Watch: Rihanna Opens Up On ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ (Full Interview) *HQ Update*

Published: Sunday 19th Aug 2012 by Rashad

It’s finally here!  The interview everyone’s been talking about…

The previous weeks have seen anticipation reach a feverish pitch for the most revealing, tell-all interview ever done by ‘We Found Love’ singer Rihanna.

With no subject off limits, you’ve seen the teasers, now you can see it in its below:

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  1. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud August 19, 2012

    Lemme prepare for the shade fest….


      she’s so real and down to earth. rihanna is on her way to being a legend. i can definitely see a movie being about her life in the near future. keep your head up baby girl we got you while we patiently wait for your 7th album.

      • Ugh August 20, 2012

        A legend though? how old are you, 12?….lmao

      • barbie August 21, 2012

        after this interview, I hope the RIHtards aren’t delusional enuff to call Riri “confident”. Acts confidents is more suitable. All of a sudden she looks less attractive. I guess thenew attraction to her will be that she is so down to earth and honest. The metric for why they stan for her is ever changing. Lets see what happens when something turns up to prove that she is not “honest” and “down to earth” .

    • HALF AMAZIN August 20, 2012

      People love this bish for realness. You CAN’T FAKE THAT. NO pics on any social network can reveal a real soul. Werq for days bish!!! Oprah kinda boring trying to revive her relevance with pop culture. Billion dollar bish,retire ok

  2. Gilberto August 19, 2012

    The fakest thing I’ve seen since Milli Vanilli’s performance on Grammy.

    • BLUE August 19, 2012

      Fake tears fake laughs this interview sucks big forehead like a lion ahahah R**** p*** off

    • Girrrl August 19, 2012

      I know you’re not talking when your fave can’t even formulate complete sentences without saying “Um” “I was inspired” and her same 10 scripted answers about everything. And let’s not even talk about how she’s trying to pretend she cares about anyone but herself with that I was here crap she’s using to bring 4lopped 4closure to life.

      • Gilberto August 19, 2012

        Really? Your argument isn’t relevant especially considering that you stan for a basic b**** that tweet things like these:
        “Suck my cockine$$”;
        “My b**** thick az phuck”;
        “Why did I walk into my dads hotel room? Room full of b****** and 2chainz is playing! *logs off of life*”;
        “Lame n***** be quiet.”

        She’s trying to change her image, because Def Jam knows that that her current persona is fake and her TTT is a big failure – it flopped so badly that they’re giving it for free. Now she wants to be nice and sweet. I can’t. She’s so fake!!! She writes the biggest BS on Twitter and then acts like a naive 10-year-old girl in front of cameras.

      • Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) August 19, 2012

        Talk That Talk is doing far much better than 4closure worldwide. The FLOP-Hive is reaching today.

      • Gilberto August 19, 2012

        “Talk That Talk is doing far much better than 4closure worldwide. The FLOP-Hive is reaching today.”
        B****, please! On my dictionary, worldwide means “entire world”. On ther hand, on your dictionary, it means UK. It is the only place where Talk That Flop still is charting. And it’s only charting because you can buy it for less than $3. I can’t. As far as I know, TTF didn’t even sell 1 million in USA. MASSIVE FAILURE. She had the support of her biggest hit to date, We Found Drug, and a bunch of other generic dance songs, but no one is checking her. Beyoncé came out with a R&B album which isn’t mainstream anymore, and without support of hit singles, it still sold as much as Talk That Failure.

      • Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) August 19, 2012

        LOL, Talk THAT TALK IS STILL charting on all charts all over the world. In fact in the UK, both Loud and Talk That Talk are outselling 4closure. Even on the Billboard 200, Talk That Talk is still on the charts, 4closure on the other hand is out of all the charts all over the world, no one is buying that “algeber” crap from the biggest THIEF in the industry, 4closure copies are sitting in the discount bin everywhere. Rihanna may have been selling her album at a discount in the UK, but at least people are still buying, 4closure is selling for E 4.99 at many big retailers in the UK and on iTunes and still no one is buying, they’ll have to give it out for free soon.

        Sony invested a lot in 4closure and it still brought no dividends, Flop singles, only one VEVO certified video, low concert bookings and poor sales worldwide. Beyonce has now been relegated to being a local b****, she can only sell records in the USA whereas Rihanna appeals to a global fan-base which is why Talk That Talk is doing better than 4closure world wide.

        I hope I don’t have to explain to the Hood-Hive how an album is a portfolio. Albums do not just depend on album sales anymore, an album is a portfolio, if the singles, videos and bookings are up based on the just released album, then the album is a success. Talk That Talk has 2 mega hit singles (we found love, where have you been), 1 good single (you da one), 2 VEVO certified music videos and a catalog of performances world wide, it is far from being a flop, it is a huge success for Island DefJam which is why her label is still investing in Rihanna. The jury is still out on THIEFonce but I doubt Sony will put in the money they put into 4closure. Fact is THIEFonce is on her way out.

      • Gilberto August 19, 2012

        Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice), you’re so stupid to touch on subjects that you don’t have acknowledgment to discuss. You’re so basic that I don’t even want to start an argument with you. Most of things you stated are based solely on your personal opinion which I don’t give a f***.
        I’m going to slay you with only four things: R****** holds the record of lowest sales of #1 album in UK’s history, Battleshit is one of the biggest failure of all time, TTT failed to be #1, it failed to be Platinum in US. See? I stated FACTS. On other hand, you can only write delusions.
        DEAD @ the VEVO certification. Really? Do you think it is relevant?
        DEAD @ she can only sell records in the USA. Really? So how did IASF alone sold more than all R******’s albums in Brazil? How did B’Day sold more than R******’s albums in Japan? I can’t.
        DEAD @ Rihanna appeals to a global fan-base. Really? So why didn’t they buy her album? I mean, she released a bunch of generic dance songs. It isn’t like she tried something different or not commercial (like Beyoncé did).
        DEAD @ You Da Flop being a “good” single when it failed to hit top 10 everywhere, even with the help of payola.
        Thanks for making me laugh.
        If you don’t know, TTT is Rihanna lowest charting-run album everywhere since GGGB came out. Sorry for the bad news. : /
        Beyoncé’s “flop” sold as much as an average R******’s album. R****** had a bunch of generic dance songs, which is dominating radios, but her album still failed. Beyoncé had a bunch of R&B tracks, which is dead on radios, but her album sold as much as TTT.

      • Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) August 20, 2012

        Exactly how is Talk That Talk a flop again

        We found love – 4x Platinum
        Birthday Cake – Gold
        Where have you been – Platinum
        Talk That Talk (single) – Gold
        You Da One – Platinum

        And the album is on it’s way to going platinum. The funny thing is only We Found Love and Where have you been have received the most promo, the rest sold better than any single from 4closure with little to no promo.

        Rihanna may have the lowest selling number one in UK history but people are still buying the album, it is well on its way to selling 1 million copies in the UK. 4closure on the other hand will never see those figures in the UK.

        I guess you do not know the relevancy of a VEVO certification. Whenever VEVO makes money on a music video, they have to pay the label and artist royalties. More views result in more money which results in more royalties, get my drift. So for example if Where have you been got 100,000,000 million views, that could translate to about $1 Million USD in royalties to both the label and artist. This is why a VEVO certification is a good thing.

        I guess my words were too big for the flop-hive. I said “Beyonce has now been relegated to being a local b****, she can only sell records in the USA” end quote. When you find out what that means, that’s when you’ll fully understand what I meant by that statement 0_o

        Her Global fan-base did buy her album and they are still buying it (which is why Talk That Talk is still in the charts in ever market in the world). Talk That Talk is still selling, you should learn to understand simple statements like these.

        You Da One is not a flop single, it is platinum in the states and has sold better than any Beyonce single from 4closure.

        Beyonce’s 4closure has not done better than Talk That Talk world-wide. The USA is not the only country in the world so whether it sells more than TTT in the USA market, it is the global sales that matter at the end of the day and Rihanna has slayed THIEFonce on that front.

    • Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) August 19, 2012

      A Beyonce stan saying this interview was fake?? LMAO. Oh the irony.

      • Nicho August 20, 2012

        Gilberto that h** is a fool all her talk based on bey is fake just like her fake ass fave. Only lies no facts she is over boreanna u look like a fool I see through your bi polar act fake as hell

      • Lax August 20, 2012

        @BEYONCE’S WEAVE cosign….preach i got the
        collection plate going around and the USHERS
        are all standing at ATTENTION till the $$$$$$$$
        is counted, Amen!
        We already know that this is going to be something for
        her haters to try and dissect every which way but Loose!

      • Lax August 20, 2012

        You know you are raising sand when the generals
        from the bey hive are showing all of beyonce’s achievenments and she has been in the industry
        twice as long as Rihanna has and rihanna is
        compared to beyonce more then any other artist
        black are whit all of the time, PROVING that Rihanna
        is doing something right and it kills the bey hive.

    • Lax August 20, 2012

      A lot of people are just really confused by me; they don’t know what to think of me, so they try to compartmentalize me or diminish me. Maybe they just feel unsafe. But any time you have an overtly emotional or irrational, negative reaction to something, you’re fearing something that it’s bringing up in you.

    • BEY & RIH August 20, 2012

      OMG. I’m a Beyonce stan and I love Rihanna too. How could you say that lol if you really hate her please dont put beyonce pic as your avi. 🙁 now everybody is hating on queen bey. ugh I love Beyonce and Rihanna ok. Please delete your comment

  3. ck1 August 19, 2012

    Forehead for days!


      IKR, love that forehead!

    • Lax August 20, 2012

      CK yes and she got it from “Yo Mamma”.

    • Lax August 20, 2012

      Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.

  4. BLUE August 19, 2012

    Rihanna has been accused of sending out a dangerous message to other victims of domestic violence after admitting, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, that she still misses her ex-boyfriend who was charged with assaulting her three years ago.

    • Nicho August 20, 2012

      I saw that on daily mail. Backlash has started for that attention h**

      • Lax August 20, 2012

        Nicho let the backlash began, because we all know that
        the biggest backlash rihanna will ever feel are get is right
        here on this post.
        And not a single one of yo talking shyt figures into the equation of supporting her are chris brown cause, at all.

      • Lax August 20, 2012

        Rejection is the greatest aphrodisiac.

    • Lax August 20, 2012

      Blue=scum bag deluxe edition!

      • Lax August 20, 2012

        @Nicho you and Blue is negative even on a clear day,
        as far as Rih is concerned. Neither of you have given her a break , ever.

    • Lax August 20, 2012

      @Blue once you let go of hate then and only then you will start to live….
      All kinds of emotions started happening after that,” she said. “All kinds of things started making sense. I thought I hated Chris and I realized it was love that was tarnished. It looked like hate because it was ugly, it was angry, it was inflamed, it was tainted and I realized that what it was is, I have to forgive him, because I cared about him still. And the minute I let go of that, I started living again.”
      @Blue and Haters…
      She says i have to forgive him, because i cared about him still, and the minute i let go of that. i started living again…

  5. James227 August 19, 2012

    Oprah did not ask the right questions. We already knew that she was still in love with Chris and that they spent time together on that boat. The question I wanted ask was what happened in the car that night. Rihanna hurts even more when the world calling Chris all types of names. What Rihanna said in that interview could cost her career because this is not what the people want to hear her say about Chris. They wanted her to talk negative about him, but she didn’t.

    • shell517nj August 19, 2012

      She already has an established fan base. her career is secure. if anything, more secure after this interview in my opinion.

    • TheOneYouFollow August 19, 2012

      The fact is, she is human, why fake it?! Makes no sense, to be honest I respect her for keeping it real. She already has a fan base and she’s justified why she still loves him. Regardless – she shouldn’t need to shes a popstar, her personal life has nothing to do with us.

