En Vogue Drama Erupts; Dawn & Maxine Form New “Version” Of Group

Published: Thursday 26th Jul 2012 by Sam

If one thing is certain in the narrative of every girl group, it’s “change”. However, R&B legends En Vogue are writing chapters that must be seen to be believed.

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After spending years with a revolving of replacement members for Dawn Robinson (who left in 1997), the group reunited in their original form in 2010 for a 20th anniversary tour and album.

Yet, it appears old habits die hardest; for the same in-fighting, diva-tudes, and financial disagreements which ripped the talented quad apart years prior reared its head again – resulting in Robinson leaving the fold a second time. And the ladies, once again, pressing on.

However, in a dramatic new twist, Robinson has announced that member Maxine Jones is no longer with the group, and is instead preparing to tour with her for a “new” version of En Vogue.

Writing on Twitter, Robinson said:


Max & I are thrilled at all the love we are receiving from each of u! This is gonna be FUN 🙂

We appreciate being lifted up so high…blessings to each of you 🙂

Responding, remaining members, Cindy and Terry offered the following:

“Dear EnVogue fans,

In regards to the recent twitter and face book posts alleging that Terry and Cindy have replaced Maxine Jones with Rhona, we would like to respond. Terry and Cindy are not replacing Maxine Jones. We have however asked Rhona to fill in temporarily so that we can continue to bring live shows to our fans. Thus far, Rhona has only done three shows with us since June 2012. The group has always added someone whenever a member has been unable or unwilling to perform or has left the group. Terry and I have not kicked Maxine out of the group. There are always two sides to a story and many internal facts that you the fans aren’t hearing about. In an effort to not air dirty laundry, or appear to point the finger at anyone, we respectfully choose to remain silent on the internal issues. We appreciate you the fans continuing to support Envogue individually, and as a whole.

Thank you, 

Cindy and Terry”


An embarrassing mucky mess. To all be well into their 40’s and still duking it out like this (while not allowing the En Vogue name to rest in peace), is painful to watch.

At this point, the ladies are morphing into The Tempations – who, in their final moments, had at least three different groups touring under that moniker. It’s damaging to “the brand” and makes their collective adamance on continuing the group(s) seem more money motivated than anything. Like, how many “fans” really want to see two half-baked tribute groups?

Oh the good ol’ days…

Your thoughts?

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  1. YOOSONDALOOSE July 26, 2012

    What a mess.

    • GURL July 26, 2012

      “ERUPTS” lmao..i can’t with sam.

  2. IOTA July 26, 2012

    I thought that the original group touring was too good to be true lol

  3. China July 26, 2012

    Gorgeous SKIN

  4. toohotfortv July 26, 2012

    lord have mercy @ Rhona always trying to replace someone. Darkchild child to replace Brandy with this heaux back in the day… she talented, but girl… do your own thing. Smh! Do y’all remember this Rhona joint?


    • Randy July 26, 2012

      Just listened to this song and I like the sound :p

  5. JER July 26, 2012

    F*** THAT! AINT NOBODY GONNA SUPPORT TWO WASHED UP GROUPS. They had a chance to bank with touring as En Vogue. Now it’s gonna be “which En Vogue are you gonna see? Which En Vogue is it?” and that means nobody is gonna go see them. What a gaggle of dumb middle aged ho’s. YOU F***** IT UP!

    • Carla August 15, 2012

      U sound like the ones who washed up

  6. Frachella July 26, 2012

    THERE IS ONLY one En Vogue. They are not DC, all of the members are essential to the group’s success, you think they would have figured that out by now. I am not going to any EV concert that doesn’t consist of all fo the Funky Divas.

    • JER July 26, 2012

      aint that it

    • SayWhaaatt!!!!! July 27, 2012

      I agree!

  7. Talk my Truth July 26, 2012

    En Vogue are not the sugababes and need to realise that if they cannot work it out for the money, they need to “give it up, turn it loose)
    People want to hear music and not personal issues, so you make an album, tour, stay in separate hotels, dont speak when you leave the stage or whatever it takes just realise that it’s a business.
    Now, how are they going to have 2 en Vogues? Don’t Dawn and Maxine who is probably the least known member of the group realise that it’s not going to work!?
    I have to say though, that wherever there is drama in the group there is Dawn.

