Rihanna Producer Brands Rita Ora ‘A Liar’


Before the release of Cheryl Cole‘s dance anthem ‘Call My Name‘, reports emerged claiming ROC belle Rita Ora had told numerous journalists the song was initially written for her, and that she had rejected it from her LP.

Now, in response to these unconfirmed reports, the cut’s producer Calvin Harris has branded the singer ‘a liar’ on Twitter.

His comments below…

Best known for masterminding Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love‘, Harris tweeted:

Followed by:

It should be noted that Rita’s alleged claim is yet to be proved, but may have been a case of her words taken out of context.

For, as is commonplace in the industry, acts are often played material by the other performers well before release date- and this is most likely the case with Rita and ‘Name‘.

Though this doesn’t explain why she’d say the song penned for her, we’re surprised Harris responded so publicly without any discernible solid proof that she wasn’t offered the song by a third party.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Honestly Speaking June 15, 2012

    She is trying so hard to seem relevant. Someone should tell her that it isn’t wise to upset influential music producers when you haven’t gotten one solid hit (anywhere outside of the UK) to your name or even have an album out yet.

    • umm June 15, 2012

      calvin harris won’t be popular for long…

      • Honestly Speaking June 15, 2012

        That doesn’t take away from anything that I previously stated so what is your point? WFL was still a major song and the fact REMAINS that he is still more influential and relevant than Ms. Ora. Your point (whatever that may have been) is invalid.

      • You June 15, 2012

        Doesn’t mean anything….if your barely being sseen and heard then lying about rejecting tracks, to a well known producer…then your just pathetic she wants to seem like a bad ass.

      • toohotfortv June 16, 2012

        know your facts, please… like the fact that Calvin Harris has been a heavy-weight in his field for quite a while smh.

    • Demetrius Blacc June 21, 2012

      Ms. Ora = weak!!

  2. O_O June 15, 2012

    Cos i did that song

  3. Hypocrite June 15, 2012

    How does CHERYL COLE make her relevant? Sit please Calvin recycle my beats harris needs A WASH

    • mobwife June 16, 2012

      He has stolen so many beats from THE CHEMICAL BROTHES unil it’s just not funny! He is not original but is forever trying to call someone out!

      STFU Calvin

  4. Meh June 15, 2012

    Lol @ Rihanna producer like Calvin only produce for her. Weak desperate post. Do better TGJ

  5. truth teller June 15, 2012

    Why say rihanna’s producer to create Drama. Calvin Harris is his own person and Rihanna and Rita Ora aren’t beefing. She did lie, he was just telling the truth. & Rita Ora needs to create her own identity because I can compare her voice and look to a trillion people in the industry. I like her a lot, but the more exposure she gets the more her look is recycled. Before she blew up, she dressed cute with ehr own style but now…I can TELL her label is trying to shape and mold her. IT SHOWS

    • Ugh June 16, 2012

      how do we know she lied. the guy took the info from wikipedia, c’mon. since when is wikipedia accurate. He sounds like a punk.

  6. Nick June 15, 2012

    why is she stealing rihanna’s clothes?

    • Benron June 15, 2012

      She stole the queen from WFL, she stole the song R.I.P (Drake wrote it for “Rated R”) So Im not surprised she would steal clothing too (its happened b4)

    • Candid June 16, 2012

      Meh. They probably look better on Rita anyway.

      • TheOuyonB June 16, 2012

        Be serious.. Rita Ora is nowhere close to being as beautiful or s*** as Rhianna. She does have a better voice, but that’s it.

      • kelly June 16, 2012

        Rita Ora cannot touch Rihanna. Rihanna is a light skin Naomi Campbell: Tall, slender, with shape, bad ass with beauty , sass and style. Rita is a 35 year old looking short h**.

    • KB4LIFE June 16, 2012

      She had that style 4 about 3 yrs wat u talking about

      • WILD DEBUTANTE June 16, 2012


        DEAD she does look old as f***.

        but anyway, I’m not shocked….Rita Ora seems like she would do and say anything to seem “IT” but truthfully she lacks “IT”

  7. QueenOfTheNavy June 15, 2012

    So this w**** is not only a liar but a CHEAT as well eh?

    First she said she’d f*** chris brown in the album release date thread and now she wants to lie on my baby calvin who slayed many a heartbeat with we found love?

    I wont have it!
    My queen needs to put out a single in the same weeks as hers so this phoneyfraud knows who the authentic ROC mami is. B****.