    • victoria August 19, 2012

      cause it’s not out business and she’s in a better place now where she doesn’t need to talk bad about him cause she has forgiven him.

    • Lax August 20, 2012

      @JAMES why don’t you ask Chris since yo ass
      lives up his ass all of the time and it’s clear that
      your HATE rihanna there are many who are bitter
      and rightfully so many of Rih’s fans are still bitter
      the only difference with many of Rih’s fans is that
      they do not go in search of a Chris brown post
      to hate on him on a daily and i can bout for myself
      since i know that i loved them as a couple and i was
      mad, bitter as hell when he did this to her for what ever
      the reason was, but if she have forgiven chris i see that as a huge step in the right direction to a bigger and brighter days ahead for both of them, but yo ass can keep
      hating on her it’s yo life and i am in no position to tell another how to act but i do read you silly season clowns and so do the navy off and on all of the time.

      • Lax August 20, 2012

        @Rihanna’s haters, bey hive and Team Breezy who
        are still pissy, bitter and mad at Rihanna not only for her
        sit down with Oprah but mad and pissy with Rihanna for being a hard working chick who have come from very Humble beginning’s and she’s still the same sweet, caring young woman she was when she started her career from nothing and is now this huge mega artist please.
        Pray for Rihanna and her navy, pray for me and by all means
        pray for yourselves that we all will grow stronger in the good book and not that devil book that keep us pissy, bitter and mad at others mainly Rihanna when she makes any kind of a wave in her career climb, weather it be good, are bad.

      • James227 August 20, 2012


        Did I ask Rihanna? No Rihanna gave an interview and it was her choice. Now on the other hand NO ONE is going to ask Chris for an interview. They the media could careless what he has to say. So being that Rihanna did that interview to let the world know how much in love she still is with Chris, she could have easily talked about the incident in the car that night.

      • James227 August 20, 2012


        Your saying that Teambreezy & the Behive are mad?? No the fanbases of other artists all over the world is mad. Me I’m not mad because I knew this day was going to come and Rihanna will do this on national tv, just like the 20/20 interview. So don’t think it’s only those two fanbases. I was on twitter and there’s was nothing nice being said about Rihanna & Chris from other fanbases.

    • Lax August 20, 2012

      When I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it and there’s nothing you can do but type insults about me.

  6. Monstarebel August 19, 2012


  7. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud August 19, 2012

    At least she kept it real. If you really think this interview was fake, you are a pressed stan of another artist

    • Ugh August 20, 2012

      this was real. the 20/20 interview was fake as f***

  8. Bey Fan August 19, 2012

    Somebody said Rihanna looked like a can of Arizona Iced Tea….. funniest s*** I’ve heard in a while….lol

    I really enjoyed the interview. She didn’t say anything we didn’t already know, but she was cute and so open. I dont think it was fake.

    I think the Chris Brown segment was a little drawn out, but Im sure thats what ppl wanted her to talk about the most….

    She looked pretty. And when she was talking about her granny….that part kinda got to me.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Rihanna…. this was a moment where I loved her….

    • ZEROFUCKSGIVEN August 19, 2012

      It’s funny that you have a love hate relationship with someone who doesn’t even know you! Beyonce fans are absolutely ridiculous!

    • Honestly Speaking August 19, 2012

      How do you have a relationship with someone who doesn’t even know that you exist? You need some help, boo. Stay off the blogs and start scheduling those therapy sessions. Rihanna and Thiefonce don’t want nor do they claim you.

    • Bey Fan August 20, 2012

      *sigh*… love/hate relationship with her as an entertainer. Didn’t think I needed to actually say that. Clearly I dont know anything more about Rihanna than anybody else on this blog. But some of you have an extreme admiration for the girl, some have a strong dislike for the girl, i guess i straddle the fence….

      How about this, I have like/dislike for Rihanna as an entertainer….. is that better for you. Is this more laymen for you…. *rolls eyes*

  9. RITANATION August 19, 2012

    I know this is off topic but I heard that some beehives members are talking s*** about Rita. Now I don’t know what the f*** there problem is cause I love me some beyonce let’s be honest I don’t want to Start pulling out the big guns and take behives out. It’s that easy and simple

    • up and down August 19, 2012

      oh gurrrrrrl please do the GhettoHive needs an ass whoppin

  10. Speaks Truth August 19, 2012

    Wow Rihanna really makes you think about what love from a female is like….. I have experienced it and still experiencing it and it’s amazing!!! She truly does love Chris Brown and wants the best for him!!! That’s that undying love

  11. Bey Fan August 19, 2012

    I do find it funny that ppl call Beyonce fake…but she’s the same every where…. I mean she doesn’t give you one thing on social media and then jump in front of camera and give you the complete opposite.

    But I think Rihanna was being genuine. And an Oprah interview isnt the place to talk about weed and partying and f******…..

    I just wish Rihanna was that way all the time. I hate her twitter persona …. but the navy loves it, so i guess thats all that matters….

  12. Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) August 19, 2012

    That was such a good interview, thank you Oprah. I love how real Rihanna is and I’m glad even Oprah acknowledged that. I love Rihanna even more because I have now seen her, completely stripped back and raw. This is the real Riri and I love how true to herself she remains, I also love her honesty.

    • matreiya August 20, 2012

      I see the propaganda for Rihanna’s upcoming album has started working…

      • uh huh August 20, 2012

        Yeap, her new album isn’t going to be sexually raw, its going to be more about love, the Rihanna transformation begins.

      • Lax August 20, 2012

        @BEYONCE’S WEAVE cosign

  13. Gilberto August 19, 2012

    Sean Penn beat up Madonna, but he got away with it. You don’t see anyone bringing it out. When it comes to white people, it seems like everyone gives them a second chance. Nicolas Cage, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and many others went through this same thing, but “people” (aka media) completly forgot about it.
    But when it comes to black people, they’re immediately targeted as the villain and abuser. After all these decades, Ike and Bobby Brown are still remembered as a women beater… and so will Chris Brown. No one gave them a second chance to redeem themselves.
    I think everyone deserves a second shot,, even Chris Brown. If Rihanna really loves him, then they should make up and don’t give a f*** about what media or society think about it.

