Hot Topic: Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’ Will Sell…

Published: Saturday 30th Jun 2012 by David

July 3rd marks the release of Chris Brown‘s new album ‘Fortune‘, the long awaited follow up to 2011’s ‘FAME’.

Already spawning the #1 single ‘Turn Up The Music‘, expectations for the LP are high…considering its year long campaign and undying support from the star’s ‘Team Breezy‘.

So, before he does what he does best at tomorrow night’s BET Awards, That Grape Juice asks:

How many copies do you think ‘Fortune’ will sell in its first week?

Download ‘Fortune’ here.

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  1. joker June 30, 2012

    numbers? how many die hard fan he’s got and how much money do they have?


    • joker June 30, 2012

      oops. red light? lol.

      as if i could estimate what he’ll sell. how much was the last one? and he’s gotta deliver a good show tommorow and he’ll have some more getting it maybe. mmhh. 🙂

      • Maurice’s Heartbeart (TB Shits On Your Fave) June 30, 2012

        Ooop at TGJ subliminally telling us how much he’s sold so far. Why would they randomly stop at 300k.

        Haha they’re such stans

  2. Honestly Speaking June 30, 2012

    I would be ideal if he only sold 3 copies (tax included) and then just decided to resign from making music.

    • mob July 1, 2012

      LOL wow you haters are really fun and funny this morning! Get it Breezy you got these haters buzzing and talking CRAZY!! 🙂

    • solo12345 July 1, 2012

      he used to be great the quality of his music has diminished a great amount. the last song i listened to and enjoyed was 100 bottles

  3. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 30, 2012

    Well, Usher had 3 hits, a bigger fanbase, more media support and many multi-platinum albums under his belt and he barely sold 120k. R Kelly is set to sell less than 100k. Therefore, I think Chris would be lucky to sell 200k. I estimate that he’ll be somewhere around 210-220k, which would be amazing given the bad release date and the wrong single choices.

    • James227 June 30, 2012

      Chris is almost to the 11 mil mark on twitter. Tell me what Usher’s numbers are. With Usher’s 120K don’t seem like he has a big fanbase at all. I happened to like Usher and have all his CD’s but this one Look For Myself is the worst. It’s a good thing my brother let me listen to it first. Anyway I’ll still buy his singles if it’s good

      • Gilberto June 30, 2012

        Twitter followers don’t mean s***. Rihanna has 21 million followers and her album stuggled to sell 190k on TTT’s first week sales. She had ‘We Found Love’ supporting it and her album was released during the Black Friday. It isn’t even Platinum yet. Where are all these followers at? I bet they aren’t buying her album for sure.
        What does make you think that Chris Brown’s followers would buy his album then? LOL. Please!
        Justin Bieber has 24 million followers and his album sold around 300k.
        Chris Brown would be lucky to sell 150k.

      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 30, 2012

        I don’t know how many followers Usher has. All I know is that ‘Confessions’ debuted with a million copies sold and went on to be certified diamond, then ‘Here I Stand’, even though it was a snoozefest, debuted with more than half a million and even ‘R v. R’, backed by NO sinlge (‘OMG’ was released a week after the album) debuted with 400k sold. Sounds like a fanbase to me… 😉

        Much like Gilberto said, Twitter followers don’t mean s***. There is a very small percentage of them that are willing to PAY for an album.

      • mob July 1, 2012

        @gilberto I think @James227 was referring to the notion that Usher has allegedly a larger fanbase than Chris Brown!

        Twitter is BS as is all socail media. No matter what the media reports or a blog site says, an artist’s fans loves them regardless! TeamBreezy is a strong-willed bunch who aren’t budging from Chris’ side good or bad!

        I have no idea with the things that have happened b/c of dumba$$ RCA, how many units he will sell? I JUST KNOW I’LL BE PURCHASING MY 2 COPIES: 1 in store and 1 form either iTUNES or Amazon!

  4. Lee June 30, 2012

    Yall need to add lower numbers to the poll so I can vote tbh

    • Honestly Speaking June 30, 2012


      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 30, 2012

        If they don’t add lower numbers, that means that they either have heard rumours about impressive pre-orders or that they’re trying to embarass him because 90% of the votes will go to the last option.

