Hot Shots: Lil Kim Rocks ‘Bet Hip Hop Awards’ After Party

She may receive little to no love at any award ceremony nowadays, but that didn’t stop Lil Kim from hitting Life Nightclub in Atlanta, following the ‘BET Hip Hop Awards’ last night.

Joined by long time friend Floyd Mayweather Jnr and ‘One Wish’ wonder Ray J, the former Rap Queen seemed in good spirits, weeks after promising fans new music during an outing at New York Fashion Week.

More from the ‘Automatic’ Rapper below…



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  1. OK -_- September 30, 2012

    I really like kim but her face in that last pic I Can’t……

    • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) September 30, 2012


      • OK -_- September 30, 2012

        Ain’t nobody Hating Boy/Girl ijs that’s all

    • I DON’T SPEAK VERMIN!! September 30, 2012

      Biggie wouldn’t even know who da hell Kim is if he seen her today. I hope Kim don’t think that stiff top lip is cute cus it’s NOT.

  2. rihluv September 30, 2012

    Kim seriously needs to stop making those faces(last pic)…SHe actually looks cute in the other two minus the terrible wig!..go back to weaves !! they fit her so much better than those wack ass lacefronts!

  3. Oh? September 30, 2012

    She’s been looking pretty good lately but she still needs to get a better hair stylist. Her facial expression in the last picture is NOT doing it for me. Anyways, love you Kim 🙂

    • Trini_Minaj September 30, 2012

      Kim always horrible!

  4. MC September 30, 2012

    Kim can you please get a new wig/weave… looks horrible.

  5. honest September 30, 2012

    Where does Beyoncé get her lace-fronts because I’ve never in history seen a lace-front look good on anyone except her.

  6. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 30, 2012

    I’ve tried to be nice with this but I can no longer hide it, I tried to get out of the Kim-bashing like everyone else but Im sorry to say:

    She has got to be one of the ugliest women I have ever seen, just looking at her face makes me uncomfortable, she looks like a mixture of a cat, and a deformed rat.

    If her and I were the last people on earth the human race would die out because I can not look at that face and wouldn’t curse my children with similar ones, if al women looked like Kim I’d be gayer than Perez Hilton and Anderson Cooper.

    • MC September 30, 2012

      Believe it or not, she used to be good-looking before all the plastic surgery. Looks shouldn’t matter, what’s inside the heart is what matter. Would you rather be with a beautiful barbie plastic girl who is empty inside or with a person who looks ugly but has a heart of gold? Believe it or not, beauty can only matter for a little while, through time what matters is the connections you make with people emotionally and mentally not physically or sexually. How old are you anyways? Just curious.

      • Speaks Truth September 30, 2012

        Amen MC yesssss you ate that up

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 30, 2012

        Girl, Im a firm beleiver in what you said. And I have liked girls who I did not think were pretty at first but once I got to know them and started to like them emotionally I realized how beautiful they were.

        But I was so disgusted by this rat-looking b**** I had to say something. Her personality appears to be very lazy (via her fans begging her for music and her not giving it) and self centered (see 1,000 surgeries), so I dont like her on either level.

        Im 15, how old are you?

      • MC September 30, 2012

        I agree in what you said about her horrible surgeries and that she needs to tone it down. “Im 15, how old are you?” Stop lying!!!!! I feel like your older than that!?!? Tell me your real age.

        Side note: If you really are 15 then, I am only 1 year older than you. Wow! We are similar in age, but our musical preferences couldn’t be any more different, I don’t think.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 1, 2012

        You’re only 16, Girl now I can admit that I just turned 14 and not feel bad.

        I grew up listening to Pop/Rock, and Hiphop but I started liking Rihanna around Febuary 2011. I a fan of Chris Brown, Sean Paul, Usher, J.Cole (He is ethiopian like us), and kind of like Pink.

        I grew up listening to people like Daugtry and Nickelback though because my sister liked them back in 06′. But majoritively hiphop (nontrashy) is my taste. This may surprise you but straight pop music disgusts me along with indie pop. And I dont really get to listen to older music Like Mimi’s.

    • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) September 30, 2012

      Yo momma

    • LTM September 30, 2012

      What does her face have to do with her music?

    • Trina October 1, 2012

      Plastic surgery doesn’t pass down into the kids genes. Dummy.

      Biology 101.

  7. BAD BYTCH September 30, 2012


  8. Honey CHILD please September 30, 2012

    She looks like one of those old women who aint have d*** in years.. She about to have relations with floyd leg. Down doggy down…

  9. Honey CHILD please September 30, 2012

    Why does her hands look like pork chops with gravy?

  10. MmmHmm September 30, 2012


  11. FAF September 30, 2012

    Ray J loves to f*** chicks name Kim… first Kim K. now this troll
    DEAD @ Onika tweeting pics of her real hair & it being down her back #uglygang is MAD! LOL @ lilkimnews mad @ her reality show & praying this ugly wilderbeast can get another one ! SMH

    She needs to let them hip pads/implants go ! BURN THAT WIG !! ROFL sam why do u post her ? She’s irrelevant

    • Honey CHILD please September 30, 2012

      Unless b**** has a face to go with that hair, tell the horse it will be ok it’s hair shall grow back…

    • LTM September 30, 2012

      Nicki Minaj is #uglygang tho

    • Trina October 1, 2012

      You the same obsessed freak on Necole Bitchie bashing Kim in every post.

