Damage Control : Lil Kim Boyfriend Promises New Music Following ‘Fan Attack’

Yesterday evening, Rap Royal Lil Kim found herself at the receiving end of harsh criticism from her fan base, Team Kim.

Criticism, which saw her stans brand her ‘selfish’ for placing men before her career in music yet again, when she and members of her team refused to answer questions regarding the release of new music they had been promised since last year.

This, after they threatened to shut down her official fan site when she put the release of a 2011 Holiday EP on hold to support Floyd Mayweather Jnr, who faced a prison sentence for allegedly assaulting the mother of his children- in front of their very eyes.

Now, after being cited as Kim’s latest distraction, her boyfriend ‘Mr Papers‘ has spoken out against the criticism.

His promise below…

His remark- albeit brief- also came in response to senior members of the Rapper’s fan base who threatened to leave, frustrated by a series of broken promises made to them by the 37 year old.



Sensing the unrest in the MC’s camp, members of Pop rival Nicki Minaj‘s fan base began to weigh in on the situation, taunting with:



As of now, Lil Kim is yet to address the matter, but is expected to reemerge in coming week, following reports she shot a music video with fellow songbird Trina over the weekend.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lax July 16, 2012

    Great picture of the queen Bee!

    • truth July 16, 2012

      wish it was great music tho

  2. …. July 16, 2012

    But She’s Been Promising her fans an Holiday EP from since November of 2011 and it’s JULY of 2012 smh. That s*** better be a Quadruple Disc By Now.

  3. Viciousss July 16, 2012

    Problem is it’s always promises.

    I’m not mad at Kim wanting to have a boyfriend and chill with her man but/..pick one. She had so much free time where she could have been dating and establishing relationships but no. NOW when she’s promising new music this and comeback that suddenly she’s holding it down with some simple looking bruh.

    That’s not the rap game anymore Kim and that’s why honestly…I’m not asking or waiting anymore. If she drops something hot, cool, but let’s face it. Kim’s the chick who wants to be Queen but can’t show it. You can’t drop 1 teaser single and then poof for months. Kim clearly wants the family and the man and the peace and just to hold her title, not necessarilly fight for it.

    • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

      Kim is a grown woman who is living her life the way that she sees fit. I don’t understand why the people who are supposed to be her biggest supporters are so pressed. People claim that Kim and her fan-base are so above this and that and yet they get on Twitter and act like complete and total idiots. True fans would be happy for her success whether it be personal or professional. Get a clue.

      • truth July 16, 2012

        look B**** if she don’t want ppl going H.A.M she needs to stop F****** making promises and NOT deliver…u f****** w****!!!! I’M HER BIGGEST FAN AND SHE DON PISSSSED ME THE HELL OFF!! she talking kim and just DO IT!!!

    • RihannaFan July 16, 2012

      She never give a release date for anything,so what promises did she have? Missy Elliot said she was going drop someing in June and nothig happen.There is a lot of stuff that goes on in the indusrty that we don’t know about.

      • MSTEEFROMDC July 16, 2012


      • truth July 16, 2012

        YES SHE DID…BEGINNING OF THE YEAR:an ep, June * Looks Like Money

  4. Jade July 16, 2012

    loooool. That’s all.

  5. Viciousss July 16, 2012

    Also, the fact HE tweeted turns me off. I’ve come to see when it’s time to clown anyone ele Kim will be front and center onthe key lard taking shots.

    When it’s a bad look for her SUDDENLY we got publicists and hairstylists and boyfriends handling the twitter.

    What part of the game is that? Kim can’t even tell her own damn fans what’s what and that she’s making music? Some nobody I ain’t heard off few months ago gotta do it.

    She’s really getting trifling

    • truth July 16, 2012


    • Lea July 16, 2012

      Bytch shut the f*ck up.That what publicist are paid to do.Which is damage control.Kim tweets her fans all the time.Beyonce also using her publicist to speak on certain topic as well.There is nothing wrong with that.

