Watch: Mariah Carey Performs ‘Triumphant’ At NFL Kickoff 2012

Published: Wednesday 5th Sep 2012 by Sam
Mariah Carey Triumphant

With Mariah Carey‘s comeback single ‘Triumphant’ sitting outside of the iTunes 200, the singer’s high-profile performance at tonight’s NFL Kickoff was perhaps the last chance of salvaging the so-so received track.

Unfortunately, for ol’ Mimi her big moment turned into a vocal obituary.

See what we mean below…

*Pours out liquor for the voice that was*

Much respect to Mariah for her past achievements and her unshakable spot in the history books as one of the greatest voices of all-time. However, that made for a shocking watch – and an even worse listen.

When not being swallowed whole by the backing vocalists (which – like the recorded version – appears deliberate), Mariah sounded she’d been gargling gravel. Elsewhere, she  both looked and sounded wickedly winded.


At this point, Mariah needs ask herself whether all the effort going in to making her sound half-decent on record only to sound like the Cookie Monster live is actually worth it? The Lambs may lap it up like green grass, but the general public don’t. Indeed, as at writing, Mariah is trending on Twitter — for all the wrong reasons.

Beyond her upcoming Idol stint, Mimi’s experience, success, and writing ability could (and perhaps should) see her rebrand as a mentor/songwriter for the new breed of stars. Because her voice increasingly seems like it should be referred to in the past tense.

Your thoughts?

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  1. KING-BREEZYONCÉ September 5, 2012


    • Shae September 5, 2012

      You Sound sound as jaded as the drag queen who wrote this. Mariah Carey is one of the greatest vocalist of all time. Who needs a MANAGER. Randy Jackson allowed this MESS to happen, he can’t even choose a diet plan or wardrobe. Mariah Carey needs to grow the hell up. Throw on a gown or hot short skirt like she did in those MTV promos for E=MC2 and sing her ass off.

      What is the problem with this chick? She has the voice you can still hear it, but this was poorly organized. BALLADS like Thanks for nothing, Standing O, I wish you well, Mine again….YOU CAN DO IT MIMI

      • Twitter – @091094_ September 5, 2012


      • Monster Army September 8, 2012

        Mariah has lost it…Happy retirement dear. Hope to see you pop out more babies!



  2. @NajSinger September 5, 2012

    …. ummm ….

    • Shae September 8, 2012

      …. ummm…… and you still ugly
      …and mimi is a goddess

      she was giving hot b**** and if you want vocals… we belong together performance was right before this one…

  3. Haute Hottie September 5, 2012

    No Gawd Ms. Mimi! NO NO NO NO NO! I need for you to NEVER give me worse vocals than Madonna. EVER. I used to love me some Mariah, and I fuxxed with it on the Emancipation and E=MC2 days too, but I need you to get some better song writers, and get back with a vocal coach. . . this is foolery.

    • FAF September 5, 2012


    • chmbe September 5, 2012

      better songwriting!!! PLEASE!!!! oh lord!!

      • Shae September 5, 2012

        FIRE RANDY JACKSON>>>>>epic fail.

        Mariah promised a oldie concert with HITS and sang the same bull…..

        SMH….What happen to the woman who sang Chain of Fools with Aretha?

    • fatal September 6, 2012

      I thought your precious MeMe did all her OWN songwriting and producing and everything else? the cow has been spewing how wonderful she thinks she is and about this horrid song for a year-and everyone knew it was going to suck-but it really stinks. She can barely show up in public without getting sued by Jenny Craig-she’s huge and can barely even move for fear some fat role will drop out from under the layers of spanx she is wearing-what’s with doing most of her LIVE appearance in a video-it only made her look more old and fat when she came out on stage in person to put all that doctored video up -she has always been hideous-she was on the charts 20 years ago because Tommy Motola and Sony bought her way there-plus there was no napster and huge music companies controlled the market-isn’t that why she married a man in his 40’s at 19? in a competitive music market were people can hear and choose freely she is a complete failure-she has always been just a bunch of rancid fake posing hot air-finally good riddance and now she will take Idol down with her screeching banshee a*** like some kind of hideous sea monster-someone needs to put a Godzilla costume on her and she can do that horrid screeching thing she does-very scary and hilarious god knows she is big enough to pull it off-MeMe made Queen Latifa look very slim

  4. Back2Business September 5, 2012

    Sam’s shade confused me, but it wasn’t bad IMO. Get’em MiMi

    • Anne September 5, 2012

      Open your ears and face the music. It was horrible. Mariah’s once magnificent voice is all but gone.

      • Shae September 5, 2012

        to bad the wrinkles around your eyes…..aren’t gone. just horrible.

        Mimi is still beautiful and one of the great vocalist of our time….and your claim to fame is what again?

        Ok …..waiting boo……just what i thought…..

      • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 6, 2012

        @ shae…i feel the same way. I was expectn moddona 2ype vocal(horrific) but she sounded fine to me. Mayb ill listen again later but to me she sounded fine

    • fatal September 6, 2012

      Get’em??? what are you calling your dog? stupidest lyrics ever just MeMe MeMe all the way home-get my CD-how does anyone not see what a fake selfish bee-yotch she is

      • Shae September 8, 2012

        hopefully since you posted this

        u’ve died. thanks

  5. craig c September 5, 2012

    When she was talking at the end you could hear that her voice wasnt in total health. Very swollen vocal cords MC

    • Anne September 5, 2012

      Sorry to say it but the truth is Whitney also had trouble speaking at the end of her career. I think Mariah is suffering similar vocal damage and I would not be surprised if much of the damage is permanent.

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      Craig,,,,,shouldn’t you be at the boy booty club acting like mariah walking in heels? just what i thought…have fun…..

      • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 6, 2012

        #dead @ your shade lol

    • Shae September 8, 2012

      i’m saying who died and made this b**** a vocal coach……other than putting co_k in their mouth…that’s the only vocal exercise they get

  6. JAISONBLAZE September 5, 2012

    …………………………. Ummm….. EYE…….. Not good at all……

  7. Aaron September 5, 2012

    What’s up with her and these tired gold dresses?

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      Queen you just made you can’t fit in her dress

      • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 6, 2012

        Lmfao lawd chile u readn folks like a good book…from cover to cover chile!

  8. Back2Business September 5, 2012

    And unlike some artist MC has room to mess up, she has been around for 3 decades and broke hundreds of records! She has diamond records and she has sold 100s of millions of records!!! #LEGENDARY #GET’EM

    • Shae September 5, 2012


      • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 6, 2012


  9. Gigi September 5, 2012

    I LOVE Mariah, but that was f****** horrible.

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      Who names their child GIGI……where you conceived in a zoo? just asking….

