Rita Ora Talks Rihanna Comparisons

Published: Thursday 27th Sep 2012 by David


When you’re as talented as Rita Ora, being compared to the likes of Rihanna must get a little tedious at times.

Owning a voice all the #1 singles in the world will never afford the Diamonds‘ singer, Ora recently weighed in the ongoing comparisons between the two during an interview with Australia’s ‘Mike & Emma‘.

Revealing, that she’d rather be compared to 16 time Grammy winner Beyonce than the Chris Brown groupie.

Rita’s wisdom below…

Kudos to Rita for handling the tired comparisons as well as she has.

For, much like the aforementioned Beyonce  back in ’03, Ora is fast becoming one of Pop’s more likable characters- seemingly unfazed by criticism thrown at her by Fenty’s ‘Navy’, whose efforts would have been better spent purchasing tickets for ‘Battleship‘ and tuning in to ‘Styled To Rock‘.

Projects, in paying homage to her live performance style, fail(ed) miserably despite the star power that will ensure ‘Diamonds‘ heads to #1 on the Hot 100, but has failed to secure a US #1 album…seven years into her controversy led career.

All this, the likeliest reason the ‘Navy’ have been all but welcoming to the ‘Love & War’ belle,  hell bent on downplaying her UK success and commercial potential on an international tip.

Then again, as the below will attest to, it’s no wonder Ms. Ora has Rihanna and Co. so hot and bothered:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rihanna Navy September 27, 2012

    it’s the desperation from the HOOD HIVE

    • BIONICBEYONCE September 27, 2012

      Hood Hive?
      Why has Rihanna never been asked to perform the Barbados national anthem? Here are your choices.

      1. The President doesn’t not want to distress the innocent Islanders.

      2. She’s deepthroated all of their microphones already.

      Phone a f****** friend?!

      • BeyonceSnatchesAndYourFavIsRatchet September 27, 2012

        I’ve got an even better question.

        How many times did Rihanna cry after watching Beyonce snatch everyone’s life at the International Music awards in 2007.


        The winner gets an unsigned copy of You Da One.

      • xedos September 27, 2012

        show how ignorant you are. Barbados doesn’t have president. it has Prime Minister. its a westminister system.
        to make it simple for your shallow brain a Parliamentary system. not a republic. stay in school. fyi you can see rihanna sings the US anthem at a METS game when she first came out

      • FAF September 27, 2012


      • Lax September 27, 2012

        ASCAP Pop Music Awards

        Year Nominated work Award Result
        2006 “Pon de Replay” Most Performed Song Won
        2007 “Unfaithful” Won
        2008 “Umbrella” Won
        “Hate That I Love You” Won
        2009 “Don’t Stop the Music” Won
        “Live Your Life” Won
        “Take a Bow” Won
        “Disturbia” Won
        2010 “Live Your Life” Won
        2011 “Rude Boy” Won
        “Only Girl (In the World)” Won
        2012 “What My Name?” Won
        “We Found Love” Won
        “S&M” Won
        “Only Girl (In The World)” Won

    • BLUE The Real HIVE September 27, 2012

      Both rihanna and Rita ora workship beyonce

  2. GAGA Clan September 27, 2012

    she bores me.

  3. GURLLLLLLLLL September 27, 2012

    yes beyonce is biggest supporter cause she wants you to stop rihanna’s succes but it ain’t gonna happen since she can’t do it her self. beyonce need to support more up and coming BLACK girls who is trying to get into the music biz.

    • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) September 27, 2012

      What does race have to do with anything? I swear black people always gotta bring race matters into something so unimportant.
      Which black girl is Rihanna supporting? Oh, I thought so.

      • FAF September 27, 2012



      • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) September 27, 2012

        @ FAF
        Yessssss! Not all blacks were born with nappy dry hair like Rihanna. Some of us actually don’t have to resort to chemicals or weaves. In Rihanna’s case, she better stick to those front lace wigs, imported Indian hair and horse hair from those poor creatures that are tortured to make her look decent .

