Rihanna Unwraps ‘Diamonds’ Single Cover & iTunes Release Date

Published: Monday 24th Sep 2012 by Sam

With anticipation for Rihanna‘s new single ‘Diamonds’ surprisingly lukewarm, the model and her team have released its accompanying cover to drum up buzz ahead of its premiere on Wednesday.

We needn’t waste any time harping on about how cheap and tacky the shot looks. We simply hope for her sake the song is made of the shiny stuff itself, as she’s all but saturated her shallow market with these yearly albums and so-so singles.

Any way, for those wondering when they can buy the track, the answer awaits after the jump…

Echoing our previous report, Rih’s label announced today that ‘Diamonds’ will make its global premiere on Wednesday, September 26th with an 8:00am launch at radio stations worldwide.

An hour later, at 9:00am EST, the Benny Blanco produced cut will go up for sale at iTunes Music Stores worldwide.



And the madness begins…

Your thoughts?

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  1. N September 24, 2012


    • Rita’sLipstick September 24, 2012

      What a cheap s***!

      • truth(i DRAAAAGGS nicki stans to liberate them from her poison u FUNKY b****) September 24, 2012

        DEAD chile

      • SlayingForRitaAndBey September 24, 2012

        This slag is endorsing drug use. Shes an industry w**** who has s** with everyone. Rita is classy and this ho is nothing more than a baby collector. F****** tart,

      • BeyWhoUWannaBe September 24, 2012

        YES! She is the cheapest s*** of all. Even in Barbados at the tender age of 14 Rihanna was known for being the leading boyfriend snatcher in town. That’s how she got her deal, tricking for Evan Rogers.

        Meanwhile Beyonce got into the game by the strength of her voice and the integrity of her character which is why was able to meet a man, marry him and have a beautiful baby girl whose first word holds more power than any bum note that dirty b**** Rihanna could ever carry.

        I really hope Rita is stepping up her game to snatch that dirty wig of hers and use it as a disposable mop.

        I have spoken.

      • NavyRoyalty September 24, 2012

        A Ryvita Oral stan coming for the Queen? Not today b**** NOT TODAY!
        How long did ORAL stay in the British charts for, last I heard it dipped out of the top ten by second week. And didnt RIPeeyourself flop in the US cos I know that s*** didn’t even hit the top 40.

        And you wanna come for Queen Rihanna. You wanna open your deepthroating mouth and try to drag Rihanna when your fave is out here baby sitting Fossilonces doll.

        I’ll tell you like this boo boo, Ryvita and Fossil couldn’t get a number one single between them even if they tried, so put that in your mouth and gargle!

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @Bey WhoYou Wanna be,,, Didn’t you just say be who
        you want to be and if you could not hold on to yo man what make
        u think it’s Her fault, i feel that as a man i can say that a man
        only goes with another woman because they want to go and don’t want yo RAGGGGGGEDY ass no more.

      • XtinaFighter September 24, 2012

        I didn’t know Rita had stans but anyway. This cover is a joke compared to her other art work. How could she really take this s***** picture and release it as cover work. I’m not concerned anyway, Diamonds isn’t going to be able beat Yur Body without a video.

      • TelephoneStillSlayingYourLife September 24, 2012

        Beyonce’s only ever had one boyfriend and that’s the man she’s married to now. Rihanna’s had:

        Josh Hartnett
        Chris Brown
        Meek Mill
        All of her dancers

        If you think of any more please add to my list. EXPOSIN DESE HEAUXS !

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

        The thing about Rihanna it isn’t just about who she sleeping with. Everything she stands for is ratched. It’s ratchedness on top of ratchedness, on top of ratchness. It’s funny we come to her “most recent” horror story and b*** kissers want to go up in arms when Rihanna has a trail of negativity she has made for herself along the way. She has made her bed therefor lay in it.

        I mean isn’t this the impression she wanted us to have of her ? Isn’t this how she carries herself. I could understand the argument if her being looses was her only problem. I read something positive about Rihanna this morning, and I thought to myself this is the most positive thing I have heard about Rihanna in years maybe. I know none of this has anything to do with me, but I felt good for her reading it. I hope that one day she sees you can have just as much gratitude with positive attention than starving and attention for negative ! She wants to be bad girl, thug life, loose….what’s the problem now ? We talk about Drake & CB groupie tales, they talk about themselves why is Rihanna exempt ?

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @Telephone some more names you forgot..
        The Butcher, baker the candle stick maker
        Moby D*** and His Offsprings
        Peter Rabbit and His Offersprings
        Mickey mouse and His Offersprings
        Remember that Rihanna has now been Certidief as the
        Only Woman Alive or Dead, who is “Breathing & Has a Pluse”.

      • WININ 101 September 28, 2012

        stick as stones

      • WININ 101 September 28, 2012

        vell nope who

  2. Kimberly **SMILES** September 24, 2012

    What kinda single cover is this!!! I guess too rush rush era aagain. Please explain this s*** I can take with my ipone with a few pepples. I know there would be some excuse for that mess. awaits others opinion

    • FAF September 24, 2012

      honestly, can this ho do anything besides roll blunts, curse, & lose endorsements?? This will FLOP harder than TTT its first week

    • FRESH (NAVI) September 24, 2012

      why does it matter to you?!!!






      • truth(i DRAAAAGGS nicki stans to liberate them from her poison u FUNKY b****) September 24, 2012

        I love Rhi but i’m not a STAN but chances are it’ll hit the top 10 in a WEEK! her s*** always does…she’s consist it doing that so i say ‘good for you rhi’ in advance

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        I heard that Rihanna is working while they throw b**** parties.

      • WININ 101 September 28, 2012

        who nope kick

  3. Viciousss September 24, 2012

    …this is why this chick will never catch a break. She stays doing crap like this to get negative attention. Smh, no sympathy.

    • Kimberly **SMILES** September 24, 2012

      leave her alone.lol she had to release something her release date is in november. talk about quantity over quality and a real artist with major input in their craft and live shows will never put an abum every year. Everything thing is layed out for her. I swear I think her best friend took that picture for her

      • commanderofthedancefloor September 24, 2012

        so prince, mariah carey, aretha franklin!!!!!!!! none of them are real artist acording to your standard! smh.

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        Rihanna has sold over 37 million albums and 146 million digital tracks worldwide, and currently holds the record for top-selling digital artist of all time. A member of the TIME 100 most influential people in the world, Forbes named Rihanna the world’s #1 social media star with over 2.7 billion views on YouTube/VEVO, the most ever for any female artist, over 60 million Facebook fans, and over 26 million Twitter followers. In addition to her 11 Hot 100 #1 singles and overall 22 Top 10 singles, she also has 18 #1 singles on the Billboard Dance Club Song Charts.

    • Monstarebel September 24, 2012

      SHES A F****** REBEL B****!!!!!

      • Viciousss September 24, 2012

        Yep, a rebel for fans with the intellect of 14 yr olds who thinks cursing somehow proves a point.

        It’s okay tink tink, gotta show Mommy and Daddy you’re so bad.

      • commanderofthedancefloor September 24, 2012


        what does cursing have to do with this, because every single artist out right now curses on their songs with few exceptions.