  10. Deangelo September 5, 2012

    I’m a Mariah fan but this wasn’t good… at all.

    I don’t care if this is just a buzz single, if she’s going to perform it live, she better make sure she does it justice.

    I would rather have had her perform Triumphant (Pulse Mix) with some good looking dancers. That would’ve been great… but no.

    *awaits a real single in 2013*

    • aynon September 16, 2012

      the pulse mix would have been a hit

  11. LOURDES September 5, 2012

    Poor, poor, poor Mariah. Her voice has been gone for some years now. I blame the excessive whistling in the 90’s. =( I don’t know if her voice will EVER come back. *keeps fingers crossed because I LOOOOOOVE Mimi*

    • MC September 5, 2012

      Her voice was wonderful during 2010 (2nd Christmas album). Although she was pregnant that time (pregnancy makes the voice stronger).

      • STONY September 6, 2012

        the excessive whistling destroyed her voice and its prooved sicentificantly

  12. Monstarebel September 5, 2012

    I love mariah to death, but them vocals were all over the place that was HORRIBLE MIMI 🙁

  13. gina September 5, 2012

    well 1st the vocal were ok lets keep in mind she sang 3 other songs before they went live with triumphant, the vocals were there it just seemed like there alot of sound problems her mike kept goin in and out and it seemed to busy meek mill in one place rick ross in a throne over somewhere else and mariah on the jumbo tron most of the time then she comes out surrounded by screaming fans in her face , so she could really barely hear herself she even looked overwhelmed at how everything was staged and executed but those whiselte notes at the end were on poin and it seemed like for her big solo the mike was messing up… i dont doubt mariah still has the voice there are many youtube vidoes tof mariah in the bathroom or in the studio singin to proove her voice is still intact but i think the song is not one to be performed live and as a major major marih carey fan i think the song should have never been released as a single because its more like shes a feat on her own song……..aand ithink thats why the fans and radio arent really warming up to the song because she not front and center….no this should have been single for meek or ross on there cds to build buzz for her return her real single should have been a power ballad that displays why now that mamma whitney is gone Mariah is the VOICE and why after all these years shes still in the game triumphant should have just been some obscure song on her next abum that u liked but never could really see as a hit single

    • MC September 5, 2012

      Whitney is the one and only voice. Mariah is the supreme songbird

    • _Dlux_ September 5, 2012

      I still dont think thats any excuse for a poor performance. Mariah just doesnt like to rehearse. This should have been rehearsed several times. She has done great live show performance before IE: We belong together remix, so this is no excuse for her. She needs to step her game up. She is a living legend and should set the example of what a SINGER and performer is. I love MC but this performance here SMH

      • Anne September 5, 2012

        I don’t think it’s about a lack of practice. The vocal damage is obvious and excessive practicing would probably only make it worse. If the damage is not permanent vocal rest is probably what she needs.

      • mike September 5, 2012

        Mariah Carey maybe has lost her interest to belt, blow away an audience which is sad

  14. Monstarebel September 5, 2012

    No offense but she really looks like a has been pains me to say * sigh *

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      …and it would take two airplane seats to seat you. P**. Mariah is an Icon and deserves Love and respect. B**** had one bad night…and……..

      u wake up looking the way you do….and

      • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 6, 2012

        Im bout dead lmao @ shae. BAM!!!

  15. MC September 5, 2012

    Mariah! Her voice sounded so tired and thin. Mariah take a couple weeks off of singing and rest your voice. It sounds so unhealthy what I just heard. I mean even when she talked at the end I was like ugh…..I love you Mimi, but that performance was a no…

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      Who died and made you Dr. PHil…? waiting patiently… one so go diagnosis your uglyness….start inside…and slowly work your way to the outside……

      • MC September 5, 2012

        What are you talking about? I love Mimi, but this performance wasn’t it. Why don’t you do a little soul search before taking out all of your childhood anger out on me, hmmm? Good day 🙂

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 6, 2012

      Her voice was not in a good condition, you could clearly notice when she spoke at the end. But still there were some good moments. I knew this song was impossible to be performed.
      It´s a great studio song if u know what I mean. I listen everyday

      • MC September 8, 2012

        I have a confession: I listen to to song everyday as well 🙂
        I agree her voice sounded tired and unhealthy, but I saw her three other performances and they were wonderful! Sam, of course, didn’t post about it.

    • Shae September 8, 2012

      … oh b**** now you Orpah. cow

      • MC September 8, 2012

        lol okay someone needs my attention today I see…

  16. AJ September 5, 2012

    All the wannabes Simon Cowells need to sit they ass down. Shes not gonna sound the same 20 years later. Even her rainbow tour (which was her worse vocal condition) she’ll still sound better then all of yall. So haters take a seat please

  17. wowzau September 5, 2012

    Hot Ass Mess….Damn Girl, Ur Vocals are SHOT!!!! Oh Damn…Gurl……

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      …and i need a SHOT to deal with your stupidness…. b**** open your MOUTH and sing one note like MARIAH…we waiting ms. judgemental………still waiting…

      now go to your job at Ollies…and shut up

      • JN September 5, 2012

        Shae u clearly are jobless and a bone head. Take a sit and think about ur future. Mariah lay off the booze. It’s wts making her vocals bad

    • Shae September 8, 2012

      Dear JN: tell your moms the morning after pill could have solved this problem, called JN which stands for JUST NOT

  18. Criss September 5, 2012

    Terrible way to start off the era. I adore Mariah but from here on out, I’ma need for her to give pre-recorded vocals ALL the time.

  19. JER September 5, 2012

    Ummm that’s how Mariah always sounds live post- Glitter

    This is just another example of ThatFLOPJuice being a bunch of damn drama QUEENS. What did you expect? Flawless 1995 vocals? The b**** drinks her weight in liquor every week and has for decades now, the voice is raspy and harsh and has been for decades now. I honestly don’t know what you Mariah hating gorls were expecting. Even on her worst day, Mimi slays all your faves vocally so have all the seats on that one.

    • MC September 5, 2012

      But she sounded great during the “EOM” era and her second Christmas album…..

      • Shae September 5, 2012

        did she NOT KILL in those MTV acoustic ads singing the hell out of those e=mc2 songs

      • MC September 5, 2012

        @Shae I am talking about the Emancipation of Mimi era….

      • Shae September 8, 2012

        MC the EOM area was Lip Singing and Heels, the same heels i’m sure you’ve tried to walk in and FAILED

        plus who died and made your fake ass the VOCAL BIBLE. Is your name Whitney. HELL NO

      • MC September 8, 2012

        @Shae do you really think I give a damn what you have to say? I stated my opinion and you did the same. What the f*** is your problem? Take your meds idiot and evaluate your life, because clearly you have a hate issue. Good riddance.

