Alicia Keys Shares Updated ‘Girl On Fire’ Tracklist

Published: Monday 29th Oct 2012 by David

“This…girl…is on fire!”. Alicia Keys momentum for her new album ‘Girl On Fire’ alive today with the release of the project’s updated track list. Boasting the same songs fans came to find here last week, this list now holds a few minor changes that come in the form of two featuring acts, sure to give fans even more of an incentive to pick it up come November 27th. New listing below…

1. De Novo Adagio (Intro) 2. Brand New Me 3. When It’s All Over 4. Listen To Your Heart 5. New Day 6. Girl On Fire (Feat. Nicki Minaj) 7. Fire We Make (Feat. Maxwell) 8. Tears Always Win 9. Not Even The King 10. That’s When I Knew 11. Limitedless 12. One Thing 13. 101

Your thoughts?

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  1. Truth October 29, 2012

    Yass Maxwell!!! Yes Alicia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Revieve me from Brandys flop ass album. Bring back real songs!

    • tom October 29, 2012

      brandys music was still real music selling well or not

  2. Baby J October 29, 2012

    Brandys trash album is a non factor. That b**** flopped worse than Monica or Kelly- fans are silenced. Vocal bible ass. Vocal bible will always be mother fukkin Whitney.
    Imma need Alicia to come hard though. I like New Day better than anything else I previewd.

    Hopefully she dont flop as hard a B-Rocka 🙂


    • tom October 29, 2012

      Brandy at least sings well live and is the bible end of and u will deal
      Whitney was not the bible cos u couldnt study whiteny u cyd try but no one will be close to Whitney she was the Blueprint

  3. JJFan1814 October 29, 2012

    My body is ready!

  4. JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2012

    I always have room for new material from a true musician
    I really like New Day. Girl on Fire is not good but I have this feeling it´s probably going to be the worst song on the album

  5. HBC yo October 29, 2012

    RIP to
    B- Floppa 2-11 and Nelly Furfloppo Spirit Indestructable



  6. DOSSOME October 29, 2012

    TGJ plz stop creating fake usernames & attacking Brandy hoping her stans would retaliate and earn you hits.THATS STUPID….This is a great tracklist as it looks here and the addition of Maxwell just spiced up things more.Can’t wait

  7. Girrrl October 29, 2012

    What does.this article have with Brandy? Like really. Alicia Keys needs vocal lessons. Until she.gets.some lessons. She can keep that album. I am interested in the Maxwell song though.

  8. THE LEGENDARY LAX October 29, 2012

    Her Voice Did chance after she had that baby but I still rock with Alicia and will be buying and yes i did buy brandy album and im enjoying it

  9. Truth October 29, 2012

    Alicia Keys is going to sell more than 315,000 copies her first week. BRAND NEW ME & NOT EVEN A KING caters to her original fans. GIRL ON FIRE caters to some new fans. Everybody is going to be happy. Maxwell features song should be AN AWESOME COLAB!

  10. Ike October 29, 2012

    May I ask how is #3 a flop?(#3 on top 200 and #1 in r&b)…people always feel the need to downplay another artist when there is no need. Her album is one of the best out now but again this about Alicia. The track listing here looks good and i look forward to hearing it. By todays standards artists are lucky to hit over platinum…including the beyonces, rihannas, ushers, xtinas, etc. Lets not measure all albums by pure sales alone.

  11. Os October 29, 2012

    I love the songs i heard so far,so i,ll be adding this album to my list.

  12. MC October 29, 2012

    I am unsure :/ Go luck A.Keys.

  13. urmam October 29, 2012

    got a feeling this will be her worst and lowest selling album
    i do like the sings heard so far though

  14. King. October 29, 2012

    I cannot wait to hear ‘Fire We Make’ w/ Maxwell, it sounds s*** already! I’m definitely excited about this album, can’t wait!

  15. the real xoxo October 29, 2012

    Looking forward to it, Alicias albums never disappoint.

  16. Trillafood October 29, 2012

    She sucks.
    And I’m more than sure it won’t be better than Two Eleven.

    • LOL October 29, 2012

      What is an 211? A beer? Plz Alicia Keys never deliver bad albums. Get the f*** outta here. Go drink a 211!!!!

  17. Peter Griffin October 29, 2012

    Still a no. With a lead single like ‘Girl On Fire’ it won’t sell.

    • LOL October 29, 2012

      DEAD!!!! Alicia not selling? Not on this planet. She will sale, deal with it.

      • Peter Griffin October 30, 2012

        …as well as it predecessors. That was what I was gonna say if you’d just let me finish!

  18. elijah October 29, 2012

    Alicia Keys Lost it… Bring back the braids and sit yo ass down at a piano and sing them flat notes!

  19. bibi93 October 29, 2012

    Nicki here!!

  20. TC October 30, 2012

    I was really hoping Emeli Sande would get to feature on one of the songs … considering she is writing for the album too. I think vocally, they would have sounded great together.

  21. YOOSONDALOOSE October 30, 2012

    All I need is ‘A Place of my Own’ and I’m pre-ordering now!
    Love Alicia!

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