Christina Aguilera Talks ‘Lotus’, Media Portrayal And Mariah Carey For ‘Billboard’

Published: Friday 26th Oct 2012 by David

For Christina Aguilera fans, the arrival of her new LP ‘Lotus‘ couldn’t come a day too soon, following the explosive launch of its lead single ‘Your Body‘.

Set for release on November 9th, the project took center stage yesterday upon the singer’s arrival at Billboard‘s ‘Film & TV Music Conference’ where she spoke with the company’s edititorial director Bill Werde on anything and everything.

Excerpts from their convo below…

On her purpose in the world:

“Sometimes you just know what you’re placed on this earth to do.”Through my childhood I had sort of a chaotic past and upbringing. Music came as a sort of release and escape. Inevitably, you’re going to stray toward that path. I started out as a wedding singer singing at block parties at 6, 7 years old.

Then came ‘Star Search.’ That was my first big break at 7 years old. Ed McMahon couldn’t say my name right.”

On how she is portrayed in the media:

“It’s hard being such a powerful woman in the business. I’m known for not always being warm and fuzzy, because you’ll just get bulldozed over.

You learn to put up this little protective shield, but it’s because of something. In my music, I come off as being very open about being insecure, vulnerable and sensitive sometimes. Then I’ll go onstage and be this powerhouse force to be reckoned with. It’s all about that balance.

These 6-year-olds weren’t around when I had ‘Genie in a Bottle’ and ‘Fighter’.They are watching me in this big red chair giving advice. There’s a lot of auto tune going on now and that’s all great, it’s an art form. But what’s great about ‘The Voice’ [is that] it’s just raw, real talent.”

On her Linda Perry penned cut ‘Beautiful‘:

“Linda Perry is raw, she’s real and she intimidates a lot of grown men. She’s amazing. I was having a really bad day. I came into her studio. It was at her house at the time. I was working with her on a bunch of stuff. She just kind of sat down at her piano in her dining room and started singing.

Don’t do all that Mariah sh-‘ — that was her, not me, I love that sh–!”  she clarified. “But she was like ‘don’t be doing all that acrobatic sh–, just sing!'”

She then went onto explain how ‘Lotus’ differs from earlier releases, sharing:

‘I’m a message girl at the end of the day. Songs like ‘Beautiful,’ songs like ‘Fighter.’ They’re very introverted and can be very vulnerable but empowering. I was tired of singing about fluff and candy and Genie in a Bottle.”

It’s embracing the woman that I’ve grown to be and embracing myself, full circle, as a pop star. Being on ‘The Voice’ has made me realize it. And being face to face with my superstar little popstar team on ‘The Voice’ has been inspiring and inspires me.

It’s made me come full circle and appreciate the journey of the last decade-plus. I chose Lotus because it represents the unbreakable flower that stands the test of time.”

…and this ladies & gentlemen is why we have high hopes for ‘Lotus’.

Though we are a little worried about promo as far as performances go, outings like these are sure to give fans even more of an incentive to pick it up.

Here’s hoping the coming week sees the arrival of a new video and the long awaited ‘Your Body’ live showing.


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  1. TruthTeller October 26, 2012

    Mariah uses alot of layering, most of those “acrobatics” are done by studio technology

    • Siberian Prince October 26, 2012

      b**** where is your reciepts before you try to down play the queen…

    • MRDIVABITCH October 26, 2012

      B****, how stupid can you get?
      There’s no software or hardware in the world that can:
      1- Create vocal range out of thin air
      2- Create vocal arrangements out of thin air
      3- Create vocal phrasing out of thin air

      Have several seats b****. In fact, just get up and leave.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

        Stfu. Mooriah has been DONE since the 90’s. She has screamed out all her vocals with her nodules. LOL. Hence the lip syncing. Her fanbase can continue to worship her nonexistent voice in this day in age if they want to. I’m glad others like me can tell the truth. Her voice is not as big as it was in the 90’s. Whitney continues to slay her from the grave, RIP.

      • MC October 26, 2012

        @prettigurlrockD Bitchess

        12 and counting

  2. TruthTeller October 26, 2012

    But that was shade thrown by Xtina.

  3. JAKE October 26, 2012

    “Dont do all that Mariah S***”…….


    Well, it just proves that Mariah’ LEGENDARY vocal technique has been replicated for the ages.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to Lotus – I hope its as inspired as ‘Stripped’ but really raw at the same time like ‘B2B’. Go Xtina. 😉

    • MRDIVABITCH October 26, 2012

      Christina has always tried to copy Mariah’s singing style, and has always failed miserably at it.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

        Well at least ur looking forward to the album. Like they always say, Haters are fans too 🙂

      • irene46 October 26, 2012

        mariah hit the bricks copying whitney.

        i can’t think of a single incident where christina was trying to copy mariah. if i’m wrong name a time.

  4. LegendTina The Goddess Of Music October 26, 2012

    I hate the RCA are so behind with the promo! She didn’t do 1 performance anywhere yet or really talk and promote the single but I’m happy it’s on BB HOT 100 without that and will climb when she promotes and performs but I think she signed a contract with The Voice to only and 1st perform it on there so she won’t be able to do it now and go on other shows to do it! Her label is not only to blame but her management and HER herself because she runs sh*t too, Adam & Maroon 5 are using The Voice platform to their advantage & Christina is not!. Rihanna, Lady Gaga them all would go around promoting tweeting none stop she should learn to do that and not just release it without doing stuff!

    There’s a line in Joss Stone’s song ‘Write To Be Wrong’ where she sings “I might be singing out of key but it sure feels good to me”. So about her frills and vocal acrobatics she loves it and it feels good to her and ME some won’t love it I love it and she’s just doing her & I LOVE HER FOR IT! #Lotus

  5. sisa sly October 26, 2012

    is it me or is she pretentios as hell

    “It’s hard being such a powerful woman in the business”……………….ecuse me what b****?

    I’ll go onstage and be this powerhouse force to be reckoned with.”……………….i must have read this wrong

    ‘I’m a message girl at the end of the day”……………………….dirrty, wat a girl wants, geinnie in the bottle, aint no other man, still dirrty, come on over, lady marmalade…………………..ima need you to tell me what your message is.