  4. RomanNavi September 27, 2012

    Cool. But Diamonds is in the top 10 on itunes in 44 countries, and #1 in 12 of those. *tries to find RIHta on the charts*

    • Beyonce’s Kryptonite September 27, 2012

      YES!!! I love the SHADE after the FACTS. The Hood Hive and Rihta-wannabes have been read.

  5. BEYONCE’S WEAVE September 27, 2012

    Samantha and Davidina are mad today, is it because diamonds is #1 in 16 countries? Anyway Rita Ora wants to be compared whereas Rihanna doesn’t want to nor needs to be compared, she is in her own lane now and so she doesn’t need to be compared. The only reason people are talking about Rita Ora is because of Rihanna, without that, she would be easily forgotten. Even Samantha knows that Rihanna’s name pays his mortgage.

      • FAF September 27, 2012


      • Lax September 27, 2012

        Rihanna went to the Brits award this year
        with a Win and in Britian she won best intl, artist.
        Keep the h***** lie rolling we love it, and why not add that Rihanna has the “Green Apple Crud” to go with them h***** the more the merrier, “ScumBags”.

    • Lax September 27, 2012

      @VAL’SWhere,,,,Rihanna says for yo ass to kiss her
      VAL’S ass ,,,and you can have at it as she is seen Wearing Nothing but a smile in Times Square….

      Rihanna’s colonge #1 best sellers in the UK ,
      Tell Ms Piggy ooops i mean Rita
      And another thing there’s room at the top for all of those who wants it bad enough and NAME CALLING isn’t going to stop RIHANNA’S climb U Low Life,,”ScumBag”.

  6. HoLD DA PHUCK UP September 27, 2012

    so basically she’s saying the green eye exotic caribbean yellow model chick is ugly, i’m official done with this flat nose boy face run down midget body b****.

    • FAF September 27, 2012


  7. WaitUrTurn88 September 27, 2012


    • BIONICBEYONCE September 27, 2012

      Rihanna shades herself everytime she opens her legs.


      • Lax September 27, 2012

        @BIONICBEB And just how many times has beyonce had
        her dam legs spread satin SHOWING ALL OF HER TAIL TO THE WORLD, U LITTLE BYTCH.

  8. Jess September 27, 2012

    WHY do you ALWAYS fall for TGJ trap to start a stan war? Beyoncé’s happy, Rihanna’s happy & Rita’s happy so why are you all getting your panties in a knot over a damn blog? Putting yourself under different names to comment several times like GO DO SOMETHING

  9. DragginForLanaDelSlayAndRitaSlayora September 27, 2012

    Oh no girl, look how the Navy scatter and s*** in the face of the truth. Your fav is a SINGLES ARTIST and we’ve all known that since 2007. She has to release albums every year because she knows her fans are so fickle they’ll lose interest if she’s away too long.

    You’re so pressed that the first three comments here were left by one of you just to hate rita but you were so stupid you forgot to change your email address so you have been EXPOSED.COM.

    Slayrita is gonna slay eventually and when she does it will be a tortilla wrap for you motherfucking no number one album having promiscious s*** endorsing goat loving harlot stans.

    • tj September 27, 2012

      SLAYrita….. ha! ok back to reading this stan war.

  10. Let’s Be Real September 27, 2012

    and this is why she wil probably fade away.Let’s be real…Beyoncé will ALWAYS be Beyoncé just because she’s on maternity leave does not mean she will not get herself together and SLAY all these h*** like she did for over a decade.But let’s be real again…Rihanna at the moment IS WHAT IS HOT!Rita boo, You will nwver be Beyoncé! no matter how many blonde wigs and performances u mimic from her dvds.take note: Rihanna has stated on numerous occasions Beyoncé is het “greatest idol” but when she stopped being a bootleg Barbados Beyoncé she EXPLODED! I tried to be here for rita but I can’t..she’s extremely basic…and I’m sickened that Beyoncé as my fave is supporting this s***.tell jay z to stop with this..cut your losses and find a hot male act.

