Alicia Keys Announced As First MTV VMA 2012 Performer

Published: Tuesday 31st Jul 2012 by Sam

Soul-filled songbird Alicia Keys will soar this September on one of music’s biggest calendar nights.

The 31 year old has been confirmed as one of the first performers at the MTV Video Music Awards 2012.

Details after the jump…

Mrs Swizz Beatz joins Pop pin-up’s One Direction as the initial names confirmed to rock Los Angeles’ Staples Center at the September 6th extravaganza.

Little else has been unveiled about her performance, although it widely expected that she’ll perform new material from her fifth studio album – which we can reveal is all but finished and already being previewed to industry tastemakers. Fingers crossed that it’s better than ‘New Day’ – a fresh cut which was revealed to be an Alicia feature on a 50 Cent track. Thankfully so, because it was noisy nonsense.

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  1. the real xoxo July 31, 2012

    at least there will be some talent 🙂

  2. Lax July 31, 2012

    Good for her she’s such a class act.

    • truth tea July 31, 2012

      coming from a rihanna stan LOL

      • THE LEGENDARY LAX July 31, 2012


  3. Lax July 31, 2012

    A big factor in the hating of another artist is because many artist
    know how to take lemons and make lemon aid while others stay
    on the side lines praying for some one else to drop a worm in
    their moths so to say!

    • THE LEGENDARY LAX July 31, 2012


    • THE LEGENDARY LAX July 31, 2012

      STFU always talking about non sense

  4. Lax July 31, 2012

    Squeaky wheels are the one’s who get the oil.

  5. monstarebel July 31, 2012

    Hell naaaah!!! definitely not here for her or her dry ass music! I hope Rihanna ,Nicki,Katy, Or Lana will perform I’d love that xoxo

    • lordmir July 31, 2012

      Alicia is a real singer and very talented.
      Alicia>>>>>>>>>>>>Rihanna, nicki
      How old are you?

    • DTG July 31, 2012

      LOL! How old are you, 8? Take your Sesame Street ass on someone, Elmo.

    • Jayla July 31, 2012

      either a child or a dancing queen

  6. Lax July 31, 2012

    I love how the haters measures talent and it’s not with a yard
    stick it’s with their “Narrowed Minds” and their nutty welfare
    perceptions. They feel that since they have been carying on
    affairs with theose two twin brothers, sleeping around from
    month to month having childrens by so many different men
    they have lossed count ,,,,but yet they hores themselves out
    with Mr Welfare and his twin brother Mr. food stsmps each
    month ,,,,they think the are above the law and what they
    bytch about day in a dy out name calling artist, slandering
    them and calling the Best Artist by name while slandering
    and lying on those who have made it even though they have
    been called every name in the book called Ugly, big headed,
    s***, dah, dah, dah. Mant feel that the way a person/artist live
    their lives are up for their asses to throw dots at even going
    so far as trying to lie and say artists have slept with verything
    that have got a STRONG HEART BEAT…know this haters you
    can huff and yo ass can puff and you still will never be able to
    talk Jesus down from that cross because he came to win and
    there is absolutely noit a phucking thing you can do but hurl yo
    Getto insults, slander and lie till you asses falls to the ground
    and he will still be in that place where he is supposed to do. So
    take that KEYBOARD and beat the shyt out of it, lie on who ever
    you want to storm others post with yo shyt even when the article
    might be negative Just know that the “Under Dog always Win no
    matter what you claw and paw bytches and you know where i am
    coming from
    Reasons many hate on Rihanna are when they see things like this…

    Excuse me Alicia, being the lady you are with your million, talent, beautiful
    son , husband, a album which has sold over 12 million beating out the likes
    of beyonce who they praise to the high heaven i know you are not a Biter, are
    a hater Alicia i know you want mind me using some of yo space to further my
    Schooling The Getto Fablous Hood Rats who Lurk and Stalk RIHANNA POSTS from sun up to sun down and since “That Grape” Feels that RIHANNA is fair Game i know they do not mind one little bit…..

    • THE LEGENDARY LAX July 31, 2012


  7. lordmir July 31, 2012

    Good news, i miss her

    • truth tea July 31, 2012

      i dont dislike rihanna because shes rich. i dont know her. i dislike her because she has little talent and is everything wrong with the industry. be a s*** and dont write your music.

