Rita Ora Readies US Album For 2013

Published: Monday 29th Oct 2012 by Sam

Establishing on a global stage is no easy feat. Just ask Rita Ora.

The chart-topping Roc Nation singer has spent much of 2012 notching up #1’s on home-soil while, at the same time, trying to capitalize on her ever-growing American buzz.

And while worldwide recognition is the dream of approximately every budding star, the logistics of making it a reality are much harder than many realize. Case, point, the numerous delay’s Ora’s US album has received.

Fans of the 21 year old needn’t worry, though. For, the album is not only coming soon, but with a “twist”.

According to Celebuzz, the songbird is slated to release the Stateside version her ‘Ora’ album early next year. Most interestly, though, is additional confirmation that the set will consist of entirely new songs.


We’re entirely “here” for this change in strategy. Why? Because it’s an incredibly smart one.

The complications in launching different singles… in different territories… at the same time has made it oh so clear that ‘Ora’ could not and should not come out in the US this year.

For, while Rita’s name and face have been etched into US Pop culture, her music hasn’t…yet. So, why risk having the project tanking for the sake of fulfilling her “before the end of the year” release promise? The added time can and likely will be spent ensuring the LP’s Stateside “setup” is right. In an ideal scenario, this forthcoming LP will also serve as the star’s sophomore album in the UK.

Time will tell how it all plays out. What is certain, though, is that Rita remains a major priority for the Roc. And rightfully so.

Your thoughts? 

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  1. Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 29, 2012

    Sam, I live in the U.s. Rita’s PR has been putting her in all the “style” magazines, and insisting she is cool. It has not prevailed.

    Rita Ora has not been asked to perform at any award shows, or even have we graced her with any NOMINATIONS, she is irrelevant.

    We’ve seen this all before, Willow smith was going to overtake Rihanna, she had 2 singles with big producers and 2 music videos (the second a cheap only girl in the world wannabe). Rita now has 3 U.s non charting singles and R.I.P. has been released to the U.s. along with shine ya light. Face it, we all hate her.

    Her album sucked and now she is trying to make a new one, there si no staretgy to this Sam, you’re delusion is getting funny.

    • BLUE FRESH October 29, 2012

      I agree with you on this.

      • trudi October 29, 2012

        i disagree. Rita is still considered a serious rookie in the the states. She only formally released music this year. Not drawing direct comparisons, but many cried foul when Adele won best new artist over the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, & Lady Antebellum at the ’09 Grammys. It was “Who the f*** is this brit?” Shes a nobody!. Now… This same brit breathed life back into physical sales in the industry. I digress. This is a great move, those songs from her current release are 3+ yrs in the making. Im sure she has a new perspective to bring to the US. Willow is 12, she doesnt need to dominate/take over anything but her education. & no one mentioned your precious Rihanna except for you.

      • trudi October 29, 2012

        not u Blue Fresh, this is to BenWRONG. cuz he been wrong about everything he said

    • fub3d October 29, 2012

      her singles How We Do and RIP have been enough successful in other countries outside US for a new artist OF THESE DAYS, and Shine Ya Ligh will be released in NOVEMBER as a single, i just think you all need to calm down and if you dont like he songs dont bother to leave a comment.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 29, 2012

        How we do and R.I.P. flopped everywhere but he U.k.. I mvery calm, just stating the facts, are you calm?

      • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

        Nope. HWD AND RIP only went number 1 in the UK.

    • fub3d October 29, 2012

      awww poor thing you probably retarded and you need to do your search the songs have charted in uk, europe, australia and new zealand, considering that no one knew her 6 months before and look were she is now, you looser

      • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

        Awww poor thing. Her singles charted low in the other countries. If it lovin that you wanted charted higher and sold more, yet you hates deem a flop. Some her singles peaked at 89 and low ass numbers like that. She has only been top 10 in Aus / NZ and the UK. LOL Her LP flopped all over the world and sold 40k opening week. Even taylor swift sold more in the UK, you looser. Face it! She lost and Rih won. Where is she now? Weeks away from getting dropped and million and millions over budget. Even Cher lloyd has done better with less money and promo. 6 months ago where was cher L? Now she has an album and 2 singles do well in the uk.

      • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

        Unless she has charted in top 5 – like 17 yr old Rih. She is flop/.

      • fub3d October 29, 2012


  2. Nika October 29, 2012

    YAWN, she is boring. Put out a s** tape or something, lol.