    • Olivia July 26, 2012

      Dawb Robinson is hard to work with.She also the reason why Lucy Pearl broke up.I can’t stand her.Cindy and Terry seem like the nice ones.

      • Travis Jones July 27, 2012

        i Love Terry,Cindy and Rhona plus the othe other 2 original diva and amanda…i Have to agree with you Terry and Cindy is on every En Vogue the 2 strongest members

      • trace August 25, 2012

        not true Dawn is about business and is the smartest member and most appealing

    • JER July 26, 2012


    • Carla August 15, 2012

      U r a hater dawn do uu.

    • trace August 25, 2012

      Maxine is not the least known She and Dawn sang lead on the biggest hits My Lovin and Cindy and Terry always sang lead together on their other big hits such as Hold On it does make since for the group to split like it did. Cindy and Terry are great vocalist but not very smart business women. Everytime dawn has left has been because business part wasnt working she looks out for the group as a whole and a brand the first time they werent getting paid like they should and this last time they signed a bad recording deal but dawn decided not to. they released a song Ill Cry Later

  8. the real xoxo July 26, 2012

    im not here for these 90s groups refusing to get together. they should all be happy that their fans want to see them in 2012!

  9. Vandrea July 26, 2012

    It is what it is. Like the letter said, there are two sides to every story. I’m sure they all had their reasons to split. I would have appreciated seeing the original lineup rejuvenated and ready to…I hate this word: “slay”…but the truth of the matter is that that was never going to happen. Let’s be real, most female groups can’t continue working together for an extended period of time without some kind of drama and impasse eventually happening.

    Then take into account that EV peaked 20 years ago and is WELL past its prime. No major label was going to sign them. No hot writer/producer was going to work with them. They probably all have husbands and kids further complicating matters. The best they could do was play a revue of their old hits at clubs and casinos to lingering nostalgia fans who wanna for one night relive past memories that those songs were the soundtrack of. Having to work under that reality probably wasn’t comfortable, and I’m sure the pay wasn’t that great. If the original lineup can’t work together, then let them alternate. It’s better than nothing.

    Personally, I think the Dawn/Maxine “Never Gonna Get It” side will probably be hotter.

    • P. Reid January 10, 2013

      You had me till the last line. A concert with Dawn singing all night featuring Maxine Jones (as she sang lead the least 3 songs) I not a version that I will call hot.

  10. Slayty Perry July 26, 2012

    SMH why is it ok for old b****** to have drama like this in todays world (Real Housewive shows, Mob Wifes, etc)? Yall too damn old. Stick together and put on a tour. Nobody wants to see parts of En Vogue, we want all of them.

    • Hush July 26, 2012

      Shut up Katy Perry fan. This is about women with actual talent and is beyond anything you can understand, considering who you’re a fan of…

  11. ThatGrapefruitJuice July 26, 2012

    Good for them. Cindy and Terry I think been on some phuckin trip shading Dawn and Maxine for WAY too long now and since the 90s been too long. I think Dawn and Maxine been itching to come back on the scene and they can do it w/o Cindy and Terry. This shyt reminds me of DC1.

    • Carla August 15, 2012

      I agree dawn my cousin havnt seen her since wewere kids playing in kcmo on lake ave. but cuz do you
      r things

  12. NICK July 26, 2012

    chile this is a mess, let it be- the original 4 are the best – period, I aint seeing nothing else!!!

  13. Lisa July 26, 2012

    Well at least they can all sing and possible have decent solo careers unlike Destiny Child.

  14. Raven July 26, 2012

    Dawn Robinson is a bytch.First she left En Vogue.Then she got with Lucy Pearl and left them too.She can’t work with anybody.Maxine would be better off going solo.

    • MsThing485 July 26, 2012

      Dawn isn’t a b****. She just knows when someone’s trying to play her and, unlike the others, isn’t willing to sign a b******* contract.

