Hot Shot: Drake Enjoys Take Out In Toronto

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Peep these snaps of ground breaking MC Drake out and about in his hometown of Toronto.

Snapped picking up a meal with close friend Future, Mr ‘Over’s sighting comes nights after he joined Young Money sister Nicki Minaj at her Pepsi hosted NYC show and 10 months after the release of his #1 album ‘Take Care’. 

To date, sales of the album have ensured the Rapper will enjoy a favorable spot on Billboard’s Year End Chart- selling more units in its first month of release than Rihanna‘s ‘Talk That Talk’ has moved since its November 2011 release.


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    • ENOUGH ONIKA August 17, 2012


  2. ? August 17, 2012



      she is balding too

  3. WorldWideWaddie August 17, 2012

    Sam is just nasty. Whether it’s real or fake, the vitriolic statements towards Rihanna in hopes of attracting #RihannaNavy traffic is stale, desperate, immature and pathetic. He gets great exclusives and writes thoughtful commentaries. He needs to stick that instead of sounding like a moronic, jealous school girl.

    Sam, don’t be like Sandra Rose. You are so much better than that.

  4. Benron (DAT RIHANNA REIGN…) August 17, 2012

    Sam, just because you try to diss someone who is “untaleted” does not mean you can give your 3rd grade writing abilities a chance to shine.

    How many copies did Talk that Talk sell? How many did Take Care sell In that first week? How many copies did Take care sell to date?

    You also need to revise your paragraph style. I dont think you’ve ever written one that was more than 2 sentances long. Stop overusing commas “-“‘s and “:”‘s aand say hello to a period, I learned about those in kindergarten.

    • Lax August 18, 2012

      @BENRON ROTF Lmao..Preach!

  5. Girrrl August 17, 2012

    Drake better get his coins from Young Money so he can pay for that lawsuit.

  6. Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 17, 2012

    KuntBrigade KuntBrigade KuntBrigade KuntBrigade KuntBrigade KuntBrigade KuntBrigade KuntBrigade KuntBrigade KuntBrigade KuntBrigade KuntBrigade
    Join join join join join join join join join join join join npjoin join join join join join

  7. the real xoxo August 17, 2012

    Nice to see Aubrey back in his hood where he grew up in. LOL.

    • Lax August 18, 2012

      @THE REAL XOXO cosign

  8. mobwife – operation kill he b!+@# August 17, 2012


    Drake-Evelyn and his boyfrined out for a stroll how cute! 🙂 They are almost as cute as Kanye and Kim! LOL

  9. ENOUGH ONIKA August 17, 2012

    Samantha, you only made this post to mention Rihanna in some mothaf*ckin way! DAMN your OBSESSED with her!!!! Are you seeing that therapist yet??

  10. Why do people love this trashy family? August 17, 2012

    Rih-Rih, if you or any of your people happen to stumble across this site, I’m telling ya, DEMAND ROYALTY CHECKS FOR EACH TIME THIS UNDERCOVER STAN SITE MENTIONS YOUR NAME. Sam should pay you in exchange for always using your name for site hits and comments.

    • mobwife – operation kill the b!+@# August 17, 2012

      Come now, every site who is tired of whining Riri pulling the same on stunt to sell music or seek sympathy …..”whine Chris Brown has souless eyes…..blah, blah” are clowning her in preperation for her BS interview with former crack smoker and former prostitute Oprah “WHINE & LIE” Frey. 2 losers on 1 show together…ewww, I’m clinching my buttocks even as we speak! 🙁

      • Benron (DAT RIHANNA REIGN…) August 17, 2012

        Rihanna is always sticking up for Chris, she is asked about it every day.

      • Lax August 18, 2012

        Hmmmmmmm no matter how and what
        happens in my fave’s life i will stan for her
        through thick and thin but i will be dam if
        i will ever live a miserable life in my real life
        over what happens. What ever Rih and Chris
        had they had and like
        @BENRON put it, Rihanna ALWAYS stands
        up for CHRISSEY’S ASS.

      • Lax August 18, 2012

        For one, [Chris spray paints.] When he gets in a crazy mood or [he’s] angry, he [takes] his frustration out on the canvas and paints. [He’s] been doing that forever so maybe that’s his therapy. People cope with s*** differently, so him painting or even exercising and running and lifting…could be his way of dealing with his s***.”

        The source has also said that Chris, 23, has a group of people he can rely on, including Rihanna! “[He’s] got a lot of people around him too, you feel me. His [boys are] always around him, taking care of him and s***. His moms and pops – [they’re] cool and got his back. He got [Karrueche Tran] and even [Rihanna] on his side. I think [Chris] is all right and proved he sorry and proved he a better man”
        If only CHRISSEY could try and teach SOME of his
        DERANGED Fns the “Art Of Love” then he will be at even more PEACE in his life and career then ever before, try love you just might like it,,,MOB WIFE, and keep yo MEDS close by because you are going to DEFINITELY need them to make it in the BLOGOSPHERE, Deery.
        Simple because you seem bitter, pressed and pissed
        all of the time, and do yo ass ever “Smile”. smh…

  11. DOSSOME August 17, 2012

    #DEAD @sam comparing TC to TTT,i always insist this site is run like the backyard of a retrenched paparazzi…anyway drake and her boyfriend look happy 2getha perhaps that wld inspire him to get off that aaliyah tatoo in exchange 4 his newfound love

  12. DIGGER BEY August 17, 2012

    Lmao These pics are so last week. Drake has probably changed clothes twenty times since these pics. Must b a slow news day. Anyway Breezy said Little Miss W**** W**** needs to stop talking about the beating. And @ LAX must b a parasite stuck up Riri’s ass. Riri dont give 2 cents about him. She’ll sell his family up the river, for some more Breezy di*k!

    • Lax August 18, 2012

      @DIGGER BEY You and i are two of a kind in a sens
      you for beyonce and me for RIHANNA the only different
      between the two of us is the FACT that yo ass lives up
      BEYONCE’S Crack alax, and i am out and about looking
      for yo ass and TAPPING it like right now, Deery.
      You stan for BEYONCE and are forever reminding the world
      as to how great beyonce still is and i stan for RIHANNA in saying that RIHANNA is a young chick from the Caribbeans doing it up BIG and just because RIHANNA LIVE’S is a thorn
      in yo ass and the bey hive because Rihanna keeps shining even with yo ass and all of yo bull shyt internet Bully Tatics, Amazing…

  13. Lax August 18, 2012

    @DIGGER BEY Yo name says it all…
    And @ LAX must b a parasite stuck up Riri’s ass. Riri dont give 2 cents about him. She’ll sell his family up the river, for some more Breezy di*k

    And beyonce would rather Spit on yo ass if you was on FIRE
    then give you some water to put yo ass out, Digger! Yo ass
    always can be counted on for ton’s of NEGATIVITY when RIH’S
    NAME IS CALLED, ANYWAY IT’S rihanna’s BUSINESS,not yours
    and Jay what she does with her Snatch!
    Rihanna PAYS jAY’S ASS TO mange HER Career not her “SNATCH”.
    I’TS her thing and she can do what the hell she wants to do with it.

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