  20. Bey + MC Slay Your Faves September 5, 2012

    I love Slayriah and rest assured she has nothing to prove and I’m sure will remain unbothered BUT this performance was not the tea.

  21. GodChildblessone September 5, 2012

    Mariah is the best….ever…. haters ain’t nothing but admirers………………….blessings to u and Nick…..keep stacking up…..Mariah and Nick……………………………..the more u hate….the more people going want to see the performance…. and buy her music and make her more famous………………….so I love it…..that why nick….has came up………………………………..the more u hate the more successful…..that person becomes……………………. what Jill scott says….go ahead and hate on me…….haahhahha………………………….love me some mariah jordin. sparks……mary j…………………………………….blessings to all……………………………..

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      Thank you kindly for the mariah love

      she is still a Diva, Mother, Icon and Greatest vocalist ever.

  22. S****** Blonde September 5, 2012

    It was just a bad performance, that’s all, every singer has had one with a good or a bad voice + Mariah has always been very shy and nervous on stage.

  23. Matt C. September 5, 2012

    It wasn’t THAT bad lmao “gargling gravel”. It was nice actually, I don’t really expect too much from Mariah considering that she’s gotten older.

  24. FAF September 5, 2012

    Why did she feel the need to perform ? Isn’t this a BUZZ single? If I was worried about my vocals being trash, I woulda left it alone, she’s gonna f*** around & ruin her legacy delivering these TRAVESTY performances… 🙁

  25. Triumphant September 5, 2012

    The Voice is GOOD!!!! NOT BAD!!! the back ground is noisy as usual but i don’t see anything wrong with her VOICE.. what the hell you guys are talking about!


    • Shae September 5, 2012

      Thank you boo she did ok considering she sang several songs BELTING before this but these DUMMIES dont know that

  26. Angel987 (BEYONCÉ STAN) September 5, 2012

    MARIAH!!! 🙁

    This cant be happening

    I still love you tho..

  27. FuckMehRawDaddy September 5, 2012

    Sam your a F****** hater. How dare you tell her she might need to be a mentor/songwriter for the next generation. WHO THE F*** says this. I’m done with your b**** ass hating ass blog you h**. When Whitney had a bad performance you steadly praised her “new vocals”. F*** your f***** up ass opinions you messy ass queen.

    Get your ears check because I didn’t hear no gravel gargled vocals b****.

    • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 6, 2012

      And let the church say….

  28. Ben Fisher September 5, 2012

    It was a bad performance. It happens to all artists. That doesn’t mean her career is over.

    She’s been in the game for 22 years, so, of course, she will not sound as great as she did in 1990. Sounds to me like people have unrealistic expectations.

  29. mr.m September 5, 2012

    Has-Been-iah Scary … what a horror kick off of her new FLOP era
    gurl bye!

    • MC September 5, 2012

      Gurl Bye! Every artist has a bad performance. Xtina can bearly perform live without straining, screaming, or being flat. I don’t mean to offend the other Xtina fans, but everyone has bad performances and good performances.

      • mr.m September 5, 2012

        bad performance? LOL she’s been ‘BAD’ since 2008!!
        3 albums, 3 eras, 3 HAS-BEEN STAMPS, 3 + infinity flops ..
        and even with a ‘bad’ performance Xtina SH!TS all over Whoriah 🙂 #Fact #DealWithIt #Bye

      • MC September 5, 2012

        @mr.m Your right Xtina is the best….the best SCREAMER. “3 albums, 3 eras, 3 HAS-BEEN STAMPS, 3 + infinity flops ..”
        The three albums you are talking about are:

        Emancipation of Mimi = 5-6 x platinum in the U.S. (14 million or more around the world), 2 #1 singles, 3 Grammys. –> Success

        E=MC^2 = Platinum in the U.S., 1 #1 single, etc (if this is a flop then so is Xtina’s “Back to Basics” because it is also certified platinum) —-> Success

        Memoirs of an Imperfect Angle = 600 K (Gold in the U.S.), 1 top 10 hit (obsessed – platinum)

        Mariah Carey’s 2nd Christmas album = Gold and a successful single (“OH Santa”)

        What about Xtina? Have we forgotten that “Bionic” flopped so hard that it has yet to reach gold status in the U.S.? Did you know that MC 2nd Christmas album sold more than that? MC has been in the game for 22 years and yet her “has been ass” sold more…with a Christmas album….I can’t….have a seat boo and stay mad 🙂

      • MaginaMonroe September 6, 2012

        When it comes to relevancy, Christina is more relevant than Mariah, Becuase she has outsold her in THIS PAST DECADE! and TEOM did not sell 14 million, 10 million at most, since the only country it slayed in was the US.It was just moderately successful in the rest of the world.NO WHERE near as big as her early 90s releases

      • MC September 6, 2012

        @MaginaMonro First of all Christina is not more relevant than Mariah as they both have been out of the game from 2009/2010 and the one reason why Xtina is relevant again was because of “The Voice” Mariah must be relevant as 100 + people checked this article. Also why would AL pay MC $18 mil/year while Xtina only gets paid $10mil/year at most. And the EOM did sell 14 million world wide, I checked. Mariah not only outsold Xtina in the past decade, but also this decade with EOM, E=mc^2 sold the same amount in the U.S. as Cristina’s “Back to Basics” and finally Mariah’s last two albums (MOIA & Chritmas album) both sold more than Xtina’s Bionic so… you argument is flawed and based on incorrect facts. Good day 🙂

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      Christina Aguilera sounds like a cat being run over by a mack truck

      • mr.m September 5, 2012

        bad performance? LOL she’s been ‘BAD’ since 2008!!
        3 albums, 3 eras, 3 HAS-BEEN STAMPS, 3 + infinity flops ..
        and even with a ‘bad’ performance Xtina SH!TS all over Whoriah 🙂 #Fact #DealWithIt #Bye

      • MC September 5, 2012

        @mr.m meanwhile Christina can’t sing without straining, screaming, yelling, or adding unnecessary runs. You are so pressed. I’ll tell you why…..Mariah’s “Has-been ass” gets paid $18 mil/ year while Christina gets $10 mil/year…..I can’t lol.

      • all4u1 September 5, 2012

        Mariah doesn’t get paid 18 million, American Idol is just saying that for publicity.

      • MC September 6, 2012

        @all4u1 you are really stupid if you think Mariah would except anything less than $18 mil, especially when Britney got $15 mil and J-lo got $12 mil……you have got to be kidding me….

    • MaginaMonroe September 6, 2012

      But Back to Basics had FAR BIGGER sales than E=MC2 had WW. and it didnt even have a number 1 hit.! B2B tour also grossed more than Mariahs last 3 tours combined according billboard tour box ofice! E=MC2 3 million WW, B2B 5 million WW!