    • WININ 101 September 28, 2012

      well nope durr

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      @VICIOUSSS,,,You can shut yo ass all the way up
      because no matter how you cut it Rihanna come
      out on top Simply because Rih will never be or
      act as illerate as yyo stupid ass always act on this
      blog site.

  4. millhouse September 24, 2012

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS B**** – werk… I f***** love how she just dont give a f***

    • WININ 101 September 28, 2012

      nope yeah

  5. kelly September 24, 2012

    Lukewarm? This blog has been speaking about nothing other than Diamonds and everyone thought it would drop on monday or last friday. It has crazy buzz. Lukewarm is Rita Ora’s whole life, from the the look, ” talent ” , music and her lame PR gimmicks – Rob Kardashian? LOL

    Cheap and tacky? tHAT IS CIARA you are talking of, Rihanna works with the most iconic photographers, she does not know do tacky. Annie Lebovitz shot the pics – Annie Lebovitz is a legend, for your ghetto black ass.

    This cover will have everyone going nuts, cos it looks like she is rolling a blunt, but it is Diamonds – geddit? LOL how will Rita Ora be able to copy now? This Diamonds is very left field and daring, what Will Rita Ora do to make her cheap tacky copy?

    • Erickane September 24, 2012


      • Lax September 24, 2012


      • Rihanna Navy September 24, 2012


    • i’m not throwing shade, but… September 24, 2012

      Great! 3 people on one posting on crack. And Kelly, why do you assume that anybody who has anything negative to say is black? I’m confused about the ghetto black ass comment…. the other two co-signing KMT

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        Ii’m not throwing shade, tell me why in the phuck do you care no one has
        to answere to yo monkey ass. Thank what ever in the phuck you want to think, i don’t give a care. You simple minded h*** trips Me Out.

      • I’m not throwing shade, but… September 24, 2012

        @ LAX when you get you GED (or whatever education certification there is in your country) ask me that question again, because i have no idea what you have said apart from my user name and the lame “monkey ass” comment
        Remember kids, stay in school. LAX is a testament to what happens when you have no talent, career options and no life.

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        I’m throwing shade,,, yo mention that 3 people ar posting who are on crack Bottom line is this Forget all of the formality,
        Just knoiw that the crack folk on this blog isn’t yo business either let them be who they want to be and i want to knkw why them smoking crack and Kelly doing Her thing should bother yo silly ass.-
        Oh and about that GED, you speak of and since, the Lord is my sheppard and i shall not want , and my living is made , but i had better not say that then…you will think i am bragging , which i am in a way, anywhoo, i am in school and guess who’s in class with Me,,,,,


  6. kelly September 24, 2012

    It is very artistic. I like the fact, that she is so famous, she does not need to be in the actual picture to generate heat. Her hands rolling a diamond ‘ blunt’ is enough. It is naught, arty and risque – it is also daring.

    • DEDE September 24, 2012

      so famous but her world tour cannot reach over 100 mill and with six albums matched with other artist she is crap, example britney. She just have you children begging your parents to get her music. Is that what your popular is? not being able to match up with the respected pop stars. I knew someone would call that s*** artistic. It looks familiar though. Remeber when she was rolling the cocaine on the man’s head. Remember? the crack head is used to rolling stuff. That’s her signature

      • Todd September 24, 2012

        I’m really sorry to say that again,but it makes me laugh everytime- mariah carey’s emancipation of mimi sold more than all of rihanna’s albums combined ! people say that times are different now,that shes a ”single” artist but… come on….

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        Dede That is okay if she didn’t reach 100 dah, dah , dah She did
        Her best and that’s what count.

      • BritStan September 24, 2012

        Leave Britney Outta This… Thanks!!!

  7. tits mcgee September 24, 2012

    I’m sure the single will be the s***! I hope as great as Janet and Herb Alpert’s “diamonds”…

  8. kelly September 24, 2012

    LOL LOL at luke warm – sorry,cold Rita Ora copying Rihanna is mad frantic desperate attempt to remain relevant – even in the UK

    Rih tweets ” you dat n**** ”to Jeremy scott for his fashion she wore in vegas/

    Rita then tweets, thanks Henry holland for the clothes, so dope. LOL LOL not quite as hot and badass as calling Jeremy Scott, ” you dat n**** ‘ Booom !

  9. kelly September 24, 2012

    Rita Ora ablum comes out in the USA on tuesday everyone/

    • Öz Firdevs September 24, 2012


      • kelly September 24, 2012

        Will you buy it?

      • BritStan September 24, 2012

        LOL. @Oz

    • kelly September 24, 2012

      I take by all the rd marks, no one is buying ORA on tuesday.

      • HeavyHeavy September 24, 2012

        i thought that got pushed back to no release date cause they are recording new tracks. no one seems to care anyway. money down the drain i say.

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @Kelly thanks i didn’t know.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      We came to win, to prosper to “Fly”.

  10. kelly September 24, 2012

    Daily mail confirmed it. Rita ora copied the picture by the hotel window from Rihanna, who done that back in march when she went to Japan. Why is Rita Ora still copying Rihanna?

    • kelly September 24, 2012

      The readers of teh daily mail, are laughing at Rita Ora for even copying Rihanna’s twitter pictures.

      • kelly September 24, 2012

        They are going HAM on Rita Ora on the UK’S daily mail. Like even copying the same Twitter pic as Rih? How single white female and desperate is this girl?

      • kelly September 24, 2012

        when has ciara ever nearly beaten Rihanna?

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @Kelly, thes loose bytxhes done gone and
        lossed their rabbit ass minds. Rihanna have got it
        like that and when you read a negative comment you wonder if they need glasses are a third grader to tell
        them that they are not on a Rihanna Post, dam fools.

  11. 77 September 24, 2012

    i know that now, all that bad & negative image that rihanna show, seems to be cool, but in the futur, when she will turn 30-35, it will be very very very shamefull!!!!

    anyway i can t wait to listen, this single!

    • kelly September 24, 2012

      They said that s*** about madonna. It is how she became the queen of pop. This cover is better than Ciara Sorry cover.

      • FAF September 24, 2012

        That’s a goddamn lie isn’t this your 50th comment in 5 secs. ugly?? U got QUEEN CICI on the brain when she nearly beat that FLOP to death like Chris Brown… LOOLL!!

      • kelly September 24, 2012

        when has ciara nearly beat Rihanna?

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @FAF,,,Food for thought…
        Why give people the satisfaction of letting them get the best of you? People are too weak to follow their own dreams & will find every way possible to try to discourage yours. It’s a natural thing, don’t curse it – bless it. Because these pathetic mother fuckers encourage my conceit.
        Haters don’t have to love, support are ever like Rihanna it’s Her Navy Gain and their loss as far as i am concerned.

      • BritStan September 24, 2012

        I think they’re referring to the Twitter beef. CiCi went hard. I must admit…

        Watch xFactor Wednesdays and Thursdays!!!

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      Rihanna don’t have no shame in Her game
      and if She’s not acting right for you then go
      in search of Mother Teresa and lose the
      attitude on Others not Rihanna.

  12. Lax September 24, 2012

    Yessssss Hurrican Rihanna is getting Ready to Rait
    Down On “HatersVille” Cove big time….