    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 15, 2012


  8. Chk-ahh June 15, 2012

    Are you stupid @grape juice

    Why does Calvin Harris need proof?? He produced the damn thing.

    • Lax June 15, 2012


      • AalexisR June 16, 2012

        He needs proof that she said it. Using Wikipedia as a source is quite stupid. Fans write a lot of that stuff. Not that I could expect more from him.

      • Tika June 17, 2012


        That may be the case but the debate right now isn’t proof of whether or not she said it but whether or not the song was offered to her at any time.

        “Though this doesn’t explain why she’d say the song penned for her, we’re surprised Harris responded so publicly without any discernible solid proof that she wasn’t offered the song by a third party.”

  9. 16Grammys,FourNumberOnes… And Yourself? June 15, 2012

    Y’all coming for Riri like Rihanna didnt bite Fefe Dobson in the GGGB era and didnt bite Riri and Cassie at the start of the year.

    You Titanic h*** are pressed that Talk That No Number One Album still hasnt gone platinum and you’re taking it out on Rita.

    • Honestly Speaking June 15, 2012

      No one is pressed over the fact that Rita is a basic ass person trying to copy Rihanna for some success in the music industry. Y’all probably won’t even remember her name by this time next year so how about you buy a clue.

    • kelly June 15, 2012

      Riri music was never like FEFE DOBSON, and that goes to show how dope Rih is, as Fefe could not breakout and Rih has turned into one of the MOST famous ALIST women on the planet – in the same league as Angelina, NAOMI, Jlo AND Briteny. Rih is just as famous. Cassie? Cassie is trying to dress edgy like Rihanna – to no avail.

      In Total, TTT has sold 1.6 worldwide. WFL has sold over 5 million records so she is is selling units.

      • Lax June 15, 2012

        @Natural she bought them when it was not known to others,
        and since she have got so many other big wigs has gotten wind of it and it will be something when she lands another one hide and watch, deery. Anytime you hve people who have sold 200 million albums along without a group and not have as many albums you know something us Pucked all the way up, think about it. Whitney when she was at her best had one album to go platium 17x times and the album sold
        47 million and at her best whitney got no place close to 16 Grammy, so beyonce bootlegged, bought or they just fell under her SPELL since many says shes a demon any way. You know they say shes a Illumanti queen, didn’t you read that, some place. That shyt is scary shty and no i do not believe it but its out there you know.

    • Lax June 15, 2012

      @16GRAMMY,,,,,And we or not pressed over the fact that beyonce has 16 grammy she bought and payed for she has more grammys then any one dead or alive and that is all she have got because everybody and their dog and cat know tht shes a FRADULENT FRAUD, THEIF AND LIAR….I HOPE THEY TEACH RITA BETTER MANNERS BOO BOO!

      • NATURALBEAUTY June 15, 2012

        @Lax Chile boo, Beyonce is an icon, keep it cute. If it was so easy to buy Grammys I guarantee you your fave would have more.

      • Honestly Speaking June 15, 2012

        Do you even know who his fave is? and second of all Beyonce is not an icon. She tries very hard to convince other people that she is one and she has ripped off several actually iconic people but she herself is a flop. Icons don’t have to steal from other artists, claim fictional songwriting credits, and troll Youtube for “inspiration”. Stay mad at the fact that she will always be remembered as a fraud and that you are just another delusional supporter of a thief.

      • Lax June 15, 2012

        @NATURALBEAUTY,,,See this shows Whitney’s song went platium 17 x times and she was at her best and never 16 grammy’s see what i mean. Now they or going to have to do something with the sale that ADELE has made now watch them try and match her success with beyonce’s.

    • Benron June 15, 2012

      Does rita have an album at all, no, she sure beat us. And you have the rumour wrong, people drew similarities between RATED R and fefe dobson, not GGB, TSK TSK TSK! get you false accusations right!

    • Lax June 15, 2012


      • dezi June 16, 2012

        Sweetie do your research – allison krauss has 26 grammys to her name. Aretha franklin has 18, stevie wonder has 20 something .. and even though quincy jones is a producer he has damn near 30 grammys. Please do your RESEARCH beyonce is not the artist with the most grammys … maybe the most bought grammys LOL!!

      • Lax June 16, 2012

        @DEZI S

      • Lax June 16, 2012

        @DEZI She have the most oout of the artists featured the most on this blog and her dumb ass fans seem to think tht since she have bought, stole and frauded her way to the top shes better then all the rest, but her sales do not reflect the grammys she has bought AND STOLE AT ALL….

