other 2 bums in the write up!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Samantha is a PURE MESS.

      • JER June 6, 2012

        SHE sure did try it

    • MissImpartial June 6, 2012

      There are no such as music Gods there is only one God.

    • TinaMinaj June 10, 2012

      Reign???? Lol

      You know 1 thing that puzzles me is the navy pay dust to Bey’s DC achievements but HALF yes HALF of these songs are to do with features….Its kinda pathetic…..

  3. Mary-Ann Tatum June 6, 2012

    Eew what an untalented, media puppet. This b**** should be re-named ‘f***-for-tracks’.

    • Fresh June 6, 2012

      what are you f****** for?

      to come on tgj to hate….
      step ur p**** game over and stop playin that food for the poor s***.

      • Lax June 7, 2012

        See the shyt tslkers cases has holes and will not stand up in any court of law.

    • Lax June 7, 2012

      Navy less keep hope alive “Rihanna Success” because shes only guilty of working her booty off just like shes supposed to and they knoxk her no matter if its good, better or best. She keeps proving to the masses that she has
      “Staying Power” and it still sin’t enough to make the haters
      stop hating so we stay on track Win, Loose or Draw.
      Shes definitely doing the heavy lifting and shes killing them
      with “Kindness”.

  4. KIMBERLY June 6, 2012

    not impressed with six albums and multiple collaborations in the times of digital downloads?

    Does the world remember janet jackson ,madonna, mariah and others ARTIST singles history on billboard? NO! they know them by their impact and TALENT.

    Thanks to digital downloads and youtube.

    • Fresh June 6, 2012

      ohh i see some! is jelous rihannas success is not impressive but rita ora’s impressed u in that other post.

      I need not say another word.

      What a stupid jelus bird. it must be hard being a rihanna hater
      especialy due to the fact she gives no f*** and yuu flock her post daily! thats STANNING TO ME

    • Lax June 6, 2012

      YES we remember those who came before rihanna did
      but we give honors to those who is like rihanna and has
      accomplised this feature and shes worth to be praised.
      This is indeed a honor and it goes to show many that shes doing something that is very right, and whats wrong with
      that ass wipes?

    • uhh okaii June 6, 2012

      nobody will remember rihanna..when she finally fades..nobody remembers people that dont have talent..they only remember true artists with talent..that’s why janet madonna michael..n james brown are remembered..people with talent will have longevity even when their careers are long over

      • Lax June 7, 2012

        They migh not remember her when she fades but
        they can always see her name among the greats
        dead & alive

        The facts on her will see her through all of the hard times
        many tries to hang around her neck it is clear that more and more the navy isfrom the show their asses the “Car Facts”.

    • uhh okaii June 6, 2012

      only teenagers and delusional twenty-somethings that dont have an appreciation for real music and talent would give her props..not even her own peers acknowlege her in terms of talent…smh…im 21 n i dont even respect an artist thats only able to push out trash dance tracks after the other

      • Lax June 6, 2012

        R U serious when you can haul, rake and bank
        53 million in one year who gives a Phuck about
        who respect who, you Simpleton.
        shes says to take a hike

      • commanderofthedancefloor June 6, 2012

        only dance tracks? umm hunny you seem to be only mentioning the last two eras of her music your missing alot more!!!!!!

        and coldplay acknowledge her, donna summer had acknowledged her, jay z, eminem, hell clay aiken acknowledged her while throwing shade at her!!! so try again.

  5. gio88 June 6, 2012

    no talent but su much success , she #doesn’tdeserveit

    • Fresh June 6, 2012

      ok God…. caz i dont know where the f*** you come off telling people what they do and do not deserve.

      Pressed as h** gettin deep throated STFU

    • Lax June 6, 2012

      Tell us why you mad though?

      • Lax June 6, 2012

        At least she is know now and will be known in the future for
        being the youngest to do this HIS-TO-RIH MAKING FEATURE, TELL US WHY YOU STAYS SO BITTER

    • Lax June 6, 2012

      No talent and can bank 53 million right on, now
      that is a “Big Pucking Deal” you betta ask somebody.

    • Stans Make Me LOL June 7, 2012

      @GIO88 Your so right, there are so many more artists out there who deserve the success Rihanna has had based on their talent. People these days are only driven by money and numbers which is why Riri’s stans talk about her Millions and hit singles like it belongs to them.

  6. Angel987 (BEYONCÉ STAN) June 6, 2012



  7. Fresh June 6, 2012

    Rihanna is the Singles Queen She is for both US and UK

    katy Perry’s singles only sell stateside.

    Rihanna is that chick no matter how hard yuu hate or flip it

    and sam no matter how hard u dragg battle ship rihanna still got PAID and alot at that so calm down she makes a day what yuu make a year sucking hard on her c*** on this flop ass site.

    • WTF June 6, 2012

      actually Katy has big single sales here! and probably just as much (if not more) airplay than Rihanna here too.

      • Fresh June 6, 2012

        where is here caz evidently you are not familia with radio 1 charts

    • KatyCat: Bow to Slaty Perry June 6, 2012

      No boo, Katy has hits in the UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries

  8. chase June 6, 2012




  9. Girrrl June 6, 2012

    Thanks tgj for.posting this shade and all. Rihanna is a hit making machine!

  10. Rob June 6, 2012

    Where is X,Y, and AidZ? Quiet and pressed!

    • Fresh June 6, 2012

      probably wondering “Y” its so hard being a rihanna hater

      X, Y Z and im out… 😀

      • Lax June 7, 2012

        No doubt in “Rehab” trying to figure out how she
        made it to that #4 spot on that forbes list, even
        with all of the bashings they have given her.

  11. Meh June 6, 2012

    Rihanna stays winning. WHYB is doing very good for a 4th single.

    • Ohreally June 6, 2012

      Where do yall get these numbers from??? WFL, uDA1, TC, TTT, BC…WHYB is her 6th single

      • Meh June 6, 2012

        BC wasn’t released to Itunes nor had a video. TTT was 3rd single but messed up by BC drama and no video there too. Take Care is Drake single. WHYB is her 4th single maybe even 3rd.

      • Fresh June 6, 2012

        aum xcuse me a sec @ohreally.
        i understand how hard it must be to process information.
        but do explain how does take Care a done that rihanna FEATURES on comes off to be her OWN single?

        WHYB in is the fourth single as BC was not a single

        Talk that Talk was the 3rd single

      • Ohreally June 6, 2012

        Excuse me I don’t own that s***** CD, but I do like TC, more props to to Drake no wonder he is at 1.7mil smart move, however i stand corrected. But WHYB is her 5th Single still, OH BC is not a single because her label didn’t support it? She should have done the extended version w/o Chris btw.

      • Meh June 6, 2012

        No video, no Itunes release no single cover nothing it wasn’t a single. It still do good getting number 14 BB100 but it was not single. This is her 4th single.

      • Lax June 6, 2012

        OHREALLY is stuck on stupid and has that can’t dreaded
        disease that rih’s haters all have its called “CRS”
        Can’t Remember S*** LMAO at their worthless asses.

  12. Fresh June 6, 2012

    OHH BTW Samantha Talk That Talk has officially sold 900,000 in the us

    Thats nicki’ world wide album sale figure lmfao
    but yet still u a Barb… the immensity of how bias the site is is absurd.

    You tell rihanna to perfect her art and as a journalist… your work is sub par with tons of grammatical errors, cliched and copied from other sites.

    How u gone come at somebody when u a flop… come on son?!

    • WHUT June 6, 2012

      OH MY GOD!!!! I AM SCREAMING!!!!!!!!