    • kelly September 24, 2012


      they are as frightened as f***. Look at bEYONCE! She is not pregnant , she has been comfort eating out of insecurity, pressure and fear. She knows her career is over and Rih has shut Rita Ora dead in her tracks, so Beyonce, has resorted to making herself feel worthy and that is comfort eating.

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @KELLY i know and while they keep right
        on throwing shyt at Her she will stay busy
        with that Dang deep ass hole She has dug
        for the “Hatersville” Cove Haters, so She can
        Bury their Asses Quietly!
        Rihanna is getting ready to break out like a Sweat all over the World!

      • BritStan September 24, 2012

        LMAO!!! I love reading the comments on this site!!!

        Watch xFactor Wednesdays and Thursdays!!!

  13. konfl September 24, 2012

    RIHANNA is so thirsty for attention…. euuurrrrrrrrkkkkkkk; now she vehicle another wrong message ( smoke weeds)!!!!

    beyonce please comeback & save US!

    • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012


      • DEDE September 24, 2012

        I seriously think the navy really hates some of the things their idol does but is just too ashamed to say so. lol. lawd the navy dosn’t want to accept the fact that this cover is s*** and will follow up with some shitting tweets, controversal pictures and wack ass performances. pull your itunes card out and remeber to save some for the album.

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @RichnBlack is this true..
        For the past year or so Beyonce’s name has been attached to the Clint Eastwood remake of A Star is Born but now Mr. Eastwood doesn’t sound so sure…

        At the premier of his latest film, Trouble with the Curve, E! News asked Clint Eastwood about Beyonce starring in his next flick and Mr. Eastwood sounded a little shaky telling E!,
        “[Beyonce]’s great. I don’t know if she’s available, but we’ve talked a little bit.

        Tell Bey to get some one else to produce Her, it you can get a message through, Real talk.

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        As Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” approaches the Hot 100′s top 10, pushing 13-11, the song makes notable moves on two other charts. The track bumps 13-8 on Digital Songs to become Rihanna’s 26th top 10 on the listing. With the advance, she passes Lil Wayne (25) for the most top 10s since Digital Songs began contributing to the Hot 100 the week of Feb. 12, 2005. As we previously reported, “Where Have You Been Been” concurrently crowns Dance/Club Play Songs to become Rihanna’s whopping 18th No. 1. She ties Beyonce for the chart’s third-most toppers after Madonna (42) and Janet Jackson (19)

    • FRESH (NAVI) September 24, 2012




      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

        you sound very childish grow up

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      Hungry for ATTENTION and classy and tacky when She is the best selling Digital Artist in the US She is the Face book queen and shes selling as i claw my way to the stage.

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

        everyone knows she is an ATTENTION W**** plz don’t play crazy and dumb, oh I forgot most of the titanics are are crazy and somewhat delusional.

        I CAN’T

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @KONFL,,,U R So right on and me, myself and I love’s every
      minute of it.
      River Island is delighted to announce an exciting and exclusive collaboration with Rihanna; she will be designing her first clothing collection for River Island. The capsule collection will launch in Spring 2013. Rihanna said:

      “I’ve been wanting to design my own collection for some time. River Island is the perfect partner for me to collaborate with and working with a British, family run business also really appealed to me. I find London really inspiring and River Island loves to have fun with clothes. I’m looking forward to working with them and creating something really special.”

      River Island is a brand with Great British heritage. Founded and based in London, the business was created and is managed by the Lewis family. With design at the heart of the business River Island continues to grow globally as it enters its 64th year. River Island has over 300 stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Holland, Poland, Belgium, Middle East and Far East and offers worldwide shipping through its website.

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        This will be great for Rihanna and they have many
        stores and the clothes will be reasonable.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      Yes Rih is thristy for attention and so is
      Her Haters.

  14. JJFan1814 September 24, 2012


    Diamonds single > Your Body >>>> The Boys!!!

    That Rihanna reign just won’t let up!!!!

    • FAF September 24, 2012

      The Boys>>>> Anything this h** can do!! Nicki writes her OWN LYRICS!

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @FAF U R PITFUL!

  15. Lax September 24, 2012

    Rihanna know better then anybody that Her Career Goals
    will always be raked over the coals every since She made
    it to the United States Shores. Shortly after releasing Her
    first album back in 2005, She has been in the Eye of the
    Storm every since She showed Many including Jay who
    was Def Jams Head Hucho that She would Out Last Her
    15 minutes. Beyonce and Her “DERANGED’ Bey hive
    combs the woods all over the Internet trying to stir up
    trouble for the Young Entertaining Artist.

  16. THE LEGENDARY LAX September 24, 2012

    So instead of weed being in it… She decided to put diamonds in it

    • FRESH (NAVI) September 24, 2012

      THANK YOU!!!!1


    • Lax October 1, 2012

      The ledendary ass hole is always as negative’as hell,
      nothing new from their lame ass SOS.

  17. RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012


    YOU CAN CUT MY SHADE……………………………

    • kelly September 24, 2012

      Best believe Rita Ora will do an exact cheap and tacky copy. Read the daily mail ( uk ‘s biggest picture ) they say they are tired and irritated by Rita Ora copying Rihanna’s excat moves, down the the pictures by the hotel window; the pics in hotel bed; makeup; even mouth poses.

      And y’all say Rihanna copied this no name hag? Even the whites on teh daily mail, who do not even like Rihanna can See that Rita Ora is some crazy single white female for Rih. Rita Ora might as well come out the closet and say she is in love with Rihanna.

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012


      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @RihhnBlack even ray charles can see that you
        hates Rih with a passion yet you broke, busted, f******* ass are always in the house trying to shyt talk Her. I don’t have to stan up for Kelly because i am sure that Kelly will surely Drown Yo ScumBag.
        Don’t you kniw that all u r doing is helping make things so much better for Rih and Her career.

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        RichnBlack,,,food for thought.
        I just don’t get some people. If you have all the time in the world to talk about other people, and for them to be a topic of discussion with you and your friends, whenever you all get together…you obviously aren’t living your own life.

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012




      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

        @lax so that explain why you always trolling just about every post on tgj,

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @RichnBlack When and if you and your nutt cakes
        get your heads out of Beyonce’s ass for some air then perhaps you will realize that Like you and your ass hole bully’s are always looking, reading and seeing the truth about Rihanna right in your faces and your Low Life Asses will still Lie on top of a stack of bibles and say ” It Is’nt so.

        Rihanna’s Accomplishments are many and the world and the music historian has recorded Her achievenments and awards in the Music His-To-Rih Books and no matter how you and the Hive and Rih many haters tries your hand at running Her name in the ground No matter how hard you try you can Huff and you can Puff you can try to Low Rate me and others but know this and this is the clicker, What God has for Rihanna is for Rihanna and no amount of hate is ever going to stop are slow Rihanna down from Her destination and if She decides to keep working as hard and as smart as she can no matter how many Fake Ass Navy Offiicers posing under fake ass names will move me or any of the other Rihanna Navy who are “DieHards” You loose bloomer bytches are always lying in wait on a Rihanna post to see how long and how hard you can try and beat Rihanna and Her navy into the ground, and even after all of that Rihanna is still
        standing tall and win, lose or draw Rihanna is in it to win it.

