New Video: Miguel – ‘Adorn’

Published: Tuesday 31st Jul 2012 by Sam

Eclectic crooner Miguel unmasked the video for his latest effort ‘Adorn’ today.

The titillating cut serves as the lead release from the 25 year old’s hotly anticipated sophomore set ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ – which arrives on October 2nd.

Check out the compelling visual after the jump…

Yes, yes, and you know the rest!

Miguel served gloss, concept, and intrigue aplenty. Great video!

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  1. Im coming out the closet with my next album July 31, 2012

    This is so old now..why the pushing this..let it go please

    • Valerie July 31, 2012

      Well, because Adorn was a fan favorite from his EP he extended the song, re-mastered it for radio and it’s the first single for his 2nd album. So…there’s an official video. It’s a simple concept actually. Have a single – make a video.

    • Speechless July 31, 2012

      You’re so bitter lol

      • Im coming out the closet with my next album July 31, 2012

        loool….i laugh at my own name haha.. and @ valerie okay!!

      • Rihanna navy July 31, 2012

        he’s so cute, love this song.

  2. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 31, 2012

    It’s a solid video and the song is great. I hope it does well. Miguel and Luke James are my favorite r ‘n’ b newcomers 😎

  3. seshelle July 31, 2012

    His talent is so underrated.
    I loved this. We need to retain RnB artists like him.. im tired of all these pop s*** aready?

  4. Sammi July 31, 2012

    Adorn is my favorite song off Art Dealer Chic. Wish it was longer though, it was like a 2 1/2 min song lol but I love it. I hope Adorn gets the radio treatment.

  5. mobwife July 31, 2012

    LOL this starts of sounding just like a Prince song.

    The song is not bad but the video is hella cheap! 🙂

  6. Mr.B July 31, 2012

    Miguel is so underrated. Gotta be honest, wasn’t really feeling him when he first came out, but he has quickly become my favorite R&B male artist.
    He is single handedly re-imagining and evolving real R&B, with an electric twist.

  7. SBC19 July 31, 2012

    Now HIM I can support and I like the song. I just hope a year from now when he readies to release an album, he doesn’t post some fruity ass message on Tumblr…

  8. Gees July 31, 2012

    I hate when people say an artist is underrated y’all just brainwashed by the BS and can’t let everyone be great at the same time! Def buying the album .. I support good music!

  9. Mark July 31, 2012

    Now THIS is a song that everyone needs to get behind. I could see this song being a hit on pop, R&B, urban AC and hot AC. It fits into that sort of “alternative” undercurrent that’s starting to make waves and could be the song that brings R&B back to the mainstream if they bother to handle it correctly.

  10. social1 July 31, 2012

    Hot! A modern day Terrance T Darby/ Al B Sure. :0 Love it.

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