    • Ohreally June 6, 2012

      And you compare a 7 month album to a 2 month album….Lol, and it took 7 months to sell 900k with a smash hit, moderate hits and performances. I am no Barb but you call Nicki a flop but PF sold more in the US than LOUD, and Rihanana had 3#1s, not to mention Nicki has had higher first week sales and 2 number 1 albums. SMH

      • andel morrison June 6, 2012

        jus shut up plzzz they are both hot, nicki is from my country i love her, rihanna is from the caribbean, but us sales is irrelevant., LOUD is goin toward 8 mill right now, pink friday bearly sold 3 mill so dont compare my caribbean queens plzz

      • Ohreally June 6, 2012


        I am from the US as well, and Rihanna sold 8mil of LOUD in what world? That album is probably just over 5.5mil WW. We were on the STATES, it is funny we talk about top 10 this and that, and number 1 this and that, those all come from billboard which are US based only. So I kept it on US when I talked about LOUD and PF, PF was a number 1 album that sold more in its first week as well as overall in the US WITHOUT the support of a tour. The They want to compare a 7 month album to a 2 month album. Like I said I am no Barb but I am not delusional either.

      • Fresh June 6, 2012

        waiting for ur point ?
        6.5 million globally Loud
        2 million globall PF

        Loud… # u.s #1, 2 U.k #1’s and much more globally
        where nicki single goes number 1?

        f*** out a hear!
        nicki a flop and this is in her peak…

        nicki minaj is not going to go platinum mark my f****** words…. as she said her career dead ghost busters

      • Fresh June 6, 2012

        stop saying you a rap queen and u only songs that chart well are the pop ones…
        nicki uses rap as training wheels or clutches to not seem like a flop compared to rihanna katy perry and gaga

      • Ohreally June 6, 2012

        The Navy will LIE! LOUD Year-end Chart 2.2mil 2010 and 3.4mil 2011 is 5.6mil total. LOUD did not sell an additional million since January 2012! You prove my point yet again. I was NOT talking about WW, you navy pick and choose which charts you want to hop on. If we are talking about billboards we are only talking about US and the sales in the US. I compare LOUD and PF because they were released around the same time and PF clearly won with no #1 single. PF:RR just dropped in April, the CD is trash and so is TTT but after 7 month TTT managed to get to 900k I guess Nicki can do the same since after 2 months she is halfway there.

    • Lax June 6, 2012

      OHREALLY keeps chasing their tails around like
      a dog chasing his tail trying to prove this and prove
      that read the pucking topic and get a first grader
      to show yo Slow Ass the way back on that Short Bus
      that all of Rih’s haters, xyz, mobwife and the Bee Hive Rides.

      • Ohreally June 6, 2012


        I never know what the hell you are talking about but I only chase the truth. You b****** lie and I call you out on it, simple.

      • Lax June 7, 2012

        >>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEWS FLASH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
        @OHREALLY Since its so hard for you to understand
        me thank goodness i can post it and make it clearer for you to read the writer who knows how to spell and english much better than Me. READ SLOWLY AND THIS WAS FOR 2010

        2011 OHREALLY, & NAYSAYERS

  13. FoxxyLOVE June 6, 2012

    That Rihanna reign just….y’all know the rest.

  14. RihAlity June 6, 2012

    HATERS STAY MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2005, No. 2, “Pon De Replay”
    2006, No. 1 (three weeks), “SOS”
    2006, No. 6, “Unfaithful”
    2007, No. 9, “Break It Off” (Rihanna and Sean Paul)
    2007, No. 1 (seven weeks), “Umbrella” (ft. Jay-Z)
    2007, No. 7, “Hate That I Love You” (ft. Ne-Yo)
    2008, No. 3, “Don’t Stop the Music”
    2008, No. 1 (one week), “Take a Bow”
    2008, No. 1 (two weeks), “Disturbia”
    2008, No. 1 (six weeks), “Live Your Life” (T.I. ft. Rihanna)
    2009, No. 2, “Run This Town” (Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West)
    2009, No. 9, “Russian Roulette”
    2010, No. 8, “Hard” (featuring Jeezy)
    2010, No. 1 (five weeks), “Rude Boy”
    2010, No. 1 (seven weeks), “Love the Way You Lie” (Eminem ft. Rihanna)
    2010, No. 1 (one week), “Only Girl (In the World)”
    2010, No. 1 (one week), “What’s My Name?” (ft. Drake)
    2011, No. 1 (one week), “S&M” (ft. Britney Spears)
    2011, No. 7, “Cheers (Drink to That)”
    2011, No. 1, (ten weeks) “We Found Love” (ft. Calvin Harris)
    2011, No. 7 “Take Care” (Drake ft. Rihanna)
    2012, No. 9 (to-date), “Where Have You Been”

    • aynon June 6, 2012

      Well Done RiRi almost on par with Queen Beyonce Now!

      but its no Doubt Beyonces Hits have had a much bigger impact on the BB100 with her 53 Weeks at Number 1 to Rihanna’s 42.

      1997 #3 No,No,No
      1999 #1 Bills, Bills, Bills (1 Week)
      2000 #1 Say My Name (3 Weeks)
      2000 #3 Jumpin’ Jumpin’
      2000 #1 Independent Woman (11 Weeks)
      2001 #2 Survivor
      2001 #1 Bootylicious (2 Weeks)
      2001 #10 Emotion
      2002 #4 Bonnie and Clyde (Jay-Z Feat. Beyonce)
      2003 #1 Crazy In Love (8 Weeks)
      2003 #1 Baby Boy (9 Weeks)
      2003 #4 Me Myself and I
      2004 #3 Naughty Girl
      2004 #3 Loose My Breath
      2004 #3 Soldier
      2005 #1 Check On It (5 Weeks)
      2006 #4 DeJa Vu
      2006 #1 Irreplaceable (10 Weeks)
      2007 #3 Beautiful Liar
      2008 #3 If I Were A Boy
      2008 #1 Single Ladies (4 Weeks)
      2009 #5 Halo
      2009 #10 Sweet Dreams
      2010 #3 Telephone (Lady GaGa Feat. Beyonce)

      no doubt rihanna will have overtaken Beyonce on the singles front by 2013 .

      but Beehive fear not she’s got a long way to go in terms of sales with Beyonce’s 155 Million to Rihanna’s 85 Million

      and theres that #1 Album to snatch, maybe Album Number 7 will be the lucky one. Beyonce’s 6 to Rihannas 0

      figures are correct as of 11th December 2011. and all sales and chart positions include DC

      • JER June 6, 2012

        you tried. Hang up the Destiny’s Child stats. BeYAWNce was not the only memer of that GROUP, those acherivements aren’t hers, they are the groups. LEGGO. Let’s compare BeYAWNce’s weeks in the Top 10 to Rihanna’s. Go ahead. SHATTER ME

      • Lax June 6, 2012

        Speak of these desperate worthless pieces of shyt taking 15-17 years of beyonce’s musical career to try and pit aganist RIHANNA’S SIX YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY, AMAZING JUST AMAZING PITTING THE GROUP THAT

      • commanderofthedancefloor June 6, 2012

        Hunny, since when did you spell destiny’s child with beyonce? over half of those is destiny’s child (a group not beyonce). the first seven need to be taken off and now beyonce has

        2002 #4 Bonnie and Clyde (Jay-Z Feat. Beyonce)
        2003 #1 Crazy In Love (8 Weeks)
        2003 #1 Baby Boy (9 Weeks)
        2003 #4 Me Myself and I
        2004 #3 Naughty Girl
        2004 #3 Loose My Breath
        2005 #1 Check On It (5 Weeks)
        2006 #4 DeJa Vu
        2006 #1 Irreplaceable (10 Weeks)
        2007 #3 Beautiful Liar
        2008 #3 If I Were A Boy
        2008 #1 Single Ladies (4 Weeks)
        2009 #5 Halo
        2009 #10 Sweet Dreams
        2010 #3 Telephone (Lady GaGa Feat. Beyonce)

        thats 15 with beyonce as beyonce, not destinys child. and 36 weeks at #1.