      • BOB September 6, 2012

        Mariah we belong together single = 5million Emancipation is 12 million if u add all mariahs singles and albums in past decade its about 28 million … christinas is about 26million all combined meaning mariah sold more then xtina


        but who cares who sold more really as mariah legacy talent wise performance wise over her whole career kills xtinas and thats fact even though i LOVE them both and got all their cds and seen em both in concert 3 times..

        xtina grew up listening to mariah and wouldnt be the vocalist today if it want for MC thats real talk

      • MC September 6, 2012

        E=MC^2 was certified platinum in the U.S. as is Back to basics. E=mc^2 was a #1 album and had 1#1 single (Touch my body) I have no idea where you are getting your numbers/info from, because they are wrong.

  30. LegendTina The Goddess Of Music September 5, 2012

    I don’t understand how Mimi lost her voice or most of it to the point where you forgot she had a 5 octave vocal range. She never tours/toured or sings live that much so HTF?

    Regardless of Mariah Carey’s Triumphant flop & her major vocal declined, she’ll always be 1 of the best vocalists & selling artists ever!!!!! This performance Mariah just gave was decent by HER standards but still shits on most of the singers out of the last 7 years live vocal performance but pull it together Mimi.

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      Mariah Tours with almost ever cd.

      But you have no internet

      But you have no TV

      but you have no connection to the modern world but you
      know everything about VOCAL RANGE…..B**** please jump out of a 64 story building…..

      • LegendTina The Goddess Of Music September 6, 2012

        She doesn’t tour that much she only did a few and not with all her albums, you want to see high est grossing tours without Mimi on the list because she doesn’t tour much Worldwide, I have all those things you are talking about that’s why I’m here commenting on what I see and what most sees and noticed, I was not being disrespectful to her or her music or to anyone, I’m commenting on what is real and what we can all see and hear, she used to have a 5 octave vocal range, this is a easy song to sing and she strained for the most part! you might have a legacy but they say you remembered as your last hit and performance and her last single which was her official 1st single until it did not even chart became a ‘buzz’ if she has nothing to prove why is she still making music! She has s*** to prove she is making music so that she can make more hits and because she wants to! Lambs need to stop making excuses… She’s not even a ‘performer’ dancer or stage mover for her to sing like this.. She once had a great 5 octave voice, she used to have a great voice and this performance which is her last show in what condition it is, not past performances… This is the present and her voice is the past but she needs to get it together! Because she can’t sing really and always looks like she struggles to sing a simple line in a song, she can still whistle though but that’s it..

      • Shae September 8, 2012

        Christina Aguilera is a EPIC FAIL. The b**** started out with the 1st cd, spainsh cd and Stripped and had the makings of an ICON, then her voice started to sound harsh and her screams harsher…..Aint no witch-craft in the world that can save her career. She’s dumpy, dirty, lost her swagger and style.

        She better sing BEAUTIFUL at the Ms World event and sit the hell in that seat

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 6, 2012

      You are wrong in one thing: This song is not easy to sing live at all. In fact the beat is too fast for almost every voice ot there

  31. Wonders September 5, 2012

    the performance is good in my opinion but people here are so negative with her voice but it seem nothing wrong with that anyway everyone (Not Here) on other blog and other site ENJOY this performance very much with or without a good voice Malraih still sing for us and make a good comeback only this blog had a negative issues on their fav home town girl! and SAM please u r such a f****** HATER!

  32. Latifa September 5, 2012

    Omg yess at this review. I’m a lamb, and I feel hella frustrated at Mimi and the handling of this project do far. A so so single released 7-8 months before her album and way before her idol stint which would’ve otherwise allowed her the exposure to make her comeback as/more successful than j-lo’s. I just feel disappointed as hell

    • MC September 5, 2012

      Idol is about to start in 2-3 weeks! She should pace her album out. What do you want? For her to release singles two days before the album drops? And J-lo’s album “Love?” flopped, hard…

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      is it me? or does J lo wear so much weave she just looks hairy? it seems like she was raised by animals

      and that voice……OMG she sounds like she’s been stabbed in the throat

  33. _Dlux_ September 5, 2012

    The performance was BLAH…. but no shade Mariah looked BEAT, and she gave you ONE NASTY entrance……. but then again I already expected a snooze performance from her for this song. She should have just lip singed and looked beat and I would have been happy with that.

  34. Shiela O September 5, 2012

    Damn The girl is good and Amzing performance!!!

    Good Job Mimi!!

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      Love you and appreciate you and enjoyed your comment..

      dahlin…all those vocal pros on here…claiming this and that…….while they sit in their living rooms with no cable….blah

      • Wann September 5, 2012

        trueness this blog had soo much hate especially SAM he really a tone deaf!!!

      • Shae September 8, 2012

        Girllllll Sam is mad that he cant walk in mimi’s heels and that when he does the children read…

        … its not MIMI’s faulty he was born with a donkey ass, big lips and skin blacker than tar…..
        ……girl pray for reincarnation…
        …….. next life sam will be a fierce b****…

  35. Wann September 5, 2012

    Mariah Carey Look Good!!Hell of a Performance Decent vocal but she still hit that High Note!! LOVE TRIUMPHANT NOW!!!

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      Yes, but enough with the hip hop…ballad please

  36. Anne September 5, 2012

    The bottom line is Mariah is a legend and she has a timeless body of work that will always be revered. She has every right to continue singing despite the obvious vocal damage she has suffered but it is hard to watch someone of her caliber give such vocally diminished performances. I would prefer to listen to her old recordings. Mariah has nothing left to prove. I think her legacy would be better represented if she would stop struggling through performances and devote her time to other areas where she can still excell. But it’s her choice, she is getting paid and can do whatever she wants no matter how embarrasing it seems like it would be I guess it doesn’t bother her.

  37. i heart the truth September 5, 2012

    Damn you all are always trying to chew Sam out. He gave her props for past achievements.
    That was yesterday,this is today.
    Mariah hasn’t been able to sing since glitter.
    Whitney wasn’t able to single since about 2004..The overall performance was terrible.
    That vocal performance was beatable by alot of artist out today. Get over it lambs

    • MC September 5, 2012

      Mimi was amazing during the Emancipation era or did that just slide out of your mind too?

      • BOB September 6, 2012

        and mtv acoustic e=mc2 and christmas album 2 live slayed was amazing

    • Shae September 5, 2012

      If she pulled up her skirt and had a PENIS i bet Ms. Sam would be the first queen on his knees…..hating drag

  38. dee September 5, 2012

    The song is pure rubbish!

  39. danny b September 5, 2012

    Every diva will have her day, nothing lasts forever. So since that day has seem to come, lets celebrate the voice that was and not knock her.