    • BLUE August 19, 2012

      Rihanna lie to much she said chris was her first love WTF she had a boyfriend in Barbados when she was 14 b**** lost her virginity that young

      • Mimi August 20, 2012

        @Blue who told you that just because she had a boyfriend before Chris, it means that Chris can’t be her first love?? Are you stupid? Most of times first love is not the person who takes your virginity, most of times you find true love with someone else. And who are you to call her “B****”?? Seriously, are you saint?? Are you perfect? Don’t judge others when you “Blue” make mistakes too… People need to stop acting like they all perfect and stuff. NOBODY IN THIS WORLD IS PERFECT AND EVERYBODY MAKE MISTAKES, PERIOD!!! Your not perfect and you’ll never be perfect. The only perfect person in this all world is JESUS CHRIST, thank you.

    • Suicide Blonde August 20, 2012

      What really makes the different in this case is that we never seen a picture of Madonna after been beaten, the world would never forget that picture of Rihanna, when you think about what happen you probably think, he deserve a second chance but when you see that picture you think he could have almost kill her, he was a beast if you know what i mean and i’m sure if Jay-Z beats Beyonce you won’t give him a second chance.

  14. White girl mob August 19, 2012




  15. Honestly Speaking August 19, 2012

    I see the little Beyonce stans couldn’t wait to hop their stank asses into this post and talk trash. Don’t hate because Rihanna is actually honest and mature. Not everyone needs to lie about giving birth to illegal immigrants for relevancy. 😉

    The interview was nice and she was honest and candid in her responses. Honesty, unfortunately, is something that the illiterate, media-trained robot also known as Thiefonce would know nothing about. Y’all delusional stans can continue to throw that hate but just remember that Rihanna shall remain unbothered at the end of the day.

    #HonestlySpeakingWasHere #ThinkingaboutpovertyasBeyoncetakesanotherassshot

    • RITANATION August 19, 2012

      LMAO yea they been all over the place lately talkin this and talkin that.. But if it’s true that they was running there mouth about Rita then they got another thing coming. Like I know Rita bots are new to the game but we will easy take a fan base out if they cross the line. (in that Order) mama dee voice

    • Lax August 20, 2012

      @HONESTLY SPEAKING,,,,Smiling cosign u

  16. MC August 19, 2012

    I enjoyed this interview. She was humble and open, which was enjoyable.

  17. WaitUrTurn88 August 19, 2012



      it’s not like she was living in poverty to begin with but i get what you mean.

  18. ENOUGH ONIKA August 19, 2012

    Ok couple things.. Now Oprah, this interview was done in 2009 aka Dateline or 20/20 whatever. Second, all these questions everyone know due to common sense or experience being in love, you always will have feelings for your first love. Third, Rihanna’s MOTHER was extremely fake acting it was also painful to watch. This was overhyped in my opinion, I’m not hating on Rihanna or Oprah but this did not live up to the over abundance of promo it received….I think Rihanna’s “marketing” team wanted to clean up her image due to endorsement issues and public backfire from her choices the past year. This is all set up in part of the new Rihanna era coming for the next album…

  19. BILL August 19, 2012

    sad she had to get beat

  20. lianna August 19, 2012

    awesome interview, alll the haters are gonna call it fake…why do u even bother f****** watching it when ur gonna come here and just hate!

    love u robyn, keep it real 🙂

  21. whyohwhy August 19, 2012

    Fake!!!! This was boring and the short clips they showed were better than this fake interview. She just should have said she likes to get high and drunk and that’s when she shows her true self. The part with her mother was even worst!!! It took you that long to do something like that for her…On to the next one the only true part in this was her still being in LOVE with Chris and she is still lying about her part so I give it a 2 out of 10 interview…

    • rozel August 20, 2012

      i’m sure rihanna has done everything her mom has asked her for and more. She could have been upgrading her mom for all you know. How do you know she didn’t already pay off her moms mortgage on her last house. People like you say stupid stuff just because. And I bet your ass can’t even afford to buy your moms something like that and you on here talking. Just shut your ass up.

  22. commanderofthedancefloor August 19, 2012

    i want to know what was fake about the interview? her crying over her gran gran or crying over chris brown? how about her saying she still loves him and forgave him? exactly which part was fake? in fact most people already knew most of this!!

  23. sweetdiva August 19, 2012

    I loved this interview Oprah did with Rhianna! One of the realest interviews ever!!! The part where Rhi said her anger towards men and not letting them in came from her not having a close relationship with her father really hit home with me! It just made me realize I need to talk things over with my father!

  24. TheOneYouFollow August 19, 2012

    I loved it, must admit never started off as her biggest fan, but this has shown me how humble she is, love ya rih rih!!

  25. RichnBlack11(Beyonce keep em MAD) August 19, 2012

    Well done riri, can’t help who you love ……..C*** you better go get your man f*** what people say

  26. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 19, 2012

    -fake tears- This was sooooo nice and Rihanna actually looked pretty and not like a s***. Putting her cat vocals and status aside, this is the sunshine girl I remember. 🙂
    Now in all honesty, If I was chris brown I wanted want her but I felt that she really loved him with all her heart and that she slept around looking for a replacement or someone to replace that love but couldn’t stop loving Chris and if she did love him that much then that type of love isn’t easy to run away from or turn off. I now have a inch of respect for THIS rihanna. Anyway, where is honestly speaking and lax. <3333

    • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 19, 2012

      *if I was chris brown I wouldn’t want her*

      • Honestly Speaking August 20, 2012

        LOL @ You coming back to correct your hate. If you’re going to hate on someone, at least come grammatically correct, b****.

      • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 20, 2012

        Lol Your the last one to speak about grammar when all your comments are nonsensical. Also is “b****” the only thing you know? Come better child cause god knows u need it.

      • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 20, 2012

        Well, at least your taking my advice on spell-check. So elementary….

      • RIHNATION’S BLOG August 20, 2012

        It’s “you’re” taking my advice, not “your” DUMMY! Don’t come for Honestly Speaking w****! Now take “your” own advice on “spell-check” clown!!

    • Gisela April 3, 2013

      if chris would beat you up NO ONE would even give a s***! B****!

  27. victoria August 19, 2012

    I loved the interview and I completely get where she’s coming from with the whole chris situation. It was real and I loved that she kept it 100.



    • Nicho August 20, 2012

      She wears them in her forehead I mean look at it its bigger than her ass

      • jawon August 20, 2012

        That was lame ass f***! Have a seat…

  29. sheedh August 20, 2012

    Im a Bey stan, but i like Rihanna too. I like how she is so down to earth and open, I don’t believe she was being fake at all.

  30. MRDIVABITCH August 20, 2012

    Very good interview, she comes off as sweet and real, with true depth about her

  31. christinastherealtalent August 20, 2012

    All you Goat stands crack me up. TTT may still be on the 200 chart in the US but it hasn’t wven sold a million copies here and its been out nearly year. Where have you been is considered a flop in the US considering it didnt hit #1 like all her other generic dance songs.

    But yeah i really wish this b**** would quit bringing Chris up. We get it, we know you miss and love him. what we heard in this interview isn’t any different than what she’s already said so what was the point if not for publicity?



    • RIH4LIFE August 20, 2012

      ur a f****** idiot if u think Where Have You Been was a flop. If #1 is the only way a song isnt a flop then y the f*** is ur fav still singing/screaming when nothing she does goes to #1

    • matreiya August 20, 2012

      Thank you! This was publicity to rehab the s*** show she has been putting on all summer, smoking weed, driniking, etc…because she got an album of crap coming out this holiday. The parents of her deaf fans will be purchasing that crap and she has got to be family friendly. DUH!

  32. TeamBreezy August 20, 2012

    I Love you Rihanna

  33. JER August 20, 2012

    Now THAT is a real ass b****. Your faves better take note with they fake ass interviews

  34. Kim August 20, 2012

    I still can’t stand her! She says in the interview that she’s not comfortable being s*** and she doesn’t know what being the ‘essence of f***’ is, but the next minute she is all over twitter posting all kinds of profanities! Two faced fake b****! She always walks around with her n****** semi exposed and she’s not comfortable being s***??? GTFOH!!!!!!!!!

    • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 20, 2012

      I agree completely but Rihanna stans like the two-face h**. She is just angry that Miss, Tran riding that d*** and not her.



    • matreiya August 20, 2012

      Yeah, like she doesn’t know what s** or s*** means when she is naked or getting her eagle on. That’s why she makes me sick and I believe she is mesmerizingly stupid.

      • rozel August 20, 2012

        but guess what she don’t give two f**** what you all think. Bottom line is that your little insignificant comments on a blog can’t touch rihanna. She’s an international machine and just keeps getting bigger and better. Loved the interview and love that rihanan is real. Real humans are dynamic. We all have different sides. Oh I guess you fools wouldn’t realize that because you spend all day in one mode, negative and hateful. Rihanna is free to express and exprience all sides of herself and personality like real people do. Real people don’t act one way all of the time. Only programmed robots do.

  35. JER August 20, 2012

    Omg i can’t at the BeYAWNce stans flocking like the dirty c*** harpie ass stans you are. DISGUSTING. You BEY-sides are truly mentally ill. Your fave NEVER could talk about anything other than her grammys, her “inspired” fake songwriting credits, or how talented she is. Your fake Houston trash gutterslut can’t start or finish a sentence without “I” or “Me.” The selfish ho even tried to make World Humanitarian Day about her and her new video I CANNOT, WILL NOT. Again, the mental illness is ASTOUNDING. I’ll still never forget the 4 foot busted BeYAWNce stan I had to kick out of my party for trying to steal someone’s iPod because they played a Rihanna song!!! YOU BROKE ASS HO’S ARE ALL THE SAME. You look a damn mess and you act a damn messso PLEASE do everyone a favour and LOG OFF The free public library internet and take the bus back to the projects and HAVE ALL THE SEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nicho August 20, 2012

      No one does read your s*** yo



    • Lax August 20, 2012

      @JER ROTF….LMAO Great read, Jer.

  36. RIH4LIFE August 20, 2012

    amazing interview

  37. The Boss August 20, 2012

    Wow. I am in no way a huge Rihanna fan. I always crack on her singing, but this interview has me liking her a whole lot more. I mean to be that open and honest and still exude so much personality, what’s not to like? Robyn Fenty you may have just captured another fan here, but we still need to talk about you vocals…great interview and I hope she never loses that spark that makes her her.

    • RIHNATION’S BLOG August 20, 2012

      Aww, that was so sweet THE BOOS 🙂

    • wendell August 20, 2012

      Notice we all doing just what Rihanna said in her interview. Not one person said anything nice about Chris on this post. The only one speaking good things about Chris was Rihanna in her interview. I too learned alot from all of this soundering these two BLACK young people. Love is Love and Hate is Hate and I see more hate toward one then the other.

      I’m keeping the hate off this site, because what I see here is my life at a stand still hating while the person I’m hatin is moving on enjoying their lives.

  38. matreiya August 20, 2012

    I see some people fell for the okie doke, AGAIN. Here we have Rihanna doing what she always does, crying, pretending to be down to earth, and her “I don’t know what it means to be s*** and I’m just like you.” routine. All the while she is bashing Chris Brown while asking for sympathy. Why? An auto tuned travesty will be released this holiday season, where she will bleat syllables and talk about sucking cockiness, getting f*****, drunk and high. This will be a masterpiece that someone else will write, produce, compose, and direct, she will just show up. By the way, auto- tune had a new up date, so her vocals should be pretty good…at least a drowned cat.

