Rebecca Ferguson Slams Management Company / Threatens Legal Action

Published: Friday 13th Jul 2012 by David

As the masterminds behind ‘One Direction‘, Misha B and the record breaking Leona Lewis,  Modest Management remain one of the UK’s more respected entities- praised for their ever rising success rate.

However, if Tweets by ‘Nothing’s Real But Love‘ singer Rebecca Ferguson are anything to go by, the company may have found themselves in hot water over their alleged treatment of the star, another one of their X Factor UK clients.

Details below…





Modest- who also manage MNEK, JLS and Little Mix are yet to respond to Ferguson’s claims.

Our two cents:

Seeing as Modest‘s campaign for Rebecca’s debut LP has been flawless, we sincerely hope this mess is resolved soonish- handled amicably at the very least.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Craig July 13, 2012

    YES! Rebecca put Modest! Management in their place

  2. Sam July 13, 2012

    Modest! Management are a bunch of greedy c**nts, Take them to court Rebecca!

  3. the real xoxo July 13, 2012

    her album is the best album by any x factor contestant. im glad she isnt being a puppet.

    • frankie July 13, 2012

      Yea she’s not being a puppet like Rihanna which they are doing the same to her. But Rihanna is coping with the help of drugs

      • Benron July 13, 2012

        Rihanna isn’t a puppet, but she cannot take days off usually because they FLY her places that she isn’t paying for too perform!

      • barkley July 13, 2012

        rihanna is a puppet for the industry dummies

      • the real xoxo July 13, 2012

        weed isnt even bad.
        anyway yes rihanna is a puppet! she doesnt write any music and releases an album every year to rake in as much money for her label.

  4. Noel July 13, 2012

    That’s disgusting…they won’t even give her time to see her children.

    • frankie July 13, 2012

      With this new industry, there is no telling what these labels are telling these artists to do. Rihanna & Frank Ocean for starters. Greed is one of the most deadly sins. These people would run over you with a mac truck and think nothing of it just for being famous. This is why most of the real artists back away from this new industry. The only thing a greedy person will get out this new music industry is death by overdose.

  5. james July 13, 2012

    she better shut up and work, atleast she has managment that wants to deal with her. . .

  6. ThatGrapeFruitJuice July 13, 2012

    What’s the matter Rebecca baby, ur team not putting in their time productively enough making u relevant enough sugar? But wow she sound real bitter with her rant. Po chile and her children. See them in court for that drama. I will stay tuned to c how it all gets worked out.

    • jamilaa July 13, 2012

      black peeps! bitter as usual…. show sum love n support to dis woman! goshhhh i just cnttttt! with negros! thank god for my ARAB BLOOD ND GOOD HAIR! yep i said it!

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 13, 2012

        That wasn’t nice now was it……and not all black people are like that….hell everyone in the world came from a black women , so does that mean we all bitter.

      • FAF July 13, 2012

        & Arabs are about the hairiest m************ in the world… That ain’t cute.. Lol

    • Dowop July 14, 2012

      Yea but u gotta cover that ‘good hair’ cos ur dad/ husband don’t want u enticing other men, right ?

      • leslie arnelle July 14, 2012

        not nice to belittle people and thanks guys for sticking up for the black race. very sad that a few labels us all..

      • jamilaa July 16, 2012

        sorry sweetie am half moroccan half black nd from the uk!! nd christian ! way a bum! i don’t cover my hair nd yes i still stand by wat i said about african americans i didn’t mean all black people….u guys don’t support each other! u hate nick,rihanna,beyouce …i can go on nd on,,…

      • jamilaa July 16, 2012

        arab women r way beta than the skanks u call women in america rite?? we don’t buy weaves nd fake lashes like african american women,we don’t hate on blondiessss! we don’t wear fake contacts cos we have green,hazel nd ash eyes!! we don’t fight in the streets nd post it on youtube! u want me 2 go on?? just shut the f*** up cos ya’ll r whack as hell…even africans r way more educated nd better than n******! in america!

      • jamilaa July 16, 2012

        wat the f*** is FAF?? am sure u r a thief! jobless,

  7. millhouse July 13, 2012

    she sounds ungreatful… wasnt she on welfare not too long ago? u betta shut the f*** and collect them checks… i can understand wanting a break but cmon b****…. twitter.. really? isnt that what managers do anyway? they push you even when you feel like bein lazy…. Im sure Mathew pushed Beynce the same way and look where shes at… some people just dont want it bad enough. i would nt feel bad for her if they blacklist her….

    • MaZ July 13, 2012

      STFU! She puts her children first and that’s all matter! She doesn’t care about your anonymous 2 cents a$$ !

    • RNB Boy July 14, 2012

      I wish some people would learn how to spell…..!!!!!!!!

    • Lalala July 14, 2012

      Matthew used to beat Beyoncé with a stick

  8. millhouse July 13, 2012

    she is nobodys adele, she better ride this gravy train while its still hot ans stfu

  9. Miss Justice July 13, 2012

    Rebecca is making the infamous all seeing, illuminati devil worshipping pose in that photo. This is what major record labels do
    sign your soul on the dotted line, you now belong to us
    far better being with an independent label

    • MaZ July 13, 2012

      She probably don’t know the illuminati and all the b*******! Those artists are used by photographers and labels to push the ill’ agenda and promote their image.