    “Don’t do all that Mariah sh-’ — that was her, not me,”- …………………….now that ladies and gentleman is some beautiful peace of shadebut ima need you to own your damn shade b****

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

      What’s wrong with being confident enough in yourself to say that?? Should she say the opposite just cuz you little turds can feed off of it?

      The fact that you only name her songs about s** proves how you don’t know her catalouge. “Beautiful, the voice within, fighter, can’t hold us down, I’m ok, soar” are songs with messages. Did you forget about those??

      And Mariah is a shady b**** also so she had it coming. 😀

      • MC October 26, 2012

        13 and counting

      • FAF October 26, 2012

        DEATH @ u thinking Lady Marmalade was written by xtina
        It was the Legendary Patti Labelle ! 🙂

        BYE, GIRRAL!

    • Ty October 26, 2012


      • FAF October 26, 2012

        Ummm xtina sings songs that have messages except “Dirrty” “Your body” and “Not Myself”… “Aint no other man” is an ode to ’50s music… sit

  6. DOSSOME October 26, 2012

    everyone sucks at imitating mariah………..thats coz she’s the queen

    • Lotus Girl October 26, 2012

      The queen of what? Linebacker shoulders? Lip singing? Flat booties and square waistbands? Photoshop? Payola? Somebody stop me

      • DOSSOME October 26, 2012

        lets try queen of music…

      • NEVER THAT SERIOUS October 26, 2012

        how about songbird supreme,most successful singer/songwriter of all time

      • MC October 26, 2012

        Stop calling Mariah fat when your girl is obese. Mariah has proven to be one of the best vocalists of all time, hence why your fave imitates and tries (and fails) to be her.

      • Common Sense October 26, 2012

        Speaking of photo shop how many pounds did they take off Xtincta’s Your Body single cover? 30? 50?

  7. NEVER THAT SERIOUS October 26, 2012

    oh seems obesetina piguilera too scared to come for queen mimi on her own…..looooooooooool…..

    • DOSSOME October 26, 2012


    • Ty October 26, 2012


  8. MC October 26, 2012

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I can’t ever seem to like Xtina. One minuet I can be rooting for her and her album, then she ruins it by talking about Mariah. Xtina you have been talking about Mariah for the past 13+ years you have been in the game. I am wondering if you can ever give an interview without talking about Mariah (she never mentions you, get the memo). We all knew you mimicked Mariah Anyways, good luck with Lotus.

    • DOSSOME October 26, 2012

      i was rooting for xtina too…..but this b**** needs to STFU A.S.A.P….

    • mr.m October 26, 2012

      B****! you STFU!!!
      Whoriah is a b**** .. like she never shade others?
      Man-iah is a has-been now so no one cares 🙂
      BTW, Xtina said she love this sh!t ..
      SO she loves what Cow-riah did (in the past)
      You’re such an ugly drama queen .. f**
      + no one is waiting for you to root for Queen X
      You know she will SLAY the f*** out of you anyway
      BOOM . bye

      • MC October 26, 2012

        I don’t care what you and obese of a fave want. I could care less what you have to say. No one asked you to comment to me, ugly retarded c***.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

        @Mr. m even tho I hate some of ur mean comments towards my other faves, you are on point with that comment so kudos 😀

      • MC October 26, 2012

        @prettigurlrockD Bitchess
        14 and counting

      • Common Sense October 26, 2012

        How can you call Mariah a cow when Xtincta’s like twice as fat and half as tall? She’s a f****** butterball. Mariah is a hasbeen and yet her 2nd Xmas album outsold Xtincta’s 4th studio album (Floponic). So what does that make Xtincta then?

    • small_angel October 26, 2012

      In the Complete Interview, she said that Linda Perry wants her to stop the Mariah S***,
      Mariah S*** means vocal acrobactics,

      and Christina made it clear that SHE LOVES THOSE S***..

      Try reading sometimes…

      • MC October 28, 2012

        Try understanding shady comments sometimes.

  9. JER October 26, 2012

    Mariah stays on XXLtina’s mind.

    • mr.m October 26, 2012


      • MC October 26, 2012

        You want a black penis?

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

      and apparently xtina stays on yours.

      • MC October 26, 2012

        15 and counting that you have mentioned Mariah in the past 2 weeks. She stays on your mind all day, everyday.

  10. Xadax October 26, 2012

    Remember Lambs, it was Linda NOT Legendtina. Of course, from a rocker background, the runs don’t mean a thing.

    Think twice before you post.

    • JER October 26, 2012

      Um the article was an interview with XXLtina who brought up a story with Mariah. Like we said, Mimi STAYS on XXLtina’s mind morning noon and night.

  11. Say It Don’t Spray It October 26, 2012

    Shes still FAT AS F***…..And STILL cannot admit that she has been emulating Mariah since day 1 of her career…..Dumb b****.

    • mr.m October 26, 2012

      Emulating? MY ASS!!
      Whoriah wish she had a voice like queen X
      Xtina’s tone >>>>>>>> Whoriah’s life + her ugly kids

      • MRDIVABITCH October 26, 2012

        Typical of a basic b****, thinking “tone” makes up for lack of basic singing ability to stay in tune and sing without straining like hell. B****, you are so stupid you actually disprove the theory of evolution.

      • MC October 26, 2012

        That’s why your fave mentions Mariah yet again. She wants to be her.

      • Common Sense October 26, 2012

        LOL Xtincta’s tone is so f****** common and replaceable it’s hilarious that you would even type that. And why would Mariah wish she had a second rate dog barking voice like Xtincta? Her voice made her a legend (a real legend not a wannabe legend like Xtincta).

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

      And let’s not act like Mooriah shops in the extra small section either….

      • Common Sense October 26, 2012

        And where does Whaletina shop at? The Plus-size midget shop?

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

      Aguilera said early in her career that Mariah Carey was another influence.[181] According to Pier Dominguez, Aguilera stated that it was Carey who had the biggest influence on her vocal style.[182] Aguilera credited Carey’s “Vision of Love” as the song that inspired her to be a singer, and to try and imitate the melisma she heard Carey deliver in the song.[181

      • MC October 26, 2012

        16 and counting

    • X October 26, 2012

      Where have you been for the last 13 years? She’s been citing Mariah as an inspiration since day one.