      Of all the members of EV, she had the most swag and best potential for a solo career.


      • Carla August 15, 2012

        Thats right dont lets no one play uu get payed cuz I think uu r the best singer in the group

      • P. Reid January 10, 2013

        Who leaves a group to go solo and join another group. She is the X factor in the drama….Can’t deny facts.

  15. Jasmine July 26, 2012

    Money is there main problem. I saw them when they opened for Toni Braxton last year. Great singers but with bad management getting them little gigs here and there and money being split 4 ways those women are not making any money working together.

  16. Truth supporter July 26, 2012

    En Vogue is the BEST female GROUP ever. They do a great show no matter the line up. Stop putting ur dumb demands on them and let them do what htey need to do to keep music going. Expectations of the public already killed Michael and Whitney so let it go.

    • NaQu July 26, 2012

      Stop being dramatic. Drugs is what killed Michael and Whitney.

      • Truth supporter July 26, 2012

        Smartie, what led them to drugs?

  17. Oww July 26, 2012

    I went to see them the original memebers back in New York last year and they threw it the f*** down! Harmonies was tight and they are some gorgeous women. Its a shame that they can’t get it together and squash the beef. Because as evidenced they are stronger together than apart!

  18. kevin July 26, 2012

    Acts like the Supremes and Destiny’s Child had lineup changes somewhere during the peak of their careers. All this drama 20 years in and at the lowest point should not be happening. They are best as a collective. The sound and chemistry on stage cannot be matched, replaced or duplicated with new or revolving members. No disrespect to Rhona, but she didn’t fit. I appreciate what she’s given us over the years but if anyone besides the fans should be pissed it should be her. As soon as Dawn said she’d come back Rhona was out the picture and to me that wasn’t fair, no matter what the arrangement. Now you wanna open up the trunk, dust her off and prop her on stage for another “temp service” gig? Nope. If Terry and Cindy want to soilder on as a trio without making her an official member I say shame on them. As for Dawn…whatever. To me she always stood out as the solo wanabee and to be honest, has the look and talent but lacks the business sense to pull it off. A little less ego and a good manager is what she needs. Maxine leaving will by far be the biggest blow to the group because it’s her unique sound that completed the harmony. Without her balance the sound is lost but she needs the support of a good group cause as a solo act, she doesn’t stand out. Hurts to say it cause she’s by far my favorite of the quartet.

    Whatever happens…I’m supporting them all…but my last nerve is being worked.

    • Carla August 15, 2012

      Uu need to.back off my family uu sound like a hater

  19. ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 26, 2012


    • JER July 26, 2012

      oh the shade of it all

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 26, 2012

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      • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 26, 2012

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      • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 26, 2012

        Rihanna has sold more than beyfake in the uk so ..KING RIH IS WINNING!!

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 26, 2012

        you mean the one that is worth like 500 plus millions

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 26, 2012

        Rihanna is the KIng of banana BOATS and thats all

      • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 26, 2012


    • lace September 27, 2012

      and who the phuck ru referring to?

  20. White girl mob July 26, 2012

    So I guess nobody is buying kreayshawn new single “GO HARD” cause the s*** is falling off the charts fast as hell Smfh

    Aint this some f****** b******* ya dumb ass fools don’t know what real music is huh??? Ya rather listen to rick Ross a f****** fat cop & lil Wayne a f***** ass n*****

    • China July 26, 2012

      I love you for admitting that no one is buying that S***

      • White girl mob July 26, 2012

        SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 26, 2012


    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 26, 2012

      the s*** is ugly..no shade


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      • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 26, 2012

        Rihanna STILL SOLD MORE THAN YOUR FAVE N****!!

  21. Anne July 26, 2012

    Unlike most groups, all four ladies are strong vocalists so if they have strong replacements they can form nice groups but it WON’T BE AS GOOD AS THE ORIGINAL FOUR ALL TOGETHER. Each lady sang lead on part or all of different songs and I’d rather hear the original vocalist for each song or song part. They may be able to somewhat match the harmonies with good replacements but not the solo parts. I wish they could work things out.

