New Song: Chris Brown – ‘I Don’t Like ( Drake Diss)’

Published: Saturday 30th Jun 2012 by David

In a bid to generate attention for his new LP ‘Fortune‘, Chris Brown takes aim at chart topping maestro Drake in a remix to the smash ‘I Don’t Like‘.

Without further delay, get into the mess below…


Here’s hoping he redeems himself with a killer set at tomorrow night’s BET Awards.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Benron June 30, 2012

    Chris brown has litterally released like 10 songs in the past month, Seriously Are you that desperate for sales? Your already doing a thousand performances. And half of yoru songs are NOT ON THE ALBUM. SMH, If it does the way fortune did you might have to pack those bags. Still at 875k 15 months later SMH!

    • whatever June 30, 2012


      Good Lawd do you run from site to site making hateful comments. You must be dying from attention. Go outside and play. You are always have a hissy fit and making a novel to justify “Pothead” rhianne when people go in on her post. The diss is nothing new… rappers have done it for years. So stop acting Brand New. Even though he is not a rapper. Whether he sold 875k the point is How many have you sold? FAME is still Platinum World Wide and has a Grammy. Where is your Grammy?

      • Benron June 30, 2012

        No hate just honesty!

      • whatever June 30, 2012

        @benron its not honesty I seen what you have written on several sites… but if it helps you sleep at nite. This fine. Just know you are a CBstalker. But its okay… I know you love him just the same. Smootches 🙂

      • PrincessAndrea Usbourne July 2, 2012

        Amen, well said Whatever. What a f****** loser.

    • DJANGOV July 2, 2012

      Oh my Lawd , so Benron is actually a Breezy stalker.

  2. TheUltimateShade June 30, 2012

    Did he basically say he f***** Nicki? lmaooo #ICant

  3. Haterzstaypressed June 30, 2012

    Oh, Chris…. It’s time to grow up, sweetheart. F*** these haters and move on! How can anyone have your back when you resort to child like antics? Let your art, hard work and determination speak for themselves…. He has SO much potential and he’s throwing it all away, and for what?

    • Lax June 30, 2012

      Great words of wisdom! Right here this…

  4. I Judge Flops June 30, 2012


    He will be ready to hang himself when he see’s his first week numbers. *hands him rope*

    • Angie June 30, 2012

      LOL…even though I disagree.

    • Haterzstaypressed June 30, 2012

      Yeah BUT Drake is not the one that the media are going after… It’s Chris. He’s gotta stop this crap. He’s allowing others to destroy him and bring him down. He’s got to grow up.

  5. Izzy June 30, 2012

    Such a dumb a**! I always try to defend him and sided with him at one point smh stop being childish Chris

  6. joker June 30, 2012

    dunno about them all lyrics. too much for my ears. i’m not a hopper. and well… everybody got something to say i don’ t really care about.

    tho… it’s got good vibe. the essence is right there. that’s what i feel. cool.

  7. YouDoRealize… June 30, 2012

    Christina Brown please stop talking for your own sake. Not for Rih, Miranda, Karruche, Drake, Oprah, or anyone BUT your own self. If I hear another thing about him responding to some dumb idiot I swear I will wash my hands. I am a fan but he makes it super hard to be a fan. Chrissy get your s*** together or you’ll be another Bobby Brown. I also feel like this is da 100th time I made this comment.

  8. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 30, 2012

    I’m probably going to get a lot of dislikes for it, but I don’t get the negative comments. It’s not Chris’ verse that is childish and wrong, it’s Drake’s attack, which also started this, yet noone is judging Drake. Obviously Chris has a bad past, but it’s Drake that’s on the wrong here and if Chris needed to release a freestyle to get things out of his chest, then it’s cool. Do we applaud Drake for attacking Chris’ team and then running away like a coward and avoiding to adress the situation?

    And I’m neither a Drake hater nor a Chris stan, but let’s be honest here. This verse is NOT what we should be criticizing here.

    • Bleebow June 30, 2012

      Ok, what did Drake do exactly to attack Chris? You wrote a bunch of fluff.

      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 1, 2012

        He threw bottles to him…Check your facts please before you act smart.

  9. Girrrl June 30, 2012

    The shade of it all is that after Chris’ verse, Kanye says he would never hit a woman. #dead chris stays playing himself. Drake bout to deflect all the blame on Chris. Other than the living twice part, that verse was wack.