    • F*** Brooklyn Hoodrats July 16, 2012

      ‘ I’ve come to see when it’s time to clown anyone ele Kim will be front and center on the key lard taking shots’

      it’s the HOODRaT Brooklyn way. glad u notice that too.

  6. truth July 16, 2012

    well we gon c wht she gon do…and i aint even tripping over nickie’s camp going in on kim…SHE ASKED FOR IT!! #STILLTEAMKIM…for now

  7. amar July 16, 2012

    am i the only one who heard her black friday mixtape then?

    • truth July 16, 2012

      no, i have it and love it but where the F*** is looks like money? SHE HAD A SERIOUS BUZZ AND SHE WASTING IT OVER A N****!!

  8. truth July 16, 2012

    fact still remains…YOU BEEN PROMISING SINCE LAST YEAR AND HAVEN’T PRODUCED!! Stop saying s*** and don’t follow thru! and why didn’t YOU tweet instaeda him kim!! YOU need to let us know what’s what! hell!

  9. Jia July 16, 2012

    Has it really come down to blogging about Twitter comments? Wtf did I just read? This site is a joke.

    • truth July 16, 2012

      she starting to be!!!

      • blancobitches July 16, 2012

        whats wrong with posting about twitter comments. the fans are the most important part of the equation because the buck stops with them so if they’re all pissed it is newsworthy.

        Am i happy prunejuice is shading kim, no, but am i happy her camp will see this and get shaken up, yes.

      • truth July 16, 2012

        yep u right

  10. jia July 16, 2012

    It’s really bot that deep. If you are gonna stop supporting someone do it. There are plenty of new female rappers who could use the attention. Worry about something else retards.

    • truth July 16, 2012

      B****.SHUT DA F*** UP! H**

      • Chelsea July 16, 2012

        @ Truth, You need to calm the hell down and go support someone else with your craziness because obviously you were never a true fan if you get mad at her for doing something as simple as taking a short break from her comeback tour.

      • truth July 16, 2012

        have some bath salt and eat cho momma h**

  11. Yep! July 16, 2012

    This site is a JOKE….but thanks for keeping Lil Kim’s name alive…I am sure she thanks you for the free press…

    but then again not too many people visit this site to i guess it does not matter….lol

    • WHOYOMOMMA July 16, 2012

      Honey, all kim can book is watch what happens live & radio interviews to talk about QUEEN MINAJ must hurt to be a “legend” & your only come up being someone who u claimed “bit” your style…

      • Hayley July 16, 2012

        “Queen Minaj”? It’s clear that you are delusional.

      • MSTEEFROMDC July 16, 2012


  12. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 16, 2012

    SMH at Lil Kim’s fans. Didn’t she give you 4 buzz singles? Didn’t she appear on TV and radio at least 10 times this year? Didn’t she headline her own tour? Alongside with Nicki and Azelia, she’s the most hard working woman in the rap industry. No other rapper is truly active right now. Why do you keep complaining?

    It’s true that she scrapped her holiday EP, but she’s not the only one. Most artists push their releases back or promise singles and videos that never see the light of day. And in the female rap game, Missy Elliott was supposed to drop a single in May and an album during Summer. Did that happen? No. Did you see her fans complaining? No! So, be patient like real fans are supposed to be.

    • WELL DAMN! July 16, 2012

      Missy has’nt been promising her fans an album for the past 2 years and consistantly lying and stringing her fans along giving them false hope that she’s COMING SOON to take back her title from the now Queen of female rap Nicki Minaj. So SHUT THE INTIRE F** UP!

      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 16, 2012

        In fact, Missy’s album keeps being pushed back since 2007. That’s 5 years. I’m a Missy fan, so I’m not holding this against her. I’m just saying her fans are more loyal and more patient. As for Nicki, don’t let me start counting the videos and singles she has promised her fans and never happened. ‘Girls Fall Like Dominoes’?? ‘Roman In Moscow’?? ‘Va Va Voom’?? All artists promise things that never materialize, so take a seat and learn how to spell “entire” and “f***”

      • Lala July 16, 2012

        @ Well Damn The point is Missy Elliot promised her fans an album for the past 3 years and she said she would be dropping an album in June and nothing happen,So why aren’t people dragging Missy.Kim release mixtape and buzz singles.Kim the only one from her era trying to do something.

