Mariah Carey Unveils ‘Triumphant’ Single Cover & Release Date

Published: Monday 30th Jul 2012 by Sam

All aboard!

The promotional train for Mariah Carey‘s new single ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ has officially left the station.

Having teased the video for the Rick Ross / Meek Mill yesterday, the diva of divas has unmasked the song’s official cover and release date.

It goes without saying that ol’ Mimi has rehired her usual “re-touchers”, whose comedic brush stays as all-round hilarious as ever. That said, find out when you can hear the track after the jump…

According to Mariah herself, the fiercly anticipated track will receive it’s world premiere…

August 2nd 2012 (This Thursday)!


Yes, yes, and yes! Here’s hoping Ms. Carey-Cannon doesn’t disappoint.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Honestly Speaking July 30, 2012

    She could afford to tone it down a bit and while it isn’t fair to judge the Rick Ross snippet of this song, it sounds a bit too urban/future flop in the making for my tastes.

    • Champ Boy July 30, 2012

      She is urban f*****

      • Honestly Speaking July 30, 2012

        Tacky b**** please keep those comments to yourself.

      • virtuoso intellect July 30, 2012

        your tastes ? your taste is rihanna’s thoughtless generic poop music. U have no taste b**** !

      • Mariah Carey Fan July 30, 2012

        Tha f*** is a urban F*****?

      • Kunee July 30, 2012

        yall going too hard. Meanwhile they just announced Mariah worth $500 million lol
        LEBRON new movement N.A.H.A. (Negros Against Hairline Abuse) – <<funniest thing I saw all day.

    • Champ Boy July 30, 2012

      I was saying Mariah is Urban, & that the poster is a f*****

      • Honestly Speaking July 30, 2012

        Because you’re just oh so mature and you know me well enough to know what gender I am and what my sexual preferences are.

    • Bmike July 30, 2012

      Hell, I’m GLAD the s*** is urban. If I hear any more of that damn electro aerobics class music I’mma f***** VOMIT! I need something I can BUMP. Thanks Mimi 🙂

  2. Sleazy July 30, 2012

    Getting an “Emancipation” era Tease Looks alike to that era album cover

    • prettigurlrockD July 30, 2012

      I was thinking the same.

  3. žnjič July 30, 2012

    GO MIMI!!!!

  4. Poisonous July 30, 2012

    OMG. I can’t breathe… Mariah, our poor souls aren’t ready to get slayed…… YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. This is superb…

  5. bored July 30, 2012

    All artist have airbrush moments. Stop acting like she is the only one

    • credits July 30, 2012

      But most artists are fortune enough to have a retoucher whose airbrushing is less noticeable….look at the side of her leg and on her arm….you can see it.

    • NewF*YorkBabe. July 30, 2012

      Ya, i don’t get it. Katy Perry, RiRi, Nicki M., These women all airbrush themselves to hell and they are half Mariah’s age … not to mention, Mariah actually looks almost the same in person (she’s got amazing skin, hair, make-up all the time, not just in these promo pics) … Britney & Madonna are the true whores of photoshop, lol. But really who cares, but all y’all photoshop your facebook & Twitpics anyway SoOo >> #WeAllTheSameWeAllVain

  6. Jayla July 30, 2012

    Here for the MUSIC! You all worry about the wrong things, i don’t care about image & all that crap! Give me the music!

  7. Papa Preached July 30, 2012

    Yes everyone gets photoshop’d but this is HORRIBLE! Look on the left at the end of her hair, there’s a nasty point sticking out. That should’ve been corrected. Her right boob should have been lifted a little and the edges of her body are not clean. Whoever done this did a horrible job!!

    But I’m sure the single will out shine its cover!

  8. Ernest July 30, 2012







    • DTG July 30, 2012

      Shut up. You sound like a damn dork.

  10. queenbeyonce July 30, 2012

    Just when I thought she was turning into the “classy” stage of her career, she has to put on something like this.

    Seriously she looks more like a p*** star than a great singer.