    • can it be friday already? September 27, 2012

      yep, rita need to change her image and sound if she wanna ever leave the rihanna comparisons behind. as long as folks look at her like a bootleg rih, she won’t get but so far.

    • LEGENDARY BEE September 27, 2012

      This, i though i was the only from the beyhive who wasn’t feeling this girl regardless of whether beyonce supports or not. her music just dosen’t do it for me and i’m sure i’m speaking fro other bees of the beyhive. just keeping it real.

    • truth(i DRAAAAGGS nicki stans to liberate them from her poison u FUNKY b****) September 27, 2012

      Mutha fuckn DEAD chile¡ Now THATS a read lolol! side note..pink is the vocal truth! I love her

  11. Still pressed, boo? September 27, 2012

    *sigh* When will people give it up about the “no #1 album in the US” thing? I could see them bringing it up if Rihanna was just a local act, but she scores #1 albums WORLDWIDE, meaning that she is known and loved INTERNATIONALLY. She doesn’t NEED to EVER have a #1 album in the US because THE REST OF THE WORLD is checking for her. Furthermore, a #1 album in the US is NO GUARANTEE of that album’s longevity or success, as evidenced by the #1 albums whose sales dropped significantly the 2nd week, and struggled to go gold, let alone platinum, after a year.

    Rita should be thankful for those Rihanna comparisons, because otherwise, no one would care enough to Google her, let alone listen to her Rihanna-rejected tracks. She better hope that her US album doesn’t end up getting shelved due to lack of interest from the general public. It was supposed to come out this month, right? And it looks like it’s gotten pushed back. All the promotion she’s gotten and still, she can’t her album released on time in the US. THAT is more kii-worthy than Rihanna not having a #1 album in the US.

    • tj September 27, 2012

      EXACTLY……elle verner got a number one album only selling 35,000 her first week…. what does a number one album really signify???

      • FAF September 27, 2012


        CIARA EVOLUTION – #1
        NICKI ALL ALBUMS – #1
        RIHANNA – 0


      • tj September 27, 2012

        lol you’re right…simply saying… an album that debuted at number one and not selling more than 100,000 singles is consitered a flop….but RIH album never debuted at number one and is still selling more than that…..and bringing ciara into this conversation was pointless that just expressed my point…ciara has no career with a number one album!!

      • tj September 27, 2012

        and excuse my spelling….i know you’ll probably focus more on that then the point at hand.

    • Rita hew? September 27, 2012

      And Ciara is now struggling to make a comeback, Nicki is doing reality tv, and after the floptacular 4, Beyonce is trying to hold on to what little fanbase she has left, so tell me again, what did having #1 albums in the US do to SUSTAIN their careers? Ok, Beyonce, for 3 albums, but the 4th album flopped, and the other 2, well…

      • tj September 27, 2012

        thank you …you saw my point!!!

  12. DOSSOME September 27, 2012

    these BEE HIVE AND NAVY silly stan wars remind me of the 90s when we had whitney vs celine vs mariah.then,we used to take the ‘war’ to record stores and actually purchase their respective albums if only to prove that our fave was a success,and all 3 of them had huge success…now,stan wars exclusively spent on blogs dishing out insults while the albums TTT & 4 will not even be certified 2X Platinum…SHAME

    • BeyonceSnatchesAndYourFavIsRatchet September 27, 2012

      Rihanna fans cannot afford to buy her albums even though they sound so cheap.

    • BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! September 27, 2012


      • SIMPLE MINDED PEASANTS IRKS ME September 27, 2012

        thank you. the nerve of the HOOD HIVE

      • FAF September 27, 2012

        NOT IN THE U.S. F*** WHERE ?