  13. Slap-a-h** July 16, 2012

    I’m so sick of hearing about Flop Kim. Ain’t nobody checking for her like that these days but these lame ass nappy headed h*** that troll this site for a lil kim post. and they probably don’t even buy music.

    • WHOYOMOMMA July 16, 2012


      • Flatlined July 16, 2012

        Just like Roman Reloaded. Goofy b****.

    • Raven July 16, 2012

      Nicki album flopped bytch sit down.

      • truth July 16, 2012

        co sign! i’m upset with kim but she STILL s*** on all the others! i just want some music from her

      • Drugs July 16, 2012

        Yup, it flopped HARD. The same b**** they calling the “Queen of Rap” is the same b**** relying on her pop singles, Starships and Pound The Alarm, to sell her album. While her R&B/Rap singles also flopped.

      • nicko July 17, 2012

        Y’all are MAD !!! xD SO FUNNY ! Nicki’s WINNING !

  14. Benron July 16, 2012

    This Kim hating confuses me, they put her on blast alll the time and say Nicki is replacing her. They also always say Rita is replacing Rihanna. They need to get rid of their “replacement” obsessions its kind of crazy.

  15. Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

    This is so pathetic. The woman is obviously trying to live her life and yet her fans are complaining about no new music. You don’t see Missy, Eve, etc. fans acting like that and they too haven’t released anything new and completely their own in years. Kim is not a s**** to the music industry. People should grow up.

    • WHOYOMOMMA July 16, 2012

      She’s the one who wanted to “come back” nobody was checking for her & still aren’t unless they have some sort of resentment towards Nicki. She has no REAL fans, just confused Nicki haters

  16. Black Jiggaman July 16, 2012

    I remember Kim saying that she couldn’t release an album because legal issues with her last label. Maybe it ain’t possible for her to release at this time. If so she needs to get on u-stream and talk to her fans about all their questions. Kim’s fans got a lot of heart and deserve answers. But at the same time her fans need to chill a bit. I think some of you fans, not all of you fans, are too tied up with this Minaj s***. Kim should never have used her fans to further beef with Minaj if she legally couldn’t produce product. Kim’s career success doesn’t depend on Nicki ‘s failure cause that B**** got the ENTIRE UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP backing her ass and failure ain’t gonna happen soon. Kim success depends on her fans and only her fans. So if there is an issue Kim and not her n**** needs to address it. Good luck to you all.

    • truth July 16, 2012

      i hope thats what it is..

  17. WELL DAMN! July 16, 2012

    All Kim’s orphaned fans should feel like complete and utter fools for letting Kim string them along for so long.

    • truth July 16, 2012

      i’m still holding on

    • Drugs July 16, 2012

      All Nicki’s slaves must feel embarrassed for boasting that her album would do 500K first week, yet that’s what she did in 3 months. *golf clap*

      • Black Jiggaman July 16, 2012

        It don’t matter. The secret to Rihanna ‘s success are singles. If your singles sell two to three million a piece at 1.25 on average a download and most of your singles do that the artist makes up the difference for lackluster album sales. Rihanna is the queen of singles and Nicki is selling her singles like mad…for her label. If Kim went independent and sold her s*** in just new York she could keep more than half of what she makes and be more powerful in the game. Taylor Swift came on the scene as an Indies and made mad money on singles and album sales. This is a business and there are more than one way to win.

    • Trev July 16, 2012

      EXACTLY! and people keep bringing up Missy…well guess what Missy has a top 10 rap hit with “Nobodys Perfect” …was still poppin with Jazmine Sullivan and Monica a few years ago…so she has more success than Kim w/o trying

      And let’s get another thing straight….before Nicki saved female rap from extinction…Missy was the queen of rap, NOT Kim

  18. Back2Business July 16, 2012

    Why couldn’t Kim get on her twitter and tweet that herself?

