Michael Jackson Fans Slam Oprah Winfrey / Accuse Her Of Exploiting His Death

Published: Friday 8th Jun 2012 by TGJ


In 1993, Oprah Winfrey sat down with Michael Jackson for what might be his most memorable interview to date.

Now, 19 years later, she is readying the release of a tell all interview with his daughter Paris for the OWN network and in aid of the budding star’s burgeoning career.

However, despite marking an exciting time for all involved, today saw the arrival of an open letter which threatens to the motives behind the interview into disrepute. A letter, penned by the ‘Fans United For Michael Jackson‘s Legacy”.

Read below:

Dear Oprah,
 Horatio Nelson once said, “Desperate affairs require desperate measures.”  Judging by the recurring headlines detailing OWN Network’s dismal performance after a year and a half on the air, you must be looking for those “desperate measures”.
We can’t help but notice the irony of the current situation: the man you spent the better part of the last decade, bashing and stopping short of labeling a child molester, is the very man’s name and progeny, you are now using to salvage your sinking network. No doubt, at the top of OWN TV’s Rescue List would be a repeat of HIStory?
Remember in 1993, your Oprah show experienced record ratings, over 100 millions viewers tuned in, to watch you interview the world’s biggest superstar, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
While you were a somewhat hot commodity in the United States then, Michael Jackson introduced you to an international audience.
When a few years later, Mr. Jackson had sex abuse allegations leveled against him, we all watched in dismay you turned on him, appointed yourself judge and jury, deciding even before evidence was presented in court, that he MUST be guilty of the charges. 
After a jury of his peers rejected those accusations and returned a NOT GUILTY verdict on ALL counts, you continued to openly question his innocence with snide remarks, and demonized him to your audience and guests.
You have made it very clear, whether by airing “Is Michael Jackson Guilty?” show during jury deliberations or molestation shows before or after interviewing members of Mr. Jackson’s family, that Lady O’s opinion is more important than those 12 jurors who sat through the grueling trial.
Randy Jackson, younger brother of Mr. Jackson confirmed in a 2010 interview, that Mr. Jackson was well aware of your smear campaign and your dubious attitude towards him.
Though he never made his feelings about you public, his brother reiterated, “She [Oprah] is the last person on earth he [Michael Jackson] would want around his children.” 
Having crowned yourself a “child defender”, we find it distasteful, disgraceful and hypocritical, that you are now using grieving children, whose father you tried to sway a jury to send  behind bars, when it suits you.
Few in the media have called out your shameful exploitation and hypocrisy, but we applaud the few who did. 
Those Who Remember.
Catch Parisinterview on OWN Sunday at 9pm.
However, until it airs, let us know how you feel about Oprah’s relationship with Michael.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXtgVrSNQaQ&w=615&h=360]

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  1. MaMaMaMonster June 8, 2012

    So, because the person accused was Michael Jackson everyone is supposed to bow their heads and say “no way, can’t be true, famous people don’t do things like that.”

    Im not saying he was guilty, I’m just shocked at how people act as though it is IMPOSSIBLE for it to be true.

    • Terrell January 10, 2017

      CLearly you did not read. These people who say MJ is innocent HEARD THE EVIDENCE even was at the courthouse and saw the people who made the claims and how they acted in COURT. I know law enforcement people who were involved in the case and they said the same thing. It was clear MJ was innocent but instead of waiting on the evidence, many already had his convicted. That is the difference.

  2. Emma June 8, 2012

    This has nothing to do with people acting like it was impossible…After trying to put her father behind bars, she is now using MICHAEL JACKSON’s name adn his kids to save her network. MJ’s brother already confirmed, MJ hated Oprah. HE would NEVER NEVER have allowed his kids to be in the same room with this b****

  3. Mellie June 8, 2012

    No, You are not to bow your head to anyone! But you should respect the findings of a jury. The same jury that found Michael Jackson innocent. Oprah did not and still does not have any respect for that jury. Also , before you accuse ANYONE of Child molestation- you should do your due diligence- and read ALL the evidence in the case. If Oprah had bothered- she and you would have seen this was a clear case of extortion . You should KNOW the facts before accusing anyone of anything so horrendous as child molestation. You never know, someone could level the same charge to you!

    • Terrell January 10, 2017


  4. sinead June 8, 2012

    Wow. That interview really opened my eyes. Its sad. Michael would NOT have wanted this. Shame on Catherine Jackson for allowing this.