  3. JJFan1814 October 29, 2012

    At least she’s doing it smart. All she need is a new stylist and new producers. Besides the ones Rihanna work with. I did buy How We Do when it was released & have heard the album….The album itself was not strong at all. All the production sounded the same & I’m sure this explains the album sales in Europe.

    Oh well. Chiiiiile. Beyonce gonna overshadow her though.

    • BLUE FRESH October 29, 2012

      Yes, they were hits here and there but not in the States where she wants to drop her album.

      We’re not being like “The US is The Globe when it comes to judging a single’s success”, but let’s be honest, she is HEAVILY promoted in the nation and she can’t seem to make any s***.

      • BLUE FRESH October 29, 2012

        Sorry I meant to post it on @fub3d’s comment sector.

      • fub3d October 29, 2012

        i know , and because of that fact she is realising new material so she will have another chance to climb on the hot 100, i just think that the hating comments are ridiculous

  4. tits mcgee October 29, 2012

    Poor thing…. No 1 curr..

    Launching an album with the same title with whole new songs, cause the old songs tanked?

    Where dry do dat at?

  5. TeamBreezy October 29, 2012

    Sam your excuses sound simply pathetic

  6. BLUE FRESH October 29, 2012

    I actually don’t know. To drop an album in the States, you need to have some real hits. (A US Top20 hit at least). Rita has never even cracked the Top40 on Billboard Hot100, so how’s she gonna have a strong debut?

    I just wish she gets rid of her “I Wanna Snatch Rihanna’s Weave” personality, it sucks balls, and maybe she will crack the States and some other world countries.

    Does she even know the numbers that ‘TTT’ would’ve done if it had that amount of promotion she had? I think it could’ve done 5 million at least.


    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 29, 2012

      Did she know the amount of numbers any album could of done if they got her promo. If everyone had her promo everyone would be diamond, except Ciara and Xtina, but hey might go gold.

    • SdotB October 29, 2012

      where did u get that she has “i wanna snatch rihanna’s weave” personality? I swear u people make up anything under the sun…Rita speaks nothing but positive about Rihanna, and she said she’d love to one day earn the permission to work with Rihanna, that sounds pretty humble and modest to me!!

      Rita is nothing but positive, she never showed any jealousy or envy to anyone…where do u people get ur information? oh i forgot, u just make dumb shyt up…smdh!

  7. BLUE FRESH October 29, 2012

    And can we talk about her UK success for a minute?

    How many chart-topping songs she had??
    – THREE.

    And how many copies did her album sell?

    Is it even gonna get a UK-GOLD certification?

    I mean, even in her hometown country, where she had more #1’s than Adele this era, she couldn’t deliver??

    She just has no potential. They should drop her ASAP and focus on Rihanna’s 7th album.

    • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

      No, she sold 40k opening week. Even taylor sold 45k. Mark my words. They will drop her.

  8. Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 29, 2012

    Carly rae jepsen got an 8 week number one that was everywhere. She debuted with 41k.

    I expect 59 Year old Rita snora to debut with 10k

  9. DOSSOME October 29, 2012

    Hopefully she’ll give us “Rita Ora” & not “Rihanna 2” come next yr…ALL THE BEST….Congrats TGJ,you are one of the million reasons this girl is not succeeding.

  10. Wacko’s on TGJ October 29, 2012

    Damn. Its this early and you all are hating already? Leave the girl alone. It takes courage to step out and try to follow your dreams. I’m not a fan and I think she is a yawn fest. However I respect the fact that she is putting herself out there. What are you doing? Do you have record contracts? Didn’t think so…
    I say turn her into an R&B chick. God knows we need new artist I’m so tired of seeing the same faces for more than a decade and getting a new star who fizzles after their debut.
    Due to dumb stans it Won’t happen. There are billions of people in the world. Don’t worry if someone new comes along your fave will still be here…

    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 29, 2012

      She isn’t putting herself out there, she is putting Rihanna out there

  11. @091094_ October 29, 2012

    Poor Girl, Sam you really have succeded at painting a lane for her before she even started and that is Rihanna’s faild replacment, and I stan for B anyway so you stans cant say s*** you crazy fuckers need to get a life and get of these sites you know who i mean

  12. nikkie mineeeejjjj!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 29, 2012

    She ain’t the best out there tho.lol

    Nicki > Rita > That gurl who sings Google Me > Ciara

    • BLUE FRESH October 29, 2012

      Yeah, you and that bag of silicon you stan for should go to jail ASAP.

  13. tits mcgee October 29, 2012

    Who keeps thumbing down comments keeping it real?