  12. Nichole October 26, 2012

    Christina is really starting to irritate me.

    Why she continues to bring up Mariah’s name is beyond me. I can never forget the time MC checked her ass for talking s***, when she was the one that showed up to Mariah’s party drunk and unannounced. Don’t f*ck with the queen of shade, and of the greatest singers of all time, Christina.

    For the record, Christina was the biggest Mariah wannabe. She imitated the hell out of Mariah’s vocals.

    Christina couldn’t do what Mariah does vocally if she tried. Stick to growling, and oversinging.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

      Xtina says she loved Mariah. It’s all documented all over youtube. Doesn’t mean they are the same person, artist at the end of the day. So your point?? STFU…

      • MC October 26, 2012

        Xtina credited Mariah for her influence on her last interview with Billboards. Clearly she still idol worships her.

        17 and counting

      • FAF October 26, 2012


  13. BEYONCE’S WEAVE October 26, 2012

    Lotus will still slay F******’s comeback. Love Xtina, she is the voice of this generation and can sing circles around F******.

    • mr.m October 26, 2012

      Man-iah is done ..

      • MC October 26, 2012

        Mrs. Mariah lover, why are you commenting back to yourself? You still want it up the ass? I can see the love between you and the Justina Bieber stan. #Twoflophater

      • Common Sense October 26, 2012

        If Mariah is done then Xtincta isn’t even a memory since her 4th studio album flopped harder than Mariah’s s***.

    • Common Sense October 26, 2012

      Just like Bionic slayed Merry Christmas II You right? OH WAIT it didn’t. You Xtincta stans are hilariously delusional.

  14. I Judge Flops October 26, 2012

    XXL needs to sit her fat ass down. She is NOTHING but the fat girl who can’t sell records in the industry.

    Nobody is here for “Lotus XXXXXXXXL”

    Nobody cares about this Xtina Minaj girl.

    Go sit down somewhere

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

      Keep her name out ur rabbit mouth then.

  15. Let’s Be Real: Feb.3 wigs shall be uprooted October 26, 2012

    Why do people call Mariah the queen when Madonna has sold almost double the amount of records? I don’t get it….

    Any way…lets be REAL..Xtina has the strongest of the flop bases.I think she may see sales of 180k + on her first week easy. If the promo kicks up

    • Malaysia October 26, 2012

      Mariah has sold over 200 million records so you are saying that Madonna has sold over 400 million records…lmao.Are you a comedian?

      • ronnoc October 26, 2012

        if you will re-read that comment, it said “almost”. madonna has sold over 300 mil, more than mariah will ever hope to sell. (unless she dies of course) no shade, just facts

    • S****** Blonde October 26, 2012

      @Let’s Be Real: Feb.3 wigs shall be uprooted.

      Everybody see their idols are Kings or Queens, that’s why and Madonna and Mariah are very different artists.

    • MC October 26, 2012

      Mariah sold f 168,000 copies first week of MOIA. Her lowest selling Christmas album outsells XXLtina’s last album. Obviously Mariah has stronger fan base. BTW, Madonna hasn’t almost sold 2x as much records (200 millions vs 300million — basic math). Goodbye.

      • theman October 26, 2012

        Madonna’s label has exaggerated that figure. They just throw numbers out there. Mariah is still in her own league. Mariah has alot of things that Madonna doesn’t.

  16. Leepy-loop October 26, 2012

    Ummm you cut out the part where Christina said “I love that sh-t”, when referring to the MAriah acrobatics…SMH…It’s to be expected though…

  17. Xander October 26, 2012

    Ms. Aguilera is one shady queen b****!! “there’s a lot of auto-tune going on now and that’s great…” yasss X-tina! I’ve been a fan since the Stripped album and I’m actually excited for this upcoming album.

  18. Mely B October 26, 2012

    Don’t do all that Mariah sh-’ — that was her, not me, I love that sh–!” she clarified. “But she was like ‘don’t be doing all that acrobatic sh–, just sing!’”

    This comment is why I just.cannot.with CAggie. She is a shady b**** whose talent should override her need to talk greasy about others. I see she didn’t learn her lesson from her last album promo. Just sing b****!

    • X October 26, 2012

      how did she talk negatively about Mariah in any way tho? Linda was the one who said “Don’t do all that Mariah s***” and Xtina said “… not me, I love that s***!” meaning she loves doing the runs and melisma. Reading is fundamental.

      • MelyB October 26, 2012

        it’s shady because she didn’t have to mention it. this is an interview about HER upcoming album, not the past. and yes, reading is indeed fundamental.

  19. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

    Xtina has thrown plenty love mc’s way. Lets not forget. Y’all do pressed and bitter flopumphant ain’t do s*** and aint nobody thinking about MC except on American Idol. YB 17 million views now on YouTube. Xtina is an artist vocally, visually, and aesthetically. I like Mariah too but sorry her voice sucks now. She slayed in the 90’s. Xtina still got it and can’t wait to hear the album. I thought I’d give xtina some love before the lambs foam at the mouth but too little too late I guess. Heh heh. S/o to xtina being a strong women in this industry.

    • MC October 26, 2012

      18 and counting

    • Common Sense October 26, 2012

      Mariah slayed in the 90s? So many forget what the song of the decade was for the 2000s.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

        Glitter was a FLOP b****. No one cared. Shut your mouth

  20. Slick October 26, 2012

    Im not Sure it was shade. Can someone explain?

    • ronnoc October 26, 2012

      it wasn’t. people are illiterate and can’t read what she said correctly.

  21. mr.m October 26, 2012

    When we come to inspirations ..
    Xtina might be inspired by Man-iah when she was A KID!
    back when Whoriah was successful in the 90’s
    Man-iah (debut) , Whitney and Etta james was her inspations
    After 2000 Man-iah was NO ONE! No one look up to her
    YES, she did have successful album or songs in the 00’s
    BUT being an inspirations? NOPE .. She’s trapped in the 90’s
    She’s a flop and an ugly human .. just like a white m*****, isn’t?
    On the other hands, Xtina continues to be a huge vocal inspiration for many
    That’s why they call her THE VOICE OF OUR GENERATION ..