    • Stans Make Me LOL June 7, 2012

      @commanderofthedancefloor Whilst your taking out all of Destiny’s Child songs out of Beyonce’s list, you may also want to remove all the the tracks on RIRI’s list where she is merely a feature!

      • Stephen June 7, 2012

        You guys are dumb as hell, living your lives in an artist’s shadow

      • aynon June 7, 2012



        anyone who knows anything about music knows that Destiny’s Child was Beyonce and 2 Glorified back up singers.

  15. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 6, 2012

    Well deserved. Say what you will about her talent, but the song was a surefire hit since the beginning. I just hope she keeps the promotion up, so that the song can top the Hot 100 some time next month.

  16. YouDoRealize.. June 6, 2012

    …p**** Poppin Music Always sells. If only she worked on her artistry…

  17. pat June 6, 2012

    congrats Rihanna!!

  18. Andre June 6, 2012

    You know what im not gonna lie rihanna is killing at the moment Go on !

  19. andel morrison June 6, 2012

    love me some rihanna , congrats chic,

  20. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 6, 2012

    US TOP Ten ?

    i Honestly expected it to go to #1 instantly when released as a Single considering the fact it is Def one of “TTT” major tracks !!! and i thought the ‘Music video” was GREAT enough to do the needed Push To the TOP. what’s wrong ?! what happened ?

    Anyway , congrats RiRi 😀 , queen of Hits & Singles !!

    • Kingphoenix June 6, 2012

      Theres still hope…Theres no big hits coming out right now so there is liitle competiton. I will be really shocked if this is not a number 1 in the up-coming weeks….But, i could see why after this damn messy overdramtic as era.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 6, 2012

        idk man ! i just don’t like what’s happening with her ! i feel ppl don’t go hard for her as it is used to be in 2010-2011 !!

      • Kingphoenix June 6, 2012

        I know what you mean, i stopped being a fan of hers in the beginning of TTT era, i knew something won’t right when they rushed that album and the soon as I saw the gimmick that was WFL video i was gone……I am hoping that she takes a long break and comes out with a MAJAH album…so that i can become a fan again but at the rate she is going….idk either.

  21. WaitUrTurn88 June 6, 2012

    CERROR COULD NEVA, THAT bUM BISH…….when u type here name in google her net worth dnt even comes up. cause it like 100 bucks lmao!!!…….RIHANNA CAN RETIRE AND BE SET……But shes a hard worker, u know how many projects she got coming up and u guys think she is fading,plz…..i luv u RIRI and i cant wait for ur WORLD TOUR in 2013,,,,,,,,,,,,,sry to tell u but u guys r gonna be seeing her for awhile!!!!!

    • Ohreally June 6, 2012

      LMAO I am dead!!!! Did you say Rihanna is a hard worker??? Doing what? Partying? The b**** does no Choreography, she is not involved in the production of her album or anything for that much. She is able to go film more flop movies because it is not cutting into anything but her partying. She will not be involved in the creativity behind her next tour, she will simply show up the night of the opening and pray she is not too drunk that she migh fall off the stage or one of the props.

      • Benron June 6, 2012

        She co-writes, chooses the name, and was the creative director of her past 3 albums, aswell as chasing after songs personally, Umbrella was not mean for her you know, and Calvinharris was reluctant to have We found love on her album instead of his, but she worked for that!

        Co-writes over 20 songs, helps coreograph, does 101 date tour in 7 months = lAZY!

        Does 10-date tour, takes long brakes, still has no new album, but can dance, so that obviously means she is super hard working! Where is End of Flops? Any why hasn’t its name come true yet?

    • Ohreally June 6, 2012

      Please she does not co-write, she adds in a couple of words. I’ve looked back at a couple of her hits from TTT and LOUD and none of them were written, co-written or and any type of production by her. Ester Dean did BANK tho, she better werk!!! LMAO I can’t contain myself helps do what choreography? She can’t dance, she could even get the WHYB dance down. When you are not doing a damn thing on tour, no real dancing no real singing it is a breeze, she was only exhausted because she was out partying and getting wasted in-between.

      I see Bey is all over your mind. Please watch a beyonce performance and then watch a Rihanna performance you can tell who clearly works hard. Beyonce just came off from giving birth 6 months ago and her Revel performance alone kills anything Rihanna has done ever. Don’t worry about EOT, you need to worry about carrying TTT over the 1mil mark, The Hive has already done it with 4.

      • Benron June 6, 2012

        She co-wrote most of rated r, 5 songs on talk that talk, 2 on her first album and 4 on her second, u were SAYING?

      • Ohreally June 6, 2012

        Please re-read what i said. Damn, SMH.

      • Rob June 7, 2012

        The UK Navy already took TTT over the milli mark over there, but sadly nobody bought 4 over there. TTT is at 900k in the US as we speak and trust me we will get it there, this is a recession after all, it took the hive MANY months to get 4 over a milli and the X Mas sales helped alot. We do give our Queen platinum singles though. Do ya’ll?

      • ohreally June 7, 2012

        Stop the lies! 4 should be near the 600k mark in the UK, and TTT has not sold over a mil in the UK, yall were given the 3xplat certification on shipments but actually sold maybe 800k.

        A recession lol thats your excuse? Singles are $1.29, much easier to get a single to go platinum than an entire album. The Hive enjoys Beyonce’s work as a whole hence we buy the entire album not just singles.

        Once ya’ll come off of that recession please help out battleship, please get it to at least 100mil in the states.

        BTW TTT has only sold 899,900 as of June 6. Damn how long is going to take for ya’ll to get this crap over a mil!

  22. Monsterhive June 6, 2012

    The singles queen. I want Loud 2.0 for the next album tho, I’m done with the bad girl image.

    Loud >>> Talk That Talk


    • Benron June 6, 2012

      I agree with you to some extent, Ester dean lost her s*** giving Rihanna these songs, loud had 3X the lyrical content, we need IT BACK!

  23. Benron June 6, 2012

    Where is XYZ, to post some fabricated infromation about Chrisbrown assualting her when all the information is write here All the other major blogs used this? Why doesen’t he know, because he is a liar! Nobody cares that she doesen’t have a number one album, Nicki and got no number one single, Rita does not have a charting anything in the U,s but according to this site and XYZ Rihanna is gonna be replaced!

    Maybe the Breezy and Nicki stan stated above is just jealous that His fave (Brown) has not gone platinum with “Fortune” yet, which is really embarrasing that RIHANNA might beat him to an album record!!

    The thing about “Rihanna epidemic” is it hurts everyone but herself, she is flying high, does not need “inspiration” or “tributes” to other artist when she can’t think of anything *side eyes beyonce and her plastic child* Or To make whole albums of dissing people just to get to the top of female rappers, a feat that wasn’t actually hard, because no one was trying to stop her, *side eyes nicki*.

    Guess Rihanna is just the queen!

    • Rob June 7, 2012

      X, Y, and AidZ is somewhere crying and thinking up fabricated lies about how Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, or some other random chick is going to replace Rihanna. Didn’t that piece of trash say the only reason Rihanna had her hits was because of payola, but now that Jay Z is mad at her , she would have no more hits? I guess this hit is all from LEGIT sales then huh? X, Y and AidZ.

