Hot Shots: Chris Brown Has A Blast In Cannes

With his latest album ‘Fortune‘ still riding high on the Global Chart, Chris Brown took time out of his schedule to hit Cannes, France yesterday.

Snapped in the company of ‘Fantasy’ MC Ludacris and a group of close friends, the Pop Prince checked in at the Hotel Martinez which also plays host to his long time friend, socialite Karrueche Tran.

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  1. Arie July 23, 2012

    I’m glad he is hanging out with Ludachris, Ludachris seems like he has got a good head on his shoulders. More power to you Chris.

    • coco July 23, 2012

      I agree. Luda is a great guy. Chris needs to be hanging with great people and great people only.

      can’t stand these ratchet fools he be kickin it wit.

  2. kimmy July 23, 2012

    karrueche wasnt seen in any pictures at allll,

    • Stans Make Me LOL July 23, 2012

      Some French airport worker tweeted that she met Chris and Karrueche at the airport and then Karrueche followed her on twitter so it is likely that she is with Chris.

      I think Riri, Karrueche and Chris are going to have threesome. They all seem like the type so why not!

  3. BeyHive July 23, 2012

    Wow chris in Europe? I hope he comes to the UK we miss him

  4. Oh hell July 23, 2012

    Go Chris!

  5. mobwife July 23, 2012

    “Mama there goes that man” * Marc Jackson voice* 🙂

    Chris Brown, Ludacris, and Swizz Beatz are making a video together for one of Swizzy’s upcomng projects. It’s my understanding that Chris was also in France to finish up some final scenes/production for the BBoy film “Battle of the Year” out early 2013 (hence the blonde hair)! 🙂

    YEAH 3X for my boy doing his thing! #Fortune2012

  6. Benron July 23, 2012

    He went on a boat in France…..
    aslo Rihanna is on a yacht by france…..
    but Im not accusing anyone of anything.

  7. mobwife July 23, 2012

    I’m glad to see “Big Pat” – Chris Brown’s long-time bodyguard who was badly injuried during that disgusting bottle & glass throwing attack by Drake-Evelyn and his “crew” at NYC’s W.i.P. Nightclub a few weeks back – healthy and going strong!

    Yeah 3X for “Big Pat” 🙂

    • bxgirl July 23, 2012

      Is that Big Pat in front of Chris? I was wondering how he was doing, haven’t heard any mention of him since that incident and was hoping he was doing well. Seems he had the worse injuries and he seems like such a mellow, hard working, everyday kinda guy.

  8. the real xoxo July 23, 2012

    so fortune hasnt sold 200k yet domestically. oh dear.

  9. kelly July 23, 2012

    Rita Ora said that she and Chris Brown are really good friends. How shocking! How comes she is goof buddies with him, but nor Rihanna, even though , they have jay brown in common? This girl is so transparent. She is so jealous , obsessed and envious of Rihanna’s life, she went out of her way to befriend Rih ex. Why don’t she dont go and befriend Matt kemp and that Dark skin back in Bridgetown.

    It is sick. I never seen a singer come in the game, with sheer envy of another. Even Briteney and Christina was not like this. Beyonce and Rih was not like this. You never saw Christina talking about Brit – and she only did, when the media forced her. At least Xtina had a right, she was in the Mickey mouse with Brit. Xtina would never have gone out of her way to befriend Justin timberlake to get digs at rih.

    Riita is insecure, she is like Your ex BF bitter ex GF. She knows, deep down, when sleeps at night, she cannot beat Rih in the showbiz. She knows it – we all know it. She put up this fauz cocky facarde, but behind close doors, the label are on her back, wondering , why she is not popping off after 4 single and THREE MUSIC VIDS.

    So to take shots at Rih, she uses Chris Brown. But the thing, Chris Brown did not even jump on your album – if he was friend he would. Chris, she will never be rih.

    Rtita can c*** after Chris, Rih can any man in the world – big alist men. The botton Rita will be star. I have read the feedback on all other sites about Roc the life – everyone hates it and says is a Rihanna knockoff or breaking plates.

    Rita Ora, will never get Chris brown, all she is an old, wrinkly h** Rihanna wannbe.

    I hope Chris meets up with rih, on yacht in st tropez – that will f*** Rita self esteem.

    phuckyopromotion – I’m on a yacht with breezey b****

    • kelly July 23, 2012

      digs at brit

    • kelly July 23, 2012

      rita will not be a star

    • warren July 23, 2012

      Maybe this was the plan because what I was hearing that before Rihanna got on her yacht her & Chris was at a secert place together. So maybe you are right. What the fans on both sides don’t realize is that Chris & Rihanna were young and dumb back them. They are older now and they might be finding their way back together to just do more music, but this time let us buy it on itunes.

      • Lax July 23, 2012

        @kelly And Rita had better watch herself because Jay’s ass was trying to pit Rita aganist Rihanna for rih doing those collabs with chris which Rih did with or without Jay’s blessings., ANYWAY that’s why i hope that chris runs like hell and Rihanna does to the other way from each other because they or Toxic together. They or both great artists to me and doing what they love and that is good to see. When people let go of others pass and live for today and the future the world will be a better place indeed. And i know very well that Chris and Rihanna or going to do what they dam well pleases and i am happy that many of the wagons or circling Chris no matter what Jay decides to try and do to spoil Chris brown’s Career, Or Rihanna’s for that matter. What is destiny to happen will happen no matter what!

      • warren July 23, 2012

        Oh no @Lax I was not saying that they are going back together as a couple but just to make some songs together. If Birthday Cake was released on itunes the both of them would have made a mint. That song stayed on the R&B Billboard chart for weeks and the Youtube video had almost 14mil viewers. Can’t wait to see the interview with Oprah. I hope Rihanna had sense enough to put that b**** in her place nicely.

        Now as for Jay-Z he guided her in that direction to bury Chris career and she wanted fame so bad that’s what she did. But keep in mind that Rihanna probably had no idea that this was going to play out like this. This is why Rihanna is doing what the hell she wants now. I really hope when she did that interview Rihanna don’t fall for Oprah’s questions because Oprah & Gail was milking that story for days on end trying to bury Chris on one teenage fight.

  10. kelly July 23, 2012

    Gwan Rih rude gal. Get Chris on that YACHT , kiss him , in broad daylight for the whole world to see and f*** that wrinkley h*** self esteem up. Let her age 10 extra year, we know she is good at aging.


    Rita Ora always talking about other celebrities, she needs to be talking why her songs are wack. The people she talks about, have already made it.

    • Stans Make Me LOL July 23, 2012

      Oh Kelly. I got’s love for you. Your hating keeps me entertained at work. Keep em coming!

      • Lax July 23, 2012

        @KELLY That would make Jay and beyonce have a dam duck if that happened.

      • quetta July 24, 2012


  11. Oh Yeah!!! July 23, 2012

    Glad to see Grapejuice posting the truth since Mediatakeout is saying Chris landed on Rihanna’s yacht.

    Although they are saying the yachts are close and docked side by side, but who cares. Chris if you are supposed to keep away from that Girl Rihanna keep away don’t go to Jail for an Orgasm!!!

  12. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 23, 2012

    I’m sick of him. Enough already >:(

    • sha July 28, 2012

      hmmm i think you jealousy

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