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @RichnBlack,,, I don’t care if you don’t ever love, or like
        me either becsuse this isn’rt a beauty contest or a personality contest, either way i can hold my own just like Rihanna can hold Her own . And just so you know as long as you and your bully’s can stir it i can take it. How much do yo ass want to bet. Rihanna is living Her life and she’s doing it her way and there’s always some shyt when it come to Rihanna . On beyonce’s post you will never as long as your ass points to the ground see me riding with hate for beyonce as long and as hard as many you lame ass bytche goes in on rihanna. And don’t get me wrong, this is a blog site and i will blog as long as the Web Master Allows it and to tell you the truth to hell with what you and the bey hive and Rihanna other Haters who tries to ride her from sun up to sun down. And just so your ass will know its okay calling Rihanna’s fans Out of their name and all the other colorful names your Low Life asses has for rihanna day in and day out.
        Let your broke, busted, pressed ass keep thinking that we are all OUTCASTS because i fell that you and your gang of bully’s or a bunch of “Worthless Looney Tune Clowns’, real talk. Your idiot asses are not first grade or second grade you are ” No School ” at all skanks.who want and prays for BEYONCE to some how take Jesus’s place and rule the world , but not so fast , You see the man with the plan is over me and my life also, but i am saying that to say this keep thinking that beyonce rules the world i know she rules your dumb ass and the rest of them ” DERANGED LOONEY TUNE, CLOWNS and it shows with each strok of that key board, and know that i love your SLICK ASS WAY of taking then Countless Cheap
        shots at Rihanna so keep up the great work, MS /MR
        PERFECT From Beyonce’s “DERANGED Bey Hive” Bully club.

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

        i think you need to take a trip to shutter island

        I CAN’T


    • Lax October 1, 2012

      RichnBlack good thing nobody asked you, lol.

  18. trizzy trainwreck September 24, 2012

    Tinashe is coming 4 rihanna’s wig! Trust me tinashe will s*** on rihanna’s whole career !

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      ?????????/ some one is alwys trying to
      shyt on Rih’s career so tell enny, mennie
      and moe to bring it on , this is going to be very interesting and i am hyped up to see how the chips are going to stack
      up with this, and we already know that Stevie Wonder thinks
      Rihanna is great and so does Her Navy.

  19. FAF September 24, 2012

    Damn this thirstbucket wants publicity so she can get on twitter & talk about people always “Hating” on her when she the one who came out w/ this TRASH!!! POE thang time is t-t-t-ticking away. LOL

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @FAF U R So right on, and baby keep that
      “Truth Teas Flowing” we do love that about you helping to spread the worr around , FAF u r the Best and the Best Beats all the Rest.

  20. KING-BREEZYONCÉ September 24, 2012

    She suck ! Her Albums sucks , This cover suck, but her songs are catchy so I CAN’T WAIT TO SHAKE THAT ASS ON DIAMONDS 😆

    • mc the place to be!! September 24, 2012

      how can her albums suck if the songs are catchy??

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012


    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @KING-BREEZYONCE Welcome to “RihannaVille”.
      the living is easy, fish are jumping and the sky is blue.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      Yeahh we know that she Sucks to the Bey Hive
      and that is when she does good/bad, the Hive is so
      phucking Worthless..

  21. Auntie_Jackie September 24, 2012

    This look stupid as hell, but people will eat it up. Cheap, tacky and trying too hard. Baiting controversy, just in case the song doesn’t delivery.

    I hope this song is awesome, and that she ditches this annoying marketing campaign.

    • kelly September 24, 2012

      welcome to the fame game, b****.

    • kelly September 24, 2012

      Rita Ora’s album comes out on Tuesday in the USA, will u buy it? Where is the buzz?

      • DEDE September 24, 2012

        the same buzz music of the sun got. gold after 7 years. do you remember that rihanna? the music of the flop? stay coming for rita, the debut artist.

      • kelly September 24, 2012

        music of the sun went gold in the usa in four months and spwaned two multi platinum WW smash hits.. Not only that, but it was a cheap demo she made at 16 in less than a year. That is why LA did not drop her. MOTS went gold in the UK in less than a year. ORA has not seen any of that MOTS – she could kill herself to have pon de replay. Where are ORA’S HITS?

        DEBUT? Lane del ray is new – 2 WW

        Emeli sande is new over a million sold

        Katy Perry’s debut
        Brit debut
        Lady gaga debut
        Xtina debut
        Jessie J debut

        How comes all these white girls debut can sell, But Rita Ora cannot ? I mean Rita Ora is a blonde white woman and she cannot sell. Where is Rita Ora’s PON DE REPLAY? She cannot even get onto the USA chart. Rih was charting at 17.

      • kelly September 24, 2012

        MOTS sold 1.5 ww.

        ORA is not even getting a release in any market outside of te UK – they pushed her s*** back to I dont know when.

    • Auntie_Jackie September 24, 2012

      I just want to hear the song. I’m not here for all of her antics. They’re boring, contrived and transparent. Her fans may find them entertaining, but I can give two shits.

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @AUNTIE all i care about is the music and i could care less about things looking tacky, s***** or other all of that bull shty don’t count because you see in the final Analysis all that counts is if people will buy and sales, sales, sales, Auntie.
        I am a fan that can’t understand and neither am i trying to understand why all the phucking Huplah over a Black Chick who’s not affraid of work.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      Sticks and stones Excites Me too.

  22. Todd September 24, 2012

    what i expected, exactly ! now bring out the strippers,the wigs,chris brown and a few new tatts!good luck!

    • Todd September 24, 2012

      and the p**** vogue!

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @TODD,,,,You said this….

      odd Replied:
      September 24th, 2012 at 9:58 am
      and the p**** vogue!

      @TODD See the rules of the game is this,,,,u can say what ever you want to say and i can hop on yo back, head, ass when ever i feel are get good and ready, Therefore…You insult my intellect and i Tapp that ass
      when ever i get good and ready, now let me see how i can insult yo ass some more, Remember that “All Is Fair In Love And War”, Boo, boo.

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @TODD THIS,,,
        Todd Replied:
        September 24th, 2012 at 1:32 pm
        @Lax I don’t get why u Rihanna fans are always on Beyonce’s p***y!Seriously,why?

        Now read real slow TODD go to the Beyonce and jay post
        the last post That Grape Posted and see how many times Rih was called out of Her name on that post, Deery then say to yourself “What Goes Around Comes Around” Yo Kaaang taught you that.

      • Todd September 24, 2012

        @LAX i doubt u got the ”p**** vogue” clue,do ur research and all the best to u!

      • Todd September 24, 2012

        @LAX PS im way too b****,sorry,i really didnt get the j n b thing.anyways,do a quick google search on wats called a p**** vogue,2nd – i dont need u showin me hate comments and s***,really.i asked a question,i guess ur dumb enough not knowing how to answer.take care and all the best.

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @TODD i did not like the chris comic from you chris isn’t bothering any one and you can forget about trying to School me because it isn’t working, boo, boo.

      • Todd September 24, 2012

        Schoolin is ur own priority and chris will be a part of this as long as she uses him as a good publicity,girl.