    • Lax June 7, 2012

      Great read,,,,keep up the good work because its only a few of us who even bothers and its good to be a great team
      of naval officers to hold the haters at bay some what here
      on the “Grape Juice”. It seem they tries to give her such a hard time.

  24. Auntie_Jackie June 6, 2012

    @ Pop Royalty

    It took a lot of muscle to get it up there. Pretty good for her 5th single. But I have to be honest: ‘You Da One’, ‘Talk that Talk’ and ‘Birthday Cake’ were all pretty spectacular flops. She had one huge hit this time around with ‘We Found Love’, a bunch of another lukewarm singles, and her current single, ‘Where Have You Been’ needed a massive push to muscle it into the top 10.

    I’m actually not impressed. This album was a flop in my book, because it was stale.

    • Benron June 6, 2012

      What was its massive push, two performances? Wow, she really bent over backwards for this hit, You da One was at 14#, BIRTHDAY CAKE WAS A REMIX, and talk that talk actually flopped, every album has its flop, loud had 3/7 flop, Rated R had 2/5 flop, Beynces 4 had…OH wait…

      • Meh June 6, 2012

        Lol exactly Benron massive push is Beyonce performing RTW at many shows and still not making the top 10.

        Rihanna performed the WHYB twice. UDa 1 was number 14 with no performances and no real promo. BC wasn’t a single and went to number 14 too with no Itunes release. This person who I seen kissing Beyonce ass on here is obviously pressed.

      • Auntie_Jackie June 6, 2012

        American Idol is the highest rated show in the country.

        Saturday Night Live is one of the highest rated shows in the country.

        To perform a 5th single on those shows is to have a large push. It’s not a first, or even second single.

        That’s using MUSCLE to help it into the top 10. Nothing bad about it, I’m just not impressed with this era. It seemed labored, rather than effortless.

        ‘You Da One’ peaked at #14, but it dropped precipitously and was forgotten about.

        ‘Talk that Talk’ , as you said was a spectacular flop.

        ‘Birthday Cake’ featured Chris Brown. It was the biggest stunt of the year, and it still didn’t crack the top ten. I call FLOP!

        ‘We Found Love’ was a monster smash, and a great song. The only good song on the album.

        Why did you bring up Beyonce to distract from the point? I call STAN!

        Besides, Beyonce sold over a million while she was pregnant with a bunch of flop singles, a barely there campaign and PURE R&B music. Now that’s something to be impressed about.

        ‘Talk that Talk’, with it’s monster smash is still only at 900,000.

        Just Sayin’

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 6, 2012

      i’m still shocked “WHYB” didn’t go to #1.

      • Auntie_Jackie June 6, 2012

        Me too! I thought it was a surefire. I think this era was awful. The train didn’t go completely off the tracks, so lets hope she reboots a lot better. The pacing of those albums was just getting ridiculous.

    • LTM (Wide Awake) June 6, 2012

      You Da One had zero promotion

    • Lax June 7, 2012

      But even at that “Loud” & “Ttt” was still able to swim to
      shore and land in the top twenty (20).

  25. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 6, 2012

    LOL at Rihanna fans saying WHYB didn´t have a “massive push to muscle it”. How the hell is that if everytime you go to VEVO to watch decent videos and music, the WHYB promo appears??? And it happened with all her previous singles since the Loud era. This girl has massive promotion, just cos she is not able to perform her songs more than twice on tv, it doesn´t mean she is not being heavily promoted. like what teh hell are u talking about? You are just a bunch of kids. With very poor taste in music it seems. Admit the supposed queen of singles (not a very desirable title) flops more than half of the time, she releases 7 singles per year, only 1 or 2 is a success
    Sorry guys

    • Benron June 6, 2012

      She has more than “1 or 2” sucsessfull songs a year, she has only released Talk that talk, and WHYB this year, WHYB IS IN THE TOP 10, u were saying?

    • JOSE June 6, 2012

      Dont be upset with everyone else because your oddly shaped fave, Mariah Carey is not relevant in todays music industry.

      • Ohreally June 6, 2012

        What is the world coming to when Rihanna stans are trying to come for Mariah. I am not a Mariah stan but she owns Rihanna’s ass!. There is not one damn thing that Rihanna can do better than her. Everthing Rihanna has done Mariah has done 10x better. Respect the legends

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 6, 2012

      Rihanna’s problem is not Promotion , that’s the last thing i will ever hear about Rihanna cuz she gets so much promo more than the others at the moment , Rihanna’s problem that most of her Fanbase had left after BC remix , either to other artists ” like Rita” , or left forever. and those who left were mostly the ones who buy and support her singles and albums. so ………

      she need to win them back IMO. she did it with CB and he unfollowed her and has a GF already , she lost so much !! 😡 on a professional scale and on a personal scale !!

    • LTM (Wide Awake) June 6, 2012

      No sweetheart, your just pressed your faves struggle to reach top 20, let alone top 10

      • LAX June 7, 2012

        Mariah has made many of their asses rihanna’s fans
        do not mean to come for her or no one we just or
        as happy as we can be because rih is in the game
        and doing so great. This list proves that rih can sell albums no matter what many might say and think
        she place on here and this is for ALBUMS 2011

  26. christinastherealtalent June 6, 2012

    It’d be a great feat if any of these 22 top 10 hits were quality songs but since they’re just quantity its not a big deal. She just took the easy way out to accomplish this feat. And itd be diff if she was the sole writer of them too. In the meantime we will talk if this song hits #1

    • Lax June 6, 2012

      It do not matter in the final anaylais because you can’t eat the songs and she did it ahead of all of the so called better than
      she is now didn’t she? you or mad as usual is see and the navy loves it stay pressed and bitter bum bytch and keep finding excuses as to why shes still “Standing” and smiling back at yo Hateful broke ass.

    • Lax June 7, 2012

      The Navi don’t have to just talk about it because we all know that our
      “Fave” is all about being about it. And when they talk shyt about her being
      a singles artist, talentless, forgettable, ugly, s***, s****, big head, dah,
      dah, dah it still know that if its singles she represents in a very big way
      and theres nothing you can do to take her accomplishments away from her.
      Many says that they hate the navi but could it be because we can show yo
      asses the “Car Facts” and that is enough to send many of yo lame asses
      to the wood shed in hate, envy and jealously, period. She isn’t trying to be any one not mariah of beyonce’s old asses and not kelly or rita’;s asses shes “Rihanna” and god has a purpose for her life and there not a dam thing you worthless bastards
      can do about it but type yo many insults to the Navy who or “G4L”
      Rih’ holds down Number 73, 77, 93, 143, 147, and 169 and the
      thing you all who DESPIESSSSS her very existance can look and find
      out why you or “Really Pissy, Mad, Salty & Bitter As Hell” Always
      Look yo Fave up and forever and graciously hang up that hate on Rih
      because you will never be able to “Slow Her Role” in the Music Realm
      and shes still working hard on her Acting roles she will endure, shortly
      Find those of which you say is Soooooooo much better than “Our Girl Rih”

  27. Belladonna June 6, 2012

    People on this site ( and not just sam) hate Rihanna so damn much it’s carzy. I don’t and with never be apart of Rihanna’s Navi (BUT) she makes some of the best and when I say best I mean amazingly good songs of all time! I don’t care if she can’t sing I want to listen to a good song / not a good singer singing a song that sounds a hot ass mess but a song I can dance to. And this is coming from someone who loves Gaga,Beyonce & ADELE ( But it is What it is when it comes to people who hate in this world I guess)lol

    • Lax June 6, 2012

      They sure do they would rather see bugs bunny and his offsprings do it then to hear and see rih doing good.