  10. NavyWinsYouLooze June 15, 2012

    Oh Slutra, following after your Beyflopsay’s footsteps eh?

    Next thing you know she’ll be on youtube stealing dance moves from africans.

    • kelly June 15, 2012

      Is she now trying to act African? She is all over twitter attempting to speak patois, saying she is gonna sing reggae, and making it seems like she has west indian roots. SHE IS TRYING TO BE RIHANNA. Rih is the Naomi Campbell of the music industry and she will never let this 35 yr old looking wannabe take her spot.

    • Lax June 15, 2012

      Why don’t some one tell the rita chick that rih is a black
      chick and she is not even trying to act white, at all.

  11. NavyWinsYouLooze June 15, 2012

    Something just hit me.
    In year of 4 the story goes beyonce saw the video of those three african guys and so she asked her dancers to recreate their moves but ONLY called them to america when her own dancers didnt meet her standard.
    Does this mean she would have copied their movies if the dancers HAD got it right?

    does this mean those poor guys would have seen beyonce do their moves without crediting them but leave them unsure if she had really stolen it from them?

    Copycattin heaux!!!!

    • Lax June 15, 2012

      Yessssssss, you know beyonce is after money like a dog
      on a bone because she have got to keep working to pay
      off that 100 million dollar law suit.

    • Teacher June 15, 2012

      LOL HELL YEAH!!! Ole thievin ass B****!!! 😀

    • Tika June 17, 2012

      You didn’t really need to answer that question because Beyonce has stolen a lot of routines without mentioning her “inspiration” or crediting direct copies of choreography. At least when MJ jacked the moonwalk he mentioned that he got dancers in LA to show him how and he didn’t steal their entire routines. Beyonce also hires people to work on her videos who lack any real creativity I guess because they don’t cost as much as other choreographers or directors. Beyonce wouldn’t know originality if it sat on her face.

  12. kelly June 15, 2012

    HA HA HA HA Rita ORA will not make it. No one is checking for her. Even Cheryl Cole sells more than Rita. Where have u been has outsold RIP. In fact Rihanna is still in the top 10, while Rita quickly drooped out the top 10. She does all these shows in the UK, and yet….no one is till checking for her. She is copying Rihanna: The west indian patios she screams on twitter, body language, the songwriters, producers ( she has worked with EVERY single person RIRI DID ) the styling – even the red carpet dress.

    Trying so so so hard. She even has a fake reaggae song copying umbrella, even written by THe dream.

    jay z STOP wasting money with this one. She is not IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. kelly June 15, 2012

    I meant to say she does all these shows in the USA and no one in the USA is checking for her. She is not blowing up or buzzing. Remember when 50 was buzzing on all radios ( urban and pop )? You knew he was gonna blow up. How we do was introduced to Z100 by jay Z in feb, and the video came weeks later. We are now in late June ( mid ) SHE has performed everywhere and had a lot of press and yet…………..SHE IS STILL NOT POPPING OFF!

    All this money and hype, will not make the killer record sales jayz needs to make profit for the amount of millions he has wasted on this average talent.

    the AMERICAN public is the hardest market to because, we are not fickle, and we do not buy any old hype. Even people in middle america will see this is an ego ridden, washed up ( she already looks 30 ) black acting ( W – wo
    rd ) over styled Rihanna wannabe, with an average voice and garbage songs.

    She will be dropped after her album tanks and be back in the UK working with Channel U types.

    • Lax June 15, 2012

      @KELLY you hit the nail on the head, right here.

    • Tika June 17, 2012

      I never hear any Rita Ora on urban radio in the states. They may play it on pop stations (I don’t listen to them). She hasn’t crossed into Urban here. The only time we hear about her here is in relation to Rihanna. Whomever is marketing her is going about it all wrong. First you jack Ri’s style then you hook her up with a Kardashian wtf were they thinking??

  14. Juuuuuuleeessss June 15, 2012

    The same Rihanna stans who were on twitter calling the Sun garbage and full of lies are actually taking this story and running with it. HILARIOUS

    The Sun couldn’t pay me to believe the s*** that comes out their assssssss

  15. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 15, 2012

    Oh snap. next RedOne will refuse to work with Rita Flopa. Her album will flop hard.