  5. NICK June 8, 2012

    I’ve always thought Oprah was a nasty *B towards Michael. I remember when the 2005 trial happened I caught her show about him and SHE did basically say he MUST be guilty and remember thinking how reckless and unfair it was of her. I mean, none of us knew what did or didn’t happen… what made her certain he was guilty. NOW, she does seem like a hypocrite.

    @Mamamamonster No one is saying that BUT a jury found him NOT GUILTY of all counts in 2005… and remember the 1993 thing? Yeah, that kid also has now said MJ never touched him TOO bad he waited until after MJ died.

  6. Emma June 8, 2012

    Of course she is entitled to her opinion…but she should have respected the fact that he was found NOT GUILTY…and should NOT be USING his grieving children to save her flop network.
    Oprah is the biggest hypocrite of all…

    She’s always claiming to be a defender of children causes….well, these kids that she’s been exploiting since their father’s passing are the same kids she didn’t care to send their father to jail in 2005.

    Watch her episode with Lisa Marie Presley. Watch the episode with Chris Rock…
    These kids will watch those shows one day. And they will see how that p** humiliated their father

    Counting the days until Discovery pulls the plug on this flop …

  7. Spe3cial June 8, 2012

    The issue is not whether he was guilty or not…it is that her reasons for promoting him in a good lightin his death to promote her failing show, by interviewing his children is questionable. She mocked and condemned him while he was alive so y should she be affiliated with him in his death by exploiting his kids and using his image and status to boost her show?

  8. MaMaMaMonster June 8, 2012

    Nick. Please show me SOLID proof that jordy said he was lying. Solid proof being an official statement and not an article which can be published by any tom d*** and harry.

    Jordy would never admit to lying even though i believe he was because he’d have nothing to gain from it. That story was cooked up by mjs estate and you zombies ran with it.

  9. Mellie June 8, 2012

    this is NOT about Jordy Chander! So dont respond to this nonsense. The ISSUE here is OPRAH- and whether she should be anywhere NEAR Michael’s children. Oprah who work diligently to get Michael Jackson put into prison

  10. BEEyonced June 8, 2012

    Can she get her fat ass on a 365 days never coming back lesbiancruiseship with GAYle and plz never come back. Thank You!


  11. Jenna June 8, 2012

    Never like the B**** never will.. And that a FACT!!!

  12. Lauren June 8, 2012

    I think she is an attention seeking b**** who needs to get a life!! I’ve never liked her even when she did that interview with MJ in 1993 she seemed so fake!! How can MJ’s mother allow her in their family home (that Michael paid for) and interview his children? Like rj said MJ never liked her. the b**** (oprah) is disrespectful!! To quote an MJ “anything for money die for it lie for it even sell her soul to the devil”.

  13. SUE June 8, 2012

    It’s a good letter and the fans have every right to run with it! Oprah is the ultimate in hypocrisy! She’s gonna creep and be charming to Paris, only to try and wheedle the details she’s hoping to get – another load of typical tabloid-style claptrap which have no basis in truth or reality!

    As the letter says ‘desperate measures’ and Winfrey is clearly very desperate to have to stoop so low to exploit Michael’s grieving daughter in this sick way reminiscent of a vulture; a really rather size-challenged vulture come to that !

    Randy Jackson was spot on; there is NO way Paris, at 14 or her brothers should be anywhere near Oprah Winfrey and I’m appalled that whoever in the family could be SO at odds with Michael’s wishes for his children to be exposed to the media, specially someone who had so vigorously and viciously slandered him during his lifetime including trying to get him put into prison for something he NEVER did!

  14. DiDi June 8, 2012

    Mamamamonster: First, may I say you are being needlessly rude saying ‘and you zombies ran with it’ – very uncalled for and unnecessary here.
    Secondly: Re Michael Jackson’s guilt – if you had read the court transcripts (as most of us have) then you would know that IT IS impossible for it to be true. As the saying goes,’The most uninformed people always have the strongest opinions’
    Michael used his God given talents for nothing but good his entire life – he felt blessed and wanted to give back to the world. Contrast this with Oprah’s talents which have been eaten up by the fame monster and replaced by HUGE self importance, shallowness and lack of empathy. Her shameless interviewing of Michael’s children after her constant insidious digs at him over the years shows she is nothing but insincere, hypocritical and exploitative.

  15. virginia dillon June 8, 2012

    Oprah needs to leave Michaels children ALONE!!!…she hated Michael and made no secret of it,you don’t use the child of someone you have smeared for years to get ratings!!!..Michael Jackson was a beautiful human being,an INNOCENT man,God only knows what Oprah has planned next!!…She needs to leave Michael and his children in Peace,She has no shame!!!