  11. Mariah Carey Fan July 30, 2012

    Yasss Photoshopped for the gods. I don’t care Mariah Carey is up thier in age and could use a little help (BESIDES SHE TOOK MILLION OF NATURAL PICS WHEN SHE WAS YOUNG) . Anyways, I hope this single is nice & ghetto and poppin’ cause I stan for dat s***! Also, Mariah Carey I hope you give us “TRIUMPHANT” vocals runs on this new album, instead of that whispering s***. Mariah Carey you are in the RIHANNA GHETTO TRASH GENERATION now so please bring it shadddy-nesss and all! You are the second best selling female artist of all time (behind that old p**** stank MANdonna). 200,000,000+ records sold, 2-Diamond selling albums. 3- albums to sell over 20 million copies, 18 number 1 hits (which 17 that you wrote & produced), the last of that golden VOICE era, 9- albums that have all sold over 10 million copies each! YOU ARE A LEGEND SOO LETS BRING IT!!!!! P.s. Rihanna stans! Since yall always bragging about her charts records. “We Belong Together” top the charts for 14 weeks & “One Sweet Day” still holds the record for the most weeks at number 1… 16 f****** weeks! I’ve been a fan since “Heartbreaker” her 15th number 1 (That she wrote herself) Instead of having 20 million people write her s*** for her…. RIHANNA! I swear Rihanna better be happy she got them musical genius behind her cause if she didn’t ummmmm! Rihanna nor Beyonce (even tho Beyonce is the greatest female performer of all time, I dont know what Rihanna is…) can match Mariah Carey’s musical genius. She wrote “Vision Of Love” & “Vanishing” at the age of 16!!! Genius. Rihanna is like 24 years old and is a terrible singer and horrible performer THIS IS YOUR PRIME B**** AND YOU SHOULD BE SLAYING THEM VOCALS AND PERFORMANCES! SHE LUCKY SHE IS PRETTY… Because when Mariah Carey was 24 SHE F****** SLAYEDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! & On top of that she was beautiful! NATURALLY!

    • theman July 30, 2012

      She’s seasoned, not up there……

  12. BKMEKA July 30, 2012

    oh boyyy she always has to use the hottest hip hop artist out at the time for features and she has been doing this for years …remember puff and mase and odb then gucci mane..she is washed up and wack just like her cornball a** hubby

    • lordmir July 30, 2012

      baby, all features that you mentions are remix and not official singles. And honey and fantasy were number one, not the remix.

  13. HD live July 30, 2012

    the same pose once again

    • Dexter Canty July 31, 2012


  14. FanOfMusic July 30, 2012

    I am so ready for the return of Mariah. I can’t @ the lessors feeling intimidated and mad The Queen of Music aka The Voice is back to slay again!! Who else but Mimi?!

  15. Joe July 30, 2012

    She is smoking hot!!!! Single Cover beautiful MiMi the 2nd version of her pose wooots Truly the Legend! Im sure the new single will be a Hell of a Hot Hot Hot!!! Hit hit hit!!!

  16. JuanR July 30, 2012

    I just can’t with her bad photoshop… look at her hair LOL

    • smh July 30, 2012

      it’s not HER photoshop, c***.

  17. Legendtina July 30, 2012

    Why featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mills? No one is here for them

    • NewF*YorkBabe. July 30, 2012

      Mariah always uses who she wants, who she appreciates. Since she did the first Rap/Diva duet with O.D.B in ’95 >> Rappers, Singer, whoever she believes in & can help give a hand-up, exposure in the idustry, she does:
      Trey Songs, Nicki Minaj, Freeway, The Lox, Dem Franchise Boys, Wish Bone and Krayzie Bone, Cam’ron, Shawnna, Da Brat, Twenty II, Gucci Mane.

      So What’s your point …
      She can be a game changer for these two artists. #HeresToInspiredMusic

  18. DIGGER BEY July 30, 2012

    YES MIMI! Cant wait to see the video and hear the song! We need more talentive females dropping this year! *Fingers cross KING B drops a cd this year!* @ Jayla Child please. How can u say u are here for the music. When u stan for Rihanna’s generic, fast food, pop tart music. Lol GOODBYE.

    • Jayla July 30, 2012

      Please i stan for NO ONE! I don’t F*** with Rihanna like that you have the wrong person sweetie, IF i ever were to stan for anyone it would be Mariah

  19. Ajanni July 30, 2012

    The cover is a NO. I guess Ms.Thang will never learn. Mariah has NEVA been s*** so in essence she should try to sell HER voice and not her badly enhanced body.