  28. Jer June 6, 2012

    I cant. Apparently one blog hating equals the entire industry. Sam you wannabe f***** take the bus back to strangerbitch land and have all the seats

  29. MissImpartial June 6, 2012

    Sam I could swear you said that her career is fading. Well I guess you have to wait a bit longer for your dreams to come true.

  30. Navy June 6, 2012

    This ohreally person has the audocity To say that Rihanna isn’t hard working? Well if being lazy gets you 54 million dollars a year sign me the f*** up. Because with ought a doubt we know who is winning.

  31. S****** Blonde June 6, 2012

    You can have me all you want
    Any way, any day
    To show me where you are tonight

    My favorite part of the song.

  32. JER June 6, 2012

    Omg i can’t. You BeYAWNce stans are mentally ill. I WOULD SAY you have some nerve but you don’t you are just a gaggle of hood rat hos down at the public library rockin the free internet. Go on with your free selves, BEY-sides! Get your life!

    You BEY-sides talkin out your ass sayin what IS and isn’t a single, what is and isn’t underperforming or a flop. Your fave hasn’t had a hit in 3 years. You BIONCI stans are so retarded you coming for RIHANNA trying to say her singles are flopping? Then what the f*** did YOUR FAVE singles do? Spontaneously combust? If Rihanna is flopping then BeYAWNce’s singles have been burned down to the ground and i got the ashes in a little urn here BEYsic b******.

    Your fave released 6 flopped singles off of Un4tunate and yal SWEAR BY THE BIBLE she only released 2. According to SOME BeYAWNCe stans 4closure never had ANY singles… they were all “promos” …yeah. PRomos with videos, radio ads, live performances, and iTunes releases.

    All the singles from TALK THAT TALK had videos except “Talk that Talk,” “We Found Love,” “You Da One,” and “Where Have You Been.” That’s 4 singles. “Take Care” is a feature b**** so don’t even try it.

    “Birthday Cake” was a motherfucking promo for Urban radio only and no video was issued. It wasn’t even available on iTunes so don’t even try. Keep on reaching.

    Yal BIONCI stans got some extra chromosomes or something talkin out yer ass trying to check RIHANNA on her writing abilities. YOU TRIED IT but failed. I can’t at a BeYAWNce stan strying to knock someone’s writing credits. BeYAWNce writing some lyrics down on a napkin at Popeyes DOES NOT MEAN SHE WROTE A SONG!!! I can’t. You BEY-sides have been clocked. Yal can head back to your little ‘revel’ concert and have all the seats for that one.

    And you hos need to lay off the “OH she don’t got a #1 album” b**** Aretha MOTHERFUCKING Franklin aint got no #1 album. And neither does Gladys Knight. Or Dionne Warwick OR Chaka Khan OR TINA TURNER!!!!!!! BEYAWNCE STANS DON’T MAKE ME READ YOU YOUR RIGHTSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been served, dragged, and counted.

    • t June 6, 2012

      You’re a damn psycho! Go take your meds. Beyonce is on another level from rihanna and that is a fact. Bey has #1 singles, albums, movies, 16 grammys, and most importantly respect from all her peers and legends for being the best of this generation. I like rihanna but her delusional stans start ish. Just congratulate her and get off king bey d***.

      • WHUT June 6, 2012

        S*** muppet. @Jer’s entire post of WIN is a response to the pressed bums talking out the side of their snouts.

        Scan the post from the TOP bum. Not a soul was pressed on Fossil-yonce UNTIL her perpetually pressed CULT SHEEP as usual decided to RAM their hooves in their snouts FORGETTING that Fossil hasn’t had a top10 hit in 2000 years.

    • WHUT June 6, 2012




      NAWT Fossil-yonce writing down lyrics on a POP-EYES NAPKIN!!!!!!!!!!


    • Teacher June 6, 2012

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!! Yaaaasssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ‘You have been served, dragged, and counted.’

    • ohreally June 6, 2012

      Oh this delusional ass @Jer BC was no damn promo. Rihanna has no say so in s*** she wanted to release it as a single, went so far as to do the remix it was her single. everywhere it says WHYB is the fifth single. The only thing that has been dragged is TTT. You talk about all of these hit singles from TTT yet that s*** has not crossed the 1 million mark and @teacher the s*** still is not platinum.

      How is she performing yet her album sales keep decreasing SMH the b**** was just on AI.

    • Benron June 6, 2012


    • Benron June 6, 2012

      i am stealing this for future arguments!

    • CaptainRiRi June 6, 2012

      LMAOOOO BIONCI!! Bey-sides!!!! I am rolling on the floor!!!!

    • Lax June 7, 2012

      @JER Preach you Corked & Screwed the lames
      naysayers, ass wipes, the beYAWNce ass wipes
      each and every one of them asses has been Bured
      At The Stakes

      • Lax June 7, 2012

        @JER I Can smell asses burning so strong that i am
        airing the office all the way out Thanks just made my next
        6 months with that read, and every word the truth and nothing
        but the truth….

      • Lax June 7, 2012

        This coupled with all of rihs great accomplishments this year will keep their blood boiling at the stroke level for a
        long time.

      • Lax June 7, 2012

        They post on Countless other artist, old, young,
        artist of every Genre from all walks of life and it
        is so amazing how they want every ARTIST in the
        Universe and in Outer Space to succeed and be
        successful other than rihanna?

        >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEWS FLASH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • CHINA June 10, 2012

      YES GAWD, You better get some copyright on this post. You know Beysteality stans are just like their Queen, they will steal this s*** in a minute.

  33. Bey Fan June 6, 2012

    i thought it was gon shoot to number one…..especially after the video.

    I still think “You Da One” was underrated…. I dont like WHYB at all. But with WFL and WHYB videos, Im actually impressed with riri… if she can just keep her ass off twitter…

    Anywho, 22???….damn. Gone head bish.

    • Kingphoenix June 6, 2012

      Although its great she has 22, looking at them, its like none of these are classic songz! Like when we are old and s*** we will be embarassed to listen to that crap. smh.

      • Stans Make Me LOL June 7, 2012

        @Kingphoenix Its true. I give her and HER TEAM props for their achievement, however I can’t think of one classic track by Rihanna…. not one!!!!

      • Stephen June 7, 2012

        Not many of her songs will be classics, of course, but Umrella will surely become a classic. And Rihanna will be an artist that many young artists in twenty years time will sample

  34. Lax June 6, 2012

    To all of you ass wipes who rides that Short Bus, stop trying to hide it when or
    you going to fess us? I know it pains yo hearts to hear of Rih making yet another power move. I know yo hearts or broken yet again. I mean after all you have did yo level best to try and beat her wheels off. It seem that like i told yo asses awhile ago the harder you try to bash her wheels off the harder shes going to Rail aganist yo

  35. Lax June 6, 2012

    Kimberly and mob wife , xyz, the hive thinks and acts as if a baby never grows up
    that baby will be sucking a tit and holding a pacifier and wearing a s***** diaper for the rest of their life. If that was the case then we could safely say that “BIC’ will be
    sucking on beyonces tit and wearing a diaper for the rest of her natural life, if Ris’s Haters or to be believed. The haters logic is so “Corked & Screwed” I can understand many hating her (Rihanna) for what ever their reason is. But to Blatant tell false hood and pass judgement on her from post to post issomething else. As a matter of fact its “Very Intertaining” to read.
    The navy is not even mad at yo for yo stupid tatics because its all so pucking
    elememtary at this point. Anytime a person any person to hold on to a new worth of 6o million for the last going on three years and made 29 million last year and 53 million this year that is a big “Pucking Deal” even for Rihanna and all thst you say is wromg with her Performing skills, u Idiots.