    • Jessie September 27, 2012

      Gurl! Yu spoke the truth!!

  13. JJFan1814 September 27, 2012

    Rita doesn’t have the navy hot and bothered cause she can sing. Rita has the navy pissed because Rita jacks styles from Rihanna. Whether it’s clothes, photo poses (the whole recent bed pics on twitter…)

    Rita isn’t original.

    And as far as I’m concerned, Diamonds sits at a lovely #3 on the U.S. iTunes as to where Rita is M.I.A.

    Check please!

    • Dance4U September 27, 2012

      Why are you speaking? Where is Janet? Still pretending to be 16 ay?

      • truth(i DRAAAAGGS nicki stans to liberate them from her poison u FUNKY b****) September 27, 2012

        Whoooa now leave janet alone pls lol she’s the queen. But i like rita rhi and bey

    • RisforRihannaHasHerpes September 27, 2012

      Do not speak of matters that do not concern you peasant. You should be more concerned about why the Careless Whisperer hasn’t put out an album since Disciflop gave Nelly Furtado teas in 2008.

      Just in case you decide to run your smelly mouth again please watch this

      • FAF September 27, 2012




  14. MELODY2012 September 27, 2012

    Even Rita can see that there is no way she can be compared to an ever rising Super starlike Rihanna. She wants to be compared to the flop that is Beyonce that makes sence to me. Now Sam stop comparing her to Riri start comparing her to Flopyonce. CASE CLOSED.

  15. Gigi Young September 27, 2012

    I’m sorry…but I’m trying to see where Rita Ora can sing? She can hold a tune, but her voice would not advance her into the top 25 or whatever on American Idol.

    • FAF September 27, 2012


  16. Tj September 27, 2012

    Sam, seriously. Stfu. You love Ri, that’s so evident. Rita Ora f****** sucks, get over it. And the whole “she’s never had a #1 album” argument is gettung old. Your beloved Pink is just now getting her first #1 album, 12+ years into her career w/ the same amount if albums. Yet, Ri has sold more albums, more live tickets, and has more accolades overall. Sam, you’re pathetic. I wonder if a Rita post will ever grant you 1,000+ comments. This blog survives on Rihanna.

    • sharon September 27, 2012

      I think the reason why everybody is on about the #1 album thing is because people see rihanna as just a recording artist. pink is more developed as an artist more than rihanna is. She’s seen as a true artist so it doesnt matter. peope only see rihanna as a person who can have alot of hits but not as much success as others. thats why when people mention rihanna not having a number 1 album in the us its shocking to them because they think thats just what she wants and needs because she has so many hits.

  17. That B*tch September 27, 2012

    Why is the navy so pressed? Y’all were hating when she said she admires Rih, yet y’all are still hating because she said she’d rather be compared to Bey. Where is the shade? Y’all didn’t think she wouldn’t have gotten tired of the comparisons? Who wouldn’t?
    I swear this has gotta be the stupidest fan base in the world. Keep doing you Rita.

  18. JAZMINE SULLIVANS FAN September 27, 2012

    Sam, you really are a s***** blogger. You’re unprofessional. Why you keep offending fans of Rihanna? Judging our taste for her and saying things like “should be buying tickets for her movie or trying to make her have a # 1 album.” As if she really needed it … This girl is the only one that is not years without releasing an album, hits after hits and yes, this makes us happy. I really liked some of the songs on the album of Rita, I’m not a fan of Beyonce, so what? You Sam (Antha) … You look like a child behind a blog.

  19. ENOUGH ONIKA September 27, 2012

    Rita wisdom????? HAHAHAHA!! TGJ I’d hate to be an artist and you stand behind me, that’s an automatic fail right there. You’re taste in music is AWFUL which is again why you run a BLOG site and not working for any label. NO artist would be successful on any label if Samantha was A&R. Point is, Rita is a horrible entertainer. She’s beyond boring, overhyped and unoriginal. Can’t wait until she’s a blank memory/mistake in music history.