      • queenofthenavy June 30, 2012

        you know tgj are team breezy. My bet is that they’ve heard he’s already sold over 200k on pre orders and so didnt include that figure to make his overall numbers seem huge when they post it.

    • Queen Brit Brit June 30, 2012


    • mob July 1, 2012

      Didn’t the last option say 300k or lower? 0_O

  5. chris June 30, 2012


  6. Hmm… June 30, 2012

    I’m guessing around 100k.

  7. NaturalBeauty June 30, 2012

    He will sell under 220K nothing over 250. It’s not really about die hard fans, Justin Bieber has 24 million followers & pushed 373K, Drake has only 6 million followers & pushed nearly 700k in a week. You must cater to the public as well.

    • mob July 1, 2012

      Drake is a RAPPEER & Jusin Bieber is a POP Star! Both of these folks are MEDIA DARLINGS one half-white &Jewish and the other is White both from Canada! You simply cannot compare them to a non-white, Christian R&B Star from America. We all know that Rap & especailly Pop are marketed differently. Besides, Baby aka Birdman buys YMCMB CDs in bulk. Chris is an independent artists & not under a group whoes CEO will purchase his CD’s like Baby does his acts!

  8. monsterhive June 30, 2012

    My guess is 200k & under. I’m not seeing big numbers for Chris 230k is pushing it. Anything over 240k first week isn’t a flop in my opinion, so if he surprises me & brings in 240 numbers then it was a success. This is not 2003, so people need to stop expecting huge numbers.

  9. Nana Applehead LovesSwift June 30, 2012

    115000 copies

  10. Pearce June 30, 2012

    Chris Brown (aka Yellow Cake)’s ‘Fortune’ is not going to sell 300,000 albums in its first week. Sorry, but it’s not going to happen. He hasn’t promoted it well enough.

  11. BC June 30, 2012

    1 billion

    • I AM NOXEEMA JACKSON June 30, 2012

      Child please.

    • Smh July 2, 2012

      BYE !

  12. nerd June 30, 2012

    haters… sales or no sale he’s still the best.

    but i predict in 300k and number 1 album

    • mob July 1, 2012

      THIS!! 🙂

    • Smh July 2, 2012

      best at what ? crying on twitter every time some s*** go down with him ?

  13. commanderofthedancefloor June 30, 2012

    i don’t see him getting as much as he did with his last album, but you never know. only because he had alot of great singles out, he had dueces, no bs, look at me now, beautiful people and they were getting alot of airplay. with this album he had about two songs getting any big attention.

  14. queenofthenavy June 30, 2012

    this site is so f***** biased.
    so because chris f***** up with the drake diss track you’re trying to send all the traffic here to distract us just because you guys are team breezy. f*** outta here!

    • SheAintU June 30, 2012

      thought i was the only one who noticed that.

      • I AM NOXEEMA JACKSON June 30, 2012

        ..I don’t get it.

    • mob July 1, 2012

      How did he “f*** up with that GAME track”? CB and 5 other acts have a verses on theat track? Drake’s ass threw a bottle at this man and could have killed him. Did you see the blood spewing from the heads of ppl he loved & cared about? Did you know Tony arker has to miss the Olympics because of Drake’s antics?

      I and most thinking ppl have no problem with him finally speaking out on this mess.It’s out of his system & now he can move on!

  15. ty June 30, 2012

    the promotion been shady but im guessing 200 k

  16. Benron June 30, 2012

    Fortune has sold 875k copies to date, Turn up the music fell fast and people are sick of him 150-200k

    • James227 June 30, 2012

      People are sick of him just like they are sick of Rihanna. Did you ever think about that?

      • Benron June 30, 2012

        No one is sick of Rihanna, whyb is sitting pretty in the top 5 and can only go up from there. SMH at people being “sick of her”

    • Uhh Okaii June 30, 2012

      people are sick of Rihanna..smh..people are sick of celebrities period..but like they’re like light to moths of people

    • mob July 1, 2012

      Per you and the few biased blogs/media that keep saying the same s*** over and over again. Chris Brown is about his fans, he could give a rats ass about the rest believe that!