      • Todd September 24, 2012

        Lax,still all u managed to talk about has nothin to do with the questions i asked. Bye,take care

      • Todd September 24, 2012

        PS sorry for the schooling,but ” any one ” should be anyone.Seems u need some school 🙂

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      Todd I insults Other People’s OPINIONS AND THE haters
      keep right on trying to take Rih’s head off and i find it Very
      STRANGE that NOT A SINGLE PERSON Other then Rihanna’s Fans who take up for Her while the Haters keep going after Her 24/7 with NEGATIIVE bull shyt. And while there’s no one saying to the Haters ….Haters why don’t u give Rih a break,,,see where i am coming from,,,,Therefore why should i give a phuck if the haters asses “Crash & Burn” figuratively speaking i don’t mean Literally. This is not that MOFO serious but then it is…lol.

  23. kelly September 24, 2012


    I am afraid, we are gonna have to go there. Time for this weeks UK chart! The killers have the third fastest selling album in the UK, with 94k ( something you said Rita Ora could do ) then Lana is second, then Emelie is third.

    Pink done amazing and came in second with 80k. Rita Ora first week was only 40k. Rita is now at 14 on the official UK chart and 84 on UK itunes. I expect Ora to crash out the top 40 album chart this week. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL TTT is still in the top 40 and still selling on itunes, as is loud. Look like TTT is outselling Rita Ora’s Album HA HA HA

  24. That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? September 24, 2012

    Rihanna, you are trying way too hard to get some attention girl.

    • kelly September 24, 2012

      And it is working, cos m************ like you are all on Rih, and ignoring the s*** out of Rita Oats – the old hag who was meant to take her out the game, but now has all but disappeared of the face of the earth.

      Rih Tumlr page is dedicated to the new single cover, Rita Ora’s tumblr has pics of rihanna and old pics of Rita – no one seems to be buzzin for the release of Rita Ora’s album which comes out in the USA on tuesday.

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @THAT B*TCH She has succeeded because you clicked on to
      Her post, are did you thing you was some place else.

  25. kelly September 24, 2012

    Rihanna’s new clothing line with River Island comes out on Dec 2012. Then she has the hot tour, two movies, a new fragrance called nude; more hit singles. Who is Rita ORA?

    • DEDE September 24, 2012

      and she will make 50 milli after all that. river island is not her clothing line. she is just modling for them just like the slave she is. One cheap comedy and one animated movie cause her accent ain’t cutting it. A perfume that still cannot match worldwide sales like britney, jlo and beyonce. b**** sit down
      your girl had more than that last year and made 50 mill what other artist did sitted at home. go sit in the stadium. superstar my ass. and cannot even sell tickets. gaga concert tickets are sold out. rihanna concert tickets takes months to sell. After all her careers are like flashing lights. you cannot remeber s*** from it but just her hair style

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

        aint that the truth, hell i don’t recall anything from the loud era beside the red hair , sad but so true nor any other lp

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        @DEDE & RichnBlack,,, either way Her name is fronting the Brand and i know that has you pressed because it shows.

    • barbie September 24, 2012

      @LAX, remember that when it FLOPS!!

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        Hold your breath for her to flop, barbie.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      @DEDE,,,,Same old shyt from the likes of yo ass just a different day.

  26. kelly September 24, 2012

    Rih navy,

    Goof f****** work. I have seen the tweets and the support of Diamond on Tumblr. You did that s***, navy, there is no singer, get this amount of buzz right now.

    And to the m************, ho keep putting Rihanna’s pictures and doctored pictures of Rita Ora and Rihanna together on Rita’s tumblr – TAKE IT DOWN NOW. Rihanna is not associated with that f****** flop ugly old ass wanna be, so stop tryin to use Rih to get Rita the shine she does not have.

  27. JJFan1814 September 24, 2012

    Rihanna has no competition!

    We all see where The Boys & Your Body are at on iTunes. Your Body couldn’t get passed #4 and The Boys couldn’t get pass 30!

    Kiiiiiii! F****** kiiii!

    Watch Diamonds ascend to the #1 position and break the top 10 on the BB 100!!!! Ad eventually become #1

  28. kelly September 24, 2012

    So is anyone buying Rita Ora’s album that comes out on tuesday?

    • NAYAH82 September 24, 2012

      I’m buying No doubt’s new album…F*** that copy+paste h**!

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      @NAYA,,,You can move up “No Doubt’s” ass for
      all the navy cares, One monkey will not stop the show, watch.

  29. JJFan1814 September 24, 2012

    No one is checking for Rita’s U.S. Album!!! Rihanna is gonna sell more in 1 week with Diamonds than Rita is gonna sell with ORA!

  30. Lightning September 24, 2012

    Oh Kelly and Lax give it up we know you the same people!!!!!!!!!!!! Kelly is so rita ora obsessed she got me stanning Hard for that girl

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @LIGHTING hang it up Flat screen That Grape know that
      we are two different people and the Rihanna Navy who tried to insult my intellect know that we type different and the while the subject matter is the same we thinks all together very differently.
      Kelly knows english better then i do , i mean can;t yo tell. we are not the same i assure you of that, oh if you only knew.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      Lighting in the final analysis yo ass don’t
      count, period.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      @Lighting Just thing there’s nothing you can do but bytch
      because either way yo ass have been had.

  31. justsomekid September 24, 2012

    GET INTO ALL THIS AND MUCH MORE (minus the RiRi shade) @ RUDPOPdotCOM

  32. Peter Griffin September 24, 2012

    That ain’t diamons, it’s either glass or crystal meth!

    • Monstarebel September 24, 2012

      b**** shut your wack ass up & keep checking for King Rih

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      PETER what a bytch move, but considering the source what
      did we expect coming from a Certified ass hole, such as yourself!

  33. You will DEAL!!!!!!! September 24, 2012

    Kelly knows everything bout rita when she wiped her p**** when plucked a eyebrow EVERYTHING she talks bout her more than her Fav rihanna Now tell me who the f*** is winning? Rita!!!! Kelly is a sad pathetic fat w**** who gets a*** rapped at night by her father

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @YOU WILL DEAL It’s clear that Kelly don’t like the little bytch and Makes not apologies so if you don’t like it then get the phuck off Rihanna post and you want have to read what She’s saying, ooops but KELLY and Navy goes whnere no other will dare to go, though.

  34. BEYONCE’S WEAVE September 24, 2012

    Yes, I cant wait, I’ll be buying the single when it comes out and I’ll pre-order the album too. Cant wait, let me RIHmind you that Riri will make HistoRIH with Diamonds, I can feel it.

  35. Monstarebel September 24, 2012

    The single cover is cute & different and its getting people talking already I’m glad its not a wack single cover like c-errors sorry

    idk why people get so shocked when she does s*** like this SHES a f****** REBEL she clearly does what she wants and has control over her career

  36. GREEN EYED BEAUTY!!(LIKE RIHANNA) :) September 24, 2012


  37. You will DEAL!!!!!!! September 24, 2012

    I feel like this album is going to do worst than Talk that talk! TTT had a huge single but it took the album a year to go plat and it didn’t pull in great first week sales so idk hey

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @YOU WILL DEAL It don’t matter a single dam what yo Low Life ass belikeves, because you can’t pay bill with “Believes”, nor can you pay bills with hate, either way Rih is doing something Positive and we shall see how she does and to all of those who hates it then “Knock Yoselves Out”.