    • Ajanni July 30, 2012

      Furthermore, those awful tube dresses are a result of her wideanflass (New word=Wide, flat, ass). That link sausage look has plagued her since the beginning of the 2000’s and pretty much is the downfall of her career. Yes, when you have it, flaunt it, but Ms. Thang’s body was never s*** yet she tried to sell it anyway. Grow up Mariah and give us good music. Even with the downfall of her voice from her over indulgence in alcohol, she sounds better than many of the pop artists out there today, excluding Beyonce. She needs a good team of stylist’s to put her back on top because Humpty Dumpty is broken.

      • smh July 30, 2012

        yet she’s still making money. sit your broke ass down somewhere s***.

      • theman July 30, 2012

        Shut the f*ck up with this stupid a** comment.. She’s covered up, what is she supposed to wear a frolic idiot….

  20. Kingphoenix July 30, 2012


    know matter how many colors they come in and alterations are made to them, nobody is here for those out-dated tube dress anymore, if the were even here for them in the first place. We want you to succeed, and as the best-selling female artist ever, you can do it. But the way things are going know (Meek Mill and Rick Ross features, annoying husband who can’t shut the f*** up about YOUR career, and you laying on couches in teaser shots…things aren’t looking to promosing. Imma round up a prayer circle and maybe sacrifice a few Lambs so that you can get it together. Love you DIVA!


    • Kingphoenix July 30, 2012


    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 30, 2012


      • Kingphoenix July 30, 2012

        Hopefully she gets her life and geys it together.

      • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 30, 2012

        hope so , but i don’t feel it will be this time around tho.

    • Girrrl July 30, 2012


  21. I’m not throwing shade, but… July 30, 2012

    This isn’t a photo, its a painting. The video picture and the single cover haven’t filled me with hope. I was hoping that the birth of two children would’ve toned the tacky behaviour down….
    I’m hoping for “Emancipation” …. I’m praying…

  22. DIGGER BEY July 30, 2012

    And DAMN! Mimi is looking GOOD! S** sy! Jlo could never lol…with all those FLOPS.

    • Truth July 30, 2012

      Photoshopped to death, and lets not get started on all Mariah flops

      • smh July 30, 2012

        you will run out of flops to count before i finish with J-Lo’s flops. actually, i could just tally up J-Lo’s whole singing career as a flop & call it a day. go find something to do b****.

      • MC July 30, 2012

        @smh lol!

  23. christinastherealtalent July 30, 2012

    It’s obvious shew trying to rehash the Emancipation era. We’ve all seen what happens when some artists try to rehash certain eras, it backfires. I can see Mariah ending like Jennifer, using AI to promote her new music, the songs will be hits but her album sales will be crap. Then release another greatest hits.

    • theman July 30, 2012

      Nah buddy, wearing gold does not mean thats she’s tryinf to rehash anything. Her album will be a success

  24. bash July 30, 2012

    No shade…but her neck does look extra long lolz…good luck mimi…god knows we need more real singers on the radio…

  25. Slayty Perry July 30, 2012

    Featuring Rick “Correctional Officer” Ross and Meek irrelevant Mills? Girl bye. It wont even make into the top 40

    • MC July 30, 2012

      on one asked for your opinion @ slutty perry

  26. Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 30, 2012

    LMFAO. and they shade J.lO ?!!

    At least JLO make it Look and sound tasteful. since “the emancipation of MIMI” , her efforts are MEH for me and the general public. she Is not herself anymore. and don’t get me started with the excessive usage of Photoshop and inappropriate outfits for an icon like her.

    NOT promising , NOT tasteful , another ” MC + Rapper” formula kind of single ! absolutely make me not checking for her. i want the ” Now that i know” , “fantasy” . And “my all” MC , not this plastic big Doll !!!!

    • UMo July 30, 2012

      You’re a homosexual. You want something to twirl around to while you pretend that you’re a girl.

      • Jayla July 30, 2012

        LMAO @ UMo

    • MC July 30, 2012

      Talentless-Rihanna + J-Ho stan stfu no one is asking for your opinion. Even through it all she will be remembered, which I cannot say for your favs.

      • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 30, 2012

        I don’t remember i asked for your reply either.

      • MC July 30, 2012

        @Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) you always have something idiotic to say, don’t you? stfu

      • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 30, 2012

        it is funny u used “Always” as if we saw each other a lot in here , i don’t remember seeing you in here before.

        but let me tell u one thing , i will speak my mind and u will do the same , if you can do it with sanity , it will be cool , if u will go the bitchy idiotic ways , i love to tell u i’m TGJ’s most hated person EVER , and that cuz i can be bad as well.

        so ………

      • MC July 30, 2012

        @Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) I am fairly new to this site (1-2 months) and as I recently became a regular on this site I tend to read the comments on most trends and you are one of those people to bash Mariah’s music clothing, etc while always praising Rihanna. From what I understand you are complain that MC is making generic music wearing this and that and acting this way and that way while you STAN for Rihanna!?! Forgive me for being so preplexed when all J-lo and Rihanna make is generic music

    • Kingphoenix July 30, 2012

      I reluctanly have to agree, but i think alot of us are here for her, just not for her “youthful” antics

      • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 30, 2012

        @KING :

        Exactly !!! she got the voice , she got it all ! why lowering herself to that basic level ?!! SMH.

    • theman July 30, 2012

      But Jlo’s last few hits feature nothing but rappers, because thats the only way she could get a hit. Sit down…..

      • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 30, 2012

        so U confirmed that MC is doing the same thing JLO is doing ?

        um , K.

  27. soulmusiclover July 30, 2012

    finally!!! the REAL QUEEN is back!! can’t wait!

  28. Galuda July 30, 2012

    You guys are acting like they photoshopped her to make her look mad thin or some s***. Thats basically her size now. They just added some really obvious colouring and contouring to her.
    I could care less about the single cover as long as she brings it musically.

  29. JER July 30, 2012

    What’s so photoshopped about this? That’s how she looks. You can always tell by the face. NOW THE OBSESSED COVER. That was the worst.

  30. Queen Brit Brit July 30, 2012

    Cant wait for this to flop ^_^ Poor MooMoo, using the Rent-A-Rapper plan to gain a hit. Rick Ross is a flop and Meek Mills is irrelevant.

    • UMo July 30, 2012

      Your being a fan of who you are, you’d know a lot about “flops” wouldn’t you?

    • MC July 30, 2012

      Mariah >>>>>>>> you + your family + Britney Spears + J-ho + rihanna + etc…

  31. DIGGER BEY July 30, 2012

    If Mimi is not herself, she will still sell more than Jlo. Jlo havent seen a hit cd since Ja Rule was actually ruling lol. @@ Truth Um u do know Mimi has been n the game for 3 decades. So what if she has one or two non platinum albums. She was the most successful artist of the 90s! Reigning successful albums up to 2005! Jlo couldnt last 5 years of successful albums. 1999 – 2002 was her reign. Theres NO COMPARISON! Sorry.

    • Truth July 31, 2012

      b**** mariah aint had a hit since 05


      • MC July 31, 2012

        Touch my body was a hit (her 18th #1) obsessed form her last album was a hit (platinum). so sit your ass down hater ____/

  32. johanna July 30, 2012

    Lol @ Queen Brit callin anyone a flop. When Britney hasnt seen a hit cd since 2004 Lmao

    • MC July 30, 2012

      i know right

  33. Le Velvet July 30, 2012


  34. wm55 July 30, 2012

    You get a chance to meet Mariah on if you purchase the single and send in the proof of purchase! (Contest starts when the single is available on iTunes) Each download counts as a new entry! SUCH a great deal! Get it MC! You look amazing!

    P.S. This is 2012, who doesn’t use photoshop anymore?!

  35. wm55 July 30, 2012

    You get a chance to meet Mariah on if you purchase the single and send in the proof of purchase! (Contest starts when the single is available on iTunes) Each download counts as a new entry! SUCH a great deal! Get it MC! You look amazing!

    P.S. This is 2012, who doesn’t use photoshop anymore?!

  36. S****** Blonde July 30, 2012

    Same dress of the past 7 years, i think she’s trying to make TIOM part 2 but R&B is dead, anyway, it’s sad that at 43 she is becoming even less famous in the US, she’s not that famous worldwide anymore since the late 90’s, she is more big in the US and even there she is failing.