  17. Roman June 30, 2012

    Well I can promise you that no YMCMB fan will buy. No team minaj will buy either. So his to his team nobody to #BuyHisShit…

    • mob July 1, 2012

      LOL oh you mean like only NICKI MINAJ fan’s purchased her WELL PROMOTED new CD? Well, her fan’s and Birdman that is! 🙂

      Cut he crap, Drake threw bottles and ruined the Nightclub scene in MANH. NY forever! He maimed and injuired tons of innocent ppl and now Chris Brown is to blame? GTFOH No one expected NM fan’s – who are not also his fans – to purchase his CD nor any of Drake’s fans- who were not already his fans – to purchase Fortune so WTF are you talking about?

  18. Hot_Acid June 30, 2012

    My guess? 80K, then drop to 30K on 2nd week and below 10K in 3rd week.
    He would be lucky to push 120K at max but I honestly don’t see any higher. None of the singles were really adequate and te scandals are just too much.
    He needs to take a break and come back with something along Usher’s Confessions or he is at the end of FAME & FORTUNE.
    I used to like Chris’ music but it’s spiraling down hill like gravity on Venus.

  19. SheAintU June 30, 2012

    He’s going to sell 300k. Sam must have already got the predictions for him to make that the last available option. Luh you guys

    • trolololololol June 30, 2012

      Or Chris Brown told them he already Preordered 300k copies for himself.

  20. Noel June 30, 2012

    This dude just needs to go away. Flop…

  21. ENOUGH ONIKA June 30, 2012

    I’m sorry but these numbers are way too high. Let’s be hones,t 150k to maybe 250k max sounds more accurate

  22. Gilberto June 30, 2012

    I think it’ll sell around 120k. He has been promoting this album for over 2 months, I bet it’ll stuggle to get a Gold certification.

  23. Stephen June 30, 2012

    Just another pointless “topic”, this site is one of hits and misses

  24. :) June 30, 2012

    1 Million in the first week and y’all will deal.

    • Benron June 30, 2012

      Is this a joke?>

      • :) June 30, 2012

        You tell me……..Lol!

  25. JER June 30, 2012

    he’ll sell 280k then fall to 70k then 40k then 30k then 20k and hang around the 10k for a while and end up selling 700k after a year.

  26. Benron June 30, 2012

    Just to clear s*** up
    Chris brown did not sell 300k preorders, they are just hyping him up!

    • mob July 1, 2012

      How the f**k would you kow what he sold in pre-orders? LO youi haters have my side hurting as I laugh out loud today! 🙂

      Keep u the good work haters. I can’t wai tto hear you whine about his performance tonight!

  27. Uhh Okaii June 30, 2012

    maybe more than 10 copies…its the first of the month, #TeamHoodrats got their child support checks, social security checks and even cash food stamps..oh let’s not forget allowances…who cares im not buying it

  28. YouDoRealize… June 30, 2012

    Lmao Madonna was #1 in 45 countries after the SB off of pre-orders. But then she barely is platinum world wide… she also fell off the BB charts LMAO!!!! And with 1/10 of the exposure she had you expect him to sell around the same numbers? Y’all den fell and bumped your grape juice head.

  29. Ugh June 30, 2012

    If he sells anymore than 300,000 I will sense foolery and fuckery is at hand…………

  30. . June 30, 2012

    Christopher will sale 1 million in the first week and y’all will all have to deal. Fortune will win dozens of Grammys. 2012-2013 is his year. TeamBreezy is coming to take over. He is the Michael Jackson of our time, there will be no one like Christopher. Tomorrow he will slay the BET Awards stage. Christopher is coming for all y’all lessors on this thread. He will be snatching you and yo favorites wig. He will be the talk of the night. Y’all ain’t ready. Prepare yo finger’s to type more ratchetness paragraphs on this site, because I know ThatGrapeJuice will have something posted about the BET Awards Monday Morning.