    • rozel August 20, 2012

      how is she pretending to be down to earth? People in her homeland are flocking all over her, if they thought she was fraudulent and being fake, there is no way she would be getting so much love. This girl is as real as they get. Its obvious you are just upset because her golden personality shined through and allowed the naysayers to realize that rihanna has never changed. She’s the same old robin from back in barbados and she’s well loved.

  39. Miguel August 20, 2012

    This interview just shows the caliber of a true superstar.

    Something that Rita Bore-a cannot have, no matter how much they try to hype her and shove her down our throat

  40. Love on top August 20, 2012

    rihanna and her PR team are clever b****** they knew what they were doing with that interview plus she releasing a new album

  41. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 20, 2012

    the best thing that happened in the T.V History.

    Rihanna won me again As a Stan , now i see the whole Chrihanna situation in a different Light , U go Robyn 🙂

    *Reactivates the Navy MODE*

  42. mkigz August 20, 2012

    A lot of you sound so stupid comparing artists against each other – TTT and 4 came out at different times of the year. Both have sold well in different areas of the world. In the US 4 has sold over a million copies, TTT is soon to sell a million as well – their sales are incredibly doing well, especially compared to other artists and also in this economic climate we live in. So neither of their albums are “flops”. In my opinion a flop album would be “Basic Instinct” for example -( no shade intended towars ciara because I did buy that album on December 14th).

  43. Troybenz August 20, 2012

    it was a good interview and im glad that i know rihanna more shes a humble nice person and im glad that she forgave chris brown the one thing that i didnt like is the questions about chris brown i wished that oprah would ask more questions about her movie and the way she feels about the industry

  44. Lax August 20, 2012

    This was Rihanna at her best at home and being as real as
    she could ever get. Why is it so hard for many to let her live,
    i mean it seems that it’s dam if she do and dam if she don’t.
    I see where she’s coming from because FORGIVING is a big
    part of all of our’s lives and we who thinks with a brain and not
    their asses know that the first steps to getting over any kind of
    hate is to “Forgive Those Who Spites You” and after that you can
    stand as tall as you was intended to stand. It’s clear that many
    from the bey hive and her haters are going to hate her no matter
    what she does with her career and her life. I have a new found
    respect for her, not many artist will take the world, Oprah and
    camers to where it all began like this for her. This shows that
    she had real love for Chris and she do not habor nothing but
    love for Chris and she stated it as clear as she possibly could
    that they are friends and he’s with some one, so keep trying to
    make something out of nothing while she work hard on getting
    back to business with are without her haters blessings. We can
    always count on her haters to jump on everything connected
    with Rihanna just like a “Dog On A Bone”, Right Haters, bey hive….

  45. Lax August 20, 2012

    O asked RiRi where her relationship with Chris stands today, nearly three years after his brutal attack on her.
    Rihanna explained, “We’re very, very close friends. We built a trust again and that’s it. We love each other and we probably always will.”
    RiRi says the two are just friends now and they are in no way back together … though she did admit, “I think he was the love of my life.”
    This and add that Oprah was there in Barbados and add to that going to the
    house rih lived and grew up in and her GIVING HER MOM A NEW HOME
    all went together hand in hand to show really what and who Rihanna the super star trully is.

  46. Jo. August 20, 2012

    I love this interview, and I found respect to this woman. I love the way how she understood, and accepted, and put closure to her past. Just the same as how I come to terms with mine (personal). And all the things that you guys say hurtful things about this woman are just irrelevant. Look at her achievement in life and her career. Celebrate with this woman! Her love to her family, especially to her mom deserves a cheers. Count me in, as I become a NAVY.

  47. Lax August 20, 2012

    Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.

    • Lax August 20, 2012

      Poor is the woman whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.

  48. Hi5 August 20, 2012

    COSIGN @lax

  49. James227 August 20, 2012

    Rihanna has a large fanbase, but would a die hard fan of hers slack back because most of them hates Chris not only in th US but her fans worldwide.

  50. kimberly August 20, 2012

    I am late but. My predictions a re so right i knew def jam would try to clean her image. i knew it! i knew! lately everyone nad their mama were getting so sick of rihanna’s attitude even her fans i know of. Her last album flopped and didn’t match loud sales. I just shows how much of her hit or miss she is. she is now pretending.
    Now to all the haters that have to call other artist fake. Riahnan is athe biggest fake an dthis interview proves it. Is this the rihanna you know from other interviews and the social network? NO WELL I DON’T KNOW WHICH RIHANNA IS IN THIS INTERVIEW. I REALLY DON’T. this is what you call fake. Now she needs to clean the dirt off her fivehead through oprah network to win america and the rest of the world over. Sad that she had to go through that struggle at such a young age but to need to find yourself rihanna. You were a fake thug life b**** all the time well maybe you being fake in the oprah interview. but we will see how it unfolds.

    • rozel August 20, 2012

      you don’t know it because you have never been her fan. The real fans know and recognize who the real rihanna is. SHe has always been personable, open and direct in her interviews. Nothing new. And if the people who know her best say she’s never changed and remain humble, i rather believe them than YOU some random stranger on a blog who think you know her but really don’t. Oprah got close enough to see the real rihanna, and she already said rihanna is nothing like what the media protrays her to be. Real always outshine fake in the end anyway. ANd rihanna keeps it real always.

  51. kimberly August 20, 2012

    why is she saying that we still love each other. b**** speak for yourself. you know damn well he have a gf, move the f*** on.

    • rozel August 20, 2012

      you don’t know what chris is telling her when they talk to each other, so you shouldn’t even be speaking on other people relationship. They had a love thang, they still speak, so unless your the third person on the phone, you need to just shut the hell up.

      • barbie August 20, 2012

        of course no one knows what he is telling her on the phone..what we ALL know is that he has a GF who he is in a steady relationship with..Any self respecting woman would keep her feelings about another woman’s man to HERSELF. KT must be laughing at the idiot. I really believe that CB was breaking up with her already when he realized that she was obsessesd and he has NO intention of going back down that road. 2 more years before he tells his side of the story at which time I hope his mom, lawyer and KT will be sitting with him and supporting him throughout the interview.