  22. Marcus July 26, 2012

    Pure Foolery!

    • Marcus July 26, 2012

      @ damn shame they can not even reunite foe one album. Call SWV for some pointers hell.

      • lace September 27, 2012

        i agree SWV didnt speak to each other for years but then Lelee bumped into Coko at a launch party in DC, apparently it was awkward and the two were left standing there like mute puppets but they worked it out in the end and now theyre touring and released an album its great 😉 en vogue follow SWVs example and dont do it for the money but for your love of music and the fans!!! damn they should be thankful they still have an audience in 2012

      • tre January 24, 2013

        wow i didnt know all that, i knew coko was difficult durin interviews in their heyday hell theres plenty of footage of some pretty crazy 90s swv interviews on youtube she always had this hate for lelee or somethin… i happy for swv tho bcos even though en vogue were more talented vocally, swv appealed to the streets cos the ghetto is still playing anything, weak, someone, lose my cool etc. their sound is still banging, im not sayin ev aint relevant anymore jus that swv will still get their audience on their feet at concerts… go swv. en vogue pls get yo s*** together cos u too old to be beefin with each other!

  23. Entertain101 July 26, 2012

    This is just sad and unfortunate. Why people just can’t act right. Act right yall!!!! That goes for the Jackson family as well. Chris Brown too. So many blessed individuals with destroyed legacies. They all need to be reminded of the times when the money and fame was not there and they were just people struggling to make it then maybe they would realize how blessed they are. Just pathetic.

  24. Drew July 27, 2012

    Okay, En Vogue has always has problems business wise.

    They didn’t renegotiate their contract from 1989 when they did their sophomore album. Second problem was Dawn being forced to sign a two year contract with the group because Sylvia Rhone thought she was not committed to the group as she had a solo deal with Dr Dre but that fell through eventually, but Terry did a solo album in 1995 because the business side of En Vogue kept stalling, so Dawn left the group in 1997 right before EV 3 dropped. Third problem was their producers and songwriters Thomas McElroy & Denzil Foster. Fourth problem was in 2002 En Vogue switched record labels from a major label to a independent label then Maxine left the group in 2002, she was replaced by Amanda Cole, who then left a year later. fifth problem was in 2004, Rhona Bennett was added as a new member in the group and recorded the album ‘Soul Flower’ with En Vogue. Sixth problem was Dawn returned to the group in 2005 and recorded and filmed a music video ‘So What The Fuss’ by Stevie Wonder, however, she decided the business was not right so she left the group for a second time, seven problem was Rhona returned to the group in 2006 to 2008 and left again once Dawn returned to the group in 2008, then in December 2011, Dawn left the group for a third time. In 2010, En Vogue signed a recording deal with independent label RuffTown Records but Dawn didn’t sign it because she wanted to wait for something better. Maxine was on Dawn’s side but decided to sign it any ways. Eventually, a song was leaked called “I’ll Cry Later” but was quickly pulled a month later off of radio because En Vogue was able to get out of their record deal. Next problem was after En Vogue’s May 26th concert Maxine stopped making appearances with the group, so in June Rhona was asked to come back. Anyways, Terry & Cindy could not tour together with a third member because they still are doing spot dates here and there.

    It’s not lack of talent, it’s communication and the business side of En Vogue that’s messy. Regardless, i’m still going to be attending their concert with Boyz II Men in August. It’s unfortunate the situation but i still support Cindy & Terry and Dawn & Maxine in whatever they choose to do.

    I wish En Vogue could get signed to independent label E1 Entertainment like Boyz II Men & SWV.