  16. Aaliyah is Queen B**** June 15, 2012

    Can ya’ll get off Rita Ora DAMN! She didn’t do nothing to ya’ll faves, yet ya’ll are coming for blood. Her and Rih are cool but ya’ll are still attacking this chick like she stole your school lunch money. She is a nice, respectable, and talented girl. Calvin Harris should have just talked to Rita first; to get her side, before he went to twitter to blast the girl. He will probably regret that s*** later when this girl blows up and I believe she will. If it’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you should never make negative assumptions or be so quick to write someone off, because you never know who will grow up to make it big or be successful in life. See: Michael Jordan, Tyra Banks, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, etc.

    • kelly June 15, 2012

      She is already out. Been out for months. She has not blown up. She never will. She is just and expensive waste . I doubt her will murder the billboard charts when her how we do is is not exactly setting the billboard charts alive. It is not like ut blazed straight at number 1.

      RIP was number 1 in the UK, but so what? Tulisa was number 1 and Cheryl Cole will be number 1 this week. Calvin will regret nothing. He did not offend a legend or adele, just a Rihanna wannabe.

      If there is one I have learned, is that you you never act like a star…till you become one, and even then, remain humble. SEE: Michael Jordan, Tyra Banks, Justin bieber,Lady Gaga…………….AND RIHANNA.

    • kelly June 15, 2012

      YES loud is still in the charts in the UK. Still selling after all these years.

      • Ugh June 16, 2012

        all these years? u make it sound like it came out years ago..lmao

  17. kelly June 15, 2012

    I have never seen an new artist come out and, receive so hype without backing it up.

    Not even Britney, Eminem, 50 cent, Lady Gaga, Adele, Drake, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, etc were this hyped up in the early years, and they proved they can deliver.

    Britney Spears came out the game with pure POP BANGERS that slayed charts ALL OVER THE WORLD. Even Briteny was not running her mouth like Rita…..

  18. Benron June 15, 2012

    It was a confusion caused by “The sun Newspaper” you know, the same one who Rihanna cussed out and they said she used a “body double” Smh at more lies.

    They said, That Rita said she sang the song first, Calvin calls them out, she calls them liars… What so hard about this guys. Rita will flop, if these people wan’t “urban” artists so bad then they should just find one instead of forcing the attitude on people like Rita. Rita isn’t “s***” at all, (shes just pretty when they do her up special) and is not relatable.

    Sigh, so basically the sun lied again, soon they will be saying JAHNASSA AIKEN posed as Rita and told them she sang the song, SMH!

  19. JER June 15, 2012

    JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE AT A LABEL OFFERS YOU A SONG…. does not mean the song was offered to you. Honey I’ll offer Rita Ora a hundred songs LORD KNOWS she needs them, but if I’m not the SONGWRITER i can’t offer anybody ANYONE ELSE’S SONG. GURL BYE

  20. t June 15, 2012

    Smh at the delusional rihyodel stans coming for rita. Did u forget your fave is the queen of swagger jacking? Just ask beyoncr fefe dobson, cassie, etc. didnt this h** have a million dollar lawsuit for stealing from dave chapelle work? And u delusional stans have the audacity to come for rota and queen bey? Id be mad too if my fave was only known as a i.dustry w****. Jay makes money off this h** and puts it in bey pocket lmao. Oh and how is battleshit doing? Lmao rihyodel is a talentless basic ho who nobody respects. Id hate to be in the navy. Yall stay losing lmao.

    • HUH ? June 16, 2012

      Dave chapelle is a comedian boo . See what trying to hard get ya . Spell check next time you gone rant

  21. Ruben Studdard Stan June 15, 2012

    She lies just like Beyonce did about writing those songs

    • t June 15, 2012

      Just like rihoenna lied about the s&m video. Yall stay obsessed with queen bey but at least she has an ascap and journalism awards for her writing. Where are rihoennas awards? Just worry about your fave flop movie flop album and loose used up cooch thats getting passed around and leave queen bey out of this.

  22. Remey June 16, 2012

    This fool is trying so hard to be relevant. You will flop honey. Stop using producers to give you importance!

  23. MISHKA June 16, 2012

    Calvin Harris is SCREAMING for attention but nobody is interested in you, SIr.

    He did the same thing with Chris Brown “Yeah 3x”. Then “We found love” was supposed to be his breakthrough but Rihanna ate the whole cake with her controversial video.