    • lordmir July 31, 2012

      Imo, the first reason rihanna is hated because she does not deserve the success she has. she is a singer pietre
      Seriously, 80% of his live performances are so terrible that it has come to hurt us in the ears while many other real singers are rihanna KO vocally. It’s sad

  8. Virtuoso Intellect July 31, 2012

    I’ll be expecting Pink, Mariah Carey & probably Christina (if she gets her single out on time) to be added to the line-up. These ladies havent been on the VMAstage in a while so thats a good thing. Rihanna will probably perform too since she’s the most nominated female. As much as i love Gaga, i’m glad she wont be there. She’s been a staple for the past 3 years now.

    As for males , pls lord let Frank Ocean book a slot 1direction and Bieber are surebankers.

  9. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 31, 2012

    Great! She’ll probably perform her new single. Now I’m waiting for Christina to be added. Chris Brown would be good too as long as he doesn’t perform ‘TUTM’ AGAIN!!

    I wish Rihanna and Madonna performed to in order to spice things up, but they probably won’t. I want Nelly Furtado to book a performance too. It will boost her album sales.

    Also, GaGa and Ke$ha might perform if they release their singles in August…Hmm…I don’t know if I’ll be checking for them, though.

    • CBE July 31, 2012

      Regarding Chris Brown…I think he should stay away from performing for awhile, I know people are gonna say its good for promo but lets not kid ourselves becoz that wont make a difference with Fortunes album sales.
      He is in the public eye too much and he needs a break but…knowing CB he will jump at the opportunity when offered and they will use him for ratings SMH.

      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 31, 2012

        Imo, he can’t waste this opportunity. He can perform ‘DWMU’, which desperately needs a boost and premiere ‘Don’t Judge Me’. The VMA’s are his last chance to save the album. Otherwise, the next opportunity for high profile promo will be the AMA’s in late November. Way too late…

      • mobwife July 31, 2012

        STHU! You don’t know what Chris Brown will jump at a chance to do. Why can’t he do what EVERY OTHER ARTIST DOES when they release a CD – they perform on Award Shows, Morning Shows, Afternoon Shows, Night Programs (i.e. David Letterman or Jay Leno). Why can’t he be afforded the same damn opportunities as EVERYONE ELSE?

        He cannot help what the media says or does neither could Michael Jackson nor Whitney Houston. He is a 23-year-old BLACK MAN IN AMERICA. I don’t know any who are his age and SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED as he is that have power and control over the biased, racist media?

        Do you think Alica Keys is performing becuase she likes MTV? HELL NO! She is coming out with a new CD soon. 1 Direction, Justin Biebier, & even the new “KANG of R&B”, Frank Ocean are going to perform because they HAVE NEW CDs IN STORES OR ON THE WAY! Whille you talk sh*t about CB’s numbers he is selling as much as other R&B artists so WTF is the problem? He is not a Pop, Rap, or Country act. Chris like Usher Raymond & R. Kelly (all with CDs in stores now), is a R&B artist lets not be confused!

      • mobwife July 31, 2012


        He is going on world tour soon. Ppl keep forgetting that the he has not done an extensive promo for his CD as of yet. Folks put such UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS and pressure on this kid. Damn, he gets it from all sides. Folks need to let this young man breathe before he “breaks”!

        Now ON TOPIC: I would love to see him sing “Please Don’t Judge Me” his next single then break out into a dance routine off of “Dont Wake Me Up”! Similar to the AMAs “All Back/Oh My Love” routine.

      • CBE July 31, 2012

        Wheeew somebody letting off steam LOL!

        We both know Chris brown is hated and oppressed right? great we have an understanding, now the reason I dont want him to perform is because they are using him for ratings and what does he get from performing a flopping CD(its a flop I know its hard to hear, Im a fan too)…do u think for one second that no one is buying chris brown singles and albums? I have always suspected sabotage regarding his chart performance and sales but people scream conspiracy.Last year he broke records in viewership on SNL,Dancing with the stars and record attendances on the Today Show and you gonna tell no one is interested in his music? why invite him to perform? think about it…if I was him I wouldnt perform and let them suffer poor ratings and so what if his album needs promotion + he didnt do interviews he really cant win unless he plays hardball STOP BEING A S****.

      • mobwife July 31, 2012


        Girl/Boy BYE! A S****? I never have been and never will be! You just stop being a TOOL! LOL, And you don’t have to wonder, of course there has been collusion of the highest order!

        > Now, I do agree with some of your comment. In particularlly, the part about him not performing. On some level it would be a good idea. However, he has to start promoting his CD. He has not really done that. I have seen Usher, Justin, Nicki etc on evey daytime, mid day and evening talk show & award show stage performing songs from their current CDs. The best promotion for Chris is to do what he does best and that’s perform live!