  36. Gilberto June 6, 2012

    Rihanna and Katy Perry are fighting for the Hot 100 throne. In other hands, Talk That Flop is no where to be found on Hot 200. LMFAO. It isn’t even Platinum yet after all these moths. I can’t. F L O P. She is a single singer. I mean, Beyoncé had flop singles after flop singles, and she still managed to sell over one million. R****** had her biggest hit, another top 10 hit and Talk That Flop is out of the charts. I can’t.

    • WHUT June 6, 2012

      WRONG GRUNT P**.

      What you should’ve actually grunted is Talk that Talk coming in at number TWENTY NINE on the BB200 chart this week.

      We’re still on the chart bum, HOWEVER Fossil isn’t. KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!

      Good to see you acknowledge ALL of fossil’s singles being flops tho piglet steps…..piglet steps…..

      • Gilberto June 6, 2012

        Is it on 29? Sorry! I didn’t look on the bottom of the charts. Did you forget that 4 is P L A T I N U M? Talk That Flop is also 1xP, but in this case, it is 1xPlastic. LMFAO.

      • WHUT June 6, 2012

        OHHHHHHH??? Seeing as you’re a Fossil fan I would’ve thought you scan charts from the bottom up bum!! KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!

        and BTW did your non GED having criminal ass slore bum fossil fave teach you math? 29 out of 100 is the bottom NOW??? What a CLOWN KIIIIIIIIIIIII KIIIIIIIIII KIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!

        NOT TO MENTION we are at 900k now AND have also OUTSOLD your ‘1 album sold’ a year fave WW in half the time!!!!! Bum you have NO BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!!

      • Teacher June 6, 2012


      • ohreally June 6, 2012


        LMAO you are so desperate. It is about damn time ya’ll got to 900k, took you long enough with all of those “hit singles.” Now can ya”ll get battleshit pass 100mil in the US?

        p.s the b**** was on tour for a month overseas, hence the reason she has high WW sales.

    • Lax June 6, 2012

      Beyonce don’t need to sale big because she has did it all now let others get that shine. Beyonce don’t need the money she don’t have to work and why is it so bad for rihanna to be working. Rihanna might not ever be beyonce or any other artist for that matter because shes happy just being herself

      According to the bee hive and rih’s haters this baby will have to always be carried around just like Jay is carrying her if the bee hive and haters or to be believed. In the bible it says when i was a child i acted like a child and you know the rest. Why do it PAIN THE HATERS for rihanna being great and a force in the industry. Why do the haters keep harping on her peaking in her career? Why do the haters almost always speak on her being at the top of her game? why if you dislike her would you ven care?

      • LTM (Wide Awake) June 6, 2012

        @Gilberto TTT outsold 4 in months world wide. U.S sales are irrelevant

      • ohreally June 6, 2012

        No no no not a Katy Perry stan i can not!

      • Rob June 7, 2012

        @ WHUT you slayed Gilberto. That bitcth don’t got s*** to say. Talk That Talk has already outsolfd 4 worldwide and is at 900k in the US. 4 came out before it and took just as long, if not longer to reach a milli with no top 10 hits. Boom

  37. EBONY CLAWS June 6, 2012

    Beyonce was the leader of Destiny’s Child, one of the best-selling female groups of all time. She was the 4th best-selling artist of the 00’s decade, and her female band were listed on the top10 with her, at #9.

    An excellent vocalist, an excellent dancer, model, probably the best live performer, and very well-known for her obsession with doing the best for her fans, and being a workaholic, and loving what she’s doing,

    She’s had six movies, most of which were successful as drama/comedy movies. She’s had a successful clothing line, successful perfumes, and has shot a lot of commercials.

    She jumped from zero to the above the clouds with her life. From a pitch black childhood, to look where she is now. A music icon with 16 Grammy awards, over 230 other awards, loved and respected by many many many many many many millions of people in the world, including music legends. With her husband on the top10 richest musicians list, with a net worth over 300$ million, married to a rap legend, and has her little baby girl.

    Why can’t you just take it??? The woman is too much, too big… I’m not underrating Rihanna, but after all you’ve seen from Beyonce, isn’t it a bit shameful and disrespectful and LAME and FLOP to bring up your fave’s #1’s on the United States Weekly Singles Chart????

    I think it is.. At least, for me.

    And after 16 years of being #1, why can’t she release the kind of music that SHE likes without being called a “flop”?????

    It seems to be something you’ll never understand.. Just because the woman decided to RESPECT HERSELF and record THE MUSIC THAT SHE LIKES. GIVING NO SINGLE F**** ON SALES OR CHARTS. Then she’s a FLOP?????


    Is it really that hard to understand??????????

    It seems to be.

      • Gilberto June 6, 2012

        I am not surprised. Basic b****** can’t read.

      • WHUT June 6, 2012

        Say’s the muppet that thinks 29 is the LAST NUMBER before 100?? AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • JER June 6, 2012

      nope you’ve already been dragged. See you at the next Rihanna post. That IS what you do, right? Stalk Rihanna?

      • Gilberto June 6, 2012

        The only thing “dragged” here was Battleshit. It sank like Talk That Flop, Music Of The Flop, A Flop Like Me, Rated Flop and her many other flop singles. Oh!

      • WHUT June 6, 2012

        How?? What?? Where?? Who??

        THE CHUTZPAH!!! THE CHUTZPAH to mention flop and single in the same sentence with a PERCHED gravatar of Fossil-yonce???


    • Gilberto June 6, 2012

      Best post of the month.

      Beyoncé is free to express herself. She is even her own manager. She recorded 4 because she wanted, not because someone told her to do so.
      Do you really think she would record 4 if she was looking for charts? LOL.
      I remember one of her interviews when Run The World came out, she said that she knew it would be risky. That’s why she put a lot of efforts to make it happen (its high budget video, Billboard and Oprah performance). Well, it didn’t work. RTW isn’t the first song to flop and it won’t be the last.
      In other hands, there are many other singers that record the most basic, made-by-number, generic songs only to see them on the chart, and their fans celebrate it like she/he did something extraordinary. LMFAO. Basic b******.
      Beyoncé released 4 because she knew it would be too easy to come out with a mainstream song.
      4 singles flopped because they aren’t dance. What was the last real R&B song to be a hit? Empire State of Mind! R&B is dead on radios and Beyoncé came out with a old school R&B and experimental songs.
      I really want to see your fave [insert her/his name here] smashing with these kind of songs. Let me tell you, she/he won’t.

      • Stephen June 7, 2012

        Empire State O f Mind wasn’t r&b, don’t get it twisted. As for 4, “Run the World” and “I Was Her” were not r&b

      • Stephen June 7, 2012

        *I Was Here*

    • Teacher June 6, 2012

      Is End of Time her favorie track from ‘4’?
      I highly doubt that means she released it bcuz it’s radio friendly hoping for a hit!!!!
      Ppl would give credit to Beyonce (not including songwriting credits)but her b**** ass fans have to downplay other artists when they are currently doing better than Beyonce! That’s really immature so others feel the need to call Beyonce out on her faults and FLOPS

      • ohreally June 6, 2012

        See that’s where your delusions are..People always give credit to Bey. She doesn’t want credit from you or the navy because that credit is so bad it would actually make her look bad. No one give Rihanna credit in anything. Ya’ll should be praising Esther Dean and the Dream and them for giving her these hits.

        *Can we please get a donation for battleship? “My hair is layed like donation.”*

    • Stephen June 7, 2012

      An excellent vocalist, yes. An excellent dancer, hell no

  38. EBONY CLAWS June 6, 2012


    Hun Beyonce didn’t release “flop singles after flop singles”

    1- “Run the World (Girls)” was a worldwide SUCCESS. It was a top10 in many world countries, and just because it didn’t chart that high in the big, old-assed US doesn’t make it a FLOP.