    Rita, is that you? 🙂

  14. Rita Ora October 29, 2012

    Hey guys what’s up! This’s Rita Ora!

    Everybody go check out my new album called O.R.A. on iTunes. The U.S. version is coming in early 2013 and it has some crazy crazy songs on it.


    BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  15. MC October 29, 2012

    Sam, I love you and your 10000 excuses for Rita. Had it been Rihanna or Mariah or someone else this site doesn’t see “fitting”, you would post shady stuff. Anyways, its a smart move on Roc Nation’s part. They know she would have sold less than 37,000 copies’ probably around Nelly’s numbers though. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet a person who a) knows Rita b) is a fan of Rita c) is willing to buy her album. Good luck Rihta!

  16. kingbey/rihanna October 29, 2012

    There Is nothing stopping rita from being successful all she needs is an image revamp get rid of the tacky Clothes, Blonde Hair and some better music she will be fine its not the be all and end All as long as she works hard And find out went wrong the first time around and try to correct it she should achieve her dreams

    • kingbey/rihanna October 29, 2012

      And the aggressive promotional push needs to be cut back its more of an hinderance than anything else

  17. Monstarebel October 29, 2012

    i wish someone like Jessie j or even ciara got this type of push promo etc Rita doesn’t deserve it at all her vocals are average at best she’s not entertaining & all this promo yet she can’t even get a top 40 hit in the US smh I can’t she’s such a waist of money

  18. nunu October 29, 2012

    SAM stop sticking up for rita for goodness sake :/ the reason she pushing her album cuz she has no hits. Cher LLoyld is doing amazing she debuted her album at no. 9 on the billboard charts. U and ur f****** excuses seriously ur becoming a hypocrite man

  19. V – Jay, Jay October 29, 2012

    Rita just needs to stop stinking of desperation and stop dropping Beyonce and Jay – Z’s names in every interview sounding like a crazy stan with a record deal.

    How will the album work in the UK? It will be called ORA also? Since she’s using different songs, and im guessing different artwork she might as well change the US name also, its not like theres a big anticipation or expectation. People always change the album release date when there’s no release date…. ask JoJo (no shade, i love JoJo)

  20. boopboop October 29, 2012

    they can push ORA all the way back to when bill clinton was in office, it’s still gonna flop. might as well release it now and let if flop quietly into that good night. new songs ain’t gonna help, not unless they don’t sound like they was pulled from rih and katy’s reject piles.

  21. Rob October 29, 2012

    DEAD @ Sam making excuses for the pushback. It’s cuz NOBODY is checking for her here in the US. She’s wack and will be dropped.

  22. Rob October 29, 2012

    Sam STOP trying to make Rita Ora happen! It’s not going to happen! (In my Regina from Mean Girls voice)

  23. ENOUGH ONIKA October 29, 2012

    For me, yes Rita’s music sounds awful and below generic but my dislike for her goes beyond just her album. I don’t like the way she carry’s herself, I don’t like the fact she hasn’t defined herself in the industry other than comparing her “style” to every popular artist out today, I don’t like how her record company tries to TELL the public what they’re GOING to like by forcing her onto us and I don’t like her persona when she sits down for interviews or photographs herself trying to be “bad” to get people talking about her. No amount of push backs, rerecording’s or new material will change that for me. She missed her chance to define herself and be different and now she’s just trying to crawl her way out of the grave she dug….

    • MelyB October 29, 2012

      Your comment is exactly what people thought & said about Rihanna when she debuted. She was a Beyonce-clone who everyone was convinced would fail. Yet her team was able to turn her ship around and she has carved a lane for herself.

      Rita has a good voice, she is young and seems like a nice girl and back in the day that might have been enough to make people root for her but unless she gets a boyfriend to beat her face in it seems that people in the US are rooting for her….to fail.

      • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

        Only, Rih was a star with global hits from day f***. No album push backs, no new added tracks no aggressive promo. Get it h**?

      • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

        She tried to get Rob Kardahsian to ” fight ” with her. Led to nowhere. She and Rob are non f****** factors. She can even get a BF to beat her. That is is how much of a flop she is.

      • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

        Even if Rita had come out in 2005. 17 yrolf Rih would of still f***** her up. LA REID is right: Rih has star quality coming out her pores. Rita can sing, but she has 0 star quality.