  38. Joy September 24, 2012

    Damn! A comment section full of haters. I think that this cover is dope as hell. & TTT did extremely well; it has gone platinum. So STFU!!! Rihanna reigns and ya’ll just hate. Who is really winning!!!!

    • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

      ha ha ha ha ha your very comical

      • Lax October 1, 2012

        RichnBlack always trying to throw a bytch, fit when its
        about the Caribbean Queen, aka “HBIC” and RIHANNA
        will keep right on throwing the Bey Hive “Every Which Way But Loose”, lol

  39. Darianna Jones September 24, 2012

    *Takes a Nap*

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      Who’s gives a dam, the navy don’t.

  40. Monstarebel September 24, 2012

    Exactly the cover is different its not the same s*** who wantss to keep seeing a head shot single cover gets old & the haters always got some s*** to say its coo tho they’ll be the first ones checking for this song on Wednesday

    • ENOUGH ONIKA September 24, 2012

      Doesn’t have to be a head shot, Kelly Rowland’s “Ice” single cover is hotter than this.

  41. Monstarebel September 24, 2012


  42. mobwife: “aqua boogie baby” September 24, 2012

    Ummmm…………… o_0

  43. ENOUGH ONIKA September 24, 2012

    Mmm no.. To me, a lead single should be on point in every way, including the cover. This however, looks very cheap and unexciting.,, Not a good choice.

  44. lace September 24, 2012

    YAWNS….. Now that nobody wanted to hit her cake, nobody wanted to suck her nastyness she wants to offer us diamonds? in exchange for some, uh, cocaine?
    sorry rihanna, you should wonder why people are so negative whenever it comes to you…it’s just because you don’t respect yourself and u don’t have any talent to back it up, so stop foolin urself actin as if u were some badass or somethin…a badass doesnt cry over a man who has beaten her, a badass stands up for herself and works hard

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      @LACE Rihanna have many who loves and adores her
      efforts its loose lipped big Booty getto bytches like you who are having a Hard Time Adjusting to the Latest, with Rihanna, bytch.

  45. HaterzStayPressed September 24, 2012

    Actually, it seems to me that Rihanna is trying to fulfill her recording contract by doing back to back albums and tours. Maybe she’s trying to get out of her deal in order to sign something more favorable? It seems to me that it’s just too soon for an album and tour. I bet there is something more behind the scenes that are going on.

    • TeamBreezy September 24, 2012

      I think until you can show some facts then ur allegations need not be so bold and theoretic

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        TeamBreezy Yes, yes, yes.

      • HaterzStayPressed September 24, 2012

        @TeamBreezy I am not accusing Rihanna of anything. I was simply posting a THEORY. Surely you know the difference between a theory and an accusation, right? 😆

    • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

      I was thinking the same thing, only time will tell

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        RichnBlack y r a lying ass you want Her to fail and
        has said as such.

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

        I don’t want to see her fail, why would I , I don’t dislike her but I will say I don’t like some memebers of the Navy


    • Lax October 1, 2012

      Welll Jayz dropped a album a year for ten years straight and nobody said a mumbling word, and He did good Perhaps Rihanna will find Similar success who’s to know which way the wind is going to blow up a storm with things like Music, and career moves.
      Whats good for the goose is good for the Gander…

  46. Suicide Blonde September 24, 2012

    This single must be better than “Umbrella”, i don’t believe in the hype, classic mmm when i have the album in my hands, i would tell you, remember when Gaga’s “Born This Way” was the album of the decade, MY ASS…i wait…i’m very curious about this new record, i always supported her Riri.

  47. Poisonous September 24, 2012

    ..Flop That Flop, Yeah. I know I’m sure Flop Off.. 😀

    Can’t wait to shake my ass.

  48. mc the place to be!! September 24, 2012

    come on yall yall expect her face to be on every single cover everyone is not beyonce ppl some ppl like different stuff

  49. nickalus Randle September 24, 2012

    I ma just getting over RIhanna I think, I REALLY DO LIKE HER & HER MUSIC, but really a blunt??? come on nah, she is just a hot mess…

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      A hot mess that so many is trying very hard to keep tabs On.

  50. BLUE The Real HIVE September 24, 2012

    What a cheap s***!!! This s*** won’t sell

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      S***’s make good Entertainers, tough, and they
      know how to make their mangers and bosses
      that big paper $$$$$$

  51. zzzzzzg September 24, 2012

    RIP is a copy and paste of Rihanna’s Wait your Turn.Song video and everything! @kelly I was trying to give Rita Ora a chance but no originality

  52. Blue September 24, 2012

    men for ppl with alot of opinion u dont know s***!
    this is the imbodiement of rihanna(the persona/public image/the blunt) robyn(the diamond/indestructible/the sparkle) fenty.

    she knows her public image and what ur hating asses are saying she just doesn’t care. The only thing that can destroy rihanna is rihanna.

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      BLUE cosign

  53. Blue September 24, 2012

    men for ppl with alot of opinion u dont know s***!
    this is the imbodiement of rihanna(the persona/public image/the blunt) robyn(the diamond/indestructible/the sparkle) fenty.

    she knows her public image and what ur hating asses are saying she just doesn’t care. The only thing that can destroy rihanna is rihanna not you.

    • My hip, my back September 24, 2012


    • Lax September 24, 2012

      BLUE cosign

  54. Lax September 24, 2012

    Flop, the flip has moved over 3 million.

  55. My hip, my back September 24, 2012

    Anything for publicity as usual. Not here for this flop. I guess she has to make up in controversy what she lacks in talent lol. Thank god my fav doesn’t.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      If u r not here for this flop then put the pedal to the
      medal and move on down the road, then.

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      All of you who calls RIHANNA’S body of work a Flop knowing
      that she have moved over 3 million units and Have a single that has gone platium over 8x in different countries are clearly hating and jealous because they know the truth and still act like the a/h the are.

  56. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 24, 2012

    Oh-kay , I will W8.

    • KING-BREEZYONCÉ September 24, 2012

      U can disappear too…

      • Lax October 1, 2012

        POP ROYALTY is where He’s supposed to be, tell Us
        KING,,BEY why r u here, did u miss yo turn back there by that
        “Dog Pound”.

  57. Monkey d ruffy September 24, 2012

    I was so excited for ciaras new album but then I lost the interest when I saw Diamonds 😀 Im so ready G4L

  58. kelly September 24, 2012

    I googled Ciara, nothing came up. I googled Rih and there is so much info on her new single; single cover; etc.

  59. Monkey d ruffy September 24, 2012

    Damn the hive start runnin
    When they hear rihanna is coming

    • My hip, my back September 24, 2012

      gurrrl who runnin?

    • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

      running from what , when everyone know Beyonce is way more successful than Rihanna could ever dream of.

      I can’t

    • Lax October 1, 2012

      The Bey Hive wants all the money and blessings for Beyonce’s ass and Her house hold not for anybody
      else and when they hear of Others doing great things Including Rihanna it sends their asses into a tail spin, always.