      Ewww get a life you troll.

  12. Petewentzlover21 September 30, 2012

    Kim you need to have several seats girl

  13. HOWYOULIKEIT September 30, 2012

    Need better clothes and wigs

  14. bibi93 September 30, 2012

    RIP Kim…

    • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) September 30, 2012

      I cant with your comment along with that avie. I really cant lol.

  15. truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) September 30, 2012

    Kim lookn wonderful!! Now say something fuckd up if u want to h*** and i WILL draaaaag a b****.

    • D September 30, 2012

      lmfao I had to like this comment! The struggle to keep Kim relevant is real.

      • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012


  16. Beyonce’s Weave September 30, 2012

    Who is that Chinese woman and where is Lil’ Kim??

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 30, 2012

      I actually just giggled like a little girl at that.

      • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

        U know y u did? Cus u a little b****, h**

  17. Richnblack11(just like Bey) September 30, 2012


  18. Honey CHILD please September 30, 2012

    She dresses like she still in the 90’s. I’m going to need kim to leave those tacky lace fronts alone or at least step it up.

    • OK -_- September 30, 2012

      Who is that in your avi i have been wondering for like the longest???

      • Honey CHILD please September 30, 2012

        lol hahaha everybody ask me that. It’s eddie murphy with a wig on

  19. Honey CHILD please September 30, 2012

    caption the 3rd pic.——-> ahhh wat u say ahh dahhhh a doodie.

    • Honey CHILD please September 30, 2012

      4th pic *

  20. D September 30, 2012

    Not trying to be rude but Kim:

    -Has the face of Michael Jackson
    -Has the hair of a broke hood b****
    -Looks like she was dressed by a retired stripper from the 90s
    – AND Is shaped like a telephone booth

    She should have stayed home and played several rounds of musical chairs by herself. lmao I apologize to any Kim fans. I know it hurts to see her like this…it hurts me too. Nicki go her face all turnt to the side and s***…

    • OK -_- September 30, 2012

      “her face all turnt to the side and s***”
      Dead.. Stop it lol i feel bad for laughing.. you b**** lol

    • LTM September 30, 2012

      “shaped like a telephone booth” DEATH!! I like Kim but that killed me

    • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

      F*** YALL!!!! LEAVE KIM ALONE!! (run out room crying uncontrolable after seeing last pic screamiin WHY WHY WHY???!!!)

    • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

      B**** please! (eyes watering up chile)

  21. Monstarebel September 30, 2012

    Ugh!!!! This w**** always looks a mess…. I CANT

    • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012


  22. KNUCK September 30, 2012

    Kim look decent!! That mouth tho… smh!

    Mayweather could kinda GET it but…. anyway

    • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

      STFU (tears falling slowly)

  23. this sucks September 30, 2012

    She looks so cute in her latest Facebook photos with Betsey Johnson at her party. She also looks great in her latest Facebook photo pictures where she’s having dinner with Kelly Osbourne…she has platinum blonde hair in these photos and it looks great. Her wig here just looks cheap and has an odd, outdated style. She needs to start hanging out with her friend Marc Jacobs more so his style can rub off on her.

  24. Realest October 1, 2012

    She looks great. She may not look anything like she used to look but if I saw her not knowing who she was i would think to myself “she’s a cute girl”. People on here just don’t have lives and hate because that’s the best thing they have going for them, saying the same s*** over and over and over. Mind you it’s the shadiest folks talking s*** with NO AVI up. Keep doing you Kim cause at the end of the day these h*** ain’t phasing you and you’ll always be respected in music for being #Original #Revolutionary and in your own lane in female rap and general music history- PERIOD. I mean I could put a poll up on here and ask what the readers think.. or we could just ask Missy Elliot, Trina, Roxanne Shanti, Diddy, Queen Latifah, Gucci, Eve, jay-Z and pretty much any and every rapper (even Nicki if we gave her a lie detector test) and we’d all get the same answer- #Iconic. So have a lot of seats and take an F+ for your hiphop exam, you’ve failed.

    • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

      THANK U!(still weepin)

  25. Black kupid October 1, 2012

    2 me kim is lookin better these days, but she needs 2 chop off those excessive weeds growing on her head beTter yet fine a colour that suites her. And can some pls tell me why her face always looks oily. She looks gud, the sugeries just make her look older thats all

    • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

      Bless u

  26. Black kupid October 1, 2012

    Luv u kimmy. Do u babe! Lost hope in 2013 but hope 2013 hold promises 4 u babe

  27. Tbozfan10 October 1, 2012

    Floyd mayweather is looking fine as f***. Lil Kim not so much. She reminds me of the lil ugly girl at high school prom that would got all the fine dudes to take pics with her because they felt bad telling her no.

    • truth(i DRAAAAGGS a FUNKY b****) October 1, 2012

      Not cryn anymore…just DEAD now chile! DEAD

    • msteefromdc October 1, 2012

      i see u r one of the regular haters…have several

  28. BennyBearz November 19, 2012

    First off…”Honey Child Please” u have some nerve talking smack about anyone looking bad. You look like a bummy t*****…seriously. Oh…and crack is wack.

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