        Neyo said the boy from xfactor can sang, but is not a star. Same with Rita. I knew she was not a star from the the time I saw her in Craid David’s video from 2008. She a local UK act at best

      • ENOUGH ONIKA October 29, 2012

        @MelyB But Rihanna didn’t even SOUND like Beyonce. “Pon da Reply” had an island feel, same with her second single “If It’s Lovin That You Want.” Beyonce didn’t have an “island” sound to her music. Plus Rihanna’s story was unique and set her apart from many R&B chicks at the time. Rita on the other hand has no “unique” or distinctive sound, used the same producers and writer as Rihanna, her background story of coming from another country is similar, just too many similarities to count and no ones here for it. You can “stan” for Rita because your a Beyonce fan all you want but the fact is, she’s nothing special. And just because someone has a long blonde fake weave doesn’t mean their trying to be Beyonce. She didn’t invent plastic hair…

      • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

        Nor was rih ever trying to copy Beyonce exact swag. She never even worked with the type of producers Beyonce did. Is she was copying Beyonce, she would of rocked a blonde lace net; spoke in texan drawl and got in the studio with Rich Harrison. GLM and MOTS sound like nothing Beyonce would sing. Does beyonce sing in a bajun accent, using pataois like ” pon de ”? Rita even tries to speak patois. Rih never dressed like Beyonce, she was rocking, jeans, crop tops and converse back in the day. Beyonce wore those garish Tina Knowles.

      • MelyB October 29, 2012

        I think that wishing for others to fail is EVIL, plain & simple. I’m not a Bee, Rita or Rhi stan; unlike the 2 of you who obviously stan for Rhi. I made a comment about how Rhi was received by fans (esp Beyonce fans) who based THEIR irrational hatred of her on her blondish weave and affiliation with Jay.

        Like Rhi, Rita is going to have to claw her own lane in this industry. She needs a better team, a more clearly defined image & some catchier music in order to gain attention in the US market. I don’t root for Rita at the expense of others, I just don’t root for her failure like a lot of the sick individuals who hop into posts about her leaving comments every 2 minutes. #GETYOURLIFEHOS!

      • ENOUGH ONIKA October 30, 2012

        @MelyB See you got me f*cked up because I’ve made it very clear in the past I stan for no one (Rihanna included). I don’t wish failure on anyone, did I say that in my comments or did I state reasons why I don’t support her?? She’s not the only pop “artist” I choose not to support, their lack of creativity, originality and even vocals are the main reasons I don’t support as with Rita. Rita is just such an obvious case of “manufactured” talent with her excessive amount of promo and appearances with very little achievement to her name, its ridiculous! I stand by what I’ve said whether you perceive my lack of “manufactured” Rita support evil or not. I’m tired of individuals getting opportunities real musicians who write, produce, have creative vision for themselves, are original and have their own lane don’t get because their pushed aside for the pop “formula” artist by greedy, color struck men who go after the same type of chick with no talent.

  24. Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

    She is getting dropped. Her ” tour ” failed to do anything for her. Iggy got more of teh shine out of that tour and Havan Brown is the only one with a top 20 hit. She says all this s***, but none of it is true. Remember she said she was gonna make a vide for radioactive back in sept? Where da vid at?

    This is her 3rd album that has been scrapped and re made. LOL LOL Rih 1st album was a demo she made at 16. Went gold in 4 months in the USA and UK. Rita is not even gold in the UK and has long dropped of the LP chart. TTT has outsold her even though it came out last year.

    When is the 3 rd LP coming out? What month? Early next year is as vague as f***? Why so vague Rita? At least Ciara LP comes out Feb 2013. She is clear on that! Waiting to see in the cameo in flop 90210 does something? LOL bet she is gonna go in the studio with Benny blanco and do a version of Diamonds. Good thing Rih is still recording, this smelly wrinkle white b**** is trying to jack unapologectic sound. She cannot. LOL at her speaking patois on twitter, calling out Movado, as if he gives a f*** about an old white b**** he has out sold.

    Never has Rih has scrap albums and push back to next year, all while promo. NEVER! That is how good rih is. She can back it up. This bish ( who was meant to take rih out ) is all over the place. Even, on twitter her own fans are calling ROC out.

    • kiara November 30, 2012

      What a racist, foul, vile, scum of a creature you are. Yuck. Seek help, you made me throw up, black h**. Wonder what it’s like to be so bitter and dead inside. Good luck with that, h**.

  25. Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

    The desperation tour continues. She will be on BET and David Letterman. LOL like who does Jimmy fallon in sept and then his rival, Letterman a few weeks later? So desperate? And promoting what? What single or LP? What?

