Must-See: Lady GaGa Unveils ‘ARTPOP’ Details

Published: Wednesday 5th Sep 2012 by Sam


Already one of the most anticipated albums in recent memory, Lady GaGa‘s fourth studio effort ‘ARTPOP’ continued to send fans aflutter tonight.

For, taking to her new social platform -Little Monsters  – the megastar shared fresh details surrounding the album, which in try GaGa form is shaping up to be quite the event.

See what we mean below…

Check out the 26 year old’s note to fans below…

ARTPOP is not just an ALBUM its a PROJECT

Im excited to tell you all that ARTPOP is going to be a multimedia experience that comes in different forms. The most major way to fully immerse yourself in ARTPOP is through the APP. ARTPOP will be released as an IPAD, iPhone, mobile and computer compatible application (WORLD) that is completely interactive with chats, films for every song, extra music, content, gaga inspired games, fashion updates, magazines, and more still in the works! I will also be able to upload new things to the APP all the time, the same way i upload to twitter and You inspired me to create something that communicated with images, because YOU do, YOU communicate with me and each other with .gifs and pictures, and artwork, graphics ALL DAY 24/7/ YOU’RE an ARTPOP generation. Im hoping you will all continue to grow together and stay connected through your creativity. much love.

love, gaga

p.s (start asking for IPADS FOR XMAS!!) its gonna be so fun. but dont worry. it will also be released in the regular physical and digitals which will be unique and different to the app.


We’ve yet to hear a single song, yet the concept alone has us salivating. Say what you will about GaGa and her movement, but it’d be criminal to deny the fact that she and her team stay pushing the envelope.

All that’s needed now is for the material to follow an equally innovative trajectory – or, at the very least, be a return to form. She lost us with ‘Born This Way’; we’re thirsty for the undeniable epic that was almost every track on the ‘The Fame (Monster)’. Here’s hoping she delivers!

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  1. BEYHIVE September 5, 2012

    meh, not here for trash b**** tries wayy too hard.

    • fab September 5, 2012

      kidding right ????????

      • Beyhive September 5, 2012

        da fuq no, she is way over hype and born this way was a overproduced mess plus she’s exploiting us gays for her own benefit.

      • Im Gay September 5, 2012

        1st of all I aggree BTW was over produced. 3rd im not sure if all of what she is doing will be worth it in the end for ARTPOP. 3rd of all Its funny how my gay ppl’s love to preach about how we are not respected, we dont have equal rights…yadda yadda yadda…then when we have a advocate…someone who can help raise awareness, ya’ll think we are being exploited??? If youve followed GaGa’s career she credits her initial success to the gay’s…and that is why she tends to have our back no matter what. So I agree she needs to go back to basics with the next album or she will be finished but do not agree with the explotation comment.

    • chmbe September 5, 2012

      i agree!! i love how they say that born this way was just the beginning and blah blah!!! If we rewind she even said that the album was going to be the best this decade and remembered for years!!! blah! she flopped with MTN and then everyone said she wasn’t promoting it blah blah!! PLEASE PPL!! STOP THE DELUSION!

      • Twitter – @091094_ September 5, 2012


        Ohh and push for Ipads, what a money grabbing endorsment, way to fuel the corporate restraint

  2. Beyhive September 5, 2012

    Wow.. Go Gaga!

  3. mr.m September 5, 2012

    NO ONE will believe her .. I mean him anymore!!!
    remember ‘BTW’ = best album of the decade? gurl bye


  4. Björk September 5, 2012


  5. KING-BREEZYONCÉ September 5, 2012

    THIS B**** IS ABOUT TO SLAY !!!!

    • MC IS THE PLACE TO BE September 5, 2012

      it’s a shame your fav fail to do the same

      • mr.m September 5, 2012

        you mean slay herself


      • catnipbitch September 6, 2012

        bummmmfuckyou. beyonce done slayed time and again.

  6. Frachella September 5, 2012

    She is so fucken annoying.. I liked her with “The Fame Mosnter” but now she just takes herself too seriously… Get over yourself.. “An event” oh please..