    • Rita hew? September 27, 2012

      “NO artist would be successful on any label if Samantha was A&R.”

      P-R-E-A-C-H da muthafuggin TRUTH!

    • Lax September 27, 2012

      @ENOUGH,,,,I heard that great read.

  20. BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! September 27, 2012


    • Lax September 27, 2012


  21. MC September 27, 2012

    Lol this is just really sad.

  22. Monstarebel September 27, 2012

    Lol Rita gur just stfu & be yourself, f*** next Rita is guna wanna be Katy Perry

    • FAF September 27, 2012


      • Lax September 27, 2012


  23. Monstarebel September 27, 2012

    One thing I can say is beyonce is a great entertainer which Rita is far from she’s so boring live she can atleast invest in some dance moves if she wants to be compared to Beyonce #Justsaying

  24. DOSSOME September 27, 2012

    Just for the record sam,BATTLESHIP actually recouped its budget of $200M and made 50% profit grossing $305M worldwide,so that aint exactly a flop…even if it was,rih was only a supporting xter and it takes over 100 people to create a big budget film…i guess you didn’t that…#naiveblogger

    • Lax September 27, 2012

      @DOSSOME Thanks for that.

  25. tj September 27, 2012

    when are you guys going to stop idolizing these celebs who give a sh*t about you?? its cool to love them, support them, but these arguments and personal blows is just too much

    • FAF September 27, 2012


      • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** September 27, 2012

        FAF STFU u stand for fakey minaj

      • tj September 27, 2012

        lmbo i live for a rihanna gay anthem too, but im not about to be gang-banging on these websites for her lol and it dont matter who she stan for…stanning is cool…its the delusional stanning that is too much

  26. Oh Yeah!!! September 27, 2012

    Love this CHick!!!! Rita! RIhanna is no match 4 u!

  27. N September 27, 2012

    If you could just STOP shading on YOUR SUPERIORS. C***.

    You’re NOT going to be a f****** Rihanna. EVER.

    You don’t have her talent, you don’t have her look, her beauty, and on this rate, you’ll never even outsell her lowest-selling era.

    LEAVE BEYONCE’S immaculate black p**** lips from your tongue, LEAVE the f*** outta her. She’s a LEGEND, and does NOT want to befriend no FLOP C**** like you.

    Look what you’ve done to our FANBASE!

    They’re blaming your FLOPPAGE on US!

    They think BEYONCE with all of her accompalishments and all of her success IS JEALOUS FROM RIHANNA. While that’s ENTIRELY WRONG and we could do NOTHING ABOUT IT!

    All because of you DISASTROUS WHITE ASS!

    If you already know you ain’t gonna stop FLOPPING, and serving as THE BIGGEST DISASTER IN THE HISTORY OF UNIVERSAL MUSIC, then QUIT!

    Q U I T ! ! !

    There are already MORE TALENTED artists WITH BIGGER POTENTIAL who can’t move on because of your b**** ass.

    Afraid you’ll go back on London streets? DON’T WORRY! Jay-Z will offer you to CHANGE BLUE’S DIAPERS!!!

    Jay-Z LOVES your white ass, but loves his money MORE.

    Alright B****?

    AND stop shading on Rihanna.

    Rihanna will only enjoy your STRUGGLING ass, your DECLINING plans.


    • kelly September 27, 2012

      You speak on behalf of everyone

    • Lax September 27, 2012

      @N preach and i enjoyed that read, i will
      start that Collection plate right now,,,thank you.