    • MRDIVABITCH October 26, 2012

      She herself said that Mariah was her biggest vocal influence. Then she stopped saying that after Mariah refused to lick her asshole clean as she expected it to happen. Christina is one arrogant little woman and Mariah doesn’t put up with that.

      • ronnoc October 26, 2012

        you can’t call one arrogant without saying the same for the other. i love them both, but they are arrogant b******. mariah acts like she’s god’s gift to the world.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

      Forreal. Nobody is here for them thin ass vocals compared to the 90’s where mariah was an unstoppable force next to My queen Whitney. Yes xtina might scream go over the top but it’s still raw and live and good performance unlike lip syncing Mariah. Ooh poor dat. You can’t say Xtina is arrogant and Mariah isn’t. They all have attitudes. That’s the business they are in. Mariah is more of a b****. Look, she’s acted snobby towards JLO, Eminiem, xtina, and nicki. She really want the world to kiss her ass just cuz of her great voice which she doesn’t have anymore. Gurl bye. I’ll always love whitney better cuz she didn’t act that way towards people and she didn’t do that annoying ass whistle thing.

      • MC October 26, 2012

        19 and counting

    • MC October 26, 2012

      Lol. Clearly Mariah wants to be Obestina, because she copies her sining style, clothing, videos, and mentions her at least once per interview for the past 13 years and even went to Xtina’s party uninvited! Oh wait….that was XXXLtina.

      • mr.m October 26, 2012

        Where’s Triumphant?

      • MC October 26, 2012

        Charting higher than anything from Bionic. That’s where it is.

    • Common Sense October 26, 2012

      No one calls Xtincta the voice of ANY generation lol only you delusional stans. Xtincta only inspires howler monkeys with her godawful vocals and yelling.

      I also find it hilarious that you say Mariah is a no one in the 2000s when ALL/EVERY SINGLE/EVERY ONE of her albums OUTSOLD Xtincta’s second hand wannabe Mariah albums.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

        She sings better than you, b****. That’s all that matters. BYE.

  22. Monstarebel October 26, 2012

    That fat b**** has nothing on Queen Mariahs vocals xxltina is a screaming hot mess just like Alicia OffKey can’t believe people actually classify those two h*** as good singers….

    • Rob October 26, 2012

      You mean Mooriah the fat b****? Lmao!

      • MC October 26, 2012

        No XXLtina is what he meant.

      • Common Sense October 26, 2012

        I think you meant Mootina MorbidlyObesera.

    • Nichole October 26, 2012


      • Monstarebel October 26, 2012

        guuur I can’t with them vocals it had to be said lmao

    • MRDIVABITCH October 26, 2012

      Alicia Offkeys and her flat off pitch raspy ass vocals like she ate raw eggs, drank whiskey, hot sauce and then threw up. And Christina with her strained, choked, flat under pitch vocals like she is having open heart surgery without anesthesia.

      • Monstarebel October 26, 2012

        death!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO! Yaaas you better go in on mrs.Offkey & whaletina…

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

      Xtina’s voice>>your voice

      • MRDIVABITCH October 26, 2012

        Uhm no b****, I got 5+ octaves and I can sing real opera. Call me when your have can even sing 5 good notes without straining and going flat *flips weave*.

      • MC October 26, 2012

        20 and counting

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

        @MrDivaBitch I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to the original poster. R u REALLY that pressed? Seek therapy.

  23. DOSSOME October 26, 2012

    Who the hell are whoriah,f******,man-iah?You guyz need to stop bringing up your mothers’ names when blogging….Mariah Carey is the most successful female singer-songwriter of all time,whether you like it or not.Billboard ranked Mariah 11th greatest artist of 00s & Xtina ranked 16th on the same list,so Mimi practically slayed Xtina on both decades….Whether Mr.Midget likes it or not,he will have to deal with it…& BTW Triumphant or “Flopuphant” as haters call it lacked commercial appeal thus not ranking….USE YOUR HEADS SOMETIMES,YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED THEY STILL WORK THOUGH NOT VERY WELL

    • JOHNVIDAL October 26, 2012

      You´re so right. I´m tired of saying Your Body is radio friendly, acceptable for the current climate and retarded generation and pure pop and danceable. It has everything to be a hit… and guess what? It seems it´s not going to be. Not even with that she can do it. She releases some good music so I hope she does well. But comparing such an easy hit (in theory) with a hip hop song with rappers witten by a person who has been writing for more than 20 years non stop doesn´t make sense
      You can´t expect Lana del Rey to do the same numbers as Rihanna on the singles charts if you know what I mean

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

        Xtina is versatile though. Jazz, pop, swing, hiphop,r&b. I guess non fans haven’t listened to her albums.

      • MRDIVABITCH October 26, 2012

        Versatile? what is versatile about screaming in the same ghastly manner in different songs? The only thing that changes is the background music, the noise stays the same.

      • MC October 26, 2012

        21 and counting

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

        I was talking about the music being versatile. And she does not scream in every song esp if you listened to the jazz ones.

  24. Donnell October 26, 2012

    The people on this site exaggerate too much. Yall acting like she called the girl a b****. She was telling a story that involved mariah. If she really wanted to be shady she would’ve commented on the nicki mariah situation after being asked about it twice. N***** on this site stay butthurt for no reason. Guess what? Your “faves” don’t give a s*** about you. They don’t pay your bills and if you died tomorrow they wouldn’t shed a tear. Chill out.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

      Go in!

  25. @THE_MALEMADONNA October 26, 2012

    Christina does not owe Mariah shady ass s***. F*** all that none sense..

    • MRDIVABITCH October 26, 2012

      Christina owes her whole motherfuckin’ career to Mariah. Christina has been ghosting Mariah’s “vision of love” runs for years now, and failing miserably at executing them well.

  26. Donnell October 26, 2012

    And christina cited mariah as an influence in her billboard interview last month. so why bring up drama from a decade ago? At some point you’d think ppl get over s***.

  27. diob October 26, 2012

    I don’t have time for anything!!!!! You people will make a mountain out of a mole hill. She said nothing negative or shady about mariah. She simply stated that linda perry said not to sing like her, be youself. Most Mariah Carey fans are the most insecure people in the world. Everytime her name is brought up you all start fights. Most Christina Aguilera fans are this most ignorant/immature/annoying people in the world (I am a big Christina Fan) All this stupid b******* for no damn reason. Mariah or Christina knows no of us exist. You all keep worshiping these signers as if they are the end all be all in the world when they arent. God Have 2 thousand seats in the holocaust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

      I know. Tell those idiots.