  10. WELL DAMN! June 30, 2012

    WHY IS CHRIS SO JEALOUS OF DRAKE?… He’s currently in a relationship and he’s blatantly disrespecting her for coming at Drake over Rihanna. Well, It’s a good thing Drake is a WOMAN LOVER and not a WOMAN BEATER like Chris. Now if Drake did a song dissing Chris for beating the s*** out of Rihanna’s ass Chris’s career would be over… done… out… Because he would lose his f****** mind…whats left of it. All these fools that come at Drake are just jealous of his success and I pray that Drake don’t respond to none of this baffoonery. Chris is just like Luda and Common, trying to get record sales off a Drake beef. I DON’T LIKE F*** N*GGAS LIKE CHRIS, LUDA AND COMMON.

    • plain & Simple June 30, 2012

      If anybody is jealous it’s Drake. When Chris & Rihanna did Birthday Cake Remix & Turn Up The Music, Drake did not like that s*** at all. He has gotten so angry that Rihanna & Chris has gotten close again. Now just before the fight incident with Drake, Chris & Meek, Rihanna was at the same club Chris was at and he sent a bottle to her table. But before all this Chris had taken Meek song off his CD. Drake,Meek and their goons knew that Chris was going to be there & they came to that club looking for trouble with Chris.

      I laugh everytime I see that video Take Care with the fish, bird and that big ass black bull. Oh and the words to that song says it all. So if anyone is JEALOUS it’s Drake.

      • Haterzstaypressed June 30, 2012

        But who getting blamed tho? Who is the media crucifying tho? Chris is making HUGE mistakes here and it will cost him dearly.

    • Uhh Okaii June 30, 2012

      well its his own fault..he knows people still dont like him and he do f*** boy s***..he deserves it..he need to grow up and learn from his past actions..because now its getting to a point where u cant separate his career from his private life..therefore not allowing his music shine

  11. udontknowme June 30, 2012

    All I hear is NOISE!

  12. monstarebel June 30, 2012

    This b**** chris thinks he’s a rapper and that h** drake thinks he hard…..SMH!

  13. monsterhive June 30, 2012

    Lmao how lame, lyrically Drake would destroy Chris. & what was the point of bringing Wayne & Nicki into it? He described Drake’s eyebrows as “yike” that alone should inform you on his lyrical ability. Chris is the most immature person in the music industry, he takes the cake & the entire buffet for his fuckery.

  14. Gr3g June 30, 2012

    Smh Chris. Is there no one in your camp willing or capable of telling you to STFU and keep the focus on the music? Ever since the Rihanna incident he has been more known for his bratty antics than his talent. Hopefully he will get it together and grow up.

  15. Nikkos June 30, 2012

    The fact that he needed to make this song says a lot. You’d think at his age, he would know better than to act like a child, making diss songs is so juvenile. If he doesn’t want to be a singer and focus on his art, he needs to pass the microphone.

    • Angie June 30, 2012

      He’s 22. There’s 40 year-old n***** doing diss records. I’m not mad at it.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 30, 2012


      age is just a number , maybe those 40 yo n***** never grew up mentally.

  16. Army Of Queen Aaliyah (Queen Of Urban Pop) June 30, 2012

    Well Yellow Cake and Aabriyah won’t be
    shaking hands and sharing campfires anytime soon. Chris has released a remix to the Chief Keef “I Don’t Like” record where he blasts Drake to high yellow hell. Can’t we all just be friends?
    Also Chris while your struggling to push 800k in a year Drake can move 700k in a week , Take Note !

  17. slimsexy June 30, 2012

    My advice to Drake is LET HIM STARVE,DON’T FEED HIM.In other words,ignore him.

  18. MISHKA June 30, 2012

    He has too much time on his hands..

    • Lax June 30, 2012

      No matter how its sliced both chris and drakes names or mentioned, i though wayne and others called a rime out from the bull shyt, let this s*** go and move the heck on.
      Both he and draks or to blame because tony has a eye messed up and he names them both and some one is going to have to pay. That club has lossed its liquor licenses and watch and see every time they mention this chris and drakes names will come up. Both of them need to grow the phuck all the way up, and anyways why or they in to it about some who shot john crap in the first place, this is such a waist of their energy and their time.
      And maybe its just me but if i was chris the last thing i would be doing right now is dropping a diss record about drake or anybody for that matter. This is like throwing fuel on a fire that you want to burn out yet you or steady adding fuel and wood to the fire. Chris let this bull shyt pass you buy man! You do not need this added beef it make you seem like you or a bitter bird about something, and you or trying to get even with somebody, its not worth it man.