  28. I’m not throwing shade, But… September 27, 2012

    Although not a fan of either, i still have to give Rihanna props. Although not the best singer she has worked her way up to the person she is today without having to mention Beyonce or Jay – Z in every interview (Rita’s becoming as bad as Kelly Rowland, as if its in her contract to mention their names)
    Although Rita is an okay singer, she would’ve avoided the comparisons by coming out with a different image and not one that was so similar to your current label mate at that period, she should’ve waited till Rihanna either ditched the blonde or prior. TGJ really needs to stop boosting up Rita’s vocals, she maybe be a better singer than Rihanna but she’s not as good as her real vocal comparisons like Jessie J, Pixie Lott, Alexandra Burke …. to name a few. (see TGJ posted video)
    I also await the us album or a new one because no matter the comparisons the album is rubbish

    • Sarah Says September 27, 2012

      Rita’s success is determined on her being pitted against Rihanna, the moment Rita starts to get compared to the people you mentioned above her career goes down the drain as it will become apparent that her vocals are really not all that. Rita’s reviews for her album were so,so and fell down the charts as quickly as Christina’s Bionic (no shade) and her stage presence slated (after 3 number 1’s she should be headlining her own U.K tour by now) but i think that the label know it wont go well. I suggest Rita distance from Rhi, Bey & Jay and start on a new album pronto

    • Rita hew? September 27, 2012

      “Rita’s becoming as bad as Kelly Rowland, as if its in her contract to mention their names”

      It probably is. No shade, just sayin’. Wouldn’t put it past either Bey or Jay to do that.

  29. HaterzStayPressed September 27, 2012

    Here’s the bottom line – Rita Ora will not be a success in the United States. She does not have the “It” factor. Rita can sing and howl all she wants but it doesn’t make a difference because she ain’t got it. I’m no big fan of Rihanna, but she’s GOT IT. She’s beautiful, exotic, s***, and although not a great singer she can carry a note. Rita can sing but that’s it. She’s not attractive and for Rita to even compare herself to Beyonce is a FAIL.

    So HOORAY for Rita having 3 number one songs in the UK and having a brief number one album in the UK. However, she is NOT a hit in the all too important USA market and I doubt she’ll ever be. She’s just not that hot.

    • Lax September 27, 2012

      @HATERZ,,,,I heard that and very well stated
      thank you so much for that comment.

  30. WOLVERINE GIRLS September 27, 2012


  31. Rita hew? September 27, 2012

    You can over-hype her all you want, Sam, but Rita will never rise above being a local act in the UK. She’ll be lucky to not get dropped by next year.

  32. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** September 27, 2012

    I don’t Like Rihanna but JoJo said something in a interview that would make me change my opinion of rihanna.

    JoJo: “But at the end of the day everybody brings something to the table, and even if we feel like certain artists aren’t deserving because they don’t have, quote/unquote, raw talent or whatever, they obviously have something that’s appealing and I can’t be mad at that. I think there’s something for everyone. Honestly, I respect that.”

    • Lax September 27, 2012

      @OMG Thank for that great to know.

  33. Nirvana September 27, 2012

    Rita feeds off people to propel her career(and fails)rihanna,beyjay z,blue,rob k,drake,chris brown etc she will continue to flop with an album like ora and Sam needs Rihanna have you seen those hits Rihanna gave him on his blog?

  34. Nirvana September 27, 2012

    And sam dare call rih a singles artist?rita ora’s album has been released in the uk,australia,ireland etc and yet she flopped,Rihanna will remain unbothered as she shines as a diamond being in the top ten in 30 countries andd breaking records in france!

    • Lax September 27, 2012


  35. Mark September 27, 2012

    Got to diss Rihanna to even bring attention to Rita, when every Rita page (with a Rih diss) gets about 70 comments, Rita by her self gets less then 10. And look at the home page and who have the most comments? Rihanna, meaning Rih and the navy makes this site.

    • Lax September 27, 2012

      Yep that is what they have been doing, Exactly.

  36. BILL September 27, 2012

    16 time Grammy winner Beyonce IS OVERRATED TRASH! MJ 13 AND SHE HAVE 16 NICE JOKE!

    • Lax September 27, 2012

      That’s what’s strange to me.