  60. JER September 24, 2012

    And the hate continues. And Rihanna rides on. Meanwhile you pressed gorls play Get Me Bodied I mean Single Ladies for the 48475278 time and continue to wait for your fave to smash again.


    • Todd September 24, 2012

      whos hatin on her,im just not excited!

    • Rihanna Navy September 24, 2012


  61. kelly September 24, 2012

    Oh deerey me. Rita Ora’s album is at number 94 on uk itunes. It will crash out of the UK 100 then UK official top 40. LOL

    • barbie September 24, 2012

      @Kelly ONLY LAX would say deerey …..I think you are crazy, please take your meds. I guess the stans are as crazy as their master. I am serious though, take your meds.

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        barbie we will only if you take yours.

  62. Todd September 24, 2012

    i never witnessed a STAN-HARD-CLUELESS-ACTING thing on the internet, thank u @ LAX for showing others what a crazy guy is! now we can take notes

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @TODD you must be one of those who can
      give it, like spot the dog but you can’t take it, you can
      call me what ever you want but when it’s about Rihanna
      their are parts of the Navy always ready to go to War.

  63. the real xoxo September 24, 2012

    as a regular weed-smoker, i find this quite cool!
    but rihanna is a talentless w**** and this will be as generic as air.

    • RitaBonita September 24, 2012

      You probably high now b****.

  64. Lax September 24, 2012

    Food For thought….when you hate on Rihanna or
    When we hate our enemies, we are giving them power over us: power over our sleep, our appetites, our blood pressure, our health, and our happiness. Our enemies would dance with joy if only they knew how they were worrying us, lacerating us, and getting even with us! Our hate is not hurting them at all, but our hate is turning our own days and nights into a hellish turmoil.

    • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

      SO WHAT YOU ARE SAYIN IS WE HAVE POWER OVER YOU…. GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lax September 24, 2012

        RichnBlack i will comment with yo ass when you grow the phuck up, okay.

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

        Your going to comment anyway cause you can’t help

        take the ferry to shutter island til then give me essay and reply to all my comments…the truth hurts don’t it

  65. MC September 24, 2012

    I can’t at the Navy acting like this is a classic “artistic” “different” album cover. Lol It looks cheap as hell. But anyways good luck to Rihanna….

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 24, 2012

      You don’t like it? Girl I though you would at least give it the time of day!

      • MC September 24, 2012

        I don’t have a particular feeling for this cover, but the way your fellow Navy members praise it *side eyes the cover* is not accurate at all. Do you like? I guess whats important is if the Navy likes it since its you guys that will buy her single.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 24, 2012

        I like it, she isn’t afraid do do whatever she wants and I love that. It didn’t make me scream to the heavens though, I’d give it an A+ for effort but and 7.5/10 overall. I am used to single covers being boring as f*** so I think she did well. You better give her single a chance though, I am waiting for her comeback performance of hero and for you to love it and become a stan. It will happen eventually.

      • MC September 24, 2012

        @Benron (King Of The Navy)

        I will give the new single a listen just for you 🙂 lol I don’t know if Rihanna should attempt “Hero” again after last time…lol. We’ll see what happens. I appreciate your honesty about the cover btw

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 24, 2012

        Your welcome, and when you said cover my mind was still on Hero. Lol.

    • JER September 24, 2012

      From a stanbase that cried ARTISTIC, LEGEND for every BeYAWNce single, album, and magazine cover. GURL BYE

      • MC September 24, 2012

        I don’t like Beyonce though……lol #fail

      • JER September 24, 2012

        b**** I aint talkin to you. Go buy another 5000 copies of “Triumphant” and have all the seats

      • MC September 24, 2012


        Three words for you b****: Where is Janet?

        Lol. Your done flopped with “Discipline” shame you are trying to shade MC when at least she is making music and has people checking for her including your hating ass. Have multiple seats and stay mad.

      • JER September 24, 2012

        🙂 aw you really thought Janet was my fave because i said that in ONE post weeks ago. I see who stays riding on me.

        FYI just because you are a stan doesn’t mean everybody else is. I don’t give a f*** what Janet’s bloated 1994 ass is doing. You and her can have a seat together and talk about when her and Mariah used to have hits

      • MC September 24, 2012

        @JER lol! Your are so funny b****. Its confirmed you stan for a talentless h** who chases her ex who beat her ass up. lol you obviously stan for Rihoenna because you are posting s*** hating on anyone who says anything negative about Rihanna. #oppsinneedofselfevaluation #staypressed #keeponhating #staydemented 😀 😀 😀

      • JER September 24, 2012

        Make sure you LIKE my fan page gurl. You ARE a fan afterall :-*


      • MC September 24, 2012

        @JER Drinking that cool-aid I see lol 😀 You value your low-life ghetto self too much. You probably have a hate page dedicated just for you though. I will surely NOT check it. Have a good day 😀 #staythirstyformore #youwilldeal #sociopathbitches

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @MC,,,the navy can be excited and act any way we want to act, no one expects you to like what Rihanna is serving so hey if she’s not your cup of tea no one cares.

      • MC September 24, 2012

        Obviously you care enough to comment to me Kelly oops I mean Truth

  66. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 24, 2012

    What an artistic cover! Rihanna never fails to show what kind of artist she is.

    Instead of using a picture of herself in a cheap backdrop like almost every single cover ever Rihanna decided to think outside the box. It is not cheap and tacky, it is her. This cover is full of Rihanna’s personality and is in no way searching for attention. She smokes weed and we all know it so she doesen’t need to deny it, Like “Beyonce’s weave” said this will be a personal album and slay.

    Unlike other fake artists Rihanna really is original and gives you all shes got. I can tell the music video will slay aswell #ThatRihannaReign #PUCKYOFAV #YourHoeCouldNeva

    • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

      it is her cheap n tacky

  67. SlayingForRitaAndBey September 24, 2012

    Another microwave pop album. The w****.

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      Bring on the microwave te=reats rihanna we are ready to be served and the Bey hive is as pissy as ever. You can tell by
      all of their exciting comments.

  68. BeyWhoUWannaBe September 24, 2012

    This cover is almost as cheap as Rihanna’s v***** every Friday night when she strolls the mean corridors of Def Jam looking for customers.

    It’s just her poor luck that most of the men there are vegans because between her legs literally smells like a fish market selling a whole array of sea beings. I hope and pray my Queen will put aside her pride and send Rihanna a bottle of Heat for her to spray on her body because her body odor is so strong it has been scaring away number one albums for seven years.

    • JER September 24, 2012



  69. Queta September 24, 2012

    Rofl, why does the navy thinks the beyhive hate Rihanna?? More like, we dislike some of the navy members. Just because the navy heavily dislikes beyonce and wants to see her fail badly doesn’t mean we wish the same for Rihanna. If I hadn’t heard of Rihanna but I seen the way her stans act before I listened to her music then I wouldn’t even want to listen to her. Lax/Kelly would be that main reason why I wouldn’t. But I really hope this is a great single and that she does get that number 1 album. Idc if it takes her 10 albums to get that number 1. I just pray she gets it.

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @QUETA,,,read them and weap you cheap, pressed bytche loved it when there was only four navy officers to three dozen Bey hive clowns, didn’t you. Now the playing field has gotten some what bigger it’s killing the Bey Hive slowly but surely.

