Azealia Banks Confirms Lady GaGa Collaboration

Published: Thursday 6th Sep 2012 by David

After making nice on Twitter last month, reports of a duet by Azealia Banks and Lady GaGa set the net alight- especially, as Banks had parted ways with the ‘Born This Way’ singer’s manager Troy Carter a matter of weeks before.

This week, Azealia has confirmed that the pair did indeed record a number together. A number, that may appear on GaGa’s forthcoming ‘ARTPOP’ LP.

Details below…

Speaking to Capital FM, Ms. ‘Luxury‘ revealed:

“Yeah, I worked on a song for her.

I don’t know if it will make her record. I hope it will make her record, but we’ll wait and see.”

Undoubtedly a positive step for the 21 year old starlet, her work for GaGa follows collaborations with acclaimed designer Alexander Wang, MAC Cosmetics  and Kanye West, who she is believed to have worked with in Hawaii last month.

 Your thoughts?

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  1. mkigz September 6, 2012

    Azealia seems to be gradually getting there! I hope the record makes it on gaga’s album. Although I’m wondering – did she work on the song as in she wrote the song or she actually featured on the song?…

    • kiss my a** September 6, 2012

      Two Attend seeking whores working togather yeah that’s something to look forward to

      • kiss my a** September 6, 2012


      • mkigz September 6, 2012

        But I enjoy both of their music regardless of whether they are “attention seeking whores”..

      • kiss my a** September 6, 2012

        Than that shows you.. you have no taste what so ever or you either have low standards i refused to support people like that but you do you boo 🙂

      • mkigz September 6, 2012

        I have a wide range of musical taste – From Jill Scott, to Rihanna, to Keyshia Cole to Coldplay and many more- I dont limit myself to just a few artists so you cant really say that I have low standards just because I like some of Gaga & Banks music, I repeat, I “like some” of their music – i dont stan for either. Also if you dont support them or even like them why the hell are you commenting on an article about them???

    • Rihanna Navy September 6, 2012

      this!! that’s close minded mofos for you. “kiss my aSS” is pretty bitter 😉

  2. MC the place to be!! September 6, 2012

    imma need her to get a new stylist like girl its almost winter time and you still got on the shorts!!!

    • kiss my a** September 6, 2012

      It’s just a picture you stupid f*** -__- i swear it’s so many dumbass people on this damn site with this b******* fuckery

    • trillafood September 6, 2012

      That was like the dumbest comment ever. Do yourself a favor and kill yourself. Thank you kindly!

  3. the real xoxo September 6, 2012

    i hope we get to hear it!

  4. C*** September 6, 2012


  5. kimberly September 6, 2012

    Thank God. Thank you God. Thank you. Azealia Banks needs to go out there. I don’t care how she looks or her weave looks. Talent is not about God’s physical creation. This girl is talented and great. She needs the recognition to allow the youth to have a knowledge of what talent is and the standard they should look out for and not how manufactured you are. Happy it is not niki stinky. She is just created and untalented and hyped. She needs to go enjoy her 30th bithday in disney somewhere and take along her crew. lady Gaga know what’s up. Azealia Banks know what’s up. Hope the song makes the record.

    These teenagers know nothing about talent all they care about is colors, looks and fashion and fake personalities to bribe their followers. Can’t wait for them to grow up and their idols to grow up also.

  6. riri /gaga fan September 6, 2012

    thank God cause nicki is old now

  7. Dede September 6, 2012

    Hate to say it but everytime she confirms something I have to wait and see if it’s true.

  8. glum September 6, 2012

    Not even surprised but it just might end up like the Cher collaboration.

  9. Monstarebel September 6, 2012

    Even tho I DONT like GaGa this is a big come up for azealia!

  10. Not Surprised September 6, 2012

    Devil worshippers unite. Color me stunned lol

  11. Haute Hottie September 6, 2012


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