    • trolololololol June 30, 2012

      I saw what you did there 😉

    • Smh July 2, 2012

      Michael Jackson Of Our Time ? Of Your Time Maybe, CHRISTOPER Has Yet To Accomplish What MJ Has Accomplished> Tf Outta Here…

  31. CHYNA June 30, 2012

    Who are the dummies that voted 400-500+?? Get real clowns!

  32. Girrrl June 30, 2012

    less than Take Care

  33. Badu Weave June 30, 2012

    well we all know fortune will flop harder than 4 by beyoncé… n from what i heard so far the project doesn’t seem good.

    • Shykeyz June 30, 2012

      Beyonce album DID NOT FLOP.

      It still manage to sale 313,000+ the first week. To Bey that may seem low compare to her other albums, but you gotta keep it in mind. The album had LEAKED 3 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE DUE DATE. The album still manage to be NUMBER 1 for not only 1 WEEK, but 2 WEEKS. And like I said, even though 313,000+ is low to Bey, IT WAS HIGHER THAN WHAT RIHANNA, KATY PERRY, BRITNEY SPEARS, ETC had sold. The album even became PLATNIUM. Now in WHAT WAY is a PLATNIUM ALBUM CONSIDERED A FLOP?

      You cannot call a PLATNUIM ALBUM A FLOP.

      The 4 Album may have went through struggles with the singles. BUT THE ALBUM SOLD. AND IT WENT PLATNIUM.

      If this was Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney Spears or anyone else, the album wouldnt have WENT PLATNIUM. And that is considered GOOD for it to GO PLATNIUM, EXSPECIALLY WHEN IT LEAKED 3 WEEKS PRIOR.

      • Badu Weave June 30, 2012

        BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH….enough with the excuses !!!
        1/ the album was really hyped, like a year prior to the release

        2/ 4 aint the 1st n certainly not the last album to leak weeks prior to the release

        3/ 4 managed to debut at over 300k 1st week IN US cuz of the beyonce brand (name). pple thought they would get sth better than bday n IASF combined..n that’s what the hype was about…see how her WW sales are astonishingly makes beyonce a local girl

        4/ 4 1st week sales might be higher than Loud or Teenage dream but 4 will never sell more than Loud or TD (even if i think TD is OVERRATED n CHILDISH). n TTT will sell more than 4.

        5/ i give u credits for femme fatale, it is garbage, just like 4…umm 4 is a bit better

      • REALTALK June 30, 2012








        NOW STFU…

      • Shykeyz June 30, 2012

        How the HELL is I’m making EXCUSES? 

        So I stated the facts, but now they are considered “excuses” to you….Smh.

        And you still didn’t answer my question. How is a PLATINUM album a FLOP? 

        And 4 may have not sale as much as TD and LOUD because 4 was considered more in the R&B lane.
        She wasn’t trying to go that generic, pop, electronic route that everyone is taking because people know’s that that is the type of music that sales today. Bey wanted to go and do her and I appreciate her for making GOOD MUSIC. 

        And if you want to go that way with me and say that 4 will NEVER be successful as TD or LOUD. Ok. You can say that… 

        But what you CAN’T SAY is that TD or LOUD will be considered successful as Dangerously In Love or IASF. You can include B’Day if you want… 😉

        TD may have broke records, but it never broke the record for 6 GRAMMIES received in one night by a Female artist. The same with LOUD, attach to Dangerously In Love.

        And you say TTT will sale more than 4? Honey, it’s struggling and it’s at 900k right now after almost 7 months. 4 was struggling, but not THAT DAMN BAD. And didn’t TTT had a number 1 single? We Found Love? And We Found Love was a huge success, so tell me why DIDN’T it help push TTT album sales up and why didn’t TTT go to Number 1?

        Why haven’t ALL of Rihanna’s albums go to Number 1 for that matter?

        Katy and Rihanna are singles artist.

        Beyonce is an Album artist.