  19. nicko July 16, 2012

    Im #TeamMinaj but maybe Kim is fed up with music …

  20. TK July 16, 2012

    Kim fans have a right to be mad. She said she was gonna give a Xmas EP, Xmas came & went she said nothing… then weeks later she & her team said she didn’t put it out cuz she was busy supporting Floyd. 2012 came in, no EP then she claimed it was because she couldn’t legally release music. If she knew she couldn’t legally release music why tell your fans that you’re gonna release it at Xmas? Now it’s July 2012 and before she give an update or post a iTunes link to her “new music” she’s posting pics of her and her boyfriend smooching, rolling blunts and her making sandwiches. Casually doing that when she knows her fans are waiting on something she promised them, makes it seem like she just doesn’t care about it or them. They constantly ask her about it and she doesn’t answer them or she gives them the BS answer “It’s coming”. Yes they are mad & they have every right to be. If she wants to break & start a family cool, but don’t sit & lie to the fans, she should have enough respect for them to tell them what’s going on herself. If I were #TeamKim I’d be pissed AF as well.

    • truth July 16, 2012

      thank you…kim is the best…i’m just angry right now..let me simmer down..i’ve vented enuf

  21. Quetta July 16, 2012

    Yet, kims old album costs more than nicki’s new album. #NEXT

    • TK July 16, 2012

      This would be only be shade if Kim’s were actually selling right now…. which they aren’t.

      • Drugs July 16, 2012

        But Nicki’s new album ain’t selling and it’s like 5 more dollars cheaper than Kim’s Hardcore album which was released 16 YEARS AGO.

        A 2012 album cheaper than a 1996 album and she still ain’t selling. #Shame

      • truth July 16, 2012


      • nicko July 17, 2012

        Kim fans should just go & ask Kim for a cheese sandwich !!

    • TK July 16, 2012

      @Drugs Ummm in 1996 there was no illegal downloading, there was no iTunes where you could just buy certain tracks. Comparing an album put out in 1996 to one put out today is stupid. You’re acting like Hardcore & PFRR are selling at the same rate in 2012 which they aren’t, Hardcore isn’t selling right now. Maybe if she pulled the price down on Hardcore, it would finally SCAN 2mil… If you haven’t noticed album sales are abysmal right now, everyone has taken a decline this year. That’s half the reason why Kim is scared to put out an album, she knows if she does, she’ll be lucky to push 30k 1st week especially considering her own fan base don’t buy her s***. *side eyes all the singles she released this year laying face down on the bottom of iTunes* If Kim put an album out tomorrow she, like just about every other artist out right now would have to bring the price down after a few weeks. Welcome to 2012! However, luckily for you guys you’ll probably never see that because Kim’s too busy making sandwiches & rolling blunts to worry about giving y’all music.

      • nicko July 17, 2012


    • Trev July 16, 2012

      cmon…1 tweet and millions of people have a leaked album…the fact that you can even compare album sales between Kim and Nicki is bad on Kim’s part…also you can now buy singles…so if you like pop nicki, you only buy that…if you like hiphop nicki, you only buy that…back in Kim’s days if you like 1 song you still bought the whole album…btw Nicki’s first album sold more than Kim’s first album…and Kim’s last album is yet to go gold in 7 years

  22. Pocketbook Princess July 16, 2012

    Well guys it’s quite simple why most of out fave femcees have not produced any products for our listening pleasure… They are afraid to fail. None of the females had to work this hard for success. It was rather easy when they were grinding and at their peak. Now, the fans have changed, sales come harder, and this technology is off the meter. I can’t blame them for worrying a bit can you? Nicki success has even declined. That chick sings pop songs. Her rap tracks tank. So imagine if u haven’t put out a major single in the past 5 years. They are all questioning themselves. Becoming a girlfriend, wife, mother seems easier. And leaving your legacy intact.

  23. ImMadAsHell July 16, 2012

    Juice at least Paypals got Kim over a million in her bank account. Why the other chick who got over a million followers didn’t help her cd go platinum in the first week.

    • nicko July 17, 2012

      I watched a video ,Kim lied about her “black friday” mixtapes sales , she only sold 114k mixtapes !