  19. SpeakTheTruth June 30, 2012

    I have always loved and supported Chris and I am still a fan of his. But he needs to have a “No Man” in his camp. You remember what Kevin Hart was talking about on the BET Awards last year? It seems like Christopher’s has a lot of “Yes Man” in his camp and no one isn’t telling him what is the right thing he should do…. It seem like Chris was heading towards the right track during the 2010 BET Awards after the MJ Tribute, but after FAME came out, it seems like he is always in the Media for something bad and different. I will always love Christopher….And I have all his albums…… but I don’t see myself supporting him with this next coming album. He needs to get his act together QUICK before he loose it and I don’t want to see him go down that road, but sadly it looks like he is already headed that way.

  20. ROMANHOLIDAY June 30, 2012

    Chris will never learn its like what did the whole RIhanna ordeal teach him? This dude is mentally unstable he is not right mentally every week it is something twitter rants fights diss records storming interviews he does to much like a messy loud fem queen eager to turn it for attention how you go from being an pop artist to trying to be Pastor Troy ready for war and how does this cover up Ketchup or whatever her name is go on with all this two bottoms fighting over a women they both used to make them look str8

  21. Paige June 30, 2012

    I really don’t understand why he had to go and do a diss song…let this s*** be!!! Chris don’t know how to let things go… I’m a HUGE FAN of his but it’s really hard being a fan cause it’s like he doesn’t wanna learn from the pass… Clearly he don’t care about his image soooo at least he aint FAKE he is defiantly not in the music game to please anyone…He stays true to himself and at the end of the day that’s all that matters…

    • Uhh Okaii June 30, 2012

      suuure it doesn’t matter…it’ll get to a point where people just dont want to be bothered anymore..n only thirsty hoodrats will buy his crap

  22. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 30, 2012

    What do first-week sales have to do with it? Everyone’s saying that Chris should STFU just because Drake sold more than him. So what? Besides, don’t act like ‘Take Care’ was the ’21’ of 2012. It debuted impressively and then dropped like a stone and so did all the singles he’s released lately.

    Chris’ mistake was to give the event more publicity via Twitter and through this remix. But would you like it more if every successful artist had the right to send a bunch of people to the hospital, then act classy and unbothered about the whole thing and make everybody around him shut up and act like nothing ever happened? And I repeat, I’m not a member of TeamBreezy, I just think the whole situation is unfair.

    • Benron June 30, 2012

      It has sold 1.7 million copies JUST IN THE U.S. you will deal Chris has only pulled 875k in about 60 weeks, drake did it in 3.

    • Shykeyz June 30, 2012

      I do agree with what your saying tho. I believe your right. Chris does have a right to express how he feels, and that is exactly what he did. THROUGH HIS MUSIC. Isn’t every music artist suppose to do that? Express how they feel through there music? I don’t understand why everyone is making this into a big ordeal.

      But in a way, I can see it from both sides. Chris wrong and Chris was right. Chris was wrong because he knows if he put this diss track out then everyone was going to focus more on that again and he I bet he knew that he was going to recieve backlash because some people believe it was him who threw the bottle and started the fight. But Chris was right because he was only doing what any music artist would do. Express how they feel through there music.

  23. Viciousss June 30, 2012

    1. First to run to tell the story on Twitter.

    2. First to run his mouth about it in a rap.

    Smh, that boy is so lost. Usually when someone hasn’t experienced negative s*** they don’t understand he consequences and just act wild by Chris KNOWS the consequences and he’s still actin a fool.

    I can’t belies not a word would have been known for this thing if not for Chris. Not even the people partying there who got hurt were on Twitter.

    I’m so mad for him. Like damn…he really will have to go to jail before he wake ups. Sad, but some people will never learn till they wake up everyday to jail bars.

    He’s makin it SO easy for people to side with Drake calling someone a girl for throwing bottles (you beat the S*** out of a GIRL) and running his mouth with all these details acting like he’s hard. Damn Chris…just…stop.

  24. the real xoxo June 30, 2012

    this is such a PUBLICITY STUNT in order to gain more attention a few days before his cd is released.
    i dont like young money but drake is more lyrical than chris brown.


  25. Smh June 30, 2012

    there he go with his B****-ASS-NESS again JUST STOP, the beef is irrelevant, Chris is making it bigger than it really is. he obviously fell played about the situation, he takes time out his day to record a WHACK diss song. im sure he has something else to do. Drake isnt gonna reply back to it… he said it in his song “dis me you’ll neva get a reply” just stop with that s***. dumb ass.