    • MRDIVABITCH October 26, 2012

      B****, please…you Xtina stand are the most delusional and fanatical of ALL fan bases. If Pigtina took a dump into a glass jar y’all would say it’s the second coming of Christ or some s*** like that.

      • diob October 26, 2012

        @ MRDIVABITCH the word is Stan for starters. and that isnt true. I for one am not delusional. Christina isnt god neither is Mariah. And if you read my post which I assume you didnt because if you had you wouldnt have felt the need to make this extremely stupid comment, you will see I called out BOTH fan bases. Christina fans do have a tendency to be a bit delusional and Mariah fans are insecure this is the truth. Mariah Fans like to find fault in everything Christina says about Mariah when she isn’t even being negative. Prime example when the post was christina talking about nicki minaj Mariah fans through out that it was instantly shade toward mariah when mariah was not the topic of discussion and started bashing her. That is being insecure. If you know your fave is the head b**** then there is no need to bash other artists to validate that.

    • MC October 26, 2012

      My question is, why does she always talk about Mariah? clearly they are not friends and don’t run in the same circle, why does she STILL keep mentioning her?

      • diob October 26, 2012

        @MC She doesn’t “keep” Mentioning her. If she talks about her 2 times so what. We talk about artists all the time. it isnt a crime to do so. You all shouldnt take everything so personal. We can’t go around talking s*** about every other artist I.e. Rihanna, Beyonce, Gaga, etc…. then get upset when someone even mentions our favorite artist. I am guilty of this as well and I am working on that. I just think everyone needs to chill and breathe. This would be a boring universe if there was only 1 person making music.

      • diob October 26, 2012

        @MC thank you for not being ignorant. I appreciate you commenting as if you have some sense. not like the above commenter.

      • MC October 26, 2012

        Thank you for being civil as well. I never had problem with Xtina before all the Mariah Carey name-dropping and her stans’ ignorance got in the way. She wasn’t asked about Mariah in this interview, she just mentioned her on her own. I get tired of every Xtina post being tied to Mariah and then her stans call Mariah nasty names. We all talk about celebrates but one of Xtina’s worst habits is her constant name-dropping of Mariah. She has talked about Mariah since before her debut! Its been over 13+ years, what else does she need to say about Mariah. We get it, you once loved her and still to this day credit her for being your biggest influence, just leave it alone already. Clearly Mariah doesn’t feel strongly for you, hence why she doesn’t talk about you and the awkward moment is when you are still talking about her….13+ years later. Every album, Mariah is mentioned by Xtina. I am tired of it, honestly.

      • diob October 26, 2012

        @MC As far as the name calling that happens on both ends. I will disagree with you about mariah always being talked about. As far as this situation She was telling a story about Linda Perry that happened to include Mariah. There is nothing wrong with that. I think people are too sensitive and its not that serious. I use to get so upset when people would say negative things about people I liked and I had to realize that it was doing nothing but making me upset and stressing me out. We have to realize that its not that serious Christina doesn’t continue to bring up mariah this is the first post in a long time that has involved Christina saying anything about mariah (which was not even negative) the last post was christina commenting about Nicki and mariah fans took that as christina being shady when it wasnt. I think we all need to just chill.

      • MC October 26, 2012


        Obviously the name calling happens at both ends, even I am guilty of it. Sadly, when I saw the title of this article I wasn’t surprised by it one bit. I just now expect her to bring Mariah into it. I realize that not everyone will like Mariah, but to call Mariah fat, has-been, etc when Xtina herself isn’t skinny and is now talked about because of the exposure from “The Voice”. This site uses Xtina to shade Mariah, so this doesn’t help Xtina one bit. Btw, Xtina talked about Mariah in her last interview with Billboard magazine. She also talked about Mariah in her “Extra” interview. She could avoid all this by saying she would rather not mention Mariah and talk about her work alone. Btw, Xtina has been shady towards Mariah and its evident: for example on one of her interviews she was asked about Mariah she goes on to say “Oh Mariah,….*laughs*…I will say she is a great song writer, I will give her that.” Implying what? Trying to shade her vocals, when she, Xtina, emulated her style for so long? That s*** doesn’t sit well with me.

      • DIOB October 26, 2012

        @MC its funny what some people consider shade and what other people dont. Lets not pretend that Mariah doesnt shade people as well. Lets not throw the rock and hide our hands.

      • MC October 26, 2012

        Mariah absolutely shades people (see: Madonna) however, she doesn’t shade people without being shaded first. Madonna shaded Mariah in 1995 while Mariah was promoting her album Daydream and since then Mariah has been shading her (I think she stopped a while ago though). I don’t understand Xtina’s problem. She still is a fan of Mariah (she bought her last album + cites her to this day as her influence) but then she goes on to do little digs, I just don’t get her.

  28. S****** Blonde October 26, 2012

    I don’t know why she shades Mariah, Christina is influenced by Madonna when she is Xtina (and to appear more popular i guess) but the rest is just Mariah, she emulates her a lot, just listen to her song “Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti”, she hits a note in that song that resembles Mariah vocals, she should make a duet with her, i think they would be best friends, both are bitchy, shady and Divas.

    • MC October 26, 2012

      Ever heard of the phrase: Opposite polar end attract and same polar ends repel each other? They are too similar.