  16. BUTTERFLIES7MJ June 8, 2012

    Oprah, when you interviewed Michael Jackson’s children were you honest with them about the way you feel about their beloved father? Did you tell them how much your admiration for him soon turned to hate? Did you tell them that you doubted his innocence when those child molestation charges were levelled against him? Did you tell them that you liked nothing better than to ridicule and disrespect his name? Like many others I also have to question why you would choose to interview Paris Jackson, the daughter of a man you so openly despise. In my opinion you’re a hypocrite and I fully support the MJFAM letter. Michael Jackson had such a unique way with words ‘Watch The Ones With The Biggest Smiles The Idle Jabbers, Cause They’re The Backstabbers’.

  17. Morinen June 8, 2012

    But it IS impossible. Not because he was famous, and not because Chandler confessed (he didn’t), but because MJ was incapable of doing that. Psychologically incapable. If you get to know him through his words and deeds, through his books and songs, through his confessions to his friends and lived ones, through the witnesses of his angst and pain, you will easily see that. The whole allegations story is so ridiculous it’s tragic.

  18. juneyny June 9, 2012

    Michael’s mother would have had to agree to this interview as she did to the prior interview Oprah conducted at the Hayvenhurst residence with Joe J. and all the cousins in attendance. It is truly shameful that Mrs. Jackson does not respect the wishes of her deceased son and shield his kids from the media glare and from the (literally) giant shadow of Ms. Winfrey who is the very definition of hipocrisy run amok regarding all things Michael. And one might ask why does Paris have an open twitter account with over 300,000 mostly anonymous admirers? Just what an impressionable young t*** needs, along with her picture in the recent Most Beautiful issue of People Magazine. Are there any adults in charge in the Jackson home? Oprah, please just go away ……..

  19. Dana June 9, 2012

    Oprah seems to be trying to win ratings by exploiting celeb grieving children. she did it with Whitney Houston’s daughter now she’s doing it again with Michael’s daughter. It’s sickening

  20. gc June 9, 2012

    Michael Jackson made Oprah global! she’s hypocrite backstabber b****! just go away and leave MJ’s kids alone!

    P.S. Mrs. Katherine with due respect to you, stop KISSING oprah’s stinking fatty A**! geeezzz

  21. bebe June 9, 2012

    (In 1993, Oprah Winfrey sat down with Michael Jackson for what might be his most memorable interview to date.)>> i disagree by gravevine saying His(MJ) most memorable interview, rather appropriate to say HER(Oprah) most memorable interview. over 800 or something celebrities that she had interviewed or guested in her O show, only MJ’s 93 interview was and still IS her HIGHEST RATING EVER! MJ made him Global. of all people she the one that MJ chose and trusted to interview her, but after that she turned back on him. Oprah IS a backstabber hypocrite evil woman! JUst Go away!

  22. Ugh June 9, 2012

    After that 1993 interview with MJ, Oprah’s show never saw ratings like that again. Even when he died she refused to do a show on his death although a lot of people were asking if she would. She didn’t even want to speak on it. Everyone and their mama knows MJ and Oprah were not fans of each other. I even read that she said she’s not speaking on anyone who was accused of child molestation. The woman is a b****.

    For those who need proof that he was innocent the FBI release all their investigation files online. They investigated that man for about 16 years only to end up finding NOTHING. You see the world especially America is a f***** up place. although the files are floating around on the internet for everyone to see people insist on ignoring them.

  23. juneyny June 9, 2012

    Oprah’s interviews on everything Michael-related since June 2009, i.e., the Cascios, the Jacksons and kids in back yard, Lisa Marie, every interview was either immediately prior to right after a show dealing with the subject of molestation, once the audience was full of men who admitted to having been molested, another was Tyler Perry’s admissions; what coincidental (not!) timing! Must be much easier for Oprah to say she was “not his friend” and that she didn’t want to just “show up” at the memorial or funeral because it was “Michael Jackson”, than to admit that she wasn’t invited or that she wouldn’t go ANYWHERE that SHE would not be the center of attention. Please Mrs. Jackson keep this woman away from Michael’s children!

  24. alonzo wilson June 9, 2012


  25. Mellie June 11, 2012

    alonzo — do your research please– before you come at us! Oprah has betrayed Michael continuously == Google Randy Jackson and Oprah Wnfrey and educate yourself

    • Carol Selva February 10, 2019

      Yes read & learn the truth before you condemn or defame any person. Otherwise you undermine the human rights & justice of all other people in the world!!

  26. Jacqueline June 13, 2012

    Oprah!! Your not his friend? Wow that’s too bad because he really tried to be.

