Hot Shots: Tiffany Evans Debuts Baby Bump

Published: Monday 30th Jul 2012 by Sam

Pint-sized powerhouse Tiffany Evans has maintained relative silence since announcing that she is married and expecting her first child back in June.

However, the ‘I’ll Be There’ singer spoke loud and proud today with new shots of her pronounced baby bump.

Taking to Instagram, the 19 year old wrote:

Packing my delivery bag. :) ))) 7 weeks till I get to have mommy and baby time. #ThankGod’

Peep another shot after the jump…

Via NB:


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  1. Jayla July 30, 2012

    lets see what negative comments the l******* leave

    • Rihanna Navy July 30, 2012

      Aww how cute. It’s always good to receive such a grate gift from God. wish her all the best with motherhood.

  2. RAMKYSTER00135 July 30, 2012

    B**** please you’re not LEGEND-YONCÉ



  3. Nahjee July 30, 2012

    Congrats! She will be better at being a mom cause her music career really wasn’t taking off anyway I only like one song by this girl.

  4. monstarebel July 30, 2012


  5. bigboi July 30, 2012

    I dont give a s*** if you have quad-triplets I wanna hear music and as long as you have none of that you will be irrevlant simple as

  6. Mloutghkhkg July 30, 2012

    Tiffany Evans has such a great voice. I honestly wish that she would have waited to have her child. It’s a gift from God yes , but I honestly think this is a set back. Why is this making headlines? Her MUSIC should and new Web-series should have made headlines not some pregnancy Yes she has gone through a bunch, but I wish she would have worked harder. I hope that she will get back to doing music once her little girl is born. I honestly think her having a child will take up ALL of her time. If she was really focused on her career she wouldn’t’ even be pregnant right now. She is only 19 very mature but still) I really wish her well though. She’s making money and has a huge house so good for her. I just will pray that her music will take off she has too much talent for it not to.

  7. Diamond Princess July 30, 2012

    Nice girl but I don’t care what she said, it sounds to me like she’s trying to cover something up. What teenager do you know really wants to get married in this day in age? 19 is too young for marriage or having a child PERIOD! You haven’t even had time to explore and find out who you really are as a person yet.

    • Mloutghkhkg July 30, 2012

      Yeah I feel you. She’s been through ALOT.

    • Mloutghkhkg July 30, 2012

      She has been through A LOT in life. But I think she should have gotten herself together emotionally before having her child. God does things for a reason but still. I just don’t feel great after seeing this picture. It’s like she should have overcame her circumstance not get comfortable and give into it. Everyone on her page is praising her like this is so great. So it’s okay to be 19 and pregnant now? Since when? She has so many young girls looking up to her and this is the message she sends. I understand that her label F her over. But she could have even turned that into a brand new opportunity. She could have started a charity or gave back to the community. She should venture out into other careers as well. She is a great actress. I just think she’s comfortable. If she wanted more for herself she would have more for herself period. I honestly don’t believe she is focused on her music at all really. I mean I’m hearing her EP is great , but more must be done. Raise some money go on tour something. She’s independent now. she can even do high school and COLLEGE tours hello? But I can sit here all day and say what she should be doing. But most likely she will drop her EP and raise her little girl. When you know better you do better simple. Look up Jasmine Villegas people. That girl appeared in Justin Bieber’s video went on the my world tour , and has tons of music videos. She was UNSIGNED. So Tiffany has NO EXCUSE. YOUR INDEPENDENT NOW. So just make the music , and build your brand. They have her on this site. She obviously isn’t doing that bad. I rest my case. STEP YOUR GAME UP. IF YOU WANT SUCCESS YOUR GOING TO GO HARD LABEL OR NO LABEL CHILD OR NO CHILD. I’LL BE WAITING.

      • YeahIsaidIt July 30, 2012

        She is married for one. There is a big difference between her being a married woman (19 or not) and having a child with her husband and her just getting knocked up and being stuck in the position of having to raise a child as a single parent. Nothing is wrong or uncommon about settling down young and not everybody lives for their career. She has money and she is successful in her own right and obviously she is satisfied with her choice to get married have a baby and put her music to the side. I’m glad she decided to find a life outside of the music industry because VERY few people can become extremely successful and still be able to maintain a happy personal life. She is happy and to me as a fan that is all that really matters.

    • UMo July 30, 2012

      As if she’s the first woman to be married and have a child at 19. Please. That’s been happening since the stone age.

      • Diamond Princess July 30, 2012

        @Mloutghkhkg Well said! To the other idiots who commented you’re either in her situation, are single mothers, or were the child of a single mother, either way you’re irrelevant! I wasn’t talking about the stone age as I said before, IN THIS DAY IN AGE (2012) 19 YEAR OLDS DON’T WANT TO GET MARRIED!!! They want to date and have s**, not be tied down to one person. Oh and it’s not natural for 19 year olds to get married because most of them aren’t mature, hell most 30 year olds aren’t mature! It’s just STUPID! I swear the people in this world are such IDIOTS. I guess it’s also ok for a 14 year old to go on birth control like Kim K, right? GTFOH!!!!!

  8. Gees July 30, 2012

    Awwwww cutie pie! May God Bless her & her family 🙂

  9. JER July 31, 2012

    She looks beautiful. It’s nice to see what a real baby bump looks like

  10. SMDH July 31, 2012

    Seriously??? Promoting a 19 year old that’s pregnant as if it’s a good thing is a DAMN SHAME!! All births are a blessing, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that she is going to be a TEENAGE mother… she is still a CHILD. I pray for her and that baby… These kids truly have no clue how difficult it is to raise a child, smh…

  11. Julian July 31, 2012

    odd… no promise ring sighted.
    all love and luck to her

  12. Mloutghkhkg August 1, 2012

    to the person @YeahIsaidIt yeah she has money but she also wants a career. Like no one wants to see her pregnant it’s not cute AT ALL. We want music. Plus she is mad young. It’s like stop begging blog sites for attention that has NOTHING to do with your music. She was NEVER focused on her music that’s why she is pregnant. I mean family is first career so good for her. As long as she’s happy. I don’t see her as a successful person like that. She does NOTHING for the community. She can do more for herself. That’s my opinion. Most likely she will have more babies and stay in the same spot. But if that’s what she wants then so be it lol. I’ll be watching the next artist who’s her age grind and get further simple.

  13. Yes, This Is The Real Hamira August 2, 2012

    I remember when this wench was acting all high n mighty talmbout Rhianna and Beyonce were worshiping the devil and how indecent they were. Now look at her. Her as is knocked up and she aint even married. Don’t believe the headlines, she is full of mess. Aint no ring on that damn finger. She pullin one of them Brandy moves.

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