      • barbie August 21, 2012

        @rozel, I really hope if you are in a relationship you are OK with your partner’s EX behaving like RHI. I am pretty sure YOU won’t put up with it yourself. And if you are a guy, you wouldn’t want your EX behaving like that either.

  52. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 20, 2012

    I just can’t with these Rihanna stans. Do they even realize the ship has sunk?

    • rozel August 20, 2012

      no it hasn’t it’s about to set sail baby. And if you’re smart you would get on board. you all are always waiting for her to fail or mess up, but she always end up winning people over again and again. The navy just got bigger baby.

  53. Ijustcan’t August 20, 2012

    TMZ is having a blast over at the comment section. These people who are commenting really hates Rihanna now. I say this is her life and she took that route to tell the world that she still loves Chris. Funny you people saying she did this because of a new album coming out. I just want you to think again this interview did more damaged that a little bit. Still love Rihanna and also Chris. I hope they do a video for Birthday Cake or another song together about love.

    • wendy August 20, 2012

      White people alone is having a field day with this interview. Them whites are calling Rihanna every name in the f***** book on TMZ. SMH I really can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  54. joker August 20, 2012

    what to say about that. i don’t know if this questions are staged to keep that cb saga up to get some more “news”. if not you only see her in person or what you interpret as her persona. what i see is a bit of a fool in love. she sees flowers everywhere. she’s burned cb pretty deep. this quite unattractive. she’s a bit clingy maybe. who likes that. and chris is mosdef playing her right with that. he’s a dude damn. she doesn’t see. she blinded by that young love’s emotions. she should grow the f*** up.

    • kimberly August 20, 2012

      she has done so much damage to cb especially after the run to miami with him. throw him under the bus, now want to justify why she was so slutty, dark, and rebellious, ummm def jam is not death

  55. MissImpartial August 20, 2012

    Beyonce fans always bitter when it comes to Rihanna. They care more about Rihanna than her stans.

  56. kimberly August 20, 2012

    … and i had to add agaim. They come for beyonce everyday and call her fake. but we know beyonce has been the same person her entire career and well her stage persona, but this b**** comes across totally different from the attitude and character her fans love. The navy are confussed now. Which rihanan do yall love, the one on social media, the one on the stage, the one IN other interviews or the one in this oprah interview. YALL NEED TO CHOOSE ONE, choose one please. BIGGEST FAKE IN THE INDUSTRY AND NOW PEOPLE ARE SO SHOCKED. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT IMAGE.


    I have said it before that she would sink with that bad girl attitude and the last few months no one can deny the ship was sinking. The media was having a feast with her fivehead. Bravo to miss fenty for trying to wake that captain up but from whati have been reading on dailly mail and other sites. lawd girl you should have never show the world your real or fake colors on this interview cause alot of people are lost.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 20, 2012

      you are not n the navy , so y u even bother to talk about us ?

      We love every side of her persona , and humans have lots of sides , u have good and evil , you have vulnerable and mean, you have happy and sad , IN the same person.

      And please , beyonce has the personality of a damn BRICK.

    • barbie August 21, 2012

      @Kimberly, they don’t realize that the personality they like so much is just as fake as everything else. Teh bad girl attitude they like so much is fake. The “honesty” is fake. The only thing real is that she is a lost soul, lacks self confidence, self esteem, self respect, doesn’t know her value (maybe she has very little). She is using the fact that they are so stupid to her own advantage. I will have to say that she knows her lemmings well. They are giving her all these millions only to have someone else take it from her. She doesn’t undertand the business that she is in. She is a MIRGAE through and through, SMOKE and MIRRORS. When they keep talking about how much money she is making, she is secretly trying to pay off her debt. The Rhitards don’t even know anything about their FAV. We know more than them. It is clear but they keep giving excuses after excuses. Time to hang it up and stop embarrassing yourselves.

  57. NELSON PERRY August 20, 2012


  58. antertain August 20, 2012

    Regardless of what anyone thinks. She kept it all the way 100.
    Props for that I must say.

    She put herself out there for Oprah and didnt hide from those questions

    • barbie August 21, 2012

      she did hide, she didn’t admit that they are still sleeping with each other. That will come later on, another interview when teh effects of this one turn out not to be what she expected

  59. DTG August 20, 2012

    “Rihanna is cliche of everything that has ever been disingenuous about the music business. A soulless Barbie Doll, with plastic doll parts, who was plucked off the streets of no where and put on–simply because the outfit was her size. In other words: commerce…created and puppet mastered by money grubbing music executives as a tool to co-opt what is currently popular for fast cash, and pandered to the dingiest of music listeners who are not discerning enough to care.

    You have to give the label, the management, the A&R people, the songwriters, the producers, the directors and the thousand other magicians involved their credit for being savvy enough to outfit this garden-variety debutante with material and promotion to keep her afloat…but let’s be real, there is nothing ‘special’ or ‘unique’ about Rihanna, herself. She has little talent, no personality or strong image, nor does she command the stage. Anyone could have been cast in the role Rihanna plays; she just lucked out. For all intents and purposes, Rihanna is akin to a can of Hormel Chili; basically a canned product with a label (and a ‘sell by’ date) on it.

    The bottom line is that Rihanna was not built to last and is very “replaceable.” This is why she does not take breaks, and repetitiously puts out a generic by-the-numbers pop album every year. Being that she has little ‘star power,’ in order to sustain her momentum she has to continually strike while the iron is hot, while employing a multitude of petty ‘stunts’ to get attention (tacky wigs, brothel attire, referencing her tumultuous relationship Chris Brown years later.) The moment she sits down to catch her breath, ten more record label assembled chippies will be thrown into the ring and the last two standing will be the next “Rihanna.”