    • UMo July 30, 2012

      Everyone here hates you S******. Your opinion ism’t at all respected and you always sound like a complete airhead when you give it. In short: shut up.

      • S****** Blonde July 30, 2012

        How can’t you no love me, i think i’m adorable.

      • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 30, 2012

        not everyone 😀

    • theman July 30, 2012

      Sure whatever u say. Here comes the haters……..

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 30, 2012

      i agree. she sold-out and lost her true self.

      • S****** Blonde July 30, 2012

        I know.

    • MC July 30, 2012

      how is madonna doing? or J-lo for that matter? hmmmm not better than Mariah….

      • S****** Blonde July 30, 2012

        500 million vs what__________Madonna is doing better than Mariah for sure.

      • MC July 30, 2012

        No wonder why people attack you so much, you are one of the very first people to attack other artists and praise whatever Rihanna and Madonna are doing.

        Its good Madonna is doing so well, what with popping her 50+ year old ass and her bearing her boobs!

      • S****** Blonde July 30, 2012

        I’m a terrorist, i didn’t know that.

      • MC July 30, 2012

        @S****** Blonde I am fairly new to this site (1-2 months) and when I first started reading the comments lots of people were mean to you and I didn’t understand why. But on every Mariah post you have something negative/shady to say about her then turn around and say you respect her. You are always looking for trouble and that is why you are always attacked. People can be mean, but in your case you are just really annoying and deserving. If you don’t like MC why do you always comment on her trends (you always have something negative to say).

        P.S. Stick to Britney, Rihanna, J-lo, Katy Perry, Madonna while we the REAL music fans will stick to Mariah, Whitney, alicia keys, etc..

      • S****** Blonde July 30, 2012

        Haha…let me tell you this, you are new here so, first, this is the game you have to play on this site, if you say something negative to my fav. then your fav. would be shade, that’s how it works here, i have fun in this site but honestly i don’t hate any artist besides Bieber, I little confession, my shades to Mariah is because a friend here (JOHNVIDAL) is always hating on Madonna or J.Lo, i do the same with Mariah hoping he’s coming for my ass, i love when his mad but it’s all for fun, don’t take things seriously in this site.

      • MC July 30, 2012

        @S****** Blonde in all the time I have been here some people are just very mean spirited. Sorry if I came too hard, but to stan for people like Rihanna + Madonna (no shade) and criticize MC’s music and clothing is just too much. I am cool with other artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, J-lo, and Madonna so i try not to comment negatively about them, but when some people wanna say this and that about Mariah and yet they stan for people who don’t have as much talent, accomplishment, impact, etc as her is just a no-no….

      • S****** Blonde July 30, 2012

        Honestly i’m only here for Madonna, that’s my woman but i do like others too, of course they’re not in the same level of Whitney, Celine or Mariah but it’s all for fun.

    • UMO July 30, 2012

      😆 No one thinks you’re adore S******. Your own mother hates your guts, I’m sure. “Annoying,” “Stupid,” “Pointless,” are adjectives that better describe you! 🙂

      • S****** Blonde July 30, 2012

        I’m Adorable.

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) July 30, 2012

      U know @s****** is Right when you see ppl mad in his reply section , KEWL ! Truth hurts , they need to know that !!

  37. Nichole July 30, 2012

    Samantha is such a wannabe Perez Hilton. Does anyone notice how the only time she mentions photo-shop, is when it comes down tp Britney and Mariah.

    I don’t recall her mentioning how incredibly “white” a certain someone looked on the front of her last album cover. Oh that’s right…Samantha stans hard for her. Unbiased blog my ass.

    Anywhoo. I have to admit that I’m not too excited about Mariah’s first single. For a married mother of two, I’m not sure if an urban song featuring rappers is the best choice. Even if the song is a hit, and what is up with Nick Cannon directing her videos now? Mariah needs to resume working with professional directors again and cut this corny nonsense with Nick. The vid should have been directed by Brett Ratner.

  38. theman July 30, 2012

    By the way to all the stupid azzes, on this board she looks like that now. Sam pays attention to stupid sh*t on this flop a** site. Since when did u pay attention to her pics like that. Alot of peoples photos are photoshopped. Stop hating.