  40. Hyaci September 5, 2012

    Mariah’s midrange is still good; it’s just her upper belts are becoming scratchy. She can still pull her old voice off (see the remixes) but more often than not, her vocal nodules WILL be inflamed, and WILL make her singing scratchy.
    As for gravel…. I wouldn’t go that far. She just sounds strained and harsh. At least she isn’t pitchy like some artists out there, or flat like some of her contemporaries.

  41. Anthony September 5, 2012

    What happen to her voice? Was Mariah Carey doing drugs? You dnt have to like this post but ya Mariah Carey Stans know her voice is not the same!! Yes! She is one of the greatest voices of her time, but why would she mess with her money maker.

    • MC September 5, 2012

      Mariah’s voice is most definitely not the same, but it isn’t due to drugs. It is the constant singing, tours, etc she did NON-STOP the whole 90s and some more after 2005. That really wares the voice off and she has been singing professionally for over 22 years…

  42. mc the place to be!! September 5, 2012

    I don’t get why the hell y’all upset I’m pleased she hit them high notes at the end and she’s been singing for over 20 years straight!! Y’all let’s be real I can tell that most of y’all don’t sing!! I wouldn’t sound the same either!! I liked the performance and I love the dress!! Ppl are never gonna appreciate mariah until she’s gone and its sad shes the one of the most influential singers of our time and y’all still treat her like crap!! At this point in mariahs life its not about hitting the right note or trying to impress someone and prove ppl I can still sing because she can even on her bad day she sounds way better than I ever could! Her presence alone should be respected and if y’all actually look up the background for the song you should know why she would want to perform it and smiling while singing it! So mariah makes these haters all fall down and stay TRIUMPHANT!

    • MC September 5, 2012

      I agree with that, and you are right people will enjoy Mariah AFTER she dies. It’s like the same s*** they did to Michael and Whitney. People & media bashed them when they were alive, but when they pass away everyone wants to say they were the best. It sucks that people have to wait until something is truly gone to appreciate it.

    • Danielle Clark September 5, 2012

      I like your comment I feel the same Mariah will always be the best! & to me she songs are way better than some of the crap artist make today I rather listen to her inspirational music!:) #MCSUMMER2012!:)

    • Danielle Clark September 5, 2012

      You are so right!:)

      • MC the place to be!! September 6, 2012

        ppl just kill me if you dont like the song or the way she sing it fine but all that other s*** is unnecessary i love mariah’s voice she hasn’t lost her voice it just changed but her whistle notes over the years has improved more than anything

  43. An0thrNight272 September 5, 2012


    oh mariah… you’ve officially made yourself look as foolish as madonna.

    • AJ September 5, 2012

      You made yourself foolish for thinking Mariah Carey’s performance was foolish

  44. theman September 5, 2012

    Sam u are an ignorant b******. You give these long winded responses for nothing. It was a ok performance. The mimicking sml parts makes things weird. Her voice was clear when she did sing live. She can sing all she wants, and still sales more than your favorite flops. Kellys low brow reality show has been canceled because of p*** poor ratings. Furthermore, she did a good job with many of her recent performances so Sam u can sit all the way down…

  45. HATER September 5, 2012

    This is how Mariah sing in R&B & Hip hop tune it not a Ballad song people!!
    but at least she goes hard with the note and chorus and hit em high note in the end!

    That how Mariah Carey will do and that how people still love her and Surprisingly she really make the Entrance Very Demure and DIVA-ish no one can touch that only Mariah Carey!

    good Job Mimi the performance is still good and i enjoy the Triumphant and the scream of the fan and it very festive moments

  46. theman September 5, 2012

    Sam has clearly oerexapperated here, he’s a proven hater, and just wants to rant like a bitter punk. She hardly sounded like what you are saying she did………

    • Shae September 8, 2012

      Girl what you think…. Sam comes home from the club with an empty mouth….

      … girl he should have went to and got some trade…

      ….. then this review would have been steller

  47. Theman4u September 5, 2012

    I don’t understand why everyone is surprised Mariah has sounded like this for years that’s why she always uses a backing track and never sings 100% live.
    The difference with her vocal decline and Whitney’s was that Whitney learned how to work with her new voice Mariah obviously hasn’t and she needs to learn soon if she continues to record and use studio tricks to enhance her vocals then fail to deliver live.

    • theman September 5, 2012

      Yje difference is that Mariah actually hits notes and sings, i don’t understand why u go from site to site pressed over anything Mariah. Get over it. If you’re not a fun u surely are desperate. Meanwhile, she doesn’t use studio tricks. Are u in the booth with her???… This performance was hardly as bad as Sam is making it out to be. As far as the other well refrain…..

      • theman September 5, 2012

        Excuse the errors…

      • TheMan4U September 5, 2012

        if she didnt use studio tricks how come she can never duplicate the performance live?

      • theman September 6, 2012

        She’s duplicated her performances on lots of different ocassions. Why are u so bothered. U complain about every damn thing. STFU !!!!!!!

  48. Marquis Dior September 5, 2012

    It is all obvious that when she was talking at the end that her voice was horse! I mean she is human..This is not her best performance but at least give her a second single.. remember Like That from Emancipation of MiMi was not the best single either but look at the success the CD made. Let’s just be realistic, this performance wasn’t good but this does not determine what is still to come.

    • MC the place to be!! September 6, 2012

      thank you!! ppl act like this is her only single and this single is the whole album!

  49. credits September 5, 2012

    she always does those really really high notes in the end, I guess she figures that if she effed up the whole performance, than the high notes would redeem her….but sadly, they don’t. Because we hear her do it all the time.

    • TheMan4U September 5, 2012


    • Shae September 8, 2012

      …. shut up you sound stupid. Mariah could care less about this single…

      …….. by the way when was the last time your tired ass sold 200 million cd’s…..

      …..crickets….waiting…….still nothing…… b**** shut up

  50. theman September 5, 2012

    I don’t see it as her being hoarse the entire performance, just the shout outs.

  51. Danielle Clark September 5, 2012

    MC is the best & nothing & nobody can chane that!:) Haters if you don’t like MC then don’t bother to watch her videos or comment on them, If you don’t have anything nice to say then keep your mouth closed!>:(
    #MCSUMMER2012!:D #Lambsrock

  52. Danielle Clark September 5, 2012

    folks leave Mariah Carey alone! She didn’t make music for her haters it was for us lambs, so get over it!:)

  53. Nichole September 5, 2012

    Mariah has become such an embarassment..

    She releases the WRONG single 7 months before her album drops, releases the typical video in 6 inch heels and a dress short enough to see her ass cheeks and then does performances like this one. This era is off to a HORRIBLE start, and she needs to fire Randy Jackson IMMEDIATELY.

