Usher Lines Up New Single

Published: Tuesday 7th Aug 2012 by Sam

So-so sales and a family tragedy saw Usher‘s ‘Looking 4 Myself’ campaign grind to an abrupt halt last month.

However, in a bid to push forward, the singer is gearing up to release another single from the critically hailed set. Find out which cut as been selected after the jump…

According to All Access, the next track to be lifted from ‘Myself’ is….


Produced by Swedish House Mafia, the song is set to officially impact Mainstream/Top 40 radio on August 21st.


While not a criminal choice, the fact ‘Numb’ was cherry-picked over fellow Mafia number ‘Euphoria’ is as perplexing as it ridiculous.

Despite serving up his most compelling album in years, the masses are still of the opinion that “Usher sold out to Pop”. Hence, if adamant – as it seems he is – to prove that he’s musically progressing, why not showcase the one cut that embodies the phrase most? One that is a fan-favourite at that.

Of course, ‘Euphoria’ is atypical when compared to everything else on the radio, yet it’s that very fact which should have seen Mr Raymond throw caution to the wind and prove that he is indeed making “revolutionary Pop”.

Take a listen to ‘Euphoria’ below and let us know if you agree…

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  1. VIVALAONYX August 7, 2012

    When you listen to the words, it’s kinda reverent to his current situation.

  2. Shari August 7, 2012

    Numb is the best choice and will garner attention to the album right now. Now I really hope chooses Sins of My father as a single later on.

  3. Juize August 7, 2012

    What a bad song choices..
    Scream and Lemme See were alright, but I prefer Looking 4 Myself and I Care For You over Numb. He probably wants a follow up for More

  4. Speaks Truth August 7, 2012

    You know I give on this album!! I don’t know WTF Usher doing!!! “I Care 4 U” or “Lessons in Love” either or should have been released as a single for the R&B part & Euphoria” for Pop & “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” just becuz, like do they ever pay Beyonce any attention when she threw them videos out there so people know her album out…. Although I think she would have had a bigger song from that album had she release “I Care” “I Miss You” (gay couple in the video) Like I don’t know whats the point of having slow R&B/Soul lyrics and a pop beat behind it and don’t release it, I just don’t get it….. That’s Revolutionary R&B, not everything has to be jumping around and screaming, PLEASE COME ON JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!! BRANDY!!!!


    • Famekso August 7, 2012


  5. Proud TGJ Site Supporter August 7, 2012

    Euphoria is an amazing song and deserve epic treatment. If he’s not at a place to ensure everything attached to that song is on platinum status I’ll rather for him to wait. However, I don’t think Numb should have been the next single. Twisted, I.F.U are two cuts I think could have been till the next big one singles. Smh damn it Usher, life isn’t giving you any breaks right now. This album was we what needed to hit the level again but I hope all is well personally. A lot is going on my dude.. be well.

    • Speaks Truth August 7, 2012

      Your absolutely right “IFU” is good for the clubs and everybody can relate LOL

  6. pat August 7, 2012

    shoulda sent i care for u to r and b stations and DIVE to pop

  7. Benron (In Rihanna’s panties) August 7, 2012

    Its good. Thechorus is a letdown but it had a great build up! Go Usha!

  8. MOFAN95 August 7, 2012


  9. Matthew Charlery-Smith August 7, 2012

    This is a good single for summer. Sounds kind of similar to Pitbull/Ne-Yo’s “Give Me EVerything.” Euphoria is maybe TOO abstract right now and may alienate people who want that get up and go summer club vibe.

  10. Joseph August 7, 2012

    Really who’s checking for Usher nowdays. Once you get past 25 years old there’s always someone much younger to take your place. Usher needs to leave that Pop s*** alone and stick to his R&B roots. What does he have to lose because his CD did not do well at all this time around. Frank Ocean is a smart man, he came in with that R&B sound and look he’s doing very well. He is taking what most of these R&B artist left and killing the game. People should be tired of this Pop sound which is manly for the oversears fans. What should be killing the music in the US right now is R&B and Rap, Pop should be secondary.