  25. Travis Jones July 27, 2012

    I will still support the group…all of them beauitful ladies could sing and don’t have to take their clothes off……I always wish the original 4 + Rhona would share the stage…..My girl Terry been holding it down even thou she was the last one to enter out the 4…..That shows me alot she really loves En Vogue and stand strong behind her group …Ms Cindy still pushing along with Terry she was on all of the albums. Ms Maxine is truly a funky diva she is very talent i love sultry in her voice Dawn what can i say she is very good at what she do..that lady be getting down on the stage…Rhona is so beautiful she is truly a dedicate member also ..she doing alot very wise woman with perspective corner giving advise.. I love her and don’t care what anybody have to say Amanda is talent also..like i said every member could sing..not like the ppl of today autotune ..i hate that

  26. tnt July 27, 2012

    I will still support the group…all of them beauitful ladies could sing and don’t have to take their clothes off……I always wish the original 4 + Rhona would share the stage…..My girl Terry been holding it down even thou she was the last one to enter out the 4…..That shows me alot she really loves En Vogue and stand strong behind her group …Ms Cindy still pushing along with Terry she was on all of the albums. Ms Maxine is truly a funky diva she is very talent i love sultry in her voice Dawn what can i say she is very good at what she do..that lady be getting down on the stage…Rhona is so beautiful she is truly a dedicate member also ..she doing alot very wise woman with perspective corner giving advise.. I love her and don’t care what anybody have to say Amanda is talent also..like i said every member could sing..not like the ppl of today autotune ..i hate that

  27. caspertheghost July 27, 2012

    Dawn has been barking for the last 15 years and have yet to bite something. Cindy and Terry are in desperate need of business counseling. Long live this funky hot mess!

    • tnt July 27, 2012

      Terry is the strongest member beside cindy….and they don’t need conseling…..if you back on every show or ablum u mostly see them 2 …THE BACKBONE OF THE GROUP

      • caspertheghost July 27, 2012

        Cindy and Terry may be the most dedicated to live performances, but evidently they have repeatedly made egregious errors in their business decisions. As a result they are now bound to a s***** contract while Max and Dawn remain free agents.

      • tnt July 29, 2012

        another thing BLAME Sylvia Rhone the demon

  28. Eric July 27, 2012

    I’m very grateful that I was able to see the original group in September of last year. It was an unforgettable show!!

  29. Author, G. D. Grace July 27, 2012

    Deja Vu. I remember reading an article about an infamous quarrel between EnVouge Members and that late Luther Vandross during their tour together, but I can’t remember the specifics. One thing I know is that there is magic when the original 4 are together. One of my favorite groups, Shalamar, had similar internal communication issues as well. Jody, Jefferey & Howard really had a great onstage chemistry together, and were pretty much destined for super-stardom, but alas, the personalities couldn’t breathe around one another. Oh, well, nothing lasts forever and not all magical moments are meant to last. ~GD

  30. mary July 27, 2012






    • Wanda August 1, 2012

      Dawn and Maxine is not to blame. Sources say it is because of Cindy and Terry that their 20th reunion project failed and the two are paying for it. Maxine sought Dawn to start fresh again.

      • tnt August 2, 2012

        I think Maxine should join Terry ,Cindy and Rhona

  31. lace September 27, 2012

    the real problem is Cindy and Terry are like black versions of posh spice while dawn and max have more edge and swag!!! They were always gonna b*** heads@@@ if they were gonna pair up the pairing is perfect because it woulda been awkward if Terry was with Max or Dawn cos her voice blends better with Cindy… Max and Dawn have more rough edged voices.

  32. lace September 27, 2012

    my fav member is Max, ever since hold on because shes quiet and unassuming, she is beautiful with an authetic african radiance that just oozes off of her… love her so much, my fav songs are give it up turn it loose, no no no cant come back and max’s part on falling love (made me cry) love you max xxx

  33. lace September 27, 2012

    oh and my other fav song Latin Soul 😉

    PS Sylvia Rhone needs to be burnt at the stake for crimes against En Vogue!!!!!!! Im sure Dawn will gladly agree to light the match as she screams “MAYBE NEXT TIME YOULL GIVE THIS WOMAN A LITTLE RESPECT”

  34. SHINE December 11, 2012

    It’s such a shame to watch all that talent go to waste. Why spend all that time fighting when you could be making more great music and money? Come on girls get yall s*** together cause time running out!

  35. Old En Vogue fan January 24, 2013

    Waiting for their Unsung story.

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