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @QUETO One monkey can’t stop the show, deery.

  70. RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

    do anyone recalls this:

    So everyone, yes…..I heard from legit sources, that is the HUGE SECRET our prestine, perfect little Princess RiRi, the “IDOL” has been hiding from the media. A very close source of mine, who works in the same legal camp as Rihanna, has told me that the reason why Rihanna wasn’t speaking out about the CHRIS BROWN incident is because there was a catch 22 in it. Rihanna has h*****, and….well……I don’t wanna put anyone else on blast, but Rihanna has h***** and gave someone else h***** that she had slept with.

    My sources are very legit, and they work in Rihanna’s legal camp, and that is how I know! SO RIHANNA HAS H*****, STD’S & WAS SCARED TO SPEAK OUT ABOUT IT CUZ SHE DIDN’T WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW THAT SHE HAS H***** AND INFECTED SOMEONE ELSE WITH IT! BAD RIHANNA

    So while you cascade around town, acting like yo s*** don’t stink, and leading the media and your fans into thinking that you are a strong woman, and idol, well….it’s a shame you had to trick them into thinking you are, because truth is, you’re ruining other people’s lives, infecting people with your STD’s, and walking around getting praised and loving the sympathy, when really, in real life you are just a major b**** who could give 2 shits about your fans and all the people who have been supporting you! Including myself! You dont even acknowledge your fans, you know, the people who got you famous??? Yes….those people. THE FANS! The ones that I, myself, acknowledge 247 all the time because if it weren’t for my fans, I would not be here today! I love my fans, I don’t lie to my fans to make them like me more, and everyone knows it. I have my flaws, but I put it out there, and I let my fans decide on whether they agree with the things I do or not. Im real, and I don’t care what anyone has to say about me. All I do is mind my own business, and play with my fans.

    But since you’re still cascading around town like you’re a prefect little princess, angel…..honey I hate to burst your bubbles…..but yes….yo s*** really do stink, and even worse…..yo s*** has STD’s, known as H*****, down in your private area.

    So…..that’s about it. Sorry I had to tell the world your DIRTY SECRET, but you left me no choice girlfriend. I knew about your secret for A VERY LONG TIME, but I never told anyone because that was not my business……but since you wanna play dirty with me……oh….you best believe I will give it to you good girlfriend! POW!

    Rihanna has STD’s and H***** everyone! & that is the truth from my legit source that has told me. YIKES! So boys, be careful when u wanna tap that ass, cuz that ass will give your d*** H***** if you dont put 3 condoms over it! EWWW!

    • BeytleJuice September 24, 2012

      I can definitely believe this. She’s a promiscuous girl and has been since she touched down at JFK. I wonder if we could get her green card revoked.

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

        thats crazy

    • DERAS September 24, 2012


      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

        AWWW I THINK YOUR MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • DERAS September 24, 2012


    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 24, 2012

      The story was that girl called her packaged and boring
      She said the girl needs to shut up.
      The girl made this.

      One of the most redundant, exxaggerated, made up as you went along lies I’ve ever heard.

  71. commanderofthedancefloor September 24, 2012

    yess, rihanna is delivering a weed song. i can not wait i love the diamond blunt. and everyone else who says she needs to stop why dont you just stop clicking on her post? i mean really no one is forcing you to look up anything that involves rihanna.

  72. RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

    lax and kelly shall now be call SYBIL that f** and c*** have no life , I THINK THEIR JUST MAD. They shall be on the next ferry to SHUTTER ISLAND

    lax is so on defense mood replying to EVERYONES comment just sad , find a hobby, do you work, or you in school ect

  73. mr.m September 24, 2012

    Goat.N*****.Flop. PERIOD

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @MR M It’s not rihanna’s fault yo mamma dropped you on your head so many times, take that up with yo mom , Son!

      • mr.m September 24, 2012

        AWWWW! yewww mad?
        stay pressed, N***** 😀

    • MC September 24, 2012

      Someone has a self-hate issues. We all know you are black lol

      • mr.m September 25, 2012

        Your mother is black!

    • DERAS September 24, 2012


  74. RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012

    Rihanna left New York after Beyonce reportedly tried to kill her repeatedly due to her obsession with Jay-Z.

    I can’t

    • DERAS September 24, 2012


  75. THE DIAMOND NAVY September 24, 2012

    Can’t wait! Not looking forward to a generic trashy track as her previous, I want to hear some beautiful s*** come out of Rihanna’s mouth for once!!

    • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) September 24, 2012


      • Lax September 24, 2012

        Rih you done went and Pissed the haters all off again, dang girl, you have got to try to get along woith these loose as a goose Low Life’s and it must be going to be Fiyah because they are all foaming at the mouth and slobbing so hard they have all got Baby Blue’s bibs tied around their necks. Rihanna why do you do them like this Mamma, i know you love all of them but they acts like you have Killed their whole family, they are saying you have H*****, they are calling you a herpers s***, h**, and all kinds of names Rihanna all because u r getting ready to drop a New Single, Wed. They are saying u r going to flop before you even drop the first single.Rihanna they act like you are Cinderella and they want to keep you hid in that closet but you some how got a chance to go to the ball and you was the one who was able to wear the glass slippers. Rihanna i wonder if the rest of these “Looney Tunes, know that word on the sterrets have been that Jay loves men as well as he love women. I am not one to gosssip but Rihanna keep doing you and The few navy Officers who visits That Grape will keep doing our best but you know with all of the paper jay and beyonce have got it’s really hard trying to keep up with that Deranged Bey Hive.
        Rihanna keep giving it your all and all and we will do our best and when the haters and Bey Hive give us all we can take we will Retreat and Reload, because we know that the race is not won by the fastest runner, but by those who endures until the end, Hang in there Rih, Rih You are on to Something Big Mamma! And the Haters all know this oh so well.

    • Lax September 24, 2012

      @DIAMOND NAVY,,,Such a beautiful screen nave, and so clever.

  76. PYTFROMAL September 24, 2012

    LOL. Whoa 240 comments, that’s more than lukewarm to me.

  77. Lax September 24, 2012

    @Rihanna these Low Lifes reminds me of that joke where some one had called heaven and wanted to talk to God to ask him why there had not been many black who had gone to the moon, and God was trying to explain why,,,but the noise was so loud in the background and God told the caller that He’d have to get back to them because they was trying to ” Set The Milky Way On fire”…..these Low Life makes me think of tearing things down and fighting all of the time.

  78. JER September 24, 2012

    Imagine that, BeYAWNce stans talking s*** about Rihanna being naked and showing skin. You just proved that BIONCI’s career truly is forgotten.

  79. BILL September 25, 2012


  80. Magina September 25, 2012

    She used to be one of my favs…now she’s just egotistical and classless! will support her song but prolly not the album….can only stand so much of her goat vocals!

  81. mc the place to be!!pe September 25, 2012

    The same ppl that’s saying its a flop are going to be the ones who loves it and plays it over again you guys haven’t even heard the single you’re judging how the song is going to be be like over a single cover??? #pathetic

  82. RIHANNA NAVY (PHUCK YO FAV) September 29, 2012


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