    How much longer does she think she can keep this kind of nonsense up? This phony persona that she has been putting on for years, and even the lambs are getting fed up with it. No one even supported Triumphant, and it was the wrong time to release such a song.

    I’m not even excited about Mariah’s stint on Idol, and I don’t even think that would save her material. I think the general public are so over Mariah, with this fake charade of her’s.

    I’m not gonna lay a red carpet down for her just because I’m a fan.

    Britney on X-Factor>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • HATER September 5, 2012

      I respect your opinion on this but did u know that this is a buzzing single not a real single and this song is for her fan nothing to do with the chart topping or making your ear bleed whenever you hear her sing! and common this is not the end of the world yet and Mariah still here with us on earth even she had a bad moment or good moment she still an icon and a living legend everybody loves her no matter what!
      Fan or not a fan Respect your home town artist especially Mariah she the only artist with the voice that we known for years and that how we need to upgrade the music industrial by support your own fav artist!

    • MC September 6, 2012

      Sorry I couldn’t get to your comment, I got stuck on the Britney “no talent” spears avi…..what were you saying again

  54. B**** Please!!! September 5, 2012

    She’s LEGEND already!

  55. Girrrl September 5, 2012

    That was a f****** mess. Yes Mariah was a great artist and had plenty of success but that doesn’t change the fact that this was really bad. Why is she still trying to make this God awful song a hit? Like girl let it go. I can’t.

    *Goes back to listening to the Emotions album and pretending like this never happened*

  56. Eric September 5, 2012

    She gets points in my book for not copping out and for being brave enough to sing a live vocal, even if it still isn’t enough for some people. I would much rather hear what’s in this video instead of her lip syncing. And I love the fact that after all these years she’s STILL writing her own lyrics. That shows passion and integrity. If I can say anything negative about this performance, it’s that her dancers were very distracting and unnecessary.

  57. Reiko September 5, 2012

    New news: apparently, Mimi had a cold from REHEARSING in the RAIN. SOOOOO her voice is CONGESTED.

    That’s your gravel AKA mucus.

    She pulled this off pretty well IMO, hit all the notes. Even if her texture/tone isn’t as good as usual, I like it… it’s kind of, well, adds an emotional quality to the song.

  58. cde September 6, 2012

    I am a LAMB for life and I stand by my girl MIMI everyday. It kills me that haters on this sight disrespect POP royalty and a legend as Ms. MC with his hate and shade. As already mentioned shouldn’t it be enough that MC is still performing and a legend after over 20 years. No this was not her best performance of the night.. mind you she had performed 3 songs prior to and the concept of the whole “Fashionably late” was lost in all the glitz and screaming etc and there were clearly microphone/audio issues with RICK Ross audio etc.MC definitely did not sound like she ate gravel, yes she was hoarse near the end (before her flawless triple whistle) but that is because she had been singing LIVE the entire night.

    Is her stamina as it was 15 years ago. Of course not, what professional singer who has sang LIVE for 20 years sounds the same 20 years later NO ONE. MC is a vocalist as in she uses her voice as her instrument and like all of us we age over time (it’s called imperfection) and people have always had unreasonable expectations for MC . It was live so sometimes depending on many factors your voice is tired, the weather, hormones etc cause your voice to vary by the day.

    In terms of the studio tricks BS. Any musician knows that when you perform LIVE you are not in control of many factors ie sound, wind, etc, it was outside when you sing for an album it is a complete controlled setting where you can stop, rest take a break, re sing etc. Sing today then sing 3 days later if you want, these are things that cannot happen LIVE. So for you haters the fact that you heard imperfections prove that she sang LIVE. When MC has stunning performances she is accused of lipping She can’t win for losing for some of you. The age discrimination against MC and women in this industry is absurd and needs to stop. MC has nothing to prove and if she has not another #1 hit again, she is still better, greater and superior than your faves and puts half of the crap performers out there right now to SHAME. So as MC said stay pressed, fall back . dont ever let em count you out, reach for the stars and STAY TRIUMPHANT !!

    • BOB September 6, 2012

      u are soooooooo correct right and bang on point… im a singer myself and live sometimes im great sometimes im not cos of not enff time to warm up or being ill or weather etc

      i do not use vocal tricks in a studio neither does MC
      its just in a studio yourself aswell as the producer will get u to re sing the best part over and over and over

      she even said she did 6 versions of HONEY different vocals sang over and over for Pdiddy to pick the best one anyone knows that if they sing xxx

  59. anthony September 6, 2012

    now im a mariah fan but ya’ll need to stop with this atleast she hit the notes at the end..yall know damn well those high notes are pre-recorded…she aint sing a high/whistle note live in years…

    not her best but im still a fan and better luck next time

    • theman September 6, 2012

      They actually were not.

    • MC the place to be!! September 6, 2012

      they were live and if it was pre recorded so f****** what!! its still her voice!! ppl just love to give their pointless two cents on s***

    • Anthony September 6, 2012

      You sure it wasn’t Trey hitting those Notes for Mariah?

      • MC September 6, 2012

        You clearly aren’t a lamb as you say, because if you were you would know that it is Mariah….shm get out and stay seated fool

  60. Biting Truth September 6, 2012

    You people kill me with that “nothing left to prove” b******* every time one of your favorites get called out after doing something that stinks. For as long as Mariah continues to release music that she wants people to buy, she’ll have something to “prove.” For as long as she is signed to a major label and pockets advance money, she’ll have something to “prove.” The day she has nothing to prove is the day she retires.

    • MC the place to be!! September 6, 2012

      she doesnt have anything else to PROVE she won grammys sold records got tremendous endorsements what is there left for her to do yes she’s under a contract and she has to put out music who you know thats out today that started their career in 1990 the actual YEAR and still relevant today still has the younger audience on her side!! shes signed to def jam!! i dont think def jam is worried anything about money from mariah she still gets paid for charmbracelet emancipation of mimi e=mc2 memoirs and that xmas cd she has!!! child relax you act like mariah’s new to the game im pretty sure columbia still gets money off her too!!

  61. Jasmine September 6, 2012

    I thought her performance could have been better. She clearly was signaling the audio engineer like 4 times that she could not hear in her ear piece. Vocally she sounded like herself just winded.