  39. Nopes July 30, 2012


    • NewF*YorkBabe. July 30, 2012

      She’s just being herself. She doesn’t do ‘dress-up’ like Nicki, Christina A. and Madge. She’s just herself and she writes music & sings. She doesn’t feel the need to throw on a costume to get your attention and pretend to be a ‘cowboy’ for one week, ‘a spiritual guru’ the next, or an ice cream cone.
      Funny, ppl seem to be thinking that the performers playing Halloween on a daily basis are “the true artists” … I never thought wearing a wig would make me more of myself then wearing my natural hair, but some seem to apply that theory to performers.

    • MC July 30, 2012


  40. NewF*YorkBabe. July 30, 2012

    She’s coming hard.
    She’s gonna change the course of Top40, just like she did in ’95 with the first rap verse on a Pop track (Fantasy ft. O.D.B) and again in ’05 with It’s Like That.
    Mariah’s been doing the R&B Urban thang for 17 years already (longer then the 6 years she stuck to only pop) so why are people still surprised or disappointed when she features a rapper?! It’s her thing, she invented her lane and now she runs her town.

    • CzarM July 30, 2012

      You’re an idiot if you truly believe that “Fantasy” was the first time a rap verse was interjected on a pop. That was happening before Mariah even came out. Shush.

      • NewF*YorkBabe. July 30, 2012

        Ya, it was happening. But not at this level. She made that s*** Top40 fool.

        You think a member of Wu Tang was getting solo top 40 exposure before this. Hells no.

    • CzarM July 30, 2012

      Please. Michael Jackson worked with Heavy D. on “Jam” and Janet worked with Chuck D. on “New Agenda” while Mariah was still singing Celine-ish pop ballads. New Kids on the Block, C&C Music Factory and BlackBox were combining pop and hip hop while Mariah was still new. Michel’le and Mary J. Blige were mixing hip hop and rappers with their sound before her too. Hell, Sinead O’Connor and MC Lyte did a track together before Mariah was even out.

      The TRUE pioneers for Pop mixed with Hip Hop were Blondie (“Rapture”) and Chaka Khan (“I Feel For You.”) Both were pop songs that combined rap and hip hop and became iconic when Mariah was still a kid.

      Mariah’s fans need to quit acting like she pioneered something in this regard, because she didn’t. All “Fantasy” was was Mariah hopping on already existing trend.

      • S****** Blonde July 30, 2012


      • NewF*YorkBabe. July 30, 2012

        Thanks for the music history lesson; nice review, not adding to anything I don’t already know … like i said, Yes it was happening, but no it was Not Top40. Give credit where credits due dude. Your Grandma was rocking out to ballads like ‘Hero’ and then ‘Fantasy’ with ODB because of Mariah.

        Inspiration runs deep friend. Mariah Carey’s sound has always had flavours from as far back at the ’50s. What we’re talking about here is the first single by a female artist to debut at #1, and it featured a rapper. That’s impressive.

        … It was this song that completely destroyed the Rap/Pop walls. Mary J. was working hard for years, MJ did his bit (ignoring the New Kids reference and ‘rap’) Like it or not, It was a shock to see ‘Miss Sweetie’ Mariah Carey with such a hardcore rapper (in ’95). I don’t recall Whitney, Celine, Paula Abdul, Gloria Estefan, Cyndi Lauper, or any of these Women pioneering a meld of sound like this. Where would JLo, Ashanti, Ciera or Beyonce be without this kinda example of what can be.

        No one’s the be-all-and-end-all of music. Everyone feeds off everyone’s muses and energy; but at points in history there are events that make one take full notice of a movement, and this was one of those point in Rap/Pop history.

      • CzarM July 30, 2012

        Hell, Paula Abdul recorded “Opposites Attract,” which had a rapper. And that song topped the Hot 100 (AND had a creative music video) while Mariah was still being groomed for her debut. And Whitney’s “My Name Is Not Susan” featured a rap verse by Monie Love on a remix.

        The point being is that Mariah wasn’t the first like the OP said. It was around and thriving before her. Plenty of pop singers were working with rappers before “Fantasy.”