    • MC September 27, 2012

      MJ had 18 Grammys

  37. kelly September 27, 2012

    Awww LOL Rita Ora seehingjealousy over the young, successful black girl is killing her. LOL LOL

    Let sum Rita Ora 7 months from her first promo campaign:

    HWD peaked at 62
    RIP did not chart in the USA
    ORA released date has been scrapped till……..???????
    ORA debut in the UK with only 40k – the lowest for any female debut.
    ORA spent only one week at number
    ORA flopped in australia
    ORA is currently 90 on uk itunes
    HWD AND RIP has failed to be a hit in any market outside the uk. Pon de replay was top in 8 countries as well as UK / USA.

    LOL LOL LOL WHAT a joke and flop.

    • Nirvana September 27, 2012

      Preach it Kelly!!and sam has the nerve to even speak s*** about Rih knowing all her albums have grossed over 1 million copies..

    • Lax September 27, 2012

      Heeeeey kelly , i am still trying to Recover from
      Diamonds are a girls best friend.
      Kelly Rita is the first white girl
      i have ever heard of who craves to be as great
      as Rihanna, who is Black/caribbean/gyyanna/irish
      now ain’t that something to write home about.

  38. kelly September 27, 2012

    No, Rita Ora, we will never compare u to Rih, she is number 1 in 17 countries – breaking records france, while you rot as the bottom end of the charts – that is if you can even get on a chart.


    • kelly September 27, 2012

      TOP 10 in 48 countries

  39. kelly September 27, 2012

    So it was said that Rita Ora was supposed to take over Rihanna’s spotlight because she had real talent.
    *looks around*

    – sarcasm

    I copied and pasted this from Rih tumblr – what a global humiliation Rita Ora is turing out to be

    • Lax September 27, 2012

      Kelly there’s countless others who are as talented are more talented then Rita, theres cheryl, jojo, jessiej, leona, kelly, ashanti, monica, solange, cassie ke$ha, taylor, latoya, alicia, and countless Others and Beyonce’s fans has a Pixlk in on RIHANNA now i have heard everything.
      One thing that i know for sure and that is Jay ass
      do not want two RIHANNA’S on hand because they’d have to
      hurry up and put jayz’s, beyonce, baby blue, Ms Tina, matty,
      jeluezs, all of them and blues six Nanny’s in a Phucking Straight Jacket, Real Talk, lmao…

  40. commanderofthedancefloor September 27, 2012

    navy threatened? hold on one minute

    did we all forget that poll tgj had asking something like will you be buying oras album and it had so many nos that sam took it down. It was not just the navy several bey stans said they would not support rita. so have several seats.

    plus rita has sold less than 100k copies world wide, she has been promoting all year that is an actual flop, her three uk number 1s did not help her sell albums in the uk. rihanna might not have a us number 1 but that didnt stop every single album except for her first from going platinum, and actually selling 1 million despite how long it took ttt.


    with all of your comments you still have never addressed why it is that pfrr is platium yet has not even sold over 600k.
    it is certified platinum but has not even sold 1 million. while her album has yet to sell over 2 million world wide.

    hell rihanna’s music of the sun has sold around the exact same numbers, oh wait it sold more world wide and that is her lowest selling album.

    • Lax September 27, 2012

      Officer,,ROTF,,,LMAO, Officer.
      C/PLATE Is being passed around to the church,,,Silence
      please and Obey the Usher’s PLEASE.

  41. IDK September 27, 2012

    i dont care for her and im not a huge rihanna fan either but ole new girl light way seem kinda of shady. Wish her the best tho.