    2- “Best Thing I Never Had” was #16 in the US, #4 on urban charts, and top20 everywhere almost.

    3- “1+1” was PLANNED TO BE A SINGLE but was aborted to “BTINH,” so it was NEVER sent to ANY form of radio channels. She just released the video anyway.

    4- “Countdown” was a FLOP. It was released to both urban and mainstream radios, but she never promoted it like a real single. So it 100% flopped. It only performed moderately as an urban-single, peaking at #12.

    5- “Love on Top” and “Party” were both URBAN-ONLY singles, released to URBAN-ONLY channels. and they SLAYED as URBAN-RELEASED singles, as you see. “Love on Top” was #1 on 3 alternative charts, including URBAN charts for 7 weeks.

    6- “Dance for You” was a VIDEO. But not a SINGLE, in any single way.

    So, where’s the FLOPPAGE

    You can tell they performed MODERATELY but not FLOPPED.

    As for Rihanna’s singles.


    YD1 : was a success, because it introduced the album to world countries where it was never promoted. Such as South Africa and Iran.

    TTT : MAINSTREAM + URBAN single, but still not charted high anyway. On mainstream charts, it was #32 and on urban charts it was #12, which is FLOP.

    BC : No release-for-purchase, No mainstream radio release, ONLY urban radio release, and it SLAYED as an urban-single, peaking at #2 for weeks. It SLAYED.

    WHYB : Still going, but everything’s great so far.

    • Gilberto June 6, 2012

      I know that Best, Party and Love were big urban hits in US. And they really saved this era over there.
      Sorry, but Run The World was a dissaster. It was a really bad single. It didn’t not only create any hype for 4, but it killed the hype it already had. It flopped.
      Countdown was another flop. I was surprised when she released because this song is not radio friendly. I knew it flop.
      Dance For You is kind doing well on urban radios without any release.
      You Da Flop flopped. It flopped so badly that made Talk That Flop leave the charts everywhere.
      TTT flopped.
      BC was a Urban hit in US.
      WHYB is going to great. It won’t big as big as WFL, but it’s going to be top 10 everywhere. I think it can hit at least top 3 in US.

      • JER June 6, 2012

        B**** don’t even try.

        “Run the World” flopped in every right.

        “1+1” was released as an iTunes single before the album came out AND had a video AND she performed it on American Idol = single flopped

        “Best Hit I Never Had” hailed as “Irreplaceable Part2” flopped with major promotion

        “Party had a SINGLE version of the song released to iTunes, AND a video = single flopped.

        “Countdown” was sent for radio ads, performed live, AND had a video, floppped.

        “Love on Top” went for ads on POP, RHY, URB, and UAC radio b****, and had a video AND was performed live = single

        6 flopped singles. 6 different versions of flop.

      • ohreally June 6, 2012

        @Jer making it into the top 20 is a flop? BTINH and LOT were top 20…

        BC was released to the radio and performed live so i guess thats a single as well, Ass you should think before you type. well by you logic then since top 20 are flops, Uda1, TTT and BC are all flops. 2 hits 3 flops

        Let me just correct you, 1+1 was not a single, Party and LOT were only released to urban radio stations and they both dominated the urban charts. BTINH and LOT were both top 20 hits. have a seat.

      • ohreally June 6, 2012

        and even with these “6 flop singles” the album still sold more in the US. Have several seats.

        *Can we please get a donation for battleship? “My hair is layed like donation.”*

      • Stephen June 7, 2012

        Actually, WHYB is going to hit #1 on the HOt 100

    • Yea i said it June 6, 2012

      BC went #1 for a week on urban and as well take care rite is #1 so yea

      • Gilberto June 6, 2012

        You’re wrong
        1+1 was only a promo single, even Columbia said it so. It was only avaible if you pre-ordered 4.
        Party and Love On Top were only released on Urban radios. Stop posting things you do not know. According to some DJs, Beyoncé’s team said to not play LOT on Pop radios.
        BC and Take Care didn’t top Billboard’s R&B/Hip-hop. Stop lying, please.

  39. Lax June 6, 2012

    @EBONY You or right in yo comment and while we do know all of these things then if you could figure out why the bee hive and rih’s haters want her career to be over before it starts is beyony many. If they want counltess others including ciars, nicki,
    kelly rita, gaga, keri and many others to be the best they can be then why can’t all of them including Rihanna keep working over time to accomplish things just like beyonce has?>???Why???? They passed the bill of rights and the last i checked Rihanna had not KILLED NO ONE’S FAMILY OR THEIR FAVORITE PET AND THEY STILL TRIES TO STRATCH HER EYES ALL THE WAY OUT I WONDER WHY??????
    Could it be because Rihanna has made enough waves and gunissee book and
    history breaking treks that has gotten her noticed and her name mentioned right up there with the cream of the crop in music dead and alive????????????????

    • Gilberto June 6, 2012

      Honestly, I don’t hate Rihanna. Actually, I even play some of her songs, especially from Girl Like Me to Rated R era. I hate some of her stans that bring Beyoncé’s name to the table.

    • TinaMinaj June 10, 2012

      Yes Rih has achievements. Its you Rih stans who start this mess when you desperately try to equal Bey and Rih. That will never happen. At the end of the day they are artists and Bey will forever be the better artist….

  40. EBONY CLAWS June 6, 2012

    Love on Top:
    #1 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart for SEVEN CONSECUTIVE weeks
    #1 on Hot Dance/Club Play Songs chart
    #1 on Hot Urban Contemporary Airplay chart for more than 2 weeks
    #20 on Radio Songs
    #20 on Hot100
    #23 on Rythmic Songs chart.

    Where’s the FLOPPAGE you’re talking about?

    Just because it wasn’t a TAWP TAIN on the MAWRVEL that is BILLBAWRD HAWT100 then you call it a FLAWP???

    Until BILLBOARD theirselves assure something like that “Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart is irrelevant,” No f**** to be given on what yo ass thinks. Finally, the s*** is a music chart, made for a MAJOR music genre which’s R&B and HIP-HOP. JUST like the Kandy Tits Cherry and ReHair-ruled “Pop Songs” chart was made for POP.

    And wanna talk about Rihanna on the STANK BLACK-ASS music chart as a N**** woman who should do ARE AND BEY music instead of that Strawberry Ice Cream-Sucking she’s doing with Kandy Tits CHERRY????


    OKAY. OW KAY!!! You f***** my BRAINS with that s***.

    But COULD Rihanna score top5’s on that chart like Beyonce????




    Eat it b****.

    • LTM (Wide Awake) June 6, 2012

      This post makes no damn sense. You need to discover a dictionary

    • Yea i said it June 6, 2012

      that one song what about the other singles

    • Girrrl June 6, 2012

      B**** the only chart we care about is the Hot 100 where your girl is absent from the top 10

    • Lax June 6, 2012

      All of you clowns who ride that short bus need to be sure and
      keep them Meds cloce from now on, rih have got you
      “CORKED & Screwed”.

    • CaptainRiRi June 6, 2012

      What are you trying to say???

      • Lax June 7, 2012

        I am saying that the Naysayers & doubters or all
        full of shyt if they don’t know by now what time it is.
        The time is for all to make their mark or stay forever
        closed and shut out of the Entertainment Industry,
        because if you don’t work you don’t get paid and that
        goes for any job in show bizz or outside of the bizz.

  41. Gaaglooo! June 6, 2012

    Welllll….. MayBe We Can Say Now Rihanna Has Talent: She Does Have Good Ears For Smash Hits! Félicitation Fenty:-))

  42. KINGB June 6, 2012

    someone wrote that Rihanna had only 3 hits from the album loud, but man down and california king bed are not placed in high places on the charts does not mean the flop, on youtube with over 100 million views, it means they are good songs and that people listen to them

    AND SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!