        Only someone who is completely ignorant to music history would think that it was Mariah who innovated Pop music with Hip hop. I don’t even know how someone who knew what they were talking about could dare say that with a straight face.

      • NewF*YorkBabe. July 30, 2012

        We are having two different conversation now, man. You are talking about the build up & points up to an amazing Moment in Music History. And I’m talking about Thee Moment. That’s all – I don’t disagree (said for the 3rd time) But it was that moment, that song, that artist. #peace.

      • Truth July 31, 2012


  41. Gurl July 30, 2012

    I’m lovin’ the new cover! It’s quite festive!

    And as usual, when Mariah is on top, the haterz come out of the shadows!

    MCSummer2012 here we come! Go Mimi! 🙂

  42. Vandrea July 30, 2012

    I’m not a Mariah fan — at all. I hate her personality and think she’s fake. But she’s much, much closer to my taste in music than damn Katy Perry, Rihanna, Gaga and the rest of that cheesy dance/pop b******* that’s contaminating the airways for these past 3-4 years. So far that reason alone I’m drawing back my claws and am gonna try to not greet her with the hostility that I usually do.

    Same with Brandy. Back in the mid-late 1990s, Mariah and Brandy topped my list of artists I couldn’t stand. I literally wanted both of their heads on a stick. But sadly, I’m so thirsty for some R&B normalcy to return to the scene that I’m willing to overlook all those years of animosity I built up where they were concerned in hopes that they can divert attention from “Pound the Alarm,” “Call Me Maybe” and “Wide Awake.”

  43. XoMoDe July 30, 2012

    All Mariah’s promotional photos are ridiculously phony. Yes, every celebrity is airbrushed, but she takes it to astronomical heights. With her it’s not even airbrushing, it’s total photoshop. She may as well be holding the statue of liberties torch. That’s how unreal this picture is.

  44. MC the place to be!! July 30, 2012

    yeas!!! mc is bout to slay my life again!! her music is just unprecedented and unparalleled!! and yall complaining about her personality i think shes hilarious atleast she looks genuinely happy!! when she leaves this earth god i hope not anytime soon all of yall will be saying well she was a sweet person yada yada yall aint kissing her ass now but watch when she passes yall be on her like hot rice! her career spans 20 YEARS!! and she had her ups and downs but always end up on top why because shes stans for god! I’m tired of saying this but her and whitney are the best singers to ever grace this wicked industry and all i got to say is forty f***** two!!

  45. miranda123 July 30, 2012

    She looked f*cking great! This is giving me an Emancipation of Mimi realness!

  46. @TheIndiigo July 30, 2012

    The QUEEN has remained perched and unbothered since 1990 and she’s still slaying your nerves and owning your lives. Mama is everything!

  47. Scars July 30, 2012

    Another flop maria song

  48. Timago July 30, 2012

    This song will surely have a tie-in with the Olympics in some sort of fashion. I mean, come on… it’s titled “Triumphant” and it’s being released during the Olympic Games. Duh.

  49. Slick July 30, 2012

    While She does Look great, I hope she is giving us something NEW, Fresh, & Good.
    I’m a little skeptical about the new single but I hope it Proves us all That she’s still got it! Go Mariah! Fingers Crossed!

    • MC July 30, 2012

      same feeling here 🙂

  50. Jason July 31, 2012


    Epic cover. I hope the song is pure r&b/hip hop and the vocals are up to her standard. I need good music in my ipod, so tired of dance and pop trash

  51. James August 1, 2012

    I’m a huge Mariah fan, have been since 1997, but I honestly cant say I’m excited about this new song. The featurings remind me of Obsessed and every other underwhelming lead single shes released in the last 10-12 years. If Whitney was able to release a classy ballad like I Look to You, why cant Mariah?

    • MC the place to be!! August 1, 2012

      because believe it or not i look to you even though it was a great song nobody really paid attention to it radio stations barely played it it was under performed but million dollar bill by her was way more successful i hate to say it but ballads arent whats up any more if anything mariah is trying to get in touch with her younger fan while also keeping her older fans that has grown with her and since daydream mariah’s lead singles are always a nice uptempo with some collaboration on it thats what shes known for and its still summer so a nice lil upbeat wouldnt hurt

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