  42. HOL UP September 27, 2012

    The Girl is just tryna make her way its like when Rihanna first came in the game and the automatic Beyonce comparisons were there its natural but when ppl like Sam continue to put them against each other like a child its sickening because hes doing more damage to her career then anything i like them both obviously i love rihanna more but at the end of the day Rita is talented she just needs to get out of Rihanna’s shadow and Sam how do you call the comparisons tired when your the main one comparing them everytime you write about homegirl you puttin rihanna name somewhere in there if she gone shine u gotta cut the b******* and let the girl shine without dragging Rihanna’s name down because it’s pathetic and for you to be a grown man doing smh you got to do better and learn to be a man not a 10 year old girl ok thank you *sits down and sips tea*

    • kelly September 27, 2012

      There was no way Rihanna was singing rejected beyonce tracks and shading Bey; rih was no trying dress like Beyonce; talk in her accent and copy beyonce whole swag. There was no way Rihanna at 17 was a clone of Beyonce.

      This girl wants to be robyn . Robyn did not EVER wanted to be Beyonce. As we can all see.

    • kelly September 27, 2012

      It not just Sam, even whites who have never heard of TGJ can see this old washed up hag is a bitter ugly ass Rihanna clone.

      • Lax September 27, 2012


  43. BLUE The Real HIVE September 27, 2012


    • Lax September 27, 2012

      @blue Rihanna do have beyonce as one of her Idols and yes
      Rihanna do look up to Bey but tell me Blue>>>> why in the phuck do Rihanna working Her ass of and being Inspired why do Rihanna trying her best to do the best she can with
      what she have got Pissssss yo ass and that WORTHLESS bey Hive’s ass off so dam bad, Why?
      You see blue RIHANNA isn’t trying to Out do Beyonce are any of the others she idolizes RIHANNA wants to do jnust as well, and why do that hive and yo ass give RIHANNA AND HER navy a run for our money$$$, Why?

  44. Rob September 27, 2012

    Rita looks like a crackhead with nappy black roots, dried out blonde hair and prostitute red lips. She aint cute and does not have that it factor. I don’t care how good she sings. She’s wack and will be dropped. Mark my words. (P.S. Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis also had #1’s in the UK and where are they now?)

  45. ENOUGH ONIKA September 27, 2012

    I also want to point out, Rita is a pure example of “not all publicity is good.” People always argue and say any publicity is good, I disagree. When every time your brought up your attacked AND no ones buying your sh*t on a GLOBAL scale, how is that good??

  46. Arie September 27, 2012

    The reason Rita is not successful is becoZ she is in your face, so people don’t find her interesting. The name dropping has actually hurt her chances of ever being taken serious. This blog is hurting her more by keeping this Rihanna comparism alive. Rihanna is one of a kind, continuing to pit this girl against her will be a dissaster. This new angle she is trying to take now of putting her name next to Beyonce is gonna hurt her even more becoz beyonce’s fans are crazy and they are only tolerating her to please Beyonce. She needs to scrap this whole album and start over.

  47. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 27, 2012

    Rita Ora sounds like a british Nicki Minaj trapped in a washing machine (but on-key). She is mediocre, her pitch is always off, she avoids her choruses, and has a low voice with no range. She is no great singer.

  48. Lax September 27, 2012


  49. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 27, 2012

    i don’t know what’s your problem with riri , but i think the problem is that you are pressed. speaking of quality , rihanna is better. what’s the point of having a great voice but can’t use it in a beneficial way to your career ?!!!!!!

    and the queen of pop is “MADONNA” , and she wasn’t the greatest voice of them all other divas , but she had that “star quality” ! the same thing rihanna will always have.

    rihanna is more appealing , but not the most talented , and this business is not about talent since britney spears’s ” baby one more time” , so let it go pressed queens ……………….

    and isn’t this the same “ORA” who said she take being compared to rihanna as a ‘compliment ‘ ?!!

  50. sistasledge September 27, 2012

    OMG You gays need to stop these Stan wars cause its y’all who are responsible for this bitchy catty internet beefs. You guys are filled with to much hate and you need to direct that hate on the Republicans and homophobes instead on female musicians who you deem inferior to your fave

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