  29. prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

    Aguilera’s major influence and idol is blues singer Etta James, whose classic song “At Last” has been covered by Aguilera throughout her career. Aguilera says, “Etta is my all-time favorite singer. I’ve said it for the last seven years – since I had my first debut record out – in every interview. I mean, all of Etta’s old songs, countless songs I could name, I grew up listening to.”[176] Following James’ death in 2012, Aguilera was asked to perform “At Last” at her funeral.[177] Prior to performing Aguilera stated, “There’s a line in this song that says ‘I found a dream that I could speak to.’ And for me that dream, all my life, has been Etta James.”[178] The majority of her album, Back to Basics, pays tribute to James and other pop standard singers who many originated from the 1950s. In her early years she listened to vintage jazz, blues, and soul music.[179] The album included an unreleased song, “Slow Down Baby”, which sampled a Gladys Knight & the Pips song. A review in The Guardian declared, “Practically everything recorded before Aguilera was born blurs into one amorphous genre, which she categorises, somewhat inadequately, as ‘fun music'”.[180] Aguilera said early in her career that Mariah Carey was another influence.[181] According to Pier Dominguez, Aguilera stated that it was Carey who had the biggest influence on her vocal style.[182] Aguilera credited Carey’s “Vision of Love” as the song that inspired her to be a singer, and to try and imitate the melisma she heard Carey deliver in the song.[181] Aguilera has also named Madonna and Janet Jackson as two of her biggest influences “for being re-inventive and being brave as strong females, to explore whatever, even if they do get bad press. It’s just like they were fearless.”[183] Her other musical influences include Aretha Franklin,[184] Whitney Houston,[185] and Nina Simone.[186]

    Source: Wikipedia

    I’d also like to point out that Etta James was not a techniqually correct singer either but she is still respected.

    Yall find any excuse hide that queentina’s vocal slay…

    • MC October 26, 2012

      wikipedia!!!! LOL Flop site for flop hates.
      22 and counting

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

        It’s still the truth tho. Stay mad.

  30. lulu October 26, 2012

    Xtina and every other singer out there wish they could do all that “mariah s***.” Nobody knows how to do it right, which is why they are all accused of oversinging. Mariah’s technique and mastery of melisma is unmatched. Aside from Vision of Love where she goes in on “moooooooooooooooooore” that you turned out to be, I’ve never really considered her an artist that does vocal acrobatics, straining and jumping around all over. She transitions between her ranges effortlessly and at least in the early to mid part of her career she wasn’t shouty nor was it difficult to understand what she is actually saying, unlike xtina.

    • FAF October 26, 2012

      I love mariah but she’s a shady b****!!! and she will be dealt with!!! PERIOD

  31. X October 26, 2012

    You guys are talking like she talks about Mariah in every interview. This was like the first one in years. And she didn’t mention Mariah the last time an interviewer asked her about the Nicki-Mariah argument so don’t even.

    • MC October 26, 2012

      That’s not true. She talked about Mariah in her last interview with Billboards ( a month ago) and Extra interview (a month and 1/2 ago).

      • X October 26, 2012

        And did she say anything negative about Mariah? Oh ok.

      • MC October 26, 2012

        “Don’t do all that Mariah sh-’ — that was her, not me, I love that sh–!” she clarified. “But she was like ‘don’t be doing all that acrobatic sh–, just sing!’” <— implying Mariah uses tricks instead of "just singing" get the shade? oh ok.

    • Common Sense October 26, 2012

      Xtincta seems to talk about Mariah whenever she’s about to release a new album. That’s the trend that I’ve noticed.

  32. hard pill to swallow October 26, 2012

    Christina at her peak vocally could go toe to toe with Mariah. Today Christina is the better vocalist. Mariah’s vocals have been shot since 2000. Stop living in the past. Hell Patti in her 60’s slays them both vocally. I’m not even a Christina Stan. I think the b**** is way overrated and overall a nasty mean spirited porker b****. But Christina,beyonce(with her fake ass self),Jennifer,fantasia alot of the Sundays best contestants would sing Mariah back to the 90’s. Also to clear it up Madonna’s non singing ass has sold 100Million more than Mariah. Now don’t get me wrong Mariah deserves respect for her accomplisments but she isn’t god and I dig her. Just not enough to lie about her status now or her shot ass vocals

    • MC October 26, 2012

      You mean to tell me Christina strainer, screamer, flat, pitchy Aguilera outsings Mariah? lol Sure! and pigs fly too.

    • theman October 26, 2012

      Mariah’s technique alone put her way above those other women. While most of them yelled and screamed, Mariah did what they did with ease. You make no sense. They wouldn’t sing her anywhere. Mariah has delivered tones of amazing performances, in the oughties. Her voice is amazing. Madonna’s sales are very inflated. Her label tends to spew out different numbers. So much of what you are saying is false.

      • theman October 26, 2012

        tons, Christina has an amazing voice, but Mariah is just in her own league.

      • S****** Blonde October 26, 2012

        Madonna’s sales are very inflated. Her label tends to spew out different numbers. So much of what you are saying is false.

        Wrong my friend, Madonna sales are well certified, her good old sales and now her bad sales too, stop the hate, she is one of the few artists who sales are not exaggerated.

    • lulu October 26, 2012

      and Mariah in her prime, “Vision of Love”and the entire Daydream era, could go toe-to-toe with Whitney.

      Christina cannot in any prime go toe-to-toe with this singers, because from the inception of her career she has over done it, too many runs, shouty, etc. She is a vocal talent I am not going to deny that, but to say in her “prime” she could come close to MC?? Impossible since she has not the range, technique or talent to do so.

      • theman October 26, 2012

        Yes Madonna’s sales are inflated…

  33. NEVER THAT SERIOUS October 26, 2012



    You can go on arguing over this but Madonna only beats Mariah in record sales…Mariah beats Madonna in airplay (that also counts),awards,songwriting and producing success.When any Madonna song can get played on radio 8 BILLION TIMES like Mariah’s WBT,Then you lame haters can use Madge to discredit MIMI…HECK,Even Glitter outgrossed Madonna’s films Swept Away,Filth and Wisdom and W.E combined at the box office….As for Obestina Piguilera,hope Bionic won’t happen to her again coz i wld really hate to see her looking like a white Gabourey Sidibe..

    • S****** Blonde October 26, 2012

      That’s not true, Madonna is both the best-selling and most successful woman in music history, Madonna is Pop, Mariah is R&B and ballads, there is no way Mariah songs are more played than Madonna, Pop (means, popular, aka: appeal to most people, Most people approve of X (have favorable emotions towards X), and Mariah even with most #1 songs in the billboard 100 than Madonna, still Billboard named Madonna second (behind only The Beatles in their list “Billboard top artists of all time”, don’t get me wrong i have nothing againts Mariah but most of her fans tend to disrespect Madonna, we all agree that Mariah is a good singer blah, blah, blah, what else you want, to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

      • S****** Blonde October 26, 2012

        And let’s not talk about songwriting when Madonna has written and co-written her songs from before her first album and produced her songs too, have you ever watch an interview of the producers who works with her?, i guess no, they say she is involved in every step of her albums and that she understands very well the whole process of producing a song, people refuse to give her credits she deserves but it’s okay as a fan i’m used to it but dammit!, if you are going to talk s*** about someone at least you can research about what they can do and what they can’t. I never doubted the talent as a singer-songwriter of Mariah.