  7. nicko September 5, 2012

    Its gonna be fourth album ?? REALLY ?!! I always thought she only had 2 albums.. Im not gonna buy her b******* anyway…

  8. Haute Hottie September 5, 2012

    Now I loved me some first album Lady Gaga. . . The Fame was on the repeat hourly honey, but Born This Way Gaga was a s***** mess, and I’m starting to think ARTPOP Gaga is going to follow suit. . . . I need Gaga to stop tryna merchandise a brand, and give the fans what we want, and that is some no nonsense music to shimmy, shake, and shuffle to like “Money Honey” “Poker Face” “Paper Gangster” and “Paparazzi” and I blame the label, but please leave Madonna’s wig on the mantle honey we don’t want Homage. 😀

    • irene46 September 5, 2012

      yeah, and stop ripping off christina on the sly.

  9. Es September 5, 2012

    So glad to be a little monster! Say what u want about her but I’ve never seen an artist care as much about her fans as she does, when will ur fave do something as awesome as this?

    • That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? September 5, 2012

      Honey, Gaga is just trying to make a quick buck off of her brainwashed fan base. I am a Gaga fan, I have The fame and The fame monster but if I see some b******* that I don’t like I will call all my faves out on it and this includes Gaga.

      • catnipbitch September 6, 2012

        You act as though you know her personally what makes you think your opinion of what she does matters in the slightest?

        This conversation is dumb

  10. HOWYOULIKEIT September 5, 2012

    Clearly she’s taking it to the next level. But please dont hype it too much like born this way

    • Joanne January 15, 2013

      Born this way was amazing. It’s an album that best represented all of us, as human beings

  11. christinaslilfighter September 5, 2012

    Gaga is such a fake ass, desperate for attention, coke w****.

    She’s like the white female Kanye West who thinks she’s some messiah to music and I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to use this new marketing ploy to inflate her new album sales.

    I think its quite funny that whenever new details, pics, etc…merge about Christinas new music, here comes Gaga releasing more information about her new album. Gaga just needs to focus on her damn tour for right now.

    Gaga is one of the biggest narcissists in the industry. It so.sad that most of the generation of teens (which makes up most of her fanbase) is so blinded and brainwashed by all the glitz and glamour that they cannot se behind the fakeness hat is Gaga.


    • irene46 September 6, 2012

      @ christinaslilfighter…

      glad i’m not the only one taking notice of gaga trying to cast her shadow over christina’s shine.

      check how this pose is similar to a couple of christina’s poses in the ‘lucky’ magazine spread.

      • catnipbitch September 6, 2012


    • DIOB September 6, 2012

      I am actually going to kind of agree. WHen She had no singles nothing on radio and when Bionic came out she started releasing this Clips for Alejandro the released the video the same day Christinas Bionic came out. Now christina is coming out with new music so she is going to try and snub her again. Its quite sad actually.

  12. Monstarebel September 5, 2012

    And the gimmicks continue <<< Your tired b****

  13. That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? September 5, 2012

    Gaga you are feeling yourself a bit too much boo. I hope you don’t disappoint me with this new LP.

  14. justsomekid September 5, 2012

    You people are so misinformed it’s embarrassing.
    In case you aren’t aware, there is an iconic and innovative artist by the name of Björk who did this EXACT SAME THING with her 2011 album Biophillia, you know around the time Caca lost her mind and thought she could walk in Madonna’s shoes.
    If you think this is “pushing the envelope” do yourself a favour and EDUCATE YOURSELF by reading this –

    Bunch of mindless sheep.

    • Luis September 5, 2012


      • Auntie_Jackie September 5, 2012

        Love Björk. She’s awesome. Lady Gaga just tries so hard to be original it’s painful. She’s over, but she doesn’t know it!

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare September 5, 2012

      I’m a Gaga fan but I’ve loved Björk since “Debut.”

      This has “Biophilia”

      Tell It !

  15. Honey CHILD please September 5, 2012

    All i heard was buy this, buy that. WOw anything to make a buck huh??? B**** i’m going to need you to bury the bull s*** antics, along with the millions of albums of BTW that’s still collecting dust at Wal-Mart

  16. Remey September 5, 2012

    Uh oh!

    Gaga is doing it again. There is nothing wrong with hyping up your material, but Gaga does it in a deteriorating way. Rather leave things a mystery…..she overhypes, which leaves fans upset when she underwhelms.

    Let the music speak for itself.