    Confession was R&B and Usher killed the game with it. Why do people have to follow a trend. If the US go back to R&B/Rap Hip Hop we can turn this s*** around. Leave that Pop s*** to the non-Americans.

    • grrreatt1 August 7, 2012

      Who’s checking for Usher? Are you serious? His album sale s might have sucked, but did you forget that Climax and Lemme see are doing great on Urban? And that Scream is doing great on pop too? Stop being so close minded and grow, he can’t stick to one thing for the rest of his life. Yes Confessions is a classic, but music has changed and so have people. He can’t stick to the same sound over and over again. He isn’t 25 years old anymore. Looking 4 Myself is a great album. It’s his career not yours.

      • Sarah August 7, 2012

        Joseph I agree with your comment somewhat. I love me some Usher and I don’t want him to become a single artist either.

  11. aishaaguilerakeys August 7, 2012

    “Numb” isn”t a favorite of mine. There are LOTS of other songs on that album that are good.

  12. Tbozfan10 August 7, 2012

    Hey Joseph. Why do you say no one is checking for Usher? His singles are doing very well on the charts, r & b and pop. And his album may have had disappointing sales, but it was enough to land him at number 1, meaning that other artists aren’t doing that much better. I mean, look at the sales of his closest competitors: Chris brown & R. Kelly. Usher is definately not alone.

    • Joseph August 7, 2012


      I agree but Usher’s, Chris, & Kelly singles are doing way better that the cd itself. This is what I’m trying to get accross. R&B fans love Usher,Chris & Kelly and it seems like Kelly is the only one who sticking to his R&B roots. Yes Usher & Chris singles are doing well. On the R&B chart Chris has many many songs on the chart more than Usher and both albums has poor sales. They even have Don’t Wake Me Up & Usher’s Scream as R&B.

      • Joseph August 7, 2012

        Also not a fan of Chris but all those songs he put out for his fans before the album drop were much better R&B sound than what he has on the FORTUNE album. And he keeps doing it. I really hope the both of them can find their way back to only R&B

    • grrreatt1 August 7, 2012

      People keep acting like he has to prove himself over and over again, when he doesn’t he has achieved a lot for someone his age. When will Chris Brown, Justin Bieber etc, go diamond? He has had a song go number one for three consecutive decades, and lets not forget he’s extremely talented.

  13. JER August 7, 2012

    I’m SO OVER Miss Ursha. He slayed my life with Confessions and then… well i just can’t. I can’t do the whole THIS IS THE R&B SINGLE, HERES THE POP SINGLE, HERE’S THE URBAN SINGLE. HERE’S THE DANCE REMIX. I’m over it. Searching For MySales is a mess and he should be ashamed trying to pull a Chris Brown who is utterly beneath him. SMH!!!

  14. MH August 7, 2012

    He should’ve released ‘Show Me’

  15. Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 7, 2012

    i love him, but i’m not here for this one.

  16. Failure 03 August 7, 2012

    it’s because Loreen’s Euphoria is still fresh. In Europe, where these type of songs excels the most.

    He’s been doing decent there atm, no need to rush out Euphoria now. Plus Numb fits his current situation more.

  17. Nick August 7, 2012

    I love this album

  18. Ej August 7, 2012

    Who cares? Both songs are wack and Usher is a huge sellout.

  19. aj August 7, 2012

    Am I the only one who thinks “Numb” is best pop some the album. “euphoria” I’d not a good song at all. “numb” is is far superior!

  20. KD August 8, 2012

    I LOVE Usher’s Looking 4 Myself with the exception of a few songs. Numb is by no means a bad song but I think this ERA was a mess.

  21. B. Hill August 8, 2012

    I’m too through with pop Usher. He can release a big belch for all I care.

  22. Gr3g August 8, 2012

    I don’t like any of the pop/dance cuts on this album. Anything else would have been a better choice.

  23. Drake&CiaraFan August 8, 2012

    I really wanted “Euphoria” to be the next pop single, I still hope “IFU” is the next urban 1. I hope he rethinks “Numb”, if you look on iTunes when you click on popularity, the songs go
    1. Scream
    2. Lemme See
    3. Climax
    4. Euphoria
    5. IFU

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