      • MC October 26, 2012

        I love how you glance over Mariah’s production (executive) and primary writing for all her songs and albums. You and I both know Mariah is the most successful female artist of all time. Do you think when people introduce Mariah into their shows or whatever they make a mistake every time by saying she is “the most successful female artist of all time”? or when they say “she is the biggest selling female artist of all time”? Get real. Btw, Mariah is not R&B she is primarily Pop with R&B fusion and ballads. She is also not “a good singer” she is songbird supreme, one of the best singers of all time, lets get that straight, okay. You and all Madonna stans forget that Barbara Streisand has sold more records that Mariah and Madonna (conveniently) so Madonna isn’t actually the best selling female either; its just like you claim Madonna’s numbers are not inflated yet Michael Jackson’s are?!?! lol okay s******! Just like you claim Madonna never shaded Mariah first and never talked badly about Michael. Like all stans (including me) you will take your faves side, next time be armed with receipts babe 😉

      • S****** Blonde October 26, 2012

        You are so wrong, first Barbra has sold more records in the US not worldwide and the different is not that much and if you look at Madonna’s sale now, you will see that her numbers are not inflated neither those when she was really in her best days, did i say Mariah is not a good singer?, what do you want a bow, no, Mariah is not the most successful female singer, that’s the true, God!, i speak french or something, I’ve praised her enough, i say i never doubted Mariah abilities as a singer-songwriter, what do you want, you Mariah fans never give credits to Madonna, like it or not, Madonna is the most successful female singer of all times, she is only behind men, The Beatles, Elvis Presley and MJ, for once just admit that she is most successful than Mariah, Albums sales, singles sales, tours, fame and she is her own boss, she was the first female to said, we gonna do the things in my way and about voice, i have never compare her voice to Mariah, i’m not even saying bad things about Mariah voice like others do, i don’t say a bad thing about her, i was just defending Madonna for some crazy Mariah fans, you don’t need to downplay Madonna to make Mariah looks bigger, by the way the time has given the answer to the question about who’s the most successful female singer in music history.

      • MC October 26, 2012

        Omg!! F*** you Sam! He just deleted all the s*** that I posted! f*** you!

        *blows off steam*

        I’ll just summarize, because I am not re-writing ALL that s*** again. Basically this is what I said in my deleted post was:
        1.I have always and will always respect and admire Madonna (contrary to your belief).
        2. There are crazy stans in every stan base.
        3. Mariah is not “a good singer blah blah blah” she is songbird supreme
        4. Barabara has indeed sold more records WORLDWIDE than Madonna “Named the best selling female singer of the 20th Century. She has sold more than 68 million records, with 47 Gold, 28 Platinum and 13 Multi-Platinum.” By Billboard
        5.I don’t want you to “bow down to Mariah” no one should, simply asking for PROPER repsect. Madonna is here through her hard work and dedication while Mariah is here becasue of talent only. Madonna is grossing the highest tour of all time….Mariah never had that, she only sang songs and sold 200 million records with that and has $500 million from singing alone.
        6. “y the way the time has given the answer to the question about who’s the most successful female singer in music history.” —– like I said, that’s Barbara. I can show you the website if you like.

        Whether I like Madonna or not (I do) she has done A LOT, I want you to realize that Mariah has done a lot too. I always get the vibe you underestimate Mariah’s impact and accomplishments. Btw, Mariah has sold more singles. The only area where Madonna surpasses her is in records (inflated), tours (admirable), top 10 singles, and pop impact (she IS the material girl).

        S******, I know I went in hard for Mimi today but I want you to keep in mind that Madonna will always be my top 5 that even if I shade she still remains untouched . (Madonna, Mariha, Whitney, Celine, and Janet).

      • DOSSOME October 27, 2012

        @s******….madonna beats mariah in sales no doubt but mariah is a more successful musician whether you’ll want to admit it or not…..yes,mimi is a better singer and much better songwriter than madonna and you know it…record sales are not the only determinant for success……madge’s impact on pop culture is almost similar to mj’s though mj sold 450 million records (thats more than double) more than madonna….but mariah has more impact on music than madonna though madonna has more impact on pop culture than mariah……..get it?

  34. Geezy October 26, 2012

    These stan wars are lame as all hell. Christina greatest vocal influence is Mrs. Cannon just facts on facts if she admits it today or not you tell by her style and how she approachs singing as well as her inspirational songwriting it has some Mimi flare. So Aguilera stans get off your high horse and accept that Mimi has impacted her career as she has done so many others.

  35. HARD PILL TO SWALLOW October 26, 2012

    Dead at Mariah going toe to toe with Whitney. Sorry the lambs are delusional as hell. Whitney from 1983-2000 was damn there untouchable. Whitney at her prime would murder Mariah. Mariah is a one trick pony. The whistle is all she had. Whitney’s power alone would destroy Mariah. Lets not even get into Patti murdering her during their duet.
    @the man b**** you sound really stupid and pressed. Christina,Beyonce,Jennifer,Jessie J,Celine Dion,Fantasia,Faith Evans,Karen Clark Sheard,all the contestants from Sunday’s best>Mariah’s vocals today. Mariah is so overrated its disgusting. The only reason why she ever got big is because she married Tommy. There were tons of better vocalist in the 90’s they just didn’t have the industry connects and pull behind them. Also you stupid s*** Its a well known fact that Madonna has sold 100 Million more than Mariah. You sit in a corner and sulk.

    • MC October 26, 2012

      Lol. You are so funny! Nothing but smokes, no concrete evidence, no receipts. Goodbye. “Christina,Beyonce,Jennifer,Jessie J,Celine Dion,Fantasia,Faith Evans,Karen Clark Sheard” Still laughing!