  27. Diana June 18, 2012

    Oprah, Do the right thing and tell Michael’s three children you are sorry for the way you behaved towards him, do that much, you owe it to them…….

  28. barbara September 29, 2012

    Opra Winfry is a fat hater. She rose to the top by back stabbing people just like she has done and is doing to Michael Jackson and his family. She is bottom of the barrel to use MJ’s grieving daughter to boost her ratings. When is enough money enough. Shame on Katherine Jackson, Michael should of seen threw you a long time ago. How does a parent live off of their child? what a B. MJ is innocent , and his mother is a C for letting Opra any where near MJ’s kids. Poor Michael Jackson everybody including his family has fed off of him since he was 5, soooooo sad. Opra take yourself out to the trash and land your big fat ass into the city dump, please be gone with yourself, and do the world a big favor, you rotten hipocrit.

  29. barbara September 29, 2012

    OK, I just saw the interview, Oprah is a discusting phony. Leave the Jackson children alone and use some of the money you just made off of Michael Jackson to bring your big fat ass to a fat farm. Do the planet a favor, don’t leave. It’s truly amazing what people will do for money, you are a hypocrite. Also Opra, for the first part of the interview you had your back to Paris almost the whole time, till you had the (light bulb moment), where you realized how disrespectful you were, or one of your people clued you in. I don’t understand how MIchael’s mother would even breathe the same air as you, after you repeatedly slammed Michael, trying to sway people to think he was guilty, what a mother!!!!!! She needs to take all the money she took from Michael and buy some loyalty. poor poor Michael, this is not what he would ever want.

  30. barbara September 29, 2012

    oprah, after thinking about it, take the money you made off of Michael Jackson and donate 100% to one of his many charities and make it public for all to see.Once completed, hire a crane to lift your big fat ass, into one of those big city trucks that grinds you up and hall your enourmous body parts to the the city dump to be spread around like manuer. Your spirit and your soul has been bought and paid for by the devil, you have demonstrated that over and over again ,shame on you. Make the world a better place and go to your next recidence, which is hell.

  31. barbara October 16, 2012

    Being that Michael Jackson is an african american, and the greatest entertainer in the world probably forever, you think that you would be extra proud of him. You go on and on about Obama and you persecuted Michael Jackson. I never knew how powerful jealousy is and now I do, no wonder MJ had to write a song about it. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what a piece of s*** you are and so is MJ’s mother to allow this interview with MJ’s daughter. The whole planet knew that MJ would never want his kids in this situation and who needs more money and does it, YOU. Give the money you made off of MJ back to his kids where it belongs. GO AWAY,GET LOST, YOUR OLD AND DISGUSTING. BEAT IT.

  32. jennifer October 26, 2012

    Oprah Winfrey is a nasty wanna be know it all b****. She is selfish and preys on others in a time of need. Yes, we all were curious are still curious if certain things happened with Michael and those children. He was found NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT guilty by a jury of his peers. Oprah Winfrey would do anything to slam and drag someones name thru the mud to make herself shine more than she has in the news in the past few years since her Oprah show went under. She lost ratings and now OWN is worse off than when it started. She has nothing to offer us viewers any longer. She is washed up and will do anything she can to grasp at a last straw. Why don’t she go to Africa like she stated she was going to retire to and become some teacher for girls in Africa.

  33. Hallie Barron November 9, 2012

    I love Michael Jackson and Oprah and they were friends Michael loved children and he would never do some of the things that people said. Love lives 4 ever mj

  34. Carol Selva February 10, 2019

    Michael was a compassionate humanitarian & I believe he was put through the courts & defamed by greedy selfish people purely for financial reasons. He was found not guilty on all 14 counts & investigated for a decade to no avail.
    There is a petition on Facebook calling for the Anti Defamation Law to include deceased persons so please sign it to help Michael & his family as well as others,

  35. Janet April 11, 2019

    I won’t be watching oprah’s Channel
    I believe in our justice system and in God Michael was found innocent by our justice system why can’t y’all? How would u like to be innocent but the world insists on u being guilty?

  36. Carol Giles-Straight May 9, 2021

    Oprah Winfrey is a world class BACKSTABBER. She must be held to account for her presentation of After Neverland where she gave her platform to Michael Jackson’s two accusers from Leaving Neverland. LN has been thoroughly discredited because the accusers are proven liars who have both been filing suits against MJ’s Estate since 2013. Their cases have both been recently dismissed for the third time. Oprah has tried to totally disconnect herself from Leaving Neverland and from her After Neverland. Michael Jackson has always been innocent. Oprah Winfrey must be held to account for her hypocritical backstabbing of Michael Jackson.

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