        To me, I believe an album artist has longevity more than a single artist. Even though 4 wasn’t a huge success, it went PLATINUM and it went NUMBER 1 unlike Rihanna. 🙂

      • Stephen June 30, 2012

        All these Beyonce comparisms to Rihanna and Ktay Perry, are childish and pointless. Even though Katy Perry and Rihanna are hotter in music than Beyonce in recent years, comparing her to them only belittles her and her talent

      • LTM July 1, 2012

        Why do you feel the need to compare her Katy & Rihanna though? LOUD and Teenage Dream were both successful. And it would be stupid to compare albums released in 2010 to albums released in the early/mid 2000s when most major releases sold over 10million

    • JER June 30, 2012

      Oh I forgot a PLATINUM album is only a flop when it’s Rihanna. And having 6 singles miss the Top 10 isn’t a flop if you’re BeYAWNce.

      • Shykeyz June 30, 2012

        Her name is BEYONCE. But yup. Your correct. 🙂

        Beyonce album still succeded to go to platinum WITHOUT #1 singles. That is really good if you ask me or anyone else. But the fact that Rihanna singles on her albums can sale well, but her album CAN’T is crazy.

        Album >>>>>>>>> Singles.

        You just proved my point. 😉

  34. Boss June 30, 2012

    The real question is how many copies will Rihanna buy.

    • mob July 1, 2012

      Everyone she can purchase form iTUNES or the stores in barbados!

      • Benron July 1, 2012


  35. V June 30, 2012

    The album will sell 170k Max 200k. Nothing more, nothing less. Turn up the music was doing well but it’s old now. Till I Die is too urban for commercial appeal and isn’t even doing ish on the urban charts, neither is Sweet Love. And Don’t Wake Me Up has potential to big with the white folks but it hadn’t been out long enough for ppl to take notice n but his album. Team breezy will go out n support regardless to keep him bubbling above 160k

  36. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 30, 2012

    less than 300k.

  37. Really? June 30, 2012

    I agree with you on one thing. He will not sell over 300k but he will be #1. Only because no one is really releasing any thing worthy on the 3rd so he will be #1 by default.

  38. the real xoxo June 30, 2012

    this will sell 120-180k.

  39. Anne June 30, 2012

    I’ll be surprised if it’s higher than 200K. I’d guess somewhere between125K and 175K.

  40. Viciousss June 30, 2012

    80,000 – 127,000

    So low depending on how many camps are boycotting him. You’ve got Drake fans, and now Nicki – Wayne – and YMCB fans who will probably take a pass. Anyone who was hurt or knows someone who was hurt at the club. Any Rihanna fans who HAD forgiven him. And any of his own fans who are just tired of him in general.

    Turn Up The Music is the only song he’s given major public attention to and folks aren’t hyped about it.

    In the past 120,000 – 270,000 easy but…he’s made of enemies in the past few months

    • X,Y,”and Z” June 30, 2012

      @Viciousss re: june 30th, 6:56 pm —

      “..he’s made of enemies in the past few months”

      …Short of Chris ‘turning water into wine’, Rihanna and/or Drake’s fans were NEVER going to buy Chris’ music. That said, he didn’t need ’em before, nor does he need ’em now!

      But here’s a honest answer coming from a Team-Breezy soldier like none other..

      Chris associating himself with the ‘likes’ of Kelly Rowland: “Orlando Bloom, and men who look like him are THE most beautiful of all men,” killed allot of the energy – at least for me! He could have said associated with Brandy, Monica, or Keri Hilson. All three are UBER talented artists, with Brandy and Monica supporting black men in their professional AND personal lives.. NOT KELLY ROWLAND..!!

      I really, really wished Chis hadn’t associated himself with her! And for what?! She’s a failure of EPIC proportions!

      X,Y,”and Z”

      • Viciousss June 30, 2012

        You better buy 50 copies yourself FFF, Chris is gonna need the help of his more pathetic fans

    • mob July 1, 2012

      LOL again were Drake, Nicki or YMCMB, A RAP GROUP’S fans planning on purchasing Chris Brown’s CD?