  43. WHYBhi5 June 6, 2012

    Congrats RiRi. But Samantita how is the pain? Are u in pain? U wounded? If I could just find, locate some salt.

  44. WHYBhi5 June 6, 2012

    If I find salt I know exactly what I’ll do with it.

  45. EBONY CLAWS June 6, 2012




    You idiot that wasn’t aimed at you.

    • Lax June 6, 2012

      Well since i am a idiot i will act like it was anyway.

  46. Not really June 6, 2012

    I really don’t know what’s the problem with bey stans they can’t accept some other black girl to run the charts and get that kind of attention whyb is a great song congrats to Rihanna and the Navy!its such an incredible feat

  47. Lax June 6, 2012

    Rihanna is working and growing and learning just like
    all of them or doing in her own lane and loving it.

  48. Not really June 7, 2012

    Again to Rihanna and the Navy congrats who knew that shy island girl from pon de replay could amount to this much success,and the hive should just give their kudos instead of being bitter about it

  49. PrettigurlrockD June 7, 2012

    Where have u been is a good song. I give credit where it’s due…and that’s to the studio engineer.

    Rihannanavy stay reachin. The album still a flop. Still proving she’s only a singles artists. LOL.

  50. Lax June 7, 2012

    For your information all of rih;s haters, ass wipes, naysayers and doubters if and when you find yourself stuck deep in yo s*** and can’t get out just read, eye and stick
    Ris’ accomplishments for 2011 qently up yo crusty asses and smoke it because to
    get as much done as she did this pass year its a wonder shes still standing, thats Show Biz, Lames and we know its killing you all.

    And no mater how you lames tries with all yo might to tear her down
    she seems to somehow still pervail. Hate helps the mega star keep
    her Staying Power and we know it makes the lames crazy and nutty in their
    wood heads and keep their blood pressure up to the bang button at stroke
    level keep yo Meds close, Naysayers & Doubters.

  51. Lax June 7, 2012

    The Navi don’t have to just talk about it because we all know that our
    “Fave” is all about being about it. And when they talk shyt about her being
    a singles artist, talentless, forgettable, ugly, s***, s****, big head, dah,
    dah, dah it still know that if its singles she represents in a very big way
    and theres nothing you can do to take her accomplishments away from her.
    Many says that they hate the navi but could it be because we can show yo
    asses the “Car Facts” and that is enough to send many of yo lame asses
    to the wood shed in hate, envy and jealously, period. She isn’t trying to be any one not mariah of beyonce’s old asses and not kelly or rita’;s asses shes “Rihanna” and god has a purpose for her life and there not a dam thing you worthless bastards
    can do about it but type yo many insults to the Navy who or “G4L”
    Rih’ holds down Number 73, 77, 93, 143, 147, and 169 and the
    thing you all who DESPIESSSSS her very existance can look and find
    out why you or “Really Pissy, Mad, Salty & Bitter As Hell” Always
    Look yo Fave up and forever and graciously hang up that hate on Rih
    because you will never be able to “Slow Her Role” in the Music Realm
    and shes still working hard on her Acting roles she will endure, shortly
    Find those of which you say is Soooooooo much better than “Our Girl Rih”
    Remember that it’s better to have 10% of something great in yo bag then to have ten #1 Hits that or stuck on Stupid and not becoming “Hits” Rihanna is only a dial away 1-8000-Rih-Hits

  52. Lax June 9, 2012

    Rihanna sales helped put the 02 arena ahead of madison sq gardens
    the 02 arena staged 82 shows last year and pollstar says the shows
    average gross was more than 1 million a night. Sooooooooooooooo
    if all the things her haters say or is true then….how is that even possible?

    Remember she had 10 nights booked, deery!

    • TinaMinaj June 10, 2012

      Yeah but what’s the big deal when her overall tour didn’t bring in that much???

  53. Lax June 9, 2012

    Since “Adele” is #1 on the album talley want that make her AHEAD
    of all of the others including Rih? Anywhoo Rihanna is # 27 on a
    chart that goes to 40 with 30,000 albums this week. This is proof
    that her albums do sale and it might not be kicking high but its
    still kicking!!!!!!

  54. KingBeyonceKnowlesCarter June 9, 2012


  55. KingBeyonceKnowlesCarter June 9, 2012


  56. KingBeyonceKnowlesCarter June 9, 2012


  57. Teacher June 10, 2012

    Queen Rih!!

  58. Teacher June 10, 2012

    Bad B****!

  59. Teacher June 10, 2012


  60. Teacher June 10, 2012

    F*** The Haters

  61. Teacher June 10, 2012

    *Ass claps*

  62. Teacher June 10, 2012

    B****** ain s***…..

  63. Lax June 10, 2012

    Rihanna the “HBIC” and the hive is always Bitter as hell!!!!!!

  64. Lax June 10, 2012

    @Haters all of you screw yo self….

  65. TinaMinaj June 10, 2012

    Great job for Rih. She’s doing what she does best and that is work the singles. Albums, not so much. Sure she will go down in history for this (well alrady has but the story isn’t over)

  66. Lax June 10, 2012

    Why want the haters let rihanna be as great as she can be???

  67. Lax June 10, 2012

    No matter if she can sell as well as others just as long as shes selling.

  68. Lax June 10, 2012


  69. Lax June 10, 2012

    She keep winning and she is still only 24 years young.

  70. Lax June 10, 2012

    If she wasn’t the blues then the loosers would not be singing
    all the time like a mocking bird.

  71. Lax June 10, 2012

    Rihanna keeps people engaged, she always bring something different to
    the table.

  72. Lax June 10, 2012

    She keeps succeeding aganist all odds.

  73. Lax June 10, 2012

    First female to have two singles and two albums in the
    UK top 5 Something only has been achieved by the beatles.

  74. Lax June 10, 2012

    First artist to have a #1 for five consecutive years like elvis did
    a long , long time ago.

  75. Lax June 10, 2012

    She made the Guinness world book for 2009, 10,11 and 12!!!!!!

  76. Lax June 10, 2012

    She knows that short time pain brings on long time gain.

  77. Lax June 10, 2012

    Haters tell us why the GUEEN RIHANNA keep you so Salty, though?

  78. Lax June 10, 2012

    She has 3 singles inside the Rhythmic Radio top 10
    Take Care #5
    Birthday Cake #10
    Whyb #10
    Shes in the His-to-rih Books and thats where she will be until
    the end of time.

  79. Lax June 11, 2012

    People always compare Beyonce to Rihanna i wonder why????
    You never see Kelly, gaga, britney, mischelle, jennifer, or no other
    artist in the His-To-Rih of music compared to beyonce as much
    as beyone,,,,,Why is that????????????????????????????????
    Not Shakari, adele, maryj, monica, alicia no one but RIHANNA
    Showing that Rihanna is a force to be RECONED WITH” BEE HIVE

  80. Lax June 12, 2012

    Time always telle the true tale of a “Mega Star”.

  81. Lax June 12, 2012

    Rihanna if you have peaked like many pray and hope for
    perhaps people will stop tryint to bash yo wheels off
    so dam hard.

  82. aynon June 13, 2012

    well done for now, but how many singles will actually be remembered in 20 even 10 years from now?

    Rude Boy
    and Maybe We Found Love…

    Compare that to Britney or even Beyonce

    Oops I Did it Again
    Hit Me Baby 1 More Time
    Gimme More
    Piece Of Me

    or Beyonce’s

    Independent Woman
    Say My Name
    Crazy In Love
    Single Ladies

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