    • FAF October 26, 2012

      DEAD ! Not the Sunday’s Best cast, though…. 🙂 KIII !

    • theman October 26, 2012

      That hundred million is all a bs. So was Whitney only successful because of Clive, because as great a singer as she is, Mariah did everything. Again u #Fail ! Mariah does/did things with her voice that no other women has period. All of those sun. best artists sound the same. Most are from the same cloth. So they are void. Mariah is the greatest overall female technical singer period…. Patti has her voice, but Mariah’s angelic toned actually complemented Patti’s. Lol at these haters…. You can’t be a one trick pony when you have mastered practically everything as an astonishing vocalist. Mariah has power,range and versatility. She’s in her own league so keep it pushing…

      • MRDIVABITCH October 26, 2012

        Mariah is the most virtuosic female pop vocalist in the history of recorded music!

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 27, 2012

      everybody has murdered Mariah live. Kiii

      • DOSSOME October 27, 2012


      • MC October 27, 2012

        26 and counting
        receipts please? Still waiting.

  36. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

    Hey dumb b**** who counts ppl comments? LOL stay pressed.

    • MC October 26, 2012

      23 and counting. <— clearly you are the pressed one who has talked about Mariah in the past two week (23 times!!!) beating my record. "dumb b****" me? Oh, how nice of you!!! I love you too, bottom-dirty-c***.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

        LOL. Ur pressed to f****** count them. Beating a record?? IS IT THAT SERIOUS TO U, LONELY C***?? I don’t ever go onto MC’s posts talking s*** about her. I just happen to be on Xtina post where she MENTIONED MC. That’s not the same. Lotta those comments you counted also had nothing to do with MC. I was making a point. AGAIN stay pressed. Haha.

      • MC October 27, 2012

        REALLY? You have commented 24 times and counting on Mariah post in the past 2 week with a negative comment. #pressehoe I only counted comments you said something bad about Mariah (i.e mooriah, f******, truiumpflopant, Xtina is better, etc)

        P.S. you clearly made no point. You made my point that you talk about Mariah more than me (the stan). Who is the pressed b**** that doesn’t care for Mariah, yet mentions her 24 times and counting? oh okay.

  37. Nichole October 26, 2012

    Mariah went toe to toe with Whitney during their prime. Even Whitney called BeBe Winans, and told him flat out, “That girl can sang!”

    You jackasses act as if Whitney could have destroyed Mariah vocally, when Mariah was a vocal beast and held her own.

    I’ll never understand Whitney fans. You have always been threatened by Mariah, and if you weren’t you wouldn’t feel the need to get so hostile and defensive every time someone states how Mariah was as vocally superior as
    Whitney. Either way, both ladies are in a vocal league of their own, and not even Christina could EVER touch them vocally.

    By the way, Christina spent most of her career trying to master Mariah’s vocal technique and she’ll never be able to sing better than the vocal songbird supreme in this life time.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

      Mariah-lip synch
      Xtina whitney-raw and deep.

      And MC don’t have her voice no more so stay mad. Vocally superior? Whitney had full extensive 3 octaves range. Only ability MC had superior that was whistle notes. But that’s rare anyways for singers to master that. I admit, extremely talent. But also tiring and annoying after a while. Whitney was the best, IMO and more powerful if u ever listened to “When you believe” live.

      • DOSSOME October 27, 2012

        so does that mean xtina is better than whitney since prior to her death nippy had practically lost ‘the voice’??i thought so

      • MC October 27, 2012

        25 and counting
        again b******* without the receipts to prove it.

  38. small_angel October 26, 2012

    I love Christina!!!
    Now you haters can dislike my post…
    Thanks for the time.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess October 26, 2012

      LOL They did. Kiii

  39. @THE_MALEMADONNA October 27, 2012

    Christina Aguilera is waaay better than Mariah.. Mariah back in the day would give LEGENDTINA some competetion but now she cant do s***…

    • DOSSOME October 27, 2012


    • MC October 27, 2012

      Time to wake up, babe

  40. TeamXtina October 27, 2012

    Some people did not read the full article. Christina was asked a question on how the song Beautiful came about. she responded with the statements that Linda Perry made about Mariah. People just love to jump to conclusion and are quick to call it shade when its far from it. She said, “she love that sh*t.” She loves Mariah’s singing technic.

  41. xoxrmxox October 27, 2012

    You guys realize that she’s actually saying she LOVES Mariah. It’s Linda perry who told her not to do the mariah stuff. Christina said “I love that sh*t”

    For God’s sake read the article before you start hating and flaming!!!

  42. LaLa October 27, 2012

    This blog is s***!!! & trying to Cut the complete interview. unbiased blog my ass!!!!

    this is the u**** comment regarding Mariah Carey

    “The audience applauded, then Christina went on to explain that Perry discouraged her from doing all of the showy vocal stuff.” ‘Don’t do all that Mariah sh-‘ — that was her, not me, I love that sh–!” Aguilera clarified. “But she was like ‘don’t be doing all that acrobatic sh–, just sing!'”

    • irene46 October 27, 2012

      they just can’t help themselves. they are obsessed with shitting on christina no matter how underground they are about it.

      i knew the praise wasn’t going to last a new york minute. the closer it gets to the release of her album, no doubt, the shadier they’ll get.

    • MC October 28, 2012

      Thank you @Lala This clears s*** up a bit. You have got to be my favorite “fighter” amongst all.

      • LaLa October 31, 2012

        Thanks alot MC *hugs*
        btw here’s the Video of above interview:
        if you interest btw.
        This is one of her best interview imo

  43. It’s Utterly Bizaar! October 28, 2012

    I love Mimi and X-tina. But why does X-tina need to mention Mariah’s name yet again during a new album release?!? Financial gain I guess, hmmm…

    • LaLa October 28, 2012

      read my above comment or read the real source of this article. you will see the connection why she mentioned Mariah Carey. in a non shady way like you read in this s***** blog.

  44. Xtina Slays September 1, 2013

    Mariah’s fans are such instigators it’s pathetic.
    They try to get any possible chance to bash on Xtina LOL.
    At least Christina doesn’t lip-sync lmao.
    Goes to show how much vocal talent your precious Mariah has left..

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