    No gives a f*** about BET anymore. What a flop! Lord, I love how sony are pouring money out the drain. LOL lost heads are gonna roll!

  26. Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

    Her promo so far: Seventeen magazine; MTV sponsored headline tour: David letterman; When I was 17 for MTV; Radio shows across country; 90210 cameo; bergdof goodman fashion event; Anna wintour from Vogue cocktail party; a vogue feature ( ? ) This has been her promo for just this month ALONE! Oh, and more Rob kardashian antics. If Ciara or Brandy got this, they would be the number selling acts in the USA by now.

    • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

      She has got to grow the f*** up and look herself in the eye and ask herself why she is given James Bond movie type promo ( even bigger ) and is a complete and utter flop. How can someone flop this hard with all this promo and money?

      I though she was meant to be so talented ? Anyone would think she was dark skin with an afro the way she is failing. And she is white and blonde? Rih was black, her race f***** up her career at the start. They should of given Rih covers from Pon de replay. but cos she was black she had to work 10x just be on the same level of basic white b******.

      • Britbutnotproud October 29, 2012


  27. Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

    Rita Ora album.

    Has writing sessions with Drake and Bruno mars
    Beyonce comes to the studio to help with ideas and lyrics
    Jay Z has her lsiten to Ella, Bille, Sarah Vaughn .
    Flew to vegas to work with the dream
    Flew to miami to work with the runners
    Went to have sessions in ATL with songwriter, Madame Buttons
    Had meetings in LA with Sia
    Flew TO LA to shoot the pictures for album cover
    Flew to LA from LDN for only 48 hours to lay tracks with Kuk Harrell – a Rihanna vocal producer
    Biggest and best prouducers, writers and artist

    AND FOR WHAT………………………..?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? TO BE SCRAPPED FOR THE 3RD TIME AND GET PUSHED BACK TPO NEXT YEAR? FROM women who is meant sooooooooooooooooooooo talented ?


    • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

      3 years it took to make ORA. 2 years to just chill and year to make the LP/ What a f****** waste./

      • Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

        16 year old Robyn Fenty had to make the album in only 6 months, There was no Beyince to help her in the studio either. They even used her f****** demo from Evan and Carl stucken.

  28. Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

    They never treated Rih right in the start, but NOW SHE OWNS THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. REVENGE BEST SERVED COLD – BAJUN STYLE

  29. Rihanna black madonna October 29, 2012

    By the time this album comes out early next year. No one will remember or care, she will no longer be a fresh new talent. Just a desperate stale old wannabe. By next year Rih and kesha will have their new videos and album out. So who the f*** is Rita ora?

  30. MELODY2012 October 29, 2012

    This strategy will not work, not because of music but because Rita has pissed more fans of other artists than she gained fans. This album will be full of generic dance music in hope that she will blend in like Kesha. If RIP failed to do the magic, what else can save her.

  31. MELODY2012 October 29, 2012

    Next year her hype would be dead because now its on life support.

  32. MELODY2012 October 29, 2012

    I agree with MC and Benron from the other post that the management is not promoting Rihanna this error just focusing on Rita. I know why???they think if they destroy Rihanna career Rita’s will take off. Rihanna is signed with Def Jam so they don’t make money off her….But only if they knew that Rita won’t take off

  33. MELODY2012 October 29, 2012

    Will she do round 2 of the same promo? Not everyone will be a star in the us, ask Leona Lewis

  34. MELODY2012 October 29, 2012

    Jessie J is more loved and respected in the us with platinum hits but she’s no superstar…..some people are meant to be quasi famous some are meant to be mega famous…

  35. MELODY2012 October 29, 2012

    Ellie Gouldin, Cher lloyd, Jessie J, Carl Jepsen did not have to push back their albums…..are you telling me all that money has gone into waste….

  36. MELODY2012 October 29, 2012

    Mainstream Media is ignoring Rita on purpose just to let Roc know that they cannot force us to like her…..this will be her third album, hopefully it will be released in the states this time around

  37. MELODY2012 October 29, 2012

    Why did Jay-z drop Teairra Marri? if he keeps Rita Ora on the label after two unreleased albums….Karma

  38. tips October 30, 2012

    lmao her next album is her 3rd album????????? wahahahhahahahahahhah! we barely know this h** and shes on her 3rd album already? #STRUGGLING #PORDAT

    • kiara November 30, 2012

      sorry, not meant for you, site acted up.

  39. kiara November 30, 2012

    What a racist, foul, vile, scum of a creature you are. Yuck. Seek help, you made me throw up, black h**.

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