      BUT it was DRAKE that injured all those ppl at W.I.P. Nightclub NOT CHRIS BROWN! No matter how you twist the truth ALL EYE-WITNESSES have said that! HERE YOU GO:

      –> Interview: W.i.P. Doorman Ruben Rivera Talks Drake, Chris Brown, and NYC Nightlife

      “I don’t know why all these people are coming here tonight because there are a lot of celebrities that are confirming the last hour since we got there. All we knew that was happening was that Chris Brown was coming there. I got that e-mail. But all these other celebrities just started filing in that night and we weren’t prepared for that.”

      ‘Hey, these guys are celebrities. Let’s put them in the room.”’They are A-List celebrities. Drake—nobody expected him to do something like that.” NBA’s TONY PARKER at PARIS PRESS CONFERENCE:

      “I was with my friend Chris Brown and me and my friends took some punches. They started throwing bottles everywhere. I don’t know what happened.”

      “The cornea has been touched. I can’t do anything for seven days. So I’ll be missing the start of the French team because I can’t do anything for a week except keep the (therapeutic) lens in and then take drops.”

      He added,”But I was lucky. The injury won’t prevent me from competing in the Olympics in any way.” <— But alast Tony will MISS THE OLYMICS BECAUSE OF Aubrey DRAKE!

      Doesn't matter what YMCMB – a group that EVERYBODY IS SICK OF just ask Hot 97 – has to say Chris Brown is in his right to let off some steam after that nonsense Drake pulled!

  41. X,Y,”and Z” June 30, 2012

    @TGJ staff — re “How much will ‘FORTUNE’ sell”

    Well, IF Chris hadn’t associated himself with “Kelly Rowland: Orlando Bloom and men who look like him are THE most beautiful of all men,” I’d say 300-310K. EASY!
    At the very least, MORE-than F.A.M.E’s first week’s 270-K..!!

    But given the..’contamination’ that Kelly Rowland brought? Well, again, at the very least, more-than F.A.M.E’s 270-K, but certainly NOT what it could have been had he steered clear of “Failure Rowland”.

    X,Y,”and Z”

  42. zania June 30, 2012

    I think CB will sell around 300 to 350 thousand, his album been on sale for pre orders since Feb before all the controversy.

    • mob July 1, 2012

      He has aready sold out the in-stores purchases in Berlin, Germany after the close of 1st day of release! I just hope RCA does it’s job and continues to ship his product as needed by the outlets. I wonder how much they have already shipped WW?

  43. althea taylor June 30, 2012

    he will sell a million and 1 copies

  44. Lolax June 30, 2012

    100 000-120 000

  45. danny b June 30, 2012

    idk why Twitter is even a factor when it comes to record sales. Since when did it cost 12.99 to follow someone?? So you cant equate twitter followers with album sales because all it takes to follow someone is with the click of a button. Buying an album is a whole ‘nother thing.

    B ut with that said, Wish Brown wont sell more than 100k… and that’s with God’s grace,

    • mob July 1, 2012

      Well social media followers is what they go by to predict Justine Bieber, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga & Nicki Minaj’s sells!

      Ppl want this kid to fail so badly! I hope God pulls a fast one on all of you! 🙂

  46. Queen Brit Brit June 30, 2012

    There needs to be a 50k and lower option to vote for.

    • mob July 1, 2012

      I love me some Brit Brit but we are not talking about the CERTIFIED PLATINUM CD FF since March 2011 yet it has yet to sell 1 million in copies USA July1, 2012.

      You’re a clown to think he will only sell 50k!

  47. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 1, 2012

    This album will FLOP HARD. I hardly think it’ll even touch the 300K mark. I’m predicting less than 100K, he’ll probably do 75K if he is lucky but we’ll see.

  48. LTM July 1, 2012

    Why is 500,000 or more even an option?

  49. Tbozfan10 July 1, 2012

    I’m predicting he might surprise us and move about 203,000 copies on the first week. That may be a little too generous but I say that Cus it seems like its had an awful lot of promotion. But at the same time I haven’t heard anybody really hyped about this album coming out so maybe 170,000. Def in the 170,000-203,000 range.