  62. Speaks Truth September 6, 2012

    Well atleast beyonce will still be hitting notes and all at her age…… Love you MIMI

  63. Speaks Truth September 6, 2012


  64. kim September 6, 2012

    I told ya’ll Mariah wasn’t able to sing live anymore from the past time I witnessed her live. This is it. This is jot going to get better. She had the longest break ever and still her vocals are a mess live. Respect the artist who are able to hold a Mic and belt out all these notes and techniques LIVE. I have ebuoyed my days with Mariah. But sue is no Patti labelled. Sorry she didn’t maintain her voice. WHAT HAPPEN MARIAH

    • theman September 6, 2012

      Nothing was wrong with her voice, she didn’t sound bad, her other performances were great. So u didn’t tell us anything…

      • kimberly September 6, 2012

        I don’t understand your meaning of great. sorry. don’t make excuses

  65. Fewicks September 6, 2012

    S***** journalism at its finest. Where are the videos of Mariah’s other performances? Why leave out how excellently they were performed? Oh that’s right, because that wouldn’t make a good story would it? Let’s only post something that will ignite the blog with the negativity of haterz…SMH

  66. The_Kizz September 6, 2012

    I’m a lamb and this was not good at all like her worst performance ever. I mean her voice seems in a worse condition than in 2008 but I know Mariiah has been hit or miss for the past few years in the live performances area.

  67. theman September 6, 2012

    Sam rants like a gump. I’ve rewatched this performance and she did pretty good, perhaps not the best but good. Her other performances were great. Post those. She did an amazing job. Mariah leaves the haters bitter. When she sings live and sounds good they find excuses. Sam is just an idiot. He doesn’t ever write up novels for anyone else, yet he has to write an entire book report up for Mariah, sit down sam, and get your own damn content….

  68. Shiela Mambo September 6, 2012

    Mariah Carey is a Lagendary because she had 18 #1 Singles only behind the Beatles & Elvis Presley and no one can even close! and she is the Biggest Selling Female Artist Of All Time selling more than 250 million Record world wide and is people’s favorite punchbag. If she does a ballad and belts they’ll say she’s overdoing it. if she releases a cute pop song, they’ll say she’s a has-been. if she’a s***, they’ll say she needs to tone it down cause she’s 42 and if she does hip-hop people say they want the ‘old’ Mariah back. If she lipsynchs, they’ll tear her down like other singers? never do it, if she sings live and is in great vocal shape, they’ll say she’s lipsynching. Same bull**** since 1997
    and yet she’s still here! Still Relevant still beautiful she still #1 and still make a comeback! Chart doesn’t matter it the music she does and what she love especially for the fans which she call THE LAMBZ cuz she already had all of ’em!! because we are Unparalleled and We Stay Triumphant for MIMI!!!

    • S****** Blonde September 6, 2012

      the Biggest Selling Female Artist Of All Time selling.

      That’s Madonna my friend.

      • MC September 8, 2012

        Actually that is Barbra Streisand.
        Here is the list:
        1. Barbara Streisand
        2. Madonna
        3. Mariah
        4. Whitney
        5. Celine.
        The reason why people call Mariah best selling female artist of all time is because the time frame that it took her to sell that many albums. Mariah accomplished this during the 90s early 2000s what took her counterparts to do in 20 years or more.

        They are all big seller, but Madonna accomplished this feat in 30 years what took Mariah 22 years….

        But in all actually the biggest selling female artist of all time is actually Babara Streisand.

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 9, 2012

        I´m just saying but I really don´t think Barbra Streisand is the biggest female seller of all time. She has never sold the amunt of albums Mariah, Madonna, Whitney and Celine have sold worldwide, it´s impossible. her success was more focused in the USA, like Aretha for example. If u mean only in the USA then it could be, I don´t know
        Plus I think Celine is over Whitney in USA sales
        But like I said I´m just saying cos I did see the list on Billboard website ages ago

      • MC September 9, 2012

        @JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat)
        I get it, it can be confusing at times. Barbara Streisand wasn’t a big seller world wide, but she has been in the music world for 49 years, almost 50 years… she did sell a lot of albums. And also Whitney sold more that Celine, even though Celine has more albums.

  69. RihannaNavy September 6, 2012

    Oh my goodness, what a dramaqueens over here!!!! it wasn’t that good, but not SO bad like some of you say… damn…..

  70. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 6, 2012

    It was obviously not good, but I don’t think it was as bad as some of you are making it out to be. And I’m not even a Mariah fan/ stan. It was a subpar performance, but I wouldn’t call it horrible. It’s not like she got any time to sing anyway, it was mostly the rappers performing…

  71. Todd September 6, 2012

    Oh my…
    I dont know what happened! Just watched the other 4 songs she sang and she was doin amazing!

    • NewF*YorkBabe. September 9, 2012

      I don’t get why peeps be saying its a hot mess to start with ?!
      This performance shoulda been posted in HQ. Mariah, queen of technically perfected music needs HQ not some shack blurry s***.

      Would have killed to be at this show! Always be My Baby and Touch my Body were my favourite performances from what i’ve seen on youtube.

  72. Steph September 6, 2012

    I love Mariah Carey, I think she has the best musical catalogue for all female artist and one of the greatest singers of all time. BUT! This is just a mess. We might be looking at the end of her career, just like what we saw a few years ago with Whitney. Remember how Whitney’s performances were just terrible and she hardly could even speak anymore. Well, I think Mariah is about to go threw that! Hopefully she wont drop dead or be killed! She needs to just retire and enjoy being a living legend. Not everyone has the stamina of MADONNA Or TINA TURNER! Mariah Carey was never a performer even when she had that golden voice. Mariah either needs to update her wardrob, voice and songs. OR! Retire. She has 18 number 1’s, 200 million albums sold and the most successful female song writter/producer in history. She also, still owns her soul. Maybe thats the reason for her not being great anymore she didn’t sell her soul yet,,,, oh Welll. Mariah Carey you are a legend and I will always love you.

    • NewF*YorkBabe. September 9, 2012

      Doesn’t staying true to yourself mean anything tho, especially in the mess that is the music industry ?? I mean, ppl have always accused Mariah of being a fake, yet she’s stayed the truest, been through hell and public hate, back to love, then to ‘whatever’, yet she’s still doing what she loves, writing and singing. I think getting compared to Madonna and Whitney is the problem, Mariah is more of a Paul Mccartney or a Paul Simon, and farther from performers like Madge, or Whitney/Celine who sing material they’ve been given. She’s rocking out her own style and sound, if some people don’t like it, and wish she’d do a RiRi type song to “stay current” that’s not where she’s at or what her goals seem to be. besides. what are hater’s hating, she sings like a rapper, dresses like an old hollywood starlet and acts like your best friend. It’s her being her.