  17. Bey + MC Slay Your Faves September 5, 2012

    Her pretentiousness will be the death of her. That’s why the BTW Ball isn’t selling as much as her last tour. People aren’t feeling her and her “I’m an artist complex”. She’s a pop star who’s getting too big for her britches.

  18. FAF September 5, 2012

    I’m here for the music! Not this world takeover b*******! Gaga, sounding like BEYAWNCE with this Illuminati s***!!!!!!

  19. Beyonce’s Bush September 5, 2012

    Remember when gaga claimed that Marry the night sounded like a Bruce SPRINGSTEEN meets WHITNEY record. Anyway, I do. I also know that she must have been severely medicated when she said that. I know that this is also one of these times.

    • mr.m September 5, 2012

      Marry the FLOPPP

    • MC IS THE PLACE TO BE September 5, 2012

      lol the b**** heads is so far up ass she can’t see the b******* she keeps popping out.

  20. trillafood September 5, 2012

    Didnt Bjork do this already? Gaga, you’re such a swagger jacking horse face b****.

    • Bey + MC Slay Your Faves September 5, 2012

      Bjork did indeed do this before. And her fans swear to baby Jesus that she is an innovator and the savior of pop. Girl Bye!

  21. S****** Blonde September 5, 2012

    Get ready for the hype, i’ve never seen an artist trying so hard, all for the sales, this album will be better than Thriller in the eyes of a Monster, you see all this publicity, tricks and hype is what has made her a star and the same thing, will destroy her career.

    • Virtuoso Intellect September 6, 2012

      I miss being friends with you.

      • S****** Blonde September 6, 2012

        I miss you too.

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 6, 2012

      Nah don´t think so. If Madonna didn´t destroy her career selling all types of fake controversies I don´t see Gaga´s ending cos of her ambition. She didn´t even say anything disgusting now so I don´t see the problem. All I see on this post are pressed b******… lol

      • S****** Blonde September 6, 2012

        Wrong! friend, Madonna was never fake, all the things that she has done were true, S**, Religion, Gays, A***, Women Sexuality, Freedom Speech ec, ect… all were controversy because of the time, it was controversial, wear fur doesn’t make you better than anyone, all that Gaga is doing now has no sense because our times are different, think about it, all Madonna’s controversy were for a good cause or just for a simple thing like s**, no for a meat dress. Madonna’s determitation, ambition and creativity mades her MADONNA, She is known for that, everybody knows that she’s the best at being defiant, nobody is pressed, we are speaking the truth.

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 7, 2012

        And just cos Madonn adid that… nobody else can be defiant anymore and if they do things we have to downplay them? Gaga is doing thing for gays whether u like it or not. Of course Madonna did I´m not denying that (she didn´t do those things Gaga did two years ago but still… haha) And I say things cos I don´t know how to say it in English.
        You know I don´t have a problem with Madonna so don´t bring her any chance you have. What I always try is to defend Gaga a little bit cos the hate towards her in this site is too much. When she clearly is the biggest thing in this past 4 years, so it can´t be true more people like Rihanna or Beyonce than Gaga. Maybe in the micro world of TGJ 🙂

  22. Auntie_Jackie September 5, 2012

    Sigh. She’s so boring. Ipads b****, really? Give us good music and stop trying to sell products. That 360 deal is REALLY showing.

  23. Kevin September 5, 2012

    Such a fame w****. She always wants to get the attention so she’s doing everything just to be noticed. LOL! Go get your costumes! You’re so overrated. :))

  24. Luis September 5, 2012

    And all the little monsters will be creaming their panties over FARTPOP… So f****** annoying!

  25. ChrisFresh September 5, 2012

    im starting to think everything she does is for the money

  26. B**** Please!!! September 5, 2012


  27. Are You Serious? September 5, 2012

    Can she get anymore pretentious? I am so tired of her being up her own ass and her fans liking her cooch every step of the way.

  28. Biting Truth September 6, 2012

    Guess what? I’m not gonna buy it. Just like I didn’t buy her other two. I’d sooner give $10 to a street beggar than to spend it on one of her albums. F*** Gaga’s weird wannabe ass.

  29. commanderofthedancefloor September 6, 2012

    i cant wait, personally i am not that into an artist to be doing all of that stuff, i dont use the apps on the iphone i have now. but i will definetly be buying this album, i actually have loved every single gaga album and i love that she does something different with each album.