    Yes you have good beats but this is just europop, sir. You ain’t no Dr Dre nor Timbaland. Stay in your lane and collect your checks. Rita Ora is too damn young to start stealing anything so leave her alone and get in touch with her management.


  24. Candid June 16, 2012

    I like Rita way more than Rihanna.

  25. mindgames June 16, 2012

    hatin ass b****** can STAY MAD

  26. slim s*** June 16, 2012

    Did you say no one is checking rita?you are wrong cos simon cowell,one direction,olly murs,justine biber,steven tyler,tinie temper,even riri who gave her a kiss are all checking for rita

  27. LA BABY! June 16, 2012

    So we gotta Rita Ora – Rihanna situation here!!!

    Leave Rihanna’s d*** outta this PLEASE

  28. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 16, 2012


  29. slim s*** June 16, 2012

    Am shocked at riri’s stans coming at rita.so you guyz now know how it hurts for someone to want to replace your fave.what goes aroud comes back around,you wanted riri to replace beyonce.now let rita replace riri. Pls stop hating.

  30. slim s*** June 16, 2012

    Thanks to all the haters for the free publicity.How we do is climbing steadily on itunes.like it or not Rita is already a star.The fact that haters trooped here to bash her proves that she is so hot right now.Haters deal with it she’s a star.

  31. slimsexy June 16, 2012

    Go Rita!Go Rita! Go!you are so hot right now.

  32. FireIce June 16, 2012

    You know you’ve arrived when you already got haters and people making accusations against you. You go Rita! BTW, I heard “How We Do” on the radio yesterday. Sounds like a summer hit to me. And, cleverly, some of Biggie’s old raps were mixed in with the song. Real slick!

  33. aishaaguilerakeys June 16, 2012

    Sam, stop defending her, she lied about it and that’s that. If it had been a singer u didn’t like, u wouldn’t have defended that person. Just call it as it is.

  34. slimsexy June 16, 2012

    LOL at an Alicia keys fan calling. Rita a lier when your fave is a hubby snatcher.

  35. Remey June 16, 2012

    I just don’t understand what is the problem….

    Rita Ora is not to be taken seriously. She is and will not be on Rihanna’s level. Gosh. To the Navy, this know this girl is struggling to get a name. Sam…..please have several seats with your biased ass.

  36. slimsexy June 16, 2012

    Rhianna with thoes blunts she puffs looks like a troll.she doesn’t look good anymore,the drugs have aged her.

  37. slimsexy June 16, 2012

    Funy how a so called irrelevant artist is ratling the Navy.Rhianna needs to take a break from producing poor music and let the real deal,Rita show her how its done.

  38. Wolverines June 16, 2012

    This website is nothing but a PR Machine for ROC NATION
    it may as well have Roc nation logo’s all over it
    Solid proof Rita ora said this? you don’t need solid proof when you diss everyone else, the immaturity of writing here is unbelievable

  39. WILD DEBUTANTE June 16, 2012

    I’m not shocked….Rita Ora seems like she would do and say anything to seem “IT” but truthfully she lacks “IT”

  40. Tika June 17, 2012

    He doesn’t need to show proof that a 3rd party could have presented it to her because He WROTE the song and would know who HE WROTE it for. If she said it was presented to her and she turned it down then maybe she’d have a leg to stand on. Something tells me though at this point in her development she doesn’t have say in what she will or won’t sing. Maybe after her first album is a hit then she has the clout to make such choices. It comes off as rude to have an artist who hasn’t done much to prove her own chops try to say she refused his song when that probably wasn’t the case.

  41. Me June 21, 2012

    What I want to know is if Rita Ora actually said this. There’s screen shot of his tweet but none of what she supposedly said. Because if it turns out that what she said was actually just a rumor then this whole thing is irrelevant. Also, if this producer doesn’t have actual proof that Rita said this (Wiki is NOT proof) then he shouldn’t be going on TWITTER of all things to blast somebody. just my opinion.

  42. Me June 21, 2012

    Im not a big fan of either of them or anything, but one last thing. I really dont see where she diss him. IF is rejected the song…what’s wrong with that. artists reject songs all the time. and IF she said this in a interview the interviewer probably asked her about it and she responded. I dont see why ANYONE not just Rita would randomly say this in a interview without being asked about it first. And why is the Navy jumping on this article? It has nothing to do with Rih in the first place? ijs

  43. Me June 21, 2012

    Hence why professors dont let you use Wikipedia as a source when typing papers

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