      Mariah needs to be in HQ:

  73. kimberly September 6, 2012

    To those saying Mariah has nothing to prove. stop that b*******. If she has nothing to prove then she should retire and let her legacy take full effect over generations. When you come out giving the public that mess the newer generation will not even respect your talent and efforts of the past. for example madonna. She has messed up. I am not saying that they are not legandary but i PERSONALLY DON’T RESPECT MADONNA like I did before and if mariah continues messing up then I don’t know. My family has even bashed her, we really love her but she is messing up big time and the interest is no longer there. Yes her music will live on but we have lots of talents new genernations coming up.
    Michael Jackson forever gave his all. He was 50 and still did all he can. He had accomplished his lifetime award and diamond award and still got up and gave the world his all. Some artist just sell a little milli and you think that they have nothing to prove?
    As a singer talent isbeing able to showcase your voice, not in the studio but live. and nowadays when artist take the stage, you then get to know their real talent. Mariah has lost me. she cannot sing live like people make it to be. Her tone is unique and her upper register have her at an advantage but apart form that. NOTHING. SORRY GUYS

    • MC September 6, 2012

      She’ll do whatever the f*** she wants to do. Your brain isn’t functioning correctly so take a long nap, boo 🙂

  74. kimberly September 6, 2012


  75. seanybhoy87 September 6, 2012

    bottom line – whoever told mariah that was a strong single to lead a new album campaign with should and probably has already been fired.
    performance was a mess, switching between live and track didnt help matters either…

  76. Uhoh12 September 6, 2012

    Every time Mariah f**** up with a s***** song like “Triumphant” or gives a s***** performance like at the NFL kickoff, her IDIOT fans wanna start responding to the criticisms by reminding people how long she’s been around, how many number one songs she has and blah-blah-blah.

    WHO GIVES A F***?

    This ain’t 1990 and that s*** she’s peddling now ain’t “Vision of Love.” If the best you can do is cling to tired Jeopardy facts whenever someone calls this b**** out for something she’s doing TODAY that’s wack, then seriously you need to shut the f*** up because I’m not impressed. I don’t care how many centuries she’s been around…I don’t care about how many hits she has…I don’t care about how many records she’s sold. What’s matters TODAY is what she’s doing TODAY. This is 2012, and “Triumphant” is what she’s trying to get people to buy TODAY…and based on what I’m seeing, it looks like no one is.

  77. mobwife September 6, 2012


    *** And this is coming from someone who is not a fan or stan!***

    Now pay close attention kiddies because Mariah Carey is singing LIVE LEAD VOCALS over a BACKTRACK! Lets not be a hater against YOUNG, BLACK ,AND MALE lets make sure we dicuss the EVILS of singing over a backtrack when it comes to a Diva like MC too! Or better yet, lets just drop the BS all together!

    Go MC! I really disliked this song at 1st but it has really grown on me.

  78. orkun September 6, 2012

    That was painfull to listen too… Only the bridge and some adlips were live… and out of tune… So sad.. Sincerely, so sad.

    BUT my big questin is:
    Do you really beleive that the FANS came up with the tracklist?


    Feel very free to share your thoughts.

  79. MaginaMonroe September 6, 2012

    PorkRIAH WhaleFlubbERY career is over.her fans always living in the 90s when she used to slay! No one is denying that she WAS one of the greatest vocalist , and NO ONE is denying her success! but we are living in the NOW….where she has clearly become IRRELEVANT.Triumphant not getting into the HOT 100? her album being pushed back, all her singles from Memoirs under performing! and now this HORRIBLE vocal performance. she needs to stop embarrassing herself, QUEEN OF VOCALS Beyonce, could outsing her bitterly in her present vocals state! and Piglett RIAH needs to fix that nappy ass weave too! Whale looking b****!

  80. mc the place to be!! September 6, 2012

    This Kimberly person should shut her trap!! Mariah is still putting out records because she loves music she has money lots of it to last 5 generations and like I said she has nothing to prove her prime has passed what more do u expect?! You either like her or not either way with or without you she’s gonna do what she wants to do and that’s music and we as her lambs accepts all of mariah including her flaws ppl like u want her to be perfect ALL the time!!! She’s human I’m pretty sure with whatever u do in life your not perfect at it either!! So u come on here and give your pointless two cents on a singer who got through both her success and struggles WITHOUT YOU!! Say what u want about mariah performances but she sounds better than half of these ppl in this f***** up industry. The only person mariah has to prove herself to is MARIAH and she’s done that multiple times already!! She’s made her own lane and ppl try to get in but can’t!

  81. marcus September 6, 2012

    I honestly do not think Mariah had lost her voice. The problem is the material. She sounds like a background singer on her own track. damnshame

  82. NG September 6, 2012

    I actually didn’t think it was that bad. There were some obvious lipsynched parts but on the parts she belted she sounded good. And if you watch the other 3 songs she did before Triumphant, she sounded really good as she did in NYC earlier this year, Morocco, Monte Carlo, etc. You can’t say her voice is dead because of a performance of a so-so song. The original Triumphant just isn’t a good song or really her song.

  83. theman September 6, 2012

    Why won’t Sam post her other amazing performances???????????…………. She did a wonderful job on those performances. He doesn’t wanna look like the hypocrite that he is…..

  84. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 6, 2012

    Ok I´m late but I´m finally at home
    – Sam is just a pressed hater. OMG what an exageration he just made. Ridiculous
    – I know this was not flawless but any person with common sense should know this song is too much to be sung live in a stellar way. Even the two rappers didn´t sound too good. The song is too fast and it´s really difficult to sing live. I can´t think of any singer at the moment doing it justice. It´s too complicated. It´s a studio song. It´s obvious. BTW I love the song
    – I´m going to stick to the positive: She Looked FABULOUS to be honest. I need to watch a second time but she is HOT right now. And I love dthe entrance. At first I was like “Where the hell is Mariah???” haha but then it was great
    – Now I´m going to search for the other performances of the night
    -Oh and is Sam that pressed that he forgot No Doubt were going to perform???

  85. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 6, 2012

    “R&B superstar Mariah Carey surprised the crowd at a New York City jazz club on Wednesday (05Sep12) by putting on an impromptu show.

    The Fantasy hitmaker was in the Big Apple for her televised NFL Kickoff appearance, during which she sang new track “Triumphant” to launch the American football season. However, she wasn’t ready to hang up her microphone after the performance – she later visited Manhattan’s famous Cafe Carlyle and belted out her favourite jazz songs while sharing a bench with the club’s pianist.”

    A true musician. Her voice is perfect for jazz

  86. nickalus Randle September 6, 2012

    Maiah will always be 1 of the greatest singers, BUT LIVE SHE HAS BEEN LOST IT YEARS AGO!!! ughk!

  87. NewF*YorkBabe. September 6, 2012

    She threw it down, the passion and energy she gave made up for anything haters are staying about quality of her tone. She sang her ass off and gave the emotion that the song demands. Mariah’s voice is delicate, she knows that and we know that, it’s what makes her voice interesting and give it that texture.

    Meek was amazing !!!

  88. aishaaguilerakeys September 9, 2012

    Sam, I think u’re exagerrating- I didn’t see anything wrong w/ that performance.

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