  26. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) June 30, 2012

    Chris sometimes its just best to shut up and keep moving……one of the reason why I like Beyonce she don’t care what they say she keeps it moving and let her ART throw shade at the haters….bro this is life its like an roller coaster ups and downs

    Stay blessed and True to yourself man

  27. The Zolonski Trap June 30, 2012

    he said 2 take care
    but he want what aint there
    and im talkin fame & fortune
    you movin Fast ; break there
    you think you got the upper hand
    the world know you a bottom man
    bet you know how to bend over
    even tho its not yo birthday like Rihanna can
    not talkin dentist when i say open wide
    fill you up; scope inside
    you want that #1 so bad
    i hope you got that hope & pride
    cause i sweae to you yo ass gone flop
    20 stories from the top
    you call a n**** two-faced
    but one day your R&B then hip-hop
    its in the music, you want drake d***
    truth dot com this yo second diss
    marvins room than this s***
    you sound thirsty so you outta quit
    you vow to never lie to team breezy
    whats up with you and king weezy
    he transformef ya : you like look at me now
    try to put his ass line on nicki
    who is no longer rite by your side
    romans out, you better hide
    yall did a really good song
    but that wont be a moment 4 life
    fight in the club ;lights out
    bet you wont have another night out
    i know its f*** me daddy time
    just wrap it up, good night now

    • gizmo23 June 30, 2012

      Damn.. dude u got’em

  28. Nick June 30, 2012

    I’m Done with him, he’s annoying!
    he can’t rap to save his life and his lyrics are really wack
    I could only take but so much from this N*** he seems like he’s only becoming worst as a person and as a artist. DONE won’t be spending money on his music when he’s released almost everyone single on the internet for the past 6 months.

  29. Nick June 30, 2012

    and I also don’t like Drake Either
    he’s full of it and probably could destory chris if he wants to come out with a diss song next which is likely to happen

    but both drake and Chris have ruined the culture of Hip Hop this year. I hope some of yall will understand what I’m talking about hip hop isn’t the same anymore.

  30. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 1, 2012

    He is doing collaborations with has-been FLOP rappers like The Game to promote his album? LMAO. OMG, yes The Game’s 2 fans will google him and find him doing a track with Chris Brown, and I bet that’ll make those 2 fans to go on the iTunes store to purchase FLOPtune.

    I think Chris Brown is sabotaging himself here.

  31. yeyay July 1, 2012

    really trying here…so unnecessary…how the hell does Chris ever expect to repair his image??? Not a Good Look…the Rapper obsession from Chris needs to end….Dude is a singer……

  32. Queen Brit Brit July 1, 2012

    This song f****** sucks

  33. Alexis Carrington-Colby July 1, 2012

    As a teacher of many young, black males, I see a lot of this type behavior and mentality in my students. Boys are being raised with an inability to express negative emotions in ways that aren’t violent or vengeful (i.e. making diss records). These males, including Chris, have their masculine identities defined by their sexuality (skill at conquering and obtaining women/sexual skills/penis size) and the ability to demand the respect of others (the whole “respect me/my hustle/my life/my clique/my hood” etc.). All of this constitutes being a “real n*gga”. The irony is that neither are authentic identities at all; instead, these males are playing scripted roles that ultimately lead to their undoing. I fear that Chris Brown is heading down the “Bobby Brown” path of becoming a celebrity cautionary tale of what happens to talented, attractive, rich black male celebs that adhere to the “real n*gga” mentality.

  34. Tbozfan10 July 1, 2012

    This sh*t is so embarrassing. Oh Chris ive said for years how immature you are. That’s why I’ve never been able to be a fan and as time goes by he gets more and more childish. Not to mention this was the weakest rap. You suck at rapping so bad and that little girly laugh he does .. And you’re trying to go in on someone else when you’re like “tee hee hee” lmao.

  35. jay July 1, 2012

    drake could kill chris brown. just diss him back about hitting rihanna

  36. BLACK MADONNA July 1, 2012


  37. Mimi July 3, 2012

    Whats even the essence mentioning nicki on the track?? Seriously speaking chris is just being childish, he just needs to grow up and get his s*** right. I bet drake’s gonna reply this sooner or later.

  38. Jas February 2, 2013

    Worst song yet -_x Drake SHOULD cut whatever wings this kid has left. FOH !

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