Misha B To Join Nicki Minaj On ‘Pink Friday’ Arena Tour

She’s one of the UK’s fastest rising stars, coming to fame by way of X Factor UK 2011.

Now, following the success of her UK #2 single ‘Home Run‘, Misha B has welcomed more good news this morning.

She is to join Rap Royal Nicki Minaj on her ‘Pink Friday Reloaded‘ Arena tour.

Details below…

When Minaj hits the UK for the hotly anticipated stage show, she will be joined by Ms. B and Young Money’s Tyga for the following dates:

OCT 2012
SUNDAY                       21        NOTTINGHAM ARENA
MONDAY                      22        MANCHESTER ARENA
WEDNESDAY                24        LIVERPOOL ECHO ARENA
THURSDAY                   25        NEWCASTLE ARENA
SATURDAY                    27        BIRMINGHAM LG ARENA
SUNDAY                       28        NEWCASTLE ARENA
TUESDAY                      30        LOND0N 02 ARENA
NOV 2012
FRIDAY                         02        MANCHESTER ARENA
SATURDAY                    03        SHEFFIELD ARENA
WEDNESDAY                07        CARDIFF ARENA

On the news, the starlet explained:

I’m over the moon to be Nicki’s support on her UK tour!  Really looking forward to catching a vybz and gettin out there and performing new songs.  Woohoo Woop Woop!

Set to coincide with the launch of her debut album, Misha‘s slot on the tour is one of many commitments she has lined up this year.

For, in support of her project, she has  confirmed a collaboration with ‘She’s A B*tch’ belle Missy Elliott, set for release in the coming months.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Honestly Speaking July 23, 2012

    I would say that touring with Nicki should be beneath someone with Misha’s level of talent but I know that the girl needs some exposure and say what you will about Minaj but you can’t deny that the girl has “fans” so good for her for getting herself known and out there. I hope that Misha finds success in the industry.

  2. QueenOfTheNavy July 23, 2012

    When I’m touring with Nicki just accept that im winning.

    Go the f*** off Misha! Keep getting deals like this and youll become a British megastar even if you never break the US.

  3. QueenOfTheNavy July 23, 2012

    oh btw, Ryvita Oral must be seething. She got a number one but has got nothing to show for it when Misha is out here on tour with Nicki.

    Not even touring with Oldplay could save her. Rihanna would NEVER.

    • Ugly Is As Rihanna Does July 23, 2012

      what has rita got to do with this?

      You really are a funky b****.

    • Countdown July 23, 2012

      Ryvita Oral?
      If rita is blowing it’s only because she’s copying that harlot fave of yours.

      Meek Mill
      Chris Brown
      Matt Kemp

      Need I go on.

  4. KissesFor1D July 23, 2012

    Great job Mishe.

  5. Countdown July 23, 2012

    Black girls slaying?

    Amen !

  6. truth tea July 23, 2012

    atleast there will be some talent at the concert now.

  7. Scott July 23, 2012

    Great for Misha-Black Girls rule and she will be amazing. There are too many trolls who have been posting here lately. The mod needs to do better.

  8. BeyHive July 23, 2012

    Finally being black make sense I hope she stayed black not following the bleach skin like rihanna lil Kim and more

  9. BeyHive July 23, 2012

    Above me…STFU

  10. Os July 23, 2012

    this is wonderfil,misha and nicki keep doing yall thing,keep locking it down sistas.

  11. Go Figure July 23, 2012

    I guess the upside down crosses on her legging in her video paid off. KMT

  12. Kylie July 23, 2012

    I hope she rocks it. Show all those that though she was not a viable signing and that s*** show X Factor who the star really was.

    #2 on the UK charts with no TV performances no festival shows booked and no major promo……no boyfriend in One Direction and not s** tape leakage.


  13. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 23, 2012

    Good news for Misha B, here’s hoping she dumps her lazy record label which has given her a lazy team and signs with Cash Money/Young Money who have the muscle and infrastructure to make her a global phenomenon. Well done Misha B and all the best.

  14. SHUH July 23, 2012

    Not meaning to throw shade at Miss Misha B, but #2 please don’t b******* TGJ, We all know Misha only got to #11 in the UK Top 40. Keep it real TGJ don’t feed lies! But beside that, Misha would be awesome to join Nicki. We all know Misha respects Nicki a lot, and it will be an amazing platform for our new girl

  15. Yep! July 24, 2012

    ARENA TOUR? LOOOOOL TGJ KILLS ME…Nicki is in f****** theaters and auditoriums

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