  30. the real xoxo September 6, 2012

    im buying the album, not the apps. she writes her own music unlike your fave

    • Luis September 6, 2012

      That’s why she sucks! She should leave that task to someone who actually knows what they’re doing….

  31. Xadax September 6, 2012

    Bjork’s Biophilia?! When will she ever stop copying from Grace Jones to Madonna to Christina Aguilera?!

  32. Xadax September 6, 2012

    More like ArtPOOP

  33. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 6, 2012

    What envelope is she pushing exactly? Bjork did the exact same thing and she did it a year ago! GaGa keeps trying, but she always fails to set trends and the “innovative” things she supposedly does have always been already done by somebody else.

    And did she say “start asking for iPads for XMAS”??? She probably got paid to say this! WHY LOVE? Isn’t your app available at regular mobiles and iPhones as well. Why should your fans buy iPads particularly.

    Anyway, I hope she doesn’t end up selling her album at coffee shops and McDonalds.

    • Virtuoso Intellect September 6, 2012

      U know that cd gonna straight up be on the dollar menu.

      Still love Gaga though. Im Beyhive, i have to lol

  34. PrettigurlrockD September 6, 2012

    I will let the music do the talking. And LOL at ppl saying she’s trying to make a quick buck B****** BYE. It’s the music business. You think your faves are any better? STFU.

  35. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 6, 2012

    hmmm , Nothing New as usual , NEXT ➡

  36. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 6, 2012

    What a bunch of pressed people on this post… omg ahaha
    I´m not even a Gaga FAN but this b**** is the biggest thing in Pop music since Madonna (and I said pure pop, of course true greats like nippy, mimi, etc are bigger). Most comments on this post are the proof
    You are just some Britney, Xtina, Rihanna, Beyonce fans (and a few Madonna fans pressed for no reason) that can´t stand this girl became bigger than your favs in just 4 years, and with actual talent
    I don´t have those type of problems since my favs are the biggest ever. Not pressed at Gaga at all, just enjoying what she does

    • ThatBoyLuke September 6, 2012

      How is she the biggest thing since Madonna when her highest selling album “The Fame” has only sold (yeah sold, don’t come with shipment statistics) 8m copies?!
      People like Adele and Amy Winehouse sold more than Gaga and they did with talent not gimics…

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 6, 2012

        Can´t you read? I said being pure POP. Bigger than the b****** I named. Of course she is not bigger than Whitney or Mariah you retarded and hateful b****

      • ThatBoyLuke September 7, 2012

        Bye… since when was Gaga ever bigger than Britney, Xtina or Beyonce have been?! They’ve all sold more than her, had albums s*** on her sales and done it for longer and without jacking people and fame whoring like Gaga.
        As for Rihanna she’s at least on the same level as Gaga, she sells around the same amount of albums and at least has her own sound / looks even if she can’t sing live.

        P.S I didn’t mention Whitney or Mariah so…

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 7, 2012

        Sorry but Gaga has already sold a similar amount of ALBUMS as Rihanna and Beyonce, but in just 4 years
        About the others… Xyina never was as big as Gaga has been this last 4 years (kkep in mind albums sales are not what they were in 2000 when Xtina sold more)
        And Britney would be the only one with massive album sales. But her career and little talent ended really quick, while Gaga has the talent to perdure, that´s why I´m positioning her above Britney, I´m anticipating the inevitable

    • S****** Blonde September 6, 2012

      So Gaga is the biggest thing since Madonna and she has became bigger than Madonna in 4 years and with actual talent but of course true greats like nippy, mimi, etc are bigger.

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 7, 2012

        No, bigger than Beyonce and Rihanna in just 4 years. I already said the ones pressed cos they are Madonna fans have no reason to be pressed (meaning she didn´t became bigger than Madonna in 4 years). Ok?

  37. ThatBoyLuke September 6, 2012

    So in other words she just jacks Bjork again and her army of tween flops will be screaming about how original she is lol… The difference being that Bjork’s whole “Biophilia” album / shows and apps were developed to teach people about nature and music and even got David Attenborough involved whereas Gaga’s will be another generic album of overdone reductive and redundant flop pop with apps designed to get kids to buy some of her trashy sideline products lol…

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