    • mob July 1, 2012

      No he has not had an “aweful lot of promotion”. You have him confused with Justin Bieber and Usher raymond who have been on the cover of EVERY MAGAZINE for weeks and have performed everywhere from the US to major festivals in the UK! whatever promotion CB has had he has generated it himslef with his ART SHOWS & TOY LINE! RCA is for sh**! He is not a priority to them at all!

      He will sell more that 200k!

  50. primo emo July 1, 2012

    Did his last album even do past 300K?
    Chris has had alot of bad press in the last year. RCA let Monica flop and brandy’s single has yet to make a scratch on the charts and it was released weeks ago.
    Overall RCA is trimming the fat
    Chris is apart of the fat.
    Even with this publicity stunt with drake.
    I don’t think his numbers will be high.
    I don’t want to see another talented young man turn into another bobby brown.
    I like his music but I won’t support him until he grows up… there are so many music subscription services you really don’t have to buy albums now a days anyway
    Good luck Chris….you’re going to need it

  51. RoyalKev July 1, 2012

    I see people are still mad at Chris. These Rih stans are still emotional about these diss songs and this couple’s subtle twitter fights. Stop getting caught up in their mess, they’ll be back together in 2013. Ya’ll are just going to go back and forth with them. If you put aside all the hate, you’d reasonably expect Chris to pull in 250k atleast. Now, since most people have high expectations for Chris and his music, he may get as high as 300 – 325K.

    • Ugh July 1, 2012

      No Rih stan here. I don’t know why you expect such high numbers when he has NO hit singles right now. His performance today should give him buzz but not enough to get almost Beiber numbers. This album doesn’t have half the hype that FAME had.

    • mob July 1, 2012


      Well said as usual! 🙂

  52. Lok July 1, 2012

    I really want to see him perform. And kelly rowland she better after last years slayage of motivation

  53. :) July 1, 2012

    I’d say 70,000 or below…Why because he has no singles that are popping off right now. Turn up the music peaked months ago and then fell all the way off, he also released like 20 sub par songs to iTunes for this album before the release…Sorry Chris Brown but this will be your least successful album..lack of good singles. Plus your fan base has declined and your music has really been sub par…nothing that will stand out

  54. :) July 1, 2012

    Do people really know that his album is coming out on tuesday

  55. mob July 1, 2012

    RCA screwed him over and allowed a crazy situation to occur this week! I do believe that RCA’s actions thus far have been centered on ELEVATING Usher Raymond at Chris’ expense. Fortune should have dropped 2 monhs ago but no they had to push it back behind Usher’s project. I hope Chris fairs much better than Usher! 128,000 for someone in Usher’s position with all the favorable press the “PTB” can muster & without a CD release breach, was a shock and a disappointment!

    I’m hoping he goos GOLD but will settle for 300k! Justin Bieber and Usher’s CDs dropped on time without incident. With that said, I know the media will compare their numbers anyway! But whatever…..

    Excited for Tonight’s BET Award show perfromance from Chris & fingers crossed Beyonce. I’m also excited about the offical release of Fortune July 3rd..urggh finally! 🙂

  56. mob July 1, 2012

    @Listen up people of TGJ,

    While you are on here hating on Chirs about Rihanna, know this! Rihanna’s grandmother just past away and both Chris Brown – who said Rihanna’s grandmother was like his own and referred to her as “Gran Gran” – and his mother have sent her the warmest of condolences.

    We go back and forth about Chris and Rihanna (I have done my fair share 🙂 ) while they seem to actually care for one anoher. I don’t know what the furture holds for either of them but I do think their feelings go deeper than anyone of us can imagine.

  57. mob July 1, 2012

    @SAM or @ TGJ-Readers,

    How are these numbers calculated? Are rhey calculated based on PRE-ORDERS? Or point-of-purchase sells in the CD/Record Stores (i.e FYE or Target)? Or iTUNES, Amazon etc purchases? Do the WorldWide sells factor into this number or is it just place of orgin (e.g he’s US artist so we only follow the US numbers)? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  58. Jonathan Gardner July 1, 2012

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