    In 2012, no more do we need windup doll acts like Rihanna getting on camera and posing like an androidian cast-off from America’s Next Top Model, while vapidly bleating over an empty dance track, hanging around longer than the fifteen minutes that is typically allotted for manufactured pop stars such as her. It’s just getting sad now, and the quality is dipping. Gone are the pseudo-interesting songs like “Umbrella,” now she is peddling random, monotonous dead air like “We Found Love.” The girl has run her course; at this point she is on autopilot and is fast becoming the equivalent of a skipping record.”

  60. Suicide Blonde August 20, 2012

    More than Rihanna the Pop star, i like Rihanna the person, like my other b**** Madonna she is real, she don’t try to be a saint or a role model for anyone but just a example of a human being, who make mistakes like the rest of us and you can always learn from that, those things happen in the real world, nothing is perfect, no relationship is perfect. Rihanna is a great example of an island girl who has conquered the world, that’s something to be proud of, no matter how much you hate her, she has made it. I have always admired the foreigners who come to America and made their dreams come true. I mean if you’re American, you have endless possibilities, but if you are a foreigner you do not have, you have to work harder than Americans to make a name in this country and Rihanna has made it.
    As an American i can say that Rihanna is the American Dream.

    • Ej August 20, 2012

      Shut up Suicide Blonde. You sound ridiculous. Seriously, just hush.

  61. yasmie26 August 20, 2012

    I enjoyed the interview. Rihanna was very open and honest. I think she just like whatever to all the people who said and says she should still hate Chris because of what he did to her 3 years ago. Rihanna is like naw I forgive Chris, Im over it let’s move on. I think her saying she wants the best for Chris and that she still loves him was big of her to do. We all know and she does as well that Chris is in a new relationship, so I don’t think the getting back together. They are just in a good space and are good friends.

    • barbie August 20, 2012

      she has definitely forgiven him but she is not in a good place. What are you all watching? She said her stomach drops when she sees him. That is not being in a good place. You can love someone after moving on with your life. The love is there but there is no passion for the person..that is called moving on. When you have these types of feelings that cause your stomach to drop…it is called stuck in the moment. She is making a public plea to CB, she wants him back..I hope he is sensible and stays away. I will venture to say that CB is giving her the impression that they will get back together if she publicly declares her love for him and she is falling for that. She has little to NO self respect, self worth or self esteem. SAD Guys don’t find that attractive.

    • barbie August 21, 2012


      you are more delusional than anything else. You are right about everything except tht she is still sleeping with him. No woman with that kind of obsession and low self esteem could be in close quaters with the guy and not sleep with him. She is trying to make KT leave him but that won’t happen. Very close friends…my TAIL

  62. Afolabi August 21, 2012

    2 words! real + inteligent (she positively suprised me)

  63. Robbie Alan Leiva August 21, 2012

    Every once in while, there comes someone or something to personify or give meaning to the evils of the society that we live in and a challenge, an opportunity if you will, to face down that which we so readily and without giving it a second thought dismiss as something that happens to OTHER PEOPLE, for whatever reason we JUSTIFY as to WHY it happens to them, but once THIS SAME SAME EVIL happens to either one of us or someone close to US, all of a sudden takes WHOLE DIFFERENT MEANING and that NOW we are faced with the DIFFICULTY of HAVING to MAKE SOME KIND OF SENSE out of something that WE IGNORED ALL ALONG!!! This is the issue facing us in this interview of Rihanna with Oprah. WHY did Rih HAVE to grow up in an environment SO counterproductive as the one where she, without not even a chance to have a choice, HAD to grow up in, and that now, as a woman, in order to not HAVE to grow apart even more from her dad, finds herself to HAVE to ACCEPT from the man in her life. THAT IS NOT OK!!! Now that this evil of DOMESTIC ABUSE has touched upon someone SO close to us as Rihanna, I hope that WE ALL pause for a moment and decide to ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! gets rid of this evil in ourselves and in our society. IT IS NOT!!! OK TO HIT A WOMAN!!! EVER!!! UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE, FOR WHATEVER REASON IMAGINABLE, UNLESS YOU ARE AT WAR WITH ANOTHER COUNTRY!!! Now Robyn has to forgive Chris Brown in order to forgive her father. Like Oprah has said once, IF HE DID IT ONCE, HE WILL!!! DO IT AGAIN!!! Robyn Rihanna Fenty, your willingness to forgive Chris Brown may be understandable, and even very virtuous of you, but you WILL LIVE TO REGRET YOUR DECISION WHEN HE SENDS YOU TO THE HOSPITAL AGAIN!!! THAT IS, IF!!! HE DOESN’T KILL YOU FIRST!! You HAVE been WARNED!!! I hope for your sake and those that love you, you decide to protect YOURSELF!!! instead of him!!!

  64. MC the place to be!! August 22, 2012

    i dont know why everyone is complaining about rihanna i found myself smiling at the end of the interview it was a nice one and why is beyonce in this we all know she like a shell even when she did that interview when she was pregnant she barely.. no she didnt talk about a thing only her f***** career and thats what we know well she doesnt tell us anything about herself at all half of her stans if not all dont know any really personal about beyonce or s*** that goes on in her life thats why they brag about her achievements/grammys other than something just regular thats why many ppl see her as fake or an egomaniac because its just her no family no jay z nothing even her tumblr seems like a professional PR stunt if she didnt have that “4” wouldve really been flop even though its called one by ppl who dont listen to beyonce or is just not fans of hers

  65. NELSON PERRY August 24, 2012

    Katy Perry is better than anyone of you. Y’all people are flops. Go kill yourselves. Y’all don’t deserve to live.

  66. Gisela April 3, 2013

    She´s beautiful! SHe’s not on the way to beeign a legend, she´s already one!
    “rihanna represents what young and amazing means today. She is the face of her generation” – Riccardo Tisci (GIVENCHY)
    And Brown should thank every little angel in the world that he has the luck to be with her.
    Of course he was an asshole when he did that s*** to her, but if she was able to forgive him… we all must.
    You go girl! RihannaNavi! Oh and by the way, suck it, haters 😉

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