      • Trev July 17, 2012

        wasn’t even that much…the link was only clicked 11,000 times…and anyone that wants to believe that Kim shipped 1,000,000 or even 114K is delusional…there’s no way her and Frank Ocean are doing the same numbers lol

      • truth July 17, 2012

        yall b****** just making up s*** now, hoez!

    • nickiminaj July 17, 2012


  24. Tbozfan10 July 16, 2012

    Believe it or not, “black Friday” came out in 2011, not 2010. It just seems like a century since then. And this guy is talking about her like his little 1950′s housewife who does whatever the hell he says. How the hell is he gonna “have her” make him sandwiches?! This is why I’ve never been able to think of lil’ Kim as what her team wanted her to be seen as. She was supposed to some kind of post-feminist figure who switched the table on men when it came to s** in the same way that Madonna did – meaning that she had lyrics about having s** for a woman’s own pleasure and not to please a man. But for me she never had the character to truly play out this persona. She has always been used and abused emotionally and sometimes physically by men in her life and has never truly been about her own self-respect. She is not a post-modern feminist as was portrayed but in fact an old-fashioned “stand by your man” type of gal beneath the surface. And she is a tragic and sympathetic figure for this no doubt. It wasn’t until she came so viciously for nicki minaj that my sympathy for her turned to annoyance then disgust and then it became straight up hilarious after she made herself look so pathetic. For me she is never going to move past that moment she portrayed nicki minaj being brutally murdered and beheaded with blood and all on the cover of her black Friday mixtape. That was beyond pathetic and truly irresponsible. She doesn’t even care what sort of message that sends out! Obviously she didn’t learn anything from Biggie’s death! Aside from the distasteful imagery there’s the content of the mixtape that proved she can’t even rap anymore! Listening to it you wouldn’t even guess that was the same woman who rapped on “the Naked Truth”, “La Bella Mafia” and “Hardcore.”

    • Trev July 17, 2012

      no it only proves she never wrote her stuff…”Black Friday” the song was actually ok, come to find out the Keys girl wrote it for her…anyone with ears can hear that “Black Friday” and the other songs are on 2 diff levels…she could barely switch Nicki’s lyrics when she remixed Diid It On Em

      not to mention Azealia Banks also tried to write a verse for her which was a request by Kim’s team

      • truth July 17, 2012

        b**** she DID write her own s***. do yo funky mammy?

  25. Tbozfan10 July 16, 2012

    The difference between missy, eve etc. not delivering the goods for years and years is that they haven’t been talking all this sh*t about being the Queen and running the game “15 years strong” (i had to laugh at that one!) the way Kim has. She’s been saying she was going to erase h***’ social security numbers and blah, blah, blah and then you can’t even get a record deal! If you’re so solidified you wouldn’t have to be begging for a spot and that’s just the facts,

    And “Roman Reloaded” is selling faster than 3 out of 4 lil Kim albums so stfu before you get called out.

  26. The Zolonski Trap July 16, 2012

    Ohkay you promise new music, will it be good is the question?. Because LATELY, this grinch lookin b**** has NOTE been her best. She better hire the best ghostwriter her ghostwritten ass can find. And that Holiday EP supposed to be released in December, 7 months ago…yeah, it better do damage to the charts but MOST likley, it won’t. Cause #TeamKim is falling apart. She don’t interact with her fanz like Ms. Minaj does. She don’t release music like Ms. Minaj does. That’s why she loosing. So like Nicki clearly said on the BET awards. #StepYaDickUp

  27. nicko July 17, 2012

    Nicki sold more records (about 25.000.000) than Kim ! And Nicki has a short career ! On Twitter I saw that Kim sold 4.3M of albums (w/ 5 ALBUMS) and Nicki sold of albums w/ only 2 albums!!!! … plus Nicki is still promoting her new album and ppl are still buying them. 😉 ! and dont forget that with Itunes and all that its not as easy to sell albums nowadays as in the 90’s !!

    • nicko July 17, 2012

      *3.5M albums (Nicki)

  28. nickiminaj July 17, 2012


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