        >Again, I don’t think his CD is a flop. Whose standards are we using to gauge his CD? Damn, the CD just came out. Why can’t it go through the normal iterative process like other R&B artist’s CDs *cough frank ocean* are allowed to go through? If he’s a flop then all R&B artists must be Flops. Jill Scott, R. Kelly, Ledisi, Maxwell, Usher etc. must all be flops, as NONE of their latest or last projects sold gold in its 1st week nor have they gone platinum to date. Their projects have been out much longer than Chris’ CD which has only been out for roughly 3 weeks.

  10. Ernest July 31, 2012

    WOW!! What a surprise

  11. Mely B July 31, 2012

    Good news – can’t wait to see her performance. In addition to AKeys, hopefully Pink will get to perform as well. I hope they have a better balance of talented vs gimmicky performers or else I’ll just watch the performances online.

  12. MJ Lover July 31, 2012

    Good to see Alicia again.! Missed her ;D

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want Justin bieber to perform? Sick of this kid -.-

  13. mobwife July 31, 2012

    Personally, I’ve always liked Alicia Keys and was quite disappointed in the mess she got herself into with the very married with children Swizz Beatz awhile back. I’m glad that chapter appears to be done and she can continue on her journey. She always had that “LAURYN HILL FIRE” to me. They both could tell a powerful tell abt strong women and empowerment without it sounding weak and whiny like MJB….. IMO!

  14. jamir21 July 31, 2012

    Yay for One Direction !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • UMo July 31, 2012

      What a q****.

  15. ANA July 31, 2012

    I’m happy 4 her. Haven’t seen her perform in so long. Alicia has so much talent and her voice is amazing.

  16. johanna July 31, 2012

    Plesse NO TIRED OL, LAME ASS, STIFF DANCING, NON SINGING, NO STAGE PRESENCE, W**** OF THE WORLD, CRACKHEAD, TEN HEAD, SUPERDOME HEAD performance from ______________! And im not talking about Alicia.

  17. DIGGER BEY July 31, 2012

    Definitely checking for Mrs. Beats! Really miss her music. I remember when she debuted NO ONE @ the 2007 VMAS! She slayed! Still luv that song! Hope its music along that line. @ Johanna Gots to b Rihanna.

  18. Rihfan July 31, 2012

    Yes Alicia! I still wanna see Pink, Mimi, Christina, Neyo and not the coke w**** Riflop.

  19. The Answer July 31, 2012

    They announced her first? Uh
    Alicia keys has been overrated since 2001.
    That disgustingly harsh horse strain filled voiced ….I don’t care how much she sold or will ever sell. She sounds terrible and has no stage presence. Please I’d rather see Chris lip sync for the gods or Rihanna sound terrible in a cute outfit. Hell Beyonce shaking her old ass while singing her heart out lol..just not this bore

    • LOL July 31, 2012

      You’re mad!!! DEAL WITH IT!!! Alicia Keys is one of the best artists n the game.

      • B**** STFU July 31, 2012

        B**** shut your face!!everybody doesn’t like Alicia.

    • UMo July 31, 2012

      Don’t speak for the rest of the day.

      • LOL July 31, 2012

        If you don’t like her what was the purpose of u commenting? Keep it moving!!! Like it or not she’s here to stay.

  20. MH July 31, 2012


  21. aishaaguilerakeys July 31, 2012

    Yay ! I can’t wait for the VMAs! I don’tcare what u say, Sam, I LOVED New Day ! You praise b******* like NM’s Starships yet criticize AK’s song ! You sure have a f***** up taste in music!

  22. Anita July 31, 2012

    I don”t know what kind of idiotic person wrote this article and I guess the Fifty Cent version could be considered noise but not Alicia’s version alone. That song is great! Anyway I love Ms Keys and can’t wait for that album. Her hair looks so good and I admire her so much because her personality and attitude is always so positive. The VMA’s might actually be worth watching this year. Alicia is a one of a kind person and performer. I hope she puts the haters in their place with a great performance. Bless her.

  23. Peddler July 31, 2012

    Alicia is the best. Haters get a life and stop riding hers. She is a huge talent and it’s obvious you are just jealous pathetic people. Why not grow up?

  24. Setra August 16, 2012

    I can’t wait to see Alicia Keys perform her new song on the VMA’s! She is a long time favorite of mine and I have been anticipating new music from her for a while. I love watching the VMA’s and I watch every year, this year I’m watching on my phone thanks to the suggestion of a Dish coworker. I enjoy watching on the Dish Remote Access app because it allows me to watch both live and recorded shows and set up DVR timers all on my phone. I love the convenience of being able to watch TV during my commute and not missing any award show action!

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