Mya To Launch Ghanaian Clothing Line

After conquering many a chart at the turn of the millennium, Mya‘s career has-in more ways than one- struggled to live up to expectations, on a critical and commercial front.

However, in a bid to push her brand outside of music, she has reportedly  inked a deal with a West African fashion house to design for the 2013 Spring/Summer campaign, one year after the release of her LP ‘K.I.S.S’.

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Grammy-award winning artist Mya is set to design pieces for the next collection of Ghanaian clothing brand,  Koshie O as part of “The Koshie O. Woman” campaign.  “The Koshie O. Woman” campaign is a progressive initiative that celebrates strong, confident and bold women who are able to juggle various day-to -day tasks while staying fashionable and stylish. 

Mya is a Koshie O. woman and will co-design and name pieces for the Koshie O. Spring /Summer 2013 collection in support of the campaign.  

Nina Baksmaty, founder and Creative director of Koshie O. says,” The whole Koshie O. team is excited to be working with Mya. We absolutely love her talent and her fashion and we strongly believe that Koshie O. and Mya are going to create magic together.”

Samples of these pieces will be available for buyers this July and will be available for consumers in Spring 2013. Mya will be donating 5% of sales from her pieces to the global humanitarian agency Mercy Corps. This will be the first collection of Koshie O. where customized Koshie O. prints will be used on the fabrics.

It is unclear as to whether the singer will journey to the country to work on the project, but is the first venture she has embarked on since the aforementioned ‘K.I.S.S‘, which spawned the dance smash ‘Somebody Come Get This B*tch‘.

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  1. virtuoso intellect June 22, 2012

    i hate when washed-up celebs use our soils as the dumping ground for their burnt-out careers. We are not after-thought

    • Beyonce’s Blog June 22, 2012

      LMAO @ virtuoso intellect: You are just wrong for that! LOL

      • virtuoso intellect June 22, 2012


  2. TheFame June 22, 2012

    Child…… no comment…

    • Beyonce’s Blog June 22, 2012

      Then why the f*** you comment dummy???

  3. imusicjunkie June 22, 2012

    Did anyone buy Mya’s last album?

    • Beyonce’s Blog June 22, 2012

      Yup, your mother…That’s why it flopped.

  4. DIGGER BEY June 22, 2012

    Lmao Mya last album might have flopped but the bish is still n the business making money, while u Bum Broke H*** have nothing like her lmao Bum B****** Bum B****** Bum B******. Anyway congrats Mya! I really do miss her! Just got thru listening to MLILW! 1998 – 2003 Mya was That Bish! KING B took over after that! Still luv Mya though.

    • lola June 23, 2012

      Um…. how the hell is she making money when no one is buying her albums, she doesn’t tour and doesn’t have any investments or endorsements?????

  5. ARFA June 22, 2012

    her music career is over like ashanti………..

  6. coco June 22, 2012

    Just No Mya. NO. K?


  7. Jessica June 22, 2012

    Jealous b****** on here, thats pathetic and sad that she doing something positive unlike CRACKANNA WHORING HERSELF OUTTHERE!! I want to see the Ghanaian clothes and I will represent that ish!! Stupid Americans!!! NEXT!!!

    • lola June 23, 2012

      How the hell do you know the people posting are American? What an ignorant comment. Get a better education you stupid b****!

      • Jessica June 25, 2012

        Why are you mad?? Because its true ratchet b****!!! LMAO!!

  8. lola June 23, 2012

    Mya has been a flop for the majority of her “music career.” Nobody gives a damn about her… she’s an industry ho anyway.

  9. Marcos O’liva June 28, 2012

    yes she is still making money. independent artist see more of there money they oes who are sighned to big labels. wiki her. trust me she still making money has indorsements and is a philanthrapist has own foundation. as quiet as its kept she is making money. plus she just started her own record label and recently said she was accepting new artist producers etc. so get cha life

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