    • barkley July 13, 2012

      You got that right about the illuminati sign. The industry take you soul to make you famous. This woman right here is not giving them what they want. Until she brings in that Big money then maybe they would let her see her children. I really hope she’s not in that 360 contract signed in blood. You have to do what they say do you really think that some of these artist under that 360 contract can do what ever they want? HELL NO you as an artist have to get permission to take a vacation. Even if your a megastar under that contract.

  10. Lax July 13, 2012

    @THAT GRAPE JUICE Dam baby that ass looks
    just ripe for Plucking, yes sireeeee!
    @Rebecca That’s right tap that ass for them….

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 13, 2012

      chile you know you like c***@lax lmao

  11. DRB July 13, 2012

    No mam. Unless they’re driving you like a slave, this is how it works. You work and you promote and if you wanna make millions you’re gonna work 16+ hour days, endless shows and endless interviews. From the look of your sales, you need to more. Know what business you’re getting into. Aside from having more drive than you, this is why they all wait til late in their career to have children. You’re in a different situation but deal with it.

  12. kelly July 13, 2012

    She runs her mouth of like this and everyone is on her side. Yet, Alexandra and Misha B get tagged bullies and they are grateful to be in the music biz.

    After watching, Season 8 of Britain’s next top model, it is most certainly open season on black women. Let see if the label rebecca a diva – if she were black they would be saying she had a chip on her shoulder.

    BTW – rebecca, stop running your mouth, this is the 24 hour music biz, if you do not like the intense schedule and workload….GET A NINE TO FIVE

    • FAF July 13, 2012

      She is black….

      • kelly July 14, 2012

        No she is not. Her mother is white. That means mixed race in the UK – THEY DO NOT DO THE ONE DROP OUT HERE

  13. xedos July 13, 2012

    When you just started in this business you have to put in overtime.The artist who put in the time are the one who end up have themoney and the fame to relax and call their shots later. Rihanna , beyonce, Gaga and Kathy Perry they can all relax when they want now take long expensive vacation. In this business you get out what you put in .

    • kelly July 13, 2012

      And beyonce. I remember when she was in DC back in 1999 and 2000, she was in a diff city every night doing shows, meet and greets, and photoshoots. It was blood, sweat and tears.

      • MaZ July 13, 2012

        You dumb ass, can’t compare Beyoncé in the early 2000 and her now! Rebecca was a mother of two before starting her career and X Factor. She has values and put her children first. If Beyoncé was a mother of two and started her career in 2010, I don’t think she would be who she is now. So stop making stupid comparisons!

    • barkley July 13, 2012

      Not so it any artist is in that 360 contract they cannot do what they want even if they are a big megastar. So if your saying an artist puts in their time they can relax? Not in a 360 contract trust me I know. It’s REALLY rough in the industry. Talking from experience.

  14. Jade July 13, 2012

    Go Rebecca! Modest are awful people! They work their artists like dogs, ruin their public reputations, basically anything to make $$$! I feel bad for the One Direction boys since they are horribly being taken advantage of. Already booked for 2013 without even a second album finished, constantly touring with only a few days of “vacation”… They have to constantly get vitamin shots to keep up their energy. Won’t even start on the mess they’ve made of a few of the boys lives to cover up their sexualities. Hope they’re free soon, bless ’em.

  15. xedos July 13, 2012

    Every artist who made it have horror stories back in the day it was worst . those artist deal with racism . they perform in the hotel but they could not eat or sleep in them. they did not even get pain as much as rihanna paid her assistant or glam squad.
    I remember when rihanna use to tour malls and fair grounds. the problem with artist now, they think because their names pops up on blogs they think they have a fan base. You have to build a real fan base by going in the trench’s and do the work. Artist like rihanna beyonce who builds a fan base from the bottom up has a longer career than the ones who has a hit or two and sit n their ass and do nothing.

  16. xedos July 13, 2012

    every job has its problems lots of people who has a regular 9-5 would love to quit.

  17. Chocolateboi July 14, 2012

    Tell this woman shut up. when yous ign up for this industry you know what your getting yourself into. This aint your normal 9-5. She is going to loose her lawsuit and waste money.

  18. MusicB July 14, 2012

    I understand her point but this is the career she wanted so you have to do what you have to do in order to be successful and be the best at it. I know she has kids but she knew she had kids before she auditioned for the show and signed that recording contract. It isn’t a secret that artist have to work crazy hours to stay on top of their game so it’s not like she got into the game and just now finding out about the crazy work hours.

    I’ve heard many artist say in interviews that when their career 1st began taking off, they had to miss a lot of time with family. Thanksgivings, Christmas’, Holidays, Birthdays. It’s tough but that’s why only a few make it to the top.

  19. MusicB July 14, 2012

    Lady Gaga got hit in the head with a pole and still reported to work. Girl keep a sandwhich in your purse in case of you miss lunch and keep it moving!

  20. coco July 14, 2012

    I don’t think she should have ranted on twitter like this. If she had just waited until after the court case and (WON or LOST), then damn right take it to twitter.

    But I just hope she does win, for the sake of her children. I would have thought that she was talking to her baby father about ‘see you in court’

    Girlfriend. Empty vessels make the loudest noise.

  21. coco July 14, 2012

    And some of these comments slaying Modest management, did some of y’all use to work for them, be under their management or